• LINER NOTES: An extract from the novel “Bovver Birds Rool” (…continued) “That must hurt”, said Dave. He hovered over Sue as she shakily tried to return to her feet. “Well help me, then”, barked Sue with a pained expression, “don’t just flippin’ stand there”. “I think this fell off”, said Dave as he handed Sue back her bloodied Marc Bolan rosette. “Great”, snapped Sue, “Steve’s only just given me that… Which way did they go?” “Don’t be daft”, said Dave, “you’re in no fit state.” At Tuesday night’s Stall Street Disco, Dawn and Jane were busy victory dancing to their anthem, Hector’s “Wired Up”, darting hard-faced Knuckle Girl glares at any boy daring enough to comment on their togetherness with an ill-advised wink and a nudge to his immediate neighbour. Meanwhile, Sue had invested her last 2p in a phone call to her best mate “Sand”, short for Sandra. “Sand” was the self-elected leader of the Bovver Birds, the female contingent of The Larkhall Legion, who were beginning to assemble around the entrance to the disco. “Tired of living?” were the last words Dawn heard as her face hit the floor.“You cow!,” Dawn screamed, as she pulled out the remnants of her own front tooth and threw it in the face her towering tormentor. “The Knuckle Girls buckle and the Bovver Birds win. Again!,” announced Sand in a loud but deadpan voice over the continuing Hector music. “We’ll leave you alone now to bury your dead. … “Birds” is still the word, and you’ve should been shat on from a great height. Next time, bitches!” A bow-tied bouncer strong-armed “Sand” from the hall, dragging her by the arms as she still tried to pitch a globule of carefully-harvested spittle over her agitator. “And there’s a greeny for you,” she shrieked with delight as it landed successfully. (to be continued…) (Angry Young Wom Records) TRACKLIST: NINA MARTIN - I'm aggressive (Germany 1976) - 3.02 NORAH - The Battle For My Love (Spain 1974) - 3.55 PHILADELPHIA - School's back (USA?? 1977) - 3.36 PAULA LINCOLN - It's the monster again (Netherlands 1975) - 2.44 VERMILION - I Like Motorcycles (UK 1979) - 2.49 BOBBIE McGEE - Upside down (UK 1974) - 3.00 NQB - Long long weekend (Sweden 1973) - 3.33 THE ALISON MARKLEW BAND - Midnight rider (UK 1975) - 3.27 LORENZA JOHNSON - Mr. Teaser (UK 1973) - 3.13 RADAR - Nobody knows (Netherlands 1977) - 2.48 ROCK FOLLIES - Good Behaviour (UK 1976) - 2.36 THE (NEW) SETTLERS - Lifelight (UK 1974) - 3.57 PUNCHIN' JUDY - Settle down (UK 1974) - 3.42 JUDITH CROWNE - Steam hammer (UK 1973) -2.47
  • Legendary 80s compilation with 12 frosted HC songs. Best and most iconic Finnish HC-EP-compilation from 80ies! For the first time ever reissued! 12 songs/10 bands. Total smasher! 15 minutes pure Finnish hc/punk. Tracklist: A1 –Terveet Kädet Pissaa & Paskaa 0:35 A2 –H.I.C. Systeemi Sinivalkoinen Lama 2:35 A3 –Riistetyt Totaalinen Tuho 1:36 A4 –Kansan Uutiset Koira On Parempi Poliisi 0:52 A5 –Sekunda Sotasankari 0:29 A6 –Kauneus & Terveys Mäntti 0:50 B1 –Poikkeustila Poliisivaltio 1:13 B2 –Bastards Arvoisa Yleisö 3:06 B3 –Sekunda Rautaa Rajalle 0:40 B4 –Sekunda Kotiinpaluu 0:38 B5 –Markkinointioperaatio Ville Ja Mopo 0:45 B6 –Purkaus Hyvinkää 1:22 (Hohnie Records)
  • New York Thrash is a hardcore punk compilation album released by ROIR in 1982. Considered a definitive document of the early New York hardcore and late 1970s punk scene, New York Thrash features rare and otherwise unreleased recordings, including the first recorded material by the Beastie Boys (also on their Polly Wog Stew EP) as well as material by Bad Brains. Original artwork and cover lettering by Bob Giordano. The album was originally released in cassette format with liner notes by Tim Sommer, but was reissued on CD with two bonus tracks in 1998. Track listing "I Hate Music" – The Mad "Getaway" – Kraut "Shotgun" – Heart Attack "Social Reason" – The Undead "New Year's Eve" – Adrenalin O.D. "Illusion Won Again – Even Worse "Cry Now" – Fiends "Here and Now" – Nihilistics "Nightmare – The Undead "Taxidermist" – False Prophets "Regulator (Version)" – Bad Brains "Riot Fight" – Beastie Boys "Love and Kisses" – Nihilistics "Asian White" – Fiends "Last Chance" – Kraut "Emptying the Madhouse" – Even Worse "Paul's Not Home" – Adrenalin O.D. "Scorched Earth" – False Prophets "God Is Dead" – Heart Attack "The Hell" – The Mad "Big Take Over (Version)" – Bad Brains "Beastie" – Beastie Boys "M.A.C.H.I.N.E." – The Stimulators* "Loud Fast Rules!" – The Stimulators* * snide bonus tracks included on 1998 CD reissue. (ROIR/1998)
  • For many folks around the world this compilation was what introduced them to Finnish Punk/Hardcore.In 1982 legendary Finnish fanzine Propaganda released one of the best hardcore compilations that still makes jaws drop. The comp contains 35 tracks total by the likes of Bastards, Kaaos, NATO, Terveet Kädet, Riistetyt, 013, Maho Neityht, Appendix, Sekunda, Antikeho und Dachau! more propaganda coming Our reissues includes a reproduction of the original fanzine insert. (Puke n Vomit Records)
  • Sharpies were the terror teen cast of a Richard Allen novel that never was. Although largely synonymous with the early-to-mid 1970s, reports of their violent clashes with rival gangs of Mods are documented as early as 1966. Bored, working-class, suburban kids, their teenage rampage began in Melbourne, Australia, but soon there were Sharpie gangs forming in Sydney, Perth and beyond. For a while they were the untouchables, ruling dances, discos and public transport with their fists. Sharpies were fiercely territorial and divided into different chapters according to location. They would often wage aggressive wars within their tightly delineated sub-gangs, although Mods always remained their arch-enemy. Sharpies were the scourge of the railways. Although they would seldom attack members of the general public, if you gave them a second look you’d be lucky to escape with your wallet intact. Violence was their world, but always with a strict moral code. Sharpie boys and girls wore similar uniforms: a slim-fitting, ribbed and collared cardigan called a Conny, T-shirts, tight jeans (Lee or Levis) and big platform shoes. Girls’ shoes had 100% cork heels. Boys’ shoes were often two-coloured. Hair was worn short or shaved with long wisps at the back, influenced by the British ska, mod and skinhead subcultures. Sharpie girls had their hair slightly longer and often with coloured streaks - Bowie-red was their colour of choice. Boys often bleached their hair. Tattoos were popular, although many were homemade and poorly executed. Their diet was anthemic glam-rock (Slade, Sweet, T.Rex, Bowie, Gary Glitter) kung-fu movies and A Clockwork Orange. The music of local heroes like Lobby Loyde and The Coloured Balls, AC/DC, Skyhooks and Hush provided their daily soundtrack. They even had their own tribal dance, a rhythmic sway with knees bent and fists clenched and pumping upwards across their chests. As the 1970s drew to a close, and new styles like punk and disco began to emerge, Sharpies started to fade. By 1979 they were all-but gone. Today they are recognised as an important part of Australian youth culture and social history. Enjoy their music... MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND - Natural Man (1972) COLOURED BALLS - Heavy Metal Kid (1974) STEVIE WRIGHT - Hard Road (1974) FAT DADDY - Roll Daddy Roll (1976) RABBIT - I Like To Hear My Music (1976) JACKIE CHRISTIAN & TARGET - The Last Time I Go To Baltimore (1974) SKYHOOKS - Living In The 70s (1974) JOHNNY DICK - The Warrior (1975) TED MULRY - You've Got It (1977) JOHN PAUL YOUNG - Yesterday's Hero (1975) HUSH - Mindrocker (1974) LA FEMME - Chelsea Kids (1979) SUPERNAUT - The Kids Are Out Tonight (1977) TASTE - Boys Will Be Boys (1976) (Sharps Rock Records)
  • Rude Boys are synonymous with Jamaican Dancehall culture from the present day going back to the very early days of Sir Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid’s first sound-clashes in Kingston . Studio One Rude Boy features artists and songs about rude boys and rude boy culture from all periods of Studio One’s history. The album features Ska, Rocksteady, DJs, Roots and Dub The album features classic tracks from Jamaica’s finest singers and groups such as The Wailers, John Holt, the Wailing Souls, Dennis Brown alongside super-rare tracks from artists such as Mr Foundation, Dudley Sibbley and The Soul Brothers all recorded under Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd’s supervision at the legendary recording studio and record label. Musical backing comes from the legendary in-house bands – The Skatalites, The Sound Dimension, Soul Vendors and Soul Defenders – who provide the classic Studio One rhythms so influential in the history of Reggae. (Soul Jazz Records)
  • BACK IN PRINT!!!!!!! 2xLP now with bonus download code! Heavy, heavy tunes! Studio One instrumentals are the foundation of Reggae. These rhythm tracks became the basis for all Dancehall as countless artists and producers re-versioned these classic Studio One instrumentals. REVIEWS: " sheer volume of output from Studio One is astonishing, combined with the fact that the quality of the recordings never seem to diminish. These instrumentals touch on ska, rocksteady, dub, and begin to hint at the reggae sound of the late '70s. Each instrumental is perfect and has the feel that it could hardly be improved upon. Soul Jazz has once again put together a wonderfully rounded collection of music from Studio One". All Music "I think if a nuclear family could have a soundtrack, ours would be the Soul Jazz comp Studio One: Scorcher. I wouldn't say it's the best record ever made, but if I heard it every single day for the rest of my life, I'd be 100% cool with it." DJ "Compilation of essential & rare Studio One instrumentals" Hard Wax "Studio One Scorcher is the latest of these, collecting instrumental tracks spanning the years from the late-'60s rocksteady vogue through the onset of dancehall and digital rhythms in the early 80s featuring The Skatalites, trombonist Don Drummond, Pablove Black and others." Billboard Comes as Triple LP + download code and with a 12" insert about the songs and artists. Tracklist A1 –The Skatalites Coconut Rock A2 –Cedric "Im" Brooks & Sound Dimension Mun-Dun-Gu A3 –Tommy McCook & Richard Ace & Disco Height Shockers Rock B1 –The Soul Vendors Ringo Rock B2 –Jackie Mittoo & Ernest Ranglin Jericho Skank B3 –The New Establishment The People Skanking B4 –Karl Bryan & The Afrokats Money Generator C1 –Lester Sterling Afrikaan Beat C2 –Sound Dimension Heavy Rock C3 –Sugar Belly In Cold Blood D1 –Don Drummond* & The Skatalites Heavenless D2 –The Soul Brothers Bugaloo D3 –Vin Gordon Red Blood E1 –Pablove Black* Push Pull E2 –Jackie Mittoo & Brentford Rockers Sidewalk Doctor E3 –Liberation Group Namibia F1 –Brentford Road All Stars* Last Call F2 –Soul Defenders Still Calling - F3 –Karl Bryan & Count Ossie Black Up (Soul Jazz Records)
  • Studio One Records and the seminal in-house band The Skatalites both created and defined Ska in the process making Jamaican music famous throughout the world. This compilation features classic vocal and instrumental tracks from The Skatalites, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Delroy Wilson alongside super-rare tracks from the likes of Ken Boothe, The Maytals, Jackie Mittoo, Tommy McCook and many more. “Ripping Ska compilation. The sound is tremendous as well thanks to Studio One recording techniques - already superior at the birth of Reggae - and Soul Jazz mastering. Nice mix of stomping Skatalites/Tommy McCook instrumentals and vocal tracks from many of the prime exponents of the genre. It's a superior Studio One Ska compilation what's not to like?” The Face (Soul Jazz Records)
  • Soul Jazz Records are releasing this new 10th anniversary 2017 edition of their classic album ‘Dancehall – The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture’. This long-out-of-print collection is now available as a triple-vinyl edition and double CD pack. The album is a lightning-flash collection of all-time classic and definitive dancehall classics as well as a stellar selection of more obscure tracks. Featuring Yellowman, Tenor Saw, Sister Nancy, Ini Kamoze, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Michigan & Smiley, Super Cat, Cutty Ranks, Eek-A-Mouse, Gregory Isaacs and more, this album features non-stop floor-filling party tune rockers throughout! Dancehall is released to coincide with the new 2017 edition of the stunning 400+ photos deluxe coffee table book ‘Dancehall – The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture’, featuring Beth Lesser’s amazing Dancehall photography (also newly published by Soul Jazz Records). This book has become the definitive cultural reference book for Jamaican dancehall and features hundreds of killer photographs, extensive text and interviews with many of the artists. ‘A vibrant anthology of all that mattered: the sound systems, studios, producers, singers and deejays.’ The Guardian (Soul Jazz Records)
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    Jackie Brown: Music from the Miramax Motion Picture is the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino's motion picture Jackie Brown. It was originally released on December 9, 1997. The film's score was composed by James Newton Howard. The soundtrack uses a variety of music genres, including soul. The soundtrack also includes dialogue from the motion picture and a lack of typical film score, similar to the other soundtracks of Tarantino films. (A Band Apart/Warner Bros.Records‎/Maverick/2016)
  • Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album is a musical companion to the hit Amazon Prime Video Original Series "The Man in The High Castle," based on author Philip K. Dick's award-winning book. Set in 1962, the series explores an alternative history of what it would be like if the Allied Powers had actually lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States. In the storyline, the Germans now have control the Eastern seaboard, the Japanese the west coast, and in between is a small strip of land controlled by neither. This neutral zone is the refuge of holdouts, revolutionaries and rebels trying to keep the American dream alive through both active and passive resistance, and from where Resistance Radio is broadcasting. Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album is produced and curated by Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen, and is the imagined soundtrack to the series, and features 18 songs from 1962 to coincide with theme of show. Bringing together the talents of today s most popular Indie and Alternative artists, the project features Beck, Kelis, Norah Jones, The Shins, Angel Olsen, Benjamin Booker, Karen O, and many more. The pilot episode "The Man In The High Castle" premiered in January of 2015, and was Amazon's 'most watched since the original series development program began.' The series was immediately picked up for a full 10 episode season that began airing in November of 2015. A second 10 episode season premiered in December of 2016, and in early 2017 Amazon announced it had renewed the series for a third season. (Columbia/2017)
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    Another killer classic back in print! When it came out in 1984, Varukers and Discharge were the two most raging and intense of the UK bands to ratchet punk up to hardcore speed and power in the early 80's. This LP sees Varukers delivering top notch hardcore punk, the guitar tone and riffage are savage, the vocals raw and powerful. The guitar has a bit of the metallic crunch that would permeate hardcore in the future, but still remains grounded in punk. This Lp ranks with Discharge's "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" as an example of UK hardcore punk at its very best. Tracks 1-2: 'Die For Your Government' 7" (1983) Tracks 3-14: 'Bloodsuckers' LP (1983) Tracks 15-17: 'Led To The Slaughter' 7" (1984) Tracks 18-25: 'Another Religion, Another War' LP (1984) (Let Them Eat Vinyl Records/ Captain Oi! ‎)
  • Vatican Commandos was a hardcore punk band formed in Darien, Connecticut. The band features members James Spadaccini, John Farnsworth, Lindsey Anderson, Chip Moody, Chuck "Wheat" Weaver, and Richard Hall (who also went on to success under the name "Moby" after the VC had disbanded). The band was formed in 1982 and released its first 7" EP entitled, Hit Squad for God in 1983. Richard Hall (Moby) is credited as "M.H." on the back cover of the release. Later members included Dave Hower, Mike Pollock, and Matt Craig. The band went on to release the Just a Frisbee 7" EP later in 1983 and Point Me to the End 12" EP in 1984. The "Just a Frisbee" 7" cover artwork was drawn by Rob Zombie, founder and lead singer of White Zombie.[3] The Vatican Commandos disbanded in 1985. First vinyl reissue for Darien, Connecticut hardcore punk legends Vatican Commandos’ 1983 debut, featuring Richard Hall (A.K.A. world famous pop star MOBY) on guitar. Holy grail alert! FULLY REMASTERED!!! Tracklist Why Must I Follow? It's So Scary Housewives On Valium Hit Squad For God Your Way Wonder Bread (Radiation Records)
  • Vatican Commandos was a hardcore punk band formed in Darien, Connecticut. The band features members James Spadaccini, John Farnsworth, Lindsey Anderson, Chip Moody, Chuck "Wheat" Weaver, and Richard Hall (who also went on to success under the name "Moby" after the VC had disbanded). The band was formed in 1982 and released its first 7" EP entitled, Hit Squad for God in 1983. Richard Hall (Moby) is credited as "M.H." on the back cover of the release. Later members included Dave Hower, Mike Pollock, and Matt Craig. The band went on to release the Just a Frisbee 7" EP later in 1983 and Point Me to the End 12" EP in 1984. The "Just a Frisbee" 7" cover artwork was drawn by Rob Zombie, founder and lead singer of White Zombie. The Vatican Commandos disbanded in 1985. First vinyl reissue for Darien, Connecticut hardcore punk legends Vatican Commandos’ 1983 second 7”. COVER ART BY ROB ZOMBIE. FULLY REMASTERED. Tracklist (We're) Tipping Cows Talk To Me Gravity Do What You Want To Let Down Again (Radiation Records)
  • In 1985, VERBAL ABUSE recorded this seminal album after moving from Texas to San Francisco a few years prior much like their peers in D.R.I., living on a diet supplied by soup kitchens and whatever else they could get their hands on, epitomizing the term hardcore. "just an american band" is hardcore at its most raw and primal, a testament to a time when to be hardcore, you had to live hardcore. The band were a soundtrack to a scene still in it’s infancy, a scene that rallied and stood firm against the outside world. Also contains large booklet with lyrics, photos, and commentary from the band. (Beer City Records)
  • A split made for Vidro’s Brazilian tour, originally released on tape and now put out on vinyl. This explains a lot, while both bands are among the better up-and-coming groups, Vidro dominates the record. Already appreciated their previous full-length, now they are even better, playing fucked-up, mid-tempo hardcore somewhere between modern, riff-based groups and SSD/DYS stomping parts, while if you fell for daydreaming seconds, you can find yourself humming “Now I wanna be your dog” to their music, too. Their singer has a great, super pissed off voice; it pairs well with the guitars that dare to experiment beyond a few chords’ chunky riffs. While their side is as effective on moving my body as if someone shook me by my shoulders, I do not feel hypnotized into fist-pumping, but I nod my head owning total consciousness over my limbs. Vidro deserves it. Cankro debuts on vinyl with a new breed of raw hardcore punk for fans of SUB-era Brasilian hardcore but with a contemporary twist, hooks and some parts that turn the trope upside down by infusing 30 minute rocking solos that works beyond all expectations! Stripped for metallic clichés and charged with desperation and sincerety; Cankro rips open a new wound on the surface of contemporary hardcore punk. Welcome to a inferno of hardcore punk agression. (Byllepest Distro)
  • https://diskoryxeion.blogspot.com/2014/06/villa-21.html Includes printed sleeve with credits and notes, kodak photo from band & sticker from Dia De Los Muertos Records. Recorded live at Blue Moon Studio on 09/07/1988. Remastered at Feedback Studio on September 2013. Painting sometime in 1988 for a concert. (Dia De Los Muertos Records)
  • Originally conceived and executed as a one-man project by Tom Pimlott on the banks of the Mersey River in Liverpool, England, VIOLENT REACTION recorded a demo in 2011, an 7" in 2012 and an LP for Painkiller Records in 2013. Soon after, Tom relocated to Leeds to assemble a full band with an end result that finds the lads playing straight-edge, hardcore with an obvious oi-punk influence. (Revelation Records) https://violentreaction.bandcamp.com/album/marching-on
  • Earmark Records press from an absolute thrash metal classic originally from 1987. Please note these copies do not have the sticker this press originally had. Few copies from an old warehouse. Voivod are a Canadian heavy metal band from Quebec that formed in 1982. They started out as a speed metal band, while adding a mix of progressive and thrash metal to create their own unique style. They were one of the first thrash bands from Canada to receive international acclaim. The band have releasedeleven studio albums and a number of EPs, live albums, demos and DVDs. The band is still touring and are set to release a new album in 2017. The bands' third full album perfectly reinforces their image of a post-apocalyptic wasteland set against a thrashing-punk-speed-metal soundscape. It was released on Noise Records in 1987. This definitive re-issue of VOIVOD's Killing Technology is a must-have item for any fan of this unique and ground-breaking Progressive Metal band. (Earmark Records)
  • Dr. Strange Records is releasing Voodoo Glow Skulls "The Potty Training Years" for the first time on vinyl. It has been remastered for maximum audio punch. Voodoo Glow Skulls' career spans over 30 years with countless US and world tours throughout the decades. (Dr. Strange Records)
  • The new full length album from the awesome punkers War On Women, battering beats, heavy riffs and plenty of classic punk/rock vibes. When they were starting out, Baltimore’s War On Women defined their sound as “Bikini Kill meets early Metallica.” That seems like an untenable combination — raw and impassioned and untrained feminist fire on one side, virtuosic power-fantasy speed-freakery on the other. It’s like a chef saying that her latest dish is ice cream meets chicken korma. It’s not that those two things are opposed. They’re both great, and it’s very easy to love both of them. It’s just hard to imagine them being great together. But on Capture The Flag, their second album, War On Women pull it off. And they make it sound immediate and instinctive, as if those two strains always made sense together. And even more than that, the combination sounds like something that the current cultural moment needs. (Bridge 9 Records) https://waronwomen.bandcamp.com/album/capture-the-flag
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    Four new songs! Stoned crust d-beat from Sweden. All copies with A3 poster and sticker. (Phobia Records)
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    Warcry is a Portland Oregon based D-beat band featuring Todd of Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone fame on vocals and Keith from Hellshock, The Estranged, Lebenden Toten and Black Water Records on drums. Savage Machinery is the band's fourth full-length LP, which was just released on the band's own imprint Warcry Records for the U.S. market. For the first time on Agipunk, Warcry's Savage Machinery features ten tracks of vicious and brutal sounding D-BEAT. Those who think of this band as Tragedy's faster, louder, and angrier little brothers (mostly since because they have the same vocalist), are completely wrong, as even with the similar vocal style Warcry sound pretty much nothing like Tragedy. As with all of their other records, the inspiration here is classic d-beat of the type that we generally associate with mid-to-late-80s Scandinavia... if you dig records like Anti-Cimex's "Criminal Trap" 12", Totalitär's "Sin Egan Motstandare", or Nuclear Death Terror's "S/T" LP you'll definitely be able to rage out to this one. Great riffs, totally bruising recording, and all of the top-notch quality you would expect from this camp. These ten songs are flawlessly executed and will definitely appeal to fans of this style of music. Highly recommended! Enjoy! (Agipunk Records)
  • WARHEAD come from the former capital of the Empire, Kyoto, and there's no doubt they're among the top classic hard core bands from the Land of the Rising Sun. Insane Society now releases the most important of their 1991-2004 work on one LP wrapped in a cover by well-known japcore artist Sugi - 22 songs from their out-of-print and hard-to-find 7", split and compillation releases, boasting remastered sound (as heard on a CD previously released by Blood Sucker Records). The first song, "Cry of the Truth", is a solid punch in the face right off and this maelstrom of the most frantic hardcorepunk won't let you go until the needle has come to the last groove of the record. Maniac vocals mixed with massive sung-along refrains, guitars in the red, roaring bass, rabid drumming and cymbals sounding like a whiplash - all this makes for an incredibly loud and energetic mix, supported by lyrics full of defiance and desire to never conform and to never give up! Phil Hell TRACK LISTING *1st 7'ep CRY OF THE TRUTH 1.Cry of the Truth 2.Suicide 3.Fight with No Fear 4.You in Corruption 5.You on Crime *2nd 7'ep THE LOST SELF AND BEATING HEART 6.Burn Your Heart and Go Through Darkness! 7.At Full Speed 8.Absorb Shocks! 9.Crazy Soul Hurricane 10.The Lost Self and Beating Heart 11.I'm Still Alive! *V.A. CD HARDCORE BALL 3 12.Slash One´s Way 13.(Who's A) Law Breaker 14.It´s Not A Dead End *V.A. LP ONE SHOT ONE KILL 15.Brain Washing by the Shocks 16.Slash One´s Way 17.Law Breaker 18.Circulation *3rd 7'ep DRIVE IT IN YOUR HEAD 19.Under the Moonlight 20.Face Crisis 21.Routine *SPLIT with ORdER 7'ep 22.Don´t Give´n to Any Pressure!! (Insane Society Records)