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    Are you ready for another monsterwork of mindblowing American Thrash to be delivered by the unstoppable maniacs at F.O.A.D. Records?? If you enjoyed our previous anthological works for bands like WEHRMACHT, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, DESECRATION, S.O.D., CRUMBSUCKERS etc, our next release is just another classic of that level. This time we’re moving to Texas for a total overkill of toxic and corrosive thrash metal at insanely destructive levels…: yes, it’s time for GAMMACIDE! Their longly awaited “Contamination: complete” Discography Boxset is finally up for preorders, release date: September 27 2016. After years of tireless efforts, the ultimate collection from Texas’ ballistic speed-freaks of Thrash is ready to kill! If you’re not familiar with this devastating band, their ground shaking full length “Victims of science” originally released in 1989 by Wild Rags Records is hands down one of the most powerful, creative and criminally underrated US Metal albums of the ’80s. It unleashes an endless hailstorm of energy and tightness made of highly-skilled riffs, schizophrenic solos, head punching vocals and an incredibly solid drum delivery. If you thought that the peaks of US Thrash were bands like Exodus, Dark Angel, Testament, Anthrax, Vio-lence… check out this boxset and you’ll definitely find a new name to add to your top ten, no bullshit! It contains their complete discography 1987-2005 including the following: Remastered 1989 Classic “Victims of Science“ Both 1987 and 1991 Demos remastered from 1st generation sources freshly ripped from the band’s archives 10″ Single featuring 2005 recordings DVD featuring RARE never-before-seen complete live concerts from 1989 and 1992 32 Page full color booklet with many rare and unpublished photos, flyers, and articles — along with detailed personal commentary from the band themselves Full color deluxe tri-fold gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves REGULAR BLACK VINYL, LIMITED TO 350 COPIES. 2 x LPs, 1 x 10″, 1 x DVD, tri-fold gatefold with extra inner sleeves, ultrathick booklet… an avalanche of thrashing radioactivity to crumble your face! (F.O.A.D. Records) https://youtu.be/_r5GRlQoKsc
  • The ultimate edition on vinyl! Housed in a heavy-duty slipcase, the package features a replica of Into Darkness LP with original cover layout, the demo Eternal Frost making its vinyl debut plus a thick magazine with Winter memorabilia. Perpetually out of print, much sought after and universally worshipped amongst those in the know, Winter’s Into Darkness was a game-changing classic. Formed in New York circa 1988, Winter played slow, deep and hard nuclear doom with a crust punk rawness, that came across like Hellhammer jamming with Amebix. Their penchant for mammoth sized and funeral-paced, wasteland droning has become a touchstone reference for bands across the whole spectrum of underground metal. Their pre-internet infamy led to Winter demos being tape- traded in hallowed adoration by fans and bands alike, gaining notable fans such as Fenriz from Darkthrone. Deserving of their special place in the pantheon of one-off classic albums, the Swans-like noise and down-tuned Earth-like riffs of Into Darkness went on to spawn countless doom and sludge bands, being an influence for an entire doomed generation. The Winter come-back show at Roadburn Festival in 2011 was massively anticipated and held a captivated audience. Packing out one of The Netherlands largest stages, that particular Winter show, after many years in obscurity is a rare event that is still highly regarded today. The band is a rare jewel amongst collectors, and audiences alike. Svart Records is proud to re-release Into Darkness once more, having only been reissued once in a limited edition during this millennium, putting the album back in print for a new generation of listeners. This reprint notably also features the legendary demo which was only reissued on a mini-cd in 1995, now finally on vinyl. The double vinyl set comes in a slipcase box with a luxury 32 page magazine, with every imaginable press clipping and piece of memorabilia about Winter ever produced! Into Darkness was a gateway drug to the dark depths of sludge metal, and now awaits a whole new throng of acolytes who bow down before the throne of heavy doom. Eternal Winter awaits! White vinyl is limited to 400 copies. Black vinyl is limited to 600 copies. (Svart Records)