• Black Vinyl! Split release with japanese label Break The Records! Officical re-release of the devastating debut EP from now-veteran Kyoto thrashers Warhead! Amazing Japanese hardcore from 1991. An absolutely jaw-dropping slab of intense, ravening thrash, blasting through five songs in less than eight minutes with an absurd amount of energy and power. I think this is one of the best Japanese hardcore EPs out there... a classic! Originally self-released by the band and then later reissued by Devour (Japan) and Amok Records (Germany). Highest recommendations! (Farewell Records/Break The Records)
  • Licensed from Bloodsucker Records! After the super limited Tour Edition, now the official Euro version of Warhead's "Change The Reality/ Release Yourself" EP. Will be available as a one-time pressing of 500 copies! Comes in the regular Cover PLUS great inlay by the Japanese artist SUGI!! We have 5 different vinyl colors and the color of the Sugi artwork matches the particular vinyl color. Founded in Kyoto, Japan at the beginning of the '90s, Warhead stands as one of the most respected and active bands in the highly prolific Japanese Hardcore/Punk infernal pit, their debut EP "Cry of Truth" and many other releases that followed are total classics in the genre, pure adrenalinic energy ripping through the anger-filled screaming vocals of their charismatic frontman Jun, neck-breaking velocity and high class riffs. Two new tracks of all out Japanese hardcore with the most out of control vocalist in the game. First recordings with Satoru of Organism on bass! (Farewell Records) https://punkdistro.bandcamp.com/album/warhead-change-the-reality-ep-2019
  • 1983: Granducato Hardcore at the wildest stage!! One of the most extreme units from the area that spawned bands like C.C.M., PUTRID FEVER, AUF'SCHLAG, STATO DI POLIZIA, TRAUMATIC and many more. Complete discography including their only Demotape and Live in Pisa 1983, 13 songs of bloody violent Italian Ultra-core aggression! Fanzine styled booklet (12 pages) with an interview taken from TVOR Chaoszine + never seen before photos, flyers and more... A2 poster with their sick "impaled cop" artwork. FOAD brings to light another classic Italian Hardcore rager from the legendary "furious years"! (FOAD Records)
  • Waking into Nightmares is the second album by the American thrash metal band Warbringer, released on May 19, 2009. (Century Media)
  • The new full length album from the awesome punkers War On Women, battering beats, heavy riffs and plenty of classic punk/rock vibes. When they were starting out, Baltimore’s War On Women defined their sound as “Bikini Kill meets early Metallica.” That seems like an untenable combination — raw and impassioned and untrained feminist fire on one side, virtuosic power-fantasy speed-freakery on the other. It’s like a chef saying that her latest dish is ice cream meets chicken korma. It’s not that those two things are opposed. They’re both great, and it’s very easy to love both of them. It’s just hard to imagine them being great together. But on Capture The Flag, their second album, War On Women pull it off. And they make it sound immediate and instinctive, as if those two strains always made sense together. And even more than that, the combination sounds like something that the current cultural moment needs. (Bridge 9 Records) https://waronwomen.bandcamp.com/album/capture-the-flag
  • Wall Breaker returns this fall with a 12“ release on Refuse Records. "Democracy Dies" picks up where 2017's Demo left off - fast, no bullshit hardcore punk with some mosh crunch thrown in for good measure. Here's twelve pissed-off tracks recalling east coast bands from Agnostic Front to SSD to Life's Blood, as well as a healthy nod to the speed and urgency of early 00s thrashcore. The lyrics delve into current issues plaguing the western world from racism to xenophobia to violence and war, as well as depression, mental health and self-loathing. (Refuse Records) https://refuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/democracy-dies-12
  • VS. were one of the first all female punk band in California, formed in early 1978 by bassist Olga De Volga who was in the early lineup of the OFFs, the band also featured Jane Weems from the Maggots on drums. VS. were one of the three bands who played the very first 'Off Broadway' show with the Avengers and The Dils. This limited edition 12" EP features their 1980 7" and their 1978 demo on one side and an etched B-side. (Puke n Vomit Records)  
  • VOIVOD | katorz | CD

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    Katorz is the 11th Voivod studio album and 14th overall release. It was conceived in a period of inspiration. The touring that followed 2003's self-titled Voivod album (including a successful Ozzfest stint) kicked the band's momentum up another notch. With the lineup firmly settled Denis Piggy D'Amour, Michel Away Langevin, Denis Snake Belanger and Jason Jasonic Newsted they began writing of one mind and prepared to take their sound to the next level. A wealth of material was conceived, too much for one album, but they eventually settled on 10 songs that would stand as their 11th album. The fine-tuning began. But early in the process, tragedy struck. Guitarist and main riff-constructor Piggy was struck down with colon cancer. Throughout the middle of 2005, the music took a back seat while band members and friends hoped and waited for him to beat the disease. By late August of that year, Piggy succumbed to the illness and passed away. The metal world mourned with Piggy's band members and family. In the ultimate tribute to his memory, the rest of Voivod finished the recordings using a wealth of demos the guitarist left behind. In his final days he gave longtime cohort Away directions where to find his demos, expressing his wishes that the band finish the album in his absence. Voivod would carry on in Piggy's memory, recording with producer Glen Robinson(a name Voivod fans will recognize from the Nothingface era) and emerging triumphant with Katorz. It is a fitting tribute to Piggy's talent and a respectful epitaph of the man's vision. During the recording, Voivod hinted that more experimentation would go into Katorz than the previous album. While this is clear, the band didn't experiment for its own sake and there are no overzealous attempts to recapture the vibe of any previous album. They have always pushed defiantly forward, and Katorz adds new aspects and colors to their diverse discography. Odd sounds, strange rhythms, cosmic segues and unsettling atmospheres exist in the margins, while direct attacks comprise the bulk of the album. Diminished, crippled chords fly from Piggy's fingers. His strange 6-string shapes prove he's the only man to ever find the X-sharp and Z-flat chords on a guitar. Drums roll and tumble like a churning machine as Away makes perfect sense of Piggy's unique configurations. Snake sneers and spits in his inimitable style as Jason's rumbling bass lines boast fat, crunchy tones that pierce their own melodies through the din. If defiant opener The Getaway and catchy mother The X-Stream are direct stabs of Voivod at their most punk, then the paranoid Mr. Clean, the heavy shifting slabs of Dognation and left-of-center Polaroids reveal the more difficult, mysterious aspects of their sound. And if people interpret hints of new-wave underlying the weird Silly Clones , it wouldn't be the first time Voivod confused or confounded. Sounds are heavy but punchy, raw and frazzled but typically focused and always mesmerizing. Voivod and The End Records are proud to present Katorz: a triumph in the face of tragedy. We all think Piggy would be proud. (Nuclear Blast Records)        
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    While organizing the Dischord archive, they came across the 4-track of VOID's 1st recording session. This was done at Hit And Run Studios in 1981 and never officially released. The master tape was nowhere to be found so the tape was remixed by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear in 2011. This release features that entire session plus their 1st Inner Ear demo including the "flex your head" cuts and song that ended up on the "condensed flesh" 7", 2 outtakes from their 2nd Inner Ear session and a couple of live recordings. Vinyl includes a digital download card. (Dischord Records) https://voidofficial.bandcamp.com/album/sessions-1981-83    
  • Fast. Furious. Punk. 28 minutes. J Mascis. Bubba Dupree. Marald. Long-running Amsterdam hardcore punk outfit VITAMIN X has issued the first single from their upcoming sixth LP, Age Of Paranoia, the band?s first release for Southern Lord. The album-opening ?Modern Man? has been unleashed through a premiere at No Echo alongside a brief interrogation of the band.
    The newest chapter in the VITAMIN X lineage, Age Of Paranoia, was recorded by Igor Wouters at ARC Studios in Amsterdam. Packing sixteen volatile tracks into a white-knuckled twenty-eight minutes, Age Of Paranoia surges with rapid-fire punk angst packed with ripping rock leads and raised-fist gang-chant anthems. The album includes several special guest guitar solos by J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr., Witch) and Bubba Dupree (Void, Soundgarden, Dave Grohl?s Probot, Brant Bjork), and is completed with cover artwork by Marald (Baroness, Kylesa, High On Fire).
    No Echo is streaming the lead track to Age Of Paranoia, ?Modern Man,? of which the band states, ?The lyrics are the starting point of a bigger theme; the age we?re living in, is an age of confusion and paranoia? More than ever, we?re controlled and affected by media, technology, mobile devices, Internet, social networks, governments, politics, climate change, pollution, fake news, etc. ?Modern Man? is a sarcastic song in which we wonder if our so-called ?progress? isn?t actually ?regress.' (Southern Lord Records)
  • Originally conceived and executed as a one-man project by Tom Pimlott on the banks of the Mersey River in Liverpool, England, VIOLENT REACTION recorded a demo in 2011, an 7" in 2012 and an LP for Painkiller Records in 2013. Soon after, Tom relocated to Leeds to assemble a full band with an end result that finds the lads playing straight-edge, hardcore with an obvious oi-punk influence. (Revelation Records) https://violentreaction.bandcamp.com/album/marching-on
  • VICTIMS | T-shirt

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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks we screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print.
  • VICTIMS | sirens | LP

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    Tankcrimes will proudly deliver the brand new LP from long-running Stockholm hardcore crust warriors, VICTIMS, with the April release of the band’s sixth album, Sirens. In a coordinated attack with the LP’s impending release, the band will return to North America preceding the street date of Sirens, with a string of West Coast dates beginning in late March. Surging with a dozen boiling new anthems, VICTIMS delivers their first full-length since 2011’s acclaimed A Dissident LP, the band continuing to bridge slightly new flourishes into their exceptionally tried-and-trusted attack. With equal parts morose and triumphant d-beat fury, Sirens was recorded at Studio Gutterview by Fred Estby (Dismember, At The Gates, Refused) and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Iron Reagan, Nails, Integrity), and features the expected white-knuckled surges of angst as well as some more expansive elements throughout the album, all enshrouded in a barbed-wire vocal delivery, packed with unstoppable gang-chants and inescapable hooks. (Tankcrimes Records)
  • VICE SQUAD | T-shirt

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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print.
  • This was about time to be available again! Anthology of this great French '80s punk band! This band has been underrated for years, but not forgotten! On this compilation, all LPs, 12-inches and 7-inches are collected, plus cool live recordings and demos! You get 55 songs in total, some of which never released to this date! (Maloka Records)
  • In 1985, VERBAL ABUSE recorded this seminal album after moving from Texas to San Francisco a few years prior much like their peers in D.R.I., living on a diet supplied by soup kitchens and whatever else they could get their hands on, epitomizing the term hardcore. "just an american band" is hardcore at its most raw and primal, a testament to a time when to be hardcore, you had to live hardcore. The band were a soundtrack to a scene still in it’s infancy, a scene that rallied and stood firm against the outside world. Also contains large booklet with lyrics, photos, and commentary from the band. (Beer City Records)
  • Ten years after "Oi! l'album" LP, the new and very active French oi! scene is represented on this second volume of the compilation. 14 French and French speaking bands. 14 unreleased songs, recorded especially for the occasion. With Bromure, Ultra Razzia, The Gift, Bogan, Cran, Coupe Gorge, Années Zéro, Kronstadt, Talion, Tchernobyl, Squelette, Sous­Escorte, Grabuge, Atlantes. Inner sleeve. (Une vie pour rien Vinyles) https://uneviepourrienvinyles.bandcamp.com/album/oi-lalbum-volume-ii-lp
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    Here it is at last. A legit re press of this Finnish hardcore classic from 1984. This is repressed under license by Power It Up records of Germany with North American distribution by Havoc. I know that comps get a bad rap these days as random assemblies of bands "throwaway tracks". You have to put yourself back in time to the good old days of 1984 when hardcore was still a new, raw and urgent form of music. At that time comps made a lot of sense to document the explosive new scene and most bands chose their BEST songs to put on a comp rather than their worst. Yalta Hi Life was originally released by Finland's Barrabas records in 1984. Featured are three to eight tracks each by Terveet Kadet, Varaus, Aparat, Kaaos, Aivoproteesi and KTMK. I'm particularly fond of this style of comp because you get about a 7" worth of material from each of the six bands. The TK and Kaaos songs are raging, and most people will probably buy this because those bands are pretty well known. KTMK is at their most hardcore/punk sounding on this release. Varaus can't be touched on any format. Aparat is not so well known, but still tear it up. And Aivoproteesi are really good and pretty unknown outside Finland as I think this material is their only release. A really solid comp start to finish if you are a die hard or just getting into 80's Finnish hardcore. (Power It Up Records)
  • Originally available only on cassette in 1988 as the second release from one of the most active hardcore punk labels in Poland, QQRYQ. This release was unique. It was the only international compilation to document the punk scene from the Warsaw Pact bloc in the 1980's. There were substantial difficulties getting music and publications from neighboring countries, and more so from western Europe than from the east of Europe due to harsh border control, censorship, and repression. For that reason, this compilation is an important and unique document from the era. Recordings and zines were often smuggled across borders, and the risk for doing so was real, as evidenced by the complete confiscation of the "Inside" zine and the arrest of Micha from Namenlos at the Polish/East German border. Establishing contact between Piotr Pietia Wierzbicki of QQRYQ and Herne Pietzker, who was a main influencer in the east Berlin scene, resulted in an exchange of information, reports with the GDR being published in the “QQRYQ” fanzine, and a stronger connection between people in east Berlin and Warsaw. In addition, Polish bands began to get invited to perform in Germany and vice versa. The legacy of this cooperation, one which started over thirty years ago, is still used by new generations of punk bands. A similar situation occurred with the Hungarian scene, where the band Trottel was a frequent guest at shows in Poland. The compilation "We are the flowers in the red zone" contains recordings of bands from East Germany, Hungary and Poland and is marked as a “vol.1”. The second part of the sampler was supposed to contain recordings from other countries of the Eastern Bloc, but this never happened. The bands included in this first compilation are ANDREA’S AUSLAUF, WARTBURGS FÜR WALTER and the combined forces of NAMENLOS and KEIN TALENT from East Germany (recorded live on their illegal tour in Poland 1987, organised by QQRYQ). The Hungarian scene was represented by DIE TROTTEL and BIZTONSAGI TANACS, while Poland offered recordings of the bands DEZERTER, TRYBUNA BRUDU, and A.P.S.F. (i.e. ANTI-POLISH SCIENCE FICTION). The vinyl reissue of the compilation contains the full version of the recordings (some of the tapes were cut off), and two booklets: the first with liner notes from Pietia and an interview with him from the book "Warschauer Punk Pact" by Alexander Pehlemann, tour stories about Polish shows from the German bands Namenlos and Wartburgs Für Walter, and reprints of East German reports from “QQRYQ” zine along with archival photos. Booklet # 2 is a faithful reproduction of the "Inside" # 1 zine from East Berlin, which was printed in Warsaw and smuggled across borders, where the entire edition was confiscated by the police and many years later exactly one and only one copy was found in the files of the Stasi. On the occasion of the anniversary of the fall of the Eastern Bloc, this is a great opportunity to recall how the cooperation inside the "Happy Eastern Bloc" looked like as we present raw punk recordings created behind the Iron Curtain from this important period. This is coming out as a co-release / cooperation between Warsaw Pact Records (Poland), Edition Iron Curtain Radio (a division of Major Label), Zonic (Germany) and Trottel Records (Hungary). https://warsawpact.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-the-flowers-in-the-red-zone-lp
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    The aim of the Punk elää 7″ box series is to offer people the chance to digest these often impossibly rare and expensive records in their original 7 inch format. Each box comes with an insert with text from Fenno-punk historian Juho Hänninen. The second box set, Systeemissäkö vika?!? (Something Wrong With The System?!?) offers three replicas of privately pressed Finnish punk seven inches from 1980. The most famous title here is the debut seven inch by RATTUS, Khomeini-Rock. Known for their classic hardcore records such as WC räjähtää (1982), the band’s first single was a self-financed affair of 200 copies only. This new facsimile edition presents a rare chance to hear how the band’s early steps in search of their style sounded like. Lapsuuden Loppu (Childhood’s End) existed for a brief period first in 1979 and then with another lineup in 1980. This latter version of the band, who hailed from northern Finland, close to the Swedish border, wanted to steer clear of new wave which was rearing its head and becoming fashionable, and stuck to hard-hitting old school punk. They managed to self-release a self-titled seven inch before splitting up, original copies now almost impossibly rare to find. Systeemi, whose debut single also gave this set its title, differs from many of their contemporary diy punk rock groups in that they made a second 7 inch too, although not until 1983. This 1980 debut, Systeemissäkö vika?!? was the fruit of youngsters that met each other at a vocational school in Jyväskylä, central Finland, in the late seventies. They named the band Systeemi in 1979 and entered the studio on the spring of 1980. The self-released record, as with all titles in this set, has become a holy Grail for punk rock collectors due to its obscurity and extremely low pressing run. (Svart Records)
  • Black vinyl, with 44 page booklet. Two LPs of Finnish rarities from the era right after punk rock had surged over the land at the turn of the 1980’s. The 22 fervent artist and bands on this record were riding on top of the new wave. Among the 27 tracks a variety of the most imaginative sounds can be heard. The music varies from naive pop to deformed rock and from mod revival to synthesizer bliss to distorted noise. Most of the music originates from c-cassettes that previously have been – if circulated at all – duplicated only in tiny quantities to be distributed among the creators’ circle of friends. The recordings have been professionally restored and remastered for a sonic adventure in a previously unexplored realm in the history of Finnish popular music. The entity is supplemented by a 44 page booklet that reveals the background of the 22 artists and bands. From the international and domestic cultural turbulence the new wave musicians picked up an encouraging message that seemed not only to say that “You can do it” but also to “Trust even your most outrageous visions”. One can only wonder whether their chosen form of art was also a battle cry against the grayness of Finlandization, restrictions on production of popular music and overall backwardness and narrowmindedness. Whatever the truth, the artists on this compilation rarely dared to dream of a recording contract. Even those who did sign one opted to ignore the star cult and cherished the creation of their own music on their own terms. The end result documented here is unparalleled music, which at times follows traditional song structures – and at other times has no point of reference at all. (Svart Records)
  • Raw Records was one of the UK's first ever independent labels, having been formed in 1977 by Lee Wood. This was the second compilation they issued in early 1978 following up the ‘Raw Deal!’ album (Damgood 209). This reissue includes 4 bonus tracks including the ultra rare ‘Into the 80’s’ by The Now. 16 of the label's best tracks feature here alongside a comprehensive discography of one of the most important but vastly underrated indie labels of our time. Bands such as The Users, Killjoys, Lockjaw and The Unwanted later provided members for the likes of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, UK Subs and Dexy's Midnight Runners whilst the scarcity of Raw's releases made them highly prized collectors' items. Two Soft Boys tracks from one of the rarest Raw singles fetaure here, unavailable elsewhere. Essential listening for any an Killeded by Death/Bloodstains Across.


    A1 The Unwanted Withdrawal / 1984
    A2 The Users Sick Of You
    A3 The Killjoys Johnny Wont Get To Heaven
    A4 Some Chicken New Religion
    A5 The Gorillas It's My Life
    A6 The Soft Boys Wading Through A Ventilator
    A7 Lockjaw Journalist Jive
    A8 Acme Sewage Co. I Wish You Dead
    B1 The Killjoys Naive
    B2 The Hammersmith Gorillas* You Really Got Me
    B3 Downliners Sect Showbiz
    B4 Some Chicken Arabian Daze
    B5 Lockjaw The Young Ones
    B6 The Soft Boys Hear My Brane
    B7 The Unwanted I'm Not Me
    B8 The Now (4) Into The 80's
    (Damaged Goods Records)
  • 40th Anniversary Edition, 180g vinyl, Gatefold 2LP. First released in 1972 on Elektra Records, the compilation is among the only ‘various artists' titles to consistently wind up on published lists of ‘all-time top albums'. Nuggets spawned more than 200 like-minded collections under such titles as Pebbles and Back From The Grave, and is a consistent compilation favourite and has carved out a genre of its own.
    While it's not the extended, long-form work of a single artist whose muse simply cannot be contained by a mere two sides of vinyl (the ostensible purpose of this column), the first NUGGETS compilation deserves applause and appreciation for what it did, because what it did was pretty special. Compiled by Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group guitarist and rock writer extraordinaire) and released in 1972, NUGGETS turned on listeners to the work of artists whose muses fit perfectly into that most rock 'n' roll of formats—the three (or so)-minute single. Though most of the collection's 27 tracks fall under the rough rubric of garage rock, there are many influences in play here, and many hits (both actual and would-be) that would have influence on artists for generations to come. There aren't many true pop hits on NUGGETS. Count Five's immortal "Psychotic Reaction" is the biggest of them all, having topped out at Number Five in 1966. The Electric Prunes' "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)" and The Standells' "Dirty Water" both grazed the Top Ten, and there were a few other Top 40 tracks in the mix, but the real gems are the ones you'd probably never heard before hearing them on NUGGETS. Take The Nazz's "Open My Eyes." That's Todd Rundgren singing on that very Who-ish track "Open My Eyes," but even though it hit Number 112 on the national singles chart in 1968, you probably had never heard it unless you were listening to WMMR-FM in Philly, which played it a lot. Likewise, you might have been familiar with Van Morrison and Them's 1965 rendition of the blues "Baby, Please Don't Go," but folks outside Detroit likely had not been introduced to The Amboy Dukes' 1967 take on it (nor had they been introduced to the Duke's wild-man guitarist, Ted Nugent). If you'd stumbled across "A Public Execution" in 1965, you might've thought it was something off the last Bob Dylan record, but it was just Mouse (or Mouse and the Traps, as they're usually referred to) doing a great version of electric Dylan, mostly for audiences in Tyler, Texas. There are so many other great tracks—by the likes of The Seeds, The Shadows of Knight, the Knickerbockers and more—it's best to grab a copy (on Rhino vinyl, preferably) experience it for yourself, and thank Lenny Kaye, if you ever run into him. His archival instincts and flat-out love of rock 'n' roll helped NUGGETS influence a generation or three of rock bands over the last four-plus decades. These songs are still a wonder to hear. Drop the needle and turn them up. (Rhino Records)
  • Yes it's true, We have done work on official re-issue of Novi punk val comp LP. It's one of the most important punk rock record from the 80's. There is many rare and never published photos of the bands and few words of Igor Vidmar who was the one who made it all to the original Novi punk val comp in 1981. Don't buy original for xxxx $ or Euros , here is better sounding record with all bands rare photos + all other things appearing in big both side printed poster 50x70 cm!!! Limited to 300 only. (Rest In Punk Records)
  • NE! Records in cooperation with ŠKUC Ropot has finally made it possible. After many months of delays, you can get the two best compilation album with ex-Yu punk from the period of 1978-82. On "Novi punk val" you will find the bands that created punk in ex-Yu, and on the LP "Lepo je .." punk band from Slovenia who came after the first punk wave. These two compilations are made as a double album with an original design adapted to gate-fold sleeve. In addition to the audio content as usual there is much else to see and read included in the release: this release is enriched by 68 pages, divided into 3 very exclusive and extensive booklets. In the largest 48-page booklet "Tovar'ši jest vam ne verjamem '78 -'82" (''Comrades, I do not believe you '78 -'82''), you can find interviews, lyrics, lots of pictures, and much much more …. Two smaller booklet that complements the rest of the material and together they form the complete picture of those years. Along with this release you also get a copy of the LTD 4-songs EP ''Novo vrijeme'' ("New time") by the band Buldožer made in 300 copies. The EP is included to give some musical and cultural backround to the ex-Yu punk scene, as Buldožer where not a ''traditional'' punk band but served as an important source of inspirations to punk bands of the time. You can find everything here: the beginning and the end of a short and wonderful musical period! 380 copies made (270 black and 110 red ) but only 250 available, so hurry up to get a copy! All tracks are remastered. (NE! Records)