• (Pisa, Italy, 1979) That's where set its pace one of those cult HC-bands destined to leave an unhealed scar in the still-yet-to-come international musical landscape: furious lyrics full-throated by an out of control voice, a fast as lighting abrasive guitar with no place for any melodies but still abruptly original, along with a drumming ready to massacre ears... CCM (a.k.a. Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers) Their existence, corresponding with the most prolific HC momentum, ends up in 1987 and their two EPs, the split tape, the LP and the few other scattered songs are by far sufficient to single them out as a standing point and a reference for anyone interested in untamed music. This release finally fills a gap: their sold out records had never been reprinted so far, thus reaching crazy prices among collectors, while even lame bootleg copies had started to jump out of nowhere. Since the early start we worked with the two original sound engineers (from West Link Recorders) who had toured and shared all with the band, this “refreshing” of master tapes giving a new incredible shine to the original sound. We decided as well to include in the package pics, gig flyers and even extracts from lyrics. Members of the band supported this project since the early start with the common mission to bring back to life a palette of that music which used to correspond with everyday living. For those who luckily had a chance to see them live maybe moshing at one of their sped-up songs, but also for those others fascinated by the mysterious area surrounding their legend. Vinyl Edition: 2LP, 140g black vinyl, gatefold cover with double inner sleeve containing pictures, lyrics and a "Discography" insert, along with English/Italian biography. (Area Pirata Records) Double LP Tracklist LP 1 Side - A 1- 400 Fascists 2- Tellyson 3- Alkool (taken from 1st 7" - "Four Hundred Fascists") 4- Easy Targets 5- Furious Party 6- Frustration I 7- Frustration II (taken from 2nd 7"EP - "Furious Party") 8- Voice of the Blood/ Barbed Wire World 9- (Right to Be) Italian (taken from "Permanet Scar" split with IRI - Side A) Side - B 1- Nation on Fire 2- Envy (I'm a Mess) 3- Foe or Friend 4- Life of Punishment 5- (We're the) Juvenile Deliquency 6- Work (means Death) 7- 400 Fascists (in Town Tonite)* 8- Best Party Ever/No Bore 9- Alkool 10- (Ev'ry day's a) Reagan Day 11- Bendix Power/Secret Hate 12- Addiction 13- Camp Darby Blues 14- Any Sacrifice 15- Need A Crime / Ultracore (taken from "Permanet Scar" split con IRI - Side A) LP 2 Side - A 1- Feel Like 2- Enemy 3- Sterilized 4- Sorry / R.M. (taken from "Into the Void" LP - Side A) Side - B 1- Daymare 2- Romeo Loves Juliet 3- Strange Pain 4- Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry 5- Into The Void (taken from "Into the Void" LP - Side B) (Aera Pirata Records) https://areapiratarec.bandcamp.com/album/the-furious-era-1979-1987
  • The 4th full length by the Italian vampire punx is finally going to be pressed. Eight tracks of pure passion, desperation, anger and questions that will never be answered. Darker than ever and with a new rhythm section that'll make you twist and shout, this record will drag you down the abyss of existence to release you releaved and stronger than before. Fans of The Cult, A Flock Of Seagulls, Chameleons and Fields Of The Nephilim won't be disappointed. Artwork by Andrea Bonini (Aus Tears). Mastered by Nick Townsend. 1000 copies pressed (800 on black and 200 on clear electric blue vinyl) plus A2 full colored poster. (Agipunk Records)
  • The Creepsylvanians strikes back their 5th full length release! "Dungeon Bastards" is a damn solid new blood-soaked slab of grindy gore/death/thrash & grind. 10 new songs has many gangshouts, somewhere between WEHRMACHT & D.R.I. with these typical IMPALED & CARCASS vibes ''Dungeon Bastards'' continues GHOULS's policy of high quality with a blast of noise that will leave fans wishing for more than this 35 minutes. No clickbaiting, no bullshit. (Tankcrimes Records)
  • Second Pressing: Ltd to 800, olive green vinyl. Necrot is a veteran band that has not had a full-length release in six years. Comprised of former members of bands Acephalix, Vastum, and Atrament amongst others, Necrot proudly wear their influences and seek to boldly take the style where few bands dare follow. Necrot seemingly pay homage to old Bolt Thrower and Autopsy. Their latest album Blood Offerings transcends tribute and aligns them with the greats of the niche. There are terrific hooks in each song on Blood Offerings, and it’s likely that any metal fan will just pick this up, play it, and headbang along to the quality music on tap. I haven’t heard a death metal album stacked with as many great riffs in a while. Bolt Thrower played a simple, but highly aesthetic style of death metal. Necrot refreshes the template with a slew of quality, catchy riffs and accessible song structure that sounds quite original. Admittedly, I wasn’t familiar with the band’s music before I heard Blood Offerings, and this is undoubtedly one of the better death metal albums I’ve heard this year. If their other albums fail to impress me as this album does, then Necrot has got one masterpiece in the bag at the very least. I’ve heard other writers claim that Necrot has always been a good band. Indeed, Blood Offerings fortifies the assertion. I’m about to go backwards in time and rediscover the band’s older material. Simple but catchy, the groove and chugging prowess exemplified by the rhythm guitar sees transition after transition of stellar riffs. The drums keep time and the great sound engineering on the toms reminds me of a drum session in an amphitheater – they echo to the sound of good acoustics, and the production leaves them audible in the mix to the band’s great benefit. The guitars are in front of the mix – gritty, fuzzy and downtuned like Finnish death metal guitar in the heyday of Finnish death metal. There’s not a bad track in Necrot’s body of work on Blood Offerings. The band makes an uncharacteristic song choice to start the album, opting for a slow-to-mid-tempo track that could have followed a more ferocious number, but the band has the luxury of deciding between equally good songs to begin with, and most fans won’t even notice how Blood Offerings can be altered to make the music more enjoyable. Most songs deliver the goods without overplaying riffs that might sound borrowed. In fact, the riffs here are a fresh blood spattering of death metal exquisiteness that begs to be heard over and over. I listened to Necrot’s Blood Offerings for hours at a time. There’s no need to elaborate just what goes on in each song. Just know that even Bolt Thrower could pay homage to Necrot in the wake of the latter’s highly-substantive Blood Offerings release. Bolt Thrower is largely untouchable up and down their impressive history of releases, and if Necrot just wanted to play music even remotely similar in quality to that of Bolt Thrower, they’ve just done it. No longer tributary in quality, the band just recorded a modern-day classic. Pick this up in whatever media available and cherish the style that made bands like Bolt Thrower legendary in its own time. This is a can’t miss! (Tankcrimes Records)
  • Clear vinyl version. limited to 500 copies. Includes download card, came with poster. Necrot is a three-piece Death Metal band based in Oakland, California. They play a unique style of old-school death metal with a crust punk edge, employing unexpected time changes and an interesting variety of rhythms. While most "new-old-school" death metal bands don't deviate much from the blueprint laid out by the genres pioneers, namely Autopsy, Death, Entombed, Morbid Angel and Bolt Thrower, Necrot manage to stand out from the rest of the pack and prove that there is still room for innovation in this kind of music. This of course doesn't mean you won't hear the influence of bands like Sepultura, Grave, Dismember and maybe a bit of Utopia Banished-era Napalm Death in their music, but once your ears are assaulted by their exceptionally grisly and agonized growls as well as their very distinct guitar tone (which sounds like a vacuum sucking up gravel, or a power-saw grinding through bone, or maybe an avocado pit getting stuck in the garbage disposal) you'll be too dumbfounded by Necrot's sheer brutality to care about their influences. If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out The Labyrinth on bandcamp where you can download it for a very fair price of $3, or order it on cassette from Blood Divine Records (run by bassist/vocalist Luca Indrio) and check out the other awesome merch they have for sale. These Oakland death metal locals (ex Acephalix) are quickly gaining speed, and popularity across the world. If you're wondering why, well, there is no need to at all. Crush your brain into submission with this awesome release, and keep your ears open for something from them coming soon. (Tankcrimes Records)
  • Fan Club edition of the black sheep amongst the Bad Religion catalog.  Released in 1983 and long-dismissed from the band's legacy, this record saw BR delving into prog rock and new wave influences. Definitely worth a listen.
    (Epitaph Records/Unofficial) 

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    To celebrate our release number 100, Agipunk is proud to announce the world that we'll be officially putting out the first and only Wretched singles collection approved by the ex members of the band. Forget all the bad sounding bootlegs and all the cheap quality products that have been released so far, this one's gonna be a real blast! The collection will include the split 7" with Indigesti, the "In Nome Del Loro Potere" 7" EP, the "Finirà Mai" 7" EP and the "In Controluce" single 7". The songs will sound better than ever as the original records and tapes have been remastered for delivering a new vibe of destructive CHAOS NON MUSICA!!! The record will be pressed in 1000 copies and will come in a nice gatefold cover with tons of never seen pictures of the band playing, travelling, demonstrating and having fun. (Agipunk Records)
  • Italian Hardcore, Punk from the Early, Mid Eighties has been raw, aggressive and very fast, bands like EU´S ARSE, INDIGESTI, UART PUNK, NEGAZIONE, DISPERAZIONE, ... are very well known in the Hardcore scene, WRETCHED from Milano, also active in these good old times, are one of the leading bands of this era, early stuff is super raw but influenced a lot of later bands. Their early releases are very hard to find and really super expensive, so fucking rare and wanted by a lot of Punx from all over the world. Official repress with the bands permission, first, original pressing also was released on CHAOS PRODUZIONI from Italy in the year 1984. Limited edition of 500 copies, this re-mastered version here comes on vinyl and with printed innersleeve. (Chaos Produzioni)  
  • CD 1 -Wretched / Indigesti 7" split 1982 (tracks 1-6) -Live 1982 (tracks 7-8) -In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto... 7" 1983 (tracks 9-16) -Finira' Mai? 7" 1984 (tracks 17-21) -Demo (tracks 22-23) -Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire LP 1984 (tracks 24-40) CD 2 -La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 12" 1986 (tracks 1-7) -In ControLuce 7" 1988 (tracks 8-9) (Chaos Produzioni/2016)
  • Recorded one month before the sessions done for the Eternally Yours album, it's a rough and raw document of the way the band imagined what the album would be. Released in 2004 on the All Times Through Paradise box-set, it is strangely entitled International Robot Sessions although the eponymous title is not in the set. Only one song was not used anywhere, the one called "Champagne Misery" (the formulation will be used in "Every Night's A Party" on Prehistoric Sounds). Two are from the One Two Three Four EP and won't be on the LP too. Are missing the fantastic "Know Your Product" and "International Robots". All in all, impossible not to have this document in any Saints amateur discography. Recorded at Wessex Studios, London, September 1977. Limited edition, orange vinyl. (Fan Club/Unofficial Release)
  • This is a pretty good fanclub release that I've never seen around. All the songs are in chronological order and the insert shows all the original singles artwork. Tracks A1 & A2 originally from the Cough / Cool 7" Tracks A3 to A6 originally from the Bullet 7" Tracks A7 to A9 originally from the Horror Business 7" Tracks A10 to A12 originally from the Night Of The Living Dead 7" Tracks B13 to B14 originally from the Halloween 7" Tracks B15 & B17 originally from the 3 Hits From Hell 7" Tracks B18 to B20 originally from the Die Die My Darling 12" Track B21 from the unreleased Teenagers From Mars 7" Track B22 from the unreleased Who Killed Marilyn? 12" Track B23 from the Beware 12" (Fan Club/Unofficial Release) https://youtu.be/N__rhKw2UHU
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    If the Misfits were one of the greatest punk bands then Walk Among Us released in 1982 is perhaps one of the greatest records in punk history. While Static Age and Earth AD showcased a band searching for an identity like a vampire for its next victim, Walk Among Us is almost sheer perfection. With a solidified lineup, fully grown-out devillocks (the Misfits trademark long spike of hair in the front) and the stabilizing presence of the somewhat pedestrian but agile arthur googy on drums, uber-misfit Glenn Danzig was finally able to match his zombie-elvis to a worthy musical foil. From the manic opening of 20 Eyes to the monster football chorus of Braineaters, there is nothing less than a sublime moment on this album from start to finish. Astro Zombies or I Turned into a Martian sound like songs to raise the dead by. a special bonus is perhaps the tenderest love song to decapitation (Skulls) in recent memory. Green vinyl. (Ruby Records/Unofficial)
  • Two classics records on one LP. Tracks on A side are from "T. S. O. L." 12" originally released by Posh Boy in 1981, four tracks on B side are from "Weathered Statues" EP released by Alternative Tentacles in 1982. (Fan Club/Unofficial)
  • Twelve inch vinyl pressing of this 2012 release from the two bands that brought Thrash back from the punk basements to the big stage. Two tracks each, exclusive to this vinyl split and amazing cover art by Andrei Bouzikov too. Speed Metal Punx! (Tankcrimes Records)
  • Ratos De Porão's Crucificados Pelo Sistema (1984) contains all the fury, the frustration, the rage and the pain of four young ones against the system in a country that was in the midst of a change from Third World to trying to fitting into a new social order. The projected image of Brazil with its beautiful mulatas, exotic beaches and tropical fruit drinks filled them with disgust, living there in one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America. Their reality was brutal and they wanted to scream it at the entire world. Sixteen songs were formed on the same base as what would later be called "D-beat." The Finnish bands from the '80s were really important in the Brazilian punk scene, just as Discharge was. Simple, fast and straight to the point. Two classic songs have been added for this special occasion, recorded for the classic Ataque Sonoro compilation (which also contains Brazilian pioneers such as Virus 27, Colera, Armagedom or Lobotomia, amongst others). 180 gram vinyl. Housed in a gatefold with pics and musings by Gordo. (Beat Generation Records)
  • CADÁVERES PODRIDOS is a punk band from Maracaibo, Venezuela incl. Juan from Doña Maldad and Mar De Rabia. The bandbrings eight tracks of punk with strong South American taste and a post punk feeling, blending power and despair, anger and depression, wrath and pain. Lyrics deal with the political situation in the counry and in the South American continent . The tracks of Viva Nada were mastered at Bomb Factory in North London. (Punk'n'Loud Records)
  • ENTRY | detriment | LP

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    Los Angeles, California-based hardcore punk band ENTRY will release their debut full-length, Detriment, through Southern Lord Recordings on July 17th. The follow-up to their sold-out No Relief 7” released on Dune Altar, ENTRY’s Detriment LP is succinct and ferocious. Detriment is a diverse album which provides a breath of fresh air to the genre. The album showcases ENTRY’s appreciation for different aspects of punk and hardcore, and their imaginative songwriting that is condensed into nine concise musical statements of intent. As a collective, the members of ENTRY passionately believe in the power of punk and the uniting nature of music, and with Detriment, they reflect themselves and their community with integrity and authenticity. This caught the ears of Southern Lord label owner Greg Anderson, who remarks, “The unhinged intensity of ENTRY’s live performance at the last Power Of The Riff fest blew me away. They embody many of the characteristics of powerful underground music that I have been obsessed with since my youth!” ENTRY’s vocalist Sara Gregory writes with the premiere of “Your Best Interest,” Detriment’s lead single, “This is the first song on the record. It’s about how people are treated unfairly by the legal system and are unable to receive effective assistance because they lack resources.” Inspired by the likes of Discharge, Minor Threat, Converge, Tragedy, The Cramps, and The Exploited, ENTRY started as a project between Sara Gregory – whose musical origins come from punk bands in Pennsylvania – and Clayton Stevens, who also plays guitar in Touché Amoré on Epitaph Records. Bass player Sean Sakamoto plays in the indie pop band Sheer and is a recording engineer in Los Angeles, while drummer Chris Dwyer is also a recording engineer in LA. The punk community at large is as inspiring as it has ever been to them. (Southern Lord Records/2020) https://entrysl.bandcamp.com/releases
  • Okkultokrati are keeping their fire alive with their new album La Ilden Lyse, which translates rougly as Keep the Fire Burning, on Southern Lord. La Ilden Lyse is an album of pure, cold, grim rawness. Themes of enduring life, transcending death, worshipping the moon, and triumphant, satanic darkness are all at play here, and the album sounds harder, faster, and more nasty than ever. No more messing around. Keep it black, keep it metal, all the time. (Southern Lord Records) https://okkultokratisl.bandcamp.com/album/la-ilden-lyse
  • NAILS is beyond brutality. These grindcore tyrants of the American underground have triumphantly returned with their 2nd full length “ABANDON ALL LIFE”! Like the bands debut album: “Unsilent Death, was recorded with CONVERGE’s Kurt Ballou. These 10 tracks of barbaric rage have no resemblance to the laughable retro party metal that passes as extreme music in today’s world. Abandon All Life viciously carpet bombs the listener with a horrifying brand of Death/ Grind/ Hardcore chaos. Bludgeoning beatdowns, grinding blasts, hyper-distorted vocals, hard-hitting metallic chugs and early death metal riffs intensifies to a climatic end where the guitars wail and militant drum breakdowns send us marching. With profound hatred, the howling war cry of ABANDON ALL LIFE shows NAILS as a band without equal in their class. (Southern Lord Records/2013)
  • For the past thirteen years, XIBALBA has been dedicated to carving a sound which combines unadulterated aggression booming out of the vocals, an ultra-heavy low-end frequency, colossal death metal riffs, brutal hardcore breakdowns, and a trademark groove now synonymous with the group. Años En Infierno takes these conventions and finds a new way of expression that the band defines as, "more harsh, brutal, and creative in a metaphorical sense." Some aspects of this album remain consistent, such as the album?s cover artwork once again being handled by longtime collaborator Dan Seagrave (DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, SUFFOCATION). However, the production of this album was handled by Arthur Rizk (CRO-MAGS POWER TRIP, INQUISITION) whose handiwork pushes XIBALBA's sound to epic proportions. (Southern Lord Records) https://xibalbasl.bandcamp.com/album/a-os-en-infierno
  • On the wind-bitten plains of Skaraborg, Sweden, the wolves have arisen once again. They are on the prowl, yearning for your blood, warm and fresh. On their tenth full-length album Wolfbrigade go deep and they are ruthless. This time they have only submitted to themselves; from recording to production and art work. Working in isolation resulted in sharpened ears and teeth. The ten songs rip into both body and mind, with no holds barred regarding power, substance and melody. This time around, Wolfbrigade’s hybrid beast of Swedish hardcore and death metal known as Lycanthro Punk has become even more distinct. These ten tracks of destruction display both a love for 80’s metal hooks and intros, as well as primitive hardcore brutality. The lyrics dissect the state of human existence, the bizarre animal presence that we are. The naked apes. Exploring the dynamics that rule man. Power and submission. Manipulation. The injustices of inequality. This is an album seething with anger and frustration. _ Humans are a narcissistic breed, incapable of real change. This album is a way for us to deal with the fact that we are one of a large pack, submitting to the same societal norms as everyone else. No matter how much we would like it to be different. We are all on the same crazy trip. (Southern Lord Records)
  • (Shipping: October) WOLFBRIGADE’s Run With The Hunted surges with ten brutalizing new tracks which elevate both the harsh intensity and the melodic attributes of the band’s patented, penetrating, d-beat-ridden hardcore crust punk to new extremes of infectious viciousness. A concentrated sense of urgency lines the entire record, while a fragmented sense of dystopia fuels the scathing vocal wrath. Run With The Hunted was recorded in both Studio Fredman in Gothenburg (At the Gates, In Flames, Martyrdöd), by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd, and in Sunlight Studio (Dismember, Entombed, Grave) in Stockholm, by Tomas Skogsberg. Declares WOLFBRIGADE of the new album, “We looked to explore our rawness, writing straight-up, in-your-face, primitive songs. On this record, we decided to push the melodic strains even further, but without losing either intensity or brutality. Lyrically we have been inspired by both classic and obscure dystopian literature, finding suitably horrible metaphors for the decline of western society. The search for freedom continues, but this time the path is pointed inwards, into ourselves.” (Southern Lord Records)  
  • (Shipping: October) Nightmare Logic has taken Power Trip’s classic Exodus-meets-Cro-Mags sound to new places. With hooks and tightness rivaling greats like Pantera or Pentagram and production by the esteemed Arthur Rizk, Nightmare Logic punishes fans not only sonically but with pure songwriting skill. The sophomore release and second on Southern Lord Records, raises the bar and pushes Power Trip to new extremes. Since 2013’s Manifest Decimation, the band admits they’ve not only gotten better at their instruments, but have also reinvented their songwriting process into a more nuanced and clever system. The shift shows on this record and does so without losing any of the aggression so essential to the band. (Southern Lord Records)  
  • (Shipping: October) Nightmare Logic has taken Power Trip’s classic Exodus-meets-Cro-Mags sound to new places. With hooks and tightness rivaling greats like Pantera or Pentagram and production by the esteemed Arthur Rizk, Nightmare Logic punishes fans not only sonically but with pure songwriting skill. The sophomore release and second on Southern Lord Records, raises the bar and pushes Power Trip to new extremes. Since 2013’s Manifest Decimation, the band admits they’ve not only gotten better at their instruments, but have also reinvented their songwriting process into a more nuanced and clever system. The shift shows on this record and does so without losing any of the aggression so essential to the band. (Southern Lord Records)  
  • Worcester, Massachusetts-based crossover outfit HIGH COMMAND set out on a warpath to create the heaviest work they have produced yet on their debut full-length and Southern Lord debut, Beyond The Wall Of Desolation. HIGH COMMAND is, in their own words, “five friends coming together to create the sonic equivalent of a barbarian horde.” The band’s lyrical world, created by vocalist Kevin Fitzgerald, is steeped in lore and savagery, heavily inspired by fantasy-based warfare, and in the band’s words, “boundless quests frozen in the aeons of time and space hacked out of ice and transcribed in lightning. Beyond the thin vail of sanity lies the forgotten age of mysticism and heroes.” Their studio choice for such proceedings was the legendary Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, constantly challenging the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of recorded media. From hearing previous projects recorded there (, The Body, Big Brave and Churchburn to name a few) it was apparent to the band that this was a studio that had a focus on the unique and the organic. Seth Manchester, the head engineer, worked tirelessly for the week HIGH COMMAND was there, sculpting a record with a healthy respect to the Old Gods of metal they admire while at the same time, sonically speaking, also carving a realm of its own. The eight bludgeoning tracks on Beyond The Wall Of Desolation cleave the tender cranium of the listener asunder across their forty-three-minute running time. Bringing forth the undeniable heft in their self-proclaimed New Wave Of Worcester Heavy Metal, the heaviest of armament is advised against the flail. (Southern Lord Records/2019) https://highcommandsl.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-the-wall-of-desolation