"Crossover The Edge : Where Hardcore, Punk and Metal Collide" - Alexandros Anesiadis (Cherry Red) - 19€
During the 1980s, a time of conflict among alternative and increasingly tribal musical subcultures, an interesting compromise began to take form in the hardcore, punk and metal worlds. Blending the musical and visual elements of all three, this scene within several scenes came to be known as Crossover. Pulling together bands from diverse subcultural backgrounds (including the Skinhead, Oi and Anarcho scenes) to create a unique fusion whose appeal reached out to a large proportion of each of their fans, the movement was nevertheless overlooked by purists from each side. But inarguably, Crossover (or "Speedcore" as some came to call it), lent a fresh air to a metal scene at risk of stagnation, and brought a welcome atmosphere of experimentation to punk rock. Crossover The Edge contains in-depth features on over 100 key bands from the scene's 1980s heyday, including Agnostic Front, Cro Mags, Crumbsuckers, Leeway, Gang Green, Nuclear Assault, Lethal Aggression, D.R.I., Corrosion of Conformity, Impulse Manslaughter, Verbal Abuse, Attitude Adjustment, Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, Beowulf, Dr. Know, Septic Death, Cryptic Slaughter, Accused, Dayglo Abortions, Discharge, Broken Bones, English Dogs, Sacrilege, Warfare, Raw Power, Rumble Militia, Lobotomia, Overkill L.A., Mentors, Void and Amebix. Another 500 bands are also featured briefly.
Format Paperback | 600 pages
Publisher Cherry Red Records

"XXX Fanzine (1983-1988) : Hardcore and Punk in the Eighties" - Mike Gitter (Bridge Nine Press) - 30
xXx Fanzine (1983-1988): Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties" isn't merely a collection of articles, reviews and photographs from one of hardcore America's best-known fanzines. It's a chronicle of punk's evolution in the '80s: a story of music and ideologies in motion. xXx's story picks up while the first wave of hardcore was in full swing. Major players including Minor Threat had already released landmark records and bands were loading up station wagons to play now infamous venues like The Channel, A7 or D.C. Space. While based in Boston, MA, xXx's main writer and editor, Mike Gitter, not only concentrated on his own city's burgeoning scene, spearheaded by bands like S.S. Decontrol and DYS, but looked to other states and countries for xXx's reportage. This 288-page book documents a time when hardcore and punk were not mutually exclusive and bands and cities had a chance to develop their own diverse and strident sounds. Now, in addition to
reproducing (and restoring) countless interviews and pages from the'zine itself, xXx Fanzine re-interviews countless bands and musical prime-movers including Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris and members of Agnostic Front, Bad Brains and Cro-Mags to give the book a rare "then-and-now"perspective. "xXx Fanzine (1983-1988): Hardcore & Punk in The Eighties" isn't merely a look back at hardcore's salad days, but a unique look at how punk's music and message shook the mainstream itself.
Format Hardback | 288 pages
Dimensions 279 x 279 x 23mm | 1,792g

Banned in DC : Photos and Ancedotes from the DC Punk Underground (1979-85)" -  Cynthia Connolly (Sun Dog Pr) - 27
Sometimes being a Washington DC insider means access to political movers and shakers--sometimes, as in the case of photographer Cynthia Connolly, it means access to a great collection of photographs from the glory days of DC hardcore punk. Taken both by Connolly and an assortment of punk enthusiasts, BANNED IN DC is a set of vibrant shots that portray the anarchic spirit, pure energy, and camaraderie of the DC scene in a series of 450 black and white photographs. Major figures in the hardcore movement, like Dischord Records co-owner and then-Minor Threat member Ian MacKaye and Bad Brains vocalist HR, share space with naked musicians, ubiquitous scenesters, shaven-headed audience members, and riotous punks, in a freewheeling combination of pictures and quotes. Vividly capturing the scene's idealistic intensity, BANNED IN DC is an invaluable document of Washington hardcore's exuberance and aspirations.
 Format Paperback | 176 pages
Dimensions 200 x 274 x 10mm | 598.75g

"Dance Of Days: Updated Edition : Two Decades of Punk in the Nation's Capital" Mark Andersen and Mark Jenkins (Akashic Books,U.S.) - 28
Washington, DC’s creative, politically insurgent punk scene is studied for the first time by local activist Mark Andersen and arts writer Mark Jenkins. The nation’s capital gave birth to the most influential punk underground of the ’80s and ’90s. Dance of Days recounts the rise of trailblazing artists such as Bad Brains, Henry Rollins, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, Fugazi, and Bikini Kill, while examining the roots of PMA, straight edge, Dischord Records, Revolution Summer, Positive Force, and Riot Grrrl. This book provides a window on the hidden history of a grassroots rock revolution that burst into the mainstream in the early ’90s following the success of Nirvana and its groundbreaking album, Nevermind.
Format Paperback | 436 pages
Dimensions 203 x 203 x 25.4mm | 771g

"Making a Scene : New York Hardcore in Photos, Lyrics & Commentary Revisited 1985-1988" -  Bri Hurley and Chris Daily (Butter Goose Press) - 19
Originally released in 1989 with a scant 79 photos and under 100 pages; this expanded edition brings over 200 photographs as well as reflections from key characters documenting a special time period in one of the most notorious hardcore music scene in the country. Making a Scene - New York Hardcore in Photos, Lyrics and Commentary Revisited 1985-1988 captures the energy of the New York hardcore music scene in photographs, lyrics, and comments from those involved in their music, their attitudes, and their lifestyle. Hardcore is a way of life for thousands of band members and fans all over the world. Here, New York City's hardcore movement is represented in all of its outspoken, opinionated, and often contradictory variety.
Format Paperback | 160 pages
Dimensions 175.26 x 251.46 x 10.16mm | 294.83g

ANTHRAX "they've got it all wrong" (Mad Butcher) - 7€
An anarcho punk EP from 1983, recorded by a rather obscure English band, gets reissued on wax! You get four tracks.

CHRONIC ABUSE "civil society" (AMOK) - 8€
This is what made me start AMOK RECORDS again after a hiatus of 24 years. So it must be something special. CHRONIC ABUSE is UK82 Hardcore with a modern touch right in your face. Behind this new band are Adam Thomas (of Blood Pressure, No Time, Concealed Blade to name a few) doing lyrics and vocals and mastermind Tim Ruttorf (of Short Fuse and Complete Loss) doing the music and all instruments. The 7” contains 4 driving Hardcore tracks with thoughtful political lyrics. Housed in a double-sided fold-over sleeve it also contains 1 of 40 different photos done by Tim in his hometown Dortmund showing civil society as he regards it (so start collect all 40
). Only 200 copies pressed. The band plans to tour Europe within the second half of the year.

THE UNDERDOGS "east of dachau" (Mad Butcher) - 6€
The Underdogs from Leeds In Yorkshire England released this excellent slab of Brit street punk in 1983 on Riot City Records.

URIN "incydent" (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
It's always great to release records of bands with members of other outstanding bands, especially when they sound fucking dope! Members of Rock (Karolina), Piss (Per), Cuntroaches (David) and Vexx/G.L.O.S.S. (Corey), got together in Berlin and started this band.
This is raw lo-fi hardcore punk in the vein of SKITLICKERS - which seems to be plasphemic, but believe me, it is not! Most of the time I am bored when there are new bands trying to deliver hardcorepunk. So I have just a real ear for bands that take hardcore to some new, weird, and exciting places. And thats why ETT brings you this EP. straight out of the Berlin gutters.
The new wave of raw Berlin hardcore is here and alongside fellow bands like LIFE FUCKER and PISS, URIN are holding a match to the firecracker set to explode under the asses of all the would-be artists, internet activists and party people currently scourging the German capital too.
Short, fast, loud, brutal, heavy, obnoxious. Too punk for metal, too metal for punk. This is deadly serious raw punk, much better than most of the so called "raw punk" bands out there. It has that "broke into the studio in the middle of the night" sound quality. The vocals, drums and guitar tone - everything sounds like a lost 1982 recording out of Gothenburg. Four perfect tunes in the vein of Shitlickers and Anti Cimex! No compromises - just pure Swedish! Ultra! Mega! Raw! Hardcore! Punk!



TOXIC MINDS - st (Stand Against Vivisection)
Released on cassette two years ago but now it's time for vinyl. Finnish hardcore from Salonica City.

ABADDON "wet za wet" (Warsaw Pact) - 12.50€
The original release was the result of international DIY efforts avoiding the narrow-mindedness of the Iron Curtain. It also brought together two of the strongest scenes of the Eastern Bloc - Polish and Yugoslavian. All of the recordings were done in Borut Cine Studio, in Ljubljana, during Abaddon's tour of Yugoslavia. Invited by Peter Barbaric, they also played a couple of shows with bands like Pankrti or U.B.R. The "Wet za wet" LP was then released by New Wave Records from France. Because of this, and also thanks to worldwide tape-traders and the band's appearances on comp. tapes like "Noise Behind the Iron Dustbin" or "Cultural Compost Pit", as well as a bootleg split-tape with Rejestracja, they were quite well-known beyond their home country. In Poland, their regular performances at the Jarocin Festival and appearances on legendary compilations like "Fala" and "Jak punk to punk" established the band as one of the classics of the genre. The LP contains 8 fast, direct, and tight Hardcore Punk ragers and a great roots/dub song called "Ljubljana night." Coming from their Polish/Eastern European perspective, the album's lyrics and artwork expressed a protest against any form of authoritarian power - from the brutality of fascism during WWII and the 1981 revolts in Poland, to more current world problems of the time, like Apartheid in South Africa and the global arms race. In the context of Poland's political climate in the 80s, their lyrics and music were seriously impressive. Mastering for the reissue was done from the original sources by Jarek Smok at Studio As One (Warsaw). The LP features a gatefold cover, an additional booklet with an exclusive interview with Tomasz Dorn, drummer of Abaddon and words from Patrice (New Wave Records) and plenty of rare photos (including the work of Michał Wasążnik - one of the best documenters of 80s punk in Poland). All of the lyrics and the interview come with English translations. One of the most classic releases of Polish Hardcore Punk available again on vinyl!

AGNOSY "when daylight reveals the torture" (Profane Existence/Scream) - 16€
Brandnew full length album of this London based Metallic crust/d-beat band kicking it since 2010. Seven tracks of galloping and shredding high octane crust core better than never before.
Recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

AMANDA WOODWARD "discography" (Destructure/Stonehenge) - 3xLP - 26€
It has been years in the making ! After several represses, reissues, release projects and ideas that never came out, something big is finally about to see the light of day. Early June, Destructure along with Stonehenge are releasing the long awaited Amanda Woodward collection records. Taking the shape of three LP, it gathers all the previous official releases as well as some unreleased alternate / demo versions of tracks that you've never heard before.
Amanda Woodward started late 1999 in Caen, Normandy. The diy punk scene there at that time was a dozen of enthusiastic kids playing in several bands each. From the ashes of SOAR, SEASON and ALCATRAZ, they started something whose goal was to defy everything they've done before. They have always been challenging punk musical subgenres, never fitting in any style, never being rock, hardcore, emo, and certainly not screamo. It was also time for a new era lyrically speaking, a subtle mix of rage and poetry with a high dose of play on words that remains very influent in french diy punk scene.
In the early 2000 the band has toured extensively, hundreds of shows in more than 20 european countries from Portugal to Russia and did a 5 weeks whole US tour. At the end of a Spanish tour in 2007, they decided they would not play anymore shows before the release of a new album that unfortunately was never written.
As almost all releases were sold out and for sale on the second hand market at stupidily indecent price, it was time to give a second life to these songs. They are coming along with bonus, housed in a beautiful kraft cardboard trifold cover and being sold at the lowest price possible.
Most band members are still active and playing in bands. Singer and lyrics writer – Jerome - is in Rouille and is the tattoo artist known as Sztuka Wojny in Barcelona ; Bass player – Pierre - is currently in End It and Cemented Minds ; Guitar Player – Nico - is in Bleakness, Karysun, Better Off Dead, Marée Noire as well as still running Destructure record label ; late drummer – Antoine - is in Nine Eleven and Burning Bright ; early guitar player - Cyrille - is in End It ; early drummer – Bastien - is doing Nodwes.
May this collection be the way to end a chapter, it would not have been possible to complete it  correctly without the help and involvement of band members' longtime friends at various stages. All songs have been (re) mastered by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studio, he had recorded « Meurt La Soif » ep and done live sound on few shows as well as recorded related bands (Aussitôt Mort, Karysun, Bleakness, Death Mercedes, Burning Bright...). Pictures used for the artwork has been taken by very talented friend Mathieu Mellec, and lay-out has been done by also very talented and Destructure close collaborator Hugues Le Corre.
You can choose to order two versions of this release ; black vinyl or colored vinyl (there were 300 made of these) and labels webstores have a limited screenprinted poster with artwork by Hugues Puzzle to thank people ordering direct.
Records are pressed, sleeves are on their way to our warehouse, posters are about to be printed. All orders will ship around june the 10th, we are now taking preorders so we will have time to pack carefully your records.

AMEBIX "arise!" (Amebix Records) - 25€ (Limited Heavy Black Vinyl)
Arise! is the debut album by the British crust punk band Amebix, released on 14 September 1985 by Alternative Tentacles. This is one of the top ten all time best punk/hardcore albums. Dark, brooding punk with heavy metal, post-punk, and folk rock influences. As someone once said, they were “too metal for the punks and too primitive for metal heads”. If you like Hellhammer, Venom, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath and Motörhead and also can get down with Dead Kennedys, Discharge, Subhumans, and Crass, then this is your band. Remastered, black vinyl, 2 bonus tracks. Includes a double-sided b&w lyric and info sheet.

AMEBIX "monolith/the power remains" (Amebix Records) 2x LP - 25€
Monolith has finally returned to Amebix after long and difficult relationship with the label that issued it originally. It is now remastered and here is presented with Bonus tracks from demo sessions and a live tracks recorded live in the longrace hall bath September 1987. As with the Arise! Re issue stunning brand new artwork has been created by Andy Lefton of Minneapolis band War/Plague. Andy also created the artwork for the comeback album Sonic Mass. Brand new liner notes by the bands Bassist and Vocalist Rob “The Baron” Miller. Limited edition double LP.

AMEBIX "live slovenia 86'" (Amebix Records) - 25€ (Orange Vinyl)
Originally issued as a limited pressing on CD in the 1990’s that was authorized by the band, this is the first time it has been authorized to be pressed on vinyl. This reissue has been cleaned up and has new artwork. The music was recorded live at a gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1986. This release is a limited pressing of only 500 copies. The vinyl came housed in a black paper dust sleeve.

AMEBIX "sonic mass" (Amebix Records) - 25€ (Silver Vinyl, Gatefold)
Silent since the late 80s, Amebix, a duo of the reclusive swordsmith Rob Miller and his brother Stig have had their lineup augmented with the addition of drummer Roy Mayorga (Soulfly, Stone Sour). Sonic Mass is their first album in over 20 years and their third in total. Deluxe gatefold sleeve with spot varnish front & back : stunning artwork by Andy Lefton : full colour printed inner sheet : silver vinyl

BIG BLACK "songs about fucking" (Touch And Go) - 20€
Big Black was started by Steve Albini in 1982 while he was attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Lungs, the first Big Black release was recorded by Steve on a borrowed 4-track. He played everything on the EP himself - except the sax bleating courtesy of pal John Bohnen and the drums courtesy of Roland.
Soon after, Steve recruited Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun) on bass, and Santiago Durango (also Naked Raygun) joined them on guitar. In 1983, together with live drummer Pat Byrne, they recorded the Bulldozer EP. By 1984, the band had done some touring and recorded the Racer X EP and the start of the Il Duce 7”. After that, Jeff returned to Naked Raygun and was replaced by Dave Riley.
In 1985, Big Black recorded their first full-length, Atomizer, as well as finishing the Il Duce 7”. Atomizer was released in 1986 along with the release of the Hammer Party compilation CD.
In 1987, the Headache EP and Heartbeat 7” were released. That same year, the band recorded and released the 7” of The Model/He’s A Whore as well as their second full-length album, Songs About Fucking. They toured extensively (for Big Black). And they broke up.

BIG BLACK "atomizer" (Touch And Go) - 20€
Originally released in 1985, and now remastered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering, Big Black's first full-length album Atomizer will be re-released on September 25th, 2015. To save you having to do the math in your head, yes, that makes this a 30th anniversary reissue.
This remastered version of Atomizer includes the song "Strange Things" which appeared on the first pressing of Atomizer, but was not present on subsequent vinyl pressings nor on The Rich Man's Eight Track CD. It also comes with a double sided insert and a digital download coupon.
To put this release into context for the uninformed:  Big Black began in 1982. Steve Steve Albini, then a sophomore at Northwestern University, fanzine writer and loudmouth, released the Lungs EP on the Chicago co-operative label Ruthless (whose other artists at the time included Naked Raygun and the Effigies). Lungs was recorded in his apartment on a borrowed 4-track for the price of one case of beer.  After that record’s release, Jeff Pezzati (singer for Naked Raygun) and Santiago Durango (Naked Raygun, Arsenal), both linchpins of the burgeoning Chicago music scene, joined Big Black. During this period, the band established itself as a live act, recorded two more records, the Bulldozer EP and the Racer X EP, toured the U.S., and had -in general– a pretty good time.
Jeff Pezzati’s other obligations precipitated his departure from the band in 1984, when he was replaced by Dave Riley, bass player for Chicago swing-punk band Savage Beliefs. This lineup persisted until the band’s self-destruction in August of 1987.
Big Black toured the U.S., England, Europe, and Austrailia. They recorded a sh**load of records: Il Duce 45, Atomizer LP, Headache EP (which bore the heartbreakingly-honest disclaimer “Warning! Not as good as Atomizer. Don’t get your hopes up, Cheese.”), Heartbeat 45, He’s A Whore 45, Songs About Fucking LP, and Pig Pile LP / Video.

BUSINESS "saturday s heroes" (Daily) - 16€
Daily Records Vintage Series is back again, this time with the reissue of the second studio LP by The Business originally released in 1985. Includes lyrics inner bag plus previously unseen pictures of the band.

CHRISTIAN DEATH "only theater of pain" (Restless Empire) - 16€
Limited repress on Restless Empire. Gold vinyl. Only Theatre of Pain is the debut studio album by American rock band Christian Death, released in March 24, 1982 by record label Frontier. The album was produced by Christian Death and Thom Wilson. It is considered by most critics to be the harbinger of deathrock.

CRAWL NOISE “wall of noisecore” (F.O.A.D.) - 16€ (Black Vinyl)
when Grindcore was starting to spread all around and some maniacs tried to push the genre to even fiercer extremes, giving birth to the whole short-song Noisecore saga of bands like 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA, ANAL CUNT, VIOLENT NOISE ATTACK, STENCH OF CORPSE, SOUND POLLUTION, TUMOR and so on. CRAWL NOISE were clearly inspired by early NAPALM DEATH and SORE THROAT, but they pushed the level of madness and brutality to way more devastating boundaries. And their drummer Osi was then called to join the mighty FEAR OF GOD, so try to imagine how fast he was. As Erich Keller states: “After I saw Crawl Noise live, I tried everything to steal the drummer Osi for my own band Fear Of God.” This LP includes all their existing recordings: the first demo “Musical rape” (1988), their Demo #2 (1989) and two complete live sets from 1987 to 1988 (one was included on the B-side of their only 7″ and the other in some killer compilation tapes like “Rudi Rat 1” and SOA’s “Use your anger“).
What you get here is a deadly tornado of aberrant, antimusical Noisecore putrefaction blasting through impossibly fast drumming delirium, some awful background noise that could be a guitar/bass as much as a microphone pushed into a cement mixer, and at the top of all some of the most disturbing vomited grunts you can think of. Countless tracks,  complete acoustic demolition! Includes an insert with liner notes and original artworks from their few releases around at the time! Black vinyl limited to 200. Click HERE for the trailer!

DESTRUCTORS "exercise the demons of youth" (Radiation) - 15€
The Destructors were a classic UK82-era group originating from Peterborough, north of London and not exactly a hot-bed of punk activity. Rising out of the ashes of the short-lived first wave punk group The Blanks, who released one single in 1979, The Destructors latched onto the second wave sound and never looked back. Featuring liner notes by none other than the legendary Genesis P-Orridge, who wrote "In vinyl we have the ectoplasm of youth. The final psychic rally. A present testament set in present time. Breath in a dead soul. Hanging by a thread. Convinced and betrayed at zero point lies history." Another killer piece of rare UK '80s punk reissued by the fine folks at Radiation.

DIÄT "positive disintegration" (Blackest Ever Black)
Years in the making, the follow-up or maybe even companion piece to 2015's "Positive Energy", "Positive Disintegration" sees the band with a bit more of a pop zap to the ever present post punk dreariness of modern Berlin life... Or even modern life at large as most of the lyrical content has to do with the monotony of barely getting by or trying to have a meaningful exchange with a remotely interesting person. These things are hard to come by most of the time and this music eats at that very feeling. It's almost enough to make you wanna throw in the towel and move to Spain without a care in the world to haunt your remaining days. You probably won't though, you'll most likely listen to this record while you sip your overpriced room temperature coffee drink whilst ordering new bulbs for your anti depression lamp from a major online retailer. It just feels like life is getting away from you, ya know? Dark.
550 on black 140gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with lyric sheet, poster and download card included. Recorded by Tobias Lill. Mastered by Daniel Husayn. Art by Yuta Matsumura and Made Ollosp.

ENDLESS COLUMN - st (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
Each record ETT is releasing is special but this LP is the most special one so far. Because it involves one of my alltime favourite songwriter, artists and the first person I ever set up a punk show for. I talk about Douglas Burns and I am so proud te be part of this release - thanks my friend.
ENDLESS COLUMN started in 2010 when Doug Burns (OBSERVERS, RED DONS) moved to Chicago and started the band together with Jimmy Hollywood (TYRADES), David Wolf (DAYLIGHT ROBBERY) and Eric Watts. They deliver rocking lo-fi garagerock with surfy undertones. These ten songs are like all songs Doug Burns is involved in, unique catchy and memorable as possible.
There are bands that are content to sit within a pigeonhole and there are bands that diligently push against the edges, rebelling against expectations to find a sound all their own. The tune, at its core a smart bit of minor chord pop, is rife with echoes of time past and present—a bit of lofi garage punk here, some surf there, darkness, and the ubiquitous, insistent thud in the drums—rearranged and repurposed so that all are present but none overwhelms another.
The remaining tunes follow along the same lines, each familiar yet retaining its own sound. The whole? A gritty-yet-tasty selection from a band that continues to wow with each successive release.
Endless Column deliver ten songs of surfy, dark, crude and moody lofi garage punk on their debut LP. And if you have any sense about great music, you will not drop this LP from your turntable until you can sing every word along!

THE EXECUTE "s.l.a.s.h." (D.O.A. Records) - 20€
All genres peak early, followed by uninspiring copy-cats. As for hardcore, the golden years were 1980 – 1985. Execute hailed from Tokyo Japan and made according to eye witness notorious shows.
Execute formed already back in 1982 and the most known member is the guitarist Lemmy, who is also to some extent responsible for the bands later transformation into a more Goth-sound. Execute "Blunt Sleazy" 12" is one of the best Japanese bands ever without a doubt. Includes a small double sided info sheet & sticker.  Limited to 200 copies. Import from Mexico.
This Lp collects songs from the following releases:
- Great Punk Hits comp tracks
- Criminal Flowers 7" (1984) -
- Blunt Sleazy 12" (1985) -

THE EXECUTE - st (Hard Core Temptation) - 20€
Collection of tracks from this legendary Japanese punk band. Tracks taken for from the following releases:
A1-A2 Taken From V/A LP Great Punk Hits
A3-A4 Taken From V/A LP A Farewell To Arms
A5 Taken From V/A 7" Anglican Scrape Attic
B1-B4 Taken From Hard Core Temptation EP (1983)
B5-B6 Taken From V/A Tape Nagasaki Nightrider
B7 Taken From V/A LP Cleanse The Bacteria

EXIT-STANCE "while backs are turned" (PHR) - 16€
Official reissue their 12' from 1984 with 9 bonus songs. Exitstance were a punk bank in the early 80's who recorded for Conflict's Mortarhate label. They gigged a lot throughout Europe whist following Crass around with Conflict. They have a unique sound with vocalist Sean providing gruff no no-nonsense vocals. The group built up a good following around their local Milton Keynes area, which quickly spread throughout the UK Europe and USA etc. The group attacked all forms of government oppression, but paid particular interest to the Irish situation and linked this to animal rights. There was controversy when they were wrongly accused of being sympathetic to the IRA. However they emphasised that they were 'A' political, and that they had no affiliation or sympathies with any organisation, individual, party, religion or state that uses violence to obtain power, confirming an outlook that was originally printed on their first single.
Tracks 1 to 7 originally released as the While Backs Are Turned... (1984) Mini LP on Mortarhate Records.
Tracks 8 to 10 originally released as the Crime Against Humanity (1984) single on Fight Back Records.
Tracks 11 to 16 is a compilation of demos and unreleased tracks.

FATAL BLOW "victimized" (Mad Butcher) LP + CD - 16€
The band started as a side project of The Oppressed. Paul was writing several song's regarding today social climate and the rise of the far right in Europe as Brexit and Immigration was all over the media. The songs had a positive response from Roddy and Kizmus, they both encouraged me to continue writing and Fatal Blow started taking shape as a band in it's own right.
As much as we love Oi! There seemed to be a theme of drinking, football and working-class pride in a lot of bands song's, I feel this has been done to death and for me never had a message. However, bands like the Upstarts, Ruts and The Oppressed and similar bands had great song's that also put over a message about society, government, fascism etc.
When Roddy knocked it on the head with The Oppressed due to ill health, we decided to get a permanent bass player in and do the band full time. Nidge stepped in on bass and we started writing and rehearsing ready for the next step of releasing a new album and getting the band out on the live circuit.
The result is the new album “Victimized” We are very proud of what we have achieved. We are all very happy with the result which has captured the band at this period. We have a great line up and the new songs have been written as a band.
Cd contains the tracks of the Victimized album and  also the 9 tracks of the first album.Value for money.

G.B.H. "a fridge too far" (PHR) - 16€
By the time UK punks GBH came to record their difficult fifth album, A Fridge Too Far in 1988, it might have been understandable (if not forgivable) had they chosen to rest on their laurels and merely rehash former glories. However, the band sensibly incorporated elements of then-current punk styles speed punk, thrash and metal, while largely retaining their trademark proto-hardcore sound. It’s interesting to note that, at a time when more than one of the band’s early 80s contemporaries (who shall remain nameless) were going totally overboard with the metal side of things, with often embarrassing results, GBH always sidestepped such indignities. Perhaps the fact that they retained almost their original line-up through A Fridge Too Far, From Here To Reality (1990) and Church Of The Truly Warped (1992) and, indeed, almost up to the present day, kept them grounded and focused. A keen sense of humour always helped, of course.

G.B.H. "punk junkies" (PHR) - 16€
On vinyl, here's a reissue of the 1990 album by punk legends GBH, originally released on Rough Justice.

GAME "no one wins" (Quality Control/Beach Impediment) - 17€
At long last, the follow up to 2017’s "Who Will Play?" flexi has materialised in the form of "No One Wins" on the LP format. With influences and membership that span the world of hardcore punk, both stylistically and geographically, this platter sports 10 tracks of pummelling hardcore punk that incorporates metallic elements drawn from the near and far reaches of mid 80s international hardcore and thrash to the simplicity of domestic HC pestilence. Blended with a great finesse that is both tasteful and potent  - which seems to be a rare feat to attain this day and age - and buttressed by a top notch mastering job by the great Arthur Rizk (SHIT "What Do You Stand For," Impalers "Cellar Dweller”, Power Trip ‘Nightmare Logic’) which only feeds the fire that is the base of these already enormous tracks. GAME is the conduit. Relatively new but sending sickening sounds into the New Wave of British Hardcore collective, decimating any and all willing to be destroyed. 
Seek further advice on Game's sound via the precedent set by Gastunk, Celtic Frost, Sacrilege, Death Side, and the Execute. Members of Arms Race, Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Shrapnel, Violent Reaction and Subdued. 

GHOUL "night out" (GhoulNightOut) - 20€
Seminal 80's Japanese punk band, fronted by the one handed, raspy-voiced, fan-punching legend Masami, who passed on young (like many of his contemporaries) in the early 90's, apparently of liver failure brought on by excessive love of the drink. The original Ghoul broke up in '85, as there's the official VHS entitled "Last Gig" out on ACC video label. The band got back together as "Ghoul II" with a different line-up in the late '86 (or possibly in the early '87), changed the name to "Sqwad" (originally called Masami with Sqwad) sometime during the summer of '88, either right before or after they played the "Complete Death" show at the Toshima Public Hall in Tokyo on July 17th '88, then broke up and got back together again as "Ghoul III" in '89 with just a slightly different line-up than "Ghoul II" and pretty much remained active until Masami puked the blood on the stage and went into a coma afterwards in the early '90s. "Ghoul II" and "Ghoul III" - that's exactly how Masami called themselves when they got reformed twice and those names were often mentioned in the interviews, magazine articles and that's how they were usually listed in the gig flyers as well. As most of the serious fans probably noticed, they're credited as "Sqwad (ex-Ghoul)" on the "Complete Death Live" VHS tape (released on January 1st '89), however,
in the flyers for this show they were still listed as "Ghoul II". So, probably they changed the name to "Sqwad" right before this show or after, but sometime before the VHS came out. Later, they played as "Sqwad" during the year of '89, released 7" flexi on Slice Records and broke up before the mid '89 and got back together again later the same year (before the summer). The Ghoul tracks you find on the "Game Of Death" compilation LP (which was released in July '89) are the only recorded material by "Ghoul III", although they're simply credited as "Ghoul" on this release.
Limited to 200 copies, fantastic top quality release, mastered for vinyl for best/huge sound. Includes a double sided insert and sticker! Import from Australia. 15 songs in total.
Tracks 1-5: Carry Out Fucking EP (1984)
Track 6:  Oi! Oi! single (1985)
Tracks 7-8: Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil V/A(1986)
Tracks 9-12: Jerusalem EP (1985)
Tracks 13-15: Game Of Death V/A(1989)

GUNS N' WANKERS "pop-hardcore-metal-silly (the complete recordings '93-’94)" - 18€
Remember the early 90s when the original Snuff lineup was no more and Duncan Redmonds hopped onto guitar and joined forces with Pat and Joolz from the Wildhearts for a short-lived band called Guns n' Wankers? Despite the silly name, it was one part glorious punk-pop songs and one part crunching metal songs. The band recorded only 12 songs and they were released across four 7" singles on Rugger Bugger Discs and on Fear & Loathing ("Pop", "Hardcore", "Metal" and "Silly") and 8 of these were compiled together by Fat Wreck and released in late 1994 as "For Dancing And Listening". The record went on to sell a silly amount but it was the 90s. Now, for the first time, all the tracks are compiled together on one LP including the Metal songs that Fat Wreck thought were too metal and the Silly songs that they thought were too silly. The band have recently reformed and this is the first time these songs have been reissued and remastered. 25 Years after they were released, these songs still sound vital and are an essential part of 90s Punk in the UK.

HALSHUG “drøm” (Southern Lord)
Third vinyl release from our favorite Danes on Southern Lord: Blodets Band (2015) and Sort Sind (2016).
Follows in the line of Sort Sind with some Black Flag like medium tempo as well as the ever raging D-beat but a few new ingredients have been added to the mix: A tiny dash of goth gloom, a pinch of fucked up electronics and a rather healthy dose of furious saxophones. That's right, saxophones!!! Kinda like Fear sang 'Copenhagen's all right if you like saxophones!'. Some would say mature but that said, it's all Halshug and all very very angry! Lauren Barley takes on this is to be read by clicking on the link.

ID "drzewa umierają stojąc" (Warsaw Pact) - 12.50€
Krakow is considered the original center of Hardcore in Poland thanks to bands like ID and U.O.M. ID started in the early 80s, when a group of friends fascinated by USHC began playing together. At the same time, other scenes and bands seemed to be more influenced by British, Scandinavian or local punk and HC. While their first shows happened in the mid-80s, their debut release had to wait until 1987, when their demo was released by Total Noise Tapes & Records from Germany. This tape is now being released on an LP with 11 songs from that period, including a cover of Adrenalin O.D.'s "Suburbia" with their own lyrics. Without this release by one of the pioneering Polish HC bands, Polish Hardcore or Hardcore/Punk would not be complete. It's absolutely crucial! The LP contains a booklet with interviews, photos, lyrics etc. Mastering by Smok (Studio As One).

INSTITUTE "readjusting the locks" (Sacred Bones) - 22€ (Black) // 23€ (Colour)
US Import. With half the band having left their native Texas for New York, Readjusting the Locks is the first Institute album written across the country. Despite the distance it sounds every bit as cohesive as if they were all still hanging out every night in the same Austin dives. The newly NYC-based Moses Brown and Arak Avakian flew to Houston in October 2018, where they joined Barry Elkanick and Adam Cahoon to demo the entirety of the new album in a single day. In December, the band got back together in Brooklyn to record with their longtime producer Ben Greenberg (Uniform).
Where the previous Institute albums often wandered into the experimental, Readjusting the Locks strives to be economical, its 13 tracks clocking in at a tight 29 minutes. The band has seamlessly incorporated more ’77 rock n’ roll into their sound, some songs feeling like they could’ve been a Stiff Records single. This sound is emphasized by Greenberg’s expert production — crisp but still blown out and dirty. Lyrically, Readjusting the Locks moves away from the traditionally personal words of frontman Moses Brown. Rather than attacking the internal workings of his brain or its socialization, as on previous records, this album attempts to address the societal atmosphere in which his agita exists.
Blaming Neoliberalism and the irresponsible notions of utopia fostered under it, Brown argues that in recent decades the Western world’s assumption that humanity would continue to prosper into the future has, on the contrary, created a disastrous political vacuum. This has allowed banks, corporations, and their politicians to aimlessly advance the Neoliberal agenda into an inconceivably dangerous place. He argues that we are deadlocked in a permanent existential crisis, stuck in an unhumanitarian and environmentally destructive system so all-consuming that we will not find a clear alternative. Without a true plan for a sustainable future those in power will continue to offer humanity new policies, technologies, and politicians that promise change but are only capable of “readjusting the locks” on our incomprehensible existential predicament.

KALEIDOSCOPE "after the futures..." (La Vida Es Un Mus) -
Kaleidoscope has quickly become one of the most fresh and exciting bands in the new NYC hardcore punk scene, quickly establishing its own sound that is both of its locale, yet uniquely “Kaleidoscope.” Taking elements of noise, aggressive hardcore, psych and jazzy flourishes, the three-piece have followed a true commitment to unique sounds and expanding their music.

LETHAL AGGRESSION “life is hard… but that's no excuse at all!” (F.O.A.D.) - 15€
An unforgettable New Jersey Thrashcore masterpiece for the first time on vinyl since its original 1st press in 1989, completely remastered with 2 bonus tracks. Housed in a thick gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve. 23 bursts of fast, uncompromised Hardcore/Crossover the perfect blend of blistering Thrash and old school HC that is a trademark choice here at FOAD Records (Wehrmacht, DRI, SOD, Aftermath, Jester Beast etc.).

LIMP WRIST - st (La Vida Es Un Mus) - 15€ 
The cutest band in Hardcore with a slice of paint peeling hardcore punk loud and ugly enough to destroy your closet. European press of their recent one sided 12" including seven new tracks in the A side and their Want Us Dead 7" on the flip. Fuckin classic!

OFFENDERS "endless struggle / we must rebel + i hate myself / bad times" (Southern Lord) - 2xLP
The OFFENDERS were formed in 1978 in Killeen, and after relocating to Austin in 1980, became known worldwide as one of the premiere hardcore bands out of the Lone Star state. Raw and rabid but more than proficient in the delivery of their musical rebellion -- alongside friends and scenemates D.R.I. and M.D.C. -- OFFENDERS completely ruled the hardcore scene throughout the infamous Reagan-era. Southern Lord is honored to present all the band's official recordings harnessed in a weighty 2xLP collection, with the audio fully boosted for this release courtesy of Audiosiege. Confirmed for parole on March 18th, the reissue features the band's two full-length albums -- Endless Struggle and We Must Rebel, as well as the I Hate Myself / Bad Times 7" -- fitted to two 180-gram slabs of black wax, housed in a gatefold jacket with the original covers and inserts faithfully replicated.
of the OFFENDERS. Inspired by the hardest rock the '70s offered, Tony took it to the next level with his high-speed style of shredding on the guitar. Following the disbanding of the OFFENDERS in 1986, Tony continued to play in bands until until he lost a long battle to lung cancer in 2012. Tony was also a dedicated Civil War re-enactor and member of Sons of Confederate Veterans, Past Commander of Camp #59.

ONE WAY SYSTEM "all systems go" (PHR) - 16€
One Way System are a street punk band formed in the Fleetwood area of Lancashire, England in 1979. "All systems go" is their debut album, it reached No.1 in the UK indie album charts upon it's initial release in 1982. One of the best UK82 punk recordings.

THE OUTCASTS "self conscious over you" (PHR) - 16€
Formed in 1977 in Belfast on the Punk Wave scene rapidly emerging from Northern Ireland. Building a strong local following they signed for the Good Vibrations record label. 'Self Conscious Over You' (Good Vibrations, 1979) was recorded over 5 days at Wizard Studios in Belfast in April 1979 and released 3 months later. Official reissue, remastered with lyrics sheet and photos.

OUT COLD "living is killing me" (Sorry State/Kibou/Amok/Sick World) - 16€
Sorry State is pleased to release Out Cold’s Living Is Killing Me, the band’s final statement in their legacy of pure, unadulterated hardcore punk. For the uninitiated, Out Cold is hardcore’s greatest cult band. They flew under the radar for most of their 20-year run, but for those who understand the band’s importance, Out Cold were a truth, and a benchmark for quality.
During the tail-end of the 80s, there wasn’t much activity in the world of fast and raging American hardcore. Out Cold was the big exception. Out Cold’s aggression was unwavering, presaging the 80s American Hardcore obsession that flooded the US in the mid-00’s. Formed in 1989 in the town of Dracut, MA, about 30 miles northwest of Boston, Out Cold would stay true to their formula for tried-and-true 80s-style hardcore until they disbanded in 2010. Releasing a slew of records throughout their career, Out Cold’s discography became extensive, each record just as vicious as the one before it. They are hardcore’s most reliable band. For their genre, Out Cold personifies consistency in the same way the Ramones or Motörhead did. You always know what to expect with an Out Cold record: amazing drumming with in-the-pocket rhythmic intensity; urgent, catchy, and tasteful songwriting; dark, misanthropic lyrics; and huge, memorable vocal hooks.
While they’ve undergone several lineup changes, Out Cold's foundation has always been drummer John Evicci and guitarist/vocalist Mark Sheehan. Following 2005’s Goodbye Cruel World, John and Mark recorded drum and guitar tracks for two full-lengths worth of material before Mark’s untimely and unfortunate passing in 2010. Rather than letting these new songs fall by the wayside, the band rescued the session from the abyss with Kevin Mertens, Out Cold’s original frontman, coming in to complete the tracks. Half of these songs became 2013’s A Heated Display, the remaining half comprising Living Is Killing Me.
After a long wait, we finally get to enjoy a proper send-off for these legends. Having been almost 15 years since the band recorded the basic tracks, Living Is Killing Me bridges two eras of hardcore punk. They conceived the songs during the height of US hardcore’s resurgence, but in 2019 the tracks have a fresh energy. Kevin sounds as ferocious and powerful as he did on the first Out Cold LP, like someone released him from a block of ice to scream once again. The performances are militaristically tight and powerful: 14 bursts of pure fury. All good things must end, but Living Is Killing Me reminds us why Out Cold is one of the best bands ever to play hardcore punk.

THE OUTSIDERS "close up" (Captured Tracks) - 25€
US Import. The Outsiders, hailing from Wimbledon, England, were one of the many bands to rise up through the UK is punk explosion of the late 70s. Citing the Velvet Underground as their primary influence, The Outsiders were fronted by Adrian Borland, who went on to form the seminal post-punk band The Sound following the demise of the band. Gaining exposure through opening for acts such as The Jam and The Vibrators. Bob Lawrence (bass) and Adrian Janes (aka Jan, drums) rounded out the band.
The Outsiders were the first UK punk band to self-release a full album (their first LP Calling on Youth), on their own Raw Edge label. With Close Up, the band matured and further developed into the punk sound that was clearly a gateway to Borland's work with The Sound. The band were clearly influenced by the Detroit rock sound of The Stooges and were even joined on stage by Iggy Pop himself for their rendition of 'Raw Power'. Long out of print on vinyl, this reissue provides a great look into not only the development of the legendary Adrian Borland, but also a look into the transitional phase of UK rock from classic to punk.
This release includes diary entries from the diary of Phil King (Lush, Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, The Servants) written during The Outsiders' active years as a band, and includes memories of attending their shows, buying instruments from Adrian Borland and the original art from his diaries. Available on vinyl only in a run of 1,000.

PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES "soberphobia" (Restless Empire) - 16€
This is the 5th studio album by Peter and the Test Tube Babies released in 1986 and contains such hits like All About Love, Every Second Counts, Key To The City, etc. Great tuneful Punk Rock from these Punk legends.

POISON “into the abyss – resurrected” LP + CD + Poster (F.O.A.D.)
Available in 2 different versions:
Die-hard splatter vinyl (black speckles on crystal clear) + CD limited to 100 copies - 19€
Black vinyl + CD limited to 200 copies - 17€
POISON’s infernal cult is alive!! Just when you thought that it was all said and done with FOAD‘s monster-work “Hoelle und vernichtung” (a colossal boxset including the band’s complete discography), the wizard of darkness and evil Uli Hildenbrand unearthed from his rotting vaults a lost & found mastertape of “Into the abyss” transfered directly from the studio reels back in 1987, unlike all the previously existing re-issues that were all taken from the 1st vinyl pressing. This version is the most pristine and faithful to the original studio recordings you can think of, sounding farly better than any other release around. Pure infernal armageddon from one of the most ancient pioneering Black / Death Metal hellhounds of the mittel-European scene of the 80’s. Originally recorded in 1986, released on tape in 1987 and then 6 years later on vinyl/LP by Median Creations, “Into the abyss” is the only real studio recording of this blasphemic Teutonic horde and hands down their most powerful production, considering that the previous demos were all rough DIY recordings made in their practice space.
What you will find on this masterpiece is pummeling and barbaric death / thrash metal with plenty of early black metal elements from their earlier works. The progress this band had made in less then a year of their previous recording is remarkable, but at the same time, when looking at each demo in chronological order, you see a steady progression in their sound from recording to recording, so seeing the band improve this much should not really be a shocker. “Into the abyss” is essential for anyone even remotely into brutal, vicious 80’s death/thrash, as well as old school black metal and the mid-late 80’s proto-death metal sound. LP with bonus CD and A2 poster with photos and liner notes (written by Uli Hildenbrand). Click HERE for the trailer!

PUBLIC INTEREST "between" (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
This is utterly brilliant, amazing stuff - my ears are blessed. Nihilistic post punk jams with a generous serve of primitive electronics. The music is beyond this universe, the message is perfect for our times.
The post and synth punk on the first public interest recording, hailing from Oakland is quite variable, e.g. Sometimes hanging out the cold synthwave sounds like another electrified variant of DIÄT and USELESS EATERS in a spacy abgroovemode. Or how would it sound like AUSMUTEANTS and PUFF if both bands took something seriously?
To put it simply, what we’ve got here is something like an under-caffeinated Television Personalities, or a darker Wire who stumbled upon synth. Great synthpop songs delivered with just the right amount of damage. But just really vicious at times, too. I mean, these teeth are gleaming.
Rolling down a hill in a garbage can. Each song is belted out with a short, sharp fit, with some synthesisers occasionally glistening out at the edges. The restraint is all the more fierce as it amplifies everything that's fucked about them.
This is pure and damn good, futuristic Post-Punk. Warm synthesizer sounds meet minimal instrumentation that already reminds of a purified version of TOTAL CONTROL. Behind the mask and the project hides Chris from MARBLED EYE, which the sound alone suggests, with such a sensitivity for super-mature songwriting that would have been even ahead in the '80s, and especially now. Great!

R​.​M​.​F​.​C - HIVE "volumes 1 & 2" (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
We "invented" the DEVO-CORE so here is more for you freaks!
Child prodigy Buz Clatworthy's latest and greatest project! Features some very tight riffs and some of the catchiest song writing we've heard in a while. Reminds me of something that would fit right in to the NWI scene.
Totally punk and totally weird at the same time. DEVO is an obvious band familiar, but there’ve been many bands since those Ohio freaks exploded the scene whose sounds ooze out of these electronic punk spasms made by R.M.F.C (GERTY FARISH, JAY REATARD, PARASITES OF THE WESTERN WORLD, and THE GIRLS and (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS, the latter two of Boston, to name a few).
R.M.F.C are making some really interesting punk in 2019. It keeps you guessing, and the band is tight as hell, which isn’t something I get to say about the punk I usually end up standing behind. It’s very true here though. Perhaps one of the the most sonically interesting bands currently creating noise for the plebs of our prison planet, all 11 tracks of this platter are essential.
Meanwhile, the lo-fi recording is a key element to the sound, giving fuzzy guitars and bass and muddled drums and vocals. It plays well with the teen-age themes the band touches on.
So if your into EGGPUNK or DEVO CORE that matter, you'll definitely dig! DEVO-CORE, EGGPUNK, Whatever - this shit bumps! You need to jam this EP NOW, because Skull Cult is stupidly amazing. I don’t care what any of you nudniks have to say, ROCK MUSIC FAN CLUB is a movement I can fuckin’ get behind.

RAW POWER “reptile house – XX anniversary”  (F.O.A.D.) PICTURE LP + CD - 18€
Originally released on CD and tape back in 1998, “Reptile house” stands as one of RAW POWER‘s best efforts of their ’90s discography. It has all the features that made this band so great and respected: blistering HC drumming, memorable riffing with a Crossover vibe and vitriolic vocals. Here you finally get it for the first time on vinyl and completely remastered, in a special Picture Disc version limited to 400, housed in an elegant die cut sleeve. And to celebrate this album’s 20th anniversary, the original line-up that made it back then reunited to re-record their favorite songs from it. So as bonus to this special edition you’ll find a CD including the brand new recordings and the original session right after it. 28 songs in total, furious Italian Hardcore since 1981 delivered with anger and unfailing energy! Watch the trailer HERE
– Picture LP with the original session (17 songs) specially remastered for vinyl
– Die cut jacket
– Bonus CD with the 2018’s re-recording and the original session (28 songs)

SACRILEGE "ambulance station squat + demos" (Unrest)
Sacrilege "Ambulance Station Squat, London, 1985 + The First & Second Demos" - Fully authorized DEMOS & LIVE assault from legends of UK punk/metal SACRILEGE licensed by founding members Damian Thompson and Lynda ‘Tam’ Simpson. Contains the first two ’84 and ’85 Sacrilege demos alongside a remarkable unreleased live set from the eminent Ambulance Station Squat on Old Kent Road in London, 1985. All material featured was taken from source tapes and meticulously restored to modern brilliance by dominant Swedish kångpunk master Mattias “Kenko” Kennhed of Dischange, Meanwhile and No Security notoriety at the Communichaos Clay Station Studio in Sweden. Sacrilege is soon to be featured in a 7pg. “Hall of Fame” article by US based Decibel Magazine, and rightfully fucking so!! Ripping new reaper artwork knotted and stippled by the highly skilled illustrator Sean Fitzgerald, in seamless Sacrilege style.

SPECTRES "utopia" (Sabotage) - 14€
Spectres are a post punk band from Vancouver BC. "Utopia" is their 3rd LP, recorded and produced by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds in 2015.
Things have changed for the Vancouver post-punk band. They are exploring other edges of the era. There is a much more new wave mood to "Crosses and Wreathes" the opener of their new album. The guitar tones come out of the shadows and cast brighter chords on the chorus. The drift into more of an early darkwave sound on "Daniel" with synths playing a much bigger role this go around . The singer's voice has really improved since the last album. He is able to hold more of a melody and convey a greater range of emotion. Sure the punk side of the post-punk equation has been dialed back, but it's hard to argue with these results. That side of the band is not entirely forsaken as traces of it can be felt into the taunt pulse of "Figures in the Sand" which still holds more of an organic rock feel to it.
The album sounds great. No more lo-fi re-verb, all the instruments are in crisp earshot. The bass has a thicker growl to it that punches a song like "New Buildings" into a more forceful direction. The vocals come up out of the typical baritone as they muse of over the feedback and minimal drums the song breaks down into, before lashing out with something closer to punk. They never fully default into something fully reminiscent of their older sound, it's touched upon on"Revisions", but the vocals are a little higher with a hopeful hint to the melody against the guitar' s sonic sense of sadness.

THE STRAPS - st (PHR) - 16€
The Straps are an English streetpunk band, formed in 1978 in Battersea, South London by vocalist John Grant (aka Jock Strap) and guitarist Dave Reeves. The band's debut album was issued in 1982 on the Cyclops label. The album featured UK Subs drummer Pete Davies (Walker only played on one track, departing for the Human Condition) and guest appearances by Andi Sex Gang and the Damned's Rat Scabies. Debut album of The Straps first time reissued. Including insert, coloured vinyl.

SVART PARAD "last war continued vol.1" (A2O) - 12€
Classic Swedish Hardcore, this complements the Puke and Svart Parad recordings on the same label. Raw, no frills mangel HC the real Swedish way, all stuff recorded in the mid 80s. notes: tracks A1 to A5 recorded in 1986, never released split demo tape with the band Kazjurol. tracks A8 to B5 - complete 1985 "MultisvÀlt"demo tape. tracks B6 to B13 taken from the May 1985 "Hur Fan Kan Man Tolera Grymheter Som Slakthus" demo tape.

T.S.O.L. "beneath the shadows" (Fan Club) - 15€
Beneath the Shadows is the second studio album by the American hardcore punk band T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty), released in 1983 through Alternative Tentacles. With the addition of keyboardist Greg Kuehn to the lineup, the band moved away from punk rock in favor of a gothic rock sound in the vein of The Damned and Siouxsie and the Banshees, alienating much of their hardcore audience in the process. Though the album was critically well received and led to the band being featured in director Penelope Spheeris' film Suburbia, it was largely rejected by their fanbase within the punk scene.

UNIFORM CHOICE “screaming for change” (Southern Lord)
One of the greatest American Hardcore releases of the 80s’ gets the deluxe Southern Lord reissue treatment!
"Screaming For Change" was the debut album from Orange County, Californias’ godfathers of positive Hardcore: Uniform Choice. It was originally released in 1986 on the bands own label: Wishing Well Records. Vocalist Pat Dubar recently contacted Southern Lord with the desire to have a official re-issue of the classic album “done right”. After several unauthorized, completely sub-par bootlegs appeared Pat wanted a definitive version released to set the record straight! This essential piece of hardcore history has been remastered from the original tapes by Brad Boatright (Excel, Nails, High on Fire, YDI, Brotherhood). The elaborate packaging includes a 8 page 12”x12” booklet bound into a stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket. There are a ton of amazing, never before published photos from the personal archives of the band and their friends. This is a very special release that is not to be missed!

YDI "a place in the sun/black dust" (Southern Lord) 2x LP
In the early 1980s, Y.D.I. (pronounced: Why-die) put Philadelphia on the map with their ferocious brand of Hardcore. In 1983 they unleashed their debut 7” EP “A Place In The Sun” a blistering nine-track blast of american-hardcore fury. Circa-1985 the band changed musical directions and created filthy, metallic, damaged punk. The “Black Dust” (a concoction of PCP, heroin and formaldehyde) 12”- LP was YDIs’ final recording and a criminally underrated slab of disgusting mayhem.
This double vinyl document contains every known recording of the band. Also inside is a 10”x10” full color photo book with tons of never before seen images from the era.

ZODD "operationally ready dead" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Every genre splinters and flowers out from it's original starting point and hardcore is no exception, mutating fractally out from its supercharged punk roots, twisting through trends, evolutions and regressions, crashing back in on itself until you end up with an international sprawl of scenes and subscenes, styles within styles, odd misshapen fusions and hellbent worship bands.
If you were looking for a sound that could encapsulate the myriad forms that hardcore takes in 2018 one could do a lot worse than slam a record on by ZODD, who have emerged from the vibrant Singapore punk/hardcore scene in the wake of bands like Vaarallinen, Sial and Lubricant. Operationally Ready Dead have an approach based in a vicious pogo-thump but drawing in elements of hardcore's various strands, echoing screams ripping painfully through chomping riffs, weird enough for the freakpunx, hard enough for the mosh kids, chaotic and blown out, squealing and stumbling, but never losing it's dynamism, ten tracks of contemporary anxiety shaped into hardcore anger, apocalyptic angst, psychopaths with uniforms and without, society's born corrupt, getting darker still. ZODD provide a searing soundtrack to this and more. DYSTOPIAN FUTURE IS NOW.
Operationally Ready Dead front cover was designed by Nicky Rat and it comes with a lyric insert designed by the band. Check out the LP on bandcamp