• In 1989 Dee Dee Ramone fled both New York and The Ramones and headed to Europe. After a brief aborted link-up with Stiv Bators and Johnny Thunders in Paris, he moved to London intending to seek out fellow punk rock contemporaries with a plan for a fresh start and to form a new band. DeeDee was introduced by mutual friend Brian James (ex Damned/Lords of the New Church) to Alan Lee Shaw (ex Rings/Maniacs) and George Butler (ex Lighting Raiders) and a band formed with the proposed name of Dee Dee Ramone’s Deadline. With rehearsals underway, Alan on bass /backing vocals, George drums and Dee Dee guitar/lead vocals, the project was soon up and running and in the process of negotiating a recording deal with Overground Records, the release would be promoted with a UK tour, when due to unforeseen circumstances (unfortunately the state of Dee Dee’s fragile mental/physical shape), the project was sadly and frustratingly brought to an abrupt end, before any studio recordings or gigs could be completed. The demos from 1989 are the only recordings that occurred. They are works in progress, forming an important historical record that show flashes of Dee Dee’s genius as one of punk’s most important original songwriters. The songs never appeared on any of Dee Dee’s other releases and but for this recently re-discovered tape would have been lost forever. All eight tracks from 1989 the session are released as a limited edition 10” of 400 copies. Track listing: Jumping Jack / What About This? / One Way / I Got A Right / My Baby Only Loves Me This Way / She’s Dreg From My Heart And Back / I Can’t Come Out / Human Being Parade (Overground Records)
  • Channel 3 emerged from the Southern California hardcore punk explosion of the early 1980s. Fear of Life, their freshman debut, became instantly popular within the scene after its release in 1982 on Posh Boy Records. Energetic in its approach to themes of political and personal unrest and dissatisfaction, Fear of Life explores a darker, albeit less ironic and more straight-forward side of idealism than some of its contemporaries, and unleashes this angst over an earnest, hard-driving delivery, creating the terrific synergy of Mike Magrann and Kimm Gardener. One of the more important musical statements of 1982, Drastic is pleased to reissue this hardcore classic. • Contains original insert and bonus insert with never-before-seen photos and a personal note from Mike Magrann and Kimm Gardener • Remastered for vinyl by Masterdisk • Limited edition of 500 200-gram black vinyl • Faithful, updated rendering of original art on 24 pt. heavy, foil-numbered Stoughton jackets (silver foil for 200-gram) • Comes in European-style polybag for protection and durability! (Drastic Plastic Records)
  • Hailing from the Los Angeles suburb of Cerritos, Channel 3 was a pioneering member of the Southern California hardcore scene. The band's first full length LP, 1982's Fear Of Life (released in the UK as I've Got A Gun on No Future) was an immediate classic and the band soon began playing to large crowds at home and abroad and even enjoyed some chart success. On the wave of this overnight popularity came their second LP, 1983's After The Lights Go Out - further solidifying their unique sound and making its indelible mark on hardcore history. -Faithful, yet updated rendering of original artwork -Limited Edition of 1,000 150 Gram black vinyl manufactured for pristine sound by Quality Record Pressing -Mastered for vinyl by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio (Drastic Plastic Records)
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    If you went down the wrong alleyway, took a shortcut through the park or crossed the wrong open space after dark in the UK in the 1970s, you stood a fair chance of being accosted by someone with a big mouth, low morals and some gurning mates to impress, usually reeking of fags and cheap booze and always ready to put the boot in. And, before you could say, “sickening violence”, a short but chaotic scuffle would ensue and a winner eventually emerge, battle scarred and bruised. The boot boy was the worst kind of hooligan. There wasn’t anything you could do or say to appease him. You had the same chance as a fly caught up in a spider’s web. Zero. Your best bet was to run. His intent was always to give you, and vicariously the rest of the world, a good kicking. Thugs, long-haired louts, short-haired louts; the anti-hippy. Birds, booze, bovver and football on their criminal minds. So fasten your braces for a white knuckle-duster ride. 14 bovver rock bruisers for all of you peace-loving losers. Somebody’s going to get their head kicked in tonight... Put the boot in.

    Bill Case - I'm Your Hero - https://youtu.be/aKdtTRvFgyk
    32nd Turn Off - Used To Be a Tiger - https://youtu.be/Zh7hwlWf2II
    Boots - You Better Run - https://youtu.be/Or90TkM3tBU
    Leather Head - Give Me Your Money Please
    Big T - Tea For Two
    Phil Canning - Sell Out
    Things Fall Apart - Bye Bye My Rose - https://youtu.be/S_KqpAsuPho
    Redhead - We Ran And We Ran
    Giggles - Just Another Saturday Night - https://youtu.be/Own9EnH9Lmw
    Westland Sreamboat - Born Under A Bad Sign
    Brother Susan - Flash
    Scruff - Get Out Of My Way - https://youtu.be/ZlUYsQW_zlc
    π r ² - Jerk Rhythm
    The Knuckle Dusters - The Yob (You Better Run Records/2020)
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    WITCHTRIAL | same title LP

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    With the passage of two years since the release of their demo, along with a hefty helping of gigs under their belts, Mid-Atlantic powerhouse WITCHTRIAL have at long last bestowed upon us all the absolutely thunderous offering that is their self titled 12" EP. Drawing equally on the cult sounds of mid-80's international hardcore punk and the early days of underground extreme metal, WITCHTRIAL has made it their duty to remind us that there'd be no HELLHAMMER without DISCHARGE and no BATHORY without GBH. This slab features 6 brand new cuts of the driving metalpunk madness that many a maniac has embraced since the group's inception. Recorded by Carson Cox and mastered by Will Killingsworth ensuring a sonic assault that is unmatched. Each record comes in a jacket emblazoned with a dazzling layout designed by Reuben Storey. (Beach Impediment Records)  
  • 70´s Proto-Metal… if you understand it as a sub-genre of the Progressive Rock universe, it´s no surprise that most lists that you will find in the net suggest that it was mainly an album orientated affair. But it pays dividends big time to dig a little deeper and soon you will find some of the most exciting 45s from that era. Located somewhere in the middle between Proto-Punk, Bonehead Crushers and the harder side of Glam Rock with a healthy dose of Black Sabbath or Τhe Stooges thrown in, 70´s Proto-Metal offers some of the most primal assaults ever laid down to 7inch. Need prove? Then sink the needle into the grooves of this essential compilation, turn up the volume to 666 and celebrate a Satan´s Party!!! Side A 1. Rog and Pip (UK, 1970) - From a Window - https://youtu.be/vNn5SRo1y2c 2. Big Wheel (Netherlands, 1970) - Curly Girl - https://youtu.be/YL3jMeV-l_s 3. Smooth (Belgium) - Satan's Party - https://youtu.be/RpzZpTKasWw 4. After Shave (Switzerland, 1973) - One of the Best - https://youtu.be/0Z19nU6Gp6w 5. Message (Germany,1971) - Painted Lady - https://youtu.be/qVUurVKzLN4 6. Silence - Devil Woman (Netherlands, 1971) - https://youtu.be/NlJzjov2tmE 7. Unity - Jimi (France, 1971) - https://youtu.be/EcJg0rnNaBw 8. New Lords - Power (Germany, 1971) - https://youtu.be/11uvog7tCj8 Side B 1. Blast (Belgium, 1973) - Damned Flame - https://youtu.be/llaDswZVdLY (proto-punk, proto-hardcore, proto-speed metal, proto-thrash, proto all agressive and xtreme music) 2. Temple (Netherlands, 1971) - Triple Guitar - https://youtu.be/h_ie4GvDg98 3. Carriage Company (Belgium, 1970) - In Your Rom - https://youtu.be/8hfj4bIcPXo 4. Gallery - The Problem (Netherlands, 1971) - https://youtu.be/bUxhcy5KCcE 5. Cool Feet - Mister (Luxembourg, 1975) - https://youtu.be/9UbV8d4Y3SY 6. Big Bertha (UK, 1970) - Munich City - https://youtu.be/Itz3CWUddVI 7. Made in Germany - Magic Land (Germany, 1974) - https://youtu.be/7LDHZp4htJ8 8. Morning Dew (Belgium, 1971) - Here Comes The Rainbow - https://youtu.be/PwgFGbqLkIg
  • Maxime Smadja has held many positions of note in some of the more exceptional French underground groups of recent years. For instance, you might know him as the beastly beat keeper behind Paris' RIXE or the songwriter behind the ever so catchy BOSS. Channeling the brightest moments of the classic compilation series "chaos en france" combined with an execution so precise and well crafted that it carries that undeniable trademark of Smadja's many other contributions. Previously only available on a pair of scarcely pressed and circulated tapes, Beach Impediment Records is ecstatic to further the circulation of these songs on the vinyl format. Comes with nice poster. (Beach Impediment Records)
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    What is there that can be said about Bogota, Colombia's MURO that can even remotely rationalize the true force of nature that they are both in the recorded setting and as a live entity? The initiated know the deal but for those that don't... welcome! Originally released by the outstanding Nordic based Byllepest Distro label in 2017, the "ATAQUE HARDCORE PUNK" 12" was repressed for the band's explosive appearance at NOT DEAD YET 2018 and the Canadian tour that followed shortly thereafter. Channeling the ferocity of other regional greats while contributing a take on the genre that is undeniably all their own, Beach Impediment Records is honored to aid in the North American advancement of this modern day South American hardcore punk classic. Each record comes in a DIY style paper sleeve containing two massive poster inserts, all of which was screen printed and assembled by the members of MURO at their Casa Rat Trap Collective in Bogota. Keep an ear to the ground as there will be more to come from this outstanding group in 2019. Limited to 500 copies. (Beach Impediment Records)
  • As the seas of modern Oi! music are diluted into an unrecognizably sad swamp of vapid, overproduced, pop punk nonsense, it is glaringly obvious when the good stuff appears — in context, as well as sound — and for my money (literally), Chicago's FUERZA BRUTA is the top of the heap. Their 12" from last year, "Verdugo," was the best record of 2017 for many people, myself included — made apparent by the initial press as well as two subsequent represses fully selling out in just one year. F.B.'s brand of hard-as-stone Spanish language skinhead anthems — of, by, and for undesirables, immigrants, skins & punks — is anchored firmly by hard, muscular riffs, and choral chants, with chiming guitar leads at every turn. Three of the four tracks on "Somos el Mal" were released earlier in 2018 by Foreign Legion as a limited-to-50 lathe cut, but the fourth track, a side-long opus, "Feos Por Naturaleza," is new to this EP.
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    540 Records and Painkiller present one of the most important and, yep, best, New York Hardcore recordings on vinyl for the first time EVER, with ñRunning Scared,î the second demo in BreakdownÍs Both Demos set. This is music to wear a Mr. Peanut t-shirt to, to lace up your Spot-Bilt sneakers and stagedive into a pike of Daisy Dukes and Village Voice back-issues. On this 540 and Painkiller split release you will find: The Running Scared demo, from 1988, recorded in The Loft studios in Bronxville, near the parkway, and previously unreleased versions of All I Ask and Hold Me Back--the latter basically a new Breakdown song that you can't get anywhere else except for this thing--and their WNYU session from 1989. The demo is as good as any hardcore record ever, and the band is as good as any band. ItÍs on vinyl now, finally, so buy this thing, put on a ringer tee, spill spaghetti sauce on it and start spreading the credit around. (Painkiller Records)
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    Out of the many bands to come from the NYHC scene of the early 1980’s, none are more fabled or revered as The Psychos. Playing on many a mouth-watering bill at the cramped and sweaty Lower East Side venue A7 as well as feeding members to legendary bands such as Agnostic Front, S.O.D, Trip 6, Mental Abuse and The Icemen, the band’s worth has been cemented in history even though recorded evidence of their existence has proven to be as tough to find as a functioning toilet at CBGB. For years now, the powers that be at Radio Raheem have spent much time in smoky basements and stale-smelling attics attempting to nail down the story of The Psychos and by the grace of eggbo we finally did it with "One Voice", the only collection of material by this elusive unit to date.Containing 20 tracks documenting three of the many line-ups the band burned through in their time, "One Voice" exposes The Psychos’ loud-fast-and-barbaric sound for all to finally hear and it’s capped off with the usual deep dive into ephemera you expect from our crack team of hardcore archaeologists here at Radio Raheem. For the first time ever on vinyl, it’s The Psychos you dick! First pressing limited to 500 copies with 16-page, 12"x12" full-color booklet packed full of archival images. (Radio Raheem Records)  
  • Back in the early ‘80s, the D-beat sound that was patented by Discharge was not as ubiquitous as it is now, where armies of Discharge clone bands pounding out their variations of the time tested sonic booms. There were the likes of Crucifix, Diatribe, Iconoclast, Battalion Of Saints, and a small handful of bands bashing out such sounds across California., including a little-known band from Venice Beach called Against. They hadn’t simply come out from some void, as their lineage tied them to other bands that had become more well known in the scene — before Against, Michael Dunnigan and his brother Sean (guitar and drums, respectively) were half of an early lineup of Suicidal Tendencies and members also had involvement with another obscure LA band, The Runns, who would later mutate into Wasted Youth. During their brief original run, Against recorded two sessions in 1983-1984 which yielded a demo tape and an EP for Upstart Records that was never fully realized. These 18 tracks are presented there for the first time ever on vinyl and are accompanied by a 12"x36" poster insert with liner notes, lyrics and many unseen photos and flyers, as well as newly commissioned artwork by Venice's legendary Ric Clayton. (Radio Raheem Records)
  • When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table. "Tell Me I Am Alive" picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total. This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future. It picks up where the first Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020. Amazing. On this new record, their first in 25 years, Downcast offers a set that reflects that pivotal moment from years ago. Some of these songs, like “Sandpaper” and “Price”, were left unrecorded and you can hear where the band was going in their final days, laying wrenching emotion on top of dissonance and big chords. These songs still pull their weight. As members Kevin Doss, Greg Doss, Brent Stephens, and Sean Sellers have evolved as musicians and humans over the last two and a half decades, the band builds on their foundation. “Four Arrows” draws listeners into the myth of California, and its present-day connections to the state’s violent beginnings. The oppression of indigenous peoples hasn’t ended at all, despite the attraction of its cities and the recreation in its landscapes. “Hiding in the Limbs” faces down the CEO’s of today’s big gun manufacturers, placing them all at the scene of every mass shooting. With so many dead, and the dollars still pouring in, it’s time for an accounting. On the track “The Response from White America”, the band summons the real voices of African American mothers and fathers who plead with white people to care about the violence inflicted on their children. The last song of the album, “The World He Promised to Katherine”, about a terrible personal tragedy, aspires to the kind of catharsis that the band achieved in their live sets with the song “Hope”. This isn’t light music. Downcast gets its weight from its style and its substance. This might not be for everyone, and that’s just fine. But, as both activism and hatred rise again and a new generation faces menacing uncertainties, this is exactly the weight that the current cultural moment requires. (Ebullition Records) https://downcast31g.bandcamp.com/
  • Broadcast live on WCBN radio in 1983, on their US tour, appearing at The University of Michigan’s Union Ballroom, this is Danzig and crew at the peak of their raw and visceral talents, in the classic lineup. Featuring tracks from their first two LPs, this is absolutely shredding, no holds barred essential early Misfits. Tracklist A1 Intro A2 I Turned Into A Martian A3 Skulls A4 All Hell Breaks Loose A5 Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? A6 London Dungeon A7 Horror Hotel A8 Ghoul's Night Out A9 Wolfs Blood A10 Last Caress A11 Demonomania A12 Devil's Whorehouse B1 Horror Business B2 Astro Zombies B3 Violent World B4 Hate Breeders B5 Who Killed Marylin? B6 Nike A Go-Go B7 Attitude B8 Night Of The Living Dead B9 Vampira B10 Devilock (Mind 740/Unofficial Release)  
  • Gatefold with a 11 x 22″ insert and download card. LIFE'S BLOOD were a legendary short lived band from New York City. Formed in 1987, LIFE'S BLOOD Played 20 shows and recorded 2 radio shows, a Demo at Don Fury and one 7" "Defiance" released on Combined Effort Records and appeared on the seminal "NEW BREED" tape comp in 1988. In these short 14 months as band they left an indelible mark on the history of hardcore punk, as their sharp, earnest, and challenging lyrics backed with remarkably sturdy, dissonant and distorted hardcore songs emerged at a time where the focus of Underground hardcore had been blurred by commercialism, crossover and violence. HARDCORE A.D. 1988 Collects 27 songs from their Defiance EP, demo tape, compilation tracks, their post humous split EP WITH STICKS AND STONES, WFMU and WNYU recordings and Live tracks with new liner notes from Guittarist Adam Nathanson, extensive band notes compiled by Bassist Neil Burke with extensive photos and flyers. Mastered at George Horn mastering, with packaging designed by Jack Barfield at Neolithic Print Cartel. The LP comes in a Stoughton tip on gatefold with a 11x22" insert and download card. This is the first time LIFE'S BLOOD's material has been officially available in almost two decades. After LIFE'S BLOOD dissolved Guitarist Adam Nathanson formed BORN AGAINST, bassist Neil Burke was in the initial line Up of BORN AGAINST as well as MENACE DEMENT, SINKING BODY and MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT, drummer Jon Kricksciun and final LIFE'S BLOOD singer Sean Murphy played in COLLAPSE, and original vocalist Jason O'Toole recently sang for MY RIFLE. (Prank Records) https://prank.bandcamp.com/album/lifes-blood-hardcore-a-d-1988
  • Next up in the series of legitimate SPAZZ releases is their "la revancha" album, originally released on Sound Pollution in 1995. This full-length marked a new point in SPAZZ's output? They had found their signature sound and tried to push this to its extreme. "la revancha" is a crazed Bay-Area power-violence record with a nice CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER cover to boot. Mastered from the original recording, this colored (white) vinyl comes with an insert. (625 Thrashcore Records)
  • "Dwarf jester rising" is the debut LP from SPAZZ originally released almost 20 years ago in 1994! The record contains 24 rare tracks of the SPAZZ. This is SPAZZ's most stripped down and raw full length, re-mastered by 625 for all of the vinyl addicts out there. (625 Thrashcore Records)
  • The final full-length release by this unholy trio from California. For those who have no idea, SPAZZ were the undisputed kings of west coast power-violence in the '90s. They took the sound pioneered by bands like CROSSED OUT and NO COMMENT and added a unique blend of self-referential humor to create a hilarious but brutal genre. While most power-violence is an amlagamation of slow moshy-parts mixed with blastbeat insanity, SPAZZ's final studio album (from 1998) forgoes a lot of the slow parts and gets straight to the killing. Mastered from the original recording. (625 Thrashcore Records))
  • Ya know that Big City Records compilation "Montreal New York Connection 85 Live" with all the wild looking cartoon punks on it? STIGMATISM is the sonic equivalent of that big fella on the cover with the mohawk rocking boots and braces whilst letting off and undoubtedly blood curdling howl doing key bumps of meth with that flag toting skinhead from the back of the "United Blood" EP in a real seedy alleyway at like, 3:41 AM on a Tuesday. STIGMATISM is an infatuation with and/or an astute observation of the more, dare I say, "early man" aspects of that first wave of NYHC. Featuring an ex OMEGA and a native New Yorker united in their love of this particular style of hardcore punk, this demo recording has been slapped onto some slabs of plastic that can be played loud on a phonograph or utilized as a level plane for those aforementioned servings of meth. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve adorned with a design by the illustrious Spoiler. (Beach Impediment Records)
  • Rare tracks from 1983-1987. Unreleased songs, compilation tracks, cover versions. (Fan Club/Unofficial Release)
  • A selection of rare and hard to find tracks from Pearl Jam, recording in 1992-1993. Includes the KWA radio performance in San Francisco from 1993, KFMA from Mesa, AZ in 1993, and more obscure radio and TV recordings. A must for the true fans! SIDE A 01 GO 02:44 02 ANIMAL 02:51 03 WHY GO 03:14 04 BLOOD 02:44 05 EVEN FLOW 05:04 06 DISSIDENT 03:57 07 STATE OF LOVE & TRUST 01:53 SIDE B 08 DAUGHTER 06:39 09 ONCE 05:08 10 GLORIFIED G 04:00 11 ALIVE 04:52 12 PORCH 03:50 (TV Party/Unofficial Release)
  • MISERY/S.D.S. | split | LP

    21.00 incl. tax
    An anarcho-punk classic available again for the first time in 27 years. Authorized, remastered and released in cooperation with both bands and MCR Japan. Misery were long-serving black and white punk grinders from Minneapolis; S.D.S. were Antisect influenced hardcore-protest-punk from Japan. (Profane Existence Records) https://profaneexistence.bandcamp.com/album/misery-s-d-s-split-lp
  • In 1999 Ebullition released the Orchid - Chaos is Me LP. At the time Orchid was a fairly new and unheard of band. It was the 45th release on Ebullition, but over time it became the most popular band and record that Ebullition ever had the privilege of releasing. In honor of this, in 2019 Ebullition has decided to releases a special limited edition 20th anniversary version of this monumental LP. Colored vinyl and a special foil printed cover with all of the grey elements from the original cover replaced with the silver foil. Scene Support version is on brown vinyl and comes with limited poster insert and alternative lyric sheet. Orchid's first full length 12" features eleven songs of their unique blend of emotive chaos and combustible hardcore. Blending it all together to create emo violence. The cover design has an almost Misfits inspired motif, and their lyrics are... well, they are Orchid lyrics, which means that they are slightly emotive and vague while retaining a sense of purpose. Orchid is all about blending; taking the best of several genres and putting it all together to get the Orchid sound. Screaming vocals and harsh sounding music to keep the kids screaming and dancin' whether they are Romulan emo kids or crusty Klingons. (Ebullition Records)  
  • Their complete first three studio sessions for John Peel's BBC Radio show, this features 13 rare and unreleased versions of their early songs. - Tracks A1-A4 Peel Session I, 11/12/1978 - https://youtu.be/Eb7GnZ0ZOoI - Tracks A5-B9 Peel Session II, 16/05/1978 - https://youtu.be/Js6cdx73zkE?list=PLMa5VnDfBAhUQTp66eccVkE0EvHmeyexA - Tracks B10-B13 Peel Session III, 10/03/1980 - https://youtu.be/bsUXcQakUno?list=PLMa5VnDfBAhUQTp66eccVkE0EvHmeyexA Tracklist A1     Killing An Arab A2     10:15 Saturday Night A3     Fire In Cairo A4     Boys Don't Cry A5     Desparate Journalist In Ongoing Meaningful Review Situation A6     Grinding Halt A7     Subway Song B8     Plastic Passion B9     Accuracy B10     A Forest B11     17 Seconds B12     Play For Today B13     M (Strange Fruit/Unofficial release)
  • Collection of rare remastered versions of Faith No More classics tracks performed in various locations. Includes the MTV Awards 1990 appearance, Jay Leno, 'Hey Hey It's Saturday', Conan O'Brian and more rangin' from 1990 to 1995. A must for all their fans.
     Side A 01 "EPIC" 05:00 02 "EDGE OF THE WORLD" 04:34 03 "EASY" 05:01 04 "MIDLIFE CRISIS" 03:51 05 "CAFFEINE" 05:47 Side B 06 "A SMALL VICTORY" 04:42 07 "EPIC"/"WAR PIGS" featuring Young MC, James Hetfield, Ozzy Osbourne 05:49 08 "DIGGING THE GRAVE" 03:16 09 "EVIDENCE" 04:09 10 "RICOCHET" 03:52 (TV Party/Unofficial Release)