• Originally released on RIOT CITY RECORDS in 1983. This is a re-issue from Czech label PHR Records in 2016. Contains printed innersleeve with band informations and photos.
    (Papagájův Hlasatel Records)
  • Although these songs were all originally recorded at the same time, they were released separately - either on various compilations or on the "Let The Boots Do The Talking" and "Carson?" 7' EPs. We're re-releasing them together here to inspire some more resistance to the sick and twisted system that is destroying our planet. Comes with 20 page booklet, reissue on Urinal Vinyl Records of the 2006 LP. (Urinal Vinyl Records)
  • CONFLICT | conclusion | LP

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    Long-running U.K. anarcho punks Conflict hardly need an introduction. This is a reissue of their 1993 album which saw the band incorporating keyboards, synths, horns, and even some ska and death rock influences. While their previous albums It’s Time to See Who’s Who and Increase the Pressure were much more rooted in hardcore punk, Conclusion offers a more challenging listen with songs clocking in at over nine minutes, with spoken word and operatic song structures. It’s probably not what I would ever recommend as a go-to or classic (their previously mentioned first two records are where I’d start with) but twenty-four years later, this album still stands the test of time and holds up about as well as anything that came out that year. The unlisted final song is perhaps the band at its most ferocious and worth the price of admission alone. –Juan Espinosa (Papagájův Hlasatel Records)
  • Repress of the 2014 studio album of these UK Punx. 15 metal influenced HC-Punk tracks. (Papagájův Hlasatel Records ‎/ Mass Productions) ‎ https://papagajuvhlasatelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/we-did-we-do-we-always-fucking-will
  • AHNEUS | ahneus | LP

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    New Killer punk/hardcore band from Tampere/Finland! This is the new band of Jake after leaving Rattus, so you can hear that it reminds a lot of good old Rattus - but they have improved their own sound as well and it sounds unique and awesome. 12 excellent tight-played and energetic songs of pure Finnish hardcore at it's best!
    (Kämäset Levyt ‎Records) https://ahneus.bandcamp.com/releases
  • Legendary The Vibrators and their Energize album from 2002 are now available for all collectors and vinyl lovers. 16 great songs of traditional Vibrators pop-punk.
    (Papagájův Hlasatel Records)
  • Long time unavailable debut album of The Restarts is now again on vinyl! Fast and energetic punk + excellent lyrics, that is The Restarts. (Papagájův Hlasatel Records) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf6SyjnHxMg
  • Split LP featuring the Varukers on one side with their Killing Ourselves to Live mini album, and most of the same people on the other side, Sick On The Bus with a vinyl release of their previously CD only Music For Losers. (Papagájův Hlasatel Records)
  • Originally released as the Discharge 'Tour Edition' CD (Throne Records), this material is now being pressed on vinyl (and CD with bonus tracks). Tracks 1-13 are studio and live songs with Rat (Varukers) on vocals. Tracks 14, 15 were taken from the 'Beginning of the End' 7" (Thunk Records). Also included are four unreleased tracks from the their first 1978 demo, recorded prior to Cal joining them. Discharge went on to become the pioneers of a 'Dis-beat' sound that numerous bands have been shaped by to this day!! (Unrest Records)
  • First studio album in 6 years, "Perfume and Piss" makes it album number 11 from GBH. Inserts inlay with lyrics, liner notes to each song, pictures & credits. (Papagájův Hlasatel Records)
  • PARAF | zastave | LP

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    'Legendary Paraf's "Flags" album (1984) on vinyl again! Special edition on the 35th anniversary, with original production and additional bonus track 'Throwers'!. Paraf was a punk rock and later post-punk band from Rijeka, (Yugoslavia, now Croatia) known as one of the pioneers of punk rock in the former Yugoslavia. Their third album Zastave (Flags), released in 1984, was produced by the band themselves with Borghesia member Aldo Ivančić. Inspired by Miroslav Krleža's multi-volume novel of the same name, the album featured lyrical themes related to the recent European political history. Most of the album featured somewhat obscure thematic references and occasionally absurd lyrics set to sparse, post-punk-influenced melodies such as the Gang of Four-like "Kad se oglasi" ("When the [Trumpet] Sounds") or Wire-influenced "Zastave". In other songs, such as the ethereal "Oj ponose moj" ("Oh, my Pride") and the bizarre collage "Zlatno Doba" ("Golden Age"), Paraf explored interesting and fresh approaches to both songwriting and production. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the album was largely ignored by the mainstream audiences. (Dallas Records)
  • We are proud to announce the first ever reissue of the first ever punk rock full length album to emanate from New Zealand. The Dum Dum Boys were more than a little informed by the proto punk sounds of Detroit - in particular The Stooges (they took their name from an Iggy song). They also were obsessed with the sonic mayhem produced by the likes of the Dead Boys and The Ramones. Hailing from working class West Auckland, the band formed in 1980 and started playing their brand of thug punk, which branded them as instant outsiders to most of the West population still clinging to their Zeppelin and James Taylor albums. In 1981 the band self-released Let There Be Noise on their own Bondage Records. It’s been out of print for decades and when copies turn up they aren’t cheap. We are happy to make this punk rock classic easily accessible once again. Newly remastered for better sound with original artwork and insert replicated. A must for any punk rock enthusiast! (In The Red Records)  
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    Punk music, at its most effective, its most important, exists at a nexus of a few simple but important ideas. Punk needs to be youthful, it needs to be reactionary, it needs to be short-lived and it needs to be controversial. So for a group of twenty-something Australians, excitable as the frontline first wave of kids responding to both the Ramones and the Sex Pistols (yet still influenced by the New York Dolls and Stooges and Flamin’ Groovies), who existed for but barely for a year from 1977-1978 and wrote songs about serial killers, high school girls and hating disco…well, I’d argue they are the most perfect punk band ever. The band was Dave Flick (aka Dave Faulkner later of the Hoodoo Gurus) on guitar and vocals, Rudolph V (Dave Cardwell) on bass and James Baker on drums. Best known for their classic “Television Addict”, that song is but the tip of the iceberg of the band’s powers. Having self-released two godhead 7-inches during their brief existence, the seven songs on those singles are absolute cannon at this point. Quintessential, pure, unfuckwithable. Of particular note is the blast beat, proto-hardcore velocity of “Perth Is A Culture Shock” an ode to the band’s isolated hometown, unreleased at the time, which presages the vibes that would emanate from Black Flag, Minor Threat and Negative Approach in just a few years. And all that is just side one of the LP. Side two contains a bounty of unreleased-for-decades demos of nine otherwise undocumented Victims originals. Demos in name alone, these properly recorded songs brim with all the identifying marks of the known Victims classics…irreverence, taking the piss, murderers and an invigorating youthful attitude. The sheer perfection of songs like “Horror Smash” and “I Wanna Be With You” only further cements how essential the Victims were…that even their outtakes are A+ prime material. -Ben Blackwell The LP comes in a handsome gatefold foil-stamped cover. (In The Red Records)  
  • The Chosen Few were an Australian punk band which formed in 1978. 12" ep re-issue of classic 1978 Australian punk 7".
    (Going Underground Records)
  • More than 20 yeras just passed away, so it's the highest time for vinyl. A classic album of the 90's independent scene. The fastest punky and the most buzzing reggae. The best Alians’s album? For the first time on the vinyl, the third album Alians released in 1996. (Pasazer)  
  • NoMeansNo are a bass-led 3-piece from Canada. Forming in 1979 with brothers Rob (bass and vocals) and John Wright (drums, keyboards and vocals) they made their first recordings in their parents' basement. Musically their influences originated from jazz and prog-rock as much as from punk - which their music is often labeled. Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed was their third full-length first released in 1988 compiled together with the EP The Day Everything Became Nothing, aptly titled The Day Everything Became Isolated And Destroyed. These recordings show NMN at the height of their creativity and their early obsession with social order in its many strands. Albums in heavy printed inner sleeves with lyrics and artwork. (Wrong Records)  
  • Jubilation) is an EP from Vancouver punk rock band Nomeansno. Released in 2010 on the band's Wrong Records imprint, the four-song EP was issued as a thumb drive and 12" vinyl EP in support of Nomeansno's European tour late in 2010. Limited grey vinyl LP pressing of this EP from the Punk veterans including digital download. Featuring the unique combination of guitars, drums, bass and singing, this highly sought after prize flew off the merch table shelves in the years 2010 and 2011. Now, with all the appropriate fanfare that accompanies such a feat, the JUBILIATION EP is now available everywhere. (Wrong Records)    
  • Originally released in 1998 on double LP and CD by Alternative Tentacles, Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie was reissued on CD on the band’s own Wrong Records in 2004, but it’s taken them a while to get around to a vinyl reissue. Now Nomeansno fans the world over finally have the chance to enjoy the album in its full gatefold glory. The tenth album from Nomeansno was, and still is, a groundbreaking exploration of social and political lyrical statements and post-punk musical workouts. Back in the day, confused people liked to call this “jazz-punk” or “jazzcore” because it involved more than three chords and shock! horror! time changes! and OMG! slow parts! Gatefold, 180gr vinyl. (Wrong Records)  
  • Chicago-based Epicycle, a Punk/ Power Pop group active from 1977 to early 1982, are interesting from a historical and musical standpoint. They were one of very small number of bands who handled all aspects of record production themselves, were in talks to be managed by future Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt and even managed a small record label that released a few singles from other local artists. Even more fascinating to me is the degree to which their music is immediately arresting, feeling familiar but fresh. Epicycle’s songs haven’t aged a day in 30 years, and if anything, their recent retrospective compilation LP “You’re Not Gonna Get It: 1978-1981” could be released years from now and still sound vital and fresh as ever. 14 songs, 14 hits. RECOMMENDED! (Hozac Records) https://hozacrecords.bandcamp.com/album/youre-not-gonna-get-it-1978-81
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    The Thought Criminals were one of those unique bands whose popularity was based on their quirkiness as well as having great songs. Emerging from Sydney in late 1977 they found themselves wrapped up in the burgeoning Punk Rock scene, not a bad thing if you wanted to be part of it …… and luckily they did. The first time I saw them was also their first gig, at the latest venue opening their doors to Punk Rock, Blondies at Bondi Junction in early 1978. Four young guys rocking it out with the best of their peers but with an individuality I had not seen yet from the other bands around. The Thought Criminals had taken their name from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four and based some of their songs on the ideals from the book so you would think it was going to be a darker concept. But they also had songs Like Hilton Bomber, I Won’t Pay (For Punk Records) and Fuck The Neighbours (which I’m sure we have all thought at times!!) and it was all done with a quirky twist in the tale. Jangly guitars rather than full on distortion, drums that seemed to be played with a lighter touch and a lead singer with an amazing presence on stage. All this was achieved with another thing not always associated with Punk Rock – a sense of humour, having fun was what they were about. This could be summed up in one of their song, the appropriately titled “Fun” “Don’t want no top ten hit / Don’t want no disco shit / Just wanna have fun”. Their popularity took off and they soon became the band to see. Playing predominantly around the inner city venues of the time but they were also known to venture out into the suburbs where Punk Rock was less known. Recording and selling independent records was part of the Punk Rock psyche and the Thought Criminals went one better, they started their own record label, Doublethink. Releasing not only their own music but that of many other bands including Sekret Sekret, Popular Mechanics and Tactics. Although they felt that in fact people shouldn’t pay for Punk Records the practicalities of doing that were obviously impossible to achieve. But, wanting to be as independent as possible when they could they would do as much themselves to keep the costs down and also help other bands do the same. This was one of the magical sides of Punk Rock, helping each other out. Because nobody in the music industry was interested in the bands, it was left to the bands to do it all themselves, Punk Rock at the time was looked upon as unsaleable by the major record labels and basically ignored. The members had made a pact within the band that when it wasn’t fun anymore they would call it a day and that’s what happened on 29th August 1980 when they played their last gig at Chequers, or was it? Although not playing live anymore, The Thought Criminals were still recording and were working on a new album, You Only Think Twice. When it was finished they did a gig at Chequers in late 1981 to promote it but unfortunately the band finally realised the fun had most definitely gone and they split soon after. Containing tracks from all their releases plus previously unreleased tracks spanning their entire 1978 - 1981 existence along with extensive large 8-page, full colour glossy insert. First and only official release to contain any Thought Criminals material since their original releases. (Ascension Records)
  • - Remastered from original analogue tapes. - CD edition in gatefold wallet with 16 page art book. Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric is a concept album by the band Rudimentary Peni, originally released in 1995. It has been rumoured that the album was written while lead singer/guitarist Nick Blinko was being detained in a psychiatric hospital under Section 3 of the UK 1983 Mental Health Act. The subject matter of the album is purported to be based on the delusions Blinko was experiencing at the time, particularly the idea that he was to assume the papacy, and become "Pope Adrian 37th", the second English pope in history. The first, Nicholas Breakspeare, was coincidentally from Blinko's hometown of Abbotts Langley. Musically, Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric has the band venturing into expanded song structures (their typical song prior to this being prior to this being one or two minutes long) and relentless, cyclical riffs. The repetitive lyrical phrases and blistering sounds create an oppressive and compelling atmosphere which does much to reinforce the ideas of obsession which shroud both the concept and mythology of this utterly unique album. (Outer Himalayan Records)
  • Rudimentary Peni, one of the best and most mysterious bands of the English punk scene return with an album of completely new material. Welcome to No More Pain. Known for intensely personal music and lyrics made by the exceptional musicians in the band, and alternating lyrically between the witty macabre and the socio-political, Peni have never tried to keep up with any particular musical fashion or trend, generally sticking to a policy of doing precisely what they want to do. They have a notable history that produced four LP's and two EP's (two LP's originally released on Corpus Christi and one EP on Crass Records). And the sum of them is certainly essential to any comprehensive punk record collection. No More Pain is no exception and keeps within the boundar ies of '77 fast punk and the '80's style of slower, chugging material, though always staying clear of the punk-metal crossover that infected so many bands of that '80's period. Final track on the album "Pachelbel's Canon In E" is a version of the most famous piece of music written by classical composer Johann Pachelbel. It was written in or around 1680 and is more commonly known as "Pachelbel's Canon (in D)". As always, artwork is designed by the wonderful Nick Blinco, a revered cult figure in punk and avant-garde circles in Britain and America. (Outer Himalayan Records)
  • - CD version in gatefold wallet with 16 page art/lyrics booklet. Formed in 1980, Rudimentary Peni were initially inspired by bands such as The Damned, Slaughter and the Dogs, and Discharge. The release of their first EP in 1981 coincided with their first gig, with Flux of Pink Indians in London. Despite many rumours, no member of the band has ever died, (yet!) and the line up has remained constant on all the recorded releases. Some tracks are written by Grant and some by Nick whilst others are co-written by both members. Archaic deals more with personal experience than the majority of the bands previous releases. The twelve songs on the album cover a variety of, shall we say, darker topics including mortality, despair, cremation, and the closing of the British national health service. The brevity of the lyrics (often a single line) is matched by the pummeling harshness of the guitar riffs, which hammer away as if pouring salt into an open wound. (Outer Himalayan Records)
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    The return of Germany's fastest band ever, 24 songs of neck-breaking Hardcore/PowerViolence at impossible blasting speed! After almost 30 years since their inception, these maniacs show no sign of sitting down, if you loved their previous effort "Tanz, grozny tanz", this is the same level of rage and craziness, reaching an even tighter and annihilating dimension. And it's the last recording featuring Emu on drums, but for no reason the end of an era, they're already back setting stages on fire with a renewed line-up pulverizing asses with the same amount of aggression and ballistic precision. So get ready for a new cyclone of unstoppable Turbo Speed Violence!! SCHNELLER! (F.O.A.D.)
  • One of the most extreme and poweful records ever on Havoc. Martyrdöd unleash intense raw Swedish hardcore with some Black Metal influences. Ultra powerful metallic käng that drags you into a world of darkness, anger and despair. This band released a crushing LP on Plague Bearer and a split 7" with Sunday Morning Einsteins. Guitarist Micke went on to play in Skitsystem. This band has a distinct style within the strong tradition of Swedish hardcore. The riffs are raw and powerful, with haunting melody over a storm of raw sonic shrapnel. Two guitars trade off sledgehammer riffs and driving melodic leads. The vocals are searing and raw shouts of rage against the horror of 21st century industrial terror and war. This LP is a titanic blast of raw käng power. (Havoc Records)