• Wisdom In Chains is a rare breed of hardcore band. Punk and hardcore kids alike can relate to the struggle of the message Wisdom In Chains is spreading. Having started in Europe comprised of half American and half European members as a side project, Wisdom In Chains took their message to the next level and now command a strong presence in the States as well as overseas. (A-team Distribution)      
  • UNITY | blood days | CD

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    This Orange County hardcore classic is finally back in press. More mature sounding than their "you are one" 7". This record still packs a powerful punch with songs 13 metallic guitar and more punk-ish tracks. Members of UNITY went on in IGNITE, NO FOR AN ANSWER, UNIFORM CHOICE. Vinyl comes with lyricsheet, poster and includes a digital download card. Truly a piece of hardcore history. Originally released in 1989. (Lost and Found Records)
  • Finnish punk/hardcore mixing melodies and anger. Influenced by Lama and early Appendix to give you the name of the game. This is a compilation of partly sold-out material recorded so far (1997-2013) including the first EP, the first LP, 2nd LP “Wahlroosin unelma”, HC’013 -compilation track and the songs from the split EP with Pää Kii. 27 songs in a nice digipack with 12-page booklet! (Kamaset Levyt)
  •   An excellent job of including some really good previously uncompiled tracks. Perhaps the other Bodysnatchers track from the 7" would have made a better opening track? Pretty much top-notch except for the Z-Cars, Vacant Lot & Wrong Kind Of Stone Age. Today I kick off with rare punk stuff from down under and the Bloodstains comps have become a monster of their own and I think all releases are somewhere in the network available. The reason for this post is again the excellent rip and the complete artwork and finally, of course, the gifted music on it. Everyone's heard the classics by Razar, Victims, Rocks, Leftovers, News and Fun Things....all great bands, but they're on dozens of other compilations so it makes no sense including them here. Instead you'll get a taste of some killer Australian punk (previously uncompiled tracks) you might have missed. Mystery (Bodysnatchers, 1979, from only 7") Dance With The Fuhrer (Skunks, 1982, from only 7") Threats (Young Identities, 1980, from 2.7" [New Trends EP]) Police (Proles, 1979, from only 7") SS Brigade (Public Execution, 1982, from only 7") Alcoholic (Press, 1979, from only 7" and only LP) Fun (Thought Criminals, 1978, from 1.7") Run Amok (Wrong Kind Of Stone Age, 1984, from only 7") Multinationals (Vacant Lot, 1981, from only 7") Second Glance (Sputniks, 1979, from only 7") Guns & Guitars (Just Urbain, 1979, from 1.7") Standing By The Window (Tactics, 1979, from 1.7") Pyramid Party (Quick & The Dead, 1981, from only 7") Is There Someone Out There? (Z-Cars, 1980, from only 7") When I Watch TV (Section Urbane, 1983, from only 7") Who Wants To March? (Rejex, 1980, from only 7") Do The Manic (Chosen Few, 1978, from only 7")
  • Being unavailable for over a year, No Turning Back's second album is finally available again. Completely remastered. No Turning Back have created a devastatingly crushing album with “Damage Done” and a production to do them justice, thanks to the skills of Tue Madsen (Born From Pain, Mnemic, Knuckledust) at the Antfarm Studios in Denmark. Unashamedly New York Hardcore in its delivery, “Damage Done” is going to be the album which catapults No Turning Back to a higher level with it’s bone crushing breakdowns, grooving fast parts and remorseless vocals!(Anger Management Records )
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    Again and again...after a couple years a new repress. Released initially as a one-time 7" pressing of 500 in 1988, "straight edge revenge" was released as a supplement to hardcore fanzine, Schism issue #7. PROJECT X featured members of JUDGE, YOUTH OF TODAY, SIDE BY SIDE, GORILLA BISCUITS and WARZONE! Tongue in cheek lyrics set to classic NYC-hardcore from these youth-crew allstars. Colored (red) vinyl includes a digital download card. (Bridge 9 Records)
  • Oi/Punk/HC from New York City. Michael De Lorenzo/Kill Your Idols side project. Limited to 260 copies. (KOI Records)  
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    DICKS | peace? | 7”

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    One of the few hardcore bands from the early '80s to feature an outspoken and openly gay frontman -- in Texas, no less -- the Dicks, alongside the Big Boys, were the national scene's voice from the Lone Star state. Formed in Austin in 1980, the Dicks released their first and most famous single; Hate the Police, shortly thereafter. This is their second (and arguably) better single from 1984. (Alternative Tentacles Records)  
  • These Houston monsters of Grindcore mayhem refuse to settle for anything other than pure, unleashed Grindcore (Naplam Death/Carcass) tinged with a raw death metal punishment of classic Kreator. This new recording devastates with whirlwind, raw guitars and guttural puking vocals by founding member Dave Callier. Bryan Fajardo's precise, jaw dropping attack on the drums delivers as always, melting ears and stirring a sense of pure awe at his talent. One of the best in extreme music. This band relies on an absolute dedication and love for the genre. Truly one of the best going, and likely, one of the best ever. (Six Weeks Records)  
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    The term “classic hardcore punk album” must be one of the most overused phrases, but in the case of the SPERMBIRDS legendary debut album from 1986, its more than valid. Spermbirds was a German punk band from Kaiserslautern. Formed in 1982 by members of melodic punk rock band Die Walter 11 among American G.I. stationed in Germany, named Lee Hobson Hollins, they created a fast Hardcore Punk group that gained popularity inside as well as outside of Germany. (Rookie Records)
  • The sixth album from UK based politically charged punk band The Restarts. Their time, toil and devotion to empowering and improving the lives of people, locally and globally - both as a band, and as individuals in the work they do outside of the band is something not to be ignored. Their usual brand remains solid relentless thrash punk, ska anthems and back to basics old school punk. (Pirates Press Records) https://therestarts.bandcamp.com/album/uprising
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    Hardcore - more than a style of music, it's a way of life. Few current bands represent that more than MINDSET, and even fewer current records more than their debut full-length, "leave no doubt". This LP is 10 vital tracks of heart, wisdom and passion. No frills, just true straight-edge hardcore. Musically, the LP captures MINDSET at their most powerful, with one foot planted in the classics like YOUTH OF TODAY, ALONE IN A CROWD, FIRST STEP, with the other rooted in creating something truly unique. Lyrically, "leave no doubt" takes an unflinching look at the world and demands that we thrive rather than simply survive. Vinyl includes a digital download card. (React Records) https://reactrecords.bandcamp.com/album/leave-no-doubt
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    Color vinyl, green/white splatter. This is the 6 tack mini LP release from this amazing new Canadian band from Vancouver, Canada. Fronted by Greg Huff and supported by others formerly of bands including ALTERNATE ACTION, THE LANCASTERS, SUBWAY THUGS and GLORY STOMPERS, this is the perfect next step in the evolution of those bands. The sound is still raw yet melodic and catchy, but done with so much more skill and precision than all the aforementioned bands. Fans of catchy singalong street-punk rock 'n' roll and bands like THE BUSINESS and COCK SPARRER can buy this record without hesitation. Colored (yellow) vinyl comes with updated cover artwork and includes a digital download card. (Pirates Press Records)
  • Grey vinyl. Packed shows, sold out tours, both their six-track debut 12" and debut full-length "Pressure" get re-press after re-press... does BISHOPS GREEN really need any further introduction? I don't think so either, but we at REBELLION RECORDS sure as hell are damn proud to present you guys the brand new sophomore album by Canada's leading street punk band entitled "A CHANCE TO CHANGE"! With this album the band found a bridge between their raw and powerful debut EP, the passionate and resistful "Pressure" LP and their wild and rowdy live shows capturing it all on "A Chance To Change". So what are you still waiting for?! (Pirates Press Records)  
  • RIKK AGNEW wrote, sang and played every ferocious note on his first solo LP, All By Myself, first released in October 1982. The vinyl has been out-of-print since the mid-'80s, then reappeared as bonus tracks on the ADOLESCENTS self-titled CD up until 2000. Frontier has always felt that this album contained some of his best songs ("O.C. Life," "Falling Out"), so here it is, finally released all by itself on vinyl. (Frontier Records) https://frontierrecords-rikkagnew.bandcamp.com/album/all-by-myself
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    The Middle Class are credited with releasing what is considered the first "hardcore " or "proto-hardcore" punk record, 1978's faster than fast "Out Of Vogue." With the 30th anniversary of that ground-breaking and influential EP upon us, Frontier Records is overjoyed to announce the release of The Middle Class "Out of Vogue - The Early Material." The collection includes all of The Middle Class's early studio recordings along with a never before released, four-song, 1977 studio demo. (Frontier Records)  
  • One Law For Them...Another One For Us is a CD by The Bruisers that was released in 1999 by Lost & Found Records. The album features the Lost & Found releases Still Standing Up [EP, 1997], Up In Flames (LP, 1996), Cruisin' For A Bruisin [LP,1993], Intimidation (EP 1989), Independence Day (Cassette 1990) & American Night (EP, 1992). (Lost & Found Records)
  • Blackout is the fourth studio album by Dropkick Murphys, released in 2003. (Hellcat Records)  
  • DISFEAR | T-shirt

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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print.
  • VICE SQUAD | T-shirt

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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print.
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    TORSÖ is armed with a powerful punk and hardcore sound with influences as geographically diverse as its members. Lyrically, TORSÖ does not rely on any of the hardcore cliches or spew overly simplistic lyrics that carry no real meaning. Instead, the band tackles issues of veganism, politics, mental health, displacement, and feminism at a time when the world needs it the most. (Revelation Records) https://torsoxvx.bandcamp.com/album/build-and-break
  • Standing on the precipice of a damaged world circling the drain Edmonton punks NO PROBLEM are set to figuratively "kill’em all" with the release of "let god sort ’em out", their ambitious 3rd studio album out on Deranged Records. NO PROBLEM welcomes listeners into a frightening world filled with heavy riffs and nervous, gloomy, frustrated sounds. The perfect summer playlist to underscore our impending doom. A mainstay in Edmonton Alberta’s underground punk community, blending the mutant sounds of early Canadian punk with the classic primitive stomp of American hardcore. Vinyl includes a digital download card. (Taken By Surprise Records) https://noproblempunk.bandcamp.com/album/let-god-sort-em-out
  • Six Weeks Records announce what could probably be the most devastating grindcore record of 2013. Just end the competition because P.L.F. has unleashed an unbelievable exercise in pure, old-school grindcore at its most damaging on this, their new release: "devious persecution and wholesale slaughter", a head-crushing battering of 14, insanely powerful tracks. Observe all the elements: harsh bolts of terror with influence taken from the legends of grindcore history (TERRORIZER, ASSÜCK. NAPALM DEATH, REPULSION) and twisted all together with violent death-metal bloodletting, making this effort a milestone for this veteran Texas band, and grindcore itself. (Six Weeks Records)  
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    Back in 1981, NEGATIVE APPROACH were one of the dominant forces in the Detroit underground. Long out-of-print and bootleged a million times, NEGATIVE APPROACH originally released this 10 song 7" in 1982 on Touch & Go Records. Now remastered by John Golden, the legendary 7" is once again available for past, present and future hardcore fans. (Touch & Go Records)