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    Chicago-born pianist/composer Herbie Hancock had already made his mark when, in 1962, he recorded ‘Takin’ Off’ for the Blue Note label; it was his first under his own name. At only twenty-two years of age, the company offered him a solo contract which would allow him to record a number of rightly revered albums throughout the Sixties. The release of ‘Takin’ Off’ almost immediately singled out Hancock as one to watch, the hard-bop message delivered in striking fashion by the leader and his sidemen. Incidentally, trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, only a couple of years Hancock’s senior, already had a couple of albums under his belt for Blue Note, and these were as well received as the pianist’s own debut disc would be. LP - 180 Gram Vinyl. (Not Now Music/2019)
  • Following the breakup of Cream, lyricist / vocalist Pete Brown formed his Battered Ornaments with guitarist Chris Spedding, drummer Rob Tait, bassist Butch Potter, percussionist Pete Bailey and saxophonist Nisar Ahmed Khan, but during the recording of sophomore album Mantle Piece, Brown fell out with Spedding, resulting in his departure. The resultant spacey venture has jazz and blues shades, riding the sonic waves under Spedding’s direction, with Khan’s sax and Potter’s bass fitting foils to Spedding’s guitar and keyboards. This is another great piece of the Spedding puzzle, with pleasantly meandering interludes. (Survival Research – SVVRCH060)
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    Survival Research present a reissue of Chico Magnetic Band's self-titled album, originally released in 1971. Lyon-based freakers Chico Magnetic Band began as Chico & the Slow Death, its front man a wild Tunisian-born singer otherwise known as Mahmoud Ayari, with drummer Patrick Garel, bassist Alain Mazet, and guitarist Bernard Lloret, later replaced by Bernard Monneri. Conjuring a dark, excessive sound with unfettered guitar, pummeling drum rolls and Ayari growling and grumbling over the top, this sole LP is culled from different permutating sessions, with plenty of audio freakery and extreme effects from Jean-Pierre Massiera; Hendrix cover "Cross Town Traffic" is rendered with love, despite Ayari's hefty accent. (Survival Research – SVVRCH030)
  • Endless Happiness present a reissue of Kashmere Stage Band's Our Thing, originally self-released in 1969. Our Thing is the debut album of the performing Houston unit known as Kashmere Stage Band. The Texas student band came together at the Kashmere High School and under the direction of musical director Conrad O. Johnson, released a series of cult album on Kram Records, before disbanding in 1978. Raw funk, that's basically what they've been playing and clearly there was a blaxploitation feel all over the place, but their drive was quite unique. Rediscover the myth. Label: Endless Happiness Barcode: 5060672888738
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    "Roza Eskenazi was a giant of rembetika, the urban Greek music of Ottoman origin associated with the poor underclass. Eskenazi's life was extraordinary: born Sarah Spinazi to a poor Sephardic Jewish family in Constantinople, probably in the mid-1890s, after an itinerant childhood, she began dancing at the Grand Hotel Theatre in Thessaloniki. She eloped with the wealthy Yiannis Zardinidis around 1913, with whom she bore a son, but after his untimely death in 1917, she placed the son in the care of an orphanage and moved to Athens, where she danced with Armenian cabaret artists. Eventually, the composer Panagiotis Toundas discovered her singing and arranged her first recordings for Columbia Records in 1929, which catapulted her to fame. Cutting over 500 songs in the 1930s, she became the leading exponent of the Smyrna school of rembetika. Running a nightclub in Athens during the German occupation of World War II, she hid resistance fighters and British spies and helped many Jewish families flee the country. She finally toured the USA in the 1950s, and though her career subsequently waned, a 1970s revival led to further work. The longevity of her output is such that her song Misirlu was included on the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction; the 21 gems collected here were recorded between 1931 and 1947." (Fantôme Phonographique)
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    Remastered and reissued on Anti. Tom Waits gives one side of his fifth album, Foreign Affairs, to his more structured, bluesy ballads and the other to his jazz raps. On side one, you get his duet with Bette Midler on the singles-bar dialogue I Never Talk to Strangers and his take on his Beat predecessors Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy on Jack and Neal. On side two, you find the extended observations of Potter's Field and Burma-shave. Waits' voice is becoming ever more gravelly, but his basic musical approach remaines the same, and by this point he'd attracted a steady cult audience that enjoyed his verbal flights and boozy philosopher persona. Essential 180g Vinyl reissue on Anti. (Anti/2018)
  • Originally recorded in 1994 and released in 1995, Home is characterised by Massaker’s ultra-refined riffs of shrieking, screeching feedback and rattling machine gun staccatos. Exuding confidence, authority and a natural rapport that the musicians clearly had with one another. Certain songs from earlier records were revisited on Home including “The Tribe” and “Massaker” from The Tribe, and “Templehof”, “Hunter Song” and “Böhmen” from Black Axis. These particular pieces had evolved following years of rethinking, rehearsing and reshaping them on stage, as well as playing with Danny Lommen, who had replaced Frank Neumeier on drums after Black Axis. These refined versions on Home raise the level of density and tension, the ominous evocations of impending doom, booming threat, and the grim determination that’s always driven Massaker. The 1994 recording of Home at the Steinschlag Studio (of FM Einheit) features the following musicians, Caspar Brötzmann (guitar), Danny Mommen (drums) and Eduardo Delgado Lopez (bass). (Southern Lord Records)
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    Classic Hancock from 1964. From soul-jazz cuts to avant-garde explorations, ‘Empyrean Isles’ revealed that Herbie Hancock was a jazz icon in the making.Empyrean Isles is the best of Hancock's Blue Note albums and an outstanding example of modal jazz. But beyond that, it's simply one of the finest pure jazz albums ever made, right up there with Kind of Blue and Love Supreme. What helps makes it so great is not just the phenomenal musicians and the flawless performance, but a composer/arranger (Hancock) who really has no equal in the jazz world. The 1950s were about forming the groundwork for jazz. Its maturation came in the post-bop 1960s, and this album was conceived at arguably the very peak of that movement. the favourites here are the "Oliloqui Valley" and the immortal "Cantaloupe Island." Ultra Clear 180G Heavyweight vinyl Limited Edition 500 copies (Future Shock/2021)
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    Bert Jansch recorded his second album in 1965, just after his self-titled debut earlier that same year. The sessions were a step-up from the intimate, field-recording setting of his first album, although still not labored over too much in the studio. "I figured that the faster I put down the tracks, the faster I could get out of the place," Jansch told NME, "so I just ordered about a dozen bottles of wine, put the microphone in front of me and off I went, for three hours." The lyrics of It Don't Bother Me shift vividly between pure poetic imagery and the hollow resonance of pain. The LP's underrated title song stands as a manifesto for the way Jansch lived at the time. "My Lover," featuring guitarist John Renbourn, has almost sitar-like drones, while "Lucky Thirteen" is a captivating, melancholy instrumental that shimmers with brilliant fingerpicking. This first-time domestic release is remastered from the original master tapes and features liner notes by Richie Unterberger. Bert Jansch's It Don't Bother Me remains another essential British folk LP that belongs next to Nick Drake, Roy Harper and John Martyn in every record collection. (Superior Viaduct – SV122)
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    Reissued on vinyl, Sugar Pie Desanto's first LP, originally from 1961, is one of the most sought after pieces among lovers of timeless rhythm and blues and American soul music. Standing at just 1.50m tall, Peylia Marsema Balinton - better known by her stage name Sugar Pie Desanto -, toured with a.o. the Johnny Otis Revue and the James Brown Revue. On stage she danced and did standing back flipwards, and she's remembered as some of the greatest stage acts in the history of Rock & Roll. But most of all, she was a great vocalist! (Shellac Disc – SHELL001)
  • Chuck Ragan's bracing 2014 release TILL MIDNIGHT once again confirms what the iconoclastic singer/songwriter's fans have known all along; that he's a deeply compelling songwriter and an effortlessly charismatic performer, as well as a true believer in music's ability to illuminate and inspire. Till Midnight is the fourth studio album by Chuck Ragan, which was recorded in 2013 and produced by Christopher Thorn. The album was recorded at the Fireside Sound and Fonogenic Studios in Los Angeles. Guest vocalists include Ben Nichols (of Lucero), Dave Hause (of The Loved Ones), Jenny O., Chad Price, and Jon Snodgrass (of Drag the River). (SideOneDummy Records – SD1538-1)
  • In Frank Turner's latest release, No Man's Land, he masterfully hones his song-writing skills into 13 new songs, each telling the story of real women from history whose lives have not been widely documented. From Jinny Bingham, "The Shrew of Kentish Town," to Dora Hand, the American vaudeville singer, each song is fascinating, moving, funny, and most of all, worth sharing and celebrating. Produced by Catherine J Marks and recorded with an all-female ensemble. (Polydor – 7787846, Xtra Mile Recordings – 7787846)
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    Tracklist: A1 Spanish Harlem A2 Chain Of Fools A3 Don't Play That Song A4 I Say A Little Prayer A5 Dr. Feelgood A6 Let It Be A7 Do Right Woman - Do Right Man B1 Bridge Over Troubled Water B2 Respect B3 Baby I Love You B4 (You Make Me Feel LIke) A Natural Woman B5 I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) B6 You're All I Need To Get By B7 Call Me Label: Atlantic ‎– 081227943516 Barcode: 081227943516
  • One of the foremost singer-songwriters of his generation, Gil Scott-Heron was a committed civil rights activist that also wrote a couple of unusual novels exploring negative elements of the black experience. Anyone that had the pleasure of seeing Scott-Heron and His Amnesia Express band during the mid-1980s is unlikely to forget it, as evidenced by these stunning excerpts from the summer '86 tour, with 'Winter In America', 'Johannesburg', 'Blue Collar', and 'Shut 'Em Down' being among the standouts. Tracklist: a1 Washington D.C. a2 Winter in America a3 Is That Jazz a4 Blue Collar b1 Johannesburg b2 Three Miles Down b3 Gun b4 Save the Children b5 Shut 'em Down Label: Trading Places ‎– TDP54024 Barcode: 5060672880244
  • Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1963. "16 rare sides by: Bukka White, Willie Brown, Kid Bailey, Robert Wilkins, Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, William Harris, Skip James...." Tracklist: A1 –Bukka White The Panama Limited A2 –Bukka White Special Streamline A3 –Willie Brown Future Blues A4 –Willie Brown M & O Blues A5 –Kid Bailey Mississippi Bottom Blues A6 –Kid Bailey Rowdy Blues A7 –Robert Wilkins That's No Way To Get Along A8 –Robert Wilkins I Do Blues B1 –Mississippi John Hurt Got The Blues Can't Be Satisfied B2 –Mississippi John Hurt Louis Collins B3 –William Harris Bullfrog Blues B4 –William Harris Hot Time Blues B5 –Skip James If You Haven't Any Hay, Get On Down The Road B6 –Skip James Hard Time Killing Floor Blues B7 –Son House Preaching The Blues, Pt. 1 B8 –Son House Preaching The Blues, Pt. 2 Label: Origin Jazz Library
  • Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1965. 16 tracks featuring Son House, Louise Johnson, Charlie Patton, Jaydee Short, Blind Joe Reynolds, Robert Wilkins, "Hi" Henry Brown, Garfield Akers, and Joe Calicott. Tracklist: A1 Son House– Dry Spell Blues - Part 1 A2 Son House– Dry Spell Blues - Part 2 A3 Louise Johnson– All Night Long Blues A4 Louise Johnson– Long Ways From Home A5 Charlie Patton*– Rattlesnake Blues A6 Charlie Patton*– Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues A7 Jaydee Short*– Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnake A8 Jaydee Short*– Telephone Arguin' Blues B1 Blind Joe Reynolds– Third Street Woman Blues B2 Blind Joe Reynolds– Nehi Blues B3 Robert Wilkins– I'll Go With Her Blues B4 Robert Wilkins– Get Away Blues B5 "Hi" Henry Brown*– Titanic Blues B6 "Hi" Henry Brown*– Preacher Blues B7 Garfield Akers– Dough Roller Blues B8 Joe Calicott*– Fare Thee Well Blues Label: Origin Jazz Library
  • Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1969. 16 tracks featuring Hambone Willie Newburn, Robert Johnson, Johnny Temple, Blind Joe Amos, Skip James, Bo Weavil Jackson, Big Joe Williams, Mississippi John Hurt, Caldwell Bracy, Mary Butler, Rosie Mae Moore, and Bertha Lee with Charlie Patton. Tracklist: A1 Hambone Willie Newburn*– Roll And Tumble Blues A2 Hambone Willie Newburn*– Dreamy-eye'd Woman Blues A3 Robert Johnson– I'm A Steady Rolling Man A4 Robert Johnson– Sweet Home Chicago A5 Johnny Temple – Big Boat Whistle A6 Blind Joe Amos– C & O Blues A7 Skip James– Cherry Ball A8 Bo Weavil Jackson– You Can't Keep No Brown B1 Big Joe Williams– Stepfather Blues B2 Big Joe Williams– 49 Highway Blues B3 Mississippi John Hurt– Stack 'O' Lee Blues B4 Caldwell Bracy*– You Scolded Me And Drove Me From Your Door B5 Caldwell Bracy*– I'll Overcome Someday B6 Mary Butler– Mad Dog Blues B7 Rosie Mae Moore– School Girl Blues B8 Bertha Lee With Charlie Patton*– Mind Reader Blues Label: Origin Jazz Library
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    This outstanding and limited compilation of Turkish Jazz-Funk rarities is something you should be lending an ear or two! Bosporus Bridges will certainly take you on a journey to unknown and peculiar musical landscapes. TRACKLIST Funk Side: A1 Emin Fındıkoğlu–Çeçen Kızı 3:14 A2 Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrası–Burçak Tarlaları 2:53 A3 Erkut Taçkın–Sevmek İstiyorum 3:50 A4 Fikret Kızılok–Aybatti (Edit) 3:05 A5 Erkin Koray– Karlı Dağlar 3:35 A6 Aksu Orkestrası –Bermuda Şeytan Üçgeni 4:58 Jazz Side B1 Ferdi Özbeğen–Köprüden Geçti Gelin 3:06 B2 Erol Pekcan–Şenlık 5:11 B3 Okay Temiz–Denizaltı Rüzgarları 4:05 B4 Erol Pekcan Orkestrası–Gel Sevgilim 3:03 B5 Durul Gence 10–Hilal 4:18 Label: Twimo Records – TW0001
  • Often credited as the “Mother of Hip-hop”, Sylvia Robinson was a seminal blues-turned-soul singer, producer, and writer who released a slew of sultry and sensually charged records in the 1970s as a solo act and in the duo Mickey & Sylvia. Pillow Talk remains her most intoxicating work; a steamy bedroom funk record featuring her illustrious breathy, intimate vocals embedded with silky acoustic guitars, lush orchestral strings, piloted by a series of soft, subtle, and seductive clubby rhythms that still sounds fresh and entrancing today. The record would eventually makes its way into the sampling world decades later, but that actually isn’t the reason Robinson is dubbed “The Mother of Hip Hop.” She was given that nickname for founding hip-hop’s first label Sugar Hill Records, which was responsible for putting together the gang and producing rap’s first mainstream single, “Rapper’s Delight.” Robinson had deep, diverse roots in the industry, was a key player in hip-hop’s early years, and as a solo artist, introduced soul’s sensuous sounds. Label: Future Shock Barcode: 0634438815068
  • SIREN | same title | LP

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    SIREN was the debut album by Kevin Coyne with Siren, the band he founded with former Bonzo Dog Band bassist Dave Clague and pianist/guitarist Nick Cudworth. The album was originally issued on John Peel’s Dandelion label in 1969. An artist who would later inspire John Lydon, Sting, Ben Watt and Will Oldham and would collaborate with Robert Wyatt, Andy Summers, Dagmar Krause, Brendan Croker, Gary Lucas and The Mekons’ Jon Langford, Kevin Coyne deserves a royal place between the likes of Syd Barrett, Peter Hammill and Daevid Allen. Standing on the verge of british blues, folk and rawk’n’roll Siren could have been easily labeled as the british answer to Canned Heat, but there’s even more. ‘And I Wonder’ is clearly an anticipation of what would happen next, with the solo career of Coyne, more focused on acid folk songwriting. Fully remastered and licensed ltd to 500 copies, 180 gr. “Most of the album is good time rock-on-out-music a la the Flamin’ Groovies… one of those (albums) you keep coming back to when the night gets cold and the wine is almost out. I play it a lot, and that’s the nicest thing I can say about an album.” Ed Ward – Rolling Stone “Siren just came as a breath of fresh air really, in the same way that like a generation later The Ramones did. When you just thought ‘Thank God for that!’ You hadn’t realised how bored you’d become…” John Peel Label: Bonfire Records Barcode: 0655729196215
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    This collection of 16 tracks from the Flying Dutchman label were recorded from 1969 to 1974 and combine Spiritual jazz and protest songs from a revolutionary time. Blacks And Blues ‘Toast To The People’ is an unreleased early Gil Scott Heron song (later re-recorded), Bob Thiele Emergency ‘Lament For John Coltrane a hauntingly beautiful tribute to the great man ft Joe Farrell on flute. Lonnie Liston Smith ‘Sais (Egypt)’, Ornette Coleman ‘Friends and Neighbors’ , Gato Barbieri ‘Tupac Amaru’ and Norweigen’s Esoteric Circle ‘Nefertite’ deep spiritual jazz. Angela Davis, H Rap Brown and Carl b Stokes provide some spoken word protest songs. Music for the mind. Tracks 01. Angela Davis - We're Threatening The Oppressors 02. Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 03. Black And Blues - Toast To The People 04. Louis Armstrong With Leon Thomas - The Creator Has A Master Plan 05. Bob Thiele Emergency - Lament For John Coltrane 06. Carl B Stokes With The Oliver Nelson Orchestra - Sit Down 07. Ornette Coleman - Friends And Neighbors 08. H Rap Brown - Excerpt From Speech #2:Do Your Own Thing 09. Leon Thomas - Echoes 10. The Esoteric Circle - Nefertite 11. Gato Barbieri - Tupac Amaru 12. The Oliver Nelson Orchestra - Martin Was A Man, A Real Man 13. Carl B Stokes With The Oliver Nelson Orchestra - Paint It Black 14. Chico Hamilton - Gonna Get Some Right Now (Tiger Archives Records)
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    Funk beats, crazy lyrics and the guitar of Kidd Funkadelic himself combine to create a fitting final Westbound album for Funkadelic. Comes in a gatefold sleeve. (Westbound Records)
  • Billie Holiday's first recordings for Norman Granz' Clef Records present the vocalist at the top of her craft. Originally issued as an LP titled 'Billie Holiday Sings', this 1952 session placed Holiday in front of small piano and tenor saxophone-led groups that including jazz luminaries such as Oscar Peterson and Charlie Shavers. The album includes the song 'If the Moon Turns Green' from the same session but not included on the original LP. Pure Virgin vinyl 180 gram - Classic Jazz LPs - Collector's Edition - Newly remastered - Deluxe inner sleeves - One pressing limited edition (WaxTime – 772031)
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    Released on Westbound in July of 1974, Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On is a perpetual fan favorite, and it’s easy to hear why. Between the return of guitar hero Eddie Hazel to the fold, and the refining of their futuristic mutant Funk, Verge is a near-perfect waypoint between what was and what was to come. The glorious title track, a smart reworking of early Parliaments’ jam “Red Hot Momma”, the slow groove of “I’ll Wait” and more stratospheric guitar fireworks from Hazel, it’s a tour de force from beginning to end. Comes in a gatefold sleeve. (Westbound Records)
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    NICO | chelsea girl | LP

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    She is beautiful. And in a world where so much can easily be possessed on a whim or for a promise, she is unpossessable. She has a clear, pure ring, a trueness, like an arrow that has hit an inner mark and can’t be wedged loose. Her voice and her manner, that stretch farther into the past than perhaps she realizes, may set the new style: an existential pop style that is as earthy as Mary Travers (Peter, Paul & Mary) yet more elegant, more solated. Her name is Nico. I don’t know where she was born, how old she is or anything about her life as a model in Paris, an actress in Rome, a beat in lbiza or a member of the Velvet Underground I could easily find out. But l’d rather not. All that was yesterday. Pat Patterson Label: Endless Happiness - HE67002 Format: Vinyl LP Barcode: 5060672888776


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