ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΙΔΗΣ "Είμαστε τρελοί κι ευτυχισμένοι"... (Εκδόσεις Στο Περιθώριο) - 9€
Αθήνα. Δεκαετία ΄80. Φωτογραφίες και κείμενα-μαρτυρίες για τα Εξάρχεια, τον «χώρο», την αντιεξουσία, το πανκ ροκ, τις ανεξάρτητες μπάντες, τα στέκια, τις συναυλίες…

Cassette Tapes
CORPSES - st (Scarecrow/Noise Effect) - 5
Excellent d-beat hc/punk with some rock'n roll elements from

CONCRETE BASTARDS - st (Noise Effect) - 5€
Rock & Roll/D-Beat Punk απο Θεσσαλονίκη. 100 κόπιες.

MOLISMA "tainted mass" (Self Released) - 5€

Εφτα καινούργια κομμάτια απο τους Molisma. Ακούστε όλη την κασετα στο bandcam τους.

ΆΠΝΟΙΑ "ωδή στο χάος" (Extreme Earslughter) - 5€
Pro tape limited to 100 copies.

ΟΔΟΣ 55 “οδός 55” (Ειρκτή) - 15€
Τώρα... εκ των μαύρων στοών σε έπαλξη και εν εξάρσει... (Αν)Ενεργοί συνδεσμώτες της (αν)οικείας ατμόσφαιράς μας, στο εδωνά και εκτιθέμενοι στο παρόν του 2012. Λίγα χρόνια πλέον μετά τη λάμψη κρότου... Ελάχιστα χρόνια πλέον μετά τις λάμψεις κρότου... ευρέσεις και συναντήσεις σε αλλόχρωμο περιθώριο πρωϊνών ερημικών πλεύσεων καθώς η πρώτη ακτή ξεβράζει σε τρικυμία... Οι Οδός 55, γέννημα σε σταυροδρόμι μεστωμένων ήχων και στάσης υφαίνουν τα προσχέδια της έμπνευσής τους (2010). Σήμερα, η εἰρκτή παρουσιάζει τις στολισμένες με ανάλογη στιχουργία μουσικές περιπλανήσεις των Οδός 55. Ζωσμένες με ορμητικούς ηλεκτρισμένους ήχους σε ελαχιστοποιημένα συνάμα έντεχνα αποδιδόμενα θορυβιστικά μοτίβα, οι συνθέσεις του σχήματος αναδύονται δυναμικά,η μία μετά της άλλης, παρακινώντας συνοδεία φωνής, συνοδεία αφυπνιστικής στιχουργηματικής απεικόνισης τον ακροατή σε άμεση ανταπόκριση. Από το μινιμαλιστικό συνθετικό πανκ και τις γλαφυρές ρεαλιστικές σκηνές του Αττική Βικτώρια, στις θορυβοποιές με λέξεις και ήχους σκέψεις του Άδειοι δρόμοι. Από τις γεμάτες με φρενήρεις ηλεκτρικούς χτύπους διαδρομές του Άσπρη Γη στη νευρώδη μουσική εκδήλωση του Αεικίνητοι. Από τις στιγμές δημιουργικής (επανα)συγκρότησης του Αταλάνδη στις στρωτές, φιλο-λογικά και ηχητικά άμεσες καταδηλώσεις κομματιών όπως το Ο Κόσμος Τους και το Για Πάντα. Επτά εν συνόλω δυναμιτιστικές συλλήψεις ενός σύγχρονου μουσικού μανιφέστου που αναμένει την έκθεσή του, που αναμένει την ακροαματική κατάθεσή του.

ARTIFICIAL PEACE "complete session, nov '81" (Dischord) - 14€
This album features the entire session that Artificial Peace recorded in November 1981. At the time, A.P. were on of the leading bands in the D.C. hardcore scene. Three of these songs were initially released on the "Flex Your Head" compilation, but the rest were shelved when the band unexpectedly broke up after playing for barely over a year. Three members went on to form Marginal Man, who would have a very successful run well into the late 80s. Originally released in 2010.

DISFEAR "live the storm" (La Familia) - 14€
Official re-release! Comes in 350 gram inside/out sleeve with 400 gram lyric sheet! Adding Entombed guitarist Uffe Cederlund to a group that already features At the Gates singer Tomas Lindberg has created a death'n'roll supergroup - and one of the best heavy records of 2008. Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou produces. "Live The Storm" is a 35 minute assault of heavy power chords, pounding drums and bass, layered with southern sounding leads and throat wrenching yells ...

IMPALERS "cellar dweller" (Static Shock) - 14€
"Gasp, choke, puke, roll, die, live again. 10 songs to destruction, 10 songs to live, 10 songs that wrap up all the velocity and disturbance beneath planet earth. Impalers have Sweden in their back pocket, the U S of A dripping down the back of their legs, and use the designs that Anti-Cimex and Discard laid out to mop up the mess. There are other words to describe this blessed mess, but they become insufficient by the time the last track rolls around. In this case, Cellar Dweller can only be described as a party that you've been invited to but that you might not make it out of alive. Full colour, hellish and hilarious poster insert by Mason Tucker, and sterile, alienating, squint-to-focus-on-the-horror cover by the steamroller talent J.S. Aurelius. "When the Nukes Come Down I Keep it Underground" (J. Falco)

JOY DIVISION "closer" (Tonpres) - 12€
Closer is the second and final studio album by the English rock band Joy Division. It was released on 18 July 1980 on Factory Records, following the May 1980 suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis. The album was produced by Martin Hannett and contains a more layered and austere sound than its predecessor, Unknown Pleasures, with synthesizers and studio effects now serving a prominent role. No singles were released from the album. After the posthumous release of Joy Division's only hit "Love Will Tear Us Apart" in June 1980, the remaining members re-formed as New Order.
Today, Closer is widely recognized as a defining release of the post-punk era. According to critic Ned Raggett, "Joy Division were at the height of their powers on Closer ... rock, however defined, rarely seems and sounds so important, so vital, and so impossible to resist or ignore as here."

THE KIDS - st (Radiation) – 16€
Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, the Kids formed in 1976 to prove to the world that punk was more than just a London vs New York fashion contest. Originally released on the PHILIPS label in 1978, and highly acclaimed as one of the best punk records EVER, the Kids’ debut album is finally reissued on vinyl, with two bonus tracks recorded in 1977. This is pure and quintessential PUNK ROCK. The second release on the new Radiation Deluxe Series, this classic punk LP is reissued on 180 gram vinyl in a deluxe 350 gram cardboard sleeve. Punk rock never looked or sounded this good.

LIMPWRIST "facades" (La Vida En Us Mus)
- 14
It has been nine years since their last release. Limp Wrist brings you 11 new trax of complete punk faggotry, not for the weak at heart and never will be. Comes with 40 page booklet containing lyrics, photos, and submissions from invited artists. EEEWWW Don’t Touch It!

MISFITS "12 hits from hell" (Misfits Fan) - 14€
12 Hits From Hell is a cancelled studio album by the Misfits. It was recorded in 1980 but went unreleased. Caroline Records attempted to release it in 2001, but band members Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only called off production and the album was scrapped.
This is a reconstruction of the unreleased 1980 debut album from The Misfits, 12 Hits From Hell, which was scrapped after guitarist Bobby Steele was replaced by Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.  Some of the songs were instead released as 7” singles and the remaining tracks were used as a demo to secure a record deal and eventually re-recorded in 1982 as their seminal Walk Among Us.  Although 12 Hits From Hell was given a modern remix and remaster for a posthumous release in 2001, it was again vetoed and scrapped by vocalist Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only because of errors in mastering, artwork and liner note credit.  This reconstruction ignores the posthumous 2001 remix and attempts to collect only authentic mixes to assemble how the album would have sounded in 1980.

MYTERI "ruiner" (Alerta Antifascista) - 14€
Myteri from Gothenburg, Sweden are back with their second full length with epic, soaring and heavy as fuck crust punk that will make you wanna raise your fist to the sky, get into your riot gear and start a full blown fucking riot. Myteri’s music evokes apocalyptic landscapes... -Comes in a heavy gatefold cover, download code, A2 poster, 180gram vinyl, artwork by "Written In Black Design".

PURA MANIA "cerebros punk" (Sabotage) - 13€
These guy's are from Vancouver and Mexico City and aren’t the easiest band to stick a catagory to. They mix bits of hardcore punk with a dose of indie weirdness. 2014 saw them release the Ratas De Dos Patas cassette plus a couple of 7″‘s (Musica Para Gente Fea / La Estafa Musical)This is the Debut 12″ from this great band.. new wave-tinged punk a la BLITZ’s New Age with a bit of South American flavor in the vocals. Vancouver’s PURA MANIA is a catchy, scummy and all-around amazing punk rock outfit that consists of members from FRACASO and SPECTRES.

RIXE "collection" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 14€
Collection neatly compiles RIXE's first 3 Eps on one album. All 12 cuts have been remastered for maximum volume. Rixe appeared from nowhere and went from strength to strength over the two years since the Debut EP Coup Et Blessures was released in February 2015. The EP was their calling card and harked back to the glory years of Bologna's finest Nabat mixed with the classic 80's French Oi! sound. It was instant and loved by all and went on to have six pressings. A year later came Les Nerf A Vif - another four tracker with extra bite and bile. Every track was perfectly recorded and produced. Lean with snarl and each track a nugget of anthemic Oi!. On third EP Bapteme Du Feu there was no let up in quality...  more.

TRAGEDY s/t (Skuld) – 13€
Official Repress of the first TRAGEDY Album on Skuld Releases, this time in the original package of the US Pressing (Tragedy Records) - From the opening acoustic intro to the last dark, thrashed out note this is one seriously intense album. The obvious comparisons His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise are there for sure but to me this has a bit more of a straight up hardcore feel to it. That said though, this has some excellent heavy pounding drum beats happening and some changes in pace, pitch and mood that are so tight and sudden they scream for your attention. The harsh throaty vocals belt out lyrics that are written as single block paragraphs dealing with overtly sociopolitical issues all looked at from a less than positive point of view. This record is very heavy, very angry and although you will probably like it, it will not make you happy!

WARWOUND "burning the blindfolds of bigots" (Unrest) - 15
Unrest Records is proud to announce the new album by Warwound entitled "Burning The Blindfolds Of Bigots". Boasting Damian Thompson (Sacrilege), Rat (Varukers), Ian Glasper (Stampin Ground), and Stevie James (Hellkrusher), what do you seriously expect?! A bass and drum driven beast layered with acute riff laden rhythm and leads, while Rat's vocals are as visceral as ever!! This powerhouse Warwound line-up does not rest on the sounds of their past demos and have strengthened their delivery creating a surgically tight heavyweight metallic punk crossover fiend!! Artwork sickly rendered by none other than Andy Lefton and lyric video for "Let The Truth Speak" courtesy of Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art.

WIPERS "youth of america" (RI) - 14
Released in 1981, the Wipers’ second full-length album, Youth of America, saw the band leaving behind the short, raw, more traditional songs in favor of a creative process involving longer, more complex material.  Faring better in Europe than the US at the time of its release, the six-song, 30-minute-long album included a 10-plus-minute title track. This Wipers’ album was a deliberate reaction against the vogue.

ABUSE - st (Rave Up) - 7€ (Yellow Vinyl)
Punk rock didn’t come to Topeka, Kansas until 1979, but when it did it hit like an atom bomb. Abuse took their cue from The Stooges and the New York Dolls and then blended that into a sound all their own.
Clay Galbraith’s sneering vocals and slinky bass lines, Willie McNeil’s pile-driver drums, and Chris Garner’s chainsaw guitar created a perfect storm of American rock and roll. Three of these tracks were originally released on Flexi-disc in Bill Rich’s legendary fanzine ‘Talk Talk’ in 1981, and a fourth unreleased track, ‘All I Wanna Do’, is included here for the first time ever. This is raw primal rock, the way it was meant to be played!

COMMIE COWBOYS - st (Gummopunx) - 4€
This E.P. is the first vinyl release from Copenhagen-based Commie Cowboys, and it contains four catchy and energetic songs of classic K-town Hardcore with a solid dose of rock'n'roll attitude.

DEATH TRAP "no hicks" (Warm Bath) - 5€
Recorded in the early 80’s, and now being pressed for the first time ever, total KBD jams that will stick with you forever. Amazing material that has been languishing for far too long. Liner notes include a detailed history of the band as well as fliers.

EBOLA "imprecation" (Flat Earth) - 5€
Released in 1997 by legendary labels Flat Earth, Enslaved & Refusenik Records, this is Ebola's masterpiece. The one record where everything came together. It's seven-inches of angry pissed off political sincere hardcore punk brilliance. The kind you can't fake or recreate.  A total classic which, due to not being 'hip' and being pressed in the thousands, can be picked up easily and cheaply still the way it should be.

HAMMERS "st" (Self Released) - 5€
Οι HAMMERS από το Manchester θα αρέσουν στους φίλους των Now Denial, HHIG, Cursed, Catharsis κλπ. Εξ ολοκλήρου χειροποίητη συσκευασία με διαφορετικά χρώματα για κάθε αντίτυπο, σε ανακυκλωμένο χαρτί, μαύρο βινύλιο και έξι τραγούδια σκέτη σύφιλη.

SOCIAL CIRCKLE "expiration date" (Side Two) - 4€
5 tracks of intense early 80's hardcore mixed with late 70's punk from all around the globe. More anger and speed than previous releases, SOCIAL CIRCKLE manages to exit on their most manic note while still maintaining the melody and catchy hooks of their 'Static Eyes' 7". Think ripping hardcore with songs you can actually remember. The follow up to 2009's 'City Shock' LP (No Way Records) this ep is the band's final offering.

SOCIAL CIRCKLE "i've got afflictions" (No Way) - 4€
Massachusetts' Social Circkle was an unstoppable force of pure american hardcore punk reminiscent of the classic 80's hardcore wave and a more modern garage-punk.  Aggressive and snotty vocals are shouted over driving, twangy and thrashy punk riffs at manic speeds, thumping bass hooks keep the constant flow moving along with some incredibly tight drums that are straight-up siiick!

DISCORDANCE – st LP (Food Waste/Scull Crasher/Now or Newer/Pasidaryk) - 10€
Crust/punk απο Πατρα.

ABSOLUTIST / LINK - split (Distro-y) - 11€
Brooding dark hardcore of Belgium's LINK bring forth their third chapter in the form of a split 12" with Absolutist a trio from Aberdeen/Scotland to bring a Crusty dark hardcore sound that brings in a metallic sound and wretching vocals. "Sounds like Alpinist covering The Dagda"

ASOCIAL “död åt kapitalismen” (F.O.A.D.) - 15€
Sweden’s Hardcore pioneers blast back after 23 years!  “Död åt kapitalismen” is their first recording since 1994 and as expected it takes no prisoners… 10 songs of raw and brutal HC combing the traditional Scandinavian approach with a solid d-beat structure. It takes all the best features of their previous works to push them to a new devastating stage… speed, anger, vitriolic vocals and a solid production makes this a total scandicore headsmasher for fans of Anti Cimex, Crude SS, Totallitär, Avskum and so on. Comes in a gatefold sleeve.

ASOCIAL “house of gore +” (F.O.A.D.) - 15€
The third and final installment that completes the ASOCIAL vinyl reissues to make their entire 1982-1994 easily available for all you Scandicore psychos. This LP collects the following: “How could Hardcore be any worse” (split tape with The Bedrövlers, 1984… THEIR FASTEST RECORDINGS EVER!) plus some extra unreleased stuff, songs from “Hardcore for the masses” and “Attack is now suicide” v.a. LPs (both from 1988), the “House of gore” 7″ (1992) and their songs from “Distortion to hell” v.a. CD (1994). All this stuff has been mastered from the original reels and mastertapes.
This collection shows the band’s progression from the early, out of control ultra Hardcore annihilation to a more d-beat paced (as a matter of fact, a Discharge cover is included) and even metallic HC approach, still keeping the aggression and power that has always been a trademark in their sound. 25 tracks. Housed in a glossy gatefold sleeve with silver hot-foil stamping.

BLITZ "the other side of ...." (Vomitopunkrock) - 16€
A Compilation LP with EP's from the second era of the band, "Solar" EP (1983), "New Age" EP (1983), " Telecommunication" EP (1983), "New Breed" EP (1992) and rare EP Rose Of Victory (After Nidge Miller and Neil McLennan left Blitz, they shortly re-united under the Rose Of Victory banner for a studio only collaboration). 200 copies on Black vinyl.

ESPANA / RETRASERES "músicas para hacer el amor / yihad anal en matalascañas" (Malicia Records) - 8
Split LP between two punk bands from Valencia.  Strange and interesting. Valencia is on fire!

GLORIOUS? "who are they to impose restrictions?" (Adult Crash) - 13€
Debut 12" from this band out of Malmö. Playing straight-on d-beat, Glorious? actually have a pretty interesting sound that combines a few different elements of the Discharge template, kind of melding different elements from throughout Discharge's discography. The double-tracked vocals sound almost exactly like Realities of War, but the music is both heavier a la Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing and riff-ier and more metallic a la Why? or even early Broken Bones. It's almost kind of a shame that Glorious? sound so much like Discharge in places, because they strike me as much more than a simple d-beat band... these songs are dense, complex, and dynamic, far more than just Discharge riffs copied and slightly rearranged. Though the overall vibe is a bit different, they have a Totalitär-esque way of making fairly straightforward riffs seem weighty and important. A year or so ago I would have told you that d-beat was the deadest of horses, but between bands like Glorious? and Paranoid the genre feels totally revivified. Definitely recommended!

KARPATOS "dead punk niebla densa" (Discos Enfermos, Discos MeCagoEnDios, No Thanks!, Mayo Records, Discos Bomba) - 8€
Raw, scrabbly hardcore from Bilbao that howls and hollers like its life depends on it. Everything here is blunt and simple but so insistent that you can't ignore it, comprising big stomping beats and ugly, brash riffing that gets so close you get the sense it wants to taste your breath. Comparisons include S.H.I.T., labelmates Hez and the Toxic State slate, but perhaps more than anything Karpatos fit in perfectly with the current wave of wild, grating, raggedly experimental hardcore that Spain seems hell bent on producing these days.

OI POLLOI "saorsa" (Ruined Families) - 13€
This is the sixth studio album of the long going scottish anarchist punk band "OI POLLOI" (Slang for "The Common People") 15 new songs recorded in 2014 with an retrospective of the many musically influences of previous OI POLLOI records. Here you find the anarcho charged sing-a-long Oi!Punk in exchange with D-Beat-Crust and of course classic UK Anarcho Punk.
"Saorsa" means "Freedom" in scottish gaelic and "Freedom" or "Liberty" is the lyrical main subject of this album. Lyrics are mostly sung in English with little excursions into Gaelic, Spanish as well as Yiddish. With all the heavy political content, OI POLLOI never excluded humor in what they do and this is what makes them so sympathic in my eyes.
Responsible for the beautiful artwork was Sonia L. who already contributed to previous OI POLLOI records such as "Fuaim Catha".

R.I.P.‎ "no te muevas!" (Guns of Brixton) - 15€
Reissue of the only studio album from this Basque band, originally released in 1987. After including four tracks on the 1984 split mini-album Zona Especial Norte, (trans. "North Special Zone"), finally, three years later, RIP walked into the studio. Kaki Azkarazo was at the controls with the collaboration of Pepin Fernandez, a valued engineer from Madrid that decided to work on it just because he liked the band. Three days were enough to capture all 14 tracks. The result is a key album in understanding the later development of rock music in the Basque Country and beyond. This reissue features the original artwork with the addition of a poster and a 24-page fanzine narrating the career path of RIP from birth to break-up; anecdotes, gigs, projects, photographs, and more. This is a great opportunity to once again enjoy this quartet's music that branded a generation.

SAD BOYS "demo" (Discos Enfermos) - 8€
Sad Boys is a band from New York with a brutal sound that mixes English punk sound with Japanese pogo-punk and giving all an incredible personality; strongly marked bass-lines under a distorted and screeching guitar , relentless drums on 1-2-1-2-1-2 makes can't stay quite listening to this shit ... and acute and squeaky voice of Emma is fucking punk.
THE INJECTIONS and TOM & BOOT BOYS influences are indisputable and even something of THE WANKYS can be appreciated, but giving it a personal touch with the characteristic voice. 12 tracks that for me are the best of the band and almost impossible to find in the original format of cassette released by the band itself. Very special release with the demo on A side and etched B side with work of Emma B, screenprinted covers in 3 different colors and insert with lyrics and band photo. For me, as simply essential punk.

THE SEXUAL "complete discography 1983-1985" (Unreleased Records) - 20
Time has proven countless times that Japanese punk is indeed the bees knees, and The Sexual are no exception. Initially more of a first wave hardcore band, The Sexual developed a harder, heavier and faster approached as they progressed, with more feedback, distortion and Discharge worship than before. You get the first flexi 7" EP "Suicide" from 1984, the second flexi EP "The Last Days" from 1985, the 2 tracks from Jisatsu Compilation 8" EP from 1985 + unreleased studio and live tracks recorded in 1983. And I tell you what: there isn't a single bad track here. This is one of great bands from Japan and probably from Earth. Just wait to hear "The Last Days" song and you'll understand what I'm talking about, it sounds like a soundtrack from a sinister movie. I got the feeling that I've heard that song before. This is essentially a vinyl version of the official discography that was released in 2002 (and, like a lot of discography CDs of 80s Japanese punk bands, is now quite expensive and hard to find)… it sounds like the audio might have been sourced from that CD as well, because the sound here is clear, bright, and powerful.
Limited to 200 copies, comes with a info sheet and small sticker. Track list:
Tracks 01-04: Suicide EP (1984)
Tracks 05-09: The Last Days EP (1985)
Tracks 10-11: V/A Suicide Compilation (1985)
Tracks 12-15: Unreleased Studio Tracks (Kouchi Reco 8/23/1983)
Tracks 16-17: Unreleased Live Tracks (Kouchi Buzz 9/11/1983)

THE WAR GOES ON "s/t" (Adult Crash) - 13€
The record that has been in the works for more than four years from these K-town degenerates is now ready. We are proud to present the dark and rough reality that is THE WAR GOES ON. Made up of people responsible for bands like NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, HJERTESTOP, and many more K-town classic hardcore bands. This record sees singer Ronni Dybdahl delve further into the depths of darkness and gloom than ever before, and come back with an anthemic hard pounding street punk record that somehow blurs the lines between Oi!, Punk, and Hardcore....

ΞΕΡΑ - II (Self Release) - 6€
Δευτερο εφτάρι απο τους Ξερα, 200 κόπιες με εξώφυλλό μεταξοτυπία.

THE BLITZZ "go now" (Sing Sing) - 7€
All members of THE BLITZZ could frequently be seen playing at jam sessions in the ‘70s Amstedam rock-scene before they decided to join forces. When Mick Ronson (David Bowie's Spiders from Mars) heard them play at a venue in the Amsterdam Red Light District he immediately fell for the compact sound of the band. This memorable evening led to the recording of 'So Free' in a London recording studio soon afterwards. The first single from The Blitzz was released by EMI in the UK and on the Continent in September 1978. 'So Free' went up the charts in several European countries in the months to follow. In December of the same year their second single 'Go Now' was recorded at the renowned Pebble Beach Studio in Brighton and released in the beginning of 1979. After three years of successful touring the band decided to split up to pursue personal goals.

THE BUZZ "insanity" (Sing Sing) - 7€

A very rare and increasingly collectable piece of plastic issued in March ’79 on the Redball label in an edition of 1,000 copies, this EP features three under-produced two-chorders, recorded by a Shrewsbury-based outfit formed in early 1978 by NIC EVANS, COB HILLERS (aka CHRIS HILL), GYM SLIPS (aka JIM PHILLIPS), and TWOFOURTY VOLTS (aka KEVIN HIGGS). The killer track is “Sick At Heart” with its great Buzzcockian riff and TVPs-like 'ooooh'-chorus. Recommended. A different line-up of THE BUZZ—Kevin Higgs was replaced by Ian R. DAVIES, Chris Hill moved to bass and lead vocalist CHRIS BELLINGHAM was recruited—would enter Foel Studios in July 1981 recording the album Asylum, self-released in a pressing of 1,000 copies a couple of months later.

FRONT LINE "basic training" (Beach Impediment) - 6€
After having been in limbo for the better part of 30 years, we are proud to bring you the long lost "BASIC TRAINING" E.P. by Norfolk, VA's FRONT LINE. Commonly known as the "Second Demo" by tape traders over the years, this was recorded in October of 1982 shortly before the band imploded, leading to the formation of BONESAW and eventually GOD'S WILL. "BASIC TRAINING" features 10 tracks of primal and vicious USHC not unlike fellow Virginians WHITE CROSS with whom they shared the stage many times over their brief existence. Select tracks from this session would go on to be featured on compilations like THE MASTER TAPE VOL. 2 on Paul Mahern's Affirmation Records (along side bands like MECHT MENSCH, ZERO BOYS, NO LABELS, and many more) and the legendary all Virginia TARANTULA ON MY COCK tape that guitarist Jeff Clites would release in 1983, but this is the first time all of these songs have officially appeared together the way they were meant to. Raging Southern Hardcore at it's finest. Comes in a glue pocket sleeve containing a 7"x14" insert with liner notes and a collage of photos and flyers from the band's year long run, along with a sticker and a download code.

P.I.G.Z. "bloody belgium" (Ugly Pop) - 8€
One of the crown jewels of worldwide first-wave punk, this Belgian band's sole release really is as good as it gets. All three songs here are excellent but 'Bloody Belgium' and 'Stooges' are stone classics. Unavailable since it was released in 1978, with original copies fetching up to four figures, and finally back in print through cooperation with the band. Includes booklet with interview, clippings and unseen photos!

S.H.I.T. "i" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 6€
S.H.I.T. have been one of the best bands doing it live and on record for a few years now and here on their fourth 7" (and first since 2014) they reassert their place as mainstays of Toronto's killer scene by serving up four more tracks of total hardcore moving forward through chaos. Insidiation blowing a wild storm hung around an unstoppable chugging riff, panic and terror building as the song pounds onwards. Incorporation shifting from warped siren blare to terrible tear. Barks of frustration, howls of anger, emerging from the bruising punk squall, anguished and disgusted. A record that careers with breakneck verve from sinister pulse to blazing hardcore bombardment.
S.H.I.T.S’s new EP artwork was designed by the greatest Teodoro Hernández and comes with a download code.

REBECCA CHALLIS - st (Krapp's Tapes) - 5€
Post punk απο Θεσσαλονίκη. 50 κόπιες.

ΗΛΙΟΣ ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ "στην απεραντοσύνη του φόβου" (Scarecrow) - 12
"Στην απεραντοσύνη του φόβου" is the debut full lenght by the Athens based Ήλιος Θανάτου. The LP features 7 songs of dark, metallic and crust influenced hardcore.

PROCRASTINATE - st (Sweetohm Recordings) - 10€ (Black Vinyl) / 12€ (Colour Vinyl)
Πρώτος μεγάλως δίσκος απο τους Procrastinate. Anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic crust hardcore απο Καρδίτσα. Το εξώφυλλο του δίσκου το ανέλαβε ο Alex CF (Fall of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Carnist, Momentum, Archivist, Morrow, etc). Ακουστε ολο το LΡ εδω >

NIGHT BIRDS "the other side of darkness" (Taken By Surprise) - 12€
Following three well received 7" EPs, "The Other Side Of Darkness" takes you on a non-stop, demented thrill ride with 13 raging blasts of high-octane surf-inspired punk that the band has become known for. With underlying themes of isolation, paranoia, depression, visions of total annihilation and more horror/B-movie nods and references than you can count, "The Other Side Of Darkness" is the ultimate soundtrack for that post-apocalyptic nightmare that you just can't seem to wake up from. Vinyl version includes digital download.

PERDITION "not just another anthology" (Power It Up) DOUBLE LP - 20€ (Yellow Vinyl)
The double LP discography from Adelaide's finest Punk/Hardcore contains all their recordings from 7" later on as 12" pressed, the "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP, and several tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape.
The first LP includes the material from their "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP recorded in june 1985, the 12 tracks sounds like a bit catchy brit punk style. The 2nd LP has the tracks from the tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape which is recorded in 1983, the songs from the "Intoxicated" 7" EP recorded in 1984 and first time the tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape recorded in '83 on vinyl.
This Discography contains also the tracks from their split LP with Vicious Circle which comes out for their US tour in 1985. The tracks from the split LP are marked. The double LP contains a 16 page full color booklet with massive picture, lyrics posters and liner notes. The first pressing comes in transparent yellow vinyl!!

PIOGGIA NERA "teatri di menzogne" (Self Made) - 8€
Young band from Italy in the vein of old school italo-hardcore like Nerorgasmo or Disperazione, this is true dark hardcore!

PIOGGIA NERA "danze dei miserabili" (Nuclear Chaos) - 10€
New record after many years of silence by this amazing dark punk combo from Italy. New line up with a new guitar player (member of Kontatto and Miseria) and 12 great new songs 100% inspired by Nerorgasmo, T.S.O.L., D.I. and Misfits. Great lyrics full of despair, hate and hopelessness. Highly recommended to anyone who's in love for obscure dark punk/hc and death rock.

RED UNION "black box recorder" (Bandworm) - 10€
Η καλύτερη Punk Rock μπάντα από την Σερβία. Επαγγελματικότατη ηχογράφηση και ύφος κοντά σε αυτό των Stiff Little Fingers, με ιδιαίτερα έξυπνους στίχους.

REGULATIONS "electric guitar" (Havoc) - 11€
On "electric guitar" you'll get 7 new studio tracks on the a-side. Following in the proven REGULATIONS style of going back to the roots of hardcore-punk, circa 1980. Catchy, snotty, raw, hardcore punk that would fit right in on Dangerhouse records or the "boston not l.a." compilation. The b-side features both 7"s (out-of-print) as bonus tracks.

SIGNAL LOST “prosthetic screams” (Prank) – 15€
Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST second LP and sophomore release "Prosthetic Screams" combines a WIPERS-Styled Guitar moodiness, AVENGERS-esque sung Female vocals, a on-point rhythm section, altogether echoing everything from Mid-Period TSOL, classic 80's New Wave, UK Peace Punk and at the same time reveling in the same dark outlook and spirit akin to most stuff on the Prank Label. Jokingly and now seemingly stuck with the tag " Dance music for Old Punks", it's a mark of the infectious nature of SIGNAL LOST's songs, and this LP is the strongest definition of the band yet, with widely marked progression within ten varied tracks, ranging from almost radio friendly pop punk to all out hardcore ragers to moody mid tempo tracks with surf-ish guitar. Recorded last year at the Bubble in Austin mastered by Jerry Tubbs at Terra Nova and featuring art work from Austin Artist Win Wallace, SIGNAL LOST features members of DEATHREAT , BALANCE OF TERROR, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and J-CHURCH...... Sounds like none of those bands with their own unique bent , but just as great!

SONIC YOUTH "evol" (Eurofan) - 14€ (Transparent Vinyl)
EVOL is the third studio album by Sonic Youth. It was released in May 1986, through SST Records.

BULBULATORS "deja vu" (Noise Annoys) - 8
Bulbulators are a Polish punk rock band. They have been playing incredibly long, since 1989! After four CDs, vinyl came out. It's actually some kind of best off. 14-track compilation with printed inner sleeve, limited edition of 400 copies on black vinyl.

CROWD "a world apart" (Radiation) - 16€
Radiation Deluxe Series present a reissue of The Crowd's A World Apart, originally released in 1981. "It is impossible to overstate the significance of The Crowd to the nascent L.A. hardcore scene. Whilst bands like early Agent Orange and Social Distortion were playing to handfuls of fans in northern Orange County, in 1979 The Crowd were already filling backyards on their home turf in Huntington Beach, California. Ironically, it was further afield in the San Gabriel Valley that I first saw them perform, opening for the still punk Go-Go's in a small club. Without the continuing success of The Crowd in 1979 and throughout the summer of 1980, I would have packed my bags for London. Instead, the L.A. hardcore scene lifted off!" --Robbie Fields, Poshboy Records. 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500.

EVEN WORSE "lost album" (Radiation) - 16€
Radiation Deluxe Series present We Suck!, the lost album by Even Worse from 1982, never before on vinyl. One of the best kept secrets of the early pre-New York Hardcore scene, along with Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Heart Attack, Undead, Kraut, etc. We Suck! features Big Takeover magazine editor Jack Rabid, Eric Keil, Bobby Weeks, and R.B. Korbet, the classic New York Thrash (1982) compilation lineup. Recorded at the famous 171A studio, co-produced by Bad Brains, with additional live tracks from New York's legendary Max's Kansas City club in 1981. 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500.

EXPLOITED "punk's not dead" (Radiation) - 14€
Born from working class roots in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Exploited emerged from the punk underground in 1981 with the debut-LP 'Punk's Not Dead', a direct response to the Crass-song 'Punk Is Dead'. The Exploited brought to the early '80s all the fire, speed and attitude of 1977's first wave, but with a street punk/Oi! swagger that was fresh and exciting. Peaking at #20 on the UK charts, 'Punk's Not Dead' was the best selling independent record of 1981. Essential punk history!

JUDGE "revelation can suck it" (Fan Club) - 15€
Judge had gone into Chung King with only one three-day weekend of studio time block-booked in order to record their first album, since band members John Porcelly and Sammy Siegler were set to tour with their main band Youth Of Today in Europe later that month. The studio was home to many of the popular (and now legendary) rap acts of the day, including the Beastie Boys, Run-DMC and LL Cool J; Youth Of Today had recorded their second album We're Not In This Alone at the same studio earlier in the year, so Porcelly and Siegler were already familiar with the place. According to a 2005 interview with Judge guitarist Porcell in AMP Magazine, all three of those acts had already been using three of the four separate facilities in the studio complex, leaving Judge with what was at the time the least technologically advanced of the four rooms. To complicate matters, the recording engineer the band had been assigned by the studio was a full-blown cocaine addict - an irony given Judge's militant anti-drug lyrics and moral code. During the second day of the sessions, the engineer on duty failed to show up for work, forcing the band to work with another studio staff engineer totally unaccustomed to recording punk rock music.
After the sessions were completed, Porcell and Siegler listened to the finished mixes while on the Youth of Today European tour and came to the conclusion that while the performances were good, the recordings were not up to the standards of what they had done in the past with Youth of Today. The drum tracks in particular do not have the punch typical of other Revelation releases at the time, and the overall mix is considered to be thin. A phone call to lead singer Mike "Judge" Ferarro confirmed that he too was unhappy with the finished album, and the group chose to shelve the session and start over in a different studio. Unfortunately for Revelation, label owner Jordan Cooper had already paid for the mastering of the record and the plating of the vinyl stampers - a point in the manufacture of record too late to fully prevent the release of an album, especially for Revelation Records, which was then still a small independent label that Cooper was running out of his home.
With advance orders already coming in for the as-yet unreleased album, Revelation decided to press a limited run of 100 white-vinyl copies of the album, assigning it catalog number REV:-1 (negative one), and sending these copies to tide over fans who had advance ordered Bringin' It Down. As is customary the record pressing plant produced a 10% overrun of the album and as a result 110 copies were delivered. Each copy has its number stamped on the bottom corner of the back of the sleeve however the printing on the jacket notes a pressing run of 100 so with the additional 10, those extra sleeves had the "100" altered to say "110". This record has been much sought after by collectors ever since.
Judge then scheduled time at Normandy Studios in Rhode Island - the same studio where The Cro-Mags recorded their second album Best Wishes in 1988 - to record a proper version of their first album, Bringin' It Down. The two albums are similar in track listing for the first eight songs; Chung King... features two songs, "Holding On" and "No Apologies", that were not rerecorded for Bringin' It Down; "Where It Went", written after the Chung King... sessions, takes their place.
The Chung King Can Suck It album remained a rarity (in spite of two different bootleg editions of the album), and was sought after both for its collectibility and the two rare Judge songs it contained, until 2005, when Revelation compiled all of Judge's recorded output - Chung King Can Suck It included - for the CD What It Meant: The Complete Discography. In May 2015 a copy became the most expensive sale on, fetching $6,048, a record that stood for a year until David Bowie's second album, David Bowie, sold for $6,826.
Includes 1-sided lyric sheet. 150 copies pressed.

TOKEN ENTRY "from beneath the streets" (Mad At The World) - 14€
By the time Token Entry released "From Beneath The Streets" in 1987 on Kevin Seconds' Positive Force label, they were already one of NYHC's most beloved bands. Having existed in a slightly different incarnation as Gilligan's Revenge in the early half of the 1980's, Token Entry was comprised of scene vets from New York's hardcore-rich borough of Queens. One of the few NYHC bands of that era that managed to tour extensively, they were notorious for their high-energy shows and their lack of patience for tough-guy posturing. No account of late '80s, CBGB matinee-era NYHC is complete without this album. The present reissue makes "From Beneath The Streets" available on vinyl for the first time since the late '90s, complete with faithful reproductions of the original covers and inserts. LP includes free MP3 download of the entire album.

NECRONY "severe malignant pustule demo '91 + mucupurulent miscarriage EP '91 + promo tape '93/'94" (Fan Club) - 15€
Great quality collection featuring the band's first demotape "Severe malignant pustule" (1991), the "Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage" EP (1991) and their promo tape '93-94. Total early CARCASS gore/grind worship delivered by pre-NASUM members. Razor-sharp grinding riffs combined with rotten to the gore puking vocals in the best "Reek of putrefaction" tradition. If you like the Swedish school of pathological Grindcore (think of GENERAL SURGERY, early REGURGITATE etc) this is a total must have. 12 songs. Includes an insert with lyrics and a reproduction of the original cassette sleeve!

RHINO 39 - st (Radiation) - 16€
A long forgotten classic LP, finally back in print, in an edition of 500 copies on 180-gram vinyl. Formed in the late '70s at the same high school that spawned L.A. legends T.S.O.L., Rhino 39 had an unfortunate fate. After releasing a legendary single on Dangerhouse in 1979, one of the earliest examples of L.A. hc, lead singer Dave Dacron died in a car accident in 1980. His younger brother took over lead singing duties and though it took another six years for the self-titled debut-LP to be released, it still sounds like classic early 80s L.A. punk. A legendary band with a long forgotten classic LP finally back in print on Radiation Deluxe. 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500.

VICIOUS CIRCLE "rhyme with reason / into the void" (Power It Up) DOUBLE LP - 20€
Power It Up proudly announces part 3 of the australian punk & hardcore history series. Once again with VICIOUS CIRCLE and their third and fourth album together as one package.
The first LP is "Rhyme with reason" original released in 1987 on Manic Ear Records, 13 tracks of fine powerful hardcore similar to early discharge material, The second LP contains the material from the" Into the Void" LP recorded in 1988 13 tracks of full energy Hardcore punk.
The material is completely re-mastered and comes with a booklet including massive information, pictures, gig flyer and liner notes.
The double LP includes a 12 sided colored booklet with a lot of information's around this era from Vicious Circle written by Paul (original singer of Vicious Circle).
The first pressing is limited to 500 hand numbered copies in purple vinyl!

WIPERS "is this real?" (Euro Fan) - 14€
Is This Real? is the debut studio album by the Portland, Oregon-based punk rock band Wipers, originally released on vinyl in January 1980 by Park Avenue Records.

ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ "υπόσχεση" (Chaotic End) - 12€ (Λευκό διάφανο βινύλιο)
23 χρονια μετά την κυκλοφορία του θρυλικού πλέον δίσκου "Μπροστά Στην Παράνοια", Χαοτικό Τέλος επιστρέφουν με οκτώ ολοκαίνουργια κομμάτια. 500 κόπιες μαύρου βινυλίου με ένθετο ελληνικών/αγγλικών στίχων, αφίσα και αυτοκόλλητο.

AGENT ORANGE "living in the darkness" (Fan Club) - 12€
Certainly one of the three most important hardcore records for the burgeoning skate scene in the early eighties (JFA's "Valley Of The Yakes" and Minor Threat's "Out Of Step" being the other two), "Living In Darkness" also happens to be the best example of the marriage between hardcore punk and surf music. Originally released in 1981, this album, unlike many of the other records Drastic Plastic Records release, has consistently been in print on CD and has influenced countless music fans, musicians, and skate fans since its debut. What hasn't been available, however, is a faithful repoduction of the original vinyl release, now available again with 3 bonus songs taken from "Bitchin' Summer" 12" released in 1982.

BLITZ "killing dream" (Fan Club) - 16€
This is nothing like the old Blitz, because its a record entirely played by the only original Blitz member, guitarist Nidge on bass and guitar, Gary Bassnet from Attak on vocals.  The result is an interesting post-punk sounding album, more relaxed and everything but OI ! sounding, with characteristic Nidge guitar playing plus a second guitar of basic but excellent riffling and soloing.
"Well, Mackie wasn't interested, and Carl was living in Australia at the time, but Link offered me th opprtunity to do another Blitz album, and I wanted to do it. The song "Killing Dream" was actually written in 1983 and intended as a Blitz song anyway; it would've been the follow-up to "New Age" if things had been different.
But it was an odding time, there was very little going on in the punk scene, and of course, we didn't have a drummer,se we had to use this horrible drum machine,which was the main drawback. But the album did pretty well for Link here, and it came out in America through Cleopatra." Nidge died in 2007, aged 48, shortly after a reunion tour.  Originally released in 1989 on Link Records. This is high quality fan club release.

CONFLICT "ungovernable force" (Hätäapu) - 14€
Since 1979 Conflict have been playing the best, and most amazing anarchist UK punk, and this, their third album is a pure classic. Easily one of the best anarcho-punk albums ever recorded, "The Ungovernable Force" is prevented from being a true classic by an obvious debt to Crass. Original released by Mortarhate (UK) in 1986, and now reissued by Finnish punkrocklabel Hätäapu records. Comes with gatefold, printed inners, and new mastering. Limited to 500 pressed.

DEAD SWANS "sleepwalkers" (Bridge 9) - 15€
DEAD SWANS is the UK's newest attention-grabbing import. DEAD SWANS has made a name for themselves with a frantic sound that channels turn-of-the-century Boston hardcore of AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and RIGHT BRIGADE with an influence from the discordant and broken melodies of later BLACK FLAG. Their buzz has been fed by a relentless touring schedule from small rooms to huge venues.

DEVOUR st (Sorry State) LP + CD - 10€
Raleigh, North Carolina's Devour were born from the ashes of Cross Laws, but rather than simply picking up where that band left off, the remaining members expanded to a 5-piece and followed the long southern tradition of adding traces of metal into our hardcore. What emerged was a record that is remarkably dense and complex, recalling the very best of the mid-80s trend of hardcore bands "going metal;" think Corrosion of Conformity's Animosity LP, Final Conflict's Ashes to Ashes and Septic Death's Need So Much Attention. There's also a heavy Japanese influence; people who have seen Devour live have compared them to Judgment, Lip Cream and Bastard, a connection only made clearer by this record's astonishingly heavy and powerful recording. In a scene where so many bands simply want to replicate something that has already happened, Devour sound remarkably fresh and progressive, and without losing a single thing you loved about hardcore in the first place. Sorry State Records #15
I feel that the music on this release is truly special, so we've put together a package meant to be as killer as these tunes. All first press copies include the record and jacket plus a GIANT 24"x24" poster, a Devour sticker, the lyric sheet, and a pro-duplicated CD featuring the LP in its entirety along with a TON of bonus material including outtakes, demos, a live set and other surprises.

INFEST "slave" (Off The Discs) - 14€
Infest are a southern California Legend. They can be credited to almost inventing a genre (power violence), and just played the hardest, heaviest, fastest hardcore punk you'd yet to hear. LP includes lyrics on a huge pull-out poster featuring some classic band photos 18 songs of pure violence. Originally released on Off the Disk Records (out of Switzerland)/Draw Blank Records (Infest's own label) in 1988. An absolute all-time classic.

LEATHERFACE "more mush" (Fan Club) - 12
Great compilation with long time sold out records. The compilation contains the following records: "Smokey Joe" 12", "Not Superstitious" 12", "I Want The Moon" EP and their classic "Compact And Bijou" 10".

NATIONS ON FIRE "strike the match" (Refuse) - 13€
Refuse Records is proud to reissue one of the most important records of the European HC scene in the 90's. Originally released in 1991 by Strive Records (sublabel of X-Mist Records), Nations on Fire “Strike the Match” LP became one of the best and most inspiring albums of the decade. This great-sounding material was recorded at Metropool Studios in Holland and at Westwood Studios and Recorders in California. On this LP, Nations on Fire managed to capture the best elements of current hardcore from the USA, along with the aggression, energy and political awareness of European bands of the 80s. All of this was combined with deeply passionate lyrics and liner notes. These writings became manifestos of the political scene and of Straight Edge hardcore during this period. Their lyrics covered a wide array of topics: radically targeting racism and nationalism ( "Put down that flag!"; "Striving for a master race - my fist in your face"); organized religion ( "No god - no prophet - no profits - no leader - no masters - no book of lies"); corporate interest in the creation of the European Union ("Europe 1992 is a joke"); exploitation and abuse of animals, while promoting social activity ("You can get involved, there's a lot of social problems that you can solve"); straight edge as a personal choice ("It's my lifestyle, it remains my choice"); inclusiveness in the hardcore scene ("Join the Brotherhood! Join the Sisterhood!"); and commitment ("Dedication”). These lyrics were both confrontational and encouraging, inspiring in listeners the need to get involved and to make changes. And while 2016 marks a full twenty-five years since the release of this album, its message is still valid, especially as we take into account the current political situation both in Europe and the world. There are many reasons that this album should still be readily available! This reissue on Refuse Records will come with a gatefold and includes both an additional booklet with an English translation of an interview from the German zine ‘Confrontation’, which was conducted during the NATIONS ON FIRE / BORN AGAINST tour promoting the "Strike the Match" LP, as well as photos and flyers from this period. The material has been re-mastered by Smok (Studio As One).

PHOBIA "remnants of filth" (Deep Six) - 15€
Legendary grind merchants PHOBIA are set to scathe the masses with their fifth studio offering, Remnants of Filth, this June. Produced and mixed by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) at Visceral Sound Studios in Bethesda, Maryland and engineered by Mike Harrison at Winter Skies Productions in San Antonio, Texas, Remnants Of Filth offers up 18 pile-driving, socio-political grind hymns in 19 minutes.  Vocalist Shane "The Pain" Mclachlan comments of the offering: "Remnants Of Filth is a brutal, in-depth grind record that I feel represents what this band is all about, from past to present. This is total brutal grindcore at its best with nothing less than the 100% punk-as-fuck attitude to compliment what this band is all about!

PHOBIA "22 random acts of violence" (Deep Six) - 15€
What can be said about Phobia that has not already been said? After 18 years of touring, partying, and releasing some of the sickest punk infused grind to ever come out of California, they are once again ready to unleash their latest and greatest. 22 Random Acts Of Violence is a grindcore lover’s dream come true. Phobia’s specialty of blending the ferocity of metal with the attitude of punk is in full-force on this new album.

REFUSED "demos" (Fan Club) - 12€
Unofficial collection featuring the early demos.
Track 1-8 are from REFUSED demo (1992)
Track 9-15 are from OPERATION HEADFIRST demo (1992)

RAW POWER “you are the victim / god’s course” (F.O.A.D.) - 15€
Official re-release on LP of the well received digipack CD edition that came out on FOAD 3 years ago. R.P.’s first legendary 12″ “You are the victim” (1983) back on vinyl in a top quality edition after many years, enriched by an incredible extra feature: the completely unknown and unreleased “God’s course” demo 1982 that we recently found in TVOR’s archives, recorded even before Mauro Codeluppi joined the band, and seeing his brother Giuseppe and Silvio trading vocal duties delivering embryonic versions of their early anthems. “You are the victim” has been transferred from the original reels and remastered for the best sounding result ever, still maintaining the raw and energetic impact these Italian HC masters are well known for.
Highly influential Hardcore at its top, fast blistering drums, inhuman 6 string execution and rabid vocals plus the screaming mad assault of “Fuck authority“, “Raw power” and “Don’t let me see it” that gave a vital input to tons of speed/HC maniacs that came in the years to follow. The first Italian HC band that toured the USA and brought Italian Hardcore on the international maps. Deluxe gatefold sleeve filled with early day photos, flyers and rare inserts. Regular black vinyl limited to 400 copies.

SAMHAIN "initium" (Fan Club) - 13€
Initium is the 1984 debut album of Samhain, released on lead singer Glenn Danzig's independent record label, Plan 9. In various interviews Danzig states that the album's title, which translates from Latin to English as "beginning", represents his new start after disbanding his prior band, The Misfits, in 1983. Most of the final track, "Archangel", was actually recorded in March 1981, and was originally meant to either be a Misfits song featuring Dave Vanian (who never did vocals for the song) or a track for the band The Damned. The track Horror Biz likewise dates to Danzig's Misfits era, as it is a new version of "Horror Business" with different musical arrangements. The album was recorded at Reel Platinum studio in Lodi, New Jersey, excluding the introduction which was recorded at Eerie Von's home on a four track cassette. Also appearing on this recording are Lyle Preslar, guitarist for the influential D.C. band Minor Threat (tracks 2, 4, 6, and 7), and Al Pike, bassist for Reagan Youth. Great quality fan club reissue.

VARIOUS ARTISTS  "electric deads ‎– untitled" (Fan Club) - 14€
Fan club release includes four rare seven inches:
Electric Deads - Mind Bomb 7" (1983)
Electric Deads - Anti-Sex 7" (1982)
Various - Papi, Queens, Reichkanzlers & Presidennti 7" (International compilation originally released in 1982 by Italian label Attack Punk Records. Includes song from Irah, Total Chaos, 5° Braccio, Stromsperre, Kaaos, Sottocultura and Kollettivo.
Various - Lasta EP 7" (Ultra rare Finnish compilation released in 1984, 12 songs from 10 bands; Terveet Kädet, H.I.C. Systeemi, Riistetyt, Kansan Uutiset, Sekunda, Kauneus & Terveys, Poikkeustila , Bastards, Markkinointioperaatio and Purkaus.

ABURADAKO 1st 7"EP (Crowmaniax) - 9

New Crowmaniax release of another great Japanese HC/Punk classic!!! This time around it is the amazing ABURADAKO 7"flexi from 1983, on the mythical ADK Records, repressed on clear 7" hard vinyl!!! Limited edition of 400 copies. 300 Include original art plus bonus postcard and sticker not included in the original press.

CUTTING THROUGH "demo" (Refuse) - 6€
Hailing from the dark and dreary town of Portland, OR, Cutting Through plays late-'80s inspired straight edge hardcore, taking influence from Bold, Youth of Today and Norwegian favorites Sportswear. Featuring members who played in bands GET THE MOST, UNRESTRAINED, FIRED UP and SAFE AND SOUND. This vinyl reissue of their demo-tape is one-time pressing limited to 535 copies and it's coming out as a co-release between Refuse Records and Can't Keep Us Down Records.

MY TURN - st (World's Appreciated Kitsch/Epidemic/Backbite) - 12€
The long awaited release on vinyl of this hardcore blast. 10 tracks of rage and passion for fans of Madball, Bactrack and Bane. Guest vocals by Dave (Wolf Down) and Alex (Last Hope). Limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl.

DEUTER "demos 1981-1984" (Warsaw Pact) - 15€

We are proud to present a highly anticipated release: Deuter, with recordings from their earliest and most punk period. This album fills a huge gap, because until now these recordings were not available on such a noble medium.
Deuter, along with Dezerter and TZN Xenna, was the driving force behind the second wave of Warsaw punk in the early ‘80’s and one of the most significant bands in Poland. The group was unable to properly record their activity at that time, and afterwards they went through stylistic changes that can be heard on the vinyl EP and LP that were released in later years. No attachment to a single musical formula and a constant search for new means of expression meant that some of
Deuter’s work wasn’t always remembered, appreciated or noticed. Perhaps contributing to this was also their conscious absence from the Jarocin Festival.
Both at a musical and lyrical level, Deuter’s songs carried a huge emotional load, and even after more than 30 years since they were recorded they haven’t lost any of their power. Kelner’s brilliant lyrics perfectly and accurately described the bleak and aggressive reality of the People’s Republic of Poland. They are a valuable testimony about finding oneself within an oppressive political system, gaining back the free space taken by two military blocs that were heading towards an inevitable nuclear confrontation. The band, telling it like it was without hesitation, automatically deprived itself of the ability to release a record in the unavoidable clash with the office of censorship. At the time, their strong anti-system message
left a big impression, and although it is related to a specific time
and place, it is nevertheless timeless and remains relevant even with systems, governments and politicians that are constantly changing. Their collages, manifests, flyers, zines or experiments with performance art and theatre are proof of the formations' multidimensional character.
"Demos 1981-1984" contains the following material: a four-track demo recorded at the Riviera-Remont Club in 1981, two songs recorded at Okólnik in 1982 and five songs recorded in the basement of the Hybrydy club in 1984. The instrumental track from this session was recorded for the Akademia Ruchu (Academy of Movement) and used in one of their performances. Because there are many songs in the band's repertoire that were never recorded in the studio, also included are fragments of two Warsaw shows - three songs from 1982 and two from 1984. The sessions included on this album were never released on vinyl before (except two songs appearance on "Victim of a safety pin" comp.LP), and some of them have never been published before on any format. As requested, the design of the LP is similar to the aesthetics of Crass, who were a huge inspiration for early Deuter. The album is released in
a "crass-like" cover that folds out into a poster, along with two
additional booklets. The first one contains collages, manifests,
graphics, translations of lyrics and lots of archival photos by Michał Wasążnik and Ania "Ada" Lyons, among others. The second one is a faithful reproduction of a zine handed out by the band at shows.
Attention! Put on your gas masks! Here is the great world of the nuclear era - 1 9 8 4!

EXIT-STANCE "while backs are turned" (PHR) - 14

Official reissue their 12' from 1984 with 9 bonus songs. Exitstance were a punk bank in the early 80's who recorded for Conflict's Mortarhate label. They gigged a lot throughout Europe whist following Crass around with Conflict. They have a unique sound with vocalist Sean providing gruff no no-nonsense vocals. The group built up a good following around their local Milton Keynes area, which quickly spread throughout the UK Europe and USA etc. The group attacked all forms of government oppression, but paid particular interest to the Irish situation and linked this to animal rights. There was controversy when they were wrongly accused of being sympathetic to the IRA. However they emphasised that they were 'A' political, and that they had no affiliation or sympathies with any organisation, individual, party, religion or state that uses violence to obtain power, confirming an outlook that was originally printed on their first single.
Tracks 1 to 7 originally released as the While Backs Are Turned... (1984) Mini LP on Mortarhate Records.
Tracks 8 to 10 originally released as the Crime Against Humanity (1984) single on Fight Back Records.
Tracks 11 to 16 is a compilation of demos and unreleased tracks.

KARA ŚMIERCI "demo 89" (N.I.C.) - 12
Legendary demo from 1989 polish hardcore punk band from Bielawa/Lower Silesia. Great old school hardcore punk with influences metal/thrash. New mastering on Riot Studio. Recommended!
"Polish HC ,,,,hard hitting and since I am American , the only big Polish band I know of is Dezerter. These guys are every bit as good as Dezerter, hard hitting and politically aware."

SYSTEMATIC DEATH "systema ten" (FOAD) - 15€
Brand new 12" from these unstoppable Japanese Hardcore veterans, just in time for their July 2017 European shows including the highly expected appearance at the Obscene Extreme Festival! 6 songs of furious and uncompromised Hardcore with the distinctive raging vocals of Shigeru, the bulldozing speed drum precision of master Koba "Sweden" and introducing the skills of Ryu from Think Again on guitar plus new bass player Yuzuka. This legendary unit has been delivering the most raging, straightforward Japanese style Hardcore since 1983 and this new offering just confirms them once again at the top of the game. Layout artwork by Sugi. Comes with a A2 poster.

VIRUS "you can't ignore it forever" (Vomitopunkrock) - 16 (Black) / 17 (Purple)
One of (at least) two 80s UK bands using the moniker, not to mention the (at least) two bands from the states who chose it as well. This Virus originally formed in the summer of 1983 in Gillingham, Dorset, only managed to crank out two demo tapes before splitting up, but the second, "You Can't Ignore It Forever," is a brilliant slab of UK/anarcho punk that is loaded with fucking fantastic tunes. They had a track ("Oven Overture," from this demo) on a Mortarhate comp after they called it quits, and then 1/2 of the band started up again two decades later. Described as a mix between the Subhumans, Amebix, and Flux of Pink Indians Virus have that raw angry sound , not afraid to be slow like the Mob they will sit perfectly on your shelf alongside Alternative and Omega Tribe.
This is official reissue their second demo "you can't ignore it forever" originally released as a cassette tape in 1984 plus bonus songs from their first demo.

WHITE PIGS "hardcore years 1983/85" (Vomitopunkrock) - 16 (Black) / 17 (Silver)
The White Pigs formed in CT in 1980 out of the ashes of Zak and the Soda Boys. Lead singer Dave Death came up with the name as a goof on a neighborhood dog that used to shit all over the place. That line up did one Shamrock Pub show, then because of inner band problems disbanded.
In 1982 singer Brian Ripthroat and original founding member bassist Keith Grave agreed to reform the band, but it took until the summer of 1983 to locate drummer George Butterrick (formerly of the Separates) and guitarist Chuck Duncan, to get the band rolling again. They then released their self-titled 7″ EP on Switch Kwilson Productions.
They released a second 7″ in 1984 called Evil Stalks the Innocent on their Songs Of Sin label. It was recorded live and they came on red vinyl. At the end of that year is when they appeared on the aforementioned compilation and had recorded the demo tape.
That leads us to their final release as a band, an EP on Combat Records that featured a different lineup than on the earlier works. After this came out, the band called it quits. It would be a few years before the posthumous 7″ on Mystic Records and the LP on Walkthrufyre would be released.
This LP included their first demo tape recorded in 1983, first s/t e.p (1984) and their EP "hit bonanza" released on Mystic Records in 1989 but recorded in 1985 and released as demo.

Cassette Tape
UGLY SHADOWS "kids of tomorrow" (S.A.V.) - 5
Female fronted punk band from Istanbul formed in 2014 featuring members of Era of Fear (GR) and Poster-iti (TR). It is now a nation undergoing a military coup and an even more uncertain future than the troubled times influencing the songs on their debut album. Their music – only some of which is sung in English – is based on the early 80s UK gothic-Anarcho-punk style and they do a superb job of it. “Kids of Tomorrow” is another anthemic song reminding me of UK favourites Skeletal Family. Limited to 100 Black pro tapes.

ΣΤΑΘΗΣ ΝΤΟΒΑΣ "νέα γένια" (B-otherside) LP + CD - 17
O Στάθης Ντόβας με το ήθος του και με το τραγουδιστικό ύφος του επιστρέφει την διαδικασία της μελοποιίας πίσω στις αρχέγονες ρίζες της. Παρ΄όλο το νεαρό της ηλικίας του, οι κοφτεροί στίχοι του και οι δωρικές μουσικές του κρύβουν μια τεράστια ωριμότητα και έναν προβληματισμό που εφορμά από τον κοινωνικό περίγυρο και αγκαλιάζει κάθε έκφανση της ζωής μας. Με αυτήν την δουλειά, γεννιέται ένας άρρητος δεσμός που μεταλαμπαδεύει τα πρώτα έργα του Διονύση και του Πάνου Σαββόπουλου, το κοινωνικό τραγούδι διαμαρτυρίας και το κίνημα του πανκ, σε μια φρέσκια και νοητή συνέχεια και συνέπεια καλλιτεχνικής ευαισθησίας.
‘Ένα τέτοιο φλεγόμενο έργο δεν θα μπορούσε να περάσει απαρατήρητο και δίνει την χαρά στην B-otherSide records να το παρουσιάσει σε μορφή βινυλίου που συνοδεύεται από cd και δισέλιδο ένθετο , σε 150 αριθμημένες κόπιες.
Mπορείτε να ακούσετε όλο το άλμπουμ εδώ

ΠΑΥΛΟΣ ΣΙΔΗΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ & ΟΙ ΑΠΡΟΣΑΡΜΟΣΤΟΙ "live στο An Club" (B-otherside) Μαύρο βινύλιο - 17
O Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος αποτελεί μια σπουδαία παρακαταθήκη για το ελληνικό τραγούδι αφού με τα έργα του, μας άφησε μια πολύτιμη κληρονομιά στέρεων τραγουδιών,  βάζοντας και αυτός το λιθαράκι του σε αυτό  που σήμερα ονομάζουμε ελληνικό ροκ. Συνεπώς, κάθετι που αφορά την δημιουργία του και την ζωή του, εξακολουθεί να έχει ένα τεράστιο ενδιαφέρον στις μέρες μας, φωτίζοντας αθέατες μέχρι τώρα στιγμές.
Σε αυτό το πλαίσιο, ήταν τεράστια η έκπληξη της ανακάλυψης μιας πομπίνας από τον τότε ηχολήπτη του ΑΝ Μπάμπη Χαλάτση, ο οποίος έχοντας ηχογραφήσει τον Παύλο τα διήμερα 16& 17/3/1990 καθώς και 23&24/3/1990, μας προσφέρει σε πολύ καλή ηχητική ποιότητα μια εικόνα του Παύλου Σιδηρόπουλου λίγο πριν τον αδόκητο θάνατό του. Η ένταση και το πάθος του γκρουπ και του Παύλου συνολικά καθώς και η αλληλεπίδραση με το κοινό του ακούγονται καθαρά,  συμπληρώνοντας ένα μικρό ακόμα κομμάτι στο πόσο σπουδαίος performer υπήρξε.
Η B-otherSide, μετά από ηχητική επεξεργασία και καθαρισμό από τον εξειδικευμένο και έμπειρο ηχολήπτη Γιάννη Κύρη ( κυκλοφορεί 11 από τα τραγούδια της συναυλίας σε μια αριθμημένη έκδοση βινυλίου 500 τεμαχίων, με gatefold εξώφυλλα τα οποία απεικονίζουν τις  αυθεντικές αφίσες της συναυλίας , οι οποίες μας παραχωρήθηκαν από το αρχείο του ΑΝ club. Από τα 500 βινύλια, τα 70 πρώτα κυκλοφορούν σε ειδική χειροποίητη κασετίνα, η οποία περιέχει μια γκραβούρα με το εξώφυλλο του άλμπουμ, δυο γιγαντοαφίσες- ανατυπώσεις από τις αυθεντικές αφίσες του AN, καθώς και ένα cd που περιέχει 8 ακόμα τραγούδια, το σύνολο δηλαδή  της συναυλίας . Από τις υπόλοιπες 430 κόπιες, οι 180 πρώτες κυκλοφορούν σε κίτρινο βινύλιο και οι 250 επόμενες σε κλασσικό μαύρο.
Mπορείτε να ακούσετε κομμάτια του άλμπουμ εδώ

BLANK SPELL “miasma” (World Gone Mad) - 15€
Blank Spell is a three piece band from Philadelphia, PA who formed in 2014, from the looks of things.  Blank Spell play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of post punk, punk, and death rock within their style.  Musically, Blank Spell can be said to be influenced by bands such as Rudimentary Peni, The Wipers, Arctic Flowers, early White Lung, and Criminal Code.  Since forming in 2014, Blank Spell have released a self-titled seven song demo in June of 2014,  a self-titled 7" in April of 2015, and a four track demo in July of 2016.  Miasma is the band's debut LP, which was released via World Gone Mad records on June 2nd, 2017.  On Miasma. Blank Spell offer up ten tracks of dark, moody, and tense sounding post punk, punk, and death rock.  Overall, Miasma makes for a great listen.

HALDOL “the totalitarism of everyday life” (World Gone Mad) - 15€
Haldol continues to evolve and explore the many facets of deathrock and post-punk on their newly released 3rd LP “The Totalitarianism of Everyday Life”. It’s difficult to pigeonhole Haldol’s sound to one particular band or style, because with every song they evolve from the last and put new twists and turns onto their style. They’ve always tending to shy away from the mundane, predictable or anticipated structures and sounds of post-punk. Instead, they tend to draw musical inspiration from a farther flung range of styles and approaches. “The Totalitarianism of Everyday Life” is a sonically haunting, decomposing and pained album with bursts of layered noise aggression, constantly pushing forward and unyielding.

OUTREAU - st (Une vie pour rien Vinyles) - 12€
After 2 EPs, the first album from this Parisian band. A mix of oi! and hardcore, hatefull vocals, rough sound and dark lyrics. Somewhere between Iron Cross or Negative Approach.

THE SEX PISTOLS "never mind the bollocks here's the sex pistols" (Fan Club) - 14€ (Yellow)
Great quality repro repress. Yellow vinyl with insert.

STRONG BOYS "riotshock" (Milk Run) - 14€
Strong Boys are a gay hardcore punk band from Dublin who are inspired in bringing about the destruction of bad attitudes and religious brainwashing. They write songs like “No Pope”, “Two Dads” and “Cocks and Crosses” with it’s opening line, “You call yourself a Catholic, But you like sucking cock”. This is queer liberation backed by a gruff Negative Approach style of hardcore punk. It seems that many gay hardcore bands verge on parodies where once you get over the initial chuckle of pun names like Black Fag, Gayrilla Biscuits and Youth of Togay, comes the realisation that most are kind of average. Not so Strong Boys who have more in common with legendary hardcore queer rockers Limp Wrist. Their debut LP is full of invective bile. On colored vinyl.

THE TEARDROPS "you never loved me/girl of mine" (B-Otherside) - 7
Οι Τeardrops σχηματίστηκαν στην Αθήνα το 1999. Από τότε και μέχρι το 2010 έκαναν αρκετά live σε διάφορους  χώρους της Αθήνας ( Gagarin, Κύτταρο, Rodeo, An, House of art, Μο Βetter, Be bop, Καφεθέατρο, Odd, Τεχνόπολις – Bαβέλ Comics Festival, Glam κ.α.) και στο club Be live στην Λάρισα ,μαζί με τους Seeds και τον Sky Saxon. Tρία κομμάτια τους έχουν συμπεριληφθεί στις συλλογές “ Enjoy the Greeks Vol .1” και “Enjoy the Greeks Vol.2”  που κυκλοφόρησαν από την On Stage Records, ενώ ένα ακόμη κομμάτι τους, περιλαμβάνεται στην συλλογή του περιοδικού ΠΟΠ+ΡΟΚ “Secret tapes”.
Στην παρούσα πρώτη τους επίσημη κυκλοφορία, η B-otherSide records παρουσιάζει 2 live (+1 studio hidden )trackς σε 350 αριθμημένα singles, τα οποία περιλαμβάνουν ένα δισέλιδο ένθετο με φώτο και βιογραφικό του γκρουπ.

THE SCAM "everything ends in rot" (Antidoto) - 9
Dark metallic Hardcore from New Hampshire. Recorded at Double Edge studios in June of 1986. For fans of Void, Die Kreuzen etc. This was released by Ax/ction Records, they also recorded songs for 2 Ax/ction compilations and an unreleased LP.  Comes with fold-out lyric insert and sticker. Each copy is hand numbered on the label of side B. Official reissue.

ACCIDENT "a clockwork legion" (Daily) - 16
Second studio album repress by these clockwork punks formerly known as Major Accident. This album, first issued by Flicknife Records, has never been repressed on vinyl since its original release in 1984 and contains 10 magnificent, melodic, punk/oi cuts, including the tracks "Fight To Win" and "Leaders Of Tomorrow" that went straight to the top 20 in the indie hit charts. Also includes a fantastic symphony in pure A Clockwork Orange film tradition. Limited edition of 500 copies. Imported from Spain. New from Daily Records Vintage Series.  

CADAVEROUS CLAN "demos/live 1982" (Vomitopunkrock) - 17€ (Green)
Great but little known UK 82 Punk/Hardcore Punk band from Lichfield, England. Generally only known for their song "Snow Blindness" on the 1983 "Country Fit For Heroes" compilation released by No Future records. Damien Thompson later played in the Varukers, and then Sacrilege. This compilation LP includes songs from the following sessions:
A1 - A Country Fit For Heroes (Vol. 2)
A2 to A8 - Demo 16/10/1982
A9 to A10 - Live 26/11/1982
B1 to B10 - Demo 13/12/1982
Demos recorded at Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham, U.K. Printed insert included biography and photos.

CINDERBLOCK - st (Mendeku Diskak) - 14€
The latest assault of Boston punk madness is without a doubt Cinderblock! Last year this Bostonian punk attack immediately impressed with their killer demo “No Future” and now the punx are back in town, ready to put in the boot with their debut full-length for Brain Solvent Propaganda & Mendeku Diskak. Madness I’m telling you!
Instantly creating chaos with opener “Disarm”, Cinderblock does indeed deliver the sound for punks, skins and hooligans. Whether you want to go pogo, clench your fists, throw some cold stares and sing along or bash some motherfuckin’ skulls in (combinations optional), anything goes! Followed up by the raging “Blood On My Boots” you know there is no turning back, the energy from these rabble-rousers got a hold of you and your caught in the whirlwind of Oi!, UK82 and hardcore-punk on Cinderblock’s self-titled debut LP!
Anti -! Anti – everything! These lads are foaming and fuming over nukes, religion, the system, police, disco and having no future. You know, punk stuff, brought with a punk-as-fuck sound that reminds me of a pissed-off Blitz on the roids, with some of that Defiance and Oxymoron thrown in the mix! What a record, seriously, this is nearly 25 minutes of pure mayhem for the fans of that No Future Records sound, though the maniacs into newer bands such as PMS 84, No Time and Bricklayer will get a real kick out of this record as well!

KURRAKÄ - s/t (Trabuc) - 12€
A trio from Texas who build on the foundation of good old anarcho punk, but are adding a thrashing Spanish hardcore flavor to the mix. The overall feel I get is that this is pretty dark and gloomy, but sharp in it’s delivery – making it very interesting. Influences range from d-beat to death rock to anarcho punk, and it’s all there in the final result. It’s hard, it’s bouncy, it’s pissed, it’s hopeful… 10 tracks.
"I’ve reviewed a lot of great records over the last few years, but I feel guilty as hell to come up with this review just now. KURRAKÄ’s self-titled LP was released in 2014 by Trabuc Records and I have tons of reasons to love this band and record. In these ten songs we’ve been trailed off in a complete pandemonium of raw aggression by a three piece all-female bearers of chaos coming from Austin, TX.
The fierce vocals of Dru Molina (also in Criaturas) rip and rage in the Crudos school of thought, while the dark deathrock overtones remind me of the witty macabre of my all time favorite Rudimentary Peni. Lyrically the trio is screaming to the moon and casting spells about strength and women, shadows and spirits, blood and passion, chaos and freedom… Add to that the seething mass of buzzing raw punk guitars, pounding d-beat drumming and chaos magick symbolism, and you’ll have a masterpiece of an obscure hardcore punk record. I would love to get this on a 12″ LP (it’s been pressed on 400 copies in black vinyl and 100 copies in purple) and totally recommend you to check out not only Kurrakä’s recordings prior to their LP but also their fellow peers like Criaturas, Vaaska, and Impalers."

DEATH COURIER "perimortem" (Self Release) - 5€
Δεύτερος μεγάλος δίσκος που κυκλοφορήσαν μονοί τους το 2013.

FAITHREAT "back to the pit" (Athens Thrash Attack / Self Abuse / True To The Game / World's Appreciated Kitch) - 5€
Πρώτος δίσκος για τους Βολιώτες! Έντεκα σαρωτικά crossover thrash τραγούδια, καρπός συνεργασίας τεσσάρων D.I.Y. labels (Athens Thrash Attack, Self Abuse, True To The Game, World's Appreciated Kitch). Ακούστε το σε τέρμα ένταση! 

OHYDA - st (La Vida En Us Mus) - 13€
Debut release from Lublin’s OHYDA. Distorted dark hardcore which channels the spirit of the classic Polish hardcore punk of DEZERTER or TRAGIEDIA (who they cover on the B side), mixes it with modern Barcelona bands ala DESTINO FINAL and incorporates quasi industrial beats a la CRESS with a hint of psychedelia creating a hybrid that is a monster on its own. Seven tracks in nearly 16 filled minutes which keeps us hoping for more soon.
The record comes in a 350 gsm reverse board sleeve designed by Szymon Siech with a 12 page A6 lyric booklet and a download code.

V/A "KAJ JE ALTERNATIVA" (Rest in Punk) - 14€
Originally released on tape in 1983 in quantity of 200 copies.All songs remastered from original master tapes.All bands biography written by original band members (Gigi for U.B.R),Kuri for Stres D.A. and Samo for Odpadki Civilizacije. The LP including lyric sheets + many photos of all the bands. Bonus songs:
U.B.R: one song that was missed from 'kaj je alternativa' recordings, previously unreleased.
Stres D.A.: 2 live songs recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983, previously unreleased.
Odpadki Civilizacije: one live song recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983, previously unreleased.

ΕΦΙΑΛΤΗΣ "κολοσσιαίο γυναικείο κεφάλι" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 6€
Recorded at the same session that their debut EP on Static Shock Records and comprising one new track and two songs from their debut demo EFIALTIS second vinyl offering sees the band delivering a punch in the face of male musical normality. EFIALTIS, an all female London based trio with heavy Greek/ Cypriot/ Welsh roots, brings what feels like the most menacing, stomping feral punk recorded in the last few years. Their sound is militant and obviously punk based. Their songs are simple, anthemic and mechanical. Their beat is perfect marching punk and in my dreams I see a bill with CRISIS, STRESS (GR) and CONTROPOTERE where after the last note church, state and any form of oppression is overtaken. Recorded at NO Studios by the almighty John Hannon and with artwork by the band including a duotone lyric insert.

THREE WAY PLANE "a waltz for unity & love" (B-otherside) - 6€
H Β-otherSide records παρουσιάζει την πρώτη δουλειά σε βινύλιο των Three Way Plane, τυπωμένη σε 200 αριθμημένα 7'' singles. Περιλαμβάνει τα τραγούδια "A Waltz for Unity and Love" και "New Destination", τα οποία είχαν κυκλοφορήσει το 2014 ψηφιακά με την υποστήριξη του Fractal και ξεχωρίζουν από τον μοναδικό ήχο τους, που συνδυάζει στοιχεία από post rock, indie , hardcore και punk. Το εικαστικό επιμελήθηκε από διαφορετικούς καλλιτέχνες (εξώφυλλο Cube 307, οπισθόφυλλο Liza P) και στο εσωτερικό του περιλαμβάνει τους στίχους των τραγουδιών.

SARDANAPALM DEATH ''διαμόρφωση συνείδησης'' (Accion Mutante Collective/ Now or Newer/ Vleesklak) - 9
Δεύτερος μεγάλος δίσκος απο τους Πατρινούς, ηχογραφημένο το 2016 μόλις κυκλοφόρησε σε βινύλιο.

ANTI CIMEX "demos 81-85" (A2O) - 13€
Anti Cimex were a Swedish hardcore punk band, based in Skövde, Göteborg, Linköping, and Malmo, at different times, that formed in 1981. They were one of the first bands to define Scandinavian hardcore punk. Their second 7", Raped Ass, is considered to be a subgenre-defining D-beat record. Side A comprised of various demo recordings from 1982 - 1985, side B is the full Anarkist Attack demo from 1981.

CRUSADES "this is a sickness and sickness will end" (Anxious And Angry/Countless Altars) - 14€
Ottawa’s CRUSADES began in 2009 and the members played previous in SEDATIVES, THE CREEPS, BURIED INSIDE, THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND and others. The band’s initial and ever-evolving goal is to examine profound personal and universal topics - love, art, life, death. CRUSADES presents this finely crafted full-length of fast, melodic and powerful punk-rock teeming with fantastic musicianship.

DISORDER "human cargo" (Rest In Punk) - 14€
New studio album from old 80's noise & distortion drenched punx who never really went away. 15 tracks recorded at "El Squato", Bristol, 16 June 2016. Taf-bass and vocals. Alex Upchuck-guitar. Jon-Drums. George da Greek- backing vocals on Roadsied and bite it you scum. produced by Ted at the controls. Limited to 250 copies, comes with insert.

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE "metamorfosi" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 14€
Since emerging fully-formed at the end of 2012 Una Bestia Incontrolable have opened up a place for themselves among the very best hardcore-punk bands in the world. International hardcore is in rude health at the moment but while some indulge in enjoyable well-crafted genre exercises, a crushing mosh-part here, a studied d-beat there, UBI have developed a sound that's compelling and punk, but clearly apart from the autophagic morass that is often punk in the internet age.
Much of Metamorfosi finds itself as a series of shifting hypnotic pulses rolling into each other. Bass and drums chug onwards, a swirling erratic heartbeat, an oncoming force, a nagging buzz and rumble tickling your hindbrain just on the murky borders of conscious thought, as the guitar scritches and scratches with grubby panic, insistent catchy riffs needling and dragged out like stuckthought phrases, daggersharp licks shimmying forth in the sinister thrum.
The record reverberates with a sense of seething distress, mind and body teetering on the edge of a cataclysmic drop, Abric De Plom (Lead Coat) is a recurring nightmare, swallowing you up and unavoidable, the No Us Ho Esperaveu (You Weren't Expecting It) finds a militaristic drive as it echoes with the cold dislocation that is the dull pain-throb baseline of millenial life, Nosaltres Som La Carn (We Are the Flesh) thunders with physical discomfort, collapsing in on itself, Tot Sol is a freeing mechanistic 1-2 rush, the title track a stuttering scream of transformation.
Metamorfosi swings and lives with the threat of something constantly approaching, a change, an ending, some long-threatened eschaton finally invoked, something out there, a beast maybe, of some kind, uncontrollable and almost here. (Joe Briggs)
The album comes in a full colour sleeve with lyric insert designed by guitarrist Guillem El Muro and includes download code.

THREE WAY PLANE "your kingdom, my life" (Self Released) - 6
Καινούργιος δίσκος από τους Three Way Plane. Μουσικά είναι κάτι αναμεσα σε Post hardcore-punk και alternative rock made in USA όπως εξελίχθηκε στη διάρκεια της δεκαετίας του '90.

ARCHAIC "noise in your head" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 3
ARCHAIC is a new project based between Berlin, Venice and Barcelona. This  debut three track EP is a rusted nail of intense hardcore with industrial undertones which sits somewhere between FOGNA and DESTINO FINAL but with a bigger production. Guitar layers of repetition create a bed of noise when the delay infected vocals lay painfully. Someone called it the NWOIH and I won't be the one saying that isn't the case.

V/A "SOUNDS THE ALARMS" (Maximum RocknRoll)DOUBLE LP - 15€
Συλλογή από θρυλικό Αμερικανικο fanzin Maximum RocknRoll, συμμετέχουν δυο μπάντες από Ελλάδα;
Πανδημία και Gutter με ακυκλοφόρητα τραγούδια.
Almost 30 years after releasing Welcome to 1984, Maximum Rocknroll is proud to present a new international punk compilation, Sound the Alarms!! This double 12” gathers 32 bands from 14 countries, capturing the current sounds of punk from around the world, featuring ΠΑΝΔΗMIΑ/PANDIMIA, GUTTER, MÜLLTÜTE, SILLA ELÉCTRICA, SYNTHETIC ID, TOTAL WAR, NO STATIK, DICTADURA, PERMANENT RUIN, VIVISEKTIO, GIFFORDS TREATMENT, QUESTION, THE FIGHT, LOTUS FUCKER, RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA, ANTI YOU, VERRUGAS, ORDEN MUNDIAL, KUUDES SILMÄ, NUCLEAR SPRING, ENTRE REJAS, ESTAMPIDO, SIETOKYKY, HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK, I.R.A., DHK, KVOTERINGEN, KONTATTO, LEI DO CÃO, CÜLO, MAAILMANLOPPU, and OBEDIENCIA. And of course it comes with a newsprint, magazine-sized insert with a page from each band, including pictures, lyrics, graphics and more!


BELGRADO "siglo XXI" (La Vida Es Un Mus) – 13€
Barcelona's Belgrado return with their second album 'Siglo XXI' and first for La Vida Es Un Mus. The 11 track album melds dark and dreamy goth and post punk with a stunning and clear production. The bass leads and drives each track into the batcave whilst the vocals yearn and ache on top. This record has a clear 80's English influence (Killing Joke, Vex, A Touch of Hysteria, Blood and Roses etc) but it also very modern day Barcelona with the reverb as important as an instrument and totally DIY. 2011's excellent self titled LP has been bettered in sound, production and song. The LP comes in a thick black and white sleeve with artwork from drummer Jonathan also including a 30x30 insert, an extra lyric sheet and a 40x55 poster.

WRETCHED "la tua morte non aspetta" (Self Released) - 13€
Official repress of the classic second 12" released by Chaos Produzioni in 1986. Not as wild as the early stuff, but the spirit remains! The songs structure and the guitar and bass worship have both definitely developed compared to their early sonic attacks. The sound in this 2013 version has been remastered and an extra song has been added to make this release even more interesting. Soon to be another expensive collectible item, so, what are you waiting for?

BLITZ "killing dream" (Fan Club) - 16€
This is nothing like the old Blitz, because its a record entirely played by the only original Blitz member, guitarist Nidge on bass and guitar, Gary Bassnet from Attak on vocals.  The result is an interesting post-punk sounding album, more relaxed and everything but OI ! sounding, with characteristic Nidge guitar playing plus a second guitar of basic but excellent riffling and soloing.
"Well, Mackie wasn't interested, and Carl was living in Australia at the time, but Link offered me th opprtunity to do another Blitz album, and I wanted to do it. The song "Killing Dream" was actually written in 1983 and intended as a Blitz song anyway; it would've been the follow-up to "New Age" if things had been different.
But it was an odding time, there was very little going on in the punk scene, and of course, we didn't have a drummer,se we had to use this horrible drum machine,which was the main drawback. But the album did pretty well for Link here, and it came out in America through Cleopatra." Nidge died in 2007, aged 48, shortly after a reunion tour.  Originally released in 1989 on Link Records. This is high quality fan club release.

CHEIFS "holly-west crisis" (Dr.Strange) - 14€ (Purple)
THE CHEIFS were Huntington Beach's answer to THE CIRCLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG, GERMS, THE GEARS and the other "founding fathers" of the early Southern California Punk scene. THE CHEIFS formed in 1979 and played along side bands like: ADOLESCENTS, SOCIAL DISTORTION, AGENT ORANGE, TSOL and many others.
This LP release contains their ultra-rare and sought after 1980 7"ep Blues as well as their songs from the equally sought after comp's from 1981 Who Cares and Cracks in the Sidewalk plus unreleased stuff! 13 songs in all of truly one of the best punk rock bands to have emerged from California. The Doc is doing back-flips over this one! Great old photo's and liner notes done by the band.

DEAD IN THE DIRT "the blind hole" (Southern Lord) - 15€
Southern Lord is honored to be releasing the debut album from Atlanta-based grindcore trio DEAD IN THE DIRT. "The Blind Hole is a blast-laden auditory dissent that is absolutely crushing!
Recorded with Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos) at Bricktop Recording Studio. The DITD sound takes cues from His Hero Is Gone, Drop Dead, (old) Napalm Death etc.. to horrifically relentless levels of blasting intensity. It is not very often that a new band can simultaneously and effectively spew forth such filthy chaos in a controlled manner. It is also rare that recordings from bands in this scene/genre display such clear and concise production values. This is literally one of the heaviest and most brutal recordings that has come out in recent times!

PANDEMONIUM "de pandemonium affaire demo 1982" (Rest In Punk) - 14€
First time on vinyl. All songs mastered from original master source. Inlay has complete fanzine that appears in original tape release. The original tape was done in 1982 in 100 copies.
250 copies for sale in black vinyl.

POISON “sons of evil” (F.O.A.D.) - 16€
Limited edition of 150 copies on blood red vinyl. Pure infernal armageddon, not for the weak!! One of the most deviated, disgusting and anti-musical Death Metal aberrations ever conceived. 2nd pressing on FOAD Records, this LP is made exactly as the cassette version that was circulating in the 80s! Originally released in 1984, “Sons of evil” is the first demo recording from the malevolent and sinister German entity known as POISON. This sounds so raw and extreme that even the band members took their time to decide whether to license a vinyl reissue or not, and the graal got unlocked only when after years of research through the most insane puritan collectors, we tracked a source whose quality was even “better” than the masters owned by the band and got it properly restored and mastered by our wizard H.O.D. at Toxic Basement studio. So one thing is sure: this LP is the matchless, best sounding version of “Sons of evil” you can dream about.  Now quoting what has been already said about this gem: as primitive and barbaric as a Stone Age gang-rape, this tape is possessed by total darkness and evil. Musically, this runs the gamut from morbidly mid-paced to intense and somewhat insane. It bears no real similarities to any of their German counterparts, such as Sodom, Destruction or Kreator. The slower parts sound very reminiscent of Hellhammer. The vocals of Virgin Slaughter are possessed and maniacal, at times, his demonic voice actually accentuates the dark mood of the music, rather than detracting from it. As for the rest of the songwriting, this is like a war on the senses. Primitive and violent in nature, the riffs saw through you while the drums pound your skull into oblivion. It is almost difficult to believe something so bestial and grotesque existed back in 1984. The sound is on the same level as the “Death By Metal” demo, from Mantas, and makes the old Venom and Bathory records seem like they were done in high-dollar facilities. “Sons of Evil” is a monstrous offering from a band that had truly tapped into something dark and aggressive.  Includes a booklet printed on old school fanzine styled light blue paper, with rare photos, flyers and excerpts from zines/mags of that era!

RATOS DE PORAO "onisciente coletivo" (Beat Generation) - 18€
2003 release from long-running Brazilian hardcore powerhouse RATOS DE PORAO, and the band's most politicized release to date. Fourteen tracks of old-school 1980s-styled HC, blazing metal, thrash, and insane guitar riffage produced by ALEX NEWPORT (Nailbomb, At The Drive-In, Samiam, Fudge Tunnel, The Pattern).

V/A "LEPO JE ..." (Rest In Punk) - 15€
History of middle Europe punk in front of you! Lepo je... (It's Nice...) is another legendary former yugoslavia compilation which was released on the great Jugoton label in 1982 and shows again another musical treat from a country before the fuckin' war came, with a surprisingly active underground scene. Five bands are represented here with angry, raw and partially melodic punk.
Offical reissue, audio is mastered in the Usa. Includings both side printed poster 70x50 cm with 40 unreleased photos of the bands! Lyrics, bands infos etc. Limited to 200 only!

ΧΩΡΙΣ ΟΙΚΤΟ / GUTTER "μουσική για τα παιδιά σας" - split EP (Scarecrow) - 5€
Ξανά διαθέσιμο. Χωρίς Οίκτο - καινούρια μπάντα απο Αθήνα με μέλη απο Antimob, Sarabante, Παροξυσμός και Cut Off. Τρία κομμάτια άγριου πανκ με Ελληνικό στίχο. Οι βετεράνοι Gutter στην άλλη πλευρά επιστρέφουν με τρια ολοκαίνουρια κομμάτια πρώιμου Αμερικάνικου χάρντκορ. ΔΥΝΑΜΙΤΗΣ! 300 κόπιες σε μαύρο βινύλιο.

GUTTER s/t (Self Released) - 5

Αθηναϊκό συγκρότημα μουσικά εμπνευσμένο απο Αμερικάνικo hardcore απο αρχές της δεκαετίας 80. 5 κομμάτια. 

LIFEWRECK st (Self Release) - 5
Powerviolence/Hardcore από Αθήνα.

BAT SIGNAL "straight out of midnight" (Now or Newer/WAK) - 10€
Οι Bat Signal δημιουργήθηκαν στη Θεσσαλονίκη την άνοιξη του 2014. Σε σύντομο χρονικό διάστημα ηχογραφήσανε ένα ντέμο με τέσσερα τραγούδια. Μετά από κάποιες συναυλίες κυκλοφορούν το πρώτο τους EP με τίτλο "Dangernights" σε κασσέτα. Το Μάιο του 2015 βγαίνουν για ένα μίνι-τουρ στα βαλκάνια και στα τέλη του 2016 ηχογραφούν το πρώτο τους full-length με τίτλο "Straight Out Of Midnight". Συνεχίζουν τις ζωντανές εμφανίσεις εντός κι εκτός Ελλάδας και τον Απρίλιο του 2017 η δουλειά τους αυτή τυπώνεται σε αυλάκια βινυλίου και κυκλοφορεί σε 300 αριθμηνένα αντίτυπα. Πηγή έμπνευσης του γκρουπ είναι το νυχτερινό αστικό τοπίο, η ποπ κουλτούρα, ο κινηματογράφος και η πανκ-ροκ μουσική των αγαπημένων τους Turbonegro, Ramones, Misfits, Social Distortion και Agent Orange. Play it loud!

WINTERVIEW #3 - 2.50

Contents: Σκοτοδίνη, Zero, Nature Boys, Jonathan Sirit, Lifewreck / Dirty Wombs 2014 Euro tour report, K-Town Hardcore Fest 2016 report & more.


CONSPIRACY OF DENIAL / ΛΗΘΗ - split (Scarecrow / 7inch) - 10€
Network Of Friends split LP. Four new songs by Conspiracy of Denial  + one cover song (Λιθη's "Ψωραλέα Δυσανθρωπίλα"), on the other side Λιθη offering three new songs + one cover song
(Conspiracy Of Denial's "Αρνηση")
Conspiracy Of Denial


INDICO ‎"καθρέφτης ονείρων" (Self Released) - 10€
Διαθέτουμε πλέον την τελευταία μας κυκλοφορία "Καθρέφτης Ονείρων" (CD, self-released 2014) και σε LP. Μετά από απροσδόκητες αναβολές είναι στα χέρια μας και μπορείτε να επικοινωνήσετε
για να τη προμηθευτείτε. Το αντίτιμο είναι στα 10 euro και τα έσοδα διατίθενται για την κάλυψη των εξόδων παραγωγής του καθώς και μελλοντικών κυκλοφοριών μας. Όπως και η παραγωγή του CD, το mastering του βινυλίου έγινε στο Made In Hell Studio από τον David Prudent. Περιλαμβάνει τα δέκα κομμάτια της αρχικής έκδοσης και επιπλέον την επανεκτέλεση του "Η Μελωδία Της Αρρυθμίας" που είχε κυκλοφορήσει στην συλλογή (ΥΠΟ)ΚΡΟΥΣΗ.
Οι Indico είναι μια punk rock / metal μπάντα από την Αθηνά. Ξεκινήσαν το 2006 και από τότε κυκλοφορήσαν ένα ντέμο (2008) και δυο άλμουμ (Πριν Το Τελευταίο Σύμπτωμα 2010, και Καθρέφτης Ονείρων 2014). Κινούνται αντιεμπορικά και αδιαμεσολάβητα έχοντας πραγματοποιήσει εμφανίσεις σε αυτοοργανωμένα πλαίσια σε πολλές πόλεις της Ελλάδας. Το 2016 βρίσκονται σε προχωρημένο στάδιο της διαδικασίας σύνθεσης του επόμενου δίσκου τους.


ΑΤΟΠΙΑ - ομώνυμο (Self Released)
Σχήμα που δεν υπάρχει πια, αν και το cd κυκλοφόρησε στα τέλη του 2012. Με μέλη από Ανατέλλων Τρόμο (επανασυνδέθηκαν!) και Ανάσα Στάχτη, οπότε όχι μόνο ξέρετε τι να περιμένετε αλλά κυρίως πως το σκοτεινό, αγωνιώδες hardcore που παίζουν βρίσκεται σε κορυφαίο επίπεδο.Απλά! Η προσθήκη μάλιστα του βιολιού σε όλα τα κομμάτια κάνει τον ήχο τους ακόμα πιο ακραίο. Από άποψη συναισθηματικής φόρτισης αυτή τη φορά.
Στο οπισθόφυλλο του cd αναγράφεται πως δεν υπάρχει κάποια συγκεκριμένη τιμή πώλησης, αλλά πως η συνεισφορά του καθενός είναι ελεύθερη. Ορίσαμε για λόγους χρηστικότητας και μόνο να το δίνουμε στα 5 €. Όλο το ποσό θα πάει στην μπάντα για να καλυφθούν τα έξοδα παραγωγής του cd (το οποίο είναι digipack, με 12σέλιδο ένθετο) και ηχογράφησης. Αν κάποιος/α κατανοεί τα αυτονόητα και κυρίως μπορεί, ας μας γράψει στις σημειώσεις της παραγγελίας του, τυχόν παραπάνω ποσό που θα ήθελε να χρεωθεί για την συγκεκριμένη κυκλοφορία και μόνο.


MARTYRDöD / ADRESTIA "in solidarity with rojava" - 5€
Benefit EP, limited on 500 copies!
"In Solidarity With Rojava" is a split EP featuring two intense hardcore crust bands from Sweden. Martyrdöd shouldn't need any further introduction, the band has been delivering high quality crust punk since 2001, and today they have established themselves as a leading band in the genre.
Adrestia is a relatively new band, even though some of the members might be familiar because of their previous work in bands such as Shades Of Grey and Massmord. This EP is their first official release.
The bands contribute with two songs each. The Martyrdöd side of the EP starts with "Harmagedon", a song previously released on the "List" LP from 2016. It continues with a previously unreleased track called "Harmagedon part 2".
The Adrestia side features "Opium", as well as "The Sun Of Rojava", a tribute to the freedom fighters of Rojava. "The Sun Of Rojava" can also be heard of their debut album "The Art Of Modern Warfare", which will be released later this year.
However, the purpose of this EP goes beyond music. In a common statement the bands declare that this is a benefit record for Rojava, and that all profit from the sales of the record will go directly to Rojava.
They emphasize the similarities between the anarchist ideology often seen as the fundament of the crust punk scene, and the political system in Rojava.
The bands have created their own label/support organization called "Punks For Rojava" ( solely for the purpose of supporting Rojava, and besides the release of this EP there are more project with the same purpose coming up.


RIXE "baptême du feu" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 6€
French Oi! poster boys Rixe return with EP number three. Again it's a four tracker and there is no let up in the quality. It's full of snarl, bite and anthems. Tenter Le Diable starts the onslaught with some immense tom tom work before heading into another classic Rixe Oi! pounder. Paris-Est begins with a military beat before the guttural vocals and crunching guitars come in and smash you over the head. Every part of this two minutes and 53 seconds song is precise and perfect pop. Condamné is a straight down the line Oi! smash full of hate and bile and that Rixe wall of sound we know and love already. Last cut Hécatombe is a total head nodder that has bounce and a chorus to either die for or sing-a-long to Three EPs in and Rixe continue to take Oi! to new heights.
As it is a tradition on the Rixe 7” trilogy Baptême Du Feu 7" comes housed in a reverse board sleeve with collaborative artwork between Nick Rat and Maxime Smadja. Comes with lyric insert and download code.

S.H.I.T. "i" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 6€
S.H.I.T. have been one of the best bands doing it live and on record for a few years now and here on their fourth 7" (and first since 2014) they reassert their place as mainstays of Toronto's killer scene by serving up four more tracks of total hardcore moving forward through chaos. Insidiation blowing a wild storm hung around an unstoppable chugging riff, panic and terror building as the song pounds onwards. Incorporation shifting from warped siren blare to terrible tear. Barks of frustration, howls of anger, emerging from the bruising punk squall, anguished and disgusted. A record that careers with breakneck verve from sinister pulse to blazing hardcore bombardment.
S.H.I.T.S’s new EP artwork was designed by the greatest Teodoro Hernández and comes with a download code.

ΑΡΧΗ ΤΟΥ ΤΕΛΟΥΣ "κάθαρση" (Scarecrow) - 12
Three years after "πτώση" LP, Αρχή του τέλους come back with new album. Amazing political post punk in the vein of Γενια του Χαους/The Estranged + their own unquotable style.

PAST "czarno/biala" (Contraszt!) - 13€
If you are able to crack a smile even through the tears, the new album of Polish band PAST will be exactly for you! Their raw sound can't deny countrymen of Siekiera´s classics – they can be as cold as X-Mal Deutschland, but full of hope and energy, they can also give you new zest for life. They are more melodic than Vånna Inget and more melancholic than Maktheverskan. On the LP "Black/White", the 80's post-punk gets a distinctive character also thanks to the strong vocal of the singer Gosia, who really performs her dissatisfaction with the state of today's world with expression and is not satisfied with a vacant "singing". She's got an opinion, she complains, calms down, screams, she can dream away and get angry and her fellow bandmates are helping her with that. Eleven songs and a cover by Ewa Braun are definitely not black and white. On the contrary, the album is full of colors – the brighter ones and the darker ones as well. However, all of them are intensive and that's a specific sign of PAST. Moreover, the lyric poetry in Polish makes it believable and leaves no space for empty phrases.
Those 12 songs were recorded, mixed and mastered in the beginning of 2016 in Dobra 12 Studio in Bialystok (PL) by Piotr Polak.

TYRANNAMEN - st (Statick Shock) - 13€
"After five years of playing gigs Melbourne's Tyrannamen (who also feature members of Twerps and Whipper in their ranks) finally released their debut album on Cool Death Records but that pressing sold out instantly so Static Shock decided to do the honourable thing and keep this instant classic in print. The album is just 23 minutes long but every minute is worth the admission price alone. The album starts with calling card 'I Can't Read Your Mind' which is full of ramshackle yet instantly catchy punk rock but with a soulful and rock 'n' roll underbelly. It sits somewhere between Alex Chilton, Royal Headache and Irish power pop kings The Moondogs. Your jaw will drop and your feet start moving. Other highlights include the anthemic 'You Should Leave Him' which starts like The Undertones 'Get Over You' before heading into a straight up pounder with Nic Imfeld's raw but tuneful voice taking the song to pop heaven. This album tugs at your heart, twists at every turn and deserves to be loved for years and years to come."

ΤΟΞΙΚΟΣ ΕΜΕΤΟΣ "θερμοπυρηνική καταστροφή" (Extreme Earslaughter) - 4€
Θερμοπυρηνικό D-Beat από Αθηνά με επιρροές από Discharge, Midnight, Onslaught κτλπ. Επανέκδοση του Demo 2012 σε κασέτα περιορισμένη στις 100 κόπιες.

ADHD SYNDROM "nic się nie zmienia" (Jimmy Jazz) - 10€
Good Polish punk rock. Second album from 2011.

ANTI CIMEX "the records 81-86" (New Prejudice a2o) - 13€
Anti Cimex formed in 1981 and existed roughly up to 1993. They were considered as one of the so-called D-beat punk bands, in Sweden also called "Kängpunk", inspired in particular by the English hardcore punk band Discharge, who invented the style. Semi official release collects their: "Anarkist Attack" 7" (1982), "Raped Ass" 7" (1983), "Victims Of A Bomb Raid" 7" (1984) and Anti Cimex 12" (1986).

CHRON GEN "chronic generation" (Radiation) - 14€
On vinyl, here's a reissue of the 1982 debut-LP by street punk unit Chron Gen, which formed in 1978 in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. The band debuted in 1981 with the classic 'Puppets Of War' EP and was part of the infamous 'Apocalypse' tour (also 1981) along with Discharge, Anti-Pasti, Anti-Nowhere League and The Exploited. For genre addicts 'Chronic Generation' is an essential title.

DEATHRAID "the year the earth struck back" (Agipunk) - 12€
FRESHLY REPRESSED!!! This record has originally been released in late July 2015, on time for their second European tour. By the time they came on tour (middle September 2015) the record was already sold out! For those who don't know what we're talking about, Deathraid hail from Seattle and this amazing d-beat combo features ex memebers of Disrupt, Consume and State Of Fear and strike for the second time back on Agipunk. Nine new bullets of absolutely relentless d-beat crust punk. Fans of Totalitar, early Disfear and of the aforementioned bands will have an orgasmic blast.

DISTRESS / ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE split (Rest in Punk) - 12€
Two legendary 80's Yugoslavian hc/punk on one record. All songs were taken from original 1/4 inch studio master tapes and remastered in the States. There's many bonus songs previously unreleased from both bands. The Distress story is explained by Gvido (No Time To Be Wasted Records) and Odpadki Civilizacije by Samo (guitar player). Includings rare photos,lyric sheet and more.
Odpadki Civilizacιje


NADZóR ‎"your tolerance is shit if you don't try to understand us!!!‎" (Pasazer) - 11€
Noisy thrashcore coming straight from the small town of Oświęcim, Poland. This is fast, lo-fi noisy thrash with some slower metal breaks probably inspired by Metallica or Slayer, it's not really crossover though, could be compared to other Polish bands as The Corpse or Moskwa who were playing in the same approach at that time. This demo had been released first by the German label T.N.T in the late eighties, then reissued ten years later in Poland by Trujaca Fala, then reissued on vinyl last year with a proper and cleaner studio recording. Archive contains a huge booklet with lyrics, band pictures and history.

SLAPSHOT "old tyme hardcore" (Taang!) - 18€
Slapshot's swan song, "Old Tyme Hardcore," was released in 1996 with the group disbanding soon after. It was a return to the familiar hardcore sound after a departure from it on the more metal "Blast Furnace." Now available on 180 gram vinyl.

EDELWEISS PIRATEN "blizna" (Trujaca Fala) - 7€
This band from Olsztyn (with personal connections to UTOPIA) is around since quite many years, even released demo CD-R few years ago, but during all this time they had several personal/style changes. Now the line up is stable and they built their own sound - powerful, heavy and driving hardcorepunk with 2 guitars and mixed vocals leaded by strong and angry female voice. You can compare their sound to Tragedy, Wolfbrigade etc.,  not just another clone neo-crust band.

END OF ALL "the art of decadence" (Be Part) - 11

Emotive crustcore. The dual guitars churn out overdriven riffs layered on to powerful melodies. Vocals alternate between a “cookie monster” growl and the plaintive screams one might expect from the likes of EKKAIA. The production is crisp and balanced without being too slick; you don’t have to listen for the bass and drums to pick out their contribution. A standout is Henchmen of Hatred, a song about a person who has allowed hate to consume them. The Art of Decadence is a fantastic album and should firmly establish END OF ALL as one of the standard bearers of the genre. Think Victims, Wolfbrigade, Ambulance, Kontrovers and Personkrets 3:1. An amazing album, truly one of the best of 2008!

FUCKED UP "couple tracks" (Matador) DOUBLE LP - 20€
Double-LP compilation of Fucked Up‘s many, many hard-to-find uncollected 7″ and 12″ tracks. Entitled Couple Tracks, it contains 25 songs. Designed as a sequel to their earlier compilation, Epics In Minutes (Deranged, 2004), the cover photographs riff on the Beatles red and blue albums thang. Comes with complete illustrated discography of the contents, with extensive liner notes about each song.
Couple Tracks spans an extraordinarily varied (and extraordinarily collectible) musical career that has mainly been documented on 7-inch vinyl singles released around the world on many labels in many countries. Chronologically, it ranges from the A-side of their first single, No Pasarán, a commentary on the Spanish Civil War released on Deranged in 2002, to the fast alternate take of No Epiphany, their latest 7″ on Matador from earlier this year.

I SHOT CYRUS / DISCARGA - split (Peculio) - 10€
Two of the finest fastcore/thrash/hardcore-punk from brazil. DISCARGA is a powerful three piece band playing fast, straight forward hardcore punk music. I SHOT CYRUS well i think these guys no need for always they put thrashcore on high level, totally pissed as fuck hardcore, the drummer from RATOS DE PARAO. This Split is totally balance for maximum beat punishment that you should get, play fast or die mothafucker!

LAZY CLASS / MAX CADY - Split (No Pasaran) - 10€
A 45er on 12″ format is without any doubt my favourite format: more songs than a 7″, a bigger jacket than a 10″ and a better sound than a regular album.
I was happily surprised when i received this split 12″ by two Polish bands. Honestly i don’t own many Polish Oi! records but slowly more and more Polish bands mke it into my collection.
Max Cady are new for me, but Lazy Class already made a good impression on me with their debute EP last year.
Lazy Class recorded four new songs of which one is sung in Polish. We Are Lazy Class and Concrete Jungle are two typical streetpunk songs which sound a bit like an uptempo version of Booze & Glory. My favourite songs are Stracone Pokolenie (no clue what it means) and Gotta Find A Way. The Polish song has a catchy guitar line and a nice sing-a-long chorus. Gotta Find A Way attracts my attention with the use of organ styled keyboards and punkrock styled singing.
I think the greatest quality of Lazy Class is the fact their music attracts Oi! lovers as well as people into punkrock or hardcore.
Max Cady on the other side also comes from an Oi! background although they have a more punkrock orientated approach. All four songs are sung in Polish so no clue where they sing about. Opening song Zgielk is an uptempo punkrock song with some winks to Rise Against / Propagandhi style. Dzieciaki is a Polish remake of the Blitz song New Age. But my favourite song is without any doubt Dis Na Chama. A catchy sing-a-lon streetpunk song which reminds me to Rejected Youth from Germany.
This 12″ is limited to 329 copies and comes with heavy weight insert. This is value for your money and a more than decent introduction to Polish Oi! and punk music.
Lazy Class 

Max Cady

MUNICIPAL WASTE "massive aggressive" (Earache) - 18€
Harder, faster and louder - much anticipated fourth studio album from infectious crossover thrash/speed metal bad boys; thirteen new songs to assault your ears with the toxic dose of massive old school madness from the band that built up a large following and widespread media acclaim over the last few years for their memorable brand of metal and notorious live shows - essential record!; limited gatefold black vinyl edition, limited to 500#.

OBLITERATIONS “poison everything” (Southern Lord) - 14€
Comprised of current and ex-members of Black Mountain, Saviours and Night Horse, OBLITERATIONS delivers a blazing blend of Poison Idea, Discharge, and Black Flag, set to a live show that willfully incites and encourages one’s aggressive tendencies to shine. Comes in Stoughton gatefold jacket. A day after returning from their Southwest US Tour in March, the band recorded with producer Chris Owens (Lords, Coliseum, Young Widows) at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 in only three days. Mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, High On Fire, Black Breath) at God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts, the end result of Poison Everything is a thirteen-song, twenty-nine-minute record full of raw brutality, darkness and aggression, the album weaving its way through the annals of punk and hardcore, while still sounding fresh and vital.
The lead track “Mind Aint Right” is a two-minute blast harkening back to early ‘80s Japanese hardcore akin to Gauze, Lip Cream and GISM, whereas the scorcher, “Scapegoat,” walks a razor’s edge between d-beat Discharge influence and Swiss pioneers Celtic Frost, and “Shame,” which opens with a riff that lodges itself nicely between Spacemen 3 and The MC5.
 The band has always been very open to expressing their influences and inspiration by a bevy of diverse muses including Alan Watts, Laughing Hyenas, Blue Oyster Cult, The Stooges, Alice Cooper, Paul Bowles and Suicide. The blueprint isn’t the point here, it’s the results. The sound is abrasive and raw, driving and aggressive, and fully infectious. OBLITERATIONS’ mission is simple a one; write, record, tour, and that’s just what they do. 

PELIGRO! - st (Discos Enfermos) - 10€
This is a new band from members of HORROR, LOS DOLARES, ETACARINAE, PRIMATES, but brings a fresh sound not heard from any of their previous bands. The music is a heavy dose of BLACK SABBATH mixed with MOTORHEAD, and ANNIHILATION TIME comes to mind as well, but the real treat is that they keep it hardcore with the drive that many heavier bands can't keep up. I really liked these guys live and this record is testament to their skills. I first heard this 5% faster than the LP was recorded at, and I must say I really liked that speed too.

RUIN / T.R.I.B.E. - split (Agipunk) - 11€
A whole brigade of veterans for this new release. Ruin feature people from Doom, Disaffect, Debris, Scatha... and play totally 90's crust packed with nowadays powerful sound and anger. Tribe are ex-Scatha and are really close to them, lots of metal breaks that you'll dig even if you don't have long hair. Crust as fuck as always. Gatefold cover.

SKIN LIKE IRON "arrival" (React!) - 17

Skin Like Iron’s new LP, “Arrival” features 10 songs that are mournful, somber and eerily melodic. Fusing an eclectic mixture of influences from Wolfbrigade to Black Flag, Siege, and even The Pixies and The Cure, this album succeeds in accurately portraying Skin Like Iron’s unique take on hardcore music. Huge guitar riffs combine with powerful basslines and pounding rhythms to form dramatic compositions that are saturated with melody and atmosphere. The music is supported by lyrics that search for hope and reason, while questioning the damages human beings visit upon one another. Each song is an attempt to reconcile the way in which life’s fleeting moments of beauty are tempered by depression and failure. “Arrival” is a record about duality: Hope and hopelessness. Beauty and ugliness. Virtue versus the failings of human nature.
“Arrival” was recorded at The Atomic Garden with Jack Shirley, and is the band’s most ambitious production to date. The album artwork was produced by guitarist/vocalist, Alex Capasso, and continues the visual theme of the band’s two previous 12″ albums.

STINKY RATS "vergognati" (Gonna Puke) - 11€
This comes straight from the years when Torino's stages were put on fire by stellar bands like DECLINO, NEGAZIONE, NERORGASMO and tons more... and STINKY RATS had nothing to envy.
This LP includes their legendary "Vergognati" 12" that was originally issued by KINA's Blu Bus and WRETCHED's Chaos Produzioni in 1986, here re-edited and mastered from the original reels (!!!)...
A true pearl of pure Italian HC that had people from Negazione and Declino behind the mixer when it was recorded... Bonus tracks include the entire Demotape 1983

TRAP THEM "seizures in barren praise" (Deathwish) - 18€ (Clear Vinyl)
Recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, "Seizures In Barren Praise" shows Trap Them at their most vicious. Having mastered their art of aural bludgeoning, the album musically stomps and claws with emotion. "Barren Praise" itself is a fictional ghost town version of every non-fiction town" says McKenney. "Lyrically, previous Trap Them releases are all stories from people who had lived in "Barren Praise" before deciding to up and leave. This is the story of those who stayed behind to tell the stories of watching everything unfold..." states McKenney. Upon listening, it's hard not to picture fragments of your own life as part of the chaotic debris that are these fictional lives. The friends, family, and faces of those that make up the ensemble cast of your own life are all there, indirectly. Making "Seizures In Barren Praise" a broken mirror for the world. Exposing every fear, weakness, and wound.

UNDERAGE "perche' non siamo nati per..." (FOAD) - 14€
Complete studio discography 1981-1983, 23 tracks including their classic EP originally released by Attack Punk Records (rated as one of the first 10 pure "HC" vinyls that ever came out in Italy) + the 1983 Demo + some early day recordings. Special mastering for vinyl sounding a lot better than the previous digipack CD discography. Napoli Hardcore/Punk at its climax of energy and spontaneity in full early '80s italo-HC shape. Fast, distorted to the bone, exploding in anger. Not only they were among the first in Italy to introduce the D-beat formula of the first wave of Dis-influenced bands (think of Eu's Arse as well) but they also added an overdose of buzzsaw distortion that made their nuclear feared / post atomic sound a real gem for those who're able to discern this kind of atmospheres and also those who enjoy the latter wall of noise HC of bands like Confuse, Gai, Gudon and similar ear destroyers! Including 12 page 'zine styled booklet filled with rare flyers and photos.

VICTIM "all our dreams are gone" (Rave Up) - 13€
Formed in Belfast in Mid -1977, Victim soon became familiar faces on the emerging Belfast scene. Following their appearance on the legendary UTV punk documentary 'It Makes You Want Top Spit' and a rapidly increasing live following, Terri Hooley signed the band to his Good Vibrations label in 1978 and released Strange Thing By Night / Mixed Up World 7". Early gigs saw them playing with The Fall and Revillos as well as playing the legendary Factory club to accompany the screening of Shellshock Rock, a film on Irish punk featuring among others Victim. A second release Why Are Fire Engines Red / I Need You on TJM secured good reviews and radio support from John Peel despite its horrendous cover. In November 1979 Victim supported the Damned on an extensive tour. Rat Scabies produced the band's third and in my view best single The Teenage / Junior Criminals / Hang Onto Yourself released in 1980 on Illuminated records. This anthology contains a great selection of all their punk material. If you are a fan of Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers, don't miss it.

STREET DOGS / NOI!SE - split (Pirate Press/Randale) - 12€ (Red Vinyl)
Both groups have partnered in the past with Pirates Press on previous releases and are extremely excited once again to have this opportunity to really showcase their new material. This EP certainly gives this material the full treatment, and should keep all the fans happy and anxious for the other upcoming releases both bands have in store later this year. Noi!se and Street Dogs both recorded three new songs for this split and the fun that they've both had putting it together has both bands already talking about followup splits with other bands that they love and want to share with their fans. This is the remaining stock from Record Store Day 2014. Vinyl version includes digital download.

7 SECONDS ""blasts from the pasts" (Life Line) - 6€
Official re-issue originally released in 1985 on Kevin Seconds own label Positive Force. 7 Seconds third E.P., finally available again since the early 90's. Includes all the original first press artwork and includes a bonus retrospective insert by Kevin Seconds.

ALMOST 21 st (Gummopunx) - 5€
Almost 21 ep is out on Gummopunx Records . This band from Fullerton is pre D.I. and the 3 song ep will contain songs from '83 (Garage Studio Recordings) Great early LA Punk think D.I./Adolescents/TSOL etc.

BATTALION OF SAINTS - st (Southern Lord) - 6€
A raging return from legendary West Coast punk heathens: Battalion of Saints. Led by surviving member: George Anthony. 3 furious brand new songs that will kick your ass just as effectively as their old classics. Available on limited edition 7” vinyl. For fiends of: Poison Idea, Discharge, old school Hardcore.

BLOOD SUCKERS "night of the sadist" (Hardware) - 5€
You might remember the crushing Blood Suckers - Crush To Dust 12" from earlier this year?! Meanwhile they went on a small European tour with their brother in URBNANOIA and recorded a couple of new songs which will be released as a six song 7" next months as well.

BRAIN KILLER - s/t (Deranged) - 5€
Debut 7” from Massachussetts hardcore band – BRAIN KILLER. Fast, noisy, powerful hardcore with heavy influence from Japanese hardcore like BASTARD / DISCLOSE and straight forward American hardcore like DEATHREAT.

BRAIN KILLER 2nd (Vinyl Rites) - 5€
Picking up where 2011’s "every actual state is corrupt" left off, this is the new 7" of hardcore music from Boston’s BRAIN KILLER. Mixing CRUCIFIX, DEATHREAT, and driving Japanese hardcore. BRAIN KILLER have made their most powerful and mature release yet. Really it just sounds like a hardcore DISCHARGE, but what else would you want? The best song writing - distilling riffs into simpleness with no filler!

CAUSTIC DEFIANCE "caustic defiance" (Kangaroo) - 5€
Caustic Defiance was the band the Stepe brothers formed after Negative Element broke up and they were forced to relocate to central IL in a farm town far removed from any sort of punk rock scene. Instead of throwing their hands up in the air and decide to start working the farm, the brothers brought punk rock to Peoria and put that town on the punk rock map. Unlike Negative Element, Caustic Defiance never put out any records, they simply recorded a bunch of songs as a demo tape that unfortunately mostly sat in a shoebox. This 12-song 7" is taken from their 1983 demo tape and that band was pretty much a straight up hardcore band typical for that period of time and could easily hold its own up against any of the “well known” bands of that time.

DIALLO “diagram of a scam" (Yellow Dog) – 4€
Η πρώτη κυκλοφορία (από τέσσερις, συνολικά) ενός σχήματος που, δυστυχώς, δεν υφίσταται πλέον. Πολύ βαρύ, γρήγορο d-beat, με metal αρμονικές, απελπισμένα φωνητικά και σκοτεινά riffs. Για πολύ headbanging για όσους αγαπούν τη νέα σκηνή της Σουηδίας (Wolfbrigade, Victims κλπ), αλλά και τους Neurosis, Talk Is Poison, Artimus Pyle και From Ashes Rise.

HEVN "what goes around comes around" (Sjakk Matt Plater ) - 5€
Οι Hevn (μέλη από KORT PROSESS και Jinriksha), όπως οι Summon The Crows, 2.20 και Going Under, αποτελούν τη νέα ουσιαστική πρόταση στη σκηνή της χώρας τους. Ήχος βαρύς, σε μεσαίες ταχύτητες, με βάρβαρα γυναικεία φωνητικά και δυνατό πολιτικό μήνυμα, με σαφείς επιρροές από Rudimentary Peni, Anti-Schism και Kort Prosess και So Much Hate με πολλή δύναμη, οργή και χαρακτήρα.

KNUSTE RUTER "var det bare en løgn" (Sjakk Matt) - 5€ -
Πολύ καλό EP με έξι τραγούδια από τους Νορβηγούς KNUSTE RUTER (σημαίνει «σπασμένα παράθυρα»!), που αποτελούνται από μέλη των HEVN και SUMMON THE CROWS. Ωστόσο, το παίξιμό τους παραπέμπει στις κλασικές μπάντες των 80s, όπως STENGTE DØRER και SO MUCH HATE. Σφυριχτές κιθάρες, μπουκωμένα σολαρίσματα, εκρηκτικά hardcore ξεσπάσματα και σκληρά φωνητικά συνθέτουν την εικόνα των KNUSTE RUTER. Μαζί και αφίσα! Ακούστε τους εδώ:

MONSTER / DAYMARES - split (Mind Over Matter/Brown) - 4€
Κάθε μπάντα με δυο καινούργια κομάτια. Οι Monster από το Βερολίνο σε κλασικό για αυτούς δυνατό hardcore/crust. Οι Daymares από τη Βαρσοβία με σκοτεινό μεταλλικό hardcore/crust.

NATURAL LAW "spring trash" (Hardware) - 5€
These 4 songs originally came out in 2010 as a self-released tape. Hailing from the New Jersey and New York areas, NATURAL LAW cultivate a gritty, rough, superbly '80s sound on their "spring trash" demo. The songs which vary from frantic hardcore lunacy to floorboard rattling pounders usher for its rumbling 6min. existence. NATURAL LAW is by no means complicated, but this is an excellent starting point, especially for a demo tape.

NERVOUS TREND "shattered b/w decency" (Black Wire) - 6€
Perth, Australia’s NERVOUS TREND releases their first 7″ EP as a split release with RESIDUE RECORDS (USA), SCHWARMA (USA), and BLACK WIRE RECORDS (Australia). These two songs combine a hypnotic melody and heartbeat rhythm that will not leave you alone. Dark, haunting music with empowering lyrics that feel and move through each song. This band breaks the current mold of punk and post-punk by blending both so damn perfect. In this day and age, this record needs to be listened to… and often.

SEDATIVES "teenage runaway" (Erste Theke) - 5€
Yes it is true - the Ottawa Boys strike back. The energetic melodies that blast through every SEDATIVES song, are simple and mind blowing. The harmonizing vocals of the 4 gentleman are the perfect balance of aggression and sincerity while the predominant bass, the organ and drumbeats keep the motivating energy that drives their music. The SEDATIVES dared to go step further and once more set a landmark in the little mundo punko with this new record that will shake your heart and legs. You will never be disappointed with this 7"!

SICK MORMONS st (Demonomania) - 4€
Τέσσερις πάνκηδες από το Amsterdam που θα ήθελαν να έχουν γεννηθεί τριάντα χρόνια νωρίτερα και να μένουν στην νότια California. Για φίλους των Articles of Faith, Social Distortion, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Bad Religion κλπ.

SICK MORMONS "why does shit keep falling from the sky?" (Gummopunx) - 4€
Το συγκεκριμένο ΕΡ του συγκροτήματος από το Amsterdam είναι λίγο πιο σκοτεινό από τις προηγούμενες δουλειές τους, αλλά δεν υστερεί ούτε σε μελωδία ούτε σε αμεσότητα. Τέσσερα αξιόλογα hardcore τραγούδια για κατεστραμμένα αγόρια και κορίτσια, με ήχο που σε στέλνει στα πρώτα συγκροτήματα της Νοτίου Καλιφόρνιας και ιδίως τους ADOLESCENTS.

WAR OF DESTRUCTION "normalisering" (Hjernespind) - 5€
Legendary Danish hardcore punks from Århus return with a bang with their first new record in 22 years! Same line-up as in the 80's. Still raw, fast and pissed off. Great! from HJERNESPIND records in Denmark.

ZERO BOYS "pro-dirt" (1234 Go!) - 6€
The first new Zero Boys recording in 20 years! Pairs nicely with the "Livin' In The 80's" reissue we're doing in terms of speed and tone. Get both while you're here!


ARCTIC FLOWERS "weaver" (Sabotage) - 12€
Portland’s Arctic Flowers with their long-awaited second LP! After last year’s excellent "Procession" EP, an EP that showcased the Flowers’ talent for combining the tradition of anarcho/peace punk with a postpunk sensibility, the new "Weaver" LP continues in much the same vein. The first side kicks off with the energetic track "Magdalene" and the pace doesn’t let up too much from there, culminating in the barnstorming track "Anamnesis", which employs a riff that reminds me of a Rudimentary Peni track (specifically, "The Evil Clergyman" off RP's "Cacophony"). But it's Side 2 that contains my favorite tracks off this new release. The second side kicks off with the memorable track “Byzantine”, guitarist Stan Wright lays down a chunky, Killing Joke-esque riff (think of that band’s song "Tension" mixed with "The Wait"), complemented by frontwoman Alex's vocals, which recall the classic goth-punk of bands like Rubella Ballet and Lost Cherrees. The following title track, "Weaver" is another winner – just a great mid-tempo punk rocker that, in true Arctic Flowers fashion, blurs the boundaries between classic punk, postpunk, and early gothic rock. Indeed, in an interview I did with Arctic Flowers almost two years ago, founder and guitarist Stan Wright stated, "Our sound is a mix of punk, deathrock, post punk, and goth. Aggressive but at times danceable and melodic."

THE DEVIL DOGS "big beef bonanza!" (Crypt) - 15€
The Devil Dogs, New York’s kings of garage punk’n’roll, called it quits 20 years ago, but their musical legacy lives on with this lovely Crypt Records vinyl reissue. It’s essentially a re-package of their two out-of-print mini-LP’s (“BIG BEEF BONANZA” & “WE THREE KINGS”) on a 18-song LP with mucho improved fidelity PLUS a bonus track of “Twist And Burn” from the DOG MEAT 7”. And it comes on 180-gram vinyl!

THE DEVIL DOGS - st (Crypt) - 15€
Repress of this Crypt garage punk classic. Their 18 song debut album from 1989.

FUCKED UP "couple tracks" (Matador) DOUBLE LP - 20€
Double-LP compilation of Fucked Up‘s many, many hard-to-find uncollected 7″ and 12″ tracks. Entitled Couple Tracks, it contains 25 songs. Designed as a sequel to their earlier compilation, Epics In Minutes (Deranged, 2004), the cover photographs riff on the Beatles red and blue albums thang. Comes with complete illustrated discography of the contents, with extensive liner notes about each song.
Couple Tracks spans an extraordinarily varied (and extraordinarily collectible) musical career that has mainly been documented on 7-inch vinyl singles released around the world on many labels in many countries. Chronologically, it ranges from the A-side of their first single, No Pasarán, a commentary on the Spanish Civil War released on Deranged in 2002, to the fast alternate take of No Epiphany, their latest 7″ on Matador from earlier this year.

THE INSANE "demo 1981 and more..." (Vomitopunkrock) - 17€ (Colour)
The Insane from Wigan formed in 1979. Middlehurst (guitar) had previously played in the unrecorded punk band Sammy And The Skunx, who "did garage/punk versions of old rock classics but with new and stupid lyrics!", and the lineup was very young at the start, with some of the group having only just left school. The band were rank amateurs, with Tina utilising the one-finger down the neck method made infamous by Crass. The band gigged for a year or so before making their vinyl debut with a track called 'Nuclear War', which appeared on the 1981 compilation LP Ten From The Madhouse. By this time the band had undergone a series of lineup changes. Around this time (May 1981) Bambi helped out playing drums for Discharge and then went onto join Flux with The Insane's other founding member, Middlehurst. So at this point, The Insane was actually defunct.
However, towards the end of the year Middlehurt and Bambi had both decided to reunite The Insane. Beki from Vice Squad, with whom Bambi was "having a fling", passed a copy of their demo tape onto Riot City and their debut EP was released: the crappy sounding Politics. One song fom it, 'Last Day', was plucked to appear on the hot-selling Punk And Disorderly compilation soon after. (Funnily enough the EP did not feature Barry Taberner, who had failed to make it to the studio, leaving Middlehurst to take over vocal duties.) December '81 saw them playing the Xmas On Earth festival with The Damned, The Exploited and GBH.
Come May 1982 the band released their second single, the semi-classic El Salvador, with new singer 'Dr' Dean Mitchell being responsible for the deligfhtfully cartoonishly punky vocals. The title tune was backed with a new and improved version of 'Nuclear War' and a decent stab at The Heartbreakers' 'Chinese Rocks'.
Although the single was a success, climbing as it did to No. 6 in the indies, at this point the two founding members of the band came to loggerheads over a gig one of them wanted to blow out, and the world ended up with two Insanes: one featuring Bambi and Dean Mitchell, the other being led by Middlehurst and Taberner. The Middlehurst/Taberner version of the band released the Why Die! single in October 1982 (it made it to No. 38 in the indies), pretty much cementing them as the "proper" version of the group, while Bambi's version gigged more extensively but a proposed second No Future single failed to materialise.
In 1983 Bambi joined Blitzkrieg just in time for the Animals In Lipstick 7". After that, he and Blitzkrieg's guitarist Gary Sumner re-joined the Middlehurst/Taberner version of The Insane for some shows in mainland Europe, and in 1984 they released their final vinyl, a split single, The Insane / Skeptix.
After The Insane split, Bambi formed The Parasites with ex-Blitzkrieg singer Spike, which eventually left to the reformation of Blitzkrieg in 1991. Bambi later played with John Peel favourites Doctor And The Crippens and Hotalacio, and also for a short while played with a reformed Flux.
This post by melodyman on the Wigan World Forum pretty much sums up the The Insane: Most Wigan bands played a lot of cover versions and only had a few songs of their own, which were easily recognised because of the quality difference. Many Wigan bands had one or two positive things,but a few things missing. The Insane and The System,probably the two best Wigan punk bands, were relatively good punk bands. Both bands had the typical,but good punk image. Both bands had the energy and stage aggression to hold a punk audience.Both bands had their own songs - The Insane released a couple of singles. But! Both bands didn't seem to have the songwriting and playing versatility and they didn't seem to have the melodies to capture a wider audience or to move away from the punk scene,which greatly limited them. Also, the two bands were on the Wigan music scene in the early 1980s,which was a little late for punk music. If they had been around in 1976/77,they probably would have been better known and may of had some major success.
Side A: Demos And Rehearsals Tape
Side B: B1: El Salvador 7" 
B2: We Don't Want Your Fucking Law! LP
B3: Ten From The Madhouse LP
B4-B5: Why Die ! 7"
B6: Vendetta 7"

THE NEWTOWN NEUROTICS "pissed as a newt" (No Plan) - 16
Pissed As A Newt is an album worth of EARLY (´78-´80) live recordings that were only released as a cassette in 1982 on Steve´s NO WONDER records. Now it´s available on vinyl for the first time ever! Comes with a double sided insert with lyrics and unpublished photos of the band! All this material was written and performed long before the first album. Thought provoking Punk Rock with melody and punch that Newtown Neurotics have always been known for.

PHOBIA / EXTINCTION OF MANKIND split (Agipunk) - 12€
These two band need no introduction, both active since the early 90's they've continued developing their sound throughout the years and we are proud to release them. Extinction of Mankind are the heaviest and most perfect fusion of bands like Amebix, Antisect, Discharge and lots of metal, sheer brutality. Phobia play incredibly fast, brutal, tight and technically skilled grindcore with raging lyrics as it's supposed to be. This is the very first grindcore band released by Agipunk (Agigrind?) so we choosed the best!

RED ALERT “the oi! singles 1980/1983” (Common People) - 15€
North East of England outfit Red Alert originally formed in their native Sunderland in early 1979 with a line up of Steve Smith on vocals, Tony Van Frater on guitar, Gaz Stuart on bass, Kid Stocker on guitar and Mitch filling the drum stool. It was this version of Red Alert that recorded the legendary “Third and Final” EP (sometimes know as “Border Guards”), which was released on their own label in the summer of 1980 with all 250 sleeves actually glued together by the band themselves!
Leading Punk label No Future Records picked up on the band (who by now had Nobby on drums and slimmed to a four piece with the departure of Kid Stocker to Red London) and their first release for the label was the legendary “In Britain” EP which shot to the top of the then important Independent Chart.
Incidentally the two demos featured on this release, “S.P.G.” and “I Tore Your Picture Up”, were actually recorded at the same sessions as “In Britain” but, until now, had remained unreleased. A second Indie Chart hit came via mid 82’s “Take no prisoners” EP and they became a leading live attraction following gigs with the likes of The Business, Blitz, The Partisans and Peter & The Test Tube Babies. The “City Invasion” 7” preceded the release of Red Alert’s debut album “We’ve got the power” which, in true Punk value for money style, contained none of the bands singles releases and a different version of “S.P.G.” from that which had appeared on the legendary “Carry on Oi!” LP. A top 5 Indie Album Chart entry, the LP was followed by the six track 12” “There’s a guitar burning” thought this turned out to be the bands last release for No Future as the label folded in early ’84.


UNFIT EARTH / DIRTY WOMBS split (WAK, We Don't Fight It, Eye 5 + Bands) - 4€
Βόλος εναντίον Πάτρας..... δυο κομμάτια από τους Dirty Wombs κι ένα από τους Unfit Earth.

BLACK MARKET BABY "potential suicide" (Doctor Strange) - 4€
Κυκλοφόρησε πριν από 30 χρόνια περίπου από την Limp Records και εξαφανίστηκε πολύ γρήγορα. Περιέχει δύο ακυκλοφόρητες ζωντανές εκτελέσεις του «America's Youth» και «Killing Time» από το συναυλιάδικο 9:30 Club το 1984 με την επιμέλεια του Tom Lyle των Government Issue, ενώ τα στουντιακά κομμάτια ηχογραφήθηκαν στο Inner Ear (Minor Threat, S.O.A., Teen Idles). Προφανώς, προτείνεται σε φίλους των Minor Threat και Government Issue, αλλά και των Bad Brains και Necros.

DARK AGES "vicious lie" (Cowabunga) - 4€

Dark Ages represent Kansas City, MO and bring a mid-'80s thrash sound with some progressive styles and a serious Christ On Parade or "Pain Of Mind"-era Neurosis influence.

DEVOUR "insect circuitry" (Headcount) - 4€
Raw and unpolished hardcore punk from North Carolina, DEVOUR fused together their love for first wave early 80's American punk/crossover and Japanese hardcore.

EXECUTIONER "fix me / hellbound" (Patac) - 6€
Fast and furious hardcore punk from San Jose recorded way back in 1982! Playing gigs with punk pioneers such as Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Social Distortion, Crucifix, Fang, Faction, etc. Executioner stood out with crazed vocals, killer guitar solos, stop on a dime changes and a strong Anti-War message, they helped to develop the Californian punk sound by bringing in heavy UK influence from bands such as G.B.H. and Discharge.
First time on vinyl. The first pressing is limited to 600 copies. Cover art by Winston Smith. (Dead Kennedys, Green Day, Lard, Ben Harper)

FLESH WORLD "planned obsolescence" (No Patience) - 5€
Devastating noisy hardcore from Australia mixing classic USHC power with the intensity and aggression of Italian greats such as WRETCHED and INDIGESTI. This is the vinyl pressing of their cassette only EP from 2011, criminally overlooked and almost lost to time, a cult record in the making. Claustrophobic and chaotic, one of the most over looked Australian hardcore punk records of the last 5 years. Members of TEARGAS, PATHETIC HUMAN, THE ZINGERS, LAKES, RATSAK, and more. Record comes shrinkwrapped, on blood red vinyl, housed in a red and black jacket.

FLITOX ‎"n° 1" (Euthanasie) - 6€
Reissue of this rare 7" from1986, one of the 1st french punk hardcore band, 4 tracks with insert, orange sleeve.

FRONT LINE "basic training" (Beach Impediment) - 6€
After having been in limbo for the better part of 30 years, we are proud to bring you the long lost "BASIC TRAINING" E.P. by Norfolk, VA's FRONT LINE. Commonly known as the "Second Demo" by tape traders over the years, this was recorded in October of 1982 shortly before the band imploded, leading to the formation of BONESAW and eventually GOD'S WILL. "BASIC TRAINING" features 10 tracks of primal and vicious USHC not unlike fellow Virginians WHITE CROSS with whom they shared the stage many times over their brief existence. Select tracks from this session would go on to be featured on compilations like THE MASTER TAPE VOL. 2 on Paul Mahern's Affirmation Records (along side bands like MECHT MENSCH, ZERO BOYS, NO LABELS, and many more) and the legendary all Virginia TARANTULA ON MY COCK tape that guitarist Jeff Clites would release in 1983, but this is the first time all of these songs have officially appeared together the way they were meant to. Raging Southern Hardcore at it's finest. Comes in a glue pocket sleeve containing a 7"x14" insert with liner notes and a collage of photos and flyers from the band's year long run, along with a sticker and a download code.

HEARTLESS "certain death" (Halo of Flies) - 5€
After their full-length in 2011 ("Hell Is Other People" - Southern Lord) Heartless returns with eight new blasts of steel city hardcore. This is the pure, relentless fury delivered in the same style as Integrity, Nails, and Cursed that they've built a reputation on show after show, tour after tour. 7" includes digital download.

HJERTESTOP "aarh, fuck... det er hjertestop!" (Fashionable Idiots) - 4€
Following on the heels of their full-length on No Way, Danish punks Hjertestop deliver six melodic, fast hardcore punk numbers in the same style as fellow countrymen Young Wasteners, Arrigt Antrekt and Made Petersens Arme, as well as American Classics like Zero Boys.

INTEGRITY "walpurgisnacht" (A389) - 5€
INTEGRITY's first release for A389. Featuring two exclusive tracks recorded between 'To Die For' and 'The Blackest Curse' LP wrapped in iconic artwork that has been used everywhere from tattoos to resurfaced cafe tables!

POISON PLANET “undermine” (Third X Party) - 5€
Five dissonant tirades of personal and political resistance inspired as much by Howard Zinn and Naomi Klein as they are by The Repos, Positive Reinforcement, Discharge, and DYS. This is hardcore punk meant to communicate ideas, not just be the soundtrack for your latest dance moves. Comes in a glued pocket sleeve with a 7"x11" lyric/explanation sheet.

THE PROJECTIONS "detroit punk rock history repeats itself" (Rave Up) - 5€
The Projections was a punk / powerpop / garage band formed in Detroit in the early 80s.
Mario Micheli (bass, vocals and littering), Tony Samuels (drums) and Johnny Spark (known outside of Detroit music circles as John Micheli, guitars, vocals and attitude). 
In March of 1982, the band recorded their 7" 'Hyperactive/Individual', a solid punk wave two sider now really collectable. This EP contains their original recordings, the re-mastered 2009 versions and one great unreleased original tune!

RAW NERVES "burnt skin" (Inimical) - 4€
Raw Nerves follows up the well recieved LP and 7" from last year with another short burst of politically minded rage. Forever unappologetically out of step with current trends, Raw Nerves cannot fall in line with the current crop of apolitical punk and hardcore. Offering up three songs railing against religion, misogyny and apathetic punk culture. As always, their release coincides with touring that will see them take their message directly to the people whether they want to hear it or not.

REGULATIONS "different needs" (Havoc) - 4€
The 3rd release on Ny Våg by the greatest swedish Hardcore band existing today! This is the third single (1 full length and 1 great 12!" also under their belt) from the REGULATIONS and it gives you more of everything that you love about these guys, 4 songs of angry, undeniable energy in the vein of THE GERMS, ADOLESCENT and CIRCLE JERKS. This is the real deal!

SIGNAL LOST "you'll never get us down again" (Trujaca Fala) - 4€

Austin,Texas's SIGNAL LOST's second record follows their debut LP in an inventive mix of melodic guitars,impassioned female vocals, and mid-tempo Hardcore-edged punk rock with a hint of garage, new wave and '77 punk. These four diverse tracks-From a melodic mid-tempo charger to the bands fastest, most hardcore material are the debut of new drummer Chris, who previously was in SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and is currently also in J-CHURCH. Guitarist Stan, who was previously in BALANCE OF TERROR and DEATHREAT, produced and recorded this stripped down recording which highlights his raw HUSKER DU -ish guitar sound.

SLUGZ "empty space" (Cowabunga) - 4€
Slugz were a band I caught the name of either on fliers for a bit of time online or fliers I'd randomly get from VA friends but never heard em' until I got the 'Suit and Tie' EP last year off Sam and had my mind blown. Pefect blend (to these ears) of late 70's punk, 1980-81 HC, garage punk/rock and rockin' riffs. Plus to make it a bit different from the rest, vocalist Sam (Sam is also the name of their guitarist, who you may know best from Got Myself zine infamy!) is intense as it gets, screaming and howling and its very non traditional for this style of punk but it totally works! I can't try and sell you anymore on this, this is truly solid stuff from a bunch of talented youths.


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL / S.A.T.A.N. - split (Trujaca Fala) - 5€
Two Polish bands entered recording studios for the 2nd time and decided to put the result of those sessions on one split LP. Good idea, as both bands can be placed on similar shelf - angry, fast, full of fury punk mixing fast hardcore with powerviolence and grindcore. You can say they are inspired by Artimus Pyle, Iron Lung, Dystopia, Orchid, Discordance Axis among many others. The Bold and The Beautiful from Lublin (with people from Amen, Antichrist, Knife in the leg, Silence and more) go more into 80's hardcore direction, but with full speed. S.A.T.A.N. (with guys from Romeo Must Die and H-407) go more into grind direction. Brutal record.

THE CARRIER "one year later" (Deathwish) - 12€
Predating their celebrated "No Love Can Save Me" 7" EP, "One Year Later" is the highly sought after debut full-length from The Carrier. Recorded by Jay Maas at The Getaway Group, "One Year Later" bursts at the seams with the youthful passion and discordant melody that has gone on to define The Carrier. With every song on the album they collectively shine, pushing their approach to new heights, and solidifying their standing as one of the best melodic hardcore bands to surface in ages. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. LP includes digital download.

THE DREAM IS DEAD "hail the new pawn" (Escape Artist Records) - 13€
Brutal Hardcore! The Dream is Dead provides no-holds barred hardcore. And i mean vicious - often venturning into grindcore territiory. Fast marches give way to intense grinds, then hard-core breakdowns, or in any possible order, with hardcore shouting all the while. The riffing is a mixture of power chords, muted notes, single note lines , and the very caustic "jazz" chords that sound reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan.
"The Dream is Dead" was produced by Alex Newport, which if memory serves correctly, was the partner in crime of Max Cavalera in Nailbomb. "Hail the New Pawn" is easily one of the most "pissed-off " records I've heard. It is saturated with angst, in the music and lyrical content, like a wake up call to what is going on in the world. This is a must for hardcore fans, or anyone who likes music that is extremely volatile.

THE NOW-DENIAL "mundane lullaby" (Sbotage) - 10€
If you take a look at german hardcore music, you're bound to notice THE NOW-DENIAL. After 7 years of chaos, emotion, blood, sweat and black humuor, THE NOW-DENIAL has put out their 3rd full-length album. 'Mundane lullaby' brings 12 brand new harsh, pissed off hardcore songs. Soundwise the production of this record is much better than on their previous releases. THE NOW-DENIAL's brutality rolls on, crushing all in its path! Brace yourself for heavy doses of hardcore, bitter demented vocals, and over the top guitar leads - combined with a really nice artwork and gatefold-cover, this record is a killer and a must have!

POISON PLANET "boycott everything" (Third Party) - 8
Originally pressed as a 7" on Refuse Records out of Europe for Poison Planet's European tour in June 2011, the US version has been a year long project. The band felt that the 7" format lacked the visual impact that they intended and the lyrics and art had been rushed. The US version is a one sided 12" EP, with a screen printed "B" side. The front and back cover art have been updated and the lyric sheet has expanded from a small jam packed insert that was just columns of white text on a black background to include relevant imagery and additional essays. Lastly, to add to the final package they've included a 24"x36" black and white poster.
Comparisons are consistently made to early 80's Boston hardcore, early Corrosion of Conformity, The Repos, and with this release an emerging element of Dead Kennedys influence.

SURROUNDINGS st (Free Cake) - 12€
Baltimore, MD's Surroundings offer their most crushing material to date with their debut self-titled full-length. After a split 10" with New Jersey's Pellinore and numerous full U.S. tours, Surroundings has quickly made a name for themselves. Surroundings offer 11 drug-induced tracks on this 12" piece of wax, which includes furious speed not unlike Terrorizer or Haymaker, to crushing drone much like Neurosis or His Hero Is Gone. LP includes digital download.

URBAN WASTE s/t (Mad Ath The World) - 15€
A re-issue of the classic 7" by one of the most sought after and enigmatic bands from the earliest days of New York hardcore. Despite the obscurity of the original release, URBAN WASTE was made famous through their signature style of blown-out, over the top hardcore replete with trademark menacing buzzsaw guitars and piercing vocals. This is an official release. Finally re-pressed again. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

VIOLENT ARREST "...distorted view..." (Boss Tuneage) - 12€
This is a politically charged smasher, bringing UK vets from respectable outfits like RIPCORD, HERESY and FOUR LETTER WORD together for a go at fast, no frills punk in 2015. Life Inside The Western Bloc is over before you know it, so best pay attention as these ten tracks lash out at societies tipped scales, war time mentalities, mindless racism and other issues of ignorance and frustration in the Western world. The addition of Welly on vocals seems to put a more anthemic boldness to the music than the searing edge RIPCORD was known for. This record burns fast and bright and luckily on the CD release, the good people at Boss Tuneage threw on the tracks from 2013's Distorted View and the VIOLENT ARREST side of the split with ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS. Filled with just as much piss and vinegar, this earlier incarnation of the band by UKHC pioneer Steve Hazzard and is equally stirring. Fast, furious, pissed and to the point VIOLENT ARREST leaves no doubt about their intention. Good stuff.


RAKTA "tudo que e sólido" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 5€
Brazil's RAKTA unleash two new tracks of eerie and atmospheric post punk. From the moment the songs start you will find yourself trapped in a cave of beautiful, yet haunting tunes, in most cases, people will want to seek a way out, in Rakta's case, you will never want to leave. 'Tudo Que E Solido' is an instant nugget that fits somewhere between BLOOD AND ROSES and THE DOORS. It's driven by the tom tom work and the insistent and drone like keyboard work. The track builds and builds into a dark cresendo. On the flip is 'Serpente' - a 6 minute and 15 seconds dirge that's part SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES' 'Lord's Prayer' and part 'Ballet Bag' demo era RUBELLA BALLET.
The record comes housed in a  beautifully put together booklet sleeve wraparound with printed inner sleeves with art by guitarrist Laura Del Vecchio Lança.

JUNKHEART / ΚΡΟΤΑΛΙΑΣ - split (Self Released) - 12
Δυο μπάντες απο Αθηνα σε ένα σπλιτ. Junkheart παίζουν μελωδικό hardcore/punk, απο την άλλη Κροταλίας είναι μπάντα για όσους γουστάρουν Social Distortion αλλα με Ελληνικό στίχο.

VODKA JUNIORS "club riot" (Lab) ΔΙΠΛΟ LP - 25
Για πρώτη φορά οι Vodka Juniors σε βινυλιο! Ύστερα από λαική απαίτηση η The Lab records παρουσιαζει την πολυαναμενόμενη βινυλιακή έκδοση του "Clubriot", σε διπλο ροζ βινυλιο και gatefold εξώφυλλο. Συνδυάζοντας στοιχεία από τις πανκ ροκ ριζες τους με ηλεκτρονική, ροκ, χιπ χοπ και dub! Αρχικά κυκλοφόρησε σε 3πλο cd το 2015 κ προωθηθηκε με μια τεραστια,τριμην ευρωπαικη περιοδεια,με πανω απο 23000χλμ σε 18 χώρες. 500 κόπιες.

COMEBACK KID "broadcasting..." (Victory) - 15€
Comeback Kid need no introduction as they have established themselves as one of the biggest and most important hardcore bands of their time. Through relentless touring and two critically acclaimed albums, the band built themselves from playing basements in their hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to spanning the globe alongside bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Rise Against, Madball, Sick Of It All, Bane and many more. This third full-length continues where "Wake The Dead" left off, with shouting choruses, melodic guitars and punishing breakdowns. Now available again on vinyl. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.

CONSTANT FEAR "dronekill" (Painkiller/Video Disease) - 14

After an excellent demo tape Constant Fear have taken the time to perfect and craft an absolutely phenomenal debut LP that steam rolls any and all competition. Imagine the furious guitar crunch of Discharge being blasted through a gritty NYHC filter spewing out from a practice space in the bowels of Los Angeles. Compromised of members of Dry-Rot and Knife Fight, the members are well versed in creating memorable, unbridled, and incredibly aggressive HARDCORE. This is a hardcore LP for a generation tired of weak and complacent hardcore punk played by people who don't know what they are doing; this is hardcore for those who do not know the meaning of the word "soft". Limited to 500 copies.

DOWN AND OUTS "lifeline" (All In Vinyl/ Yo-Yo) - 10€
Down and Outs are back with the follow up to "Forgotten Streets" - and they've gone and done it again! Anthemic street punk which hits all the right spots, you need this album! If THe Clash had come from Liverpool and been born 30 years later they would have sounded like the Down and Outs! The band believe "LIFELINE" is the best thing they have ever done, and I'm not arguing with that statement.

EXTREM "jetzt oder nie" (Hohnie) DOUBLE LP - 16€
Legendary HC from Vienna/Austria ! Contains their mega-rare 12" with MICKEYMAN from 1983 and their even greater demo from 1984! One of those tracks has also been featured on Pushead's "Cleanse the bacteria" compilation from 1985! Issued in gatefold cover and with printed innersleeves! Raw, angry and distorted 80s Hardcore/Punk that will please fans of bands like CHAOS UK, WRETCHED, U.B.R., INFERNO and similar. Total cult


CUT OFF st (Scarecrow/7inch) - 6
Το φθινόπωρο του 2015 οι Cut Off μπήκανε στο στούντιο και ηχογράφησαν δέκα κομμάτια με σκοπό να τα κυκλοφορήσουμε σε εφτάρι. Λίγο αργότερα η μπάντα διαλύθηκε και η ηχογράφηση μπήκε για λίγους μήνες στο συρτάρι... όχι για πάντα όμως. Τελικά το φθινόπωρο του 16' μαζί με 7inch και την μπάντα αποφασίσαμε να το κυκλοφορήσουμε το συντομότερο δυνατόν. Το εφτάρι περιλαμβάνει 10 κομμάτια γρήγορου hardcore, αυτή τη φορα ο ήχος είναι λίγο πιο βρόμικος σε σύγκριση με το δίσκο τους. Το εφταράκι κυκλοφορεί σε 250 κόπιες, όλα σε μαύρο βινύλιο.

In the fall of 2015 Cut Off entered the studio and recorded ten tracks in order to release a 7 inch. Shortly afterwards the band dissolved and the release was postponed.... but only for a few months.
In the fall of '16 along 7inch distro and the band we decided to release the record as soon as possible. The 7" includes 10 tracks of fast hardcore, this time the sound is dirtier compared to the bands LP. The 7" is released in 250 black copies.

ANTI STATE CONTROL "glu sniffing blues" (Vomitopunkrock) - 6€
Anti State Control were from Great Dunmow in Essex and had their brief moment in the sun in the early 80's. They recorded a cassette called 'We Are The Leopards' and a practice tape but their only proper single was 1983's 'Sniffing Glue Blues' ep which is now one of the rarest UK punk singles from the 80's. The last copy sold for over 700 pounds on Ebay. 'Sniffing Glue Blues' starts all mellow before bursting into life and rage. It's a thrilling yet amateur punk rock nugget. Limited to 300 copies reissue.

DEAD NATION "painless" (Kangaroo) - 4€
Painless was last record from Dead Nation. WhenEP was relased, Dead Nation were breaking up because Matt Molnar already left the band few months before and since he was one of the main founders of Dead Nation, other members decided to break up the band and start a new band which was TEAR IT UP.  If you haven´t this record for some reason, now this is your chance to finally rectify that mistake.

BITS OF SHIT "cut sleeves" (Homeless) - 14€
And thus, the band is Bits of Shit. These charmers have been around for about 3 and a half years, having morphed from another previous outfit, The Southernhay Orphans. The band consists of Danny on vocals, Andy on guitar, Elias on bass and Pete on drums. They've played over 50 shows in their lifespan, released a 7" on Melbourne's Lexicon Devil label (now sold out), tore up the east coast a couple of times and played at Melbourne's annual Maggotfest at the Tote. They're even set to play Memphis' Holy Grail of rock & roll festivals, Gonerfest, September 2012 (as well as other shows throughout the US). Their ages range from the early 20s to the early 40s. In real life, they are responsible citizens, two of them educators of young children; on stage, they are Bits of Shit. Cut Sleeves is the debut full-lengther from the band and is available only on the 12" long-player format, featuring a download card, lyric sheet and the stunning cover art of local artist, Rona Green. All 13 tracks were recorded by the band and mixed and mastered by man-about-town, Mikey Young. The sound of Bits of Shit is caught within the netherworld of tough-arsed Aussie punk/pub rock a la Powder Monkeys / X / Rose Tattoo, the fuzzed minimalism of Wire and The Wipers and the art brut of Black Flag and their minions. Danny's nasally howl is part John Lydon and part Bon Scott, Andy’s guitar hysterics stem squarely from the Ginn-damaged school of six-string dementia, and that rhythm section... those kids are sphincter-tight. In short: THIS IS THE REAL DEAL

CIRCLE STORM "character assassin" (Ambassador) - 12

Back in stock for a limited time is the 1996 release from Southern California's CIRCLE STORM. Featured by Curt and Ryan from CHAIN OF STRENGTH. This 7 track record is for fans of MOUTHPIECE and CHAIN OF STRENGTH. White colored vinyl!

DEATHRAID "all life ends" (Agipunk) - 12€
This is the 2nd full-length (out for their european tour) from DEATHRAID. They feature ex-DISRUPT/STATE OF FEAR and CONSUME members. This is hammering d-beat and crust-hardcore rather than classic '90s. This is exactly that kind of crust like you expect from the aforementioned band-members/names. LP comes with poster insert.

HARD SKIN "hard nuts and hard cunts" (Maloka) - 12€
Hard Skin's "Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts" is the brilliant and groundbreaking debut album from one of the fiercest oi bands to emerge from the streets of London. Originally released in 1996, it was a delivery of tongue in cheek humor into an all-too-serious scene.

HORRÖR "descontroladas" (Trabuc) - 11€
I love this record! I highly recommend it. Its fucking fast and catchy as hell. the hooks this band have stick in your head for days. Formed in sometime in '03, in Barcelona. They play raw d-beat punk'n'roll. Influenced by some cult bands like; Motörhead, Discharge, Anti-Cimex, etc. A great record!

LEATHERVEIN - st (Hjernespind) - 10€
Tough as nails K-town hardcore punk mixed with the best elements of classic rock & NWOBHM bands, Judas Priest and AC/DC executed tight as fuck and with LOADS of guitarleads and solos that will make your jaws drop. Absolute greatness from these K-town youngsters. Features members of NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, HJERTESTOP and ARRIGT ANTRÆK.

OVERPOWER st (Prugelprinz) - 10€
OVERPOWER from Leipzig, Germany play hardcore with diverse influences - a brutal and straightforward formula of rock-driven, blasting hardcore. This 12 track LP contains a merciless dropping of hardcore bombs. Rocking, raging guitars leads, catchy and brutal basslines, pounding rhythm section, a furious throaty singer and, of course a lot of...power!! This is their demo tape pressed on vinyl (300 copies at all).

ARTCORE #36 w/ UPRIGHT CITIZENS "facts and views" EP - 11€
Upright Citizens 'Facts And Views' 7" EP on red vinyl w/ 12 page 7" booklet featuring UC's 1985 U.S. Tour Report and download code.
Artcore Fanzine Issue #36 / 36 pages featuring: Green Beret / Crown Court / Hot Mass / Jaded Eyes / Shot! / Flicts / Natterers / Vaultage: Upright Citizens / Dag Nasty / Descendents / Vicious Circle / Shattered Faith / Anti-System / The Art of Chris Shary / Over 100 Reviews.


AMBULANCE “dawn of a new beginning” (Wasted Sound) – 5€
Pretty polished Melodic Crust from Sweden's Ambulance. Killer production and very nice packaging.  

HACESJA "ultrafastnoisecore" (Refuse) - 6€
Straight from the depths of the Polish underground in the early 90's, Hacesja from Poznań was a band active between 1990-1992. More of a powerful example of youthful enthusiasm than musical skills, they still prove to this day how young idealist DIY scene members in Poland at that time had a motivation so strong that they inspired people to start making their own noise in basements all over the country. It was a time that was all about connections and networking and the members of Hacesja were heavily involved in tape-trading all over the world. The raw, noisy and downright primitive sound of Hacesja reflects their fascination of more extreme HC sounds and bands like Lärm, Neos, Siege or Infest, or even early grindcore. The lyrics and (anti)music give the impression that these three youngsters were well entertained themselves, likely while making their neighbors go insane. Hacesja was one of the very first bands in Poland to promote straight-edge. Drummer of this band, Adam Szulc started after that the most significant Polish Straight Edge band: Cymeon X. In 1990 Hacesja released a tape on US label Aneurysm Tapes with rehearsal and live recordings. This 7" contains the rehearsal side of the tape. It contains 8 songs including an Infest cover. It's strictly limited to 220 copies. It comes with a 12-page booklet including notes from each member and reprints of old interviews from "Maximum RocknRoll" and "Jersey Beat". 

LIVING UNDER LIES "out of fuel" (Primary Thoughts / Discontent) - 4
Featuring a member of talk is poison, portland’s living under lies pumps out four songs of raging machine gun thrashing hardcore that will definate make fans of the “prank” sound get up and listen.

LOVE POTION "intimacy" (RSR) - 5
Early 90s danish Hardcore in the vein of Death Token style reminding of Gasmask Terror, in that they both play fast and dirty not PC hardcore that just skirts crust territory, but never quite crosses the line, and instead favors tighter playing and more memorable riffs. Great vocals on this one, too. This is a great 3 Tracks record, but not for PC addicted guys. Awesome artwork by Sugi, limited to 500.

STRIP THE THREADS "won't hold back" (Not Just aWords) - 5€
Strip The Threads is comprised of ex members from Reaching Forward, Abusive Action, Product X, Know Your Enemy, etc.. so you know they have the skills! Check it out and support while it last, its only 300 copies pressed on seven inch format. For the likes of Hands Tied, Chain Of Strength and Mouthpiece.

SUFFERING MIND / GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM - split (Halo of Flies Records) - 5€
Polish grind vs Polish post hardcore/doom.  Suffering Mind blast out three tracks in their now classic fashion.   Guantanamo Party Program puts one long track in vein of early Amen Ra, Cult Of Luna. 500 copies.  Heavy foldover covers and insert, plus download code.


ANCHOR "the quiet dance" (Refuse) - 11€
Political Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore from Sweden. It's definitely one of the highlights of the Swedish HC scene in recent years, consist past and current members of such rad bands like DAMAGE CONTROL, SET MY PATH, SMACKDOWN, ANOTHER YEAR or GERILJA. Their sound is influenced by 90's sXe hardcore bands like Trial, Unbroken, Mouthpiece or Refused, but it can also appeal for fans of such current bands like Verse or Haveheart. They're definitely on their own terms with the sound and their message of compassion and awareness. Hard-working band with impressive amount of the shows on their backs. They can ranks high among the best european hardcore acts right now!

BERURIER NOIR "macadam massacre" (Archives de la Zone Mondiale) - 14€
Their second LP finally available on vinyl again and in a beautiful design and package.
Bérurier Noir was a French punk band formed in Paris in 1983 by Laurent "Loran" Katrakazos (guitar), François Guillemot (vocals) and Dédé (drum machine). They called themselves "noir" (black) for the color of mourning (because their first concert was planned to be also their last) and for anarchy and "Bérurier" after the character from the novels of Frédéric Dard. Instead of being an end, the success of their first show inspired them to continue. A cult band, Bérurier Noir were loved by a generation of youth and feared by concert organisers for the riots that followed their shows.
On the one hand, Bérurier Noir's music was clearly derived from British punk rock as far as music and lyrics were concerned. Most of their songs were short, aggressive and usually based on a couple of basic power chords. Their lyrics reflected the typical concerns of punks such as the rejection of consumerism, politics and traditional social order and the anger felt by disaffected youth, tramps and outsiders in general. On the other, they added some interesting innovations. Their rhythm section consisted of a cheap (but still more reliable than a drummer) drum machine, which became an essential and arguably endearing part of their sound. The frequent use of a saxophone as of the mid-1980s also set them apart from most other punk rock bands.
They would regularly appear on record sleeves and on stage wearing clown outfits, mock police uniforms or pig masks. Their shows were a unique and highly festive cross between a punk rock concert, a grotesque circus and an anarchist rally.
The band refused to make a profit and also to work. As a result, they lived precariously. In 1989, after three farewell concerts at the Paris Olympia, they disbanded. François later formed Molodoï and "François Béru et les Anges Déchus", Loran formed Ze6, Tromatism and later A.D. (Division de la horde).

THE FIGHT "maldicion" (Phobiact/In My Heart/Blinded) - 8€
Long-awaited record from one of the most interesting and more active Polish bands of the last few years. Since 2005 THE FIGHT have consistently followed their own path, combining uncompromising socio-political message with raging punk sound, not being afraid of more melodic parts at the same time. After several european tours, numerous shows in Poland, a demo CD and a 7" release, the band presents their first full-length. "MALDICION" includes 12 fast, perfectly sounding songs with passionate female vocals. During the four years of its existence The Fight evolved from melodic hardcore/punk towards fierce harcore, sometimes even crusty, sound. Included is a booklet with lyrics raising important and ucnonventional issues, with polish tranlations and commentaries.

GENERACION SUICIDA "sombras" (Symphony Of Destruction) - 12€
Sombras is the third LP from Los Angeles' Generacion Suicida. Jangly guitars, male/female vocals, the group is obviously influenced by the Vicious and Eskorbuto, but retain the sound they have been playing for years, and once again keep that classic sound fresh, exciting, and most importantly relevant. 10 new tracks recorded in 2016 and finally available on vinyl. Each copy includes a 10 page zine insert.

THE KICK st (Static Age) - 13€
Like The Nasal Boys, Glueams and Bellevue Lp this official reissues adds some fantastique live tracks with their studio classics. The 11 tracks simply ooze of urgency and power. They follow a clear line, are melodious and retain their tenseness from beginning to end. The vocals by Sara Schär are melancholic, constantly demanding and crisp – in expression akin to those of Siouxsie Sioux – the guitar by Daniel Graessle varies between agitation and rhythmical precision, while the bass relentlessly pulsates... simply put, a possessing “wall of sound”.
In addition to the charismatic ex-TNT members, the guitarist Daniel and singer Sara (with The Kick she was also on bass), Jürg Planta (a studio musician and co-owner of Pyramid Studios) played the drums. Voco Fauxpas (Artag Studio) was responsible for the recording of the 12”. The outstanding cover art and band logo were done by Hannes Wettstein, an industrial designer who passed away in 2008 and the photographer Jerome Satinsky, who nowadays lives in Orlando, Florida. In other words, these were all protagonists who already at the beginning of the 1980s excelled through innovation and guaranteed quality within the Swiss underground scene! 

THE MOVEMENT "fools like you" (Tollshock) - 14€
The Movement from Copenhagen is back and ready to move again! With the European welfare systems in decline, and the global economic crisis, it is their job to bring hope, unity and good music back to the people! The Movement is now releasing their third full length album titled “Fools Like You”. 10 new tracks for YOU in classic Movement style, fast and melodic, 5 political songs mixed with 5 love songs!


ARCTIC FLOWERS "reveries" (Trujaca Fala) - 12€
We are so happy to deliver for you together with Sabotage Records Euro press of the debut LP by this amazing Portland band. After great debut EP and split with Spectres comes “Reveries”. Their sound builds on the foundation of UK anarchopunk meeting their previous work with such bands as Signal Lost and The Observers. This 12" has 8 songs leaning more towards the hardcore end of the spectrum while throwing in the occasional Mob influenced bit of melodic punk. 

ACCIDENTE "pulso" (Contraszt) - 13€
The belting new album from Madrid’s ACCIDENTE. They are quickly becoming a house hold name with their blend of melodic pop punk and anarcho politics and constant touring. On their 3rd album ACCIDENTE from Madrid deliver another ten wonderful tracks of incredible pure HC / PUNK - melodic & straightforward! The sweet melodies, guitarriffs and basic drumming fit perfectly to the catchy female vocals. And you can't help, not to sings along to the spanish lyrics (even if you can't speak that language). This is an outstanding record and brings up comparisons to ELEKTRODUENDES, THE ASSASSINATORS and MASSHYSTERI. A powerful new band from Madrid, that you really should check out. If I'd be dancing, I'd dance to this in my room all night long!

BELLICOSE MINDS "the creature" (Sabotage) - 13€
Bellicose Minds are a three piece band from Portland, Oregon who formed in 2009. Bellicose Minds play a dark, moody, tense, and frenetic style of music that incorporates elements of post punk, anarcho punk, and cold wave within their sound.
Musically, The Bellicose can be loosely compared to bands such as The Estranged, Arctic Flowers, The Eisinores, and other like-minded bands.
Since forming in 2009, The Bellicose Minds have released an eleven song LP titled "The Spine" in March of 2013 and a five song 10" titled "The Buzz Or Howl Sessions" on January 1st 2015. "The Creature" is the band's latest eight song LP of moody, tense, and frenetic sounding post punk, punk, and cold wave. Overall, "The Creature" makes for an amazing listen and should not be missed.
Highly recommended! Enjoy!

DANGEROUS RHYTHM st (Beat Generation) - 16€
Dangerous Rhythm formed in Mexico in August 1978 and can claim to be one of the first punk bands in the country. Piro, the band's vocalist, immersed himself in the whole Los Angeles scene, and was in contact with the Chicano side of the city through Tito Larriva from The Plugz and other bands from the area like Circle Jerks, Fear, and Black Flag. The impact of punk classics like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, or the Ramones obviously had an influence on the sound of the group. Dangerous Rhythm never forgot their family tree, absorbing large doses of unconventional rock like the New York Dolls, The Stooges, and Lou Reed. All these elements helped the band forge their own style and sound, starting with songs sung mostly in English and vibrant, direct melodies. After laying the foundations of the non-existent punk scene and recording their debut, Electroshock, they released their first eponymous LP in 1981. It was released by Hip 70, a label run by Armando Blanco, who owned the club of the same name, which was the focal point of the Mexican scene in the '80s. Key figures of '70s counterculture like Ricardo Ochoa (Peace and Love, Nahuatl) and veterans like Max Reese (sound engineer for Tom Petty) collaborated on the recording, which was then mastered by Wally Traugott, who worked on the live album The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl (1977). The end result was mind-blowing and shows a band with nerve that played new wave with a punk rhythm. This first vinyl reissue is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and features replica cover art and insert plus a new article written by Piro. Edition of 500.

RAKTA - s/t (Raccoone /Campary) - 13€
This is what a perfect record sounds like. This music is equal parts post-punk, incantation and psych-hook laden as fuck. The echoing vocals, darkly swirling guitars, and spooky organs used by Brazil�s Rakta pull you into a fuzzed-out soundscape drenched in ghostly reverb, drawing you down a sonic vortex and into a hauntingly psychedelic world that seems one part psych garage, one part deathrock, and one part spaced out dark punk rock. The all female band�s 6-song, self-titled album came out in December 2013 on Nada Nada Discos. Rereleased on Campary Records now! Highest recommendation!

ZERO - s/t LP (Anomie/Desolate) - 13€
This is the best non-Japanese band since Selfish to ever nail this style, making them maybe the second band ever to nail it!
Blazing hardcore punk from this Minneapolis band. Catchy and driving songs with a strong burning spirits influence. If you're still listening to records by Selfish, Death Side, and the like I'd highly encourage you to check this out. Mastered at Enormous Door. Comes in amazing artwork by japanese punk-art legend SUGI!


DESPITE EVERYTHING "trails" (Lockjaw Records & No Reason) - 13€
New mini LP.

RUINED FAMILIES "education" (Adagio 830) - 12€
Formed in 2010, Ruined Families is a hardcore punk band based in Athens, Greece. Following two acclaimed LPs and a 7", their new release is called 'Education' and features 10 songs spanning just over 17 minutes. Drawing elements from their previous work, 'Education' touches on 90s screamo, fast hardcore and post-punk.
Unavoidably marked by the lasting turbulence of the Greek condition, Ruined Families attempt to make the most out of a precarious present by putting frustration into words that speak the mind of contemporary youth.
Likely to appeal to fans of: Union of Uranus, Reversal of Man, Sonic Youth.

BLITZ "time bomb: early singles & demos collection" (Radiation) - 13€
A pure shot of abrasive punk/rock 'n' roll with a hint of working class Oi!, Blitz were among the most influential punk bands ever. It was Gary Bushell (who wrote for "Sounds" and was later dubbed the God Father of Oi!) who brought the band to the attention of his friend Chris Berry, who had just set up No Future records with a bank loan and high hopes. No Future 001 catalog (and Blitz's debut release) was a 4 track EP titled "All Out Attack", a 20,000 copy bestseller that made the label's fortune, later to become the most representative of the whole UK82 movement. Its follow-up, "Never Surrender", reached number 2 in the Indie charts, while their 3rd EP, "Warriors", showed their slight move towards the singalong-style of classic OI!. Before shifting to a more new wave-influenced vein right by the end of 1983, they managed to reach number 2 in the charts with a fourth and last 'punk' single, "New Age". This 1980-1983 complete retrospective features all four aforementioned singles along with their very first recording session from 1980, the legendary 'Timebomb' demos, and 4 cuts from the "Voice Of A Generation" demos!

BUSTED OUTLOOK "not defined by violence" (Refuse) - 12€
Busted Outlook are one of the most interesting and heavy hitting new HC bands out of the west coast of the USA. This Bay Area/California based band was formed out of current and former members of PERMANENT RUIN, IN DISGUST, NO MISTAKE, SECRET PEOPLE, and CONDITION. This list does not do B.O. justice though, because when we talk about high-energy, full on direct Hardcore in which clashing elements of late 80's NYHC, Boston HC, or fast and direct early 80s USHC, they meet all the best parts of each. Members of the band mention bands like Y.O.T, Uniform Choice, Outburst, Absolution, Confront, Altercation and SSD as strong inspirations so you can get a good clue as to what they are serving up. Their well written lyrics neatly combine personal and political, offering their own perspective and experience, are urgent and refreshing. "Not defined by violence" is B.O.'s first 12" release, following two 7"s previously released (on Warthog Speak and Speedowax Records).

DEATHRAID "all life ends (Agipunk) - 12€
Second full-lenght out for their European tour, hailing from Seattle they feature ex-Disrupt, State of Fear and Consume members. This is hammering d-beat rather than classic 90's-like crust like you would expect from the aforementioned names. On stage they kill, and this record rips! Comes with poster insert.

SOCIAL DISTORTION "white light, white heat, white trash" (Fan Club) - 12
In 1996 Social Distortion released their 5th album, White Light, White Heat, White Trash. The line-up featured a new drummer Chuck Biscuits (Black Flag/Danzig and many more). White Light, White Heat, White Trash was the last album with Dennis Danell on guitar (he sadly died in February 2000).
The album received Social Distortion's highest ever chart position, entering the Billboard 200 album chart at #27. It also includes radio favourites "I Was Wrong", "When The Angels Sing" and a superb cover version of the Stones' "Under My Thumb".
Stylistically, the album is harder and considered a return to their hardcore punk roots. Social Distortion is nothing less than a legend in the punk genre and still continues to receive worldwide respect and support.

SOCIAL DISTORTION "sex, love and rock 'n' roll" (Fan Club) - 12€
Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll is the sixth album by American punk rock band Social Distortion. It is their first studio album in eight years, since the release of White Light, White Heat, White Trash in 1996, the longest gap between Social Distortion's studio albums to date. The album was originally scheduled to be released in the fall of 2000, but was not yet completed, and it was officially released on September 28, 2004. A great deal of the album is a musical eulogy to former guitarist Dennis Danell, who died in 2000. The album's opening track, "Reach for the Sky", was released in late 2004 and became one of Social Distortion's biggest hits.

SUBHUMANS (Canada) “st" (Fan Club) - 12€
Without any doubt the THE SUBHUMANS from Vancouver was one of the most important early Canadian punk bands (hardcore was yet to come). This fan club re-release includes the ultra-rare 4 track "s/t" MLP (originaly released on Quintessence in 1979) with 3 upbeat punk tracks with the right blend of rough street feeling and catchy melodies and a rockish and slower number. As a bonus you'll get rare 7" "firing squad/no productivity" (from 1980) and two songs from V/A «Vancouver Independence» (1979) . This one is a classic - don't miss it!


ΠΙΣΣΑ ΚΑΙ ΠΟΥΠΟΥΛΑ - st (Labyrinth Of Thoughts/Wipe Out) - 15€
Eπανέκδοση ενός από τους καλύτερους ελληνόφωνους punk δίσκους της δεκαετίας του ’90. Το μοναδικό album των Πίσσα και πούπουλα (1987 – 1995) από τη Θεσσαλονίκη.  Σε συνεργασία με την Wipe Out records.
Με νέο mastering. Σε 500 κόπιες, όλες σε μαύρο χρώμα.
Ο δίσκος ηχογραφήθηκε το 1993 στο studio “Αγροτικόν” του Νίκου Παπάζογλου, όπως και πολλοί άλλοι δίσκοι της τότε ανεξάρτητης σκηνής. Η σύνθεση της μπάντας ήταν:
Βίκτωρας Μοσχόπουλος – Φωνή / Κώστας Παντέλης – Κιθάρα / Βασίλης Ροτσιόπουλος – Μπάσο / Ήλιος – Τύμπανα.
Μελωδικό κιθαριστικό punk, εξαιρετικοί στίχοι και φοβερά κιθαριστικά σχήματα από τον Κώστα Παντέλη. Αργότερα τον συναντάμε στους Ziggy Was (Unicorn Pan album) και στους επισκέπτες του Αγγελάκα, μεταξύ άλλων. Ο τραγουδιστής Βίκτωρας Μοσχόπουλος (ο οποίος έχει επιμεληθεί και το artwork) παίζει πλέον στους Τούρι Μπέρι.

CHRONOBOROS "dialing up the cutter" (Body Blown) - 10
Ένα τρίο από την Αθήνα έδεσε τις βρώμικες μουσικές του ιδέες και παρουσιάζει το πρώτο μίνι δισκάκι του. Η βάση τους είναι το sludge metal, αλλά οι ρυθμοί και η ένταση κλέβουν από το μοντέρνο hardcore. Προσωπικά μου θύμισαν λίγο από Helmet, με παράνοιες Unsane και κάτι από Kowloon Walled City. Οι εναλλαγές από αργά σάπια περάσματα, σε ανελέητα γρήγορα σφυροκοπήματα, μου ξυπνάνε μνήμες από το παρελθόν του είδους και με ταρακουνούν ευχάριστα. Για τους οπαδους των Melvins, Unsane, Botch. 350 κοπιες.

CAVEMAN JOE "drink, lie & wank" (Body Blown) - 10
Δευτερο μεγαλο αλμπουμ απο τους Caveman Joe. Garage punk απο Ηράκλειο Κρήτης.

MINERVA SUPERDUTY "gorod zero" (Body Blown) - 10
Χαοτικό σκοτεινό hardcore απο Καλαματα.

SAMHAIN "unholy passion" (Fan Club) - 13€
Unholy Passion is the second release by Samhain, Glenn Danzig's band after the disbanding of the Misfits. In 1987 Danzig re-recorded the guitar and some vocal tracks for the songs, removing the original work done by Pete "Damien" Marshall. The recordings were given new mixes and, with the addition of "Misery Tomb", were released as part of Final Descent in 1990. The remixed versions were released as a standalone CD for the first time as part of the Samhain Box Set in 1999 and as an individual CD in 2000.

SILENCE "the deafening sound of absolutely nothing" (Profane Existence) - 14€
Silence are a highly active post-punk/peace-punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. “The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing” strives (and succeeds) to achieve the perfect mix of between peace and post punk. By taking influences from The Mob, Bauhaus, Zounds, Killing Joke, Amebix, Crass, Conflict, Internal Autonomy and Joy Division SILENCE have created what can only be described a brilliant debut LP. At one moment this record is dark, heavy, and atmospheric and then the next moment it makes you want to dance and sing along. Lyrically SILENCE are much closer to the anarcho side of the previously listed influences. Lyrics focus on a variety of topics but often have a strong focus on the way punk and activist communities deal with political struggle in our current political climate.
“The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing” comes with a 16 page magazine size zine containing lyrics, personal writings and song explanations. Designed, printed and assembled by the band themselves in true D.I.Y. fashion.

TROTSKIDS st (Do Or Die) - 15
Trotskids are probably one of the bands that made a lasting impression on the French scene during the 80's. Official repress of their 1st mini LP 6 tracks released in 1984 + 2 tracks from "Chaos" compilation + 2 unreleased tracks (demo '84 & live '85) with insert, 500 copies made, yellow wax.

VARUKERS "how do you sleep ???????" (Matus) - 14€
Official reissue of VARUKERS' "How Do You Sleep?" album from 2000 and another healthy dose of original UK82-sound meets metallic DISCHARGE/BROKEN BONES riffing and a pissed off Rat on vocals. Just great!

ΜΕΤΑΜΑΝ 54 - 5
120 σελίδες του υπερήρωα χωρίς υπερδυνάμεις.

COLD I "κακός ανεμος" (Scarecrow) - 12€
Πρώτος δίκσκος των Cold I από την Αθήνα. Μετά το ψηφιακό σινγκλάκι "Κακός άνεμος" που κυκλοφορήσε στις αρχές του 2016 και είχε πολύ καλή ανταπόκριση, την άνοιξη το συγκρότημα μπήκε στο στούντιο και ηχογράφησε 8 κομμάτια. Μουσικά ο δίσκος φέρνει στο μυαλό συγκροτήματα όπως Joy Division και The Sound, μαζί με πρώιμο Ελληνικό 80's dark wave/post punk. Όλα τα τραγούδια είναι στα Ελληνικά, κάτι που δίνει άλλο "χρώμα" στον ήχο τους. Ο δίσκος κυκλοφορεί σε 300 αντίτυπα.
Debut LP by Cold I from Athens. Following the digital single "Kakos Anemos" which came out in early 2016 and received good feedback, in spring the band recorded 8 songs. In terms of music,
this album brings to mind bands like Joy Division/The Sound mixed with early Greek 80's dark wave/post punk sound. All lyrics are in Greek, which gives a special feeling to the music. 300 copies will
be pressed.

ΧΩΡΙΣ ΟΙΚΤΟ - st (Scarecrow) - 13
Οι Χωρις Οικτο είναι καινούρια μπάντα (σχηματίστηκαν το φθινόπωρο του 2015) στο χάρτη της Αθηναϊκής πανκ σκηνής με μελη "βετεράνους" από συγκροτήματα όπως Antimob, Sarabante, Cut Off και Παροξυσμός. Απο τις πρώτες τους συναυλίες κιόλας τράβηξαν το ενδιαφέρον του κοινού και όχι άδικα αφού εχουν στη σύνθεσή τους τον πιο όμορφο τραγουδιστή ;) της Ελληνικής πανκ σκηνής. Το Μάιο τα παιδιά μπήκαν στο Ignite Studio και ηχογράφησαν εννέα  τραγούδια για τον πρώτο τους μεγαλο δίσκο, όλα με Ελληνικούς στίχους. Συνεχίζουν από εκεί που μας άφησαν στο split με τους Gutter αλλά με πιο ώριμο ήχο. Τα φωνητικά παραμένουν επιθετικά, το παίξιμο στα τύμπανα λυσσασμένο, τα κιθαριστικά riffs θερίζουν καθώς το μπάσο σού σπάει τα μούτρα. Το artwork είναι εξ ολοκλήρου ζωγραφισμένο στο χέρι απο τον Drop Virus. Το εξώφυλλο είναι έγχρωμη εκτύπωση υψηλής ποιότητας σε αναδιπλούμενο πολυτελές χαρτί και η συσευασία περιέχει τεράστια αφίσα 60 Χ 90 εκατοστών.
Περιορισμένη κοπή 300 αντιτύπων. 
ΧΩΡΙΣ ΟΙΚΤΟ (Horis Ikto) formed in autumn 2015 and are technically a new band in the punk scene of Athens, although their members are "veterans" from groups such as  Antimob, Sarabante, Cut Off and Paroxysmos. Since their very first gigs they managed to capture the fans' attention and this is only fair given that their singer is the most handsome lad ;) in the Greek punk scene. In May, the group entered Ignite Studio and recorded nine mid to fast tempo songs for their first album, entirely sung in Greek, picking up right where split ep with Gutter left off but with a more mature sound. The vocals are aggressive, raging drums are beating frantic, twangy and thrash-drenched riffs - with some tasty solos - tear right through you as the bass hits you in the face.  The artwork is all hand-made and bears the signature of Drop Virus. The LP is housed in a high quality colored fold out and comes with a huge 60 Χ 90 cm poster. Limited edition of 300 copies.

GOD'S AMERICA "merge with the infinite - worthless in death" (RSR/Deep Six) - 13€
GOD'S AMERICA from Las Vegas, NV bursts out brutal power-violence/grindcore mix with slow parts. they have obviously been influenced by the best bands of the genre Crossed Out, Infest, and Spazz. This is the first full length as follow up on the raging 10 song 7" on Baltimore’s awesome A389 Records and split 7" with SETE STAR SEPT on SPHC.

HALSHUG "sort sind" (Southern Lord) - 15€
2nd album from raw d-beat punk destroyers. “Sort Sind" (Black Mind) is for fiends of: Discharge, Skitsystem. Pure Mayhem!
"Sort Sind” and the songs are reflections on fragments of the human experience expressed in the form of hardcore punk. The music is pure hardcore punk, no intended cross-overs or fusions. In the style of the bands EP and first LP, the style is scandinavian d-beat punk with many mid-tempo breakdowns and a few stomp-punk passages along the way. Differently from the last two releases (the LP Blodets Bånd on Southern Lord recs. and Dödkontrol on D-beat & Raw Punk recs.) the fast parts on this album aren’t as fast or as blasting, but turned slightly down to a more groovy d-beat. Some crusty references still occur, but riffs and leads on this album aren’t as orthodox to the scandinavian style as an the former releases.

LIES "plague" (Southern Lord) - 15€
Members of Skin Like Iron and The Hope Conspiracy proudly stand by their long time hardcore influences, with a nod to Swedish punk ala Anti-Cimex & Skitsystem. A sick  delivery of  infectious, raging, brutal Hardcore/Punk. For fiends of Nails, Totalitär, Green Beret. LP is one-sided 12" with killer B side etching + stoughton tip-on jacket.

PERSPEX FLESH 'ordered image" (Static Shock) - 13€
Just under a year from the release of their debut LP, PERSPEX FLESH return with a brand new 6 track 12" EP. Undoubtedly their strongest work yet, this takes all of the influences of the previous records, the feeling of claustrophobia, the tasteful nods to bands such as RUDIMENTARY PENI, SPIKE IN VAIN and COLD SWEAT, as well as an occasional post punk feel, and merges it into something ugly and unique. UK Hardcore has been possibly in it's best state for the best part of two decades in recent memory, and this is another record to help enforce that claim. Featuring members of THE FLEX, DiE and BROKEN ARM.

SEX PRISONERS "tannhäuser gate" (RSR) - 13€
The power violence revival continues. Sex Prisoner Tucson, Arizona - Powerviolence/Hardcore unit, sound a lot like Crossed Out mixed with some Infest. The sound is heavy, abrasive, and definitely rife with anger blending powerviolence with a beatdown jock and metalcore approach. They rarely venture into full-on thrash, which is a plus and offering sixteen furious bursts of burly powerviolence/hardcore. Corelease with Deep Six Records.

PANX ROMANA "pax americana" (Panx Records) - Μαύρο Βινύλιο + CD 18€  /// Κίτρινο Βινύλιο + CD 20€
Καινούργιος δίσκος μετα απο 17 χρονια!
Στην έκδοση του βινυλίου περιέχονται:
- Βινύλιο κίτρινο ή μαύρο με διάρκεια 60 λεπτά σαν 2πλός δίσκος άλλης εποχής
- 2πλό έγχρωμο εξώφυλλο
- CD Pax Americana με μονό εξώφυλλο
- Κίτρινος Τύπος 32 σελίδες
- Αυτοκόλλητο
- Αφίσα 35×50

JACKALS "no solution" (Hardware) - 12€
Jackals is a HC/punk band from Norwich/UK. Damn good ripping old schoolish HC/punk with serious political lyrics. The music reminds me of everything, that is good about (very) brutal punk. If you need some namedropping references - when listening to them, I had bands in mind like NEGATIVE APPROACH, later WEEKEND NACHOS and little bit of VOORHEES. Put your ears to the speaker and listen to the enormous noise of the bass they have on "Survival Instincts" and "Everyday Fabric" sounds totally in the vein of the first records from DOOM.

TZN XENNA ‎"czart prlu" (Refuse/TZN Annex) - 12€
"Czart PRL-u" is the first full length released in the history of TZN XENNA! The album includes seven new songs, whose lyrics refer to the current political and social situation in Poland. The eponymous "Daemon of the PRL" (PRL or People’s Republic of Poland being the official name of the country in times of the communist regime) aims to refute the illusions which the past regime planted in the society once and for all. Although the system has changed, mechanisms remain the same. Apart from the brand new songs, this release also contains songs from the years 1981 to 1983 that was never been recorded in a proper studio before. Known only from their live or semi-studio versions. All the songs were recorded in Mamoot Studio by Michał “Pcheła” Piastowicz. Smok and Mario from the Studio As One were responsible for the mix and mastering.

WUNDERBACH "wunderbach" (Euthanasie) – 12€
The legendary debut 12“ by the Paris Combo, melodic 77/82 Street punk with Bite’n’Drive, sung in their native tongue. Anthemic and catchy! The regular 6 tracks plus 2 unreleased bonus tracks, recorded in the same session.

SOULCRAFT #1- 3.50€
* 84 A5 pages, pro-printed.
* Cardboard cover.
* Black & white w/ a full colour 4-page insert.
* 500 copies run.

*previously unreleased interviews
*new album / track by track
*tattoo artists & hardcore

BLITZ "voice of generation" (Radiation) – 13€
Raw, violent and catchy, Blitz's 1982 debut album sounded like a shot of pure rock and roll through the violence of the English working class. Made up by two punks and two skinheads, with a lot to say about violence and football, Blitz appealed to all kinds of lowlifes, who finally had a voice for their generation. 140 gram vinyl reissue with printed inner sleeve, contains 3 bonus tracks: Voice of Generation from V/A Total Noise, Nation on Fire and Youth from V/A "Carry on Oi". Total classic.

POISON IDEA "war all the time" (Fan Club) - 12€
"War All the Time" is the title of the fourth release and second full-length by Poison Idea, released in 1987 by Alchemy Records. It is named after a book by Charles Bukowski. This album is right up there with any classic hardcore album. Jerry A is very angry on this one. The line-up on this album is Poison Idea's best. You got Jerry A (singer) mad as ever. You got Pig Champion (guitar) fat as ever, you got the Veg (guitar), Mondo (bass) & Slayer Hippie fully jammin!

POISON IDEA "kings of punk" (Fan Club) - 12€
With the release of 1986's 'Kings Of Punk' LP, Poison Idea had fully moved beyond the breakneck hardcore of their early records to a potent, driving and ultimately more intricate and sophisticated hardcore/hard rock fusion that incorporated the accessibility of hard rock without sacrificing the power of hardcore. This classic Poison Idea record is a fuckin' necessity.

SLAPSHOT "back on the map" (Fanclub) - 12€
Debut record from 1985. Does this band really need any introduction? Slapshot put Boston Hardcore back on the map in 1985, and are continuing to do so today. Take-no-shit Boston straightedge.

VIBRATORS "guilty" (Radiation Reissues) - 13€
The Vibrators, much like The Stranglers, were significantly older than the other bands comprising the London punk scene in 1977. What they lacked in refined skill, they made up for with insidiously catchy songwriting that captured the minimalist energy of their younger punk rock peers. After releasing two of the essential documents of the punk-era ('Pure Mania' and 'V2'), the original Vibrators broke up, only to reform two years later and issue 'Guilty', a first class piece of power-pop/punk mastery, bolstered by the melodic songwriting. Ripe for a reissue, 'Guilty' is finally back in print on vinyl.

CRIMINAL CLASS "a touch of class - the Oi! collection" (Evil) - 17€
16 track compilation with some early recordings from Coventry's top Skinhead Oi! band, Criminal Class. Some of the songs have never been released on vinyl before. Recordings featured in the Strength Thru Oi! compilation, their single "Fighting the system", their demos at Woodbine Studios from 1980 and 1981, plus a great artwork on a 350 gr 3mm spine cover and a 16 page A4 size full colour fanzine.

CULT VALUES st (Sabotage) - 13€
Cult Values was formed in October 2014 in Berlin as an international collaboration between people from the USA, New Zealand, Austria and Germany. After recording a much acclaimed demo in 2015 (out on Berlin’s own Static Age Rec.) and a line up change on drums right after, CV started playing tons of shows in Germany and the periphery as well as writing songs for an LP. Said record was finally recorded in December 2015 by Tobias Lill and is going to be released in July 2016 by Sabotage Records and Static Age Records in Europe, and Deranged Records in North America.

GENERATION X "sweet revenge" (Munster) - 17€
In early 1979 Generation X went to the English countryside to write and 'routine' the band's third album. We felt we had a new sound, simple songs delivered with more space than most rock'n'roll, so we went into Olympic Studios in Barnes, London and began recording with the house engineer, Doug Bennett, as co-producer.
Most of the songs were recorded before our tour of Japan in June '79. On our return Billy came into the studio with an outline of a song called 'Dancing With Myself'. We went to work on it and pretty much finished it quickly and we felt it was the song to lead the album, a single I guess…
Then I left the band at the end of the year and carried the fuckin' stack of 1/4'' master tapes around the world for many years. A year or so later they changed the band name to Gen X and re-recorded four or five songs for the album "Kiss Me Deadly". Billy later released the re-recorded version of 'Dancing With Myself' for his solo career in America and the rest is history…
After years in storage my tapes were nearing the end of their life, so I digitized them in order to save this lost treasure. I named the album "KMD Sweet Revenge". Some time later the album was released in Germany, Japan, Spain and supposedly the USA, however the release in America was quashed until Capitol Records put out their own version within a 3-CD anthology of the band, using some different mixes of the songs from cassette tapes.
The recordings are almost complete minus a few guitar solos and final mixes. Time on Generation X had run out, but this album clearly shows the direction the band were heading and is worth documenting and certainly worth playing. For your pleasure… Sweet Revenge.  Bob "Derwood" Andrews

WASTED "the truth will not be televised" (Trujaca Fala) - 12€
5-song 12" released to coincide with their 20th anniversary tour! Limited edition of 600 copies.
The previous album "Here Comes The Darkness" (2013) was really well received and the band continued to pull crowds and had people wanting to hear more new songs rather than old ones - the best feedback a 20 year old band can wish for. These new songs continue on the same path than its predecessor, although a bit more melancholic and melodic, some songs faster and dirtier. These catchy and energetic songs meet with thought-provoking lyrics about media deception and misinformation, racism, mental problems, depression…  

DUENDE FANZINE #02 (June, 2016) - Ελεύθερη συνεισφορά
Καινούργιο τεύχος, περισσότερα διαβάστε στο παρακάτω link.

ΤΑ ΡΟΚ ΗΜΕΡΟΛΟΓΙΑ - Γιώργος Τουρκοβασίλης (Εκδόσεις Στο Περιθώριο) - 8€
"Επανακυκλοφόρησαν μετά από 32 ολόκληρα χρόνια τα θρυλικά Ροκ Ημερολόγια του καταπληκτικού -και αξιαγάπητου- φωτογράφου Γιώργου Τουρκοβασίλη, από τις Εκδόσεις Στο Περιθώριο. Σπάνιες φωτογραφίες πανκιών, φρικιών, μεταλάδων και άλλων ευυπόληπτων πολιτών των αρχών της δεκαετίας του '80, συνοδευόμενες από κείμενα γύρω από φλέγοντα γεγονότα: Συναυλίες Maiden και Bauhaus, πάρτυ του Τζώνυ Βαβούρα και μαθητικό ροκ, ντου και χουλιγκανιλίκια... Και όλα αυτά μαζί με νέες, αδημοσίευτες φωτογραφίες και πρόλογο του φίλτατου Γιάννη Κολοβού. Δηλαδή και νοσταλγία και αναστοχασμός... Δηλαδή ό,τι πρέπει."


SARABANTE "poisonous legacy" (Southern Lord) - 13€
Οι Sarabante είναι μια crust / hardcore punk μπάντα από την Αθήνα,  που σχηματίστηκε στα τέλη του 2006. Κατά τη διάρκεια του καλοκαιριού του 2011, κυκλοφόρησαν το πρώτο τους άλμπουμ "Remnants".
Το LP κυκλοφόρησε από τη Sara Records, τη δισκογραφική της μπάντας, και στη συνέχεια κυκλοφόρησε η CD έκδοση, σε περιορισμένα αντίτυπα, από τη Southern Lord Records. Ακολούθησε μια περιοδεία στην Ανατολική Ευρώπη και πολλές τοπικές ζωντανές εμφανίσεις, ενώ την άνοιξη του 2013 κυκλοφόρησαν το "Έρμαια Των Καιρών / Under The Shadows", ένα 7" EP από τη Man in Decline Records. Έχοντας επηρεαστεί σε μεγάλο βαθμό από την καταπίεση και προσπαθώντας να αντέξουν τη συνεχιζόμενη κρίση στη χώρα τους, σφυρηλατημένοι σε περιόδους ακραίας λιτότητας, 'μαύρισαν' ακόμα περισσότερο τις συνθέσεις τους, τις οποίες ηχογράφησαν το 2014. Το νέο τους υλικό είναι πιο σκοτεινό, πιο βρώμικο και πιο ειλικρινές και καταστροφικό από την πρώτη τους κυκλοφορία. Το «Poisonous Legacy" θα είναι διαθέσιμο από τη Southern Lord μόνο σε βινύλιο και ψηφιακό κατέβασμα.

Sarabante is a crust/ hardcore punk band from Athens, Greece formed in late 2006.. During the summer of 2011, they released their first album “Remnants”.
The LP was released by Sara Records, the band’s own label, followed by a limited edition CD by Southern Lord Records. Ensuing was an Eastern European tour and numerous local live shows, while releasing in spring of 2013 “Έρμαια Των Καιρών / Under The Shadows”, a 7” EP via Man in Decline Records. Heavily influenced by the oppression and trying to withstand the ongoing crisis in their home country Greece, forged in times of extreme austerity, blackened even more their focus in composing the new material, which they recorded in 2014. Their new stuff is darker, filthier and more sincere and destructive than the first. “Poisonous Legacy” will be available from Southern Lord on vinyl + digital downloads only.

ATROCITY "mangled" (FOAD) - 16€
Another cult Demo finally back to light on vinyl with a deserved "FOAD treatment" of dedication and quality... US Atrocity's "Mangled" demotape (1988) is hands down one of the best recordings in the band's entire discography. High speed, rotten-to-the-core grinding Death Metal delivered with inhuman fury and brutality! The 7 tracks forming this ominous session were a solid foretaste of what they later delivered with their "Hatred birth" EP and the bulldozing debut full length "Infected". Non-stop fast, angry Death Metal with a somehow Grindcore oriented feeling, REPULSION, IMPETIGO and early Wild Rags audio terrorists being the first comparisons that come to mind listening to this. The sound quality is outstanding as it has been mastered directly from the original 1/4" reels. It comes with exclusive liner notes, flyers and rare archive photos.

V/A "35" (DIY) - 7€
Συλλογη για την στηριξη του ταμείου οικονομικής υποστήρηξης διωκώμενων αγωνιστών / αγωνιστριών Πάτρας, από την κατάληψη Προκατ35. Συμμετέχουν με ακυκλοφόρητα τραγούδια Dirty Wombs, CFS, Terror Detonator, Sardanapalmdeath, Fields of Locust, Dala Sun,Σάρκα στο Ζώο, Λήθη, Mass Culture και Zvarna.

ANASAZI "nasty witch rock" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 15€
After two 7" singles (on Sacred Bones and Toxic State), a flexi and demos galore, Nuke York's ANASAZI finally unleash their debut album on La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe and Toxic State in America. 'Nasty Witch Rock' comes from the dirty, rotten and seedier side of New York. The album is built on raw energy, passion and intensity. The sound is blown out with distorted and echoey guitar work akin to Fire Of Love era  GUN CLUB , pounding tribal drum patterns and a vocalist who oozes violence and desperation. If you have 'In The Flat Field' era BAUHAUS, TSOL or CHRISTIAN DEATH in your collection or loved it when the early 80's UK anarcho bands added a bit of goth edge to their sound then ANASAZI is a must hear. The 180 gsm vinyl comes housed in a heavy weight sleeve including a 16 page small booklet and an A1 poster.

CLOCKWORK CRIMINALS "clockwork orange 1980/82" (Vomitopunkrock) - 16€
Hailing from the South Coast of England from a fairly large town called Hastings, the band started off life called 'Charlie and the Criminals'. They notched up a few gigs under this name before opting for the 'Clockwork Criminals'. Despite the 'Young and Bold' EP coming out in 82 it was recorded in 1980. They played along side most of the other local bands that were around on the same gig circuit like 'Smeggy and the Cheesybits', 'The Teenbeats', 'The Pirahnas' and just about all the other top South Coast bands. Sadly the band only released one single but also had another track featured on a compilation album called 'Bullshit Detector' that was released on the 'Crass' label.
This LP includes their ultra rare demo on side A, 'Young and Bold' EP  with tracks from V/A "Bullshit Detector" on side B. 300 copies only.

NEW YORK WANNABES st (P.Trash) - 11€
2 piece Garage band from Germany that brings to mind THE CRAMPS, 68 COMEBACK, OBLIVIANS and THE GORIES. This is just good old 60’s blues Garage Punk trash with songs about good and evil and played with blood, sweat and tears! There’s a very genuiness to their song writing and it comes off very natural and pure.

RATOS DE PORAO "crucificados pelo sistema" (Beat Generation) - 16€
Ratos De Porão's Crucificados Pelo Sistema (1984) contains all the fury, the frustration, the rage and the pain of four young ones against the system in a country that was in the midst of a change from Third World to trying to fitting into a new social order. The projected image of Brazil with its beautiful mulatas, exotic beaches and tropical fruit drinks filled them with disgust, living there in one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America. Their reality was brutal and they wanted to scream it at the entire world. Sixteen songs were formed on the same base as what would later be called "D-beat." The Finnish bands from the '80s were really important in the Brazilian punk scene, just as Discharge was. Simple, fast and straight to the point. Two classic songs have been added for this special occasion, recorded for the classic Ataque Sonoro compilation (which also contains Brazilian pioneers such as Virus 27, Colera, Armagedom or Lobotomia, amongst others). 180 gram vinyl. Housed in a gatefold with pics and musings by Gordo. Reissued by Beat Generation.

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE "10-11-12 demo" (La Vida En Us Mus) - 14€
UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE was born in 2012 as a side project with members of GLAM, DESTINO FINAL and CROSTA. They got wind of GLAM playing a show in London and decided to jump on the bill. They got a set together and recorded it in a rush to have some tapes to sell as said show. The tape recorded mere weeks after the band's inception remains an extremely powerful recording that only 100 lucky people managed to get on its original format. It shows the band as its rawest, pushing the limits of their previous bands as far as possible and setting the mood for what "Observant Com El Mon Es Destrueix " LP would be.
10-11-12 comes housed in a 12 panel poster similar to the ones CRASS records made popular in the 80s with artwork by Guillem El Muro and Oriol Roca.


SEX PRISONER "demo 2009" (To Live A Lie) - 5€
You have probably heard their self titled EP, the State Property EP, and most likely you've heard tracks from their three way split with ACXDC and MAGNUM FORCE but before any of that the band recorded a vicious and raw demo that was put out on a limited tape. If you haven't heard any SEX PRISONER then you're in for a treat. They hail from Tuscon, Arizona and from their music it must be an awful place because their music is beyond pissed. They fold in equal amounts of angry modern hardcore and blasting powerviolence to make a cacophony of scathing noise. The original 2009 demo material was expertly cleaned up by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound and pressed as a limited release on vinyl for your listening pleasure.


LIBERUM VETO "nacpany nuda" (No Passaran) - 10€
The second LP by the Polish punx, originally released on cassette only almost 20 years ago. Fast, aggressive punk, yet, not devoid of melody.

NATIONS ON FIRE "burn again..." (Refuse) - 12€
We're very excited to announce the reissue of material originally released as a double 7" by this legendary band from Belgium - this time on a 12"! Nations On Fire is one of the most important bands in the history of the European straight edge / hardcore scene. Their releases have been hard to find for years and this 12" reissue is the first of several releases we have a planned for Refuse Records. N.O.F. started in the early 90's in Kortrijk by some members of RISE ABOVE and the singer of SCRAPS from France. Their fast and aggressive hardcore mixed with a good dose of catchiness and a direct, political message had so much power that it still impresses today. Their lyrics about topics, such as racism, environmental damage, vegetarianism/veganism or politics are as relevant today as it was almost 25 years ago - if not more. Their slogan POSITIVE, POLITICAL and POWERFUL perfectly describes their music and their message. If you're interested in European HC history, this release is a must.

REBARKER st (Per Koro) - 11€
This is their great follow up to their split 7" with Unrestrained from 2010. Rebarker continue to delve into the chaotic void of emotive hardcore to pull forth 10 frantic and jilted tracks. Slightly depressing, very emotive, solidly honest, and intense sounding hardcore.They create a dramatic and moody hardcore assault that is over flowing with passionate. The sound is extremely intense and gripping. Rebarker draw influences from mid/end '90s screamo bands like Chokehold, The Swarm, Ordination Of Aaron or Reversal Of Man and update it with a modern powerful driving force and plenty of creativity. Perfectly written tracks (includes 2 interludes and a nice '80s pop-cover) that flows effortlessly from one song to another - creating an ethereal mood spanning the entire emotional spectrum. Intricately interwoven chaos and melody, screams and whispers and power. Honestly, this is emotionally charged from start to finish.

V/A "KAJ JE ALTERNATIVA" (Rest in Punk) - 14€
Originally released on tape in 1983 in quantity of 200 copies.All songs remastered from original master tapes.All bands biography written by original band members (Gigi for U.B.R),Kuri for Stres D.A. and Samo for Odpadki Civilizacije. The LP including lyric sheets + many photos of all the bands. Bonus songs:
U.B.R: one song that was missed from 'kaj je alternativa' recordings, previously unreleased.
Stres D.A.: 2 live songs recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983, previously unreleased.
Odpadki Civilizacije: one live song recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983, previously unreleased.

INFINITE VOID / MOTH split (Contraszt) – 5€
New stuff from Melbourne’s favourite post-punkers; INFINITE VOID who  have teamed up with friends from Copenhagen MOTH (Denmark) to unleash  this killer record. INFINITE VOID's track “Even Ground” is gorgeous.  Jacquie Hynes’ (also of THE DIAMOND SEA and DEEP HEAT) vocals glimmer  over guitars drenched with syrupy chorus and delay and a rhythm section  that keeps the whole song moving and adds a significant amount of heft.  MOTH deliver the  catchy hit "I dream in black and white"...synthie  driven Post Punk & Wave, that i never thought CONTRASZT! REC. would  release, but i totally love it!!! This is a combined effort by three  labels Contraszt! Records ( Germany) // Mass Media Records (US) //  Unwound Records (AUS). Vinyl comes in three colours: Purple (EU), Orange  (US), Green (Aus).


CHERNOBYL ATTACK s/t (Self Released) - 11
Ακατέργαστο πολιτικοποιημένο πανκ για όσους γουστάρουν Αδιεξοδο, Kuro και Varaus. Kυκλοφορεί σε 498 κοπιες, περιλαμβάνει ένθετο και αφίσα. Εξώφυλλο σχεδιασμένο από Drop Virus.
Raw political punk from the streets of Athens in the vein of Adiexodo, Kuro and Varaus! Includes a double-sided insert and poster. Recorded and mixed at Ignite studio (Athens). Mastered by Dan Randall (Mammoth Sound Mastering). Artwork by Drop Virus.

FALL OF EFRAFA / DOWN TO AGONY - split (Contraszt) – 12€
This split 12“ originally came out in 2007 - right after FALL OF EFRAFA first LP ‚Owsla’.  Both bands should be known: FALL OF EFRAFA from Brighton UK existed between 2005 and 2009 played an outstanding mix of Post Hardcore and Crust/D-Beat, that indluenced countless of bands afterwards. DOWN TO AGONY from Zaragoza / Spain existed since 2004 and delivered some fast Ekkaia-style Hardcore/Crust.

NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS "recovery" (Taken By Surprise) - 12€
Here’s the first proper full length album by this California powerhouse. After a slew of singles and EPs, this Long Beach, CA based quartet develop their style of aggressive
Dangerhouse Records meets early 80s SoCal Hardcore even further. Yes, the L.A. Times called them a “female fronted BLACK FLAG” – it’s that band. 12 new cuts, might be your feel bad record of the year, including hits like ONE WASTED YEAR (it’s about a year that was wasted), SUBURBIA (pretty self explanatory) or THE PHARMACY IS CLOSER THAN THE LIQUOR STORE (this one’s about geography and drugs). You’re not a dummy, right, so you will buy it.

STALE PHISH "rock n roll revert" (Not Like You) - 13

Debut album chock full of 14 skate punk classics. Full color layout with lyrics. Recorded by Detroits own Bill Kozy, mastered by Andy Patalan. Born and bred Detroit Skate Rock. Skate, Destroy, Rock N Roll. Stalephish started in September of 2012. The band consists of four skaters who have spent most of their lives riding skateboards, playing music and listening to punk rock. The band approach is the same as they approach skating: there are no rules, do it with style and have fun.

BAD BRAINS “rock for light” (Caroline) – 11€
This is the classic album from 1982. Virtually everyone agrees that this group made up of 4 DC African American. They radically quickened punk's tempos, added virtuoso instrumentation, and topped it all off with the mystic squeals of frontman Paul "H.R." Hudson. This release gives voice to the band's scathing sociopolitical judgment as well as its ability to simply put the hammer down and rock. It also allows the rhythm section of Darryl Jenifer and Earl Hudson to flex their muscle on a smattering of dub-reggae interludes that help lull the unsuspecting into the right frame of mind for the next hardcore punch.

BLOODY PHOENIX "ode to death" (Alerta Antifascista / Criminal Attack Records / Obscene Productions / 625 Thrashcore) - 7€
Los Angeles, CA grind blasters Bloody Phoenix unleash their third LP on the world with a brutal dose of dynamic grind akin to Phobia, Excruciating Terror and Brutal Truth. LP includes digital download.

DIRTY WOMBS “wrecked youth” (Imminent Destruction/Desolate) - 5

Dirty Wombs γιορτάσουν τα  πέντε χρόνια ύπαρξης με καινουργιο εφταρι.

ΜΕΘΥΣΜΕΝΑ ΞΩΤΙΚΑ "γίνε μπάτσος" (Self Released) - 7

Δυο καινούργια τραγούδια απο τους Αθηναίους.

PEGGIO PUNX "ci stanno uccidendo..." (Vomitopunkrock) - LP + 7" - 16€
Peggio Punx were one of those bands who like few others define the sound of Italy. Mosquito guitars, shrieking vocals and hectic drumming combined with a very unique overall layer of urgency and immediacy.
This is the third release by Peggio Punx, originally released in 1985, here coming together with the first 7". So, here we have a 12" LP, a 7" EP and a nice insert. Furious HC from Italy.


ANTI PASTI "the last call" (Radiation) – 13€
Formed in Derbyshire, in early 1978 by vocalist Martin Roper and guitarist Dugi Bell, Anti-Pasti were one of the big names of the 1980-1982 wave of UK punk, lagging only slightly behind The Exploited, GBH, and Discharge in terms of sales and leather-jacketed endorsements. Their debut album, which reached #31 on the UK charts, was originally released on the Rondelet label in 1981. That classic LP is faithfully reproduced here on vinyl with the addition of four bonus tracks from their first single, 1980s 'Four Sore Points'. A milestone in UK political punk!

HARD SKIN "hard nuts and hard cunts" (Maloka) - 12€
Hard Skin's "Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts" is the brilliant and groundbreaking debut album from one of the fiercest oi bands to emerge from the streets of London. Originally released in 1996, it was a delivery of tongue in cheek humor into an all-too-serious scene.

INFINITE VOID st (Contraszt!) - 12€
Infinite Void is a four piece band from Melbourne, Australia who formed in 2010. Infinite Void is comprised of current and former members of The Diamond Sea, Deep Heat, and Circuits. Infinite play a great style of dark, moody, tense, and angular style of female fronted post punk and 90's indie rock. Musically, Infinite play music in a similar fashion as bands such as Terrible Feelings, White Lung, and Static Me. This is the band's debut eleven song LP. Overall, these eleven songs make for a dark, moody, and at times melodic listen. Infinite Void is an absolute must listen for fans of the current new wave of extremely talented female fronted post punk bands who have surfaced over the past several years.

THE LEWD "american wino" (Puke n Vomit) - 15

Lewd's 1982 album, 'American Wino', is violent, ugly, perverse, and frightening. The songs betray a bleak and ominous vision of American life seen through the eyes of youth without hope of a future. Long languishing in obscurity due to its rarity, the reissue of this seminal LP makes it a compulsory component of any punk rock record collection. Bonus goodies include a collage poster, 5 postcards, the original insert plus redone insert, mailorder only song book repro, and a reproduction promo ad poster.


ANTI YOU "nightmare unfolds"  (Agipunk) - 5
Italian no-frills hardcore punks ANTI YOU are back! “Nightmare Unfolds” is a 6-track attack inspired by the early Dischord/Touch and Go greats, with an obvious nod to the glory days of Italian HC, underpinned by lyrics focusing on the bleak times we live in and wrapped in the usual breath-taking artwork we have come to expect of them.

RED LONDON "pride and passion" (Mad Butcher) - 6

Reissue of Red London's 1987 5-song EP originally released on 12" back in the days. Rare and great stuff of these Sunderland legends.


ANTI CIMEX "live 85/86" (Godzilla) - 14€
Both the recorded live sets have been remastered and authorized by Charlie. Included there's an insert with comments on both the shows and previously unseen pictures of the band. Unmissable for any Scandinavian Hardcore fan!
Side A recorded live at Birkagården, Stockholm 24/05/1985
Track list: Prelude E-Minor, Depressed Brain, Game Of The Arsehole, Desperate Hours, When The Innocent Die, In The Shadow Of A War, Silence Is The Only Thing Left, Alarm.
Side B recorded live at Adam And Eve, Leeds 02/07/1986
Track list: Intro, Prelude E-Minor, Criminal Trap, Game Of The Arsehole, Smell Of Silence, Victims Of A Bombraid, Time To, Make my Day, Desperate Hours, Set Me Free, Painkiller.

DOOM "corrupt fucking system" (Agipunk) - 12€
Doom are back with a new record that has nothing to envy to their previous releases in terms of energy, power, rage and brutality. This is the second press (the first one has been released under their own label Black Cloud Records) for Europe only. 14 tracks of pure, uncompromised, political, pissed off C-R-U-S-T !!!

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - st (Agipunk) - 13€
Among the kings of the late '80s UK hardcore scene, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, indisputably deserve their name to be written in big black capitol letters. After speeding up, together with Napalm Death, Doom, Hellbastard and the likes, what Discharge created back in the early Eighties and inspiring a whole generation of crust bands, EXTREME NOISE TERROR are back in 2015 with a new full length recorded last year. It's hard to believe this new masterpiece doesn't come from the same 1991 sessions as this is totally Phonophobia-core. This new self titled record sounds exactly as the old E.N.T. tunes we all fell in love with, so what you have to expect is the usual overdose of throat-cutting double vocals, thrashy heavy rotten sounding guitar riffs, helicopter-ish bass and turbo aggressive fast beats. For those who still don't believe it, I'm reporting what Dean Jones wrote us introducing the record: "The new album is back to total old school ENT (Earslaughter, Holocaust, Phonophobia) No Metal, No Blasts. Total pure ripping, ultra fast H/C Punk the way it originally was". And this is what their new singer Ben wants to state about his feelings towards the record: "I was a big fan of ENT as a teen, long before I joined, specifically of A Holocaust In Your Head and Phonophobia. If I was going to compare this new album to anything the band’s done before I’d say it sits nicely with those two. Catchy as fuck aggressive ultra hardcore punk riffs, fast frantic drumming and mental vocals; I don’t think Dean’s ever sounded as insane as he does on this one! It’s raw as fuck too, no click tracks or fixing-in-the-mix type shit, instead the drums, bass and guitars were done live with the leads added after and me and Dean sharing a mic going through a 76 year old analogue valve amp. We’re all hugely proud of this album, its a proper call to arms and a brutal statement that the band’s music and message is every bit as relevant today as when it was formed 30 years ago”. This record is totally in memory of their beloved singer Phil Vane who sadly passed away in 2011. Rest In Peace Phil and long live EXTREME NOISE TERROR!

STAN OSKARZENIA ‎"pięść wiary" (Black Wednesday / No Pasaran / Zima) - 10
Good punk rock from Poland. Originally released on tape in 1993.

NEW ARRIVALS - 29.02.2016

HELLBASTARD / HERIDA PROFUNDA - split Picture Disc (N.I.C.) - 8
UK metal punk legends Hellbastard and Polish grind/crust unit Herida Profunda team up for this split. Hellbastard offer some stuff that was on their “The Need To Kill …” LP but here you get different versions or mixes as well as unreleased material. Herida Profunda play old school grindcore/crust. Brutal as fuck and super heavy stuff in the vein of TERRORIZER, REPULSION, old AGATHOCLES, NAPALM DEATH…

NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS "recovery" (Taken By Surprise) - 12€
Here’s the first proper full length album by this California powerhouse. After a slew of singles and EPs, this Long Beach, CA based quartet develop their style of aggressive
Dangerhouse Records meets early 80s SoCal Hardcore even further. Yes, the L.A. Times called them a “female fronted BLACK FLAG” – it’s that band. 12 new cuts, might be your feel bad record of the year, including hits like ONE WASTED YEAR (it’s about a year that was wasted), SUBURBIA (pretty self explanatory) or THE PHARMACY IS CLOSER THAN THE LIQUOR STORE (this one’s about geography and drugs). You’re not a dummy, right, so you will buy it.

NEW ARRIVALS - 08.02.2016
ΨΥΧΩΣΗ - st (Scarecrow/Labyrinth Of Thoughts) - 11
Οι Ψύχωση δημιουργήθηκαν το 1993 και έπαιζαν εξαιρετικό crust punk, στα χνάρια των Χαοτικό Τέλος και Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία. Πάρα πολλά live στη Villa Amalias και σχεδόν σε όλους τους αυτο-οργανωμένους χώρους της εποχής. Συμμετείχαν στη συλλογή "Διατάραξη Οικιακής Ειρήνης" ενώ κυκλοφορήσαν και ένα demo το 1994. Κατά τη διάρκεια του 1996 και 1997 ηχογράφησαν 8 κομμάτια για το πρώτο τους μεγάλο δίσκο με σκοπό να τα κυκλοφορήσουν σε βινύλιο κάτι που δεν πραγματοποιήθηκε ποτέ! Το 1998 παίξανε το τελευταίο τους live και στη συνέχεια διαλύθηκαν. Χάρη στη συνεργασία και στην επιμονή της Scarecrow Records και της Labyrinth Of Thoughts, 19 χρόνια μετά κυκλοφορει το χαμένο αυτό album σε βινύλιο. Με νέο mastering και 4σέλιδο με στίχους και αφίσες από τις συναυλίες που συμμετείχε η μπάντα.
Περιορισμένη έκδοση σε 350 αντίτυπα.

MAU MAUS "fear no evil" (PHR Records) - 12€
Formed in late 1979 Mau Maus from Sheffield played a pretty classic abbrassive version of HC/Punk. Originally released on their own "Rebellion Records" "fear no evil Lp" from 1985 after three 7"s and a live album is their one and only studio album. Contained on here are 13 more melodic but still powerful affairs with the harsh vocals the were known for. Lyrix dealing with politics and were influenced by the 1984 miners strike 2 of the members were heavily involved in. The album got produced by Simon Hinkler of The Mission - nice one!

SECTION 5 "we wont change" (Disco Nightmare) - 15
Section 5 formed in 1981 in Stoke on Trent England. Formed by Tosh & Sid the original bassist for many years. Roddy Moreno (Oppressed) signed the band in 1985 to his label Oi! Records.
"We Wont Change" their debut album came out in 1985. By 1988 for the "Street Rock n roll" album on Link they had been joined by Tezz Roberts ex Discharge/Broken Bones & UK Subs. This is official reissue limited to 298 copies.

THE STOPS "nameless faces" (Sabotage) - 12

Self-described as "5 ladies playing punk rock." The Stops quickly became one of my favorite Portland, OR bands since Dirt Cult made the move a year and a half ago. This, their debut LP, definitely adds to Portland's reputation for dark but melodic punk rock (see: Red Dons, The Observers, The Wipers). The band plays driving distorted punk that is at times informed by power pop. Think of a band that somehow combines the seemingly disparate influence of The Adolescents, The Wipers, and The Go-Gos and you're in the right place. Members of Red Dons, The Pedestrians, and Pataha Hiss.

V/A "NOVI PUNK VAL´78-´80" (Rest In Punk) - 16

Yes it's true, We have done work on official re-issue of Novi punk val comp LP. It's one of the most important punk rock record from the 80's. There is many rare and never published photos of the bands and few words of Igor Vidmar who was the one who made it all to the original Novi punk val comp in 1981. Don't buy original for xxxx $ or Euros , here is better sounding record with all bands rare photos + all other things appearing in big both side printed poster 50x70 cm!!! Limited to 300 only.

NEW ARRIVALS - 29.01.2016
BIRTHDAY KICKS "black echo trap" (Self Released) - 12€
Πρώτος μεγαλος δίσκος απο τους Λαρισαίους,
ακούστε ένα δείγμα εδω

Clearance Sale

ANTHRAX / BURNT CROSS - split (Pumpkin) - 5€
Two of the UK’s best political punk bands unite for a three track split 7” doing what punk rock should always do, highlight what is going on in this world. There is no point saying that you don’t care about politics, this stuff affects you even if your only concern is the price of your next beer and hair gel. Anthrax offer “The Beg Society”, and if you liked their brilliant last album, then you will like this, it’s a glorious, driving punker pouring scorn on Cameron’s Big Society; “we’re all in this together”? Yeah right! Burnt Cross power through their two songs, with “Anathema (Wings Of Fear)”, having more great vocals from Maureen Bourne, spitting venom at the war machine’s rampage of indiscriminate murder and carnage. “The Inner Revolutionist” points out that change starts from within, and we can all play our part. I love these three songs, and I love the co-operation that made this possible; two great bands and 14 labels combining to make sure these ideas and this music is heard.

SENSUURI "kirjoitan seinään" (Svart) - 5€ 
Finnish punks Sensuuri ("Censorship"), infulenced by Ramones and Buzzcocks, released their first single in 1979 when the guys were only 15-16 years old. The a-side of Kirjoitan Seinään ("I Write On The Wall") was an instant hit with it's angsty lyrics and is now considered one of the classic tracks of finnish punk. A hastily made debut album was released later on same year for mixed reviews and then a couple of 7 inchers more, but nothing like the first single emerged and Sensuuri's career was over after only a year. Drummer Pasi Pakarinen joined later the Ramones style group Pojat and guitarist/songwriter Costello Hautamäki became a notable person in finnish rockscene, most known for his membership in "The Rolling Stones of Finland", Popeda.

ΔΙΧΑΣΜΕΝΕΣ ΑΛΗΘΕΙΕΣ "δράση-αντίδραση-αδράνεια" (Now or Never) - 10
Το ταξίδι των Διχασμένες Αλήθειες ξεκίνησε από τη Θεσσαλονίκη στα τέλη του 1997 και αυτό που τότε φάνταζε μια ακόμα εφηβική επανάσταση, έμελλε να γίνει αργότερα τρόπος ζωής για τα μέλη τους που συνεχίζουν από τότε. Ύστερα από τέσσερις κυκλοφορίες σε CD και πιο συγκεκριμένα τα «Διχασμένες Αλήθειες» (2001), «Εγώ ειμί το φως» (2003), «Πότισέ με υπερβολές» (2006) και «Σπάσε τον κανόνα» (2009) ήρθε η ώρα να τυπώσουν τη μουσική τους για πρώτη φορά σε αυλάκια βινυλίου. Στη νέα τους δουλειά με τίτλο «Δράση-Αντίδραση-Αδράνεια», περιέχονται συνολικά έξι κομμάτια διάρκειας 20 λεπτών, που μουσικά συνδυάζουν punk, hardcore και metal ήχους (Suicidal Tendencies και Biohazard κάποιες από τις επιρροές τους), ντυμένους με ελληνικό στίχο στο ύφος των προηγούμενων κυκλοφοριών. Στο δίσκο περιέχεται και μία διασκευή στο «Μαύρο το Χρώμα της Στέρησης» από Γενιά του Χάους, ενώ στο τραγούδι «Δράση» συμμετέχει στα φωνητικά ο Γιώργος Παυλίδης (Χάσμα).
Κυκλοφορεί σε 300 αντίτυπα βινυλίου 180 γραμμαρίων με εξώφυλλο από ανακυκλωμένο χαρτί και 4σέλιδο ένθετο που περιλαμβάνει πληροφορίες και τους στίχους των τραγουδιών. Καρπός συνεργασίας του γκρουπ με την Now Or Never Records.

NEW ARRIVALS - 06.01.2016

HÅRDA TIDER / NIGHT FEVER split 12" (Adult Crash/La Familia) - (Grey Vinyl) 12€

Three songs from each band here. Positive and not so positive hardcore punk from both sides of the bridge and as expected when Crime City Hardcore teams up with K-town Hardcore you get an absolute hxc insanity from start to finish!

VALLEY BOYS st (Cut The Cord) - 11€
New band of Jon Sharron (Brutal Knights, Career Suicide, Union Of Uranus and Chokehold, ha ha) with folks from School Jerks and Vapids. In dedication to the stupidity of humanity: Cut the Cord That... Records presents the debut twelve inch extended play platter of the Valley Boys. Ten songs that convey the complete and utter disappointment, disillusionment, and distaste for social norms and the society that feeds your malnourished thought process. With all the love of a stillborn child and a hot glass of milk this record will penetrate a little solace to your otherwise mundane daily life. "Usually, when people say that they play something like "simple, no bullshit punk rock" it just sounds like boring ass bar rock. I always wish it sounded more like this Valley Boys tape that is blasting out of my stereo right now, because this shit sounds perfect. Equal parts Dead Boys, Supercharger and Problematics with tons of attitude and hooks galore!



THE VARUKERS "vintage varukers" (Antisociety) - 11€
A very nice records of the rare songs from 80-85. Tracks taken from their fisrt demo tape in 1980, “No Future For A Future” 7” that was released on German Pogar Records, Outtakes of the 1983 “Bloodsuckers” LP recording session, We don’t Need Nuclear Force” comp and its limited bonus 7” in 1986 and “Motor City 9” comp LP. Comes with extra sheet with rare interview and words of songs and pics.


BURN THE CROSS / CHORYGEN - split (Trujaca Fala) - 12€
Great split new blood polish grind/hardcore band. Burn The Cross play new 7 songs after debut split 7'' with Holy Extermination. Furious hardcore/grinding + Noothgrush cover. Chorygen from Lodz play new 6 songs + Disable cover. Fast and furious hardcore/d-beat in your face.
Burn The Cross


PROCRASTINATE "ideals to burn" (Scarecrow) - 5
Τρια καινούργια κομμάτια απο τους Καρδιτσιώτες.
Three new songs from this Greek crust combo. For fans of: Tragedy & Skitsystem.

BLANK SPELL st (World Gone Mad) - 6
Debut 7" from this rad hardcore band out of Philadelphia. Maybe it's the heavy chorus effect on the guitar or maybe it's the fact that they're from Philly, but Blank Spell remind me quite a lot of Sorry State favorites Sickoids. In addition to those two common characteristics, Blank Spell also have those really interesting, quick rhythmic changes that are such a big part of the Sickoids sound. Additionally, while the main vocalist is a woman she seems to use her vocals in a similar way to Rob from Sickoids; like his, they're really distinctive and powerful, but not really "catchy" by any conventional definition of the term. Instead, it's like the vocals are used as a supplementary rhythmic instrument that augments and accents what the drums are doing. All of these Sickoids comparisons aren't meant to imply that Blank Spell are some kind of Sickoids rip-off--they're definitely their own thing--but it does imply that if you like(d?) what Sickoids are doing, then you will most certainly like what Blank Spell is doing. If you like your hardcore DIY as hell and dense with interesting ideas definitely give this a listen. The packaging on this is also really nice, with some really cool illustrations and lettering on the front and back and a big fold-out poster insert that follows a similar aesthetic. Definitely recommended listening.

RED DONS "notes on the underground" (Taken By Surprise) - 5€
This EP with a 6:20 runtime contains two songs that have been played live by the band for some time now, and where finally recorded with Mike Lust, who is known for his work with THE TYRADES, over the summer in Chicago. For those who don't know RED DONS are the continuation of the much loved OBSERVERS and follow the same style while adding a bit more straight forward 80's hardcore drive much like early ADOLESCENTS and DESCENDENTS. This record continues right where the last LP "Fake Meets Failure" left off.

ZEBU "at the delta of venus" (Self Released) - 8
Αθηναϊκή μπάντα κυκλοφορεί το πρώτο της 12" EP με τίτλο “At the Delta of Venus”.


BURNING LOVE "down so long b/w medicine man" (Deathwish) - 6€
Burning Love are an unapologetic punk band from Toronto, fronted by vocalist/lyricist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left For Dead, Ruination, etc). Burning Love's approach is more nuanced than his previous bands. Mixing raw melody and swagger (akin to Laughing Hyenas, Poison Idea, etc) into their hardcore blood. Since 2007, Burning Love have released a number of records on labels like Deranged, High Anxiety, and Southern Lord.
"Down So Long" b/w "Medicine Man" is a two song banger of an EP, recorded by Josh Korody at Candle in Toronto (Fucked Up, etc). Opener "Down So Long" emerges from ghostly feedback with an unrelenting punk romp. Lyrically addressing the social chaos of our world askew, despite the illusion of military and political order. While the infectious "Medicine Man" addresses fashionable drug addiction in the punk world, despite the trail of havoc that it cuts through the most wounded of world populations.

LOST LANDS "body of habit" (Man in Decline) - 6
Filthy, low, fast, and heavy. Lost Lands take the sensibilities of Scandinavian hardcore and mix it with a healthy dose of driving rage and abyss-bound ambition. "Body of Habit" 7" is four songs of rounded melodic riffing and secular speculation that references the minor tonality of d-beat concurrent with the misery-laden resonance of doom. Covering topics as disparate as the nature of language as a point of contention, obsession with celebrity royalty, and the ambitious drive toward self-oblivion the running time of 10 minutes offers much in the way of topical commentary and inherent anger. "Body of Habit" will be available in clear gold, clear blue, and black vinyl variations, all packaged in a die-cut jacket that folds around the record. Lost Lands features members and former member of Faded Grey, Stay Gold, Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Dangers, and Champion.

WARCRY "maniacs on pedestals" (Agipunk) - 12
Originally released by Feral Ward in 2004, here is the second press of this d-beat masterpiece by the mighty all star band from Portland, OR. Featuring members and/or ex members of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Hellshock, Estranged, Remains Of The Day and co., this is totally Discharge/Discard inspired d-beat with a crazy powerful sound and bendings all over the place. Imagine if Death From Above, War Cry or Victims Of A Bombraid would have been recorded in a semi professional studio with the new millennium technics and you'll have an idea of what Warcry are about.

WARCRY "deprogram" (Agipunk) - 12

Fourth repress (first Euoropean one tho) of the second record by PDX d-beat masters Warcry. You know the story, right? Members of this and that, playing the same old stuff but 10000 times better than many other bands around. Deprogram consists of 8 tracks of brutal, insane, intense and brilliant D-BEAT written with capital letters.

WRETCHED "la tua morte non aspetta" (Self Released) - 13€
Official repress of the classic second 12" released by Chaos Produzioni in 1986. Not as wild as the early stuff, but the spirit remains! The songs structure and the guitar and bass worship have both definitely developed compared to their early sonic attacks. The sound in this 2013 version has been remastered and an extra song has been added to make this release even more interesting. Soon to be another expensive collectible item, so, what are you waiting for?

NEW ARRIVALS - 28.08.2015
V/A "THE DARKNESS IS COMING..." (Chaos w Mojej Glowie) - 3€
This compilation features six of Poland's bands with exclusive/unreleased tracks from Burn the Cross, Social Crisis, Drip Of Lies (Swiat Czarownic cover song), Antichrist (Siekiera cover song)Non President and Infekcja.


NOT ONLY BONES "axel romain (1986)" (Geheimnis) Black Vinyl 15€ // Clear Vinyl - 16€
Η Geheimnis Records υπερήφανα παρουσιάζει την πολυαναμενόμενη δεύτερη κασσέτα από τους Minimal / Experimental synth πρωτοπόρους Not Only Bones που είχε κυκλοφορήσει γιά πρώτη φορά το 1986. 3 χρόνια μετά την κυκλοφορία σε βινύλιο της πρώτης τους κασσέτας, η δεύτερη δυσεύρετη κασσέτα τους με τίτλο “Axel Romain” θα κυκλοφορήσει γιά πρώτη φορά σε βινύλιο, 29 χρόνια μετά την αρχική επίσημη κυκλοφορία της σε κασσέτα.
Ο Γιάννης Ράϊκος και ο Φιλίπ Μινιόν, τα δύο μέλη του σχήματος, ακούγονται πιό ώριμοι και σίγουροι στο υπό κυκλοφορία άλμπουμ. Ο πειραματισμός και το ατμοσφαιρικό κλίμα είναι ακόμη παρόντα αλλά η πλειοψηφία των κομματιών τώρα έχουν ένα πιό δομημένο περιβάλλον, με συγκρκριμένη αρχή, κυρίως θέμα και ορατό τέλος. Η ενορχήστρωση είναι οικεία, το EMS Emulator, η κιθάρα, το μπάσο και τα υπόλοιπα αναλογικά συνθεσάϊζερς εξακολουθούν να υφίστανται όπως και στην πρώτη τους κασσέτα, αλλά η διάθεση και η κατεύθυνση έχουν αλλάξει. Τα 16 κομμάτια του άλμπουμ δεν έχουν την σκοτεινή και ζοφερή ατμόσφαιρα του πρώτου άλμπουμ (στην πλειοψηφία τους), παρά εξερευνούν την φωτεινή πλευρά της ζωής και των συναισθημάτων. Δεν πρέπει βέβαια να παραπλανηθεί κανείς και να εκλάβει αυτήν την αισιοδοξία και ευτυχία με τον τρόπο που οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι αντιλαμβάνονται. Περισσότερο είναι ένα άλμπουμ κεκαλυμένης αισιοδοξίας. Ο τρόπος που τα δύο μέλη χειρίζονται τα όργανα και τους στίχους τους δεν οδηγεί στο συμπέρασμα ότι πρόκειται γιά χαρούμενη ή ακόμη περισσότερο, χορευτική μουσική ! Πρόκειται γιά ένα άλμπουμ το οποίο πρέπει κανείς να “σκάψει” κάτω από την επιφάνειά του γιά να αντιληφθεί αυτήν την αίσθηση. Κατά πάσα πιθανότητα αντικατοπτρίζει μία αλλαγή, ένα κομβικό σημείο ή το τέλος μιάς εποχής. Η αλλαγή αυτή σίγουρα συντελέστηκε στη ζωή του Γιάννη Ράϊκου το 1985 με την γέννηση του γιού του, Axel Romain, το όνομα του οποίου δόθηκε και στο άλμπουμ...
290 αριθμημένες στο χέρι κόπιες βινυλίου, οι μισές εκ των οποίων σε μαύρο και οι άλλες μισές σε διάφανο χρώμα. Την επεξεργασία των κομματιών έχει κάνει ο ίδιος ο Γιάννης Ράϊκος από την πρωτότυπη κασσέτα. Η κυκλοφορία θα έχει το πρωτότυπο εξώφυλλο (με διαφορετικό χρώμα φόντου – καφέ/λαδί σε σχέση με το μπεζ) και ένα ένθετο με φωτογραφίες, στίχους και άλλες λεπτομέρειες πάνω στην κυκλοφορία.

KAN KAN "always changing trains (Works 1980-1983) Compilation" (Geheimnis) - Black Vinyl 16€ // White Vinyl - 17€
Με την 15η κυκλοφορία της, η Geheimnis Records αλλάζει πορεία και κινείται στα ομιχλώδη μονοπάτια του Λονδίνου, την περίοδο της ακμής του Post Punk/New Wave/New Romantic ήχου. Ο λόγος γιά το συγκρότημα “Kan Kan”... Δημιουργημένο ένα γκρίζο φθινοπωρινό απόγευμα του 1979, ήταν ένα καθαρά new wave συγκρότημα, που άφησε δυστυχώς μόνο 2 EPs (To “Changing Trains” του 1981 και το “The Informer” το 1982), ένα 7’’ σίνγκλ (“Film Noir” το 1980), καθώς και ένα κομμάτι (“Phone Call”) στην δυσεύρετη θρυλική συλλογή “East Of Croydon” (1981). Ο frontman της μπάντας και άκρως θεατρικός, Patrick Dinnen μαζί με τους Graham McGill, Michael Harding, Tom Casey και Flavia Malim (με την συμμετοχή επίσης άλλων περιστασιακών μουσικών) αντιπροσώπευαν την αλλαγή που φυσούσε στην Punk σκηνή απ’τα τέλη της δεκαετίας του 70, η οποία μεταμορφωνόταν σε κάτι πιό μελωδικό, ρομαντικό και με σαφείς καλλιτεχνικές προεκτάσεις...
Ήταν η εποχή των Νεο-Ρομαντικών, του Post Punk, των κρυφών συναυλιών, της “σκοτεινής λάμψης”, κάτω βέβαια από τη σκιά της δεξιάς κυριαρχίας της Μάργκαρετ Θάτσερ. Πάντού στο Λονδίνο διοργανώνονταν μυστικές συναυλίες, όπου ο κόσμος καταλάμβανε έναν χώρο και μεταμόρφωνε γιά ένα και μοναδικό βράδυ. Ένας τέτοιος χώρος ήταν το Scala Cinema στο Λονδίνο – ένα art deco σινεμά με πολύ στύλ – όπου φιλοξενούσε πολλές τέτοιες μυστικές διοργανώσεις. Εκεί έλαβε χώρα και η πρώτη ζωντανή εμφάνιση των Kan Kan. Μετά θα ακολουθούσαν πολλές ζωντανές εμφανίσεις και support σε μεγάλα συγκροτήματα της εποχής όπως οι Killing Joke, A Flock of Seagulls, Mary Wilson, The Thompson Twins και οι Boomtown Rats. Το “μεγάλο μπάνγκ” της Post Punk/New Wave εποχής !
Από την αρχή της μικρής καριέρας τους, οι Kan Kan ήταν πάντοτε θεατρικοί. Τα τραγούδια και οι εικόνες που παρουσίαζαν ήταν έντονα, στην κόψη του ξυραφιού, σαν “φίλμς γιά το μυαλό”, ιστορίες που μπορεί το κοινό να πλάσει στη φαντασία του, τραγούδια γιά περιθωριακούς, πληγωμένους και αναπτερωμένους από την αγάπη, συνατήσεις σε σταθμούς, σύνορα – βήματα, αγάλματα, κλόουν, έναν κόσμο καχυποψίας, όπoυ τίποτα δεν είναι βέβαιο εκτός από την αβεβαιότητα...
Ο John Peel τους πλησίασε και έπαιζε επανειλημμένως το “Changing Trains” στην εκπομπή του στο BBC, ενώ τους παρουσίασε ζωντανά κι από την εκπομπή του… Αλλά ξαφνικά κατά τη διάρκεια του 1983, η μπάντα διαλύθηκε, αφήνοντάς μας σαν κληρονομιά της τα 2 Eps και το μοναδικό της 7’’ σίνγκλ. Ποτέ δεν κατόρθωσαν να κυκλοφορήσουν έναν ολοκληρωμένο δίσκο.
Μάϊος 16, 2014 : Ύστερα από 2 χρόνια συλλογής χαμένου υλικού, η Geheimnis Records, παρουσιάζει μία ολοκληρωμένη συλλογή όλων των κομματιών, κυκλοφορημένων και μη, σε μία συλλεκτική έκδοση διπλού βινυλίου σε 332 αριθμημένα με το χέρι αντίτυπα, τα μισά εκ των οποίων σε μαύρο χρώμα και τα υπόλοιπα σε λευκό. Η επεξεργασία και η αναπαλαίωση του υλικού έγινε από τον Χρήστο Μανωλίτση τον Φεβρουάριο και Μάρτιο 2014.

V/A "SOUNDS THE ALARMS" DOUBLE LP (Maximum RocknRoll) - 15€
Συλλογή από θρυλικό Αμερικανικο fanzin Maximum RocknRoll, συμμετέχουν δυο μπάντες από Ελλάδα;
Πανδημία και Gutter με ακυκλοφόρητα τραγούδια.
Almost 30 years after releasing Welcome to 1984, Maximum Rocknroll is proud to present a new international punk compilation, Sound the Alarms!! This double 12” gathers 32 bands from 14 countries, capturing the current sounds of punk from around the world, featuring ΠΑΝΔΗMIΑ/PANDIMIA, GUTTER, MÜLLTÜTE, SILLA ELÉCTRICA, SYNTHETIC ID, TOTAL WAR, NO STATIK, DICTADURA, PERMANENT RUIN, VIVISEKTIO, GIFFORDS TREATMENT, QUESTION, THE FIGHT, LOTUS FUCKER, RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA, ANTI YOU, VERRUGAS, ORDEN MUNDIAL, KUUDES SILMÄ, NUCLEAR SPRING, ENTRE REJAS, ESTAMPIDO, SIETOKYKY, HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK, I.R.A., DHK, KVOTERINGEN, KONTATTO, LEI DO CÃO, CÜLO, MAAILMANLOPPU, and OBEDIENCIA. And of course it comes with a newsprint, magazine-sized insert with a page from each band, including pictures, lyrics, graphics and more!

OLD GHOSTS "caskets" (Assault/State Mind) - 4€
"Caskets" is the debut LP from OLD GHOSTS, a hardcore band from Buffalo, NY containing 3 former members of DEAD HEARTS- and it shows; with passionately screamed vocals, hard breakdowns and sublime melodies, “Caskets” covers a lot of ground in its 22 minute play time. If you've liked DEAD HEARTS "Bitter Verses" LP, the territory will be familiar however; OLD GHOSTS isn't just more of the same, with a sound that is darker and harder and with lyrics that range from the deeply personal to questioning the concepts of god and faith. "Caskets" is an LP that is larger than the sum of its parts; creating an almost palpable aura of rage and despair and pulling the listener in with dark and haunting soundscapes. In short, “Caskets” is amazingly powerful and well-played modern hardcore that picks up where Dead Hearts have left off.

MAKABERT FYN "st" (Skrammel) - 10€
These Swedes (who have never been shy about mentioning that they include former members of Totalitar) bust out with a new full-length, and it is easily the best thing they have done yet (yes, even better than the record they released on Sorry State, haha!). Their previous releases had a very straightforward Swedish hardcore sound, but this time around they add just a touch of rock into the mix, making the riffs much more catchy and memorable. The result reminds me more than a little bit of Totalitar's Sin Egen Motstandare LP, though with better, more powerful production.

ΕΝ ΨΥΧΡΩ πρόσωπη μάζα" (Rusted Lock) - 12

Οι Εν Ψυχρώ προέρχονται από τη Λευκωσία. Δημιουργήθηκαν το 2011 και περιλαμβάνουν μέλη των Αποσύνθεσις, Εντός των Τειχών και Downward Spiral.
Κουβαλώντας στοιχεία από Hardcore Punk/Crust μέχρι old-school Thrash Metal, παραδίδουν 14 κομμάτια με πάνω από 30 λεπτά γεμάτα ένταση και πάθος, με πιασάρικα riffs, εκτελεσμένα στο διαβόητο D-beat ύφος.
Το "Απρόσωπη Mάζα" περιέχει 6 επανεκτελέσεις από το demo του 2012, 2 τραγούδια από αντίστοιχες συλλογές, 2 τραγούδια από το σπλιτ 7" με τους Kyffpack καθώς και 4 ακυκλοφόρητα κομμάτια.
Αρχικά διαθέσιμο στο διαδίκτυο, ένα χρόνο αργότερα το άλμπουμ κυκλοφορεί σε βινύλιο, με νέο re-mastering (από το Νίκο Στυλίδη από Labyrinth of Thoughts).
Kυκλοφορεί από την Rusted Lock Records σε περιορισμένη έκδοση 250 αντιτύπων.
Διανομή στην Ελλάδα από την Scarecrow Records.
Για χονδρική τιμή στείλτε e-mail στο

En Psychro (In Cold Blood) come from Nicosia, Cyprus. They were formed in 2011 and feature members of Aposynthesis, Within the Walls and Downward Spiral.
Carrying elements from Hardcore Punk/Crust to old-school Thrash Metal, En Psychro deliver 14 tracks of over 30 minutes of passionate, angst ridden songs, with catchy riffs, executed in the infamous D-beat style.
"Faceless Mass" features 6 remakes from their 2012 demo, 2 songs from respective compilations, as well as 2 songs from their split 7" with Kyffpack, and 4 unreleased tracks.
Initially available online, a year later the album is pressed on vinyl, with a new re-mastering (by Nicos Stylides from Labyrinth of Thoughts).

INSTIGATORS "the blood is on your hands" (Skuld/Ruin Nation) - 12

Part II of our "Original INSTIGATORS 30th Anniversary" releases. This 12" LP includes the 'Blood Is On Your Hands' 7" originally released on Bluurg Records 1984 and available on vinyl for the first time since its release. Also included are two remastered tracks from PAX's 'Bollox To The Gonads" Compilation 1984 and unheard and rare DEMO recordings.
The original INSTIGATORS were part of the gig-possé around 'Flux of Pink Indians' and 'Subhumans' and you can hear a lot of influence coming from this direction. Another must have of classic and essential anarcho punk for your collection! This LP package includes a huge foldout sheet with lyrics, photos and bandhistory/linernotes by Hammy.

OVERPOWER "demo" (Prugelprinz) - 10€
Overpower from Leipzig, Germany play hardcore with diverse influences - a brutal and straightforward formula of rock-driven, blasting hardcore. This 12 track LP contains a merciless dropping of hardcore bombs. Rocking, raging guitars leads, catchy and brutal basslines, pounding rhythm section, a furious throaty singer and, of course a lot of...power!! This is their demo tape pressed on vinyl (300 copies at all).

SINATRAS "are you ready" (Rave Up) - 11

Formed in 1976, Sinatras were one of the greatest and obscure outfits of the early U.$. punk scene! In 1979 they released an amazing 7" ("TEDDY CRASHES BLOND DIES / SOME OTHER BOYS") now totally impossible to find. Their sound was directly inspired from bands such NY Dolls and Heartbreakers. Pure NYC punk'n' roll sensations!!! This anthology contains 7 killer studio tracks and three 'live' songs, recorded from a mixer desk.

ΗΛΙΟΣ ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ st (Scarecrow)  - 6€
New band from Athens, two songs metallic crusty hardcore in the vein of Martyrdod. 200 copies on black vinyl.


ERA OF FEAR / ΠΑΝΔΗΜΙΑ - split (Scarecrow/Liquid Bass/Eye5) - 11€
Οι Era of Fear από την Ξάνθη παίζουν σκοτεινό αναρχό post-punk με το δικό τους ξεχωριστό ήχο. Τέσσερα νέα κομμάτια σε συνέχεια του EP που κυκλοφόρησε πριν 2 χρόνια. Στην άλλη πλευρά οι Πανδημία από την Αθήνα. Δυστυχώς αυτά είναι τα τελευταία τέσσερα κομμάτια που ηχογράφησε το συγκρότημα πριν τη διάλυση του. Φοβερό αναρχό-punk αποκλειστικά επηρεασμένο από την Ελληνική και Βρετανική σκηνή του 80. 500 κόπιες σε μαύρο βινύλιο.

Era Of Fear from Xanthi/northern Greece play dark anarcho post punk with their own sound. Four new songs following their EP that was released two years ago. On the flip side we have Πανδημια from Athens. Unfortunately, these are the last four songs that they recorded just before splitting up. Great anarcho punk strictly inspired by early 80's Greek and UK punk scene. 500 copies on black vinyl.

MASAKARI "the prophet feeds" (Scarecrow/Alerta Antifascista/Halo OF Flies) - 12
ressed! Debut album from Midwest bashers Masakari. This band is amazing and this first full-legnth of theirs is relentless, unhinged, chaotic crust! Somewhat in the vein of His Hero is Gone, Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, but with a very distinct and brutal edge, Masakari fuses their apocalyptic crust with the raging power of Discharge/Disfear D-beat and the hard-edged Japanese punk stylings of G.I.S.M., with a smattering of blast-beat driven grindcore to drive it all home.
After the huge underground buzz of their debut 7", the band was ready to take their cataclysmic protest punk to a whole different level and "The Prophet Feeds" is that next step. It is an epic record that takes your breath away with its very scope; not an easy undertaking for an album that is only 10 songs and less than 30 minutes long! Engineered by Bill Korecky (Incantation, Keelhaul, Integrity) and recorded at Mars Studio in Cleveland.
Co-release with Alerta Antifascista from Germany and Halo Of Flies from US.

THE CARRIER "blind to what is right" (Deathwish) - 14€
The Carrier are one of Boston Hardcore scene's most interesting bands. Their brand of heavy yet melodic hardcore is the next chapter of evolution in the genre. Emoting with a goose-bump inducing fervor unlike any other band out there today.
After two years of anticipation we are proud to announce "Blind To What Is Right", the new album from The Carrier. With this recording we witness The Carrier venturing into new uncharted artistic territory for the band, delving deeper and becoming more introspective than ever before. Through the low end roar of the unrelenting title track "Blind To What Is Right", subtle glimmers of melody tear through an otherwise impenetrable wall of drop tuned sound. And that's just the beginning. The melancholy ebb and flow of "Hollow Pain" show The Carrier letting their guard down only to deliver a near perfect post hardcore anthem. While the infectious stomp of "A Stranger to Myself" slows things down as they collectively plummet into musical dissonance. Without question, "Blind To What Is Right" is The Carrier taking a welcomed step forward as the future kings of the hardcore genre.

DAILY RITUAL - st (Sabotage) - 12€
Daily Ritual coming from a small DIY hcpunk community in the Island city - (police) state of Singapore. Stylistically this record sits perfectly alongside bands such as CRUSADES, MASSHYSTERI, RED DONS, and GORILLA ANGREB, which perhaps surprisingly were incredibly popular throughout South East Asia. 8 tracks of dark melodic punk featuring members of VARRALLINEN, SNAGGLETOOTH, and more. DAILY RITUAL lyrics are mostly about dealing with the anxiety of living in a modern totalitarian state. If you can get down with contemporary bands like INFINITE VOID and ARCTIC FLOWERS.... then you'll get behind this.

THE NEW FLESH "reality" (Cut The Cord That) - 12€
Oakland's The New Flesh LP "Reality" is dark, aggressive and melodic . It draws from circumstances such as anxiety, uneasiness and the disconnectedness as a result from over stimulation. It has eight contagious songs that range from the prodding moodiness of early Killing Joke to the melancholic pop of early New Order. It is driving and punk and manages to escape the trappings of certain revivalist bands that The New Flesh are often compared to. There are layers of melodies that require several listens to fully appreciate beyond the instant hooks.

SYNTHETIC ID "apertures" (Erste Theke Tontraeger) - 12
Widely heralded as one of the best new bands in the SF Bay Area. SYNTHETIC ID play taught, angular, aggressive post punk oft compared to The Wipers, Gang of Four, Wire and Mission of Burma. This record uses tension to level whatever is put in front of it. Use it to flatten your neighbor's house. Includes download code. First pressing limited to only 500 copies. "Synthetic ID sound like Greg Sage, D. Boone, and Colin Newman fabricating the house band for the International Space Station. Or better yet, spending three days in close quarters on an uncharted trek to the Sea of Tranquility. Anxious paranoia dripping from the walls. It's jerky, derailed, and draws heavily from early post-punk, but chugs along at a classic punk tempo, blasting out totally agitated lyrics the whole time. Space madness? Or just a need to escape the surface of this planet, even if it just be through the act of playing two minute punk jams? Either way, it's exciting and different.

WAIT IN VAIN "seasons" (Panic) - 12€
Fronted by Champion's guitarist and owner of Panic Records, Timm McIntosh, Wait In Vain has a rallying voice that has been a part of the uprising, continuation and return of Seattle straight edge hardcore. Lyrically, the band unleashes an intelligent onslaught of messages covering many social and political issues with an emphasis on self-reliance and a need for action toward an uncaring world. For fans of Judge, Trial, Defeater, and Beyond.


WARSONG "the caravan" (Sabotage) - 10€
Here we go, from the ashes of INSOMNIO and NO ESCAPE comes WARSONG with their 2nd release after their impressive "ancient times" debut. "the caravan" is 5 songs - all killer no filler (4 original songs plus a WIPERS song that hasn’t been covered to death). If you want to describe the sound of WARSONG, put together a band with a young Clif Hanger (FREEZE) fronting an all star band with the best ingredients from DAG NASTY, ALL, THE WIPERS and the mighty ADOLESCENTS. Your wettest dreams come true, if their subject is pure melodic hardcore-punk in classic 80s style. The more often you play this record the bigger it grows…and it’s damn huge right now. Vinyl includes a digital download card.


ΞΕΡΑ - st (Self Released) - 5€
Γρήγορο Hardcore/Punk απο Θεσσαλονίκη.


THE LAST DRIVE "time + outtakes" (Labyrinth of Thoughts) - 16€ (Black) - 19€ (Red)
Eπανακυκλοφορία του Time EP του ΄89, μαζί με outtakes από τις ηχογραφήσεις για το Heatwave, σε συμπαραγωγή του Peter Zaremba των Flestones. Περιέχεται  η πρώτη, ανέκδοτη εκτέλεση του The Bad Roads από το 1988 καθώς και διαφορετικές μίξεις των Baby it’s real, Hell to pay, Blue city shores. Με νέο mastering, ανανεωμένο artwork και ένθετο με ανέκδοτες φωτογραφίες.
Συμπαραγωγή Labyrinth of thoughts +  The Lab records. Σε 500 αντίτυπα. 250 σε κόκκινο χρώμα + 250 σε μαύρο.

HERÄTYS s/t (La Familia) - 12€
HERÄTYS were one of the top bands playing the new wave of Swedish hardcore. Musically we’re talking raging swedish raw-punk in the same vein as TOTALITÄR, with finnish vocals. A truly brilliant record that holds all the energy, dirt, anger, sincerity… really everything. This is a true testimonial that you don’t need a huge thundering sound to make a powerful record – it’s all in the material. The band consists of members from bands such as FY FAN, UNKIND, SKITKIDS, and SCUMBRIGADE. Finally re-press on La Familia Records.

BURNING LOVE "down so long b/w medicine man" (Deathwish, Inc.) - 6€
Burning Love are an unapologetic punk band from Toronto, fronted by vocalist/lyricist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left For Dead, Ruination, etc). Burning Love's approach is more nuanced than his previous bands. Mixing raw melody and swagger (akin to Laughing Hyenas, Poison Idea, etc) into their hardcore blood. Since 2007, Burning Love have released a number of records on labels like Deranged, High Anxiety, and Southern Lord.
"Down So Long" b/w "Medicine Man" is a two song banger of an EP, recorded by Josh Korody at Candle in Toronto (Fucked Up, etc). Opener "Down So Long" emerges from ghostly feedback with an unrelenting punk romp. Lyrically addressing the social chaos of our world askew, despite the illusion of military and political order. While the infectious "Medicine Man" addresses fashionable drug addiction in the punk world, despite the trail of havoc that it cuts through the most wounded of world populations.

KAAOS "nukke" (Havoc) - 4.50
Η Φιλανδια είχε μια απο τις καλύτερες hardcore σκηνές στον κόσμο τη δεκαετία του 80.Παίρνοντας έμπνευση απο Αγγλικές μπάντες όπως οι discharge,disorder και chaos uk τα Φιλανδικά συγκροτήματα παρήγαγαν ένα μοναδικό και άκρως επιθετικό στύλ hardcore.Οι Kaaos ήταν ένα απο τα καλύτερα σχήματα της περιόδου.Το 7’’ αυτό ηχογραφήθηκε το 1985.

BRIDGES LEFT BURNING "bystanders" (Assault) - 11

Listening to "Bystanders", the sophomore  release from BRIDGES LEFT BURNING, prepare to be surprised. Musically, this is  a highly successful blend of modern harcore and old school sounds, bound by  powerful melodies,  infused with a sense of urgency and filled with  passion. Imagine VERSE and JUST WENT BLACK rolled into one.
Wearing their hearts on their sleeves,  "Bystanders" is fiercely political. Favoring  literate and intelligent lyrics over sloganeering, these guys make it  abundantly clear that this is more than music. Covering topics like human  rights and the plight of refugees, personal responsibility and the  consequences of capitalism unbound, there's anger and rage aplenty. But this  isn't a resigned acceptance of the status  quo. It's a wake-up call to action, fueled  by the unwavering belief in the power (of people) to change and transform  themselves and others. Refuse. Revolt.  Resist.
"Bystanders" features guest vocals from Greg  Bennick (Trial) and is available on colored vinyl, housed in thick  cardstock covers. To accomodate the lyrics and ideas explored, this LP  includes a 28-page booklet with lyrics, essays and recommendations for  further reading.

DEATH SENTENCE "ryan exhumed" (Thought Crime) - 12
Hardcore thrash pioneers from Australia. This is the first time their classic „Ryan-thanx for the support“ EP from 1985 has been given a legit vinyl re-issue. Additionally you find some extra material from their first demo, a few cuts from a 1988 studio session and a live track on the B Side of this LP. This is HC mastery, taking the path of „united blood“ era Agnostic Front or early D.R.I. up to the next level of sheer ferocious rage. Alongside with international likeminds like Siege, Heresy, S.O.B., Gepopel and others they´ve been on a mission to counteract the decline of the first wave of hardcore bands in the mid 80ies. Brutal, to say the very least!

LOSE THE LIFE "the end of conformity" (Ugly and Proud) - 11€
Lose The Life is a political/vegan straight edge band from Gothenburg, Sweden, that brings us heavy and aggressive hardcore, mixing fast paced parts with mosh breaks. Lose The Life has
set out to smash complacency and conformism with their blend of Clevo mosh and keffiyeh wearing left wing politics. Gothenburg Straight Edge back on the map!

NO PROBLEM "already dead" (Taken By Surprise) - 12€
After their stellar debut they deliver a sophomore full-length that takes their frustrated and paranoid hardcore-punk to a new level. Still taking cues from BLACK FLAG, D.O.A. or TSOL, they add darker and more melodic elements to the mix. This is music for maladjusted adults who are too old to be able to relate to teenage problems, but whose feelings of alienation have in no way withered with age, and are looking for something that musically and lyrically captures the frustration of adult punk life. NO PROBLEM effectively fusing hardcore with catchy yet aggressive or paranoid melody, as bands like SOCIAL CIRCKLE and DEEP SLEEP have done in recent years. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

SIDETRACKED "the decay" (Horror Business) - 9
Since many years, we've been huge friends and finally we made it to release a common longplayer together. HC Punk with passion and anger, melody and middle fingers. Fast thrashy parts and more frisky ones. In the early days, the sounded more like Boston, JERRYS KIDS or even AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. Nowadays there are also much modern influences from bands like GOLD KIDS or PATSY O HARA. Everybody gets operated.
The record contains 8 news songs, which are pressed only on the one side of the record, the b-side is completely glassy. We love it, believe it. While their ep with SomeCameRunning was more a fine piece of trashing fastcore, these new songs are way more powerful, and well, embittered and personal at the one hand and political and fierce at the other. Striking hard against patriotism and the common conservative filth, this band takes a stand. Some might call this some kind of modern hardcore but I hate these phrases and moreover this records moves beyond any lame hc-trends All you bands and kids focusing on pure hardness without content, this one is against you.

STEVE ADAMYK BAND "st" (P. Trash) - 11
Ottawa pop-punk sensations' debut full-length album! Catchy as hell, pop-punk jams infused with a nice power-pop flavor! This shit rips and hits hard.


V/A SOMETHING HIGHER (Beyond This World/Youth Crew) - 7€
After many months of planning, SOMETHING HIGHER comp CD is ready. 20 songs of positive hardcore, 11 bands from all over the world. Including: Through Jaded Eyes (Greece), SAFE (Italy), Traces of You (Netherlands), Lifeline (USA), Las Palabras Queman (Argentina), Fumbles in life (Italy), Constrict (Spain), Seven Daggers (USA) ,Echoes (USA), Foose (USA), Birds of a Feather (Netherlands).

NEW ARRIVALS - 23.03.2015
BIRDFLESH / SLAVEBREED "nekroacropolis" (Screaming Victims) - 5€
Brand new songs from both bands. Greece vs. Sweden.

CORPSES / KAMIKAZI - split (WAK/ Noise Effect) - 12€
Corpses (βρώμικο punk'n'roll) απο Πειραιά και Kamikazi (Motorhead συναντιόνται με τους Zeke) απο Θεσσαλονίκη σε ενα σπλιτ.

ACCIDENTE "amistad y rebelión" (Contraszt) - 11
On their 2nd album "Amistad y rebellion" ACCIDENTE from Madrid deliver another ten wonderful tracks of incredible pure HC / PUNK - melodic & straightforward! The sweet melodies, guitarriffs and basic drumming fit perfectly to the catchy female vocals. And you can't help, not to sings along to the spanish lyrics (even if you can't speak that language). This is an outstanding record and brings up comparisons to ELEKTRODUENDES, THE ASSASSINATORS and MASSHYSTERI. A really powerful new band from Madrid, that you really should check out. If I'd be dancing, I'd dance to this in my room all night long!

PUTRID FEVER "do you remember?" (Gonna Puke)
- 11€
In the early 1980s, when tattoos were still considered taboo and the only squats in Italy were the "Virus" in Milan and the "Victor Charlie" in Pisa, four sinister individuals got together to form PUTRID FEVER. This Florentine group was to be a milestone in G.D.H.C. (Tuscan hardcore) and founding member FEFO FORCONI would go on to further glory as a member of the American band TOXIC REASONS. Includes the band's 1984 demo tape and 1985 7" EP, along with songs taken from the Goot From The Boot compilation. A rare slice of mid-'80s hardcore made in Italy.

NEW ARRIVALS - 03.03.2015
ΧΕΙΜΕΡΙΑ ΝΑΡΚΗ "στη σιωπή της αιώνιας θλίψης" (Skuld) - 11€
Κλασικός πλέον δίσκος Ελληνικής DIY Punk σκηνής. Πρωτοκυκλοφόρησε το 2003.

NEW ARRIVALS - 23.02.2015

BETON COMBO "sound ltd" (Static Age) - 6€
A mandatory reissue of three of the finest tracks West-Berlin Hardcore Punk had to offer in 1983. It is about time this gem of a 7” was finally reissued. Uncompromising HC Punk with a killer production that is raw yet powerful! “High on War” has got to be one of the best songs by any German Punk band in the 80s, but the other two songs are great, too. The packaging on this one is pretty deluxe and really does the music justice: The EP comes in a heavy silk screened cardboard sleeve, a printed dust sleeve, plus an insert with liner-notes by Tom Schwoll (Zerstörte Jugend etc.). Here is your chance to pick this one up at a normal price 31 years after it originally came out!

ARCTIC FLOWERS "weaver" (Sabotage) - 12€
Portland’s Arctic Flowers with their long-awaited second LP! After last year’s excellent "Procession" EP, an EP that showcased the Flowers’ talent for combining the tradition of anarcho/peace punk with a postpunk sensibility, the new "Weaver" LP continues in much the same vein. The first side kicks off with the energetic track "Magdalene" and the pace doesn’t let up too much from there, culminating in the barnstorming track "Anamnesis", which employs a riff that reminds me of a Rudimentary Peni track (specifically, "The Evil Clergyman" off RP's "Cacophony"). But it's Side 2 that contains my favorite tracks off this new release. The second side kicks off with the memorable track “Byzantine”, guitarist Stan Wright lays down a chunky, Killing Joke-esque riff (think of that band’s song "Tension" mixed with "The Wait"), complemented by frontwoman Alex's vocals, which recall the classic goth-punk of bands like Rubella Ballet and Lost Cherrees. The following title track, "Weaver" is another winner – just a great mid-tempo punk rocker that, in true Arctic Flowers fashion, blurs the boundaries between classic punk, postpunk, and early gothic rock. Indeed, in an interview I did with Arctic Flowers almost two years ago, founder and guitarist Stan Wright stated, "Our sound is a mix of punk, deathrock, post punk, and goth. Aggressive but at times danceable and melodic."

CóLERA/ RATOS DE PORAO "ao vivo no lira paulistana" (Nada Nada) - 13€
Official reissue of 1985 LP, adding one bonus track, with exact reproduction of the original artwork and features a printed inner sleeve with unpublished photos and lyrics, plus a 12" x 18" double-sided insert with Portuguese and English liner notes and other ephemera. Recorded live on March 17, 1985 at the Teatro Lira Paulistana. Licensed from Ataque Frontal Records.