• It´s 2020, the 35th birthday of AGATHOCLES!!! So what crazy things to do to make this year something special for this Mincecore anniversary? Jan/AGx had the idea to press a series of eight 12”LP’s, with on each record, the complete sessions of the countless 7”EPs that AGATHOCLES have recorded during a period of more than 3 decades.
    LP number four in this series of eight albums with complete sessions which were made for various 7”EP’s, recorded and released between 1990 and 2003. On this one, you will hear recordings which were made in 1996, recorded and mixed at the SOUNDSHAPE-studios in Arendonk, Belgium. The songs were used for records such as the AGATHOCLES/VOMIT FALL (Italy) split 10”, AGATHOCLES/AUTORITAR (Germany) split 7”EP, AGATHOCLES/PRAPARATION H (USA) split 7”EP and AGATHOCLES/UNHOLY GRAVE (Japan) split 7”EP. Some interesting fact is that during the recording session of this 12”LP, Agathocles took some big kettle drums into the studio. They used these kettle drums on the song “Their excuse”.
    The covers of all 8 records of this series make up the complete triptych „The Garden of Earthly Delights“ by Hieronymus Bosch.
    Black vinyl, 350 gr cardboard cover, 2 pages info sheet with liner notes and all lyrics. (Animate Records)
  • AGENT ORANGE | T-shirt

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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print.
    Ενδέχεται να υπάρχουν ελλείψεις σε κάποια από τα μεγέθη. Σε αυτή την περίπτωση θα σας ενημερώσουμε τηλεφωνικά ή με e-mail για τον χρόνο παράδοσής τους σε εμάς από τον προμηθευτή (συνήθως 3-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες). Κατόπιν παραγγελίας το σχέδιο είναι διαθέσιμο και σε μέγεθος XX-Large.
  • Canadian Speed/Thrash at its finest! Long time in the works, this retrospective of early AGGRESSION recordings (1984-1986) collects all their demos and promo-tapes released before their debut album “The full treatment“, and adds a bonus CD with a complete, good sounding live set recorded in Quebec, 2/2/1986. Quoting the liner notes by Denis ‘Sasquatch’ included in this anthology: “Five metalheads playing their hearts out without any musical boundaries or restrictions. We were able to do whatever we wanted. And not only musically, we had no rules with an absolute disrespect for laws and society which got us in trouble quite a few times.” Right there in those magical years when bands like Voivod, Razor, Sacrifice, Piledriver were starting to pave the way and Canada was hosting a titanic Metal event such as the World War III Festival, AGGRESSION were spawning their early Thrashing outrages proving to be equally intense and powerful as the previously mentioned pioneers. And to keep up the F.O.A.D. tradition of maniacal attention for detail, this release comes with a gatefold jacket and a massive 36 page fanzine styled booklet with a huge selection of AGGRESSION photos (some exclusive, never seen before ones), flyers, early interviews and memorabilia of all sorts. (F.O.A.D. Records)
  • You can't keep a good band down. With ceaseless, unwavering fan support, The Aggrolites reconvened in late 2015 to lay down three songs, "Aggro Reggae Party," "Help Man" and "Western Taipan," which reminded them that, hey, they're still pretty damn good at this. They never gave up, thankfully! That one-off recording session was the spark that eventually created this album, certainly their best to date. REGGAE NOW! is the Aggrolites' sixth full-length, and first with Pirates Press Records. Written and recorded throughout 2018, the album finds these architects of "Dirty Reggae" reestablishing their signature sound, re-recording those three songs from 2015 as well as adding on 11 more originals that snap, crackle and pop just as much as your favorite Aggro songs from back in the day. The Aggro Army is excited to get back in the groove. "We're passionate about reggae, we're passionate about our band, and I don't think we?re ever gonna stop," Singer Jesse Wagner notes. "Everybody clicks right now. That's why we're calling it REGGAE NOW! because this is us NOW."
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    AGNOSTIC FRONT "first warning - the "united blood" era recordings, new york city, 1983" (Radiation) THE 'UNITED BLOOD' ERA RECORDINGS, NEW YORK CITY, 1983' - Controversial east coast punk band Agnostic Front were lynchpins of the New York hardcore scene. Formed in 1982 by former Eliminators guitarist Vinnie Stigma along with vocalist John Watson, drummer Rob Crib Crash and bassist Diego, the band went through several other early members to settle on Vinnie Stigma, bassist Adam Mucci, drummer Raybeez and Cuban-born singer Roger Miret for these recordings. Often misunderstood in their early days due largely to their majority skinhead following and the shock imagery of their record covers, the group carved out its reputation in the dilapidated Lower East Side of Manhattan, then blighty by poverty, drugs, violence and high levels of urban decay. The recordings featured on this incendiary compilation date from the very start of their recording career, beginning with the demos that led to their debut seven-inch release, the self-issued 'United Blood' EP, bolstered by other recordings from the period that were left unissued at the time; some of the material included here later appeared on the 'Raw And Unleased' CD, but several songs are appearing on vinyl here for the very first time. Agnostic Front went on to reign supreme on the New York hardcore scene throughout the 1980s and although later recordings once again saw membership changes that brought a shift in style to include thrash-metal crossover elements, their longevity and high standing is such that they were featured on Showtime's 'The Godfathers Of Hardcore' documentary, ultimately leading to Roger Miret's recently released autobiography 'My Riot'. Tracklist: SIDE A United Blood 7" (Two-Track Mixdown) No One Rules Final War Last Warning Traitor Friend Or Foe United Blood Fight Discriminate Me In Control Crucial Changes Extended United Blood Recording Smell The Bacon/What's With You In Control Last Warning Fuck All Authority Fight Final War Discriminate Me United Blood No Rights (No One Rules) Friend Or Foe We Shoud Care Crucial Changes Traitor United Blood Discriminate Me We Should Care SIDE B Pre-United Blood Recording Smell The Bacon/What's With You In Control Last Warning Fuck All Authority Fight Get Out/Final War Discriminate Me United Blood Society Suckers No Rights (No One Rules) Friend Or Foe We Should Care Blind Justice Crucial Changes Traitor Skins Go Marching In/We Can Do Anything It's My Life Message From The Underground Comp. (Urinal Records) United Blood Time Will Come (Radiation Records)
  • AGRIMONIA | agrimonia | LP

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    REPRESSED! Their "demo" cd hit me by surprise and I really couldn't refuse to put this out! These folks come from Gothenburg in lovely Sweden and deliver the goods! The demo (minus 1 song though) that you'll find on this black piece of vinyl hold 4 times thundering death and black metal soaked doom, with hints of crust, as well as atmospheric and epic darkness. The guitars range from devastating heaviness to gloomy acoustic sections, with piercing leads that flash through the darkness every now and then. If you've ever wanted to know exactly how your favourite metal, crust, and doom bands would have sounded like if they were one band this is where you should turn. I won't namedrop anything, just ask you to take me on my word that you really need to check this out if you've been even the slightest intrigued with what's written above. Even though I could drop many influential names, as well as list several of your favourite Swedish crustcore bands in the "members of" department. (Kleister) (Skuld Records)
  • The wait was long, but now it's ready! A dignified follow-up of their first album! An intense Dolp from this dark crust band from Gothenburg. I haven't really enough words to describe this brutal yet twisted attack on my eardrums. Eight songs in just over 72 minutes(!) of death and blackmetal gloom with a healthy dose of crust punk influences leaving me speechless. The Double Lp comes in a beautiful gatefold with a foldout insert. CD version is being released in the US by Profane Existence. (Skuld Records)
  • AHNEUS | ahneus | LP

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    New Killer punk/hardcore band from Tampere/Finland! This is the new band of Jake after leaving Rattus, so you can hear that it reminds a lot of good old Rattus - but they have improved their own sound as well and it sounds unique and awesome. 12 excellent tight-played and energetic songs of pure Finnish hardcore at it's best!
    (Kämäset Levyt ‎Records) https://ahneus.bandcamp.com/releases
  • 2nd album by Punk 4-piece from Chicago, Illinois, featuring members from The Bomb, The Methadones, and Bow & Spear. This is a band making urgent and catchy music in the present. The album was produced by Derek Grant (Alkaline Trio) & Rodrigo Palma (Saves the Day). (Little Rocket Records) https://airstreamfutureslrr.bandcamp.com/album/le-feu-et-le-sable
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    Algara is a minimal post-punk duo from Barcelona. (La Vida Es Un Mus) https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/enamorados-del-control-total-ep
  • More than 20 yeras just passed away, so it's the highest time for vinyl. A classic album of the 90's independent scene. The fastest punky and the most buzzing reggae. The best Alians’s album? For the first time on the vinyl, the third album Alians released in 1996. (Pasazer)  
  • A collection of rare remastered versions of Alice In Chains classics performed in various locations. Includes the Hollywood Rock 1993 appearance, the 1991 recording at the Club Desoto for the movie 'Singles', the Saturday Night Special on Fox and more rare and hard to find tracks. A must for all their fans. SIDE 1: 1. It Ain't Like That 2. Would? 3. Man In The Box 4. Sea Of Sorrow 5. Junkhead SIDE 2: 1. Would? 2. Angry Chair/Them Bones 3. Them Bones 4. Again 5. Love Hate Love (TV Party)
  • Non-stop rocker Alien Nosejob, aka Jake Robertson, returns to earth with his second full-length record of 2020, finally bringing the high-octane hardcore punk side of the band to an LP. Hot on the heels of January’s "Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud" LP, Nosejob carries on their winning streak and wordy album titles with "Once Again The Present Becomes The Past", which instead follows in the footsteps of the November’s "HC45" 7; merging early 80’s hardcore and late 70’s NWOBHM. "Once Again The Present Becomes The Past" started life as a concept record about Australia’s first and largest air raid, the 1942 Bombing Of Darwin. However, while grappling with this heavy subject-matter, something from Norm Macdonald’s book, of all places, stuck with Jake: "The Present Became Past Again". History is forever repeating itself. It continues to happen. It will happen again. As the record took shape, it was fleshed out with the help of his new reel-to-reel recorder, turning crust and hardcore influences into the dark and cold array of songs documented within. Find out why Alien Nosejob is one of the rare signifiers of both quantity AND quality. 150gr vinyl come housed in a 24pt jacket with lyric insert and download card. Art by Ginklet. Mastered by Mikey Young. Everything else was done by Alien Jake themselves. (Iron Lung Records/2020)
  • ALIEN | Face mask

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    Double layered face masks 100% cotton. All water-based inks we use for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print. Washing temperature at 40º. Iron at low temperature on the fabric side. This is NOT a medical mask!
  • The album features 13 brand new tracks whilst maintaining their trademark fast and grooving melodic hardcore style. Though sounding modern, this record could be described as timeless. Cindy de- scribes the writing process the following: “When we were writing, we didn't care if the songs would have a recognizable 'All For Nothing'-feel to them. That meant we were free to write whatever we enjoyed. You can definitely hear it's an ALL FOR NOTHING album but you will be able to find some unexpected twists on the record due to this approach. The lyrics are first and foremost empowering to ourselves. You know that powerful and uplifting feeling a song can give you when you're in a dark spot. Giving you the energy to keep on going with a genuine smile on your face – that's what the songs on this album are to us.” (Redfield Records)
  • “I’m gonna need you to fuck off.” These Portland noisemakers don’t mince words on their debut album. Nor are they just shooting off their mouths. Over the course of this eight-song, 20-minute firecracker they back up that shit-talk with an impressive arsenal of searing guitar licks, primal drumbeats and a singer who channels the rage and angst of classic British punk. But like those oldsters, they’re also clever enough to lace their tunes wtih plenty of catchy melodies, singalong choruses and razor-wire hooks. I’d say they come closer to living up to their name than you expect, but let’s face it: None of these songs will ever be hits, even though they absolutely should be. You can disagree with me on that. But if you do, I’m gonna need you to do something. THE PRESS RELEASE: “After a head-warping intro, Men And Their Work kicks into eight driving post-punk rockers full of angst, confidence, feminism, melody, grit and a sense of direction not commonly found in a debut album. Shit, most seasoned bands don’t even make albums this coherent. It’s a smart moniker as All Hits certainly lives up to the promise. There is a 60/40 split of familiar comfort and provocative mystery inherent in every song. You get shouted sloganeering backed with barbed melody and finessed power-ups massaged into the sweetest spots. We can’t put our finger on exactly what it is that makes this record so special but whatever it is there is a lot of it. Destined to be a modern classic. For fans of Wipers, Raincoats, early Wire and Sleater-Kinney.” (Iron Lung Records) https://ironlungpv.bandcamp.com/album/men-and-their-work-lp-lungs-160
  • All Pigs Must Die return with a new skull-crushing opus: NOTHING VIOLATES THIS NATURE. As with the debut album: “God Is War”, NVTN was recorded and mixed by KURT BALLOU at Godcity Studios. APMD is a band committed to uncompromising sonic warfare. Its sound and lyrics assault the listener in a fury of blackened death filled anthems. Owing as much to the Cro-Mags and Discharge as Entombed and Celtic Frost. APMD mix powerful riffs, relentless tempos and a dark presence to bulldoze a grim path of destruction. The NTVTN album contains 10 violence-inducing shredders steeped in utter filth. Aaron Turner (Isis) has lent his nihilistic hand, pen and mind to develop along with the band the dark iconic artwork contained within. (Southern Lord Records)
  • All Pigs Must Die's debut EP. Members of Converge, The Hope Conspiracy and The Red Chord team up to play some metallic and crust-influenced hardcore with a strong underlying D-beat that takes influence from Discharge, Amebix and Nausea and could be compared to contemporaries like Disfear and Mammoth Grinder. 12" ep includes digital download.Contains 20 minutes of pure hatred and mayhem. This is the third press of All Pigs Must Die's debut EP. The second press version is packaged in a standard LP jacket, includes an 11" x 11" insert, and pressed on 140 gram black vinyl. (Nonbeliever Records)  
  • ALPINIST is a dark hardcore four-piece from Münster, Germany. lichtlaerm/minus.mensch” is crushing yet beautiful – heavy and atmospheric crust- and post-hardcore, bringing to mind the likes of FROM ASHES RISE, FALL OF EFRAFA, early ENFY etc.. They’re definitely an apocalyptic journey of sound. MASAKARI got finally a new record! Close your eyes and imagine that His Hero is Gone and Amebix got together and had a child… got it? Ok, now imagine that that child grows up in a dank room full of teenage angst, listening to nothing but Death Side and Disfear records until he is 21 years-old. Now open your eyes and what you have is Masakari, a crust punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. (Alerta Antifascista ‎Records / Halo Of Flies ‎Records)
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    Alpinist are a four-piece hardcore/crust punk band from Munster, Germany that formed in 2007. These guys play an incredibly dark and intense style of hardcore that borders on screamo territory at times. I don't know if they're still active, since they haven't put out any material in five years. However, their two LP's are absolutely killer. If that really is the end of Alpinist, they've left with a flawless discography. Plus, their members are now active in two of the best hardcore bands active today, which are Jungbluth and Svffer. Both of those bands are already up on the blog, so if you haven't heard them, definitely be sure to check them out as well. The Lichtlærm and "Minus.Mensch" records on one CD. Standard jewel case with smooth black tray & 2x2 lyrics/liner notes poster fold-out sheet. "Minus.Mensch" was recorded, mixed and mastered in February 2009 @ Die Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg "Lichtlærm" was recorded, mixed and mastered in August 2010 @ Die Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg (Southern Lord Recordings) https://alpinist.bandcamp.com/
  • Formed in London in 1977 Alternative TV was a post-punk group known for incorporating reggae rhythms and pushing the boundaries of the definition of punk towards the experimental and avantgarde. Their first album, The Image Has Cracked, came out originally in 1978 and is a wholly unique piece of British post-punk. Beloved by John Peel, and close confidantes of Throbbing Gristle, Alternative TV is one of the most original and beguiling groups of the era. (Restless Empire Records)
  • Orange vinyl. Originally issued as a limited pressing CD in the 1990's authorised by the band. First time on vinyl cleaned up and remastered with brand new artwork from Andy Lefton. (Amebix Records)
  • Monolith" is the second studio album by the British crust punk band Amebix, originally released in 1987 and now finally made available again on cd by Dissonance Productions. (Dissonance Productions)
  • AMEBIX | monolith | LP

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    STUNNING 180 GRAM GATEFOLD VINYL REISSUE OF AMEBIX'S SECOND ALBUM. Amebix are an English crust punk/heavy metal band. Formed as "The Band with No Name," Amebix's original run was from 1978 to 1987, during which time they released three EPs and two full-length LPs. The group has reunited as of 2008. By being one of the first bands to blend anarcho-punk and heavy metal music, Amebix are often cited as one of the key bands that helped to create the crust punk style. Such notable bands as Sepultura, Neurosis and Deviated Instinct have paid homage to the band SIDE A 1. Monolith 2. Nobodys Driving 3. The Power Remains 4. Time Bomb 5. Last Will And Testament SIDE B 6. I.C.B.M. 7. Chain Reaction 8. Fallen From Grace 9. Coming Home (Back on Black Records)
  • Monolith was the second full-length album by West County punk-metal ’80s anti-heroes, Amebix. One of the best crossover records the UK ever produced. Originally released in 1987, with second rate Giger-style sleeve-art, on a dodgy heavy metal label (called Dodgy Heavy Metal Records). The Power Remains was a posthumous collection of live and demo recordings, that was originally released in 1993 (and done in a much more appropriate and enthusiastic fashion) by MCR and Skuld Records. This band-released reissue combines both LPs, with lavish new gatefold sleeve artwork (competently created by Andy Lefton of War//Plague and Tau Cross). And these copies are “special record store day 2016 limited editions. (Easy Action Records)