• Back in 1983 Tokyo’s NURSE released what probably is the first Japanese all female hardcore record on the cult label Incest Records (INC-002). A red 7” Flexi which showed 4 innocent looking girls on the cover but displayed an unheard amount of ferocious hard hitting hardcore punk on the 8 songs Flexi produced by Baki of EXECUTE/ GASTUNK. The Following year the almighty ADK Records added them to their roster releasing a 5 track EP (ADK-13E ) produced by label owner Tam of TYPHUS/ STALIN fame. The speed went down a notch but the rawness and aggression was still there. Sadly that record marked the end of NURSE’s recording career. Had they released an LP they’ll be heralded as highly as COMES which usually is the first band that comes to mind to most people when thinking of female fronted Japanese bands. After years of their recordings been deleted on vinyl, both singles becoming absolute staples on any Japanese punk want list and the band’s underground following growing, La Vida Es Un Mus decided to repress both 7”s on a heavy weight LP to make sure a new generation discover the excellence of one of the all time great under rated bands. (La Vida En Us Mus Records)
  • The predecessor to "Smash", "Ignition" has sold 625K to date. Here it is re-mastered, with every metallic power chord and sing-along chorus the way it sounded in the studio. Contains digital download card for entire album. (Epitaph Records)
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    The Outsiders were formed in Wimbledon, UK in 1976. Their 'Calling You' album was the first DIY LP released world-wide after the explosion of Buzzcocks first 7" but Outsiders's LP is the first DIY punk full length. Adrian Borland together with Bob Lawrence and Adrian James formed the band and recorded and released this first LP on the Raw Edge Label on May 1977. A brilliant combination of the first punk's steps mixed with some rock and also some hard-rock moments in the vein of The Stooges, Modern Lovers and Peter Perrett's Only Ones. (1972 Records)
  • The Plasmatics may not fit on everyone’s list of great forgotten bands, and you’d have a hard time finding anyone who calls 1980’s New Hope for the Wretched a forgotten classic. But, New Hope is a driving metal album of pure shocking filth. It sounds like Motorhead fronted by a female singer, and not just any female singer. It’s Wendy fuckin’ O. Williams. She is the queen of shock rock. Frankly, I’m not even a fan of shock rock, or generally 80’s rock at all, but the Plasmatics play it loud, reckless, and frenzied, allowing the punk in me to take hold of the sound. If you have any interest in 80’s punk or heavy metal, than New Hope for the Wretched needs to be in your collection. (Radiation Records)
  • Emanating from Boston, MA THE PROLETARIAT fused articulate Left Wing polemics with some of the most unique music to originate from the early 80s American Hardcore scene. Famously featuring on the iconic “This Is Boston Not LA” Comp, the band called it a day after only two albums and a handful of EP appearances - but have reformed after over a 30 year hiatus, and are about to drop their long awaited 3rd album ‘Move’ - and its a emphatic triumphant return! The Proletariat are considered one of the most influential punk bands of their era. Originally inspired by The Buzzcocks, The Jam, PiL, and Wire, The Proletariat tapped into the high energy hardcore punk swirling around them and infused it with art-punk excitement. When their groundbreaking debut LP Soma Holiday dropped in 1983, The Proletariat were being referred to as America's Gang of Four and a more supercharged Pop Group. They were all that and more. The intelligent anger of the band was a lifeline to many suburban rejects, young people who knew that life under Reagan wasn't right. Fast forward three decades, and things still aren't right - and THE PROLETARIAT are as essential as ever! “ Despite the passing of the decades The Proletariat have lost none of their anger or focus, it’s no coincidence that the punk scene is enjoying a renaissance right now as the political climate on both sides of the Atlantic is something that needs a coherent and intelligent soundtrack to voice opposition, with the release of Move that is exactly what The Proletariat have delivered.” – THE PUNK SITE (Boss Tuneage)
  • At last! Fred and Toody Cole (Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows) and drummer Louis Samora's ultimate pop masterpiece - In A Desperate Red. This is the last record by the Portland punk legends before moving on to a very brief country period and then Fred and Toody moving on to Dead Moon. In fact, two songs from the first Dead Moon LP hail from the same session as this LP. A true lost pop masterpiece, In A Desperate Red finds the band in an almost new wave/art punk/pop mode...just picture a more pop version of Dead Moon if you can. 6 years of work went into remixing and remastering this version - with Fred Cole twisting knobs and obsessing over it's every detail and then Greg Shadoan and Tim Stollenwerk finishing the job. One of Fred Cole's greatest records and impossible to find for many years - at last this LP is available as it was meant to be heard. Play it loud.... (Water Wing Records / Mississippi Records)
  • Danish indie rock duo The Raveonettes first met in Copenhagen in 2001, after which they quickly began recording their first EP Whip It On. Their first full album Chain Gang of Love followed in 2003, and it quickly gained recognition as lead single “That Great Love Sound” was featured on the soundtrack of FIFA 2004. Upon release, Pitchfork complimented the album for its high-quality production, tightly controlled melodies and called the album a glorious buzz. Mixing raw garage rock with catchy, sweet lyrics, Chain Gang of Love demonstrates The Raveonettes' knack for crafting compelling songs. Chain Gang of Love is available as a limited edition of 1500 individually numbered copies on translucent red vinyl. 180 gram audiophile vinyl Critically acclaimed 2003 debut album Featuring the singles “Remember”, “Heartbreak Stroll” and “That Great Love Sound” as featured on the OST of FIFA 2004 Limited edition of 1500 individually numbered copies on translucent red vinyl (Music on Vinyl)
  • The second full-length album of Danish Fifties/Psych Pop duo The Raveonettes was released in 2005. On Pretty In Black, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo abandoned the strict recording rules the band laid upon themselves on their preceding efforts. Instead, the group further expand on their signature sound of Fifties inspired Rockabilly Noise Pop with the eerie feel of a thriller movie soundtrack. Special appearances on this album are made by Maureen Tucker of Velvet Underground on drums, Martin Rev on drum machine and Ronnie Spector, also known as Veronica Bennett of the fabulous Ronettes on backup vocals. Non-numbered, black vinyl edition. Comes with 4-paged insert with lyrics and credits. 180 gram audiophile vinyl 4-page insert Hype-sticker Guest appearances by Maureen Tucker (Velvet Underground), Ronnie Spector (The Ronettes) and Martin Rev (Suicide) Limited 15th-anniversary edition of 1500 individually numbered copies on crystal clear (transparent) vinyl (Music on Vinyl/Columbia/2013)
  • The Replacements’ 1981 Twin/Tone Records debut, SORRY MA, FORGOT TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH, heralded the Minneapolis-based band’s competing tendencies toward indelible genius and reckless abandon. The ’Mats’ legendary founding line-up – lead singer/songwriter and guitarist Paul Westerberg, drummer Chris Mars, and brothers Bob and Tommy Stinson (lead guitar and bass respectively) – unleashed a thrilling, dynamic sound on the album with now-classic songs like “Takin’ A Ride,” “Shiftless When Idle,” and “Customer.” We're celebrating the 40th anniversary of SORRY MA, FORGOT TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH this fall with a 4CD/1LP set that offers a remarkable document of The Replacements’ formative years. Of the set’s 100 tracks, 67 have never been released before, including the first demos the band recorded in early 1980, as well as a professionally captured concert from January 1981. Along with a newly remastered version of the original album, it also uncovers many unreleased rough mixes, alternate takes, and demos from the band’s first 18 months together. The LP included in the set, titled Deliberate Noise, presents an alternate version of the original album using these previously unreleased tracks. SORRY MA, FORGOT TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH (DELUXE EDITION) is presented in a 12 x 12 hardcover book loaded with dozens of rarely seen photos. The set was produced by Twin/Tone Records co-founder Peter Jesperson, Rhino’s Jason Jones, and Replacements’ biographer Bob Mehr, who received a Grammy for Best Album Notes for his work on the band’s acclaimed 2019 boxed set Dead Man’s Pop. Mehr again penned the detailed liners that accompany this set, which features new interviews with The Replacements. Former Replacements manager Jesperson also provides a remembrance of the Sorry Ma era. The boxed set opens with a remastered version of the original album that’s been expanded with the non-album B-side, “If Only You Were Lonely.” From there, a second disc, titled Raised in the City, delves into the group’s very first recordings (“Try Me,” “She’s Firm,” “Lookin For Ya”), as well as studio demos for album tracks (including “Shutup” and “I Hate Music”), outtakes (“Shape Up,” and “Get On The Stick,” among them) and rare basement recordings (“Lie About Your Age,” “Johnny Fast”). A handful of these appeared on Rhino’s 2008 reissue of Sorry Ma, but more than a dozen included on the new set have never been released. Four outtakes on the collection’s third disc, Tape’s Rolling, debuted on the same 2008 reissue, but here they’re joined by more than two dozen unreleased recordings. Highlights include electrifying alternate versions of “Johnny’s Gonna Die” and “Love You Till Friday,” alternate mixes for “Rattlesnake” and “More Cigarettes,” plus Westerberg’s home demos of “You’re Pretty When You’re Rude” and “If Only You Were Lonely.” The Deluxe Edition ends on a high note with the earliest professional live recording of The Replacements. The previously unreleased concert, dubbed Unsuitable for Airplay, was captured by Twin/Tone’s mobile unit on January 23, 1981, at the 7th St Entry in Minneapolis, MN. A portion of the show was later broadcast on the local community radio station, KFAI. The concert took place as the band was in the midst of work on Sorry Ma. The show’s setlist is packed with evolving versions of songs that would appear on their debut album (“Hangin Downtown,” “Somethin to Dü,” “Rattlesnake”), along with other early numbers that were never released (“Mistake,” “Excuse Me”), plus choice covers of The Heartbreakers’ “I Wanna Be Loved,” Slade’s “My Town,” The Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night,” and Dave Edmunds’ “Trouble Boys,” among others. Available on October 22nd, all Rhino.com pre-orders come with an exclusive flyer reproduction from their show at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN, in 1981. (Rhino)
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    The Pleasure Is All Yours: The Pleased to Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates is a collection of material from The Replacements sessions for their critically acclaimed fifth studio album Pleased to Meet Me. Recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis over a three month period in 1987 - with legendary producer Jim Dickinson - Please To Meet Me was the only album recorded by the band as a trio, after original guitarist Bob Stinson acrimoniously left the band. This Record Store Day exclusive release features an entire LP of outtakes and alternates which have never been released on vinyl before. Tracks include outtakes of Birthday Gal, Beer for Breakfast, plus, alternate versions of Alex Chilton and Can't Hardly Wait amongst others. All audio has been remastered by Justin Perkins. Limited Edition pressing. Tracklist: Side A: 01 Birthday Gal 02 Learn How to Fail 03 Run for the Country 04 Can't Hardly Wait (Alternate Version) 05 All He Wants to Do Is Fish Side B: 01 Alex Chilton (Alternate Version) 02 I Can Help (Studio Outtake) 03 Lift Your Skirt 04 Till We're Nude 05 Beer for Breakfast 06 Trouble on the Way 07 I Don't Know (Out Take) (Rhino/Sire/2021)
  • BHC modern ape hardcore done right! Originally released as a 7" in 2010 on the back of their storming Raw Life 12" EP, this release gets a brand new deluxe look on a new format with remaster. The band have since gone on to release their Mob Justice LP on Revelation Records, so if you missed out the first time round, here's another chance to grab this anthem filled corker! There might be some extra goodies on there too... (Quality Records Records)
  • Drawn up by some of the most unsavory souls in the Boston, MA underground hardcore scene and reinforced by members who have done time in infamous area bands like Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Mental, XfilesX and many others, The Rival Mob have become the darlings of the current hardcore scene, inspiring shameless violence and playing high on the bill at the most important hardcore festivals in America: This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, Sound And Fury in California, and Chaos in Tejas in Austin, TX. In between serving time with their current other projects World War 4, Give, No Tolerance, and Boston Strangler, the band will be playing on both coasts highlighted once again by the big summer festivals as well as their first-ever trip across the Atlantic to Europe. The band's Revelation Records debut picks up right where their previous EP, "Hardcore For Hardcore," left off, with vocalist Brendan Radigan spewing venom at the ills that plague both the outside world and the scene itself, all delivered over fast, stage dive-inspiring hardcore that brings to mind the best of mid-to-late '80s New York hardcore bands like Youth Of Today, Warzone, and Breakdown. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Revelation Records)
  • Collection of two mid 80's Japanese hardcore/punk bands ... A.T. Det = tracks from their (1985) "Last Child Has No Power" 7". The Sexual tracks include the "Suicide" flexi (1984), "the Last Days" flexi (1985), v/a - 自殺オムニバス 8" (1985) tracks. mastered for vinyl in u$a for best sound, comes with a double sided insert. limited to 180 copies. Import from US. (More Records)
  • THE SONICS | boom | LP

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    We follow or recent reissue of “Here Are The Sonics!” with a 180g black vinyl replica of “Boom”, the band’s second album. Originally released in 1966 on Etiquette Records in wonderful mono, “Boom” still does much more than merely deliver on the promise of their debut. Few records have ever packed as much of a musical punch from start to finish, offering a representation of what the Sonics must have sounded like at the peak of their powers. Recorded in the most glorious no-fi you could ever wish for, and with anthemic originals such as ‘Cinderella’ and ‘He’s Waitin’’ vying for attention with what is possibly the most violent version of ‘Louie Louie’ there will ever be, “Boom” is an album that has always justified the esteem in which it is held by collectors around the globe. All the modern bumph like barcodes and whatnot is on a disposable sticker, leaving your copy of “Boom” as original as possible. (Big Beat Records)
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    THE SOUND | T-shirt

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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print.
    Ενδέχεται να υπάρχουν ελλείψεις σε κάποια από τα μεγέθη. Σε αυτή την περίπτωση θα σας ενημερώσουμε τηλεφωνικά ή με e-mail για τον χρόνο παράδοσής τους σε εμάς από τον προμηθευτή (συνήθως 3-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες). Κατόπιν παραγγελίας το σχέδιο είναι διαθέσιμο και σε μέγεθος XX-Large.
  • Legendary The Specials playing Trojan classics. Following the success of their 2000 release of fifteen new recordings titled “Skinhead Girl”, The Specials lastest LP, “Conquering Ruler“, is another post-era ska/reggae beat sensation that includes fifteen new renditions from some of yesteryear’s best. Now on vinyl for the first time ever. (Mad Butcher Records)
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    Legendary The Specials playing 15 Trojan classics. Originally released in 2000 now on vinyl for the first time. Great stuff. (Black Butcher Classics)
  • Years before the births of the Ramones, The Clash or the New York Dolls, a band of punk savages reared their ugly heads from the streets of Michigan. Fronted by a wild-eyed, bare-chested maniac named Jim Osterberg - now known to the world as Iggy Pop - they grew from bluesy roots to lead the charge into a new era of punk rock. Containing primary interviews with all the band members and Iggy himself, as well as other key characters, this biography provides a collection of exclusive and captivating eye-witness accounts of this most important of rock bands. The influence of The Stooges on the world of punk and rock 'n' roll is immeasurable. The band's three albums - The Stooges, Fun House and Raw Power - are bona fide classics. The fact that the band only existed for a few short years at the end of the '60s and start of the '70s makes their achievements all the more impressive. Of course, lead singer Iggy Pop went on to have huge success as a solo artist, working with the likes of David Bowie and Green Day, but here, for the first time, The Stooges story is told in-depth, through original interviews with the band members.Just after the turn of the new millennium, Iggy reformed The Stooges with all of the key members present, including brothers Ron and Scott 'Rock Action' Asheton. The Stooges have gone from strength to strength since the reunion, headlining festivals around the world. Their contribution to rock music history is without question and this book is an important document of those times and their lives. Format Paperback | 288 pages Dimensions 129 x 198 x 20mm | 198g Publication date 01 Oct 2016 Publisher John Blake Publishing Ltd Imprint Music Press Books Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom Language English
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    The debut album from 1969 was immense, but nothing could quite prepare you for the brutal masterpiece that is Funhouse. It is something that is neither pretty nor wholesome, and it succeeds almost entirely on the powerful chemistry at work. Iggy screams, shouts, yelps, and grunts over a barrage of simplistic music with simplistic lyrics and, at times, no music at all (La Blues). Other great tunes present here are Down on the Street, the excellent opener, 1970, a perfect proto-punk anthem, and the title track, simply one of the finest, rawest, most visceral songs ever recorded. This is one of the best albums of all time. if you have any blood in your veins, buy a copy and you won't be disappointed.


    A1 Down On The Street 3:42
    A2 Loose 3:33
    A3 T.V. Eye 4:17
    A4 Dirt 7:00
    B1 1970 5:15
    B2 Fun House 7:46
    B3 L.A. Blues 4:55
    C1 T.V. Eye (Takes 7 & 8) 6:01
    C2 Loose (Take 2) 3:42
    C3 Down On The Street (Take 8) 4:08
    C4 Dirt (Take 4) 7:08
    D1 Lost In The Future (Take 1) 5:49
    D2 1970 (Take 3) 7:27
    D3 Fun House (Take 2) 9:14
  • The Stooges is the debut studio album by American rock band the Stooges, released on August 5, 1969 by Elektra Records. Considered a landmark proto-punk release, the album peaked at number 106 on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. The tracks "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "1969" were released as singles; "1969" was featured on Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Greatest Guitar Songs" at number 35. (Elektra/2016)
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    Founded in 1968, as part of a deal with Island Records, Trojan's mission was to bring Jamaican music to the world. Over the subsequent half a century it has done just that, releasing many of the defining albums of ska, rocksteady, dub, and reggae from artists including The Upsetters, Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, The Maytals, Dennis Brown, John Holt, Lee "Scratch" Perry, and Bob Marley and the Wailers, as well as the hugely popular Tighten Up! compilations. The Story of Trojan Records is the definitive history of the label and a landmark publication for reggae enthusiasts. 2018 is the 50th anniversary of Trojan. It is made up of 12 chapters, 26 artist bios, 20 producer bios, extensive monologues from interviews, and thousands of images, many of which have not been previously published but never been collectively published. Format Hardback | 300 pages Dimensions 254 x 259.08 x 30.48mm | 1,632.93g Publication date 01 Nov 2018 Publisher Eye Books Publication City/Country Much Wenlock, United Kingdom Language English
  • Canada’s original punks, SUBHUMANS, shine on this collection of 1979-1981 tunes, lovingly remastered from the super rare original vinyl and reel-to-reels! IT Includes their first 7″ Death to the Sickoid, the Firing Squad 7″, the self-titled 12″; and 2 lost songs all especially remastered for this reissue from the original tapes. Another classic added to our re-issues of Necessity series! SUBHUMANS and DOA were the two pillars of the Vancouver, BC, Canada punk scene who caught JELLO BIAFRA‘s attention and were spotlighted in the landmark Alternative Tentacles compilation Let Them Eat Jellybeans. SUBHUMANS, first active between 1978 and 1982, were the more elusive of the two, with many out-of-print releases fetching bank on eBay and making it difficult for present-day fans to connect the dots. Tracks 1 & 2 recorded 1978, Ocean Sound, North Vancouver, BC. Engineered by Dick Drake. Produced by Frank Crass and The Subhumans. Originally released as 7" single Death To The Sickoids, in an edition of 500 copies (no label, 1978). Tracks 3 - 6 recorded 1979, Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, BC. Engineered by Bob Rock. Produced by Bob Rock and The Subhumans. Originally released as 12" EP The Subhumans (Quintessence Records, 1979). Tracks 7 & 8 recorded 1980, Blue Wave Studios, Vancouver, BC. Engineered and produced by Tom Lavin. Originally released as 7" single Firing Squad (Quintessence Records, 1980). Tracks 9 & 10 recorded 1981, Barker's Basement Studio, Burnaby, BC. Engineered by Billy Barker. Produced by Billy Barker and The Subhumans. Re-Mixed 2008 at the Hive Studios, Burnaby, BC, by Jesse Gander. These versions previously unreleased. Transferred from original master tapes by Chris Cutress, Sabre Sound, Burnaby, BC. Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver, BC. (Alternative Tentacles Records)
  • In Canada’s glorious punk history, few embodied the greatness of the 1978-82 era like THE SUBHUMANS (not to be confused with the UK SUBHUMANS). This titan of Vancouver punk engaged with the burgeoning worldwide movement and shared stages with BLACK FLAG, DEAD KENNEDYS, and BAD BRAINS. They lived by their ideology, with one member’s eventual involvement in an urban guerilla group, DIRECT ACTION, leading to a lengthy jail term. DIRECT ACTION was active in the 1980s targeting facilities that posed serious threats to the environment and companies that directly contributed to the nuclear arms race, among others. New Dark Age Parade, unleashes 14 new songs, the first written by original members Mike Graham, Brian Goble and Gerry Hannah since 1982! Joined by drummer Jon Card (SNFU/DOA), the new songs are every bit as dynamic, powerful, and poignant as the band’s beloved early material. They rock out with seething intelligence and soulfulness. The sound is both classic and unique; JELLO BIAFRA says You can tell who it is right away and these guys have been around too long to bother imitating anyone else! Rather than rehashing the past, THE SUBHUMANS forge ahead with compelling vitality. This is a new record by a veteran band that doesn’t suck- it’s fantastic and one of the best records released this year! (Alternative Tentacles Records)
  • At a time when underground music has become remarkably self absorbed and apathetic, this Boston band has an angry personal and political message that attacks everything in its path and leaves nothing but the smoldering ashes of George W. Bush's Walmart America. It's rock, it's punk, it's hardcore. It is The Suicide File. 2015 Black Friday Record Store Day Exclusive/Grey Marble. (Indecision Records)
  • "Varukers and Discharge main-men go head to head!!". Pounding, metallic Dis-charged Hardcore delivered by two timeless giants that wrote the history of British Punk: TEZZ (Discharge, Broken Bones, Battalion Of Saints and more) & RAT (Varukers, Discharge, The Vile and more)!! And of course you get the best elements from the 40+ years experience of these two iconic characters: taking the Punk Rock blue print ingrained in their souls and adding a touch of the thrashing vibe that has always distinguished Tezz's song-writing and the perfect Metal/Punk crossovering of Broken Bones, the 4 brand new studio anthems included here are ready to hit your teeth like a pickaxe! One sided LP (180 grams) with silk screened art on B-side. Includes insert. Solid black vinyl limited. (F.O.A.D. Records)