• AC/DC | back on black | LP

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    It doesn't get more classic than this. The Brian Johnson era started with a bang - You Shook Me All Night Long, Back in Black, Hells Bells...absolutely required rock. Originally released as Atlantic 16018 on July 25, 1980 Band logo and album title are embossed on the front of matte cover. Comes with printed inner sleeve. Label: Columbia – 5107651, Albert Productions – 5107651, Sony Music – 5107651 Barcode: 5099751076513
  • Back on wax! 'Dirty deeds..' demented ac/dc's position as the premier dirty hard rock to ever have stomped the earth. This record, originally spewed forth in 1976 was literally bursting with quality: the salacious title song, the fan favourite 'big balls,' 'there's gonna be some rockin..'' it ain't pretty but we like it. Reissue, Remastered, 180 gram. (Columbia/Albert Productions/Sony Music/2009)
  • Flick of the Switch is the ninth studio album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC. The album was deemed a commercial disappointment after it failed to match the sales figures of the band's two previous releases, 1980's Back in Black and 1981's For Those About to Rock, and its release represented the beginning of the band's commercial decline. The third AC/DC album to feature lead vocalist Brian Johnson, the album is also the last to feature drummer Phil Rudd before his return on Ballbreaker (1995). Packaging: embossed sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Originally released as Atlantic 80100 on August 19, 1983. Label: Columbia – 5107671, Albert Productions – 5107671, Sony Music – 5107671 Barcode: 5099751076711
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    Brian Johnson's second album as ac/dc's frontman, and as such helped them create a phenomenal commercial success, with both singles, 'let's get it up' and the title track, charting on both sides of the atlantic. The album went on to sell over a million copies world-wide and the title track became an immediate live favourite, complete with a cannon-fire salute stage show that became instant encore material. Elsewhere, their familiar rattle remained intact, with 'night of the long knives' and 'breaking the rules' forging a familiar piece of metal. Gatefold Cover with a printed cardboard inner sleeve including liner notes and photos. Originally released as Atlantic 11111 on November 20, 1981 (Columbia/Albert Productions/Sony Music/2009)
  • AC/DC | high voltage | LP

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    'High voltage' was the first chance america had to glimpse the raw power of Australia's best hard rock outfit. From their earliest days, lead guitarist angus young, a spastic dwarf-like riff-monger who wore nothing but traditional schoolboy attire, led this band of hooligans with gleeful perversity and balls-out ambition. The group's intent is perfectly clear from the disc's opening power chords: to distill rock and mutate the blues down to its barest essentials in a pulverizing whomp. Riding over the top of the battering rhythm section is the all-too-true sneer of vocalist bon scott, who brings sexist anthems to a previously unachieved high (or low, depending on your reference point). Issued in a single sleeve with colour printed inner sleeve with liner notes, images and credits. Label: Columbia, Albert Productions, Sony Music Barcode: 5099751075912
  • Limited edition 180 gram vinyl pressing of 'highway to hell'. The artwork includes the original jacket designs, plus new inner sleeves, with the liner notes taken from the new cd versions. Remastered from the original master tapes at Sterling Sound. Originally released as Atlantic 19244 on August 3, 1979. (Columbia/Albert Productions/Sony Music/2009)
  • The hard rock world got a close-up view of the power of ac/dc with the band's first live offering, if you want blood, you've got it. Although the Australian rockers had three prior studio releases of undeniable crunch under their belt, it was this live document that captured the band in all its' chomping power chord glory. distilling the blues and rock 'n' roll down to its barest structures of guitar/bass/drums leaves little room for error. Without heavy production techniques, keyboards, tape loops (or even an effect pedal, for that matter), the band takes to the stage with only bare-knuckle riffs and a floor shaking 4/4 beat. and shake the floor they did. Printed laminated inner sleeve with images and liner notes. All tracks recorded live during 1978 world tour. Mixed at Albert Studios Sydney Australia. An Albert production for Albert International Music. (Columbia/Albert Productions/Sony Music/2009)
  • AC/DC | powerage | LP

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    With ac/dc's third release, powerage, the band was dispensing even heftier ammo from their hook-laden cartridge belt. With the rock-steady rhythm section pounding out 4/4 beats as if it were overtaking a small country, guitarists (and brothers) angus and malcolm young trade towering riffs that belie their pint-sized physical stature. The real change on powerage is a noted improvement in songwriting skill. The six-minute "down payment blues" actually has a sense of restraint and building tension, as opposed to the band's usual hit-the-ground running approach. The release includes a coloured inner-sleeve with band's photos, notes, credits and info. Originally released as Atlantic 19180 on May 30, 1978 Recorded at Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia February/March 1978 Remastered from the original master tapes (Columbia/Albert Productions/Sony Music/2009)
  • Balls to the wall represent one of the peaks of the German metal band Accept. Mind-blowing chord progressions and stylish solos mark the music on this record. The ten tracks are all unforgettable in their own way, most memorable is the title song and the clip they created to this track. The album was released during the golden age of metal and it established the band as one of the heaviest and most important bands of their time. Balls to the wall even charted in the Billboard 200 list. Accept is a German heavy metal band from the town of Solingen, originally assembled by former vocalist Udo Dirkschneider, guitarist Wolf Hoffmann and bassist Peter Baltes. Their beginnings can be traced back to the late '60s. The band played an important role in the development of speed and thrash metal, being part of the German heavy metal scene, which emerged in the early to mid-80s. The package includes a 4-page booklet. 180-gram audiophile vinyl 4-page booklet with band picture and lyrics Legendary 1983 cult album feat. "Balls to the Wall", "Love Child" and "London Leatherboys" (Music On Vinyl)
  • ACCEPT | metal heart | LP

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    The German heavy metal giants Accept released their accessible sixth studio album Metal Heart in 1985. It marked the return of guitarist Jörg Fischer and the album contains some of their classic songs, such as Metal Heart" and "Living for Tonite". It's a work of pure metal greatness and it got everything you expect from the band. To crack the American market they added catchier choruses and melodies to the music, but they didn't hold back on any of their powerful metal music. The album is overwhelmingly well-produced and performed, and containing brilliant strokes of songwriting genius along with catchy, memorable themes. 180 gram audiophile vinyl Insert "Metal Heart" and "Living for Tonite" (Music On Vinyl)
  • Acid Barretts are a drum-machine-fueled shoegaze/postpunk duo hailing from Athens, Greece. Formed back in 2013 by guitarist and vocalist Harry Eugene Kane, the band ventured out to emulate the essence of bands like Spacemen 3, Suicide and The Jesus and Mary Chain. While the position of bass player is currently occupied by one Scizhic Inzc, this incarnation of the band is finally being completely detached and absolved from the notion of musical genres and limitations imposed upon creativity. Anything goes. Label: Old Bad Habits Label
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    Originally released in 1983 on Fallout Records. Their debut album gets its first ever worldwide reissue thanks to Puke n Vomit Records. Amazing catchy blistering Punk with great Post-Punk elements makes this one of the coolest 80s UK Punk albums ever. Originating from Essex, the band formed in 1980 and quickly grew in popularity in part from their energetic performances and catchy songs and the presence of exuberant vocalist Alison ‘George Cheex’ Roberts, Their debut single a split with Dead Mans Shadow was released in 1981, that lead to them getting some seriously heavy BBC airplay courtesy of DJ John Peel. This was followed by their 'Suicide Bag' 7' on Fallout in 1982 and that single quickly climbed the UK Indie charts. When the LP 'Mercury Theatre - On The Air!' was released in 1983 it climbed all the way to #5 on the indie charts. (Puke n Vomit Records)
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    Another obscure Japanese Hardcore gem from the past, rescued and brought back to life in a top quality edition.. It’s no secret that the FOAD team are totally crazy for Hokkaido area punk, you saw it with previous works such as Human Gas, Stali nism, Napalm, Chinpira, Shot Gun… Hailing from Sapporo, Hokkaido, ACUTE are only known to diehard HC maniacs for their killer tracks on the hard to find “Nothing action nothing have” v.a. tape (1989). This anthology compiles their complete recordings 1986-1989 adding as bonus a CD with never-heard-before recordings from the “Nothing action, nothing have” release show at Bessie Hall, Sapporo where they shared the stage with legends such as Slang, F.U.P. and Satanic Hell Slaughter. 44 TRACKS showing the band’s evolution from their early distorted punk approach influenced by UK82 classics (Chaos UK, Disorder) to the shredding fast Japancore thrash assault of their latter phase. Freshly ripped from the band’s tapes and mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio. Gatefold jacket + two booklets (total 24 pages) including flyers, photos, lyrics as well as all the original artworks and leaflets showing their strong anti-war stance and socially engaged hardcore attitude. Black vinyl limited to 250 copies. (F.O.A.D. Records)
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    UK82 hardcore punk band formed 1982 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK, from the remains of two earlier Portsmouth bands (Birth Trauma and The Anihilates). Originally released in 1987. Comes with insert, 140gr vinyl. Label: Noise Not Music
  • The second studio album, released on the band’s own label SOS Records in 1987 following a reunion of the band after a five-year breakup (whilst members persued other projects such as D.I. Chritian Death etc.) . Thirteen tracks, including new recordings of all three songs from 1981’s Welcome to Reality EP, as well as covers of “The House of the Rising Sun” and the Stooges’ “I Got a Right”. (Nickel And Dime Records / Triple X Records)
  • ADOLESCENTS | T-shirt

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    Hand made high quality silk screen print. Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt. Ενδέχεται να υπάρχουν ελλείψεις σε κάποια από τα μεγέθη. Σε αυτή την περίπτωση θα σας ενημερώσουμε τηλεφωνικά ή με e-mail για τον χρόνο παράδοσής τους σε εμάς από τον προμηθευτή (συνήθως 3-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες).
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    BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to bring you ADRENALIN O.D. - Let’s BBQ Millennium Edition 12”! This is limited to 1000 and is a RSD exclusive! This star studded release features the songs from the original Let’s Barbecue 7” that first graced us back in 1983 plus an additional track from that same session that never saw the light of day! Also included are 5 tracks from the ADRENALIN O.D. demo tape that came out in 1982. These tracks were never recorded for anything else. For the first time ever all these have now been restored and remastered and are presented to you at 45RPM’s for optimal audio enjoyment! Add to that a fabulous gatefold packaging, lyrics and liner notes written by none other then the band itself. Along with pictures; some of which have never been seen by the public! Plus a plastic collectable download card so you can keep your record as safe as Han Solo frozen in Carbonite! You have yourself a release that will hit you like a pie in the face at a Three Stooges convention! So come record store day make sure you get to the store bright and early and get this limited piece of hardcore/punk history! - Record Store Day 2019 release. - Includes digital download card. - Limited edition of 1000 copies. (Record Store Day website shows limited to 1100 copies). Gatefold. - Features the songs from the original Let's Barbeque 7” from 1983 plus an additional track from that same session. - Also included are 5 tracks from the AOD demo tape recorded in 1982. (Beer City Records)  
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    35 Anniversary Millennium edition LP! It’s hard to believe that this classic came out 35 years ago, isn’t it?! Now were happy to bring it to you in this special anniversary edition thats limited to 1000 copies! Not only does this contain all 15 original tracks of blazing speed-punk/hardcore (and dare we say thrash) and sarcastic lyrics , but they have been restored and remastered and from THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES! Don’t think the fun stops there cause this also includes the original insert and art work. Plus a full color poster with never before seen photos and liner notes by the band and other notable personalities! Plus there are a few other surprises we are not going to mention. With only 1000 being pressed you better grab this up quick! (Beer City Records)  
  • Oakland-based dark punk band Adrenochrome is proud to present their premiere full-length release, In Memoriam. In Memoriam is laden with infectious melodies, tenacious rhythm, and catchy, powerful vocals. This album houses all the attitude and tone of early death-rock powerhouses like Phaidia, while maintaining all the fury and focus of anarcho-punk legends such as Poison Girls and Penetration. Driving, dancey, and just aggressive enough to demand your attention, In Memoriam is certain to leave you singing along with your fist in the air. (Domîno Monët) Reversed Sleeve 350gr with Insert + Download code. Label: Symphony Of Destruction Records
  • III:The Betrayal is one of two full length albums being released by Adrestia 2022. The album was recorded by Martin Shukevich and Ulf Blomberg, while mixing and mastering was done by Henrik Udd. https://www.rocking.gr/reviews/album/Adrestia-III-The-Betrayal/11050 (Alerta Antifacsista Records)
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    IV: The Mark Of Cain is one of two full length albums being released by Adrestia 2022. The album was recorded by Martin Shukevich and Ulf Blomberg, while mixing and mastering was done by Henrik Udd. https://www.rocking.gr/reviews/album/Adrestia-IV-The-Mark-Of-Cain/11054 (Alerta Antifacsista Records)
  • Moody Oxford post-punk quintet Exit 13 became Aerial FX at the dawning of the 1980s, the promise of their minimal sound, with its prominent synthesizers, yielding a publishing deal with Island Records and an early single released by the label. Debut album Watching The Dance has shades of dark synth pop and Goth, with future Radiohead manager/producer Chris Hufford firmly in the spotlight throughout. The influence of acts like Van Der Graaf Generator, Modern Eon and others lurk beneath this hidden Cold Wave gem. (Radiation Records)
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    AFTERMATH | garbage day | 10″

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    Debut release from the stenchcore act from Umeå, Sweden. AFTERMATH does include members from band such as Misantropic, Personkrets 3:1, Disconvenience, Epidemics, Acid Blood and Scum Crusade. Think Swordwielder and Plague Thirteen and you sort of get the point. (Phobia Records)
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    Παλιομοδίτικο hc/punk απο Αθήνα. Athens hardcore is back on the map. Against All Odds is one of the longest standing hardcore bands from Greece, active since 2007. Fans of Warzone, Madball, Breakdown and Agnostic Front, do not sleep on this. Pro-printed tapes with 5-panel J-card and on body print. Limited to 100. Recorded and mixed by George Pavlidis at at Ihovrihio Studio in Athens, Greece. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Mastering Studio in Portland, USA. Guest vocals at ‘How it goes’ by Fotis My Turn. Cover by Colo Lopez (www.instagram.com/cololopeztattoo) Artwork by Life Trap Designs (www.instagram.com.lifetrap_designs) Tracklist: 1. HOW IT GOES 2. RESIST 3. WOLFPACK 4. HARD WAY 5. GHOST DOG (World's Appreciated Kitsch Records)
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    Recorded at Studio 606, Earth Sound Studio, Motor Studio, Total Treble Studio and mixed by Billy Bush, Transgender Dyphoria Blues is an insightful and highly-provocative 10-song offering written by frontwoman Laura Jane Grace, whose material examines one's grappling with gender dysphoria, the loss of a young friend and pure self discover, as well as love and ultimate acceptance. Featuring Grace's signature explicit songwriting and dominant vocals, the album also features longtime guitarist / vocalist James Bowman, drummer Atom Willard and Fat Mike of NOFX on bass for "FUCKMYLIFE666" and "Unconditional Love". (Total Treble / Xtra Mile Recordings)