• UNIT PRIDE was a band from California's Bay Area that was a part of the late-'80s "youth crew" hardcore scene. The singer, Eric Ozenne, went on to front THE NERVE AGENTS (Hellcat/Revelation), REDEMPTION 87 (Blackout/New Age), and SAID RADIO (Mankind). This collection includes the long-out-of-print UNIT PRIDE Then And Now 7", originally released in 1988 on Step Forward Records, as well as their even rarer, self-released Holding On Strong demo from 1987. Originally reissued by Mankind Records in 2002, this is the first new vinyl re-pressing of this release in over 10 years. FOR FANS OF: GORILLA BISCUITS, SIDE BY SIDE, YOUTH OF TODAY. Tracks A1 to A6 recorded in July 1988 @ Razor's Edge Studio, San Francisco. Previously released as the "Then And Now" 7" EP in 1988 on Step Forward Records. Tracks B1 to B8 recorded in January 1988 @ Maximum Rocknroll. Previously released as the "Holding On Strong" demo tape in 1988. Printed lyric insert included. Blue vinyl + CD. (Mankind Records)
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    Originally founded in 1980 under the name Dark Self Image by brothers Jay and John Fox, United Mutation sprang from musical influences most hardcore punks either ignored, or denied knowing existed. The dementedly tranquil sounds of The Grateful Dead, the lysergic space rock of Hawkwind, and the complex arrangements of the ultimate anti-hippie Frank Zappa were some of their favorites, but when local punk bands started to pop out their own self-financed vinyl, it inspired them just as much — if not more — as those rare bits of strangeness major labels would release from time to time. Informed in equal parts by self-released singles from their local favorites the Teen Idles and ½ Japanese, the band came upon their own unique sound which combined the breakneck pace of hardcore with a frantic and cathartic take on psychedelia. In 1982 United Mutation entered celebrated D.C. punk recording studio Inner Ear to lay down two sessions, the first with their original lineup of the Fox brothers, vocalist John “Monk” Harding and drummer Sean Sumner, followed by a second session for the Outside Records compilation "Mixed Nuts Don’t Crack", featuring new vocalist and former Dark Self Image drummer, Mike Brown. 1983 saw the band return to Inner Ear to record their debut 7” E.P. "Fugitive Family", a split release between Dischord Records and the band’s newly minted D.S.I. label. "Fugitive Family" is the most well-known of any of the band’s output, due to perhaps the inclusion of the Dischord logo on the back cover, or the sheer mind-blistering assault of the six tracks contained on the original record. This LP compiles all of the aforementioned recordings — 26 tracks total, 6 of which are previously unreleased — all faithfully restored from the original master tapes at Inner Ear for maximum aural freak out. Also included is a 24-page full-color booklet chock full of the band’s politically-tinged xerox collage artwork, housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring more of the same. We’re proud to call this the definitive collection of early United Mutation material!


    Monk Session
    A1 You Send Me
    A2 Wake Up
    A3 Tear Down The Party
    A4 Happy Daze
    A5 So Morose
    A6 D.C. Screws
    Dischord Session
    A7 Fugitive Family/Plain Truth
    A8 Final Solution
    A9 Passout
    A10 It’s Over
    A11 White Amerika
    A12 I Know A Place
    A13 Own Way
    A14 Lice And Flies...
    Mixed Nuts Don't Crack Session
    B1 White Boy
    B2 Combat Boots
    B3 D.C. Screws The World
    B4 Oh-No
    B5 United Mutation
    B6 Out Of Hand
    B7 Lice & Fleas & Vermin
    B8 Your Own Way
    B9 Rock ‘N’ Roll Party
    B10 TV Preachers & Demons
    B11 Final Solution
    Monk Session Outtake
    B12 Sons Of Sunoco
    (Radio Raheem Records)
  • Unavailable for over thirteen years, this Orange County hardcore classic - originally released in 1985 - is finally back in press. Guitarist, Joe D. Foster, went on to play in No For An Answer and later form the band Ignite. Pat Longrie and Pat Dubar, drummer and singer respectively, went on to form the influential Uniform Choice. Truly a piece of history. (Indecision Records)
  • Unwound’s paranoid and pulsating sixth album, Challenge For a Civilized Society explores the pre-Y2K technological dread of modern punk living. Producer Steve Fisk threads Justin Trosper’s stabbing, discordant guitar in and around Sara Lund’s consolidated drum attack and Vern Rumsey’s relentless, throbbing bass. A vicious and sinister penultimate LP from the ’90s most misunderstood band. (Numero Group Records)
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    UNWOUND | fake train | LP

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    After the Pacific Northwest grunge raids of the early ’90s that saw Nirvana, Mudhoney, and even the Melvins hoisted up the major label flagpole, Unwound’s 1993 debut came as a welcomed reprieve for underground noise-niks everywhere. A pulsing cluster of wiry feedback, lurching bass, and single stroke rolls, Fake Train entangles the energies of frustrated backpack emo, faded Riot Grrrl back issues, and their own dash of teen spirit and unleashes it all in an earsplitting 10-song assault. (Numero Group Records)
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    An album Maximum Rock 'N' Roll deemed not punk enough to review, Unwound's 1994 sophomore effort was a lethal depth charge aimed at major label grunge and independent hardcore alike. From the off-kilter, vertiginous rhythm of "Entirely Different Matters" to the neck-snapping velocity of "What Was Wound" to the relentless pounding at the end of "All Souls Day," New Plastic Ideas is the Sonic Youth-loving older sister to Fake Train's post-punk-obsessed little brother. (Numero Group Records)
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    UNWOUND | repetition | LP

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    Dead-eyed post-punk from Olympia’s reigning noise-niks. Repetition rejects the major label signing spree of the mid-’90s entirely, training its hulking focus on haircut hardcore, white belt Jiujitsu, and frenzied feedback. The soundtrack to a fantasy Halloween candy heist, now on vinyl for the first time since 1996. (Numero Group Records)
  • VAASKA | condenado | 7″

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    A lot has happened in the 3 years since the "futuro primitivo" 7" dropped in correlation with the band's 2016 Japanese tour, and now VAASKA returns to a world that's worse off with what could possibly be their final statement in the form of the "inocentes condenados" 7". Six tracks of smoldering, d-beat-based hardcore-punk which could arguably be the greatest recording session of their 10+ years as a band. Limited edition of 500 copies. (HeartFirst Records)
  • "Generations: A Hardcore Compilation" brought together some of the best hardcore bands of the early '00s and serves as a defining compilation of the era. Featuring exclusive tracks only to be found on this compilation, "Generations: A Hardcore Compilation" exhibits the energy, depth and vitality of the hardcore/punk movement of that time, including Blacklisted (Philadelphia), Down To Nothing (Richmond), Mental (Boston), Internal Affairs (Los Angeles), Fucked Up (Toronto), Sinking Ships (Seattle), Lights Out (San Francisco) and Iron Boots (Virginia Beach). It stands as a testament that though the faces may change and the bands come and go, the music and the message remain. Track Listing: 1. Go It Alone - The Late Shift 2. Lights Out - Never Stop 3. Lion Of Judah - They Won't Get Me 4. Blacklisted - Divorced 5. Iron Boots - Bizarre 6. Iron Boots - Locked In Sight 7. Keep It Up - Zero Tolerance 8. Snake Eyes - DC 9. Robot Whales - We Think We're Moving 10. Internal Affairs - City Of Angels 11. Sinking Ships - Turn My Headphones Up 12. Righteous Jams - The Fight/Your Game 13. Down To Nothing - I Will Win 14. Cold World - Stop Snitchin' 15. Mind Eraser - World Unfolds 16. Mind Eraser - Brought Back To Life 17. Fucked Up - Dropout 18. Mental - The Evils (Revelation Records)
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    A blistering collection of ska tunes from Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd's legendary Studio One Records, Jamaica's foundation label of reggae music. Featuring classic cuts from the originators of Ska - The Skatalites, The Wailers, Lee Perry - alongside a heavy dose of superb rarities from the might vaults of 13 Brentford Road - pure Ska Fever ! Soul Jazz Records new Studio One Ska Fever returns back to the early 1960s - when Ska was the soundtrack to Jamaica's Independence and Sir Coxsone ruled the land and The Skatalites and Studio One were creating history on a daily basis with an endless stream of blistering, scorching classic tunes. This album includes an incredible line-up of only the finest artists in reggae music, including Roland Alphonso, The Gaylads, The Ethiopians, Don Drummond, Jackie Opel and many more. An all-star cast from Studio One, as Chris Blackwell famously noted, the 'University of Reggae'. The accompanying booklet contains extensive sleeve-notes from Studio One historian Rob Chapman (author of Never Grow Old and Downbeat Special), with information on musicians, tracks, label scans and more. Soul Jazz Records' Studio One Ska Fever is released in CD- jewel case, 24-page booklet with card slipcase, as well as a heavyweight double-vinyl edition in deluxe strong gatefold sleeve (with full sleeve notes) and also as a digital download. (Soul Jazz Records)
  • Back in print after its initial release in 2002, this extensive compilation spanning the first 20 years of one of the most influential and important punk labels, Washington DC's Dischord Records, offers excellent overview of a label from it's 80s teenage hardcore beginnings to the foundational label it became in the 90s. A great starting point for anyone new to the label, but also a must-have for long-time fans, this three CD boxset includes two discs of previously released material by Minor Threat, Scream, Fugazi, Nation Of Ulysses, Slant 6, Rites Of Spring, Fireparty, Lungfish, Q And Not U, The Make Up, Bluetip, Autoclave, and a third enhanced CD with unreleased and rare recordings, plus six live videos of early hardcore shows by Teen Idles, Void, S.O.A, Faith, Untouchables, and Deadline, and an interview with label-founder Ian McKaye. The set also contains a 134-page book with info about all the bands on this release, a brief history of the label, liner notes by Henry Rollins and loads of photos including contributions by Cynthia Connolly, Amy Pickering, Pat Graham, Glen E. Friedman, Jason Farrell, Jeff Nelson, and many more. Content: - 2 CD's with previously released Dischord material. - 1 CD with unreleased tracks and 6 live video clips (by: The Teen Idles, Untouchables, S.O.A., Faith, Void, and Deadline). - a 134-page booklet with info about all the bands featured on this release, a brief historic review of Dischord and loads of photos. (Dischord Records)
  • ‘Anti-Society’ has, like previous releases in the series, been pain-stakingly compiled from over 1000 recordings from vinyl, demo cassettes, unreleased studio recordings and live gigs from the 1980s before settling on 23 tracks, 11 of which are previously unreleased and a 24-page booklet with detailed band biographies and many previously unseen photos. The CD includes previously unreleased and first time to CD recordings by some of the scene’s ‘bigger’ names e.g. Icons Of Filth, Oi Polloi, Alternative, Icon AD but is also an Aladdin’s cave of the Anarcho punk scenes underground legends; The Apostles, Karma Sutra, Exit-Stance, Hagar The Womb, Part 1, Andy T, The Sears and many others. The epic sleeve notes by Sean McGhee recall the history of the scene that felt empowered by the fact that it was attempting to move outside ‘society’, which seemed a corrupt, war obsessed and totally unfair place to be. The Anarcho-Punk scene with its rallying call of ‘no compromise with their society’ attracted many disillusioned punks and the resulting ripples of discontent are still being felt today. ‘Anti-Society’ captures the spirit of an era when the youth were in direct conflict with the establishment and trying to change the world. The sound is energetic and angry and often delivered with an intensity lacking today. ‘Anti-Society’ is the essential soundtrack of those times. Tracklist 1 –Reality Control Forgive Us 3:44 2 –Icons Of Filth Your Military 2:36 3 –The Sears Not Prepared 4:23 4 –A.O.A* Who Are They Trying To Con? 3:37 5 –Liberty Revenge 2:35 6 –Dave Asgrove Band* I Rebel 4:05 7 –Karma Sutra Fantasy Ball 1:55 8 –Icon A.D. Seeing Is Believing 3:06 9 –Exit-Stance Christian Militia 4:27 10 –Alternative Where Are Your Hiroshimas? 1:09 11 –Look Mummy Clowns Sell Your Dreams 3:57 12 –Reality Acceptable Death Loss 1:56 13 –Thatcher On Acid Our Gods Are Falling Down 1:38 14 –Part 1 Salem 3:24 15 –Andy T Exploitation 0:52 16 –Revulsion Out Of Touch 3:39 17 –The Apostles Beserker 1:46 18 –Untermensch Ashfield Valley Headkick 2:42 19 –Hagar The Womb Dressed To Kill 3:04 20 –Stalag 17 Doomsday Machine 3:07 21 –Oi Polloi Stop Vivisection Now 1:04 22 –Anti State Control* M.U.S.E. 2:15 23 –The Mental Attack 2:38 (Overground Records)
  • Influential independent label Posh Boy helped the southern California punk scene to gain traction in the late 70s and early 80s through a series of releases by then-unknown bands. The legendary 1979 compilation Beach Blvd referenced Route 39, a highway that connected the label’s various artists, located in suburbs from Huntingdon Beach up to the San Gabriel Valley. Rosemead’s Simpletones were one of the first melodic punk acts; Huntington Beach’s The Crowd drew from surf rock and hardcore in equal measure, while the material credited to Rik L Rik are actually remixes of demos he cut with Negative Trend, now with bass overdubs by Simpletones guitarist Jay Lansford, who also cut lead guitar on “Atomic Lawn.” This ultra-expanded, double vinyl reissue features 17 bonus tracks of Simpletones and Crowd material, as well as live material from Rik L Rik’s first group, the legendary F-Word!, and the two only known tracks recorded by The Klan, the short-lived quartet fronted by Simpletones vocalist, Richard “Snickers” Scott. Limited record store day 2020 edition of 700 copies on yellow and turquoise vinyl, gatefold sleeve, updated liner notes and 17 bonus tracks! Tracklist A1 –Simpletones Kirsty Q A2 –Simpletones I Have A Date A3 –Simpletones Tiger Beat Twist A4 –Rik L Rik Black And Red A5 –Rik L Rik Meat House A6 –The Crowd Suzy Is A Surf Rocker A7 –The Crowd Living In Madrid A8 –The Crowd Trix Are For Kids B1 –The Crowd Modern Machine B2 –The Crowd New Crew B3 –Rik L Rik I Got Power B4 –Rik L Rik Mercenaries B5 –Rik L Rik Atomic Lawn B6 –Simpletones Don`t Bother Me B7 –Simpletones California C1 –Dirk Dirksen Spoken Word Intro C2 –F-Word! Do The Nihil C3 –F-Word! Out There C4 –F-Word! Do The Haze C5 –F-Word! Government Official C6 –F-Word! Shut Down C7 –Simpletones I Like Drugs C8 –Simpletones Dead Meat (Killer Smog) C9 –Simpletones TV Love D1 –Simpletones Rock 'N' Roll Star D2 –Simpletones Disco Ape D3 –Simpletones Nasty Nazi D4 –The Crowd Right Time D5 –The Crowd Desmond And Kathy D6 –The Crowd Melody Hill D7 –The Klan Pushin' Too Hard D8 –The Klan Cover Girls (Radiation Records)
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    This album has so much early punk rock history it's SICK! RIK L RIK, The Crowd, the Simpletones. Rik L Rik is the hardest band on this record. The Crowd and Simpletones are poppy early punk rock, but totally classic. If you love old punk rock, like from the late 70's, then you'll love this album. Reissue of classic punk compilation from 1979. (Radiation Records)
  • Black Mans Pride 2 extends the legacy of Studio Ones ground-breaking path in roots reggae which began at the end of the 1960s and continued throughout the 1970s. The album tells the story of how the rise of Studio One Records and the Rastafari movement were interconnected, through the adoption of the Rastafari faith by key reggae artists everyone from the Skatalites and Wailers in the 1960s, major singers such as Alton Ellis and Horace Andy at the end of the decade, through to major roots artists such as The Gladiators in the 1970s and how Clement Dodd consistently recorded this heavyweight roots music throughout Studio Ones history. This is the second installment of deep roots Rastafarian reggae at Studio One and features classic music from some of the most important figures in reggae music Alton Ellis, The Heptones, Jackie Mittoo, The Gladiators alongside a host of rarities and little-known recordings, such as a truly rare Mystic Revelation of Rastafari seven-inch single, Willie Williams first ever recording Calling and Horace Andys righteous (and equally rare) masterpiece Illiteracy. The sleeve-notes to this album also discuss the links between Rastafari and Studio One in time and place, noting how both the religion and Clement Dodds musical empire had their roots in the intense period of pre-independence Jamaica in Kingston, expanded in the 1960s following the visit of Haile Selassie in 1966, and how roots music then came to dominate reggae music in the early 1970s. Also discussed is how the outsider stance of both reggae music and the Rastafari movement relate back many hundreds of years to the original rebel stance of the Maroons, escaped slaves who set up self-sufficient enclaves in the hills of the Jamaican countryside. LPx2 - Heavyweight Gatefold Double LP. Includes Download Code. (Soul Jazz Records/2002)
  • Few copies resurfaced of this classic comp featuring Paralisis Permanente, Kaka Deluxe, Espasmodicos, Kangrena, Decibelios. The cream of the crop of Spanish punk rock 1977-1982. 17 essential punk rock blasts from Spain! Enciendes Tu Motor (Espasmodicos, 1982, from only 7") Un Dia En Texas (Paralisis Permanente, 1982, from 2.7" [Quiero Ser Santa EP]) La Pluma Electrica (Kaka De Luxe, 1978, from only 7") Inkisicion (Vulpe SS, 1983, from only 7") Guernika (TNT, 1983, from 2.7") Y Ahora Que? (La Polla Records, 1982, from 1.7" [Y Ahora Que? EP]) Agonia (Kangrena, 1983, from only 7") Purdey (Siniestro Total, 1982, from 1.7") Miedo (PVP, 1982, from 1.7") Felices Dias en Auschwitz (Interterror, 1983, from only 7") Mi Degeneracion (Eskorbuto, 1983, from 1.7") Johnny Mofeta (Ultimo Resorte, 1982, from only 7") Luftwaffe (KGB, 1983, from only 7") La Policia (La Uvi, 1982, from only 7") Botas y Tirantes (Decibelios, 1983, from 2.7") Las Malvinas (Codigo Neurotico, 1983, from only 7") La Oracion (Desechables, 1983, from 1.7")  
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    If you went down the wrong alleyway, took a shortcut through the park or crossed the wrong open space after dark in the UK in the 1970s, you stood a fair chance of being accosted by someone with a big mouth, low morals and some gurning mates to impress, usually reeking of fags and cheap booze and always ready to put the boot in. And, before you could say, “sickening violence”, a short but chaotic scuffle would ensue and a winner eventually emerge, battle scarred and bruised. The boot boy was the worst kind of hooligan. There wasn’t anything you could do or say to appease him. You had the same chance as a fly caught up in a spider’s web. Zero. Your best bet was to run. His intent was always to give you, and vicariously the rest of the world, a good kicking. Thugs, long-haired louts, short-haired louts; the anti-hippy. Birds, booze, bovver and football on their criminal minds. So fasten your braces for a white knuckle-duster ride. 14 bovver rock bruisers for all of you peace-loving losers. Somebody’s going to get their head kicked in tonight... Put the boot in.

    Bill Case - I'm Your Hero - https://youtu.be/aKdtTRvFgyk
    32nd Turn Off - Used To Be a Tiger - https://youtu.be/Zh7hwlWf2II
    Boots - You Better Run - https://youtu.be/Or90TkM3tBU
    Leather Head - Give Me Your Money Please
    Big T - Tea For Two
    Phil Canning - Sell Out
    Things Fall Apart - Bye Bye My Rose - https://youtu.be/S_KqpAsuPho
    Redhead - We Ran And We Ran
    Giggles - Just Another Saturday Night - https://youtu.be/Own9EnH9Lmw
    Westland Sreamboat - Born Under A Bad Sign
    Brother Susan - Flash
    Scruff - Get Out Of My Way - https://youtu.be/ZlUYsQW_zlc
    π r ² - Jerk Rhythm
    The Knuckle Dusters - The Yob (You Better Run Records/2020)
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    This series has it’s imitators in the world of compiling original songs The Cramps covered and ‘ahem’ borrowed from but these are by far the best. Gatefold sleeve, liner notes and some pretty cool artwork seperate this from the copy cats that came after… Essential for any Cramps fan or just for those that fancy a bit of wild & obscure RnR…. Rockabilly, Garage Punk and the just plain weird. Tracklist A1 –The Bostweeds Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! A2 –Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads Goo Goo Muck A3 –Link Wray And His Ray Men Fat Back A4 –Dwight Pullen Sunglasses After Dark A5 –Glen Glenn Everybody's Movin' A6 –Roy Orbison Domino A7 –The Sonics Strychnine B1 –The Groupes Primitive B2 –Ronnie Dawson Rockin' Bones B3 –The Third Bardo I'm 5 Years Ahead Of My Time B4 –Warren Smith Uranium Rock B5 –Mel Robbins Save It B6 –The Novas The Crusher B7 –Wanda Jackson Funnel Of Love (Born Bad)
  • This series has it’s imitators in the world of compiling original songs The Cramps covered and ‘ahem’ borrowed from but these are by far the best. Gatefold sleeve, liner notes and some pretty cool artwork seperate this from the copy cats that came after… Essential for any Cramps fan or just for those that fancy a bit of wild & obscure RnR…. Rockabilly, Garage Punk and the just plain weird. Repress of the third Volume of this "Songs the Cramps Taught US" compilation, originally released in 1986. Tracklist: A1 –Kip Tyler & The Flips Jungle Hop 2:05 A2 –The Busters Bust Out 2:34 A3 –Jett Powers Go Girl Go 2:23 A4 –The Riptides Machine Gun 2:10 A5 –The Rivingtons Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow 2:29 A6 –The Rivingtons The Bird's The Word 2:14 A7 –The Trashmen Surfin' Bird 2:25 B1 –Andre Williams Bacon Fat 3:06 B2 –Andre Williams Jail Bait 3:26 B3 –The Frantics Werewolf 2:05 B4 –Del Raney's Umbrellas* Can Your Hossie Do The Dog 2:13 B5 –Jack Scott The Way I Walk 2:47 B6 –Andy Starr Give Me A Woman 2:27 B7 –Herbie Duncan Hot Lips Baby 2:22 (Born Bad)
  • Vinyl reissue of this classic Oi! compilation originally released on Secret Records in 1981. It features tracks by the biggest bands of the genre like: 4 Skins, Blitz, Red Alert, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Infa-Riot or The Business. This album went straight to number four of the independent charts and became probably the best Oi! compilation ever issued. Includes original artwork inner bag. Limited Vinyl reissue of 500 copies, 250 black and 250 white vinyl. Tracklist: A1 - Garry Johnson - United A2 - JJ All Stars - Dambusters March A3 - The Business - Suburban Rebels A4 - Infa Riot - Each Dawn I Die A5 - The Partisans - Arms Race A6 - The Ejected - East End Kids A7 - Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Transvestite A8 - Blitz - Nation On Fire A9 - The Last Resort - King Of The Jungle B1 - The Gonads - Tuckers Ruckers Ain't No Suckers B2 - 4 Skins - Evil B3 - The Business - Product B4 - Red Alert - SPG B5 - Oi The Comrade - Guvnors Man B6 - Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Maniac B7 - The Ejected - What Am I Gonna Do B8 - The Partisans - No U Turns B9 - Blitz - Youth B10 - Oi The Choir - Walk On This reissue © Daily Records Vintage Series 2021 issued under the license from Cherry Red records ltd. Originally released in 1981 on Secret Records. (Daily Records)
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    The new vinyl pressing of the 1982 DC punk sampler "Flex Your Head" is now available. This is one of the must own compilations out there if your into the '80s D.C. hardcore. You'll find most of the important D.C. bands of that time on this compilation. Most play fast thrashy hardcore, sometimes too simple, but always honest & angry. Tracks from TEEN IDLES, STATE OF ALERT, GOVERNMENT ISSUE, MINOR THREAT, UNTOUCHABLES, IRON CROSS, YOUTH BRIGADE, DEADLINE, RED C, ARTIFICIAL PEACE and VOID. We're not responsible for damage incurred while slam dancing in your bedroom when listening to this. (Dischord Records)
  • The FOUR OLD SEVEN INCHES album, 1st released back in the days in 1984, compiled 4 early Dischord 7"s (by then already out of print since ages) from TEEN IDLES, SOA, GOVERNMMENT ISSUE and YOUTH BRIGADE (DC). By the early 1990s the vinyl edition of this compilation (36 tracks at all) had fallen out-of-print but it has been re-pressed, re-issued and updated artwork. Essential - buy this and leave the unnecessary bullshit at home. Possible EP by Youth Brigade Minor Disturbance by Teen Idles Legless Bull by Government Issue No Policy by State Of Alert (Dischord Records)  
  • The compilation album Heures sans Soleil was originally released in October 1985 in an edition of 1000 copies. It was the fourth vinyl release on LTM, the label I founded while still at school in Edinburgh, and followed on from singles by Minny Pops and A Primary Industry, as well a live album by Crispy Ambulance. . . . I can't claim the idea of an artsy cosmopolitan compilation album was terribly original. I was 19 years old at the time, and still deep in the thrall of earlier Crépuscule collections such as From Brussels With Love and The Fruit of the Original Sin." Includes extended liner notes by James Nice. Released in collaboration with LTM/James Nice. 180-gram vinyl. Includes tracks by Section 25, Anti-Group, Minny Pops, Tuxedomoon, Mazowsze, Eric Random, Dislocation Dance, The Happy Family, Section 25 , Crispy Ambulance, and A Primary Industry. (Song Cycle Records)
  • Not so known but also great and mega-rare Finnish HC-compilation from 1984! Contains 8 songs, never reissued before, including the fantastic PURKAUS + 3 other bands! They all came from a little town called Hyvinkää 50 kilometers north of Helsinki! Over 15 minutes, 8 songs / four bands.The original EP was sold on discogs for 320€ already six years ago! Tracklist A1 –Purkaus Maailma Tänään A2 –Purkaus Suomi A3 –Sotakulttuuri Balladi Maailmalle A4 –Sotakulttuuri Pääta Huimaa B1 –Terrori Väkivaltaa B2 –Terrori Jeesukset B3 –Painajainen Se On Sun Valintasi B4 –Painajainen Unohtunut Elämä (Hohnie Records)
  • LINER NOTES: An extract from the novel “Bovver Birds Rool”: Dawn pushed Sue’s head as hard as she could against the stone wall of the school. The connection registered with a gruesome “thud”. “That’s for getting off with Steve”, she snarled. A second girl cracked Sue sharply around the face with an open palm and then kicked her as she slumped to the ground.. “Do not mess…” shrieked Jane. “Do you understand, Bitch!” A descending bike chain left a bloody trail across Sue’s now fractured skull. “Have you learned your lesson, Bitch, or do you want some knuckle too? Well… do you?” Dawn smiled approvingly at Jane and the two girls linked arms and walked away. “What are you staring at?” , snapped Dawn at their first passer-by, Dave, a pale and sullen lad from school. “I’m not quite sure,” he quickly replied. “It walks like a bloke and talks like a bloke, but it’s got girly bits… Or, at least, I think it has.” Jane quickly broke away from Dawn and started to run towards Dave who immediately quickened his pace. “And you’ll never find out you piece of chicken shit,” she screamed. (to be continued…) Bovver Birds & Knuckle Girls... a rare burst of etiquette. So what would you get on a date with a Bovver Bird or a Knuckle Girl? A few harsh words and a cheap thrill- or a competitively-priced thrill, at least. Up against the wall. Nothing fancy, just a bit of “hanky panky” with your tougher-than-average Knuckle Sandwich Nancy. “Girls used only to resort to psychological bullying… Now they’re moving in gangs and using bicycle chains, knives and clubs. In fact they’re beginning to behave in a way once only associated with the roughest of boys.” Henry Clover, Press Officer Of The National Union Of Teachers. (Angry Young Wom Records) TRACKLIST: 01 - KUNY - I can see the changes - 2.28 02 - CAROL AND THE BOSTON GARDEN - Suzuki 75 - 2.37 03 - DESIRA - Gorilla - 3.30 04 - ROCK FOLLIES - O.K.? - 3.35 05 - TWINKLE RIPLEY - Caroline - 3.28 06 - MISTY - Resurrection shuffle - 3.10 07 - KRISTINE SPARKLE - Eight days a week - 2.59 --------------------------------------------- 08 - GLO MACARI - Lookin' for love - 2.57 09 - LELLY BOONE - When will I be loved - 2.26 10 - C. STAR - Bad boy - 3.10 11 - VICKY FURY - Flipper story - 3.24 12 - AYSHEA - Farewell - 4.14 13 - HEART - Lovemaker - 3.00 14 - VIC LEZAL'S PROFESSIONALS - Blitz at the Ritz - 2.22