• Sid's legendary performance at the Electric Ballroom in London, in 1978. His last show before moving to the US and the first for his new band consisting of him on vocals, early Pistols' bass player Glen Matlock, Rat Scabies from the Damned and Steve New from the Rich Kids. A must for all Pistols' collectors out there. (Radiation Records)
  • On May 14, 1985, Hüsker Dü played their first show outside the USA, on rented equipment, for a UK television show called Live in London. The gig was at Camden Palace and in the afternoon. The set spans 20 songs in a bit under an hour, and draws heavily from the albums Zen Arcade and New Day Rising, though the luminous “Makes No Sense at All” from the then still-forthcoming Flip Your Wig makes a preview appearance. Tracklist 1 New Day Rising 2 It's Not Funny Anymore 3 Everything Falls Apart 4 Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill 5 I Apologize 6 If I Told You 7 Folklore 8 Terms Of Psychic Warfare 9 Powerline 10 Books About UFOs 11 Chartered Trips 12 Diane 13 Celebrated Summer 14 Every Everything 15 Makes No Sense At All 16 Pink Turns To Blue 17 Ticket To Ride 18 Reoccurring Dreams 19 Eight Miles High (Suicidal Records)
  • Mandatory Descendents live show recorded right after the release of their classic second album I Don’t Want To Grow Up. The tour marked the end of a two-year hiatus for the band, during which singer Milo Aukerman had attended college and drummer Bill Stevenson had joined Black Flag. I Don't Want to Grow Up was the first of two albums the Descendents recorded with guitarist Ray Cooper. Tracklist A1 Descendents A2 I Don’t Want To Grow Up A3 Kabuki Girl A4 GCF A5 Pervert A6 My Dad Sucks A7 Weinerschnitzel A8 Mr. Bass A9 Silly Girl A10 Christmas Vacation A11 Hope A12 Bikeage B1 Wendy B2 Myage B3 Suburban Home B4 Rockstar/No Fat Beaver B5 I Wanna Be A Bear B6 I’m Not A Loser B7 Good Good Things B8 I’m Not A Punk B9 Catalina B10 Sour Grapes B11 Green (Suicidal Records)
  • Chaotic Dischord was formed by roadies of Vice Squad who wanted to take on the sound of bands like Disorder and Chaos UK but ended up creating this record which stands next to those bands in terms of quality and urgency. This is the offical reissue of their debut LP which came out on Riot City Records in 1983 plus the tracks of the “Don’t throw it all away” 12″ from 1984. Classic stuff. (Radiation Records)
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    This album has so much early punk rock history it's SICK! RIK L RIK, The Crowd, the Simpletones. Rik L Rik is the hardest band on this record. The Crowd and Simpletones are poppy early punk rock, but totally classic. If you love old punk rock, like from the late 70's, then you'll love this album. Reissue of classic punk compilation from 1979. (Radiation Records)
  • Guns Of Brixton reissues the 1991 album from Spanish punk band Eskorbuto. Demasiados Enemigos ("Too Many Enemies") is not just the title of another disc by the blazing band from Santurtzi but the album with the difficult duty of putting an end to a legendary combo as we knew it. Eskorbuto was a band of its time and that is shown in every chord and every chorus, branded in fire through the years by those who danced and vibrated around the flames of this cursed band. This is a unique album -- special due to its legacy and the circumstances under which it was recorded. Now it is reissued on vinyl. If you didn't get it at the time or you were too young to know, now you have the chance to request the max from your turntable, not giving a damn if volume affects the structure of the building. (Guns Of Brixton Records)
  • Guns Of Brixton Records presents a vinyl reissue -- as rock'n'roll liturgy deserves -- of the fifth album of an independent and combative band like no other. In July of 1988, the most obscure record of Spanish punk band Eskorbuto's discography was released. Vomited from the entrails with the boredom of a life blackened by the soot pouring from the nozzles of the factories of the beaten left bank of the Nervión River. Time had already hardened them and their attitude was plain, above all they were "anti-everything." Las Más Macabras de las Vidas ("The Most Macabre of Lives") is a timeless record and paradoxically sounds fresh again in its vinyl format. It is a great opportunity to once again taste the subtle shades of exasperation that hang around the grooves of the bitterest record from the bitterest band. Eskorbuto inoculates in the listener, harder than ever, the rage and the nihilism of which they were keen transmitters. (Guns Of Brixton Records)
  • Jed is the second studio album by Goo Goo Dolls, originally released in 1989 by Metal Blade Records. It was the band's first album in which John Rzeznik sang vocals for some of the tracks; the majority of the songs are sung by Robby Takac, with Rzeznik taking over for two ("Up Yours" and "James Dean"). The album was named after painter Jed Jackson, who was Robby Takac's art teacher at Medaille College and who painted the cover artwork, which is entitled "Arkansas Sunset". (Metal Blade Records)
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    Hold Me Up is the third studio album by American rock band Goo Goo Dolls, originally released in 1990 by Metal Blade Records. It marked the beginning of John Rzeznik's emergence as the band's principal lead vocalist. The album features the band's first single "There You Are." (Metal Blade Records)
  • UNDER 45 | cancelled | LP

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    There are new bands which catch your attention like a gripping face coming out of nowhere. The kind of unexpected phenomenon which might even make you like surprises. UNDER 45 probably says nothing to you but it’s only a matter of time before you get charmed by this very unique form of musical expression. Some might describe it as post-punk or try to assign to it a wide range of influences from different time periods, styles or scenes but it’s not the point. We just want to invite you to let yourself be seduced like we’ve been seduced ourselves from the very first seconds. Seduced by the sarcastic but clever poetry, by the bright guitars and by the persuasive bass lines. Anyway, we can give you some names to set up the scenery if you need : THE FALL, PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED, UK DECAY… UNDER 45 is leaded by Jake, refugee from Brexit and also drummer in BLEAKNESS who teamed up with his BLEAKNESS compagnion Phab and Pascal who you may already know as guitarist in FAUX DEPART. (Destructure Records)
  • Parenting Style is the new 4-song EP from this Italian post-punk band who had a previous LP on Symphony of Destruction a few years back. I haven’t heard that one, but Parenting Style is cool. Education sounds to me like they’re influenced by dark but still kind of “rock” bands like Bauhaus, early Christian Death, and Killing Joke. However, rather than doing a straight homage, Education approaches this sound like a hardcore band, with high intensity and an aggressive playing style, particularly in the drums. Education reminds me of Diät, but they’re not that far away from something like Ex-Cult either, even though the presentation is very different (which seems like a suitable spot to note that the artwork is super cool). Fans of Raleigh’s sadly departed Crete should also check this out. This band should tour here so all my friends can break out their goth gear. (Symphony of Destruction)
  • GELD | soft power | EP

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    A nasty followup EP to the Perfect Texture LP released earlier this year finds GELD in a more irascible and unhinged state. Soft Power expands on the band's vision of a freer form of D-Beat with noisier sounds, tighter dimensions, wilder visions and subtler experimentation with carefully placed nuances. Don't be tricked into thinking this is some sort of hippy dippy jamband bullshit though, every second of this is cruelly calculated and executed with the utmost care. Damn. 250 black and 150 translucent orange 75gr vinyl copies housed in a custom ILR 80# felt weave glued pocket sleeve with insert and download code included. Recorded by Billy Gardener and Julian Cue. Art by Sam McKenzie. (Iron Lung Records)
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    Impressively packed in an epic and monumental artwork by Elzo Durt, “Bellatrix Boadicea” is a tumult of impressions, sensations and acts. The name “Bellatrix Boadicea” itself brings its share of mystery and it may sounds unfamiliar to some of us. This MARY BELL new full length gets its title from Boudica, the queen of a celtic tribe who led an uprising against the conquering forces of the roman empire in AD 60. Another form of sedition comes from the fourteen songs of this album, proceeding from haunted and noisy claims to frenetic punk jolts, from frenzy to introspection. The band is back where they left with “Histrion”, their critically acclaimed previous effort. A record which has managed to convince fans of punk, hardcore and garage and we bet that “Bellatrix Boadicea” will seduce an even larger audience with richer songs and atmospheres. The incisive words of the lyrics deal with what the band describe as their favorite subjects : “revenge, hate, shitty relationships, the circle of life and cats”. The record will come in three color versions ; the one up to preorder is a nice “smokey bone” limited version. (Destructure Records)
  • Besthoven: Legendary brazilian D-Beat Raw Punk One man army DHK: Hail from Peru, total D-Beat Raw Punk (Symphony of Destruction Records)
  • Official re-release of this forgotten German punk classic from 1987! Not to be confused with the band THE ANNOYED from the 90s - the 80s ANNOYED came from Würzburg and were only known locally! There are only 500 pieces of the original, if it ever appears it will be traded at pig prices at E-Bay! A really big German punk record with 23 hits, including “Marktplatz”, “Frontstadt”, “Wunder” and “Hofbräuhaus”, which was even covered by the FUCKIN 'FACES! Comes in the original fold-out cover and is limited to 1000 copies! (Hohnie Records)
  • A really cool collection of rare versions and oddities from oddball punk legends The Damned. This LP includes demo recordings of the killer Machine Gun Etiquette - era tracks Love Song and I Just Can't Be Happy Today, renditions of Thanks For The Night, Nasty, and Do The Blitz, and many live recordings from the golden era of these UK first wave punk legends. Reissued in a limited edition of 500 copies on LP. Tracklist A1 Love Song (Demo) A2 I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Demo) A3 Thanks For The Night A4 Nasty A5 Do The Blitz A6 Stab Yor Back (Live 77) B1 You Know (Live 77) B2 Idiot Box (Live 77) B3 Stranger On The Town (Live 82) B4 Happy Talk (Live 82) B5 Curtain Call (Live 82) B6 No Fun (Live 79) B7 Smash It Up (Demo Bonus 82) Limited edition release of 500 copies for 2018 record store day. Track 1 previously released on "Dodgy Demo" single (1978) Track 2 previously released on "The Damned Don't Cry" bootleg album (1984) Tracks 3-5 previously released on "Thanks For The Night" single (1984) Tracks 7-8 previously released on "Idiot Box" bootleg single (1985) Tracks 1-2 recorded at RMS Studios Tracks 3-5 recorded at Roundhouse Studio and Elephant Studio Track 6 live at Paris Theatre, London (19/5/1977) Tracks 7-8 live at Roundhouse, London (11/1977) Tracks 9-11 live at Brixton Academy, London (30/12/1982) Track 12 live at Club Waldorf, San Francisco (6/7/1979) Track 13 demo bonus (1982) (Radiation Records)
  • Belgian punk/oi band from Antwerp/Berchem. Tracks A1-A6 Demo 1989 Tracks A7-A9 Live in Antwerp 03.07.1988 Tracks B1-B8 Live in Duisburg 08.12.1990 Limited edition of 250 copies with bandstory and lyrics on innersleeve. (Mad Butcher Records)
  • The mighty U Roy is the originator, the man who put the DJ phenomenon on the map and made it an artform, from Kingston Jamaica to the corners of all the Dancefloors, Clubs and Sound Systems across the world. U Roy began his musical career spinning records for Doctor Dickies Sound System way back in 1961 and since worked with just about every legendary jamacian dub artists since; Lee Perry, Sir George The Atomic, Keith Hudson, Duke Reid and most famously King Tubby! 'I am The Originator' is a collection of some of his best loved mid 70's cuts where he provides the DJ cut for tracks by Johnny Clarke, Delroy Wilson, Cornell Campbell, Linval Thompson and many more! A fine collection by the daddy of all DJ's!!! (Kingston Sounds Records)
  • Incredible performance at the webster hall in nyc, fully recorded for mtv. pure bay area thrash mayhem! Recorded live at Webster Hall, New York City, NY, USA, on October 25th, 1994. FM broadcast. Limited edition to 500 copies. TRACKLIST: A1 The Punishment Due 10:50 A2 Reckoning Day 5:05 A3 Sweating Bullets 6:06 A4 Train Of Consequences 4:16 B1 In My Darkest Hour 7:23 B2 A Tout Le Monde 4:43 B3 Symphony Of Destruction 6:22 B4 Peace Sells 6:48 B5 Victory 4:19 (Mind Control Records)
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    Live After Death is a live album by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, originally released in October 1985 on EMI in Europe and it's sister label Capitol Records in the US (it was re-released by Sanctuary/Columbia Records in the US in 2002 on CD and by Universal Music Group/Sony BMG Music Entertainment on DVD). It was recorded at Long Beach Arena, California and Hammersmith Odeon, London during the band's World Slavery Tour. The cover art was done by Derek Riggs, and pictures the band's mascot, Eddie, rising from a grave. Engraved on his tombstone is a quote from fantasy and horror fiction author H. P. Lovecraft's The Nameless City. (Parlophone)
  • Now grown out of the bedroom and operating as a fully functional band, London via Ukraine's POWERPLANT follow up last year's 'People In The Sun' LP with this new 5 track banger. The Devo / Tubeway Army / Screamers / Lost Sounds comparisons are still there but also the weirder tracks are weirder, the faster tracks are faster and is Theo fucking crooning on the opener? One way to find out. To better days! Limited to 500 copies pressed on clear vinyl. Shoved inside a reverse board sleeve complete with lyric sheet. (Static Shock Records) https://staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-spine-evidence
  • "Pestilent Planet is the debut 7 track album from Berlin’s Clock of Time and it’s released a mere 8 months after they played their first gig. The band comes fully formed and up to speed but that is not surprising considering some of the members other projects such as Diat, Vexx and Useless Eaters. Pestilent Planet is a stunning statement of intent. The sound is a driving mix of post punk like Jeopardy era The Sound, and that classic 80’s death rock that Vex and Arch Criminals perfected. It’s instant and urgent especially tracks like 'Rotten Master' which has a fuller Joy Division esque vibe especially in the skeletal guitar hook. It will be love on first listen." (Sean Forbes) (Static Shock Records/2020)
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    The Destructors were a classic UK82-era group originating from Peterborough, north of London and not exactly a hot-bed of punk activity. Rising out of the ashes of the short-lived first wave punk group The Blanks, who released one single in 1979, The Destructors latched onto the second wave sound and never looked back. Featuring liner notes by none other than the legendary Genesis P-Orridge, who wrote "In vinyl we have the ectoplasm of youth. The final psychic rally. A present testament set in present time. Breath in a dead soul. Hanging by a thread. Convinced and betrayed at zero point lies history." Another killer piece of rare UK '80s punk reissued by the fine folks at Radiation. (Radiation Records)
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    This record is a pure death-rock gem ! It was originally released in 1984 on Red Rhino Records, and is now available again on vinyl, with the original demo song « Lies » as bonus track ! SKELETAL FAMILY formed in 1982 in keighley, UK. After a debut 7’’, the band signed a record deal and entered studio to record 10 tracks for a debut album called «Burning Oil» which remained in the top 10 of the UK charts for several months. Stan Greenwood superb melancholic guitar leads and Anne-Marie Hurst haunted voice made the band become a major Death-Rock / Gothic Rock act. They are very often listed as a big infuence by the new generation of post punk bands. High quality vinyl repress housed in black inner sleeve, thick outer sleeve and including insert sheet with band pictures. (Restless Empire Records)  
  • D-beat Hardcore Punk the classic Discharge way with vicious female vocals - Members of GASMASK TERRÖR, MONARCH!... - Bordeaux. (Destructure Records) https://bombardement.bandcamp.com/album/bombardement