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    Limited edition 40th anniversary version of the band’s second and final studio album, pressed on 180g crystal clear vinyl. Originally released in July 1980 on Factory Records, the album reached number 6 in the UK Charts. In the same year, the album was voted in NME’s 1980 Albums of the Year poll. Closer was recorded in March 1980 at Britannia Row Studios in Islington, London. It was produced by the highly praised Martin Hannett whose distinctive production style utilised unorthodox sound recording and technology. Includes a plastic lined inner sleeve as well as a printed inner sleeve. (Factory Records/2020)
  • The second to last gig of Joy Division’s history and probably one of the best live recordings from them. Limited to 500 copies on black heavy weight vinyl. Tracklist A1 Dead Souls A2 Wilderness A3 Digital A4 Insight A5 Passover A6 Heart And Soul B1 Isolation B2 These Days B3 Transmission B4 She's Lost Control B5 Colony B6 Girls Don't Count (Mind Control Records/Unofficial Release)
  • To celebrate the 35th anniversary of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” in June 2015, Rhino Records is pleased to announce the re-issue of four iconic Joy Division releases on heavyweight 180-gram vinyl. The studio albums Unknown Pleasures (1979) and Closer (1980) will be available in June and will be followed in July by Still (1981) and an expanded version of Substance (1988), both available as double-LP sets.

    Each design replicates the original in painstaking detail, including the gatefold covers used for Still and Substance. The music heard on the albums was remastered in 2007 when Rhino introduced expanded versions of the albums. The lone exception is Substance, which features audio remastered in 2010 for the +- singles box and for the first time on vinyl, the expanded tracklist from the original CD release, plus two additional songs: “As You Said” and the Pennine version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”
    Joy Division recorded two albums before singer Ian Curtis tragically took his own life in 1980. But what the Manchester quartet lacked in longevity, it more than made up for in quality. The band’s only two studio albums were groundbreaking and helped shape the sound and mood of the alternative music that followed in the band’s wake.
    Curtis (guitar/vocals), Bernard Sumner (keyboard), Peter Hook (bass), and Stephen Morris (drums) released their debut, Unknown Pleasures, in 1979. By the end of the year, the album’s atmospheric sound had won over fans and critics with tracks like “She’s Lost Control” and “Day of the Lords.” Closer, the group’s second album, arrived the following year and its dark and melancholy tones continued to earn rave reviews for songs like “Isolation” and “Heart and Soul.”
    The compilations Still and Substance fill in the missing pieces of the band’s history with non-album singles (“Transmission” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart”), unreleased studio tracks (“Something Must Break” and “Ice Age”), and choice live recordings (“Disorder” and the only performance of “Ceremony”). Remastered, 180 gram, Textured Sleeve.
    (Factory Records)
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    Rocka Rolla is the debut studio album by English heavy metal band Judas Priest, released on 6 September 1974 by Gull Records. Special Edition, 180 Gram, Transparent/Red, Marbled. (V180 Records)
  • Kansan Uutiset is a Finnish punk/HC band. The band was founded in the late 1970s and they released their only album in 1983. One of Finland's greatest HC-sensations from 80ies! Repress of their one and only LP from 1983 plus their unreleased demos as one-sided 12"! They were the first band on the legendary and iconic "Hardcore '83" compilation on Propaganda and gained and deserved a cult status that goes on still today. Totally outraging ultra-fast HC that takes you to a direct orgasm! (Hohnie Records)
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    Part 1 of a spectacular live show, captured at the prestigious Hammersmith Apollo, by Bristish post-punk artists Killing Joke. Limited edition for Record Store Day 2015! Tracklist A1 Tomorrow's World 5:09 A2 Love Like Blood 6:21 A3 In Excelsis 3:27 B1 Wardance 3:44 B2 Absolute Dissent 5:17 B3 Bloodsport 4:00 C1 European Superstate 4:44 C2 This World Hell 5:02 C3 Fall Of Because 4:08 D1 Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove 6:05 D2 Madness 4:05 D3 Requiem 3:36 (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
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    Part 2 of a spectacular live show, captured at the prestigious Hammersmith Apollo, by Bristish post-punk artists Killing Joke. Limited edition for Record Store Day 2015! Tracklist A1 Eighties 3:06 A2 The Great Cull 5:47 A3 Fresh Fever From The Skies 3:44 B1 Asteroid 3:01 B2 Depth Charge 4:09 B3 The Wait 4:10 C1 Pssyche 5:11 C2 Primitive 3:34 C3 Change 3:49 D1 Complications 3:15 D2 Pandemonium 7:30 (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
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    The debut and best album from Killing Joke from 1980. It is a dark, obsessive and dangerous album. The band backed its occult-inspired, apocalyptic message with tribal drums, rubber funk bass...and droning guitars. Years later it still sounds inspirational and deranged. ‘Killing Joke’ – the classic debut album featuring such key tracks as ‘Requiem’, ‘Wardance’ & ‘The Wait’ (covered by Metallica in 1987). The gatefold artwork has been lovingly recreated by original designer Mike Coles, the sole addition being a striking silver pantone on the sleeve. (Spinefarm Records)    
  • Limited Numbered Edition of 100 Records (incl. Download Code). (Dia De Los Muertos Records)
  • Limited Numbered Edition of 100 Records. Purple vinyl. (Dia De Los Muertos Records)
  • All caught up with last August’s blast of herky-jerky darkness from Knowso? Don’t get too comfy, now - nine months later, they’re back with another eight hits of visceral smarts and discombobulating fury. Sounding, as ever, like Big Black firing pellets of snot at their Cleveland forebears Devo, ‘Rare Auld Trip/Psychological Garden’ finds them picking up where they left off with ‘Specialtronics Green Vision’. This being the best part of a year on from that excellent debut, though, they sound wiser, snarkier and more pissed off than ever before - good news all round, then. Opener ‘Boredom In The Valley’ reintroduces their signature tricks but feels more focused; a sub-two minute blast of staggered beats powered by the gnarliest-sounding bass this side of Bob Weston, and a disaffected vocal styling that you’d be tempted to call nihilist if you couldn’t sense the number of fucks given beneath the impassive facade. They pick up the pace with ‘Staring At The Spiral’, which almost sounds like the Buzzcocks unravelling at the seams while a Vogon watches on, before crashing into the smash’n’grab antics of ‘The Plants’ - one of the record’s clear highlights and a frantic, dizzying trip. Along the way are enough bon mots and smartarse quips too make you wonder if they’re taking this as seriously as they should. Let’s not spoil the highlights in advance, but if you’re already on board with Knowso, you’ll know they’re simultaneously utterly hilarious and unquestionably, deadly serious. ‘I could never be friends with a fucker such as you,’ they snarl disgustedly on another of the record’s instant classics, but by this point you’ll already have given your heart over to this most delirious of post-punk/noise-rock hybrids. As the closing cacophony of voices on ‘4th Wonder’ will no doubt drive into your brain with overwhelming force, ‘Rare Auld Trip/Psychological Garden’ (you pays your money and you takes your choice with the title, presumably) is not to be missed. Will Fitzpatrick (Drunken Sailor Records)
  • KOHTI TUHOA’s self titled debut EP is finally available on vinyl again! The earlier 7” pressings sold out long ago and are getting harder to find, so it's time for this record to get the well-deserved LVEUM treatment. Unsatisfied with the original release, the band decided to remaster the record from the original analog tapes and rework the layout for best possible results. The LVEUM pressing will be cut on a 45rpm 12" and includes the complete 7-track session with the bonus track “Velkaa maksat kuitenkin”, which was left out of the original pressing since the session was too long for a 7”. This is KOHTI TUHOA in their early days: raw, noisy, fast and slightly more metallic, like a mix of Behind the Realms of Madness -era SACRILEGE, FRAMTID and classic Finnish hardcore. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
  • Official reissue their second full lenght released in 1986. Kortatu was a Basque ska punk band from the Basque Autonomous Community formed in Irun in the summer of 1984. Kortatu was born in the context of the first democracy years in Spain in 1984. They had a big significance for left-wing basque nationalism (which rejected the new constitutional project) as precursors of a new wave of music: Basque Radical Rock (Rock Radikal Vasco or RRV in Spanish). They reached a huge degree of influence in Basque and Spanish punk, as other bands like La Polla Records, Cicatriz and Eskorbuto became famous in the 80s underground scene. It was a very popular band in Basque Country, and also in the rest of Spain. (Oihuka Records)
  • Watch out, here are KRAV BOCA, an angry punk rap tsunami from Toulouse! On their new album "Barricade" the crew with roots in Morocco and Greece sweeps through topics like gentrification, repression and police violence & depression. The classic lineup of drums, guitar, bass meets a mandolin and electronic parts. 13 songs all of them very professionally arranged, released on white vinyl from around 20 DIY labels from all over Europe. "When some people risk to be put in jail for having participated to a party, and where some cultural actors are judged “useless” by the government, we reassert our right to exist: Passionate of music, alternative places, keen free party, squats, small local associations, thirsty for liberty, nomads, DIYers, improvised cooks, simple curious persons, unattached pirates, one night partygivers, art professionals and technicians more or less trained… All those persons who anchor within their personal balance the visceral need to create, exchange, share and appreciate those sensations collectively. Since five years of touring now we meet exceptional people who welcome us beyond borders. They aren’t motivated by greed but the urge to live. To be free. Without them we would be nothing. To pay tribute to all those persons behind the scenes, we decided to give our new album “Barrikade” for free. An album of protest that heralds our new state of mind for years to come… We love you! Good listening to all!!" Released by a veritable cornucopia of like-minded labels from Canada, Mexico, Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany and the UK: Boca Records, Guerilla Asso, Maloka, Fire and Flames, AIM, Dure Réalité, Guerilla Vinyl, Keponteam, Santa Diabla, DIY Kolo Records, Urgence Disk, Rumagna Sgroza, Rebel Times Records, Kale Borroka Records, Machete Records, Deviance, Up the Punx, Punk’n’Loud, Anfibio Records, Missing the Point, Subversive Ways
  • British rockabilly combo The Krewmen had several distinct phases during the 1980s; beginning in 1982 as a rockabilly trio, they moved in a blues direction for their first 45s and after temporarily disbanding, reformed as a psychobilly quartet for this sought-after debut LP. Songs like “Night Of The Living Dead,” “Wild Dogs Of Zorberon” and “Hell Train” have a delicious B-movie aesthetic and “Don’t Give A Toss” and “Guy Fawkes” are keen Brit takes on the form. A must-have for Cramps and Meteors fans, and all psychobilly devotees. (Radiation Records)
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    Forming in 1983 from the ashes of the Attack (more on them at a later date), Krieg Kopf made a name for themselves in the New York hardcore scene self-releasing two cassette albums and playing constant gigs around they city, Long Island, and beyond. The band eschewed the metal trappings that were slowly creeping into the New York hardcore sound, instead playing a simple-yet-effective brand of full-throttle punk that perfectly captures the speed and aggression of American hardcore in the 1980s. They recorded two album-length cassettes – 1984's "Passen Sie Auf Es Ist" cassette and 1986's self-titled "red tape" – and in between made their sole vinyl appearance with the track "Warhead" on the Big City Records "One Big Crowd" compilation LP. 1987 saw Krieg Kopf entering the studio to produce a full-length record, but the band dissolved before the recording was completed and the session remained unmixed until 2019. This LP collects 19 studio tracks from the two cassette albums and the LP sessions, plus one live track recorded at CBGB (where else?). Also included is a 12"x36" full-color poster insert and an iron-on transfer of the band's original t-shirt logo so you can make your very own Krieg Kopf shirt. Pressing of 500 copies. Track Listing : 01. Dishonor 02. Hasty Ambush 03. Easy Way Out 04. Violent Reaction 05. Hilf Uns 06. Who Knows Or Cares 07. Nuclear Test 08. Let's Go 09. Terrorism 10. Warhead 11. Sick Boy 12. My Subconscious 13. Gun Power 14. Feast Or Famine 15. The Work Song 16. State Aid 17. For The Money 18. Immortal 19. Atom Bomb 20. Gun Power (Live At CBGB) (Radio Raheem Records)
  • KVELERTAK | meir | 2xLP

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    From the explosive first single "Bruane Brenn" to the slowed down guitar crunching of "Evig Vandrar" to the brutally chaotic "Nekrokosmos," "Meir" is an album that certainly lives up to the hype of giving the listener "more." Tight rhythms, inventive guitar hooks and melodies that seep into your consciousness, this is an album that constantly surprises. Produced by Converge's Kurt Ballou. (Roadrunner Records / Cargo Records) ‎
  • Kvelertak shamelessly draw inspiration from every corner of something that could fit into their idea of good hard-hitting and catchy rock'n'roll. Regardless of genre, but always truthful to the basic idea of the band; good songs performed with the tounge-in-cheek attitude of their punk-rock pioneers. (Indie Recordings)
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    A collection of rare recordings from the ’80s punk band from Glasgow. Also included are covers of songs known from a.o. The Exploited, UK Subs, Sex Pistols and Flux Of Pink Indians. Limited edition of 250 copies. Side 1 taken from Fascism means war EP 01.No Right To Take 02.Convicted Without Trial 03.Protest And Survive 04.The Dreams Of Many taken from A Kick Up The Arse - Volume One compilation 05.OI! OI! OI! 06.Addict taken from No Visible Scars E.P. compilation 07. Scarred for life unreleased recorded 1984 08.All walls have ears 09.Conforming 10.Face in the crowd 11.I wanne be an anarchist Side 2 12.No rights to take 13.Propaganda lies 14.Prophets of doom 15.Suicide stolen anthems recorded 1984 16.Fuck a mod (Exploited) 17.Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys) 18.London's burning (Clash) 19.Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols) 20.Tube Disasters (Flux of Pink Indians) 21.Warhead (U.K.Subs) (Mad Butcher Records)
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    Reissue of the first album of the Last Rites, originally released in 1984 and now sells for £100+. Classic second wave punk - political, angry and hitting hard. This is a must have for fans of UK82, Riot City Records, Beat The System records etc. (Mad Butcher Records)
  • 1969 proved a crucial year in the development of Jamaican music. Reggae had just superseded Rock Steady in becoming the island s national sound, with the new exciting style swiftly embraced by a fast developing British working class youth movement noted for their smart, functional clothing and cropped hair Skinheads. So it was in such an environment that leading independent Doctor Bird Records released Laurel Aitkens long awaited second album in 1967, Laurel Aitken Says Fire, a collection comprised of his most popular singles from the preceding months along with previously unreleased material. Unsurprisingly, the LP became an immediate best-seller, its success only hindered by the record company’s sudden and unexpected demise soon after. LIMITED EDITION OF 500 COPIES (Black Butcher Classics)
  • Ska with Laurel tells the story of Ska legend, Laurel Aitken. A major force within Ska music, Laurel was a hugely influential figure in the development of new Jamaican musical styles in the 1950s and 60s. He played a key role in bringing these genres to popularity in England. Laurel Aitken lived in the heart of Leicester for 35 years and made a huge contribution to the cultural life of the city, inspiring and helping hundreds of young musicians. Dubbed by Gaz Mayall as ‘The Godfather of Ska’, Laurel moved to England from Jamaica in the early 1960s, releasing records on the ‘Blue Beat’ label. Proving popular with the Mods and Skinheads in the 1960s and 70s, Laurel’s music also influenced the Two Tone sound of the early 1980s, in particular with bands such as The Specials and Bad Manners. The exhibition, which will include audiovisual material, stage clothes, photographs, posters and press cuttings, celebrates the life and work of Laurel Aitken, a pioneer of Ska music and one of the first musicians to popularise Jamaican music in the UK. (Black Butcher Classics)
  • Houses of the Holy is the fifth studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was released on 28 March 1973 by Atlantic Records. 180gr vinyl in gatefold sleeve sealed. Includes 11" x 11" thick velum style paper insert with lyrics and band line-up (Atlantic/2014)
  • In Through the Out Door is the eighth and final studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was recorded over a three-week period in November and December 1978 at ABBA's Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, and released by Swan Song Records on 15 August 1979. This is the final album released prior to the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980, shortly after which the group decided to disband. The original album had an outer sleeve which was made to look like a plain brown paper bag. Each cover showed an alternate angle of a man in a bar. The scenario has been photographed from 6 different viewpoints within the bar and then 6 different sleeve variations have been created (with the letters A - F at the top of the spine denoting each variation). The inner sleeve features a 'magic' ink in different colours which appear on the design when gently wetting. Comes in a brown paper bag. (Swan Song/2015)

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    The untitled fourth studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, commonly known as Led Zeppelin IV, was released on 8 November 1971 by Atlantic Records. It was produced by guitarist Jimmy Page and recorded between December 1970 and February 1971, mostly in the country house Headley Grange. The album is notable for featuring "Stairway to Heaven", which has been described as the band's signature song. 180gr vinyl in gatefold sleeve with insert. (Atlantic/2014)