• TENANTS | stations | LP

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    Noise rock από Αθήνα. Περιορισμένη έκδοση 200 αντιτύπων σε μαυρο βινυλιο. (Self Released) https://tenantsgr.bandcamp.com
  • f you mention HERESY's "FACE UP TO IT!" album many people will tell you what a great album it was, let down by horrendous production. Now, 30 years since it was recorded, the band undertook a mammoth project to make the album finally sound how they had envisaged The original multi track master tapes were unearthed and baked to allow a transfer of all the raw recorded material and for the band to do a totally ground up restoration/remix on not only the original album, but also the rest of the session that included the bonus tracks originally only released on the Japanese version of the album "Voice Your Opinion" To say that the results have been remarkable would be an understatement and have exceeded the bands own expectations - turns out underneath the muddy production there was a phenomenal album just waiting to get out! But don't just take my word for it, listen to two tracks here to see the amazing difference... So we proudly present FACE UP TO IT! in 2018, sounding as the band hoped it would in 1988! And because its a special release, we have gone to town on the packaging! Three Sided Vinyl LP (the original album plus one sided 12") Packaged for this first pressing only in gatefold sleeve, with additional insert and a CD in PVC wallet of all tracks! Featuring liner notes from all band members. (Boss Tuneage Records)
  • ARMIA | legenda | LP

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    Legenda is their second studio album that was released in 1991. Official reissue on limted 180 gr black vinyl with printed inner sleeve. "Legenda" is an ambitious musical project, a multilayered masterpiece that is meaningful on many levels and escapes easy categorization. The production is fantastic: the sound is dark and monumental but unpretentious, powerful but relying on the strength of the composition rather than on petty heaviness, it is also cold and yet organic and epic. In addition to the classic punk instruments, there are some flute, French horn, acoustic guitar, clarinet, trumpet and synth on "Legenda". The horns increase the epic, monumental quality of the album, possibly even casting an almost ironic, self-reflexive light upon it, and add a subtle moodiness when needed. The synth is very much an atmospheric tool and offers a postindustrial reading of the Soviet epics. For what it is worth, and as irrelevant as it might be, "Legenda" blends the distinctively Polish punk sound of Dezerter (noticeably in the riffs' structure) with the awe-inspiring power of "In darkness"-era Antisect in order to get the perfect ink with which Armia are going to write a darkly ironic, multi-instrumental story about madness and alienation. "Legenda" is incredibly difficult to describe but listening to it as a story is probably the most relevant stance. There are interludes that give fluidity to the album and confer meaning to what precedes or follows. The Don Quijote metaphor that pervades the aesthetics of the Lp tends to indicate that "Legenda" could be a contextualized rewriting. A blinded man living in denial, obsessed with ideas but discarding reality, as pathetic as he is heroic, the Quijote prism can be meaningful on many levels. It could be a comment on post-Soviet Poland (debunking the mythical representation), or on punk-rock, or on the shibboleth of ideology, or on the creative act itself. (Terminal Sound Nuisance) (Metal Mind Production)
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    ART TELEPATHS | freak όνειρα | LP

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    "Το 2013 κυκλοφόρησαν με την Geheimnis Records ένα 10-ιντσο EP βινύλιο με τίτλο “Heaven Up There ! ...Red Carpets Down Here...” σε ύφος post punk και dark electronic, με αρκετά πειραματικά στοιχεία. Σήμερα οι ART Telepaths, έχουν μετασχηματιστεί σε live μπάντα με line-up: Γιώργος Σκαρλάτος - μπάσο & φωνή, Στάθης Παπανδρέου (ex ΑΔΙΕΞΟΔΟ & Split Image) – τύμπανα και Ηλίας Ράπτης (Scoria – Haunted Mirror) - κιθάρα. Το 2019 έκαναν τα πρώτα live παίζοντας με μερικές από τις καλύτερες μπάντες της Αθηναϊκής- και όχι μόνο-σκηνής, και συμμετείχαν στο απόλυτο πάρτυ των 40 χρόνων των Magic de Spell. Οι ART Telepaths έχουν ήδη ηχογραφήσει τα πρώτα τραγούδια της νέας μορφής τους και αναμένεται η κυκλοφορία δίσκου EP στο προσεχές διάστημα από την B-otherside records. Μουσικά επεξεργάζονται μελωδίες και ρυθμούς dark alternative post-punk με συμπαγή και εκρηκτικό ήχο, παίρνοντας σαφή θέση και στάση στην κοινωνική κατάσταση των καιρών. Η θεματολογία τους έχει επίκεντρο τον Άνθρωπο, με κατανόηση της υπαρξιακής και συνειδησιακής του κατάστασης. Στα τραγούδια τους προβάλλουν την εκμετάλλευση και την εξαπάτηση του ατόμου, μέσα από τον πόλεμο, την βία, τον κοινωνικό αποκλεισμό, την απαξίωση, αλλά και την εργαλειοποίησή του από τις δράσεις των συστημάτων εξουσίας. Νιώθουν δίπλα σ’ αυτούς που προσπαθούν να κρατήσουν ζωντανή την ψυχή τους, τα όνειρά τους, αλλά και την έκφρασή τους για ένα καλύτερο κόσμο." Avopolis (B-otherside Records)  
  • Ask any avowed thrash-metal fan, and they’ll tell you the same thing that we’re about to tell you: Sepultura’s major-label debut, BENEATH THE REMAINS, is a true classic of the genre and one of the best albums ever released by the Brazilian band. You can imagine, then, that the Sepultura fans out there will be ecstatic to learn that today’s the day that this iconic album hits stores in a deluxe edition, both as a 2-CD set and as a double-LP set on 180-gram vinyl. In addition to a remastered version of the original album, BENEATH THE REMAINS: DELUXE EDITION includes nine previously-unreleased “mixdown” recordings taken from the original album sessions at Nas Nuvens Studios in Rio de Janeiro, along with previously-unreleased unreleased recordings of a September 22, 1989 live performance at the Zeppelinhalle, West Germany. In addition to the band’s own songs, listeners also get to enjoy the band roaring through covers of Black Sabbath’s “Symptom Of the Universe” and the Dead Kennedys “Holiday In Cambodia.” (Roadrunner Records)
  • Despite carrying on the celebratory tone of The Ramones' debut and Leave Home in the likes of Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, Cretin Hop a tribute to dirty Rockaway Beach and covers of The Trashmen and Do You Wanna Dance? Their third LP from 1977 displays a dark humour that's less jokey than the previous releases' goofs on bad mental health and dysfunctional relationships. the group's best-produced of its first three releases, rocket achieves an almost smooth texture thanks to a clean mix and increased use of Beach Boys-inspired vocal harmonies.
    The Ramones ignited the punk-rock movement with their eponymous 1976 debut album, revitalizing rock and roll at one of its lowest ebbs with attitude, energy and a loud, fast new sound. By cutting music down to its bare essentials – four chords; a simple, catchy melody; a sped up tempo and irresistibly inane lyrics, the Ramones blazed the trail for thousands of bands that followed, influencing everyone from The Clash and The Sex Pistols to Green Day and The Offspring. Although The Ramones never achieved mainstream financial success, they released 21 live and studio albums, had a devoted fan base and were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. • 180g Vinyl LP • Superior 2017 remastered audio
    (Rhino Records)
  • The first, best and only Stiff Little Fingers album that you need. Released originally in 1979 as the first album ever on Rough Trade, it is harsh, brutal, primitive punk rock with sadly still relevant lyrics about the troubles in Northern Ireland. This stands head and shoulders above all other albums of the time. Their punk rock aesthetic is authentic, with raw lyricism and harsh instrumentation. Containing the anthemic track Alternative Ulster, Stiff Little Fingers promote the ‘grab it and change it’ narrative. (Parlophone Records)
  • Being bored back in the 70’s, could turn you into a punk rock hero. Or not? Anyway, after six series of well documented british punk we come to the seventh volume. Safety pins on and down the road then. First we’ve got The Singles with their single “Adolf Hitler/Mercy“, a nice starter of urban british punk. In The Gym happily follow to kick your heads off and then Katz with a satisfying combo of six songs. Being a band from Portishead, does not necessarily means that you’ll be named Portishead, to the contary Chaos UK is fine. The hardcore veterans offer their single “Summer of Hate/I Wanna Be Left Alone” in the name of alive and pacey punk. Then The Hobbs arrive for a couple of rounds at the local but only when The What and The Vendettas are in town. The compilation closes with Skidmarx, a nervous quartet from the east, and the straight punk by North Londoners System X. Rather than searching around for lost and forgotten singles of this particular bristish punk period, the Bored Teenagers series puts a disordered era in order and a nostalgic smile in your face. (Bin Liner Record)  
  • Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives is the first full-length album by Norwegian band Turbonegro. It was released on March, 1992 through Big Ball Records (Bitzcore Records)
  • Darkness Forever! is a live album by the Norwegian band Turbonegro recorded in 1998. (Bitzcore Records)
  • Sorry State is pleased to release Out Cold’s Living Is Killing Me, the band’s final statement in their legacy of pure, unadulterated hardcore punk. For the uninitiated, Out Cold is hardcore’s greatest cult band. They flew under the radar for most of their 20-year run, but for those who understand the band’s importance, Out Cold were a truth, and a benchmark for quality. During the tail-end of the 80s, there wasn’t much activity in the world of fast and raging American hardcore. Out Cold was the big exception. Out Cold’s aggression was unwavering, presaging the 80s American Hardcore obsession that flooded the US in the mid-00’s. Formed in 1989 in the town of Dracut, MA, about 30 miles northwest of Boston, Out Cold would stay true to their formula for tried-and-true 80s-style hardcore until they disbanded in 2010. Releasing a slew of records throughout their career, Out Cold’s discography became extensive, each record just as vicious as the one before it. They are hardcore’s most reliable band. For their genre, Out Cold personifies consistency in the same way the Ramones or Motörhead did. You always know what to expect with an Out Cold record: amazing drumming with in-the-pocket rhythmic intensity; urgent, catchy, and tasteful songwriting; dark, misanthropic lyrics; and huge, memorable vocal hooks. While they’ve undergone several lineup changes, Out Cold's foundation has always been drummer John Evicci and guitarist/vocalist Mark Sheehan. Following 2005’s Goodbye Cruel World, John and Mark recorded drum and guitar tracks for two full-lengths worth of material before Mark’s untimely and unfortunate passing in 2010. Rather than letting these new songs fall by the wayside, the band rescued the session from the abyss with Kevin Mertens, Out Cold’s original frontman, coming in to complete the tracks. Half of these songs became 2013’s A Heated Display, the remaining half comprising Living Is Killing Me. After a long wait, we finally get to enjoy a proper send-off for these legends. Having been almost 15 years since the band recorded the basic tracks, Living Is Killing Me bridges two eras of hardcore punk. They conceived the songs during the height of US hardcore’s resurgence, but in 2019 the tracks have a fresh energy. Kevin sounds as ferocious and powerful as he did on the first Out Cold LP, like someone released him from a block of ice to scream once again. The performances are militaristically tight and powerful: 14 bursts of pure fury. All good things must end, but Living Is Killing Me reminds us why Out Cold is one of the best bands ever to play hardcore punk. Released May 17, 2019 on vinyl on Sorry State Records. (Sorry State Records/Kibou Records/Amok Records/Sick World Records) https://sorrystaterecords.bandcamp.com/album/living-is-killing-me
  • Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print. Available in small, medium, large and x-large size.
  • YOUTH BRIGADE | T-shirt

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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print. Available in small, medium, large and x-large size.
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    BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to reissue THE FACTION – Yesterday Is Gone 12”. This is the first FACTION record ever released. Originally coming out in 1983 and as a 7” limited to 1000 copies. It has been out of print now for around 32 years. This is now being reissued as a 12” restored and remastered for a louder, better sound then ever before! This also contains two extra songs that were not on the original (both being on the Thrasher Skate Rock Volume 1 comp!). All these songs are were recorded in the same session thus finally making this record complete! The cover of this record was done by former pro skater G.S.D. and also contains a sick inner sleeve complete with lyrics and some sick skate photos from back when this record originally came out! To top it all off only 1500 of these will be pressed and on white vinyl for RSD 2016. Featuring legendary pro skater (and founding member) Steve Caballero! Hear THE FACTION blaze through 7 classic songs that helped to define what would become known as Skate Rock. Just give this a listen and you can hear why THE FACTION is legendary and a pioneer of the Skate Rock genre. This is the band that was on the Skate Rock cassettes. This is the band that’s song “Skate and Destroy” was in the opening of the first Bones Brigade skateboard video. This is the band name and logo 100,000’s of skaters world wide would write and paint on their decks, grip tape, school folders and skate spots! Even today their music is featured in many skateboard documentaries and was even used in a commercial that aired during Superbowl 49. THE FACTION are quit alive and well and still playing out to this day! (Beer City Records)
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    “BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to reissue THE FACTION – No Hidden Messages. Originally coming out in 1983 and limited to 3000 copies. This has been restored and remastered for a louder, better sound then ever before! The cover of this record was done by former Thrasher photo guru Mofo! Also included is a sick inner sleeve complete with lyrics and an original illustration of THE FACTION by pro skater Lance Mountain! To top it all off only 1500 of these will be pressed and on translucent green vinyl for RSD 2016. Featuring legendary pro skater (and founding member) Steve Caballero! Hear THE FACTION blaze through 7 classic songs that helped to define what would become known as Skate Rock. Just give this a listen and you can hear why THE FACTION is legendary and a pioneer of the Skate Rock genre. This is the band that was on the Skate Rock cassettes. This is the band that’s song “Skate and Destroy” was in the opening of the first Bones Brigade skateboard video. This is the band name and logo 100,000’s of skaters world wide would write and paint on their decks, grip tape, school folders and skate spots! Even today their music is featured in many skateboard documentaries and was even used in a commercial that aired during Superbowl 49. THE FACTION are quit alive and well and still playing out to this day!”
    • Vinyl Color: translucent green
    • Pressing Qty.: 1500
    (Beer City Records)  
  • Originally released in 1987, this classic album was remastered and recut and features updated graphics. Certain songs on here actually sound like they could have belonged on "can i say" but other songs show an obvious progression with Baker using Doug's different vocal style to try something different. Vinyl includes a digital download card. (Dischord Records)
  • FAITH / VOID | split | LP

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    This record is nothing short of amazing, teaming 2 of the best hardcore bands from the early Washington DC scene. VOID is unlike anything else before or after - totally spastic and disjointed hardcore-punk that often seems like it's about to fall apart into noisy chaos only to go blasting back into anthemnic hardcore. On the FAITH side you get a similarly diverse, if more standard set of DC hardcore. These guys are so underappreciated it's sad. MINOR THREA's influence is still obvious but FAITH definately had their own thing going on. Vinyl was re-mastered and re-cut and includes a digital download card. (Dischord Records)  
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    Primal Rite is the shot in the arm the hardcore and metal scenes need. With 7"s already on Revelation Records, Grave Mistake Records, and Warthog Speak Records, plus a cassette on Pop Wig Records, the band is unleashing their debut full-length with Revelation this January. Guitars scream and solo, mixing the speed and chaos of Japanese hardcore, the crunch of Cleveland hardcore, the riffing and solos of thrash metal, and the pure, crushing power of the Floridian death-metal scene of the '90s. (Revelation Records) https://primalrite.bandcamp.com/album/dirge-of-escapism
  • ALPINIST is a dark hardcore four-piece from Münster, Germany. lichtlaerm/minus.mensch” is crushing yet beautiful – heavy and atmospheric crust- and post-hardcore, bringing to mind the likes of FROM ASHES RISE, FALL OF EFRAFA, early ENFY etc.. They’re definitely an apocalyptic journey of sound. MASAKARI got finally a new record! Close your eyes and imagine that His Hero is Gone and Amebix got together and had a child… got it? Ok, now imagine that that child grows up in a dank room full of teenage angst, listening to nothing but Death Side and Disfear records until he is 21 years-old. Now open your eyes and what you have is Masakari, a crust punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. (Alerta Antifascista ‎Records / Halo Of Flies ‎Records)
  • 108 | 18.61 | LP/Color

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    Recorded over a frigid weekend in Boston, MA in the analog domain of Alex Garcia Rivera (Give Up The Ghost) and later mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge). From the first tension filled notes struck in "God Talk", it's apparent that a spiritual restlessness and awareness continues to writhe in the collective consciousness of 108 which is an attribute that has set them apart from the rest of the musical world since their inception. From there "18.61" pounds forth with the upmost intensity. Standout track "Crescent Moon" races at manic speed before crashing in on itself in one of 108's heaviest moments ever. Title track "18.61", a moving and brooding song that combines all of the unique musical qualities that make up 108. The gritty "Reduced" showcases new drummer Mike Justian (Trap Them, Unearth, etc.) as the new heart at the center of the 108 machine, rhythmically pushing the envelope. Though the aforementioned songs are electric in every way, it's in some of the more daring tracks that "18.61" truly starts to really shine. "Mannequins" and "Forever Is Destroyed" pick up where classics Black Flag and Rollins Band left off, taking frantic and unpredictable sonic turns that only a band like 108 could navigate. All of this makes "18.61" yet another stunning album from a band that continues to write their own destiny as one the most important and influential hardcore/punk bands in existence today. 1000 copies on opaque purple vinyl out of 2000 copies from the first pressing total. (Deathwish Records) https://deathwishinc.bandcamp.com/album/1861
  • "Shai Hulud have spent many years away and endured line-up changes frequent enough to give Napalm Death or Zao’s revolving door policy a run for their money. That said, if they’re going to push forward, they better come with something spectacular, and they do. Dispensing with most of the spoken-word meanderings and downplaying the melodicism of the prior release, Misanthropy Pure is faster and more frantic than any of their earlier records yet remains coherent and well proportioned. New vocalist Matt Mazzali roars his way through 11 massively dense and aggressive tracks, rarely slowing for a breather. He’s no Chad Gilbert but he brings a much-needed shot of adrenaline to the vocal department. Primary songwriter Matt Fox has outdone himself, cramming what seems like thousands of licks into mere seconds of running time but never shying away from the requisite amount of repetition necessary to make an album this intricate come together. Eric Rachel’s production comes across as a tad too polished but otherwise Misanthropy Pure is a brain-rupturing return to form from a resilient and influential act. This is melodic metalcore at its finest. " By Max Deneau www.exclaim.ca Issued in a gatefold cover with lyrics and credits printed on dust sleeve. "Limited Edition" of 2000 hand numbered copies. #1615/2000. (Metal Blade Records)  
  • To be honest, I didn’t expect much if anything from this album. However, once I put it in the player, I was floored. Hail the New Pawn puts these guys right at the upper tier of hardcore/grindcore ranks. It’s a no-brainer. THE DREAM IS DEAD combine grindcore, crust-punk flavorings, and dissonant hardcore into an unrelenting, chaotic anti-establishment beast. They occupy a musical space somewhere between NAPALM DEATH and MISERY INDEX. Seriously, the band hits with every kind of extreme riff they can think of, a barrage of tempo changes, and enough vocal barks to penetrate that thick material we call the “human brain.” Vocalist Clark Giles gives it all he’s got with a great performance. And thankfully, he doesn’t sound like 1,000 other hardcore vocalists. Another strength of Hail the New Pawn lays in the feel. While the songs communicate an immediate feel of brutality and unrelenting attitude, there is also an ominous air to them. To top things off, the production work was by none other than Alex Newport (THEORY OF RUIN/ex-FUDGE TUNNEL/NAILBOMB). The production is nothing short of crystal clear, powerful, and balanced especially for the drums. The bottom line is that you need to do yourself a favor and check out one of the best albums of the year. Limited to 100 copies, Clear w/ Red Splatter. (Escape Artist Records)
  • To put it simply, Ritual is a hardcore punk band: a group of four young, passionate musicians who combine their individuality to form a statement against the mental and emotional downfalls of society and the hardcore punk scene. Two years after the release of "Wolves," Ritual has matured and teenage angst turns to adult despair and frustration. "Beneath Aging Flesh And Bone" is their most reflective and darkest material to date. Gatefold LP. Comes with printed inner sleeve including lyrics and pictures. White vinyl. (Reflections Records) https://reflections-records.bandcamp.com/album/beneath-aging-flesh-and-bone
  • New York ska-punks Left ver Crack and their British counterparts Citizen Fish band together for the split release Deadline, and really, what a perfect pairing of groups. Both are vehemently pissed off at the government, suspicious of authority, and ready to throw two middle fingers at basically anything that promotes greed or control, or tries to hold them down. And both also favor upbeat ska grooves and lively melodies to get their points across -- although the melodies are laced with such acerbic vocals, crusty hardcore attitude, and razor-sharp social commentary that the music would be better served at an urban protest rally (Jello Biafra fittingly guest rants on "Baby-Punchers") than as the catalyst to any sort of happy-go-lucky skanking. Citizen Fish's half to things is relatively more upbeat -- though both singers are equally outraged and largely unintelligible -- and excellent cuts like "Working on the Inside" and "Join the Dots" seem borderline friendly with their bouncy basslines if you disregard lyrics that, among other things, name the government as the true drug lords ("Even as you talk of a war on drugs/The name on the cheque says C.I.A"). Citizen Fish have been at this a while, but their frustrations and pleas for improvement are no less pressing. Same goes for the relatively younger Left ver Crack, whose lead rager Stza has one of the snottiest deliveries around; if you're not used to his voice, it can take some acclimation, but it's a voice with a lot of character that gets the job done effectively. Alternating like they do between scrappy ska-punk and faster hardcore-leaning complaints, these songs are also not exactly uplifting ("World War 4" gets closest -- with a chorus that's actually sung, no less -- if that's any indication of track positivity levels), but as always, there's no shortage of hot-blooded passion and sincere conviction. Left ver Crack have a twisted sense of humor that wants to push buttons (i.e., titles like "Baby-Punchers" and the Rancid poke "...And Out Comes the N-Bomb!"), but they really seem to want to spur people to think for themselves more than anything else. The bleeding urgency that both bands discharge with such directed force and street-level ferocity is truly refreshing, even if you don't always agree with their rallying cries to such extreme levels. And overall, especially considering how incensed both groups are, Deadline is surprisingly still incredibly accessible and even poppy. It's the perfect album not just for the converted, but also as an introduction for those looking to add a little anarchistic punk spice to their lives. ~ Corey Apar, Rovi (Alternative Tentacles Records)