• One of the best and most underappreciated albums to emerge from the legendary Finnish Punk explosion. 013 were an amazing short-lived but hugely influential Finnish band. They were all the more amazing for having a sound and spirit all their own. A truly pure Punk underground sound inspired by the sounds of 77 and 78, loaded with catchy as fuck cool guitars and melodic vocals made every song instantly memorable. The three-piece from Pukkila, Finland, originally appeared on the now sought after collectable Propaganda EP released in 1981 and the legendary Russia Bombs Finland compilation LP released the following year. The band’s only album was the Takaisin Todellisuuteen LP which was released on Propaganda Records in 1983, and the band split up shortly afterwards. Puke n Vomit is proud to announce the only domestic release of one of the best Punk albums you'll ever hear. For Fans Of: Appendix Buzzcocks RUDI The Damned Maho Neitsyt ‎ Label: Puke n Vomit Records
  • Complete discography of one of the best crust bands in 90's coming out from Sweden. 3 WAY CUM! 40 songs, 2 vinyls, inlay, A2 poster, sticker, coloured vinyl edition - do you need more? In cooperation with Halvfabrikat Records, rotten artwork from Stivart, completely restored and remastered by Kenko (Communichaos), layout by Andreas (Crutches). Label: Phobia Records, Halvfabrikat Records
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    Containing the hits that were only deemed misses by the critics that condemned Oi! as some kind of subcultural fad that favoured football and violence way above the bloody good tunes that should by rights occupy the higher rank, 4 Skins, The Unreleased Radio & Studio Sessions encapsulates that energy at its finest. From formidable swarms of police brutality and political injustice, the underlying (and unyielding) socio-political messages experienced from the streets that resonated with every estranged clockwork skinhead of the day are bound to be ticked on every track. After the atmospheric crash of One Law for Them, dropped in amongst the Radio and blistering Bumper Sessions with Evil sitting squarely in its unpolished centre is the ska-inflected gallop of Seems To Me, an unreleased tune reinforcing the notion that there was more to Oi! than meets the laces. 40x30 cm folded poster included, 1-5: Recorded in July 1981 for radio session that was never broadcast. 6-7: Unreleased single, due to be issued in 1983 (Secret SHH 149). 8-12: Recorded at Bumper Studios in January 1981. 13: Demo. Originally released in February 1991 on "The Oddities Of Oi! (Link LRMO 3). Tracklist A1 Wonderful World (John Peel Session 1981) A2 Jealousy (John Peel Session 1981) A3 One Law For Them (John Peel Session 1981) A4 Evil (John Peel Session 1981) A5 Yesterdays Heroes (John Peel Session 1981) A6 Norman (Unreleased 45, 1983) A7 Seems To Me (Unreleased 45, 1983) B1 Clockwork Skinhead (Bumper Session, 1981) B2 Evil (Bumper Session. 1981) B3 A.C.A.B. (Bumper Session. 1981) B4 I Don't Wanna Die (Bumper Session, 1981) B5 Yesterdays Heroes (Bumper Session, 1981) B6 Saturday (Demo) Label: Radiation Barcode: 8055515235708
  • Another heavyweight of the English scene released on Dirty Punk Records and certainly one of the best known and best Oi! bands ever. Formed in 1979, THE 4 SKINS have released a lot of songs on compilations that have marked the history of Oi! music like "Oi!" the album", "Strength Thru Oi! "Carry on Oi!" »... as well as some cult 7''s. By adding a few rare titles, we were able to release this double album bringing together the best of the band. Everything is there and everything is essential. No extensions with dirty sounding lives or bad rehearsals in a garage, here is gathered all the best of the 4 SKINS. All in a superb gatefold sleeve with beautiful and rare photos of the band and a history of the songs written by Mark Brennan. A wonder to hold in your hands. Tracklist: 1 Chaos 2 Wonderful World 3 Clockwork Skinhead 4 Evil 5 A.C.A.B 6 I Don't Wanna Die 7 Yesterday's Heroes 8 1984 9 Sorry 10 Evil 11 One Law For Them 12 Brave New World 13 Merry Christmas Everybody 14 Yesterday's Heroes 15 Justice 16 Get Out Of My Life 17 Low Life 18 Bread Or Blood 19 Plastic Gangsters 20 Norman 21 Seems To Me 22 Chaos (Herbert Version) 23 On The Streets Label: Dirty Punk Records – DPR061
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    'The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins' is the debut LP - originally released on Secret Records in 1982 - from East End Oi! legends The 4-Skins. Recorded with the first stable line-up after numerous changes, fronted by legendary vocalist Panther (who stepped in after the original singer Gary Hodges' defection), this is violent, political, and as real as Oi! gets, this is one of the absolute classic LPs of the genre. Featuring studio recordings on Side A and amped up live versions of such OI! classics as 'A.C.A.B' or 'Chaos' on Side B. Label: Radiation Records Barcode: 8055515232417
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    One of the most iconic albums of the 1980's underground American scene, 7SECONDS's The Crew delivers 18 legendary songs in 20 minutes. This masterpiece has been remastered by David Gardner from the original analog tapes. It has been repackaged as a gatefold featuring a beautiful 20-page full-color book on the oral history of the band from inception through the making of The Crew. It includes insights from the likes of Ian MacKaye, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, and many others, as well as unpublished flyers and photos. (Trust Records)
  • French label Combat Rock has released this great album including recordings from demos and outtakes from 1977 to 1979. Includes insert with pictures of the band and great sleeve notes by Nick Cash himself. Limited edition to 300 copies so you better rush or cry forever. TRACKLIST A1 Titanic Reaction A2 Crime A3 Don't Deny A4 Feelin' Alright With The Crew A5 Soldier A6 Games We Play A7 Like Any Other B1 Waiting B2 Tulles Hill Night B3 The Biggest Price In Sport B4 English Wipeout B5 Argue B6 Stop! Stop! B7 Trouble B8 Solution B9 Heart To Heart Label: Combat Rock
  • A 5 | erst ausgabe | 7”

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    "The beautiful short life of the band A5 from Bremen ranged from 1980 to late 1981 and the commercial success of the Neue Deutsche Welle was immense and A5 don't five a fuck and wandered off the scene. A5 is a band which characterizes the transition from Punk to NDW very nice and presents a wonderful mix of both. In September 1980, the band consisting of Sabina May, Ego/N, Harald Hass, Wolf Schaller, Rainer Kosch and Knox, their first EP Erst Ausgabe (also known as Seesack EP) were recorded and was released by No Fun Records. In the summer of 1981 they toured with famous bands such as Hans-A-Plast, Rotzkotz and Der Moderne Man and in October 1981 they released their second and last vinyl Kalte Erotik 7'' and shortly after, in late 1981, the band broke up." Limited edition of 500 copies. Label: Mad Butcher
  • "The beautiful short life of the band A5 from Bremen ranged from 1980 to late 1981 and the commercial success of the Neue Deutsche Welle was immense and A5 don't five a fuck and wandered off the scene. A5 is a band which characterizes the transition from Punk to NDW very nice and presents a wonderful mix of both. In September 1980, the band consisting of Sabina May, Ego/N, Harald Hass, Wolf Schaller, Rainer Kosch and Knox, their first EP Erst Ausgabe (also known as Seesack EP) were recorded and was released by No Fun Records. In the summer of 1981 they toured with famous bands such as Hans-A-Plast, Rotzkotz and Der Moderne Man and in October 1981 they released their second and last vinyl Kalte Erotik 7'' and shortly after, in late 1981, the band broke up." Limited edition of 500 copies. Label: Mad Butcher
  • Time for another prime dose of potent, chorus-drenched anarcho-punk from one of its finest modern exponents: A Culture Of Killing return with their third album, bigger and bolder than before with a foreboding sense of deathrock gloom dialed all the way up beyond 11. Their usual array of nods are all present and correct (The Mob, Zounds, The Cure), but this time everything feels… grander? More fully realised? Impressive, given their first two albums have been hoovered up and hailed by those in the know, but maybe we should banish any lingering doubts that the mysterious Italian band might be moving beyond merely echoing the classics and closer to creating a new benchmark for the genre. Look, all of this is a very fancy way of saying that ACOK are pretty fucking great and no one else can touch ‘em right now when it comes to this sort of goth-tinged post-punk. New instrumentation, new ways of relating to each other as a band, new ways of grabbing your attention as a listener and making you want to press the record grooves into your brain and use your nerve endings as a stylus. From new wave-styled Burundi beats and furious call-and-response vocals to dubbed-out grooves, there are new influences that are more than welcome in the band’s sound, but the songs themselves are their finest thus far (‘2 Years’ and ‘The Last Train Home’ are simply magical). It says a lot about this LP that it’ll hold its own with the output of both Crass Records and 4AD; it’s a strong step forward that’ll win ‘em new fans and embolden existing ones to say things like ‘best band in the world right now’ and ‘sell your home to buy a copy if you have to’. Especially if you don’t technically own your home. You get the idea. Is there a Crass-shaped hole in your life that’s been empty since you wore out your copy of ‘Penis Envy’? An itch that only the purest of peace punk can scratch? This is the record for you. I don’t use the word ‘essential’ much but… oh, well, I’ve given the game away there, haven’t I? Get it, get it now. Will Fitzpatrick Label: Drunken Sailor Records)
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    Common Courtesy is the fifth album from A Day to Remember and is reissued on both CD and double LP vinyl for the first time since 2016. Since its initial release in 2013 Common Courtesy has gone on to amass over 500k in total consumption and includes some of the bands biggest hits including Right Back At it Again and Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail. Over the course of the past several years, each of A Day To Remember's releases have hit No. 1 on Billboard's Rock, Indie and/ or Alternative Charts, they've sold more than a million units, racked up over 400 million Spotify streams and 500 million YouTube views, garnered two gold- selling albums and singles (and one silver album in the UK) and sold out entire continental tours, amassing a global fanbase whose members number in the millions. Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Yellow Inside Milky Clear. (Epitaph Records/Epitaph Europe – 05235521)
  • Available July 2022. The third album of Hamburg's steamroller noise punk merchants A.F.K. (Aargh Fuck Kill) - Nine new songs that, compare to their last album, see a u-turn back to their roots of full throttle hardcore punk with a aggressive sonic intensity! Lyrics shouted in German and English show and tell a description of the insanity, frustration and anger that lies in the void of the current state of society. Especially in the past two years. One can say that A.F.K. along with their mates from INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL are the pinnacle of the current Hamburg crust punk exports! Recorded by Ryan Leverenz-Mompellio at OFF YA TREE Studios. Mastered by Will Killingsworth at DEAD AIR. Vinyl album comes with a lyric sheet and free digital download! (Ruin Nation Records)
  • Ποιήματα για επώδυνες διαδικασίες , μέρος πρώτο: ένα 16 σελιδο βιβλίο με ποιήματα και εικονογραφήσεις της Αντιγόνης Ηλιάδη και μαζί ένα επτάιντσο βινύλιο με μελλοποιήσεις των ποιημάτων από τους Precariat , ένα noiz black punk τρίο από την Αθήνα, με μέλη από Bad Trip και Sarabante Κυκλοφορεί σε 300 αντίτυπα, σε συμπαραγωγή της μπάντας και της Body Blows Records. New band from Athens w/members Bad Trip and Sarabante. Four songs noiz black punk.
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    Death is raining upon us. Once again the banality of evil is plowing through lives and land. It comes in the shape of man, a mushroom cloud in trousers. What was first an artistic experiment, investigating childhood fears. The dark cloud on the horizon. Looming over us always. Became reality. These six tracks are instruments of terror. Focusing on the inhuman barbarism of humanity. Deafening, blinding, four minute-warnings of heavy electronic mayhem. Programming the synths like Stalin’s organ. Causing radiation sickness. Sonic assault of the mind and body. Hear the siren songs. Sex on red alert. Beware and behave. The Road to Nuclear Holocaust has never been closer. Devastating zynth-slaughter debut LP by Sweden Ä.I.D.S. Six tracks of deafening, blinding, four minute-warnings of heavy electronic mayhem. "I never have and I never will stand on the side of the oppressor. I never have and I never will sell out my integrity for money. I celebrate all humans that stand with me against the oppression of the masses anywhere in the world! When I look at the state of the world, I can’t believe how fucked up it is. If I had to pick one record today that sounds like the way I feel, it would be The Road To Nuclear Holocaust by Ä.I.D.S. Hell fucking yes, this album is an all-out FUCKING RAGER that never lets up! This is what Pure Sonic Fury sounds and feels like and it’s the soundtrack to my past, present, and future! Imagine if Discharge, Killing Joke, and Suicide decided to start a band — the outcome would be 50% of how amazing Ä.I.D.S.sounds. Blast the title track “The Road To Nuclear Holocaust” and the track “Afterworld Trash” then tell me this band is not HARD AF! The “devastating zynth-slaughter” you will come in contact with on this offering will become the soundtrack to y’all’s rage as well! Join us as we celebrate the release of the new Ä.I.D.S. album that is taking place below. I want to give a HUGE shout-out to LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS for releasing The Road To Nuclear Holocaust on Sept. 30th" CVLT NATION (La Vida Es Un Mus)
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    The original release was the result of international DIY efforts avoiding the narrow-mindedness of the Iron Curtain. It also brought together two of the strongest scenes of the Eastern Bloc - Polish and Yugoslavian. All of the recordings were done in Borut Cine Studio, in Ljubljana, during Abaddon's tour of Yugoslavia. Invited by Peter Barbaric, they also played a couple of shows with bands like Pankrti or U.B.R. The "Wet za wet" LP was then released by New Wave Records from France. Because of this, and also thanks to worldwide tape-traders and the band's appearances on comp. tapes like "Noise Behind the Iron Dustbin" or "Cultural Compost Pit", as well as a bootleg split-tape with Rejestracja, they were quite well-known beyond their home country. In Poland, their regular performances at the Jarocin Festival and appearances on legendary compilations like "Fala" and "Jak punk to punk" established the band as one of the classics of the genre. The LP contains 8 fast, direct, and tight Hardcore Punk ragers and a great roots/dub song called "Ljubljana night." Coming from their Polish/Eastern European perspective, the album's lyrics and artwork expressed a protest against any form of authoritarian power - from the brutality of fascism during WWII and the 1981 revolts in Poland, to more current world problems of the time, like Apartheid in South Africa and the global arms race. In the context of Poland's political climate in the 80s, their lyrics and music were seriously impressive. Mastering for the reissue was done from the original sources by Jarek Smok at Studio As One (Warsaw). The LP features a gatefold cover, an additional booklet with an exclusive interview with Tomasz Dorn, drummer of Abaddon and words from Patrice (New Wave Records) and plenty of rare photos (including the work of Michał Wasążnik - one of the best documenters of 80s punk in Poland). All of the lyrics and the interview come with English translations. One of the most classic releases of Polish Hardcore Punk available again on vinyl! Label: Warsaw Pact Records
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    Originally released in 1985, this is the sole album by Tony Cadenas' own The Abandoned, the band he formed after the Adolescents original break up in 1981. Sounding a lot like Tony's original band but with an heavier Germs influence, and a more metallic, darker, almost Motörhead-esque touch. As long as Adolescents got back on track, right before releasing their mid '80s comeback masterpiece 'Brats In Battalions' this obscure page of California punk rock history got completely forgotten and was never reopened until today. A band that really pushed the boundaries for the time while sticking to their roots, something most bands were not able to do. A must for all California punk rock maniacs out there!  Label: Radiation Records

  • Abhinanda from Umea in Sweden were together with Refused and Doughnuts at the forefront of the Swedish Hardcore scene. They were a band with a Straight-Edge and Vegetarian philosophy and life style. Members also were skateboarders. Label: Shing records
  • Abrasive Wheels' second studio album, recorded in December 1983 and released in March 1984, produced by Mike (Clay) Stone. Hits like Nineteen, The Prisoner, Christianne and Devil on my Shoulder don't lose their charm even after 40 years, Abrasive Wheels sound better than ever on record. Black vinyl, insert, sticker. Label: Emergency Records
  • Hailing from Leeds, England and by far the biggest punk band from the area they were seldom out of the Independent charts between 1980 and 1984. Specialising in the sort of massive rowdy choruses that could put an ear-to-ear smile on the face of a dead man. Like so many of those intense bands of the time, their fire burnt brightly for just a relatively short time, but the shadows it cast, and the colourful musical legacy they bestowed the punk scene, were both important and influential! A1 - A3 "Vicious Circle" EP (1982) A4 - A6 "The Army Song (ABW EP)" EP(1981) A8 - A9 Burn 'Em Down! EP (1982) A10 - B11 "When The Punks Go Marching In !" LP (1982) Label: Audio Platter Barcode: 803341524149
  • A musical time machine documenting their rise to ambiguity, providing insight on their influence and underground status as forefathers of early 80’s ‘crossover’. The ACCUSED’s 34 Song Archives 2xLP reveals early teen-punk roots, including early demo tracks of vintage ‘Splatter Rock’ and the creeping metal-influence! Humbling outtakes! Candid rehearsal sessions! Live ‘bootlegs’ and extensive liner notes. Comes in a nice gatefold cover. Splatterheads beware!!! Label: Unrest Records
  • Previously unreleased two John Peel sessions and a David Jensen session – 16 tracks. Action Pact were a punk rock band from Stanwell, an isolated village right under the flight-path of London Heathrow Airport, inspiring this album title-song. Formed in 1981 by guitarist Wild Planet, bassist & lyricist Dr. Phibes, and the then 15-year-olds drummer Joe Fungus and singer George Cheex, still school-kids when their Heathrow Touchdown EP was released in October 1981. BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel played the single many times and booked them for their first session, recorded February 1982. Signed to Jungle’s Fall Out Records imprint, Action Pact's label debut Suicide BagEP went to the top of the British punk chart in July 1982. Five more singles entered the indie charts including Yet Another Dole Queue Song, and a reworked London Bouncers, along with two albums, ‘Mercury Theatre – On The Air’ and ‘Survival of the Fattest’. A second John Peel session in ‘82 and a David Jensen BBC session in ’83 were also recorded and broadcast – all collected together here for the first time. Inner bag with notes, interviews & photos by Mick Mercer who attended a session. Limited red vinyl. Includes an unheard song. ‘Mostly better than released versions’. Label: Fall Out Barcode: 5013145306215
  • Originally released in 1983 on Fallout Records. Their debut album gets its first ever worldwide reissue thanks to Puke n Vomit Records. Amazing catchy blistering Punk with great Post-Punk elements makes this one of the coolest 80s UK Punk albums ever. Originating from Essex, the band formed in 1980 and quickly grew in popularity in part from their energetic performances and catchy songs and the presence of exuberant vocalist Alison ‘George Cheex’ Roberts, Their debut single a split with Dead Mans Shadow was released in 1981, that lead to them getting some seriously heavy BBC airplay courtesy of DJ John Peel. This was followed by their 'Suicide Bag' 7' on Fallout in 1982 and that single quickly climbed the UK Indie charts. When the LP 'Mercury Theatre - On The Air!' was released in 1983 it climbed all the way to #5 on the indie charts. (Puke n Vomit Records)
  • This LP compiles the only two singles from Scottish punk legends Actives, recorded in 1983 and 1984. Their brand of fast, noisy punk rock found them sharing stages with the biggest bands of the era like The Exploited, The Adicts, and Abrasive Wheels. Label: Puke n Vomit Records
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    UK82 hardcore punk band formed 1982 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK, from the remains of two earlier Portsmouth bands (Birth Trauma and The Anihilates). Originally released in 1987. Comes with insert, 140gr vinyl. Label: Noise Not Music
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    The second studio album, released on the band’s own label SOS Records in 1987 following a reunion of the band after a five-year breakup (whilst members persued other projects such as D.I. Chritian Death etc.) . Thirteen tracks, including new recordings of all three songs from 1981’s Welcome to Reality EP, as well as covers of “The House of the Rising Sun” and the Stooges’ “I Got a Right”. (Nickel And Dime Records / Triple X Records)


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