• (Shipping: September) After 2 albums and an EP on Southern Lord and Svart Records, Finland’s Kohti Tuhoa are ready to unleash their brand new 12-track LP on LVEUM. The new album Ihmisen Kasvot presents killer songwriting with influences ranging from powerful Killing Joke -like tom-tom beats to fast-paced hardcore punk á la Impalers, with several nods to classic Finnish Hardcore Punk bands such as Varaus. The 12 tracks paint a picture of an overpopulated dystopian world that’s being slowly destroyed by self-centered human behavior, delivered with Helena’s piercing yet versatile vocal work. Recorded at VR Studio in Turku, Finland and mastered by Jack Control (Enormous Door) Ihmisen Kasvot comes with a sleeve painted by Kohti Tuhoa’s trusted cover artist Jaakko Karjula. Includes digital pre-order of Ihmisen Kasvot LP. You get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released. https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/ihmisen-kasvot-lp
  • OBSESSIO | same title | LP

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    OBSESSIÓ’s debut is a blast of crude hardcore. Formed during the extremely dark times of August of 2018 and based between Athens and Barcelona the band first statement is an 8 track 12” at 45 rpm which knocks you down with the first chord. Kindly indebted to the living legacy of TOTALITÄR, CRUDITY and other Nordic Beat greats while keeping an unmistakably modern swagger. Breakneck pace and musical manufacture care of three Greeks who have set the stage for Angela’s no doubt bleak summary of the world, whose distinctively intimidating and minimal powerhouse voice crashes across OBSESSIÓ’s music. No songs over 2 minutes, no frills or tricks, no contemplative pondering on delicate matters, and most of all no fucking melody. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Ignite Music Studios in Athens. Sleeve designed by the greatest Teodoro Hernández who effortlessly captures the bleakness and rage contained in this PUNK 45 RPM 12”. Includes digital pre-order of Obsessió MLP. You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released. https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/obsessi-mlp
  • BELGRADO | obraz | LP

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    Obraz is a deconstruction of reality to its basic forms and most primitive elements. The starting point after maximum destruction. A reconstruction towards a new reality. The world of images and a thousand spectacles, fragmented, dismantled and reassembled. Dynamism, rhythm, energy and movement. Creative sense over technique. Reality is a construction that we ourselves create. Belgrado delivers a blend of post-punk that takes its influence from many different styles and combines them together into a new form and rhythm. Carefully constructed sound compositions driven by feelingand the senses. Geometrical figures set in motion. Inspired by the mechanical pulse of minimal synth, the hypnotic sounds of dub, the atmosphere of psychedelic and African music, French cold wave and the post-punk classics. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
  • Highly anticipated second LP from NY's HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS! "The album builds on the garage punk groundwork of 2012’s debut LP, Go Home!, but features a better recording courtesy of Boston’s Side Two. The cleaner organ tone juxtaposed with the gruff vocals and plodding drums create something hypnotic, dynamic, and immediately enjoyable. While much of the grime of earlier releases is lost, the Hank Wood songs stand out more than ever before and show them at their best and most mature (no chicken were harmed in the making of this album cover!). Stay Home! stands out from its predecessor with its improved hooks, catchy-as-hell riffs, and percussive embellishments. Much like Crazy Spirit’s Demo 2014, the music works within the band’s existing framework but shows a strong progression from earlier material and an example of why both bands remain at the forefront of NYC’s incredibly productive punk scene." - http://www.bostonhassle.com (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
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    CRISIS | kollectiv | 2xLP

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    For the first time ever, the three Crisis singles are officially re-released on Vinyl along with demos from 77 and 78 and a simply stunning sounding live set from Norway in 1979.  The debut 7" from 1978 on Action Group Records, 'No Town Hall'  features three stonewall punk classics. The next two singles 'UK79' and 'Alienation' make up the four tracks recorded for a John Peel Session in 1978. The lyrics are a product of the time against a backdrop of street fights with the National Front, violence at gigs, institutional racism within the police force, class division, industrial strife, sexual repression… Upon reflection not much has really changed in the last 35 years! Also included are demo tracks from 1977 and 1978 which are raw and basic punk just as you would expect. They have never been officially released on vinyl before. Sides Three and Four features a live set recorded when Crisis played Norway in 1979 which features all of the material that later turned up on ‘Hymns Of Faith’. The sound quality of the recording is so good it would pass as a studio recording.
    The record comes housed in a tip on heavyweight sleeve with detailed liner notes, reviews, interviews, and a few unseen group photos. The sleeve picture taken in Kiev in 2012 couldn't be more relevant, capturing the Zeitgeist - which was part of what Punk was all about in the first place.
    (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)

  • RIXE | collection | LP

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    Collection neatly compiles RIXE's first 3 Eps on one album. All 12 cuts have been remastered for maximum volume. Rixe appeared from nowhere and went from strength to strength over the two years since the Debut EP Coup Et Blessures was released in February 2015. The EP was their calling card and harked back to the glory years of Bologna's finest Nabat mixed with the classic 80's French Oi! sound. It was instant and loved by all and went on to have six pressings. A year later came Les Nerf A Vif - another four tracker with extra bite and bile. Every track was perfectly recorded and produced. Lean with snarl and each track a nugget of anthemic Oi!. On third EP Bapteme Du Feu there was no let up in quality...  more. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
  • HALSHUG | sort sin | LP

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    2nd album from raw d-beat punk destroyers. “Sort Sind” (Black Mind) is for fiends of: Discharge, Skitsystem. Pure Mayhem! “Sort Sind” and the songs are reflections on fragments of the human experience expressed in the form of hardcore punk. The music is pure hardcore punk, no intended cross-overs or fusions. In the style of the bands EP and first LP, the style is scandinavian d-beat punk with many mid-tempo breakdowns and a few stomp-punk passages along the way. Differently from the last two releases (the LP Blodets Bånd on Southern Lord recs. and Dödkontrol on D-beat & Raw Punk recs.) the fast parts on this album aren’t as fast or as blasting, but turned slightly down to a more groovy d-beat. Some crusty references still occur, but riffs and leads on this album aren’t as orthodox to the scandinavian style as an the former releases. (Southern Lord Records) https://halshugsl.bandcamp.com/album/sort-sind
  • Japan import. ANARCHY AND DESTRUCTION! 39min. 41sec of violent world now ressurected!!! This is a ZOUO's legendary live document at Candy Hall, Osaka, Jan/4th/1984, about 2 months before the release of "The Final Agony" EP. Total 14 tracks, including 11 unreleased tracks, and this is the final chapter of CRUST WAR's triple ZOUO vinyl release! (Crust War Records)
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    If the Misfits were one of the greatest punk bands then Walk Among Us released in 1982 is perhaps one of the greatest records in punk history. While Static Age and Earth AD showcased a band searching for an identity like a vampire for its next victim, Walk Among Us is almost sheer perfection. With a solidified lineup, fully grown-out devillocks (the Misfits trademark long spike of hair in the front) and the stabilizing presence of the somewhat pedestrian but agile arthur googy on drums, uber-misfit Glenn Danzig was finally able to match his zombie-elvis to a worthy musical foil. From the manic opening of 20 Eyes to the monster football chorus of Braineaters, there is nothing less than a sublime moment on this album from start to finish. Astro Zombies or I Turned into a Martian sound like songs to raise the dead by. a special bonus is perhaps the tenderest love song to decapitation (Skulls) in recent memory. Green vinyl. (Ruby Records/Unofficial)
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    Combining elements of 77'punk, post-punk and garage rock, Swedish indie- force Rotten Mind are back with their fourth full length album. With Rat City Dog Boy, Rotten Mind returns to their musical roots while embracing new influences to create an album that sounds both fresh and vintage, making the band appealing to old-school punkers as well as newfound lovers of the scene. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut "I'm Alone Even With You", Rotten Mind has played shows in Australia, Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, UK, USA, Spain and Czech Republic, and has been recognized in music magazines such as NME, Vice, Gaffa, and Hymn. For fans of: The Vibrators, Christian Death and T.S.O.L or modern bands as Crusades, Iceage, Radioactivty, Vicious, High Tension Wires or Metz. (Lövely Records) https://rottenmind-official.bandcamp.com/album/rat-city-dog-boy
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    Rotten Mind returns with their second self-titled album to be released on Lövely Records. The album contains ten tracks filled with alienation and Swedish darkness. The hooks are stronger, the melodies more diverse and the tracks are both more direct and powerful. An album built out of equal amounts of Garage, Punk and Scandinavian darkness. The album was recorded by PA Westin and co-produced by Mikael Lindqvist in Studio Löten. Artwork by Peter Jonasson. Rotten Mind released their debut album I'm Alone Even With You 2015 and have since toured europe twice and done countless shows. (Lövely Records) https://rottenmind-official.bandcamp.com/album/rotten-mind-rotten-mind
  • “How do you Sleep?” (2000) is the fifth studio album by hardcore punk band THE VARUKERS. (Westworld Recordings)
  • SoCal mod/ska icons - widely credited as America's first ska band - present this fantastic collection of career highlights packaged in a limited edition colored vinyl. Features The Untouchables' signature hit "Free Yourself" as well as other favorites like "Wild Child," "Whiplash" and "What's Gone Wrong!" The Untouchables formed in 1981 as part of the embryonic L.A. mod revival, after being inspired by the ska revival/punk rock band The Boxboys. Since some couldn't play instruments, they either hastily learned, or became vocalists. In early 1984, they were signed to Stiff Records. Concerts with The B-52's, Black Uhuru, Bow Wow Wow, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, No Doubt and X all over California gave the group a disparate following of whites, blacks, mods, punks, surfers and rockabilly fans. (Cleopatra Records)
  • DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" is the first album by the Punk/Oi! legends Cockney Rejects, originally released in 1980. Despite the title, it is not a greatest hits compilation. Though they didn’t get around to (allegedly) naming the genre of Oi! until their second album, working class football hooligans Cockney Rejects went a long way towards defining the sound. The raw street punk on the cheekily titled "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" dismisses English punk’s art-schooled class of ‘77 to embrace the everyday Brit who drinks a pint or two while watching his favorite football team. (Let The Eat Vinyl)  
  • This collection from legendary shape-shifting U.K. punk/goth pop outfit The Damned includes A- and B-sides from the group's output for the Chiswick label, specifically from the albums Machine Gun Etiquette (1979) and The Black Album (1980). Lovingly restored and remastered, the 24-track collection includes career highlights like "I Just Can't Be Happy Today," "The History of the World, Pt. 1," "Disco Man," "Love Song," and "Smash It Up". A1 to A3 originally released on Love Song 7'' on 27 April, 1979. A4, A5 originally released on Smash It Up 7' on 5 October, 1979. A6 to B2 originally released on I Just Can't Be Happy Today 7' on 23 November, 1979. B3 to B5 originally released on White Rabbit 7' B6 to C2 originally released on The History Of The World Part I 7' . on 22 September, 1980. C3 to C5 originally released on There Ain't No Sanity Clause 7' on 24 November, 1980. D1 originally released on Various - The Moonlight Tapes - Moonlight Club Bands Live as "Lookin' For Another" by The School Bullies; later included on Lively Arts on 1 October, 1982. D2 originally released on There Ain't No Sanity Clause (Big Beat Records reissue) on 2 December, 1983. D3 originally released on Best Of Vol 1½ - The Long Lost Weekend 19 May, 1988. D4 to D7 originally released on Friday 13th EP 7' on 13 November, 1981. (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
  • Formed in 1978 and regulars at Belfast punk haunts The Harp Bar and The Pound by 1980, The Defects achieved only local recognition until their debut 45 Dance (Til You Drop) was released through their own Casualty imprint in 1981. Selling out of its initial 2,000 pressing, the single led to a deal with London’s WXYZ label which released The Defects’ lone studio LP Defective Breakdown in 1982, netting them an Indie Top 10 success and a high-profile support slot on label mates The Anti-Nowhere League’s controversial So What UK tour into the bargain. Thirty six years on, Defective Breakdown remains one of the superior punk platters from the UK82 era. It hardly reinvents punk’s wheel, but the best of its impassioned, UK Subs-style gob-athons (Killer On The Streets, We Don’t Care) still convince, while the fizzing, hormonal rush of the Buzzcocks-y Deprived and the ritualistic, Killing Joke-esque power of Survival both provide signposts to future roads the Antrim boys could have taken. Ultimately, though, outside forces would decide The Defects’ fate. With punk’s second wave quickly running out of steam and their ill-conceived cover of Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds stiffing, they abruptly split after supporting the reconstituted Clash at Belfast’s Ulster Hall in February 1984. (Antisociety Records)  
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    UNDERDOG | matchless | CD

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    In the late '80s, Underdog were a staple of the New York hardcore scene. The band was spearheaded by vocalist Richie Birkenhead, who played guitar in Youth of Today between 1986 and 1987, and Russ 'Wheeler' Iglay, who did time in Murphy's Law. And while Underog only lasted four years and went through numerous lineup changes, they made their mark with tight, punchy and melodic songs and lots of cool skateboard imagery. On May 18, the band's discography will be reissued on a CD titled 'Matchless.' "This release has been a long time coming," said Iglay. "We're glad that it's going to see the light of day this spring on Bridge Nine, and we can't wait to get out there and play more shows this year."
    The album features the 1988 demo 'Over the Edge,' which scored Underdog a deal with Caroline Records, and the full album 'The Vanishing Point,' produced by the legendary Don Fury (Agnostic Front, Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits).
    Back in 1989, Underdog supported 'The Vanishing Point' with a full U.S. tour, but the members weren't getting along and after they arrived back home they canceled their European tour and decided to go on hiatus. The break seemed permanent until 1998, when the band did a reunion tour. (Bridge 9 Records)
  • Twelve new tracks from founder of the Cro-Mags, the always controversial Harley Flanagan. Brutality in the vein of the Cro-Mags' "The Age Of Quarrel" and "Revenge," exploding with heavy intensity and pure anger. The return of the NYHC icon. Now available on vinyl. (Music Video Distribution)
  • 8 years after an impromptu afternoon jam that resulted in their first writing and recording session, and 4 years since their last record, No Tolerance return to deliver the straight edge hardcore album the youth and young-at-heart have been waiting for. Unchanged by the unstoppable march of time, You Walk Alone finds the band still able to mine the same territory as always, but formatted for the ebb and flow of a full length album. Expect a meticulous alloy of "Break Down the Walls", Confront's "Payday", and the Hard Stance E.P.s. QCHQ is releasing this sure to be a banger STRAIGHT EDGE anthem filled torpedo bonzer for Europe, alongside Painkiller Records who will be doing this release Stateside. Expect an LP of such immense BOSTON HARDCORE mosh magnitude that many will spontaneously combust in their camo shorts from high jump fury. The Euro edition comes in a 350gsm laminated card sleeve, with an equally thick poster insert and download code. (Quality Control Records) https://painkillerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pkr-060-you-walk-alone-lp
  • DELUXE VINYL EDITION. Clear vinyl. "Chemical Warfare" is the debut album by Islington punks THE DARK, originally released in 1982. The Dark were similar to The Wall, another band with whom they shared a highly political outlook. The mostly mid-speed music also invites comparisons to Chelsea and the UK Subs. "Chemical Warfare" deserves a lot more credit than nearly all the punk albums it found itself lumped in with. The Dark invested their songs with melody and catchy as hell guitar motifs, and thoughtfully avoided the mindless rage typical of the time. Deluxe vinyl edition includes their "Chemical Warfare" LP (1982) plus 10 bonus songs from singles. (Let Them Eat Vinyl)  
  • NEGATIVE FX was the 1st band from Choke, best known for his fronting SLAPSHOT as well as LAST RIGHTS. This band was much faster, with frantic drumming and speedy guitars coupled with Choke's manic, confrontational lyrics. These 18 tracks appear on the band's long out-of-print full-length. (Taang! Records)
  • ROTTEN MIND are releasing their debut album "i'm alone even with you". It's no shocker that the band who is named after a JAY REATARD song got an american styled garage-rock vibe. The 12 tracks album is held together with attitude, punk-rock and melodies that combines everything into an explosive garage-rock sound. ROTTEN MIND is a typical punk band, restless youth with a background in the hardcore-punk band AGENT ATTITUDE. The band is on an everlasting search away from their everyday boredom, continue living fast and in chaos to keep those voices out of the head. "i'm alone even with you" was written under a short period of time that gives the album a special and concentrated feeling. (Lövely Records) https://lovelyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/im-alone-even-with-you
  • DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" is the second album by the Punk/Oi! legends Cockney Rejects, originally released in 1980. Despite the title, it is not a greatest hits compilation. Cockney Rejects spawned a punk sungenre, and that subgenre is Oi- the dirty, ugly, and more politically charged troublesome cousin of punk. This album is the essence of it- sloppy, catchy riffs that are accompanied by pummeling bass lines, steady but uncapable drumming, and punky vocal wailing which sounds like a more polished Johnny Rotten. Tracks 1-14 originally released in 1980 on the LP of the same name by EMI Records (UK) (ZONO 102). Tracks 15-19 originally released on 7" singles. (Let The Eat Vinyl)  
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    "Decontrol - The Singles" features singles from the early years of the insanely influential Discharge. With 27 tracks, this set definitely shows off the driving sound that would be the blueprint for the countless D-beat and crustpunk bands that would follow in their wake, and makes for some essential listening for hardcore fans. Includes the following releases: - Realities Of War EP (1980) - Fight Back EP (1980) - Decontrol single (1980) - Why mini LP (1981) - Never Again single - State Violence State Control single (1982) - Warning EP (1983) - The Price Of Silence single (1983) - The More I See single (1984) - Ignorance single (1985) (Let Them Eat Vinyl Records)  
  • This is the classic debut from Milwaukee's DIE KREUZEN originally released in 1984, who seamlessly blended hardcore-punk with darker elements to create a unique sound that nobody has been able to duplicate. A 24 song must have. More then a classic piece of vinyl - aA definitive '80s hardcore band. Vinyl includes a digital download card.
    (Touch And Go Records)