• Split EP of legendary Texas political Hardcore Punk legends MDC and Swedish antifascist sXe HC maniacs Iron. 2 songs each band including an updated version of an old MDC classic, now as “No Trump, No KKK, no fascist USA”, which is known worldwide as a famous slogan on the US-american anti-Trump protests meanwhile. Comes with info booklet and download code. Great piece. (Twisted Chords Records) https://twistedchords.bandcamp.com/album/tc143-mdc-iron-split
  • ‘Millions of Dead Cops’ is the first iconic , full length; classic must have record by M.D.C. This was first released in 1981 and quickly became an overnight sensation. Not only did M.D.C. deliver a record full of fast intense music , but this record would influence 1000’s of hardcore/punk and bands of political nature to this day. The corruption of cops! Greed of corporations! Racism! The fact that not all people were the same , but so what that’s OK! Are all addressed in this groundbreaking LP. Many of these issues were quit taboo at the time and had not been addressed to this degree in punk before. Round it all off with this being fully restored and re mastered with the original mix. You have a definite must have album! (Beer City Records)  
  • Maailmanloppu will reappear with the release of another full-length album called "Tuhon koodi" in April. The band's first album was released in 2012, and since then the program has had numerous minor releases including Svart Records and Teen Wolf Records, and tours around the known universe. "Tuhon koodi" was produced by Ville Valavuo (Towards Destruction, Hard Action) and is mastered by Brad Boatright. Musically, Maailmanloppu returns to the harsh hardcore punk blaze of the album after the post-punk music heard in minor releases. (Svart Records)  
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    SoCal's seminal suburban apocalypse returns to vinyl plus 4 lost tracks! The 1984 LP that put them on the map with heavy rotation on KROQ and radio stations all over the country... With songs like One Tin Soldier, Real Horror Show Hollywood Vampires... The 4 bonus songs are from the same session.. It's not like you never heard them before (like the '87 BYO release "1000 words" LP)... These are the originals!.. Sounds better than the original recordings.. Remastered @ Enormous Door... Destined to be a classic once again.. (Guterwal Records)  
  • MADBALL | empire | CD

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    Madball are icons in the underground and that underground now spills forth into the streets. Since forming in 1988, Madball have been responsible for some of the most important releases in metal & hardcore: From the seminal Ball of Destruction EP (1989) to the landmark albums Set It Off (1994), through their career defining resurgence at Ferret Music. The former partners at Ferret have now reconnected with Madball to be the cornerstone of the Good Fight Music roster. Vocalist Freddy Cricien states. 'MADBALL has come a long way from being street kids to becoming very established in our genre, and even beyond the music. We have the feeling that we've built a little empire for ourselves with our band, brand, and different endeavors.' (Nuclear Blast Records) https://madball.bandcamp.com/album/empire
  • Excellent powerviolence/Grindcore band from Washington, D.C. Reissue their first LP from 2009. (Six Weeks Records) https://willowtip.bandcamp.com/album/magrudergrind
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    Author: Bri Hurley , with Chris Daily. Originally released in 1989 with a scant 79 photos and under 100 pages; this expanded edition brings over 200 photographs as well as reflections from key characters documenting a special time period in one of the most notorious hardcore music scene in the country. Making a Scene - New York Hardcore in Photos, Lyrics and Commentary Revisited 1985-1988 captures the energy of the New York hardcore music scene in photographs, lyrics, and comments from those involved in their music, their attitudes, and their lifestyle. Hardcore is a way of life for thousands of band members and fans all over the world. Here, New York City's hardcore movement is represented in all of its outspoken, opinionated, and often contradictory variety.
  • MALARIA | emotion | LP

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    Unofficial repress of the first LP and ultra rare by this legendary post punk/synth punk/experimental/proto industrial band from Germany. (Fan Club/Unofficial release)  
  • A new addition to the infamous hardcore punk roster of Malmö, Sweden, Refuse Records presents the debut EP by MANIC RIDE. Recorded at Studio Blakklodge with Jonas Sjölin (Skitkids, Infernöh), these five songs plunge deep into the sewers of 80s US hardcore, resurfacing the stink of classics like Poison Idea and Crucifix. Featuring members of Anchor, Damage Control, Stay Hungry, Sectarian Violence, Balance, The Cutting Edge and Last Hope. (Refuse Records) https://refuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-ep
  • The back story on this one is way too long to get into, so let's just cut to the chase. This is an 2005 re-recording of the 1992 original recording that was lost by the studio. Drumming by RD Davies and guitars/vocals by Matt Domino (both of INFEST fame). There are 17 tracks on this release. Similar bands or musical genres: INFEST, LOW THREAT PROFILE, and WEEKEND NACHOS. Cover art by Extortion vocalist Rohan. (Deep Six Records / Draw Blank Records)
  • 2018 repress. Originally released in 1998. Gatefold double LP with a CD copy of the album. "The first solo album released by the former frontman of Mano Negra, Clandestino is an enchanting trip through Latin-flavored worldbeat rock, reliant on a potpourri of musical styles from traditional Latin and salsa to dub to rock 'n' roll to French pop to experimental rock to techno... Just about every track has odd sampled bits from what sound like pirate radio-station broadcasts (a possible link to the title). There are so many great ideas on this record that it's difficult to digest in one listen, but multiple plays reveal the great depth of Manu Chao's artistry." (Because Music/Radio Bemba)
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    MARTYRDÖD | list | LP

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    MARTYRDÖD List is Martyrdöds 6th album and i am just blown away. They really outdid themselves. Brutally raw and powerful like always, with even more forceful melodies lined up in incredible pace, thick and tight sound and overwhelming darkness this album has the reminiscence of classic swedish deathmetal/hardcore paired with the metal driven Dtaktcrustpunk Martyrdöd already brought to perfection. A mean and aggresive outlook on the state of todays life and world. // European vinyl edition in cooperation with D-takt & Råpunk licensed from Southern Lord.
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    "Finally a new record from this awesome band from Cleveland! Close your eyes and imagine that His Hero is Gone and Amebix got together and had a child… got it? Ok, now imagine that that child grows up in a dank room full of teenage angst, listening to nothing but Death Side and Disfear records until he is 21 years-old. Now open your eyes and what you have is Masakari, a crust punk band from Cleveland, Ohio.” (Southern Lord Recordings)
  • https://cvltnation.com/masquerades-blood-is-the-new-black-ep-review-exclusive-stream/ (Mass Media Records)
  • Media Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+) Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+) (Vinyl Solution Records/1989)
  • "This war will be won by meat eaters" consists 27 songs of hyper pissed Swedish hardcore-thrash, including a LIMP WRIST cover-version. Few bands can match MASSGRAV’s level of intensity. This is fucking great - totally shredding, intense Swedish hardcore that barely pauses to catch its breath. Just go, go, go! CD includes the "stampa takten alla bokstavsbarn" 7" as a bonus. It doesn’t get any more raging than this! (Sound Pollution Records)
  • Master is Death Metal personified! "Command your fate: the demo collection", a compilation of rare tracks from the originators of Death Metal! Clear blue/black marbled vinyl, limited to 100. Tracklist: Follow Your Savior (EP 2001) 1. Command Your Fate 2. Let's Start A War 3. Follow Your Savior Everything Is Rotten (Demo 2005) 4. The Line To Kill 5. He'll Probably Win 6. Lined Up And Punished 7. Everything Is Rotten Final Word (Demo 1995) 8. Where Are You Now 9. The Final Word 10. Prepare For The Fall (Animate Records)
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    Named after the 1950's secret political action from Kenya, and inspired by a U.S. Hardcore act of the same name, Sheffield's Mau Maus formed after leaving school in late '79. They made their live debut in 1981 supporting the Angelic Upstarts, apparently on the proviso that they dropped their abysmal rendition of 'Liddle Towers'. They started gigging in London in 1982 and played with such luminaries as the Upstarts, Urban Dogs and Dead Kennedys. Signing to Marcus Featherby's Pax Records they recorded and released a handful of punchy, fast-moving EP's that saw them achieve considerable success in punk circles, and in 1983 they went on tour with Pax labelmates The Exploited. Unfortunately, at the end of the tour bassist Bunny collapsed on stage and was later diagnosed with cancer. They carried on with a new bassist and started their own label, Rebellion, releasing another single (Tear Down The Walls E.P.) and finally their debut studio LP, Fear No Evil (they actually made their LP debut in 1983 with Live At The Marples). Popularity now on the wane, their last recording saw the addition of a second guitarist and the return of Bunny. Nowhere To Run did nothing and, in 1986, they packed it in. LP compiling their singles.
    (Sealed Records)

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    Pure Fucking Armageddon demo was the first release ever from Mayhem. It’s hated. It’s despised. It’s pissed upon by everyone who claims that they know what black metal really is. Yes, this initial demo is universally brought down as a useless, terrible racket. But wait! Isn’t that what they said about Venom? About Motorhead? About Sabbath? Hell, they said that about Elvis. The point is, on this recording is the very essence of three teenage metalheads trying their damnedest to achieve what metal really is. And by Satan, they did it. Yes, the production (or lack of) is horrific. Yes, the playing probably isnt all that great. Yes, Euronymous was an absolutely horrible vocalist. Does any of this matter? To some, yes it will matter, but the trick to this demo is to look past the production (and Euro’s vocals), and at the music itself. Which, for its time is amazingly aggressive and showcases some of the best Mayhem riffs in their history? Not only that, but two out of the three full songs on here (excluding the intro and Mayhem) still appear in Mayhem’s live set. What Euronymous, Necrobutcher and Messiah made here is an absolute classic, and one of the first releases from the just starting Norwegian black metal scene. It actually contains two separate recordings, the Voice Of A Tortured Skull demo (tracks 1-5) and a rehearsal afterwards (tracks 6-9). It’s kind of ironic that the rehearsal sounds clearer (and better) than the actual proper recordings. Track listing: 1. Voice Of A Tortured Skull 2. Carnage 3. Ghoul 4. Black Metal-Venom cover 5. Pure Fucking Armageddon 6. Mayhem-instrumental rehearsal 7. Ghoul-instrumental rehearsal 8. Pure Fucking Armageddon-instrumental rehearsal 9. Carnage-instrumental rehearsal (Die hard Records/Unofficial)
  • Limited vinyl LP repressing of the classic 1969 debut album from the Garage Rock icons. (Rhino Records)
  • Gluey Porch Treatments is the debut album by the Melvins. The album was released in 1987 through Alchemy Records. (Unofficial Release)
  • Available in 2 different versions: - Diehard beer yellow vinyl with blood-red splattering ltd. to 150 copies. - Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies. Complete discography of these grim and aggressive Japanese Death Metal lunatics! Formed in Tokyo in 1987 on the ashes of Criminal Christ, MESSIAH DEATH stand among the earliest acts to raise the unholy flag of Death Metal in their country along with a handful of bands such as Crucifixion, Beleth, Vexation… considering that Necrophile and Transgressor started a bit later. Their style was originally inspired by classics like Possessed, Death, Slayer but gradually escalated to a much rawer and aggressive Death-thrashing onslaught with echoes of bands like Massacre (US), Morbid Angel, Nihilist combined to influences from the South American school of Mutilator, early Sepultura, Vulcano and so on. This double LP includes the band’s most complete discography to date, with even more tracks than the now hard to find CD collection released in 2013. Contents: – “Gore of the crucifix” Demo (1987) – “Immortal kingdom” Demo (1988) – “Invocated unholy souls” Demo (1989) – “Live at Explosion Rock House, Tokyo” (1988) – BONUS out takes and unreleased versions. Audio restored from the original band’s sources and specially mastered for vinyl. Gatefold sleeve and MASSIVE full colored booklet including a wide selection of photos, memorabilia, original art, historical notes and lyrics!! Intense, flesh-ripping old school Death Metal at the rawest form! Watch the trailer HERE (F.O.A.D. Records)  
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    Killer 1989 Live FM Broadcast On Double LP! Metallica became huge stars following the August 1988 release of And Justice For All. The following month they embarked on the mammoth Damaged Justice world tour. This remarkable show captures them in ferocious form, performing many of their best-loved songs, a perfect heavy metal live show from the band's creative peak! Killer live broadcast on beautiful 2LP in glorious remastered sound quality. Features: • Double LP • Remastered • Live FM broadcast Selections: Side A: 1. Blackened 2. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 3. Leper Messiah 4. Harvester Of Sorrow Side B: 1. For Whom The Bell Tolls 2. Eye Of The Beholder 3. Master Of Puppets 4. One Side C: 1. Seek And Destroy 2. And Justice For All 3. Creeping Death Side D: 1. Fade To Black 2. Battery 3. Medley 4. Last Caress 5. Am I Evil (Mind Controll Records)
  • Media Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+) Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+) After the Fact is the final M.I.A. album, originally released on Flipside Records. M.I.A. formed as a hardcore band in Las Vegas in 1980 and began to find their place and sound once they moved to Orange County, CA in 1981. (Weird System Records/1997)  
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    Grey marbled vinyl. "Rebirth By Blasphemy' is a rebirth," states Midnight's sole driving force, Athenar. "It's a change in life and it's a rebirth of doing whatever the fuck you want and seeing what happens after that. It's about saying yes, taking opportunities, taking a fucking chance." These sentiments are backed up by the notorious - and prolific - underground band's trademark blend of speed metal, black metal and punk rock, sounding both fuller and more raucous than ever before. "Overall, I would say the sound is pretty vicious, vicious but I keep things hooky, and that's what I like it to be. I want to still keep it raw but at the same time I wanted this record to be a little more hi-fi, which was my only plan when I started making it."

    Dating back to the band's inception in 2002, vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drummer Athenar has always known exactly what he wanted Midnight to be, and over the course of countless demos, EPs, compilations, splits and three full-lengths he has stayed true to his roots. Building up a strong reputation and a rabid following in the underground, Midnight's most recent opus, 2017's Sweet Death And Ecstasy, stood as their most accomplished work to date. "Looking back on that record I think it's a fantastic piece of work, really. It's pretty varied, it has a nice bookend front and back song. I think the lyrics are thought provoking, and I think it'll be a pretty important piece of work over time, up there with the Mona Lisa." Making the jump to Metal Blade Records did not mean any change in the way Athenar went about making Midnight records. "I never really thought about writing a follow up to 'Sweet Death'. If a song comes it comes and where it goes is wherever it goes, but nothing is ever really intended as 'this song will be on the new album'." There is also no denying that, like its predecessors, Rebirth By Blasphemy is a ruthlessly catchy collection, every song, vicious as they are, wielding the kind of hooks that sink deep and don't let go, and this too came naturally. "There's no real intent. I think a rock song in general should be catchy, so if someone thinks it's catchy that's a good thing. If they don't think it's catchy then they probably don't have ears." While the likes of opener "Fucking Speed And Darkness", "Escape The Grave" and "Warning From The Reaper" are all d-beat-driven thrashers, they don't lack when it comes to hooks, and "Rising Scum", built on a titanic stomping beat, reins in the speed but is easily one of the standout tracks on the record, Athenar referring to it as being "quite 1979 Priest-like, just with its drum and vocal."

    When it came to penning lyrics for the record, Athenar's perspective shifted over the course of the writing process. "I would say I started out in a very positive frame of mind. One of the first tunes written was 'Escape The Grave', and from there I went on the positive path - and then it turned negative by the end of the album. The title track is very negative lyrically, so I ended it again with complete and utter disgust for humans in general, but then you want that to come out of you. Just like you take a poop and you take a pee, you want the rotten shit to come out of your body, because if you keep the rotten shit in your body, it'll rot you internally." Handling every instrument himself and being quite unfussy when it comes to production typically means that the recording process is a straightforward one for Midnight, and this time was no different. Staying in his home town of Cleveland he opted to record at Mercenary Studios with the assistance of Noah Buchanan, laying the drums down in a day, the guitars in a little more than that, bass in a few hours and then tracking the vocals to two or three songs a day, depending on how his voice was holding up. "I think there's really no production value on the album, it's really just get in there, press record and see what happens. Maybe you can tell that the sessions went pretty quickly when you listen to it. There are so called mistakes, of course, but I wouldn't have it any other way." He also wouldn't have it any other way when it comes to touring this latest collection hard, with a lot of dates with a variety of bands already locked down. "It's the rebirth, it's saying fuck it and getting out there and doing what you're supposed to do, and we're supposed to play music. If people want to damage their ears by listening to it that's welcomed." (Metal Blade Records)