• New 4 track ep from Sweden's Glorious? Follow up EP to lasts years awesome 12" by Sweden's Glorious?. 4 new tracks of raw kang punk mixed heavily influenced by Japanese punk. Members of Horrendous (Adult Crash Records)
  • Raw as fuck, this 1989 demo shows GO! just as they were starting out – and the 12 songs pack a real punch. If you like this NYHC band, this'll be a bonus for you. If not – hold on. You'll be singing "Just.. Say… GO!" to over 12 minutes of crucial hardcore from back in the day. GO! started shortly after Mike BS left SFA, and shortly before starting the weekly hardXcore matinees at ABC-No-Rio, which are still running 25 years later. Most of the songs are under a minute, but this ep is filled to the max – another 20 seconds and it wouldn't have made it onto a 7"! GO! was not your typical band from New York. From the very beginning they were gay-positive, anti-racist and anti-sexism. They had a message, but were also sarcastic and fun - and there were a lot of singalongs. This is one-time pressing. (Refuse Records) https://refuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-word-is-go-7ep
  • Government Flu did tours in the United States of both the east and west coasts. For a band coming from Poland this was a big deal. Previously, there were only Polish bands started in the 80s - DEZERTER, ABADDON and ARMIA - who had been invited to the States and these tours had happened years before, between 1998-2003. In the case of Government Flu, their tours were the first longer proper tours for any Polish HC / Punk band in this country. In addition, what made these tours special is that they occurred without the financial backing of sponsors or official associations. During their west coast tour in 2016, Government Flu was invited to a recording session on KFJC radio in Los Altos Hills, California. In this studio, operating since the end of the 1950s, live sessions have seen the recording of many artists, including a number of HC / punk bands like Government Issue, Christ On Parade, The Ex, The Faction, Spazz, Dystopia, Asshole Parade and Corrupted. The Government Flu session was both recorded and also broadcast live on the airwaves. During this session they did seven songs in less than eight minutes. This resulted in the sound engineers asking, "That?s it?!" The whole session is now coming out on a limited edition of 250 copies on flexi EP. You might have a lot of records in your collection, but you do not yet have any release from a Polish HC / punk band recorded in the United States. (Refuse Records) https://governmentflu.bandcamp.com/album/kfjc-session
  • Great old school hardcore/punk from Athens. (Self Released) https://gutterhxc.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-ep
  • HACESJA | ultrafastnoisecore | 7″

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    Straight from the depths of the Polish underground in the early 90's, Hacesja from Poznań was a band active between 1990-1992. More of a powerful example of youthful enthusiasm than musical skills, they still prove to this day how young idealist DIY scene members in Poland at that time had a motivation so strong that they inspired people to start making their own noise in basements all over the country. It was a time that was all about connections and networking and the members of Hacesja were heavily involved in tape-trading all over the world. The raw, noisy and downright primitive sound of Hacesja reflects their fascination of more extreme HC sounds and bands like Lärm, Neos, Siege or Infest, or even early grindcore. The lyrics and (anti)music give the impression that these three youngsters were well entertained themselves, likely while making their neighbors go insane. Hacesja was one of the very first bands in Poland to promote straight-edge. Drummer of this band, Adam Szulc started after that the most significant Polish Straight Edge band: Cymeon X. In 1990 Hacesja released a tape on US label Aneurysm Tapes with rehearsal and live recordings. This 7" contains the rehearsal side of the tape. It contains 8 songs including an Infest cover. It's strictly limited to 220 copies. It comes with a 12-page booklet including notes from each member and reprints of old interviews from "Maximum RocknRoll" and "Jersey Beat". (Refuse Records) https://refuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/ultrafastnoisecore-ep
  • Hammers are a Manchester trio making the most relentless metallic hardcore this country has to offer. Dark, chaotic and disturbing crust/metal/hardcore. Screenprinted covers on handmade recycled paper. (Hammers Records)
  • After their full-length in 2011 ("Hell Is Other People" - Southern Lord) Heartless returns with eight new blasts of steel city hardcore. This is the pure, relentless fury delivered in the same style as Integrity, Nails, and Cursed that they've built a reputation on show after show, tour after tour. 7" includes digital download. (Halo of Flies Records) https://heartless.bandcamp.com/album/certain-death-7
  • Heartless are an abrasive, dark and dirty metallic hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. Heartless play a brand of hardcore that could easily be passed off on first listen as power violence, but upon repeat visits, one will uncover an array of other influences like metallic hardcore (ala Integrity), straight up crust punk and burly, bottom-heavy dark hardcore (like Cursed or Nails). Limited to #500 hand-numbered copies. #283/500. (Self Released) https://heartless.bandcamp.com/album/heartless-7
  • The first independet release of the iconic hardcore-punk-band from Paris! Official relased in 1985 and here's the reissue from 2013 in the original artwork. (Euthanasie Records) https://euthanasiepourlesvieuxrockers.bandcamp.com/album/heimat-los-schlag
  • Οι Hevn (μέλη από KORT PROSESS και Jinriksha), όπως οι Summon The Crows, 2.20 και Going Under, αποτελούν τη νέα ουσιαστική πρόταση στη σκηνή της χώρας τους. Ήχος βαρύς, σε μεσαίες ταχύτητες, με βάρβαρα γυναικεία φωνητικά και δυνατό πολιτικό μήνυμα, με σαφείς επιρροές από Rudimentary Peni, Anti-Schism και Kort Prosess και So Much Hate με πολλή δύναμη, οργή και χαρακτήρα. (Sjakk Matt Plater)
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    Radio Raheem proudly presents another slice of long-lost New York Hardcore, The High and The Mighty's 1984 "Crunch On" demo tape, available here for the first time on vinyl. Featuring ex- and future- members of Antidote and the infamous Mighty CO's, The High and The Mighty bust out eight tracks of pure early 80's New York Hardcore that kept fists and boots flying well into the wee hours at A7 and beyond. (Radio Raheem Records)
  • MOTH from Copenhagen and Infinite Void from Australia bring an amazing new release. Both bands completely compliment each other with two hits that are are sure to become classics in the rising post punk scene. I am truly in awe by the talent of both of these bands. (Contraszt! / Unwound Records / Mass Media Records) https://diyordie.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-void-moth-split-7
  • In recent years Hardcore Punk scene in France became one of the strongest in Europe with bunch of new quality bands from post punk to oi! It’s no surprise that in this fertile ground we’re getting informed about brilliant hardcore band. INSECURITY from Nantes (and Paris) consists members of RAW JUSTICE, HARM DONE and ANGRY VETS and their sound is influenced by bands like The First Step, Get The Most, Mindset, True Colors and old stuff like Straight Ahead, Turning Point or Youth Of Today. You can’t go wrong with this list and this tight, aware, angry and positive hardcore is definitely one of the best debut in European HC scene of this year. Recorded by Max from Rixe / Condor and mastered by Will at Dead Air studios. (Refuse Records) https://refuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/willpower-7ep
  • Quite possibly the most popular release ever on Revelation Records. Intelligent and introspective lyrics combined with one of the most intense and heartfelt vocal performances ever captured on a hardcore record make this a must have for any fan of the genre. Features Zack de la Rocha of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE on vocals. Released by Revelation Records in 1990. New pressing now available on color vinyl. (Revelation Records)
  • 2010 marks the 20 year anniversary of the infamous "In Contrast Of Sin" 7"; the record where all of this madness began. 2010 also marks the launch of the vinyl re-releases from Organized Crime Records of the first chapters of Integrity's tumultuous existence beginning with "In Contrast Of Sin." Following every three to four months thereafter, the next chapter will be told. New pressing now available on color vinyl. 7" includes digital download card. (Organized Crime Records)
  • JAD | self titled | 7′

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    Jad is band from Warsaw/Poland that play sick and antireligion hc/punk in the vein of Blazing Eye. https://jadpunk.bandcamp.com/album/demo
  • Furious Swedish hardcore punk. Should appeal to people who dig Totalitär, Herätys and the likes... 5 tracks recorded @ The Communichaos Media Clay Station. (Adult Crash Records) https://katta.bandcamp.com
  • This is a absolutely must have if you dig Finnish hardcore punk! Finally a follow-up to their great Vapauden Illuusio LP on Feral Ward a few years back, the Turku finnish hardcore punkers deliver here 4 pummeling tracks in the great tradition of their stylish brand of rock 'n roll ! Wrapped in a classic A3 fold out poster sleeve ! - - - - - what a blast! (Kick Rock Records) https://kickrock.bandcamp.com/album/kieltolaki-el-m-nvalhe-e-p
  • Πολύ καλό EP με έξι τραγούδια από τους Νορβηγούς KNUSTE RUTER (σημαίνει «σπασμένα παράθυρα»!), που αποτελούνται από μέλη των HEVN και SUMMON THE CROWS. Ωστόσο, το παίξιμό τους παραπέμπει στις κλασικές μπάντες των 80s, όπως STENGTE DØRER και SO MUCH HATE. Σφυριχτές κιθάρες, μπουκωμένα σολαρίσματα, εκρηκτικά hardcore ξεσπάσματα και σκληρά φωνητικά συνθέτουν την εικόνα των KNUSTE RUTER. Μαζί και αφίσα! (Sjakk Matt Records)
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    Tokyo’s KRIEGSHÖG return with a three new track EP of distorted Japanese hardcore. Catchy bass driven diabolic hardcore with a vocal style that brings to mind “Who the Helpless” era KURO and the LSD flexi as much as the relentless LA’s ICONOCLAST D-Beat attack creating a background soundtrack for the insanity that is Tokyo’s existance.. The 7” is housed in a DISCHARGE EP style sleeve with flaps on the outside and thumb cut and comes with a lyric insert. All designed by Bass player Shingo. (La Vida Es Un Mus) https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/general-7
  • (Shipping: September) Tokyo powerhouse KRIEGSHÖG returns with a two track 7” of distorted hardcore punk perfection. Facing a line up change the band sound was altered slightly after the previous guitarist quit. The new line up may have taken the guitar fuzziness a notch down in favour of a crunchier guitar tone but amped up the songwriting to the next level with a overdose of riffs, attacking each note with the same ferocious venom they have us accustomed to. These two tracks display both sides of KRIEGSHÖG perfectly, a mid tempo bass driven 4 minute banger backed up by a classic destructive sonic jam with the gnarliest punk vocals out there. Quoting the band “Play Loud and DIE!!!” The high contrast black and white of their aesthetic and sound takes a new turn making room for a conceptual record. Housed in a heavy duty PVC pocket sleeve with artwork silkscreened on it the clear vinyl record with pure black and white labels. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records) https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/paint-it-black-white-out
  • KRZYCZ | novum | 7″

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    Post hardcore from Poland, released in 1995. (Malarie Records)
  • The jubilar 20th release for No Plan Records is nothing less than the impossible to find first 7"EP by the Darlington´s Last Rough Cause. The band´s debut 7" is now available for the first time since 1985. You probably remember them from the Skins´N´Punks split LP. Well, these here were the band´s first songs on vinyl. Classic UK street punk that packs a punch and carries a lot of melody. Think The Crack meets Red Alert meets Stiff Little Fingers. 300 copies on black. (No Plan Records)
  •   Band members already had their fair share of experience in punk and hardcore bands (Good Old Days, The Damrockers, B.D.K., Core Ball, Wounded Knee and the Warsaw Dolls)prior to forming their latest outfit Lazy Class. Despite the funny name these guys aren’t lazy at all when it comes down to writing, recording and promoting their highly energetic and melodic brand of streetpunk and Oi! music from Warsaw, Poland’s backstreets! Lazy Class debut with four tracks on their first 7” “Better Life” of which three are in English and final track “Kiedys” is in their native tongue, Polish. Earlier this year the band released “Better Life” on their own as a promotional CD which led to raving reviews on American-oi.com, Out Of Step Fanzine and Crazy United. Here at Rebellion HQ’s we are sure great reviews will keep piling up because these guys are ‘Top Class’ to us! (Rebellion Records) https://lazyclass.bandcamp.com/album/better-life-ep
  • LIFEWRECK | st | 7″

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    Powerviolence/Hardcore από Αθήνα. (Self Release) https://lifewreck.bandcamp.com/