• The most exhaustive collection of early grinding works from this Austrian extreme metal legend! The roots of DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, everything they recorded before their classic debut album “Expositionsprophylaxe”. 43 songs – over 100 minutes of music compiling the following works: – Split LP with Pungent Stench (1989) – “Successive substitution” 7″ (1989) – “Requiem for the forest” Demo (1988) – “The unequalled visual response mechanism” Demo (1988) – Rehearsal/Demo 1988 – bonus private rehearsal 1988 (totally unreleased!) Grindcore inspired death metal in their own highly original style, blending angular, dissonant riffs with a unique rhythmic approach. From the very early demos and rehearsalsshowing the early steps in their inclination to channel heavy, lilting sounds in a deadly blender of hardcore edginessto the bone-crushing split LP and 1st EP recordings perfectly fitting the late ’80s Nuclear Blast death/grind panorama with cult bands such as Righteous Pigs, Defecation, Atrocity, Disastrous Murmur and Pungent Stench… Ripped from the band’s archival sources and lovingly remastered for the most deafening sonic impact. 2xCD version in a 6 panel digipack with booklet. (F.O.A.D. Records)
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    Completely remixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered at New Alliance. Includes 3 new bonus tracks found on the original reels. Comprised of material recorded between 1991 and 1993, consisting of 42 songs from their self-titled 7", split 7" & 5" with Rupture and Crossed Out, and compilation tracks. Reissued with restored & updated artwork. Originally released in 1994 as an 11” LP on Clearview, and regular LP on Flat Earth in the UK in 1995. Originally a 39 track compilation, three additional tracks that were unearthed on the original reels have been added to this new version. The complete early studio tracks on one release. Track List: Unjustified Murder Doorway To Extinction Strength In Your Conviction Protest At The Cost Of An Animal Direct Action Power Chosen Path Survival Bullshit Tradition Wound Run Deep Do You Choose Life Ignorant Only A Fool You Have A Voice Washed Away Living In fear Confused Attention Deliver Yourself Control Life In Chains End The Slaughter I Will Defy The Truth Behind Fucking Assholes Legacy Of Death No Glory Still You Follow Blindly Wake Of Deception Swedish Medley New World Slaughter Sheep Belly Full Of Lies Requiem Bosnia Nazi Atrocities Whatever I Do The Circle Complete At The Cost Of An Animal (bonus) The Circle Complete (bonus) Internal (Crossed Out) (bonus) (Armageddon Records)
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    Completely remixed by Kurt Ballou in June 2020 and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. This record has never sounded better with this fresh audio, clearing up the muddy sound of the original tremendously. This pressing now cut to play as a normal outside to inside record, unlike the original pressings. The second album of sonic-grind, total obliti-core from Rhode Island's deafening devastators. Eighteen angry hardcore/thrash songs. 18 songs in a decidedly more Swedish HC vein, but with the usual odd breaks and fast parts throughout. More melodic than the first LP in some ways, and noisier in others. Track Listing: Superior Bitterfruit Those Who We Deny Tied Down For Survival Clay Idiot Icon Part Two Witch Hunt Nothing Less Than Lost Stone Us And Them One Inside One-Hundred Justify Your Violence Spirit Lies Broken Dead Inside Life Disease I Will Stand What Once Was Life (Armageddon Records)
  • Grindcore with punk attitude from Athens. https://edxkemper.bandcamp.com/album/cut-her-head-and-love-her (Self Released/2016)  
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    Enemy Soil was an American grindcore band from Sterling, Virginia, first formed in 1991. The band played a style of grindcore that was influenced heavily by hardcore punk, and featured many line-up changes throughout its run, with frontman Richard Johnson acting as its core. Because the group initially was unable to find a suitable drummer, earlier Enemy Soil recordings featured a drum machine.The group's music was also politically-motivated early in their career, however later recordings instead featured introspective topics for lyrics. The group eventually broke up in the spring of 1999 after releasing numerous splits and records. Members went on to form or join many bands, including Pig Destroyer, Pg. 99, and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, among others. French label Bones Brigade Records issued the two-disc compilation Smashes the State! in 2001, containing most of the band's discography, excluding the Casualties of Progress extended play.The group reformed in 2001 for a special one-off reunion show at CBGB in New York City. Footage from this show, as well as shows dating between 1996 and 1998, was released on the 2009 Selfmadegod live DVD Smashes the State Live. In June 2017, the band announced via the official Enemy Soil website that the group has reformed for a few reunion shows, including an appearance at Maryland Deathfest 2018. Tracklist: CD1-1 to 5: from the Parasitic Infestation / Enemy Soil split demo on Open Eye Records. CD1-6 to 11: from the Enemy Soil / Wadge 7" with Wadge on Break It Out Records. CD1-12: from the Midnight Offerings II - An Underground Sampler CD on With Your Teeth Records. CD1-13 to 15: previously unreleased, for a split CD that never came out. CD1-16 to 18: from the Enemy Soil / Shapeless split 7" with Desperate Corruption on Bovine Records. CD1-19 to 24: from the War Parade 7" on Slap A Ham Records. CD1-25 & 26: previously unreleased, for a split LP with Thug that never came out. CD2-1: previously unreleased, from the Random Green demo session. CD2-2 to 11: from The Ruins Of EdenThe Ruins Of Eden 10"/CD on Noise Vacuum Records. CD2-12 & 16 to 17: from the Enemy Soil / Reversal Of Man split 7" on Fish Held High Records. CD2-13 to 15: from the Enemy Soil / Agoraphobic Nosebleed split 7" on Bovine Records. CD2-18: previously unreleased version. CD2-19: from the Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility compilation CD on Chaotic Noise Productions. CD2-20 to 24: from the Live In Virginia 7" on Dwie Strony Medalu Records. CD2-25 to 27: from the Corrupted / Enemy Soil split 7". CD2-28: from The Caligula Effect: A Compilation CD on Catechism Records. CD2-29 to 43: from the Fractured Theology 3"CD. CD2-44: previously unreleased, for a compilation that never came out. CD2-45 & 46: from the Obsequious / Document#2 split 7" with Pg. 99 on Sacapuntas Records. Label: Bones Brigade – BB 011
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    This is it! The best EXTORTION record! Their first full length, finally available again on vinyl. This is a masterpiece of modern powerviolence and in my opinion one of the best Australian hardcore LPs of all time. Don’t miss out on it this time round! Absolutely Essential! Extortion is a Hardcore Punk band from Perth, Western Australia. I absolutely love the vocals. if you like bands like Siege, Infest, Crossed Out, Negative fx, Poison Idea, Nailed Down, Dwarves, No Comment, then this band is for you. (Deep Six Records) https://extortion.bandcamp.com/album/degenerate
  • 2 x CD + DVD housed in a 8 panel deluxe L-pack with 24 page booklet. Get ready for a pulverising sonic hecatomb delivered by Texas' unmatchable Grindcore assassins! After being in the works for years, here it is - the ultimate INSECT WARFARE collection including all their singles, demos, compilation tracks, out takes and alternate recordings, unreleased tracks and rare live material... 99 songs, nearly 3 hours of merciless brutality. All scrupulously mastered for the best sonic deflagration! Triple disc set served in a deluxe multi-panel digipack with exclusive art by Lucas Korte, with a massive booklet filled with original artworks, scans of all the included works, flyers and photos. Plus a bonus DVD with their complete gig at Annie's that simply kills! If you dreamed of having all the hard to find INSECT WARFARE singles and rarest recordings all gathered in the same place, this is finally the definitive chance! (F.O.A.D. Records) Watch the trailer HERE
  • Spanish Grindcore veterans LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER return with their first full length in 6 years. "DIOS CARNE” is a visceral sonic descent into the deepest layers of carnism and human depravity. Ethically aware, yet fucking pissed and ready to devour the opposition, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER have unleashed their most focused collection of anti-harmonic orchestrations to date. Straight to the throat grindcore with a heavy old school death metal influence, that promises to unrelentingly punish the listener. “DIOS CARNE” is not just a concept album, but a musical statement abundant in blast beat precision that will simultaneously satisfy speed freaks and obliterate brain matter. (F.O.A.D. Records)
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    NAILS is beyond brutality. These grindcore tyrants of the American underground have triumphantly returned with their 2nd full length “ABANDON ALL LIFE”! Like the bands debut album: “Unsilent Death, was recorded with CONVERGE’s Kurt Ballou. These 10 tracks of barbaric rage have no resemblance to the laughable retro party metal that passes as extreme music in today’s world. Abandon All Life viciously carpet bombs the listener with a horrifying brand of Death/ Grind/ Hardcore chaos. Bludgeoning beatdowns, grinding blasts, hyper-distorted vocals, hard-hitting metallic chugs and early death metal riffs intensifies to a climatic end where the guitars wail and militant drum breakdowns send us marching. With profound hatred, the howling war cry of ABANDON ALL LIFE shows NAILS as a band without equal in their class. (Southern Lord Records/2013)
  • THE TENTH STUDIO ALBUM FROM 2002, FROM THE UNDISPUTED UK GRINDCORE LEGENDS – PRESENTED ON HEAVYWEIGHT 180gm BLACK VINYL The UK’s Napalm Death is a band which has long defined extreme music and whose punk ethics and fierce political agenda have inspired everyone from System Of the Down to Queens Of The Stone Age through to The Deftones. Napalm Death were the forefathers of the grindcore movement, arising in the early-80s and going on to create the 1987 iconic debut, ‘Scum’. In the formative recording years the band featured members who spawned other pioneering and notable acts such as Godflesh, Cathedral and Carcass. ‘Order Of The Leech’, the 10th studio album from “The most important Metal band in the country” (Kerrang!), was released in 2002 and followed on from the highly acclaimed 2000 album 'Enemy Of the Music Business'. Featuring Napalm Death’s trademark blasting attack on the senses and with the unmistakably savage bark of mainman Barney Greenway, ‘Order of the Leech’ was greatly received by critics and fans alike as their fastest and heaviest album for a long time, and was even hailed as “the best album of their career” by Terrorizer. The album was produced by Russ Russell (The Exploited, New Model Army, Dimmu Borgir) & Simon Efemey (Paradise Lost, Obituary, Amorphis). (Peaceville Records)
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    Vinyl reissue of this stonewall classic. Repulsion is the band that introduced the world to insane blasting drums, bone jarring distorted bass, and the most vile lyrics imaginable. Originally released in Europe in 1989 by members of Carcass on their Necrosis Records label, Horrified is a genre pioneering masterpiece that has influenced so many death acts, most notably Napalm Death, Carcass, Entombed and Cannibal Corpse. This reissue includes the classic LP, the Excruciation 7", and the elusive demos, plus a bonus disc replete with tons of extras! Disc 1 "Horrified": - recorded in June 1986. Disc 2 - "Rarities": - Rehearsal Demo 11/84, aka Armies of the Dead Demo, recorded in Phil's Basement on a portable cassette. - Violent Death Demo Autumn '85 recorded in Matt's bedroom on a portable cassette. - WFBE Demo 1/26/86, aka The Stench Of Burning Death Demo, recorded at WFBE Studios, Flint, MI. - Genocide's live recording from 5/14/86 is a soundboard recording. - Repulsion's 1991 Final Demos were recorded in Matt's bedroom on a portable 4 track. (Relapse Records)
  • Vile Species - grindcore from Athens. Razgruha - Sofia's grindcore. (Heldog/2021)
  • Grindcore from Athens. New album, not for the weak ;) Label: Chaos And Hell Productions – C&H01
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    Vile Species - grindcore from Athens. (Heldog/2021)
  • Grindcore from Athens. https://vilespecies.bandcamp.com/album/vile-species (Self Released/2020)


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