Scarecrow #46

ΧΩΡΙΣ ΟΙΚΤΟ εύκολη λεία” ΕP
Hardcore/Punk the way is should be. Five new songs, more punk this time. Αφιερωμένο στον αδερφό μας Βαγγέλη Κ, που έφυγε νωρίς.
Pressing info:
200 copies on Black vinyl / Yellow Sleeve
70 copies on Black vinyl / Red Sleeve (SOLD OUT)
30 copies limited edition silk screened with different cover (SOLD OUT)

Scarecrow #45

εις τόπον χλοερόν" LP
A brilliant unique melodic punk/garage from Athens with male and female vocals and mesmerizing keyboards.
Debut release from Nurse of War from Athens who play brilliant, unique melodic "halloween" punk'n'roll with male and female vocals and mesmerizing keyboards. Co-release between Scarecrow Records and B-otherside records.
"Athens disco punk all the way! Nurse of War is one more of those cases that I just HAD to shout about despite my zero free time and I did so again on this blog when I had discovered their incredible 2-track single Σιδηρά Παρθένα. Some weeks later, Εις Τόπον Χλοερόν was unleashed on their bandcamp and it immediately ensnared me with its pop architecture dressed with pure rock 'n' roll feeling and '60s garage keyboards throughout. The macabre and dark sarcasm of the lyrics and the sound samples from cult greek movies heard here and there are definitely a plus, and, all in all, we're talking about a record you want to dance to under a dusted discoball until your feet are sore." (
Available in three versions:
Yellow version: 15 copies (test press) with hand-made silk screened cover, hand numbered. (SOLD OUT)
Halloween version: 30 copies on black vinyl, regular version with extra hand-made silk screened cover, hand numbered. (SOLD OUT)
Regular version: 220 copies οn black vinyl.

Scarecrow #44

COLD I νθη γκρεμού" MLP
New mini LP. Even more melodic and nostalgic dark post punk.

Scarecrow #43 (SOLD OUT)

YOUTH CRUSHER "demo - us tour 2018" Cassette Tape

Seven new songs recorded live in the studio especially for the upcoming US tour.

Scarecrow #42

Lifewreck started in 2012, in 2014 they self released their EP cotaining 8 songs called "Aggravation". On the early 2017, the band hit the studio to record 13 new songs for their first full length album. Within this new recording, you will be able to spot an intense chance of their style which progressed  from raw powerviolence with ripping in grind style vocals to more of early US hardcore sound blended with nowadays US sound with real great match delay on vocals. The songs are still short and aggressive but more restrained with 2-3 exceptions. Limited to 300 copies.

Scarecrow #41

CORPSES - st Cassette Tape
Excellent d-beat hc/punk with some rock'n roll elements from

Scarecrow #40

ΗΛΙΟΣ ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ "στην απεραντοσύνη του φόβου" LP
"Στην απεραντοσύνη του φόβου" is the debut full lenght by the Athens based Ήλιος Θανάτου. The LP features 7 songs of dark, metallic and crust influenced hardcore.

Scarecrow #39 (SOLD OUT)

YOUTH CRUSHER "demo 2017" Cassette Tape
Some ex Cut Off folks still hungry for fast core. Ltd edition 100 copies.

Scarecrow #38

Network Of Friends split LP. Four new songs by Conspiracy of Denial  + one cover song (Λιθη's "Ψωραλέα Δυσανθρωπίλα"), on the other side Λιθη offering three new songs + one cover song
(Conspiracy Of Denial's "Αρνηση")

Scarecrow #37

" LP
Three years after "πτώση" LP, Αρχή του τέλους come back with new album. Amazing political post punk in the vein of Γενια του Χαους/The Estranged + their own unquotable style.

Scarecrow #36 (SOLD OUT)

COLD I  "κακός ανεμος" LP
Debut LP by Cold I from Athens. Following the digital single "Kakos Anemos" which came out in early 2016 and received good feedback, in spring the band recorded 8 songs. In terms of music,
this album brings to mind bands like Joy Division/The Sound mixed with early Greek 80's dark wave/post punk sound. All lyrics are in Greek, which gives a special feeling to the music. Limited to 300.


Scarecrow #35 (SOLD OUT)

ΧΩΡΙΣ ΟΙΚΤΟ (Horis Ikto) formed in autumn 2015 and are technically a new band in the punk scene of Athens, although their members are "veterans" from groups such as  Antimob, Sarabante, Cut Off and Paroxysmos. Since their very first gigs they managed to capture the fans' attention and this is only fair given that their singer is the most handsome lad ;) in the Greek punk scene. In May, the group entered Ignite Studio and recorded nine mid to fast tempo songs for their first album, entirely sung in Greek, picking up right where split ep with Gutter left off but with a more mature sound. The vocals are aggressive, raging drums are beating frantic, twangy and thrash-drenched riffs - with some tasty solos - tear right through you as the bass hits you in the face.  The artwork is all hand-made and bears the signature of Drop Virus. The LP is housed in a high quality colored fold out and comes with a huge 60 Χ 90 cm poster. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Scarecrow #34 (SOLD OUT)

UPTIGHT BASTARD "rockandrollholocaust" LP
Uptight Bastard was a short lived band from Athens. They only managed to record one demo in 2009 that was released on CD-r. Uptight Bastard played "Motorhead influenced drunk D-Beat Crust n Roll blending crust, D-Beat and old school hardcore under the blessing of uncle Lemmy. Sound stinks alcohol, songs have catchy riffs, guitar is thick, vocals are rough, lyrics deal with booze and being wasted and drums lead each song to fast yet steady beat." (Description taken from 7inch crust blog). This LP contains the demo mastered by Vaggelis/Paroxysmos and an unreleased rehearsal from 2011 which was mastered in North London Bomb Factory. This release is limited to only 110 copies.

Scarecrow #33

ΧΩΡΙΣ ΟΙΚΤΟ / GUTTER "μουσική για τα παιδιά σας" - split EP
Χωρίς Οίκτο: New band by punk veterans from Antimob, Sarabante, Παροξυσμός and Cut Off. Hardcore in the way only Greeks can play. 
Gutter: Old band by veterans from Antimob, Sarabante and Lifewreck. Early 80's American style hardcore. 
Three new songs by each band. 300 copies have been pressed on black vinyl, 200 with white cover and 100 with grey.

Scarecrow #32 (SOLD OUT)

ΠΑΡΟΞΥΣΜΟΣ "σήψη γενεών" LP
"Sipsi geneon" is the first full-length album by Paroxysmos who started in 2013 as a one-man studio project. Their influences can be found in Greek crust/punk of the '90s but this time with some more d-beat and thrash elements. This one is for sure their most complete and mature release. This time, Vangelis, the driving force of the band, has handled only drums and vocals. All guitars have been performed by Marios P. and bass by Tilemahos K. (Dead Congregation) Guest vocals by Takis A. (Cut Off/Horis Ikto), Midas (Antimob/Horis Ikto), Vangelis (Sarabante/Horis Ikto) and Panos A. (Dephosphorus). 350 copies of black vinyl. Listen to the entire album here:

Scarecrow #31 (SOLD OUT)

Ψύχωση (Psychosis) were formed in 1993 and played excellent crust punk following the footsteps of 'Chaotic End' and 'Forgotten Prophecy'. Numerous live sets in Villa Amalias and almost every self-organized place of the era. They participated in the compilation "Disturbing Domestic Peace" while they released a demo in 1994. During the years 1996 and 1997, eight tracks were recorded for their first album aiming to release it on vinyl but unfortunately never happened. In 1998 they played their last live set and dissolved afterwards.
Thanks to the cooperation and persistence of Scarecrow Records and Nikos from Labyrinth Of Thoughts, after nearly 19 years this long lost gem is finally released on vinyl. With new mastering and 4 page insert with lyrics and posters of the band live sets.
350 copies made on black vinyl.

Scarecrow #30

In the fall of 2015 Cut Off entered the studio and recorded ten tracks in order to release a 7 inch. Shortly afterwards the band dissolved and the release was postponed.... but only for a few months. In the fall of '16 along 7inch distro and the band we decided to release the record as soon as possible. The 7" includes 10 tracks of fast hardcore, this time the sound is dirtier compared to the bands LP. The 7" is released in 250 black copies.

Scarecrow #29 (SOLD OUT)

PROCRASTINATE "ideals to burn" EP
Three new songs from this Greek crust combo. For fans of: Tragedy & Skitsystem.

Scarecrow #28 (SOLD OUT)

Era Of Fear from Xanthi/northern Greece play dark anarcho post punk with their own sound. Four new songs following their EP that was released two years ago. On the flip side we have Πανδημια from Athens. Unfortunately, these are the last four songs that they recorded just before splitting up. Great anarcho punk strictly inspired by early 80's Greek and UK punk scene. 500 copies on black vinyl.

Scarecrow #27

New band from Athens, two songs metallic crusty hardcore in the vein of Martyrdod. 200 copies on black vinyl.

Scarecrow #26 (SOLD OUT)

ΠΑΡΟΞΥΣΜΟΣ "χημικά κατάλοιπα" LP
Παροξυσμός (Paroxysmos) is one man project from Athens, after very well received EP released at the late 2013 we decide to release on vinyl his first demo "Χημικά κατάλοιπα" (Chemical Residues) that was recorded in 2012, and six cover songs that was recorded at the late 2013. These songs are tribute to the late 80's/early 90's Greek Hardcore/Punk Scene.
320 copies on black vinyl, comes in 4-panel foldout sleeve with lyrics and artwork. Listen whole demo and cover songs here:

Scarecrow #25

THE DOG "the value of life is negative" EP
The Dog hail from Poland and play fast, in your face power violence hardcore in the vein of Infest/Cut Off/Trash Talk. The EP will be available in three versions: Regular version on black or clear vinyl (5 euro) and limited version with an additional silk-screen cover (8 euro). The difference of 3 euro will be donated to Polish foundation Znajdki who take care of stray animals and are in need of money. Co-release between Scarecrow, Long Walk, Elephant Skin and band.

Scarecrow #24 (SOLD OUT)

ΑΠΟΓΝΩΣΗ "δυο λεπτά πριν" LP
Απόγνωση (Desperation) formed in Athens in October 1984 was one of the lesser known Greek hc/punk bands from mid 80's that was influenced by UK bands like Disorder and Chaos UK. Their one and only official release was their contribution on tape compilation "What 's going on inside my head" together with 13 more bands from all over the world, put out by Swedish fanzine "Fetvadd" in 1985. Some of their songs were released on an unofficial split tape with Adiexodo, too. On this LP we have collected all of their studio recordings, 9 songs in total. Also, we have added a full live show from 1985. The four-page insert will include a biography, lyrics in Greek and English and of course many unpublished photos. The mastering took place in April 2014 by Nick Stylidis. 321 copies on black vinyl.

First press 321 copies on black vinyl (Sold Out)
Second press 158 copies on grey vinyl. (Sold Out)
Listen to full LP here:

Scarecrow #23 (SOLD OUT)

Αρχή Του Τέλους (Beginning of The End) is a political post hc/punk band from Athens that was formed in 2000. "Πτώση" (Fall) was originally released in late 2013 on tape only, but together with the band and We Don't Fight Records we decided to released it on vinyl. New mastering was done early this year and the record is released on 320 copies (black vinyl).
Listen to the whole record here:

Scarecrow #22

Dyspnea from Tyrnavos (Greece) strike back following a six year long hiatus! It is noted that their split ΕΡ with Nakot was the first release by Scarecrow Records in 2007. Five gloomy and depressing crust songs composed during the past few years and recorded one afternoon in May 2013. Unfit Earth from Volos (Greece) present three heavy metallic crust songs recorded in spring 2013. Jaw-dropping artwork by the "almighty" Admczeroseven and mastering by Dan/Mammoth Sound Mastering. 500 copies on black vinyl.
Listen To Full LP here:

Scarecrow #21 (SOLD OUT)

ΑΔΙΕΞΟΔΟ / ΓΕΝΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΧΑΟΥΣ "καλή σας όρεξη" split LP -
Αδιέξοδο (Dead End) and Γενιά Του Χάος (Chaos Generation) were among the first and most important Greek punk bands in the early '80s. For both, this was their first official release and one of the first DIY punk releases in Greece. The bands recorded their songs in late 1983 and the split was released in May 1984 on tape only. Now, 30 years later we bring it on vinyl with three  unreleased  bonus songs from Γενιά Του Χάος and four from Αδιέξοδο. Nearly 60 minutes music in total. The artwork has also been updated: The six-page insert will include many archive/unpublished photos and lyrics in Greek and English. An essential release for any fan of early Euro hc/punk.
500x Grey Vinyl
489x Black Vinyl
Listen to full LP here:

Scarecrow #20 (SOLD OUT)

PANIKOS "war continued" LP
Panikos is one of the most historic punk bands of Thessaloniki with 25 years lifetime. With difficulties, large breaks in their presence, but with a remarkable activity in the last years at least according record releases. "The War Continues" is an anniversary release which includes the first demo of the band that was recorded in studio Agrotikon of Nikos Papazoglou in May 1990. The A side of the LP contains 11 tracks with a total duration of 24 minutes. Although some of these tracks were re-recorded again later, the dynamic of the first recordings remains unsurpassed. Only 2 tracks survived on a bobbin (20th Century and Nothing new), the rest were taken from a cassette, the necessary processing was done so that the sound would have the best possible result.
The B side of the LP contains the two tracks from the compilation of Villa Amalias «Disturbing domestic peace.", "The day of wrath" & "Last generation", but in the right rpms this time. It also contains "The circle of the damned" which was included only in the German compilation “Standardsituationen #3”. An unreleased track "Litany" recorded in 1998 and two recent recordings. A cover of Genia tou Chaous (Social subproducts) and a brand new track, "Electroshock". The mastering took place in autumn 2013 by Nick Stylidis of Labyrinth of Thoughts records.
400 copies all in black vinyl, released in February 2014.

Listen to full LP here:

Scarecrow #19 (SOLD OUT)

MY TURN "dead weight" EP
My Turn are among the hardest working bands within the Greek DIY scene during the past 2-3 years, with numerous live performances in Greece or abroad. "Dead Weight" is their first release for their new guitar player. The four songs contained here are in the same vein as their split with The Bridge and sounds a little more heavy than their LP. 300 copies on black vinyl.  Co-release between Scarecrow, Anchored Records and a band.
Listen To Full EP  HERE

Scarecrow #18 - (SOLD OUT)

ΑNFO started in early 2013 with Sotiris Theoharis (Adiexodo, NoMind) on vocals and guitar, Nikos Charalambopoulos “Tsouloufis” (Adiexodo, Deus X Machina) on bass, Fotis P. (My Turn) on guitar and Giorgos Chloros (NoMind) on drums. Their sound goes beyond the borders of punk rock, which is the group members' starting point. The core of their songs is simple, on-the-spot, revolutionary rock’n’roll. The band's first months of existence were very creative, as they recorded their debut mini LP which is now available in 300 copies through B-otherside Records and Scarecrow Records, in cooperation with It contains four songs of pure explosive music.
Listen to full LP here:

Scarecrow #17 (SOLD OUT)

ΠΑΡΟΞΥΣΜΟΣ "οι θεοί της λήθης" EP
Παροξυσμός (Paroxysmos) is a one-man project from Athens, six songs in the vein of classic late 80's/early 90's Greek crust/hc with lyrics in Greek, of course. Limited edition of 200 copies with a small poster.
Co-release between Scarecrow, Weird Face, Sabrota, No Sanctuary and Now or Newer)
Listen To Full EP  HERE

Scarecrow #16 (SOLD OUT)

ΛΗΘΗ (Lethe) - st - LP
Lethe) from Patra play blackened hc/crust. Their debut 12" LP contains ten angry and passionate songs sung in the Greek language. Comes with a four page insert including lyrics in two languages (Greek/English) and drawings. Really amazing production and artwork done by Andreas Admczeroseven complement this release. 500 copies on black vinyl. Co-release between band, Scarecrow, Eye5, Imminent Destruction, Clenhead, Centipede, No Sanctuary and Music We Create.
Listen To Full Album HERE

Scarecrow #15 (SOLD OUT)


Conspiracy of Denial is another new band from Athens that blew me away when I first saw them about a year ago. In their music you can hear influences from bands like From Ashes Rise or R.A.M.B.O. complete with amazing female/male vocals. This is their first full length and if you like the bands that I wrote above, I guarantee you will love this record. 7 songs in English and 2 in Greek.
00 copies on black vinyl.
Listen To Full Album  HERE

Scarecrow #14 (SOLD OUT)

CUT OFF "sick of this life" Single-sided 12"

Athens fast core pride on their first LP. 15 songs + Minor Threat cover in nearly 13 minutes says it all.... If you like bands like Coke Bust/Low Threat Profile with some youth crew feeling, you will love these guys.
Οne sided 12" on black vinyl. Limited edition of 320 copies. 250 copies with regular cover and 50 copies tour edition with Minor Threat "out of step" rip off cover art. Co-release between Eye5, Scarecrow and the band. The full album is now available online for streaming via Bandcamp. 300 copies on black vinyl.
Listen To Full Album HERE

Scarecrow #13 (SOLD OUT)

Split LP between two bands from Greece. Dirty Wombs are from Patras and play amazing burning spirits hc sung in English and Greek. After a great demo tape and a split EP they are back with their best recordings to date. Gutter from Athens with members from Antimob/Jaggernaut/Sarabante play early US HC. This is their first vinyl release after one demo. On their side, you can heard six angry songs with great obliterating vox. It is completed with great artwork and nice packaging with Obi Strip. Co-release between Scarecrow, Screaming Victims, No Sanctuary and the bands. Limited to 321 copies on heavy 180 gram black vinyl.
Listen To Full Album:

 Download full album HERE.

Scarecrow #12 (SOLD OUT)

ΠΑΝΔΗΜΙΑ "μοντέρνα πανούκλα" LP
Πανδημία (Pandemia) are a post-punk band from Athens, Greece and this will be their debut release. Heavily influenced by the old U.K anarcho punk scene of the 80's and the early Greek hardcore/punk scene of the same era. For punks who like bands such as The System, Crisis and Adiexodo. 500 copies on black vinyl.
Co-release between Scarecrow, Eye5, Imminent Destruction, We Don't Fight It, and Scull Crasher.
Listen To Full Album  HERE

Scarecrow #11 (SOLD OUT)

Long awaited record from two Greek bands. Hellstorm perform four new songs in the vein of Extinction Of Mankind / Disfear. The top-notch recording takes the band to the next level. This is their best work, in my opinion. Panikos appear on the flip side. This band is very active lately as regards new recordings and releases. They offer three new songs along their usual high standards established during their latest albums; this time with a tad of psychedelia thrown in the mix. Good looking artwork, different for each band, and 34 minutes of music in total.
500 copies on Black vinyl.
Listen To Full Album:
Panikos - Side
Hellstorm - Side

Scarecrow #10 (SOLD OUT)

Twenty seven years have lapsed since 1986, the year when Adiexodo released their one and only full-length album through Enigma Records. Unfortunately, tracks like "The cells of Messogion Street", "Subculture", "Political Party Sheepfold" and the other songs of the album remain up to date as if nothing has changed since that time, in a country where poverty, oppression and autarchy have become the rule; where nazism and racism poison society and the regime has turned into parliamentary dictatorship. As a result of the urgency of the band's message and the rarity of the album (only 800 copies were initially pressed, most of which were traded abroad), "38 millimeters" soon became a very expensive collector's item. Occasionally, unauthorized replicas of the original album were released and sold at "collector" prices, of course. This gap is now filled in by the collective effort of B-otherSide and Scarecrow Records who have repressed the album at 500 red and 300 black copies, fully remastered for vinyl. This edition comes with a four page insert including lyrics and biography in two languages (Greek and English) supervised by the band, as well as unreleased photographs taken from the archives of Giorgos Tourkovasilis and the band members themselves.
First Press:
500 x Red vinyl.
300 x Black vinyl.
Second Press:
300 x Clear vinyl.

Listen to full LP here

Scarecrow #9 (SOLD OUT)

New band from Athens. Μusic and lyrics that expresses the current situation in Greek society ... sorrow .... anger ... despair ... from a country on its knees. Ekkaia meets Fall Of Efrafa on the streets of Athens.... You can watch the video here
The Source - video

Scarecrow #8 (SOLD OUT)

PANIKOS "anatropi" One sided LP
New mini LP with four songs in the style known from "awakening from lethargy". The beautiful cover and almost 25 minutes of music. 300 copies one sided LP on black vinyl.

No return - video
Listen to full LP here

Scarecrow #7 (SOLD OUT)

FAITHREAT "thrashing with the stars" EP
Following their first release entitled "Back to the pit" (2009), Faithreat from the city of Volos strike back. Their sophomore assault is a seven-inch containing eight shots of high-speed thrashcore with fun lyrics and references to notorious international artists, such as Mitch Buchannon, Steven Seagal and our own Kostas Tsakonas! Released in collaboration with Screaming Victims Records, World's Appreciated Kitsch Records and True to the game records.
Listen To Full EP HERE

Scarecrow #6 (SOLD OUT)

PANIKOS "awakening from lethargy" LP
Finally, after almost one year of delay, the new Panikos album is ready! It contains six songs recorded in the summer of 2009, half of which come form old demos and the rest are brand new. The group sounds slightly different in this recording, which is heavier and more metal, but the spirit of crust punk lives on in their music and lyrics. 500 copies on pitch-black vinyl, with insert and poster. Co-release with WAK (Greece), Scream (Poland), Trades are more human (Greece), Alcoholic Desaster (Greece) and Symphony of Destructions (France). American press available on SPHC Records.
Listen to full LP here

Scarecrow #5 (SOLD OUT)

RUINED FAMILIES "four wall freedom" LP
Ruined Families hail from Athens, Greece and their first album "'Four Wall Freedom"' is ot now! Dark, melodic yet in your face, Deathwish style hardcore music, with a strong poetic / philosophical approach. Fans of Cursed, early  Converge and Rorschach, keep an eye on them!
Listen To Full Album  HERE

Scarecrow #4 (SOLD OUT)

MASAKARI "the prophet feeds" LP
Masakari from Cleveland on their first full-length present 10 tracks of raging political hardcore crammed with fast parts perfectly mixed with monumental slow downs and strong influences from bands like From Ashes Rise and His Hero Is Gone. The LP comes as a 180 gram pressing and a awesome 350 gram heavy gatefold cover, artwork made by Japanese legend Sugi. The “Prophet Feeds” was engineered by Bill Korecky (Incantation, Keelhaul, Integrity) and recorded at Mars Studio in Cleveland. 1200 copies on black, 300 copies on red vinyl. It's a deadly sin not to have it!!!
Co-release with Halo Of Flies (Usa), Contraszt (Germany) and Alerta Antifascista (Germany). CD on Southern Lord will follow soon.
Listen To Full Album  HERE

Scarecrow #3

Drip Of Lies are five dudes hailing from Poland, playing four heavy songs in the vein of Tragedy with desperate personal lyrics. Amazing, deep and powerful recording. 500 copies, some on colored vinyl too.
Co release with La Humaindad Es La Plaga (Spain), Scream (Poland) and Angry Voice (Germany).
Listen To Full Album  HERE


Scarecrow #2 (SOLD OUT)

AFTERBIRTH "the prophecy of doom" LP
Second full length from these Scottish/Polish punks from Edinburgh (Scotland). 8 songs burly modern neo crust not so far away from From Ashes Rise and with a little touch of Burial. Recorded in Studio 1 in 12 by Bri (Doom). Amazing cover art from Artur (Bright City Design). 500 copies made on black vinyl. Buy now or cry later. Cooperation between four labels: Scream (Poland), Sadness Of Noise (Ireland), Scarecrow (Greece), Insane Society (Czech Republic)
Afterbirth - Mau Mau


Scarecrow #1 (SOLD OUT)

This is the first ever (co-) release from Scarecow Distro, along with two more Greek labels! Dyspnea are a group from Tyrnavos (Greece) and present two low-tuned crust songs in the vein of Tragedy and Doom. Nakot are from Belgrade (Serbia) and play tight Scandinavian-style hardcore. Three songs from them. Artwork by Doomsday Graphics.