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    For the first time on vinyl this great album by The Adicts!! Originally released in 1992 on CD format only, it features 18 superb pop-punk tracks in their inimitable style, including such band’s classics as “Fuck It Up” or “Angel”. Inner Bag with the lyrics included. Limited reissue of 500 copies. (Daily Records)
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    Unofficial re-release their first LP from 1981. Glossy cover & 180g vinyl. (Dwed Wecords)
  • Originally released in November 1982, ‘Sound of Music’ was the second album from ‘Clockwork punks’ the ADICTS. Preceded by the release of the three track “Chinese Takeaway” EP, which also featured “Too Young” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” - both included here as bonus tracks along with their subsequent hits ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Tokyo’ and an unreleased version of Ramones’ classic ‘I wanna be sedated’ - the album was widely praised in the music press of the day with ‘Sounds’ saying “thank Christ for The Adicts. In this often grey and depressing world they entertain us, uplift us and unify us”. Thirteen slices of punk/Oi! fun that made history, in a luxurious one-time GATEFOLD edition with poster, including liner notes by Mark Brennan and a total of 5 bonus tracks! side A A1 How Sad 2:20 A2 4 3 2 1 2:20 A3 Chinese Takeaway 2:42 A4 Johnny Was A Soldier 3:00 A5 Disco 2:10 A6 Eyes In The Back Of Your Head 3:08 A7 You'll Never Walk Alone 2:07 * A8 Too Young 3:00 * side B B1 Joker In The Pack 2:45 B2 Lullaby 2:25 B3 My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller 1:55 B4 A Man's Gotta Do 2:07 B5 Let's Go 1:53 B6 Easy Way Out 2:55 B7 Shake Rattle, Bang Your Head 3:28 A8 I Wanna Be Sedated 3:27 * A9 Bad Boy (Single Version) * A10 Tokyo (Single Version) * (Radiation Records)
  • The Aqua Barons is a Greek instrumental band, Surf oriented and 60s influenced, and “Extreme Guitar Conditions” is their follow-up to their 2016 debut album “Southeast Stompers”. The album is released – physically and digitally – through Get That Beat Records; a new independent label based in Essex (England) established by the restless spirit of a Greek Underground Garage persona named Chris Triantis that he is relocated to England. The highly informative press release leaves nothing unexplained and it surely puts you in the mood of the record: “The Aqua Barons were formed in January 2010 in Lechaion, Corinth by the two brothers Petros & Philippos Sotiropoulos, they really dig vintage gear & influenced from traditional So-Cal surf music, with guitars soaked in reverb and fuzz, and from the lyricism of the European instro bands from the 60’s as well!!! Their 1st instro-strike was in 2014 via the comp “Searching For Atlantis”, including the ab-fab tracks “Osonupo” & “Fuzzlalum” & their 1st full-length released two years later called “Southeast Stompers” (Green Cookie Rec.). The same year the instro magazine Continental, picked up “Into The Deep” for the CD-comp # 24!! Their 2nd full-length “Extreme Guitar Conditions” is out, gathering 10 brilliant tracks! The opening track “Spy Romance” is one of the best instrumentals ever written & I mean it, a catchy melody that will stuck on your mind, an up-tempo with fuzzed guitar parts, as well a bubble-up organ make this one a real masterpiece!!! “Galaxy Cruise” & “Jungle Calling” will travel you in a perfumed instro-exotica garden, while “Butterfly Valley” is another fave instro with nostalgic-bittersweet mood & “Town Of Shelter” is the perfect soundtrack for a movie, dealing with a ghost town, or maybe in far west where outlaws seek protection from their predators?! (as Petros said). “Crazy Orbits” is an alternate space-instro-oddity, blended with Beat Oscillator sounds, a shot to the moon & back to planet earth!! You’ll find also a 2nd & slightly different version titled “Crazy Orbits (English Spaceman)”! “Gulag Party” is a fab drenched instro with Polka flashes, while “Unknown Seas” is a trippy tune with excellent guitar work, backed with nice backing vocals and Doo-Wop feeling & “Grand Finale” is a weird encounter with vibraphone, a mash of goosebump-melodies, kinda of like John Barry meet Henry Mancini’s compositions!!! A must have for the reverb-heads, an instro-blast for any rock’n’roll fan out there!!! Don’t miss this album for any reason!!!”… “Extreme Guitar Conditions” consists of 10 instrumental pieces of great guitar work, showing awesome creativity and despite that 60s lovely feeling that is spread all over, the album sounds so incredibly fresh and not old-fashioned at all! Great musicianship too! The album kicks off with “Spy Romance”, a dynamic SURF (of course) tune, completely 60s influenced, lead guitars and keys are wonderfully and suspiciously blending together creating a surf n’ fuzzy AMAZING instrumental tune and I have to agree 100% with the press release statement: “One of the best instrumental ever written”!!! “Galaxy Cruise”, is just that; a cruise among the stars of the galaxy, space air hostess’s lovely voice is accompanying the listener to a fast surf tune with a fantastic Duane Eddy approach! “Jungle Calling” shamelessly flirts with Dick Dale and has an unbelievable Surfy Spaghetti Western atmos! So Fucking Cool! “Butterfly Valley” overflows of melodic summer surf-guitar passages while “Town Of Shelter” is another BRILLIANT tune with a Super-Cool and Exotic atmosphere that reminds all these golden surf moments by the master Takeshi Terauchi! If there’s a sub-genre called Space-Surf or Surf-Space, then “Crazy Orbits” with its superb Theremin sound, defines that style! “Gulag Party” is another crazy instro that makes you wanna shout “Faster Pussycat Faster!” “Unknown Seas” makes me wonder why is one of my favorites here… It’s a slow tune drenched into PSYCH melancholy… Hmmm… I used that word again… So, no need to wonder why, hehe… “Grand Finale” is also a slow tune with an intense cinematic feeling and a cool vibraphone sound, an ideal soundtrack to accompany 2 souls while they’re waving goodbye to a summer that is ending… Eventually, the album closes with a slightly different version of “Crazy Orbits (English Spaceman)” with some spoken text added towards its end… “Extreme Guitar Conditions” is an Extremely Catchy and Addictive Cool Album! Instrumental, Magical, and Trippy! You can surf in the Sea or you can Surf to the Stars! It’s up to you! Invest! TimeLord Michalis (Get That Beat Records) <iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;" src="https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=1198567211/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/artwork=small/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="https://theaquabarons.bandcamp.com/album/extreme-guitar-conditions">Extreme Guitar Conditions by the Aqua Barons</a></iframe>
  • The Astronauts second album It’s All Done By Mirrors was originally released by All the Madmen in 1983 and finally gets reissued on vinyl for the first time. Original copies are now really sought after and on a lot of people's wants lists due to both its scarcity and its status among outsider art, free music and weirdly enough peace punk fans. It’s All Done by Mirrors is a stunning collection of explosive pop songs and traditional folk ballads and considered to be the pinnacle of the Astronauts recorded output. It’s easy to hear and see why. Musically it’s tighter and more focused than on the debut album Peter Pan Hits the Suburbs and lyrically it’s on another level. From Mark Astronaut's lyrical pen comes a woman dreaming of the Dorset coast whilst writing to her former lover (Seagull Mania); or the man on the street and his wife living out the final day before nuclear destruction (Typically English Day). Mark Astronaut really should been seen in the same light as Ray Davies from the Kinks with his observations of a time long gone. Three of the tracks feature legendary sax player Lol Coxhill. As with all Astronauts releases - totally under rated yet totally essential. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
  • Reissue of this long lost masterpice from 1981 originally released by Bulge / Genius records. The Astronauts were (and are, after close to 30 years and a history of lineup shifts only bested by The Fall) the definitive psych-punk ensemble, though even that title doesn't do 'em justice. Their sound culminates the post '77 punk dabblings of head forbears Twink (his 'Do it 77' single and The Rings' 'I wanna be free' platter), Nik Turner (the outstanding Inner City Unit and the 'punkier' late 70's bits of Hawkwind) and Daevid Allen's planet Gong (with fellow acid-punkers Here and Now) all woven in with an earlier Robert Wyatt / mellow candle-y psych folk vibe... While not sounding like any of those things at all. Get it? The album's range is gigantic: from dissonant punk a la Fall ('Everything stops for baby'), to epic progressive folk ('Protest song', 'Baby sings folk songs'), ditties ('Sod us'), hard-rock ('The Traveller'), pop ('How green was my valley'), garage / surf ('Still Talking'), industrial ('How long is a piece of string'), and set to arrangements that employ synths, flute, saxophone, and strays into progressive or even free-form / psychedelic sections. The icing on the cake is the mature statement of the lyrics, a cynical and bitter exploration of the lives of simple men, miles away from the generic horror / punk overtones that permeated most of alternative albums at the time. (La Vida Es Un Mus) https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/peter-pan-hits-the-suburbs-lp
  • The Creature is the latest release and second LP from the Portland Oregon based dark punk trio Bellicose minds. Recorded in the winter of 2015/2016 at Red Lantern studios. The LP features 8 tracks of buzz saw guitars, driving bass and searing drums. (Sabotage Records)
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    International HxC/punk collab based in London. Στα φωνητικά ο "δικός μας" Αποστόλης/My Turn. (Raggoo Records)
  • The Black Keys’ long-awaited ninth studio album, "Let’s Rock," their first in five years, is a return to the straightforward rock of the singer / guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney’s early days as a band. Auerbach says, “When we’re together we are The Black Keys, that’s where that real magic is, and always has been since we were sixteen.” The album includes the hit single "Lo/Hi". Let’s Rock was written, tracked live, and produced by Auerbach and Carney at Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville and features backing vocals from Leisa Hans and Ashley Wilcoxson. “The record is like a homage to electric guitar,” says Carney. “We took a simple approach and trimmed all the fat like we used to. (Nonesuch/2019)‎
  • When it comes to New York City hardcore, its community proudly boasts Lou and Pete Koller-brothers who have dominated the scene worldwide since 1986 with the aurally devastating Sick of It All as their vehicle. For Flushing, Queens natives Lou and Pete Koller, hardcore has become a lifestyle as well as an unlikely career. From the moment these siblings began applying their abilities to punk's angrier, grimier sub-genre, they quickly became fifty percent of one of the most intense and compelling quartets to ever claim the movement-the legendary New York hardcore band, Sick of it All. Contrary to popular belief, Lou and Pete are proof positive that you don't need to have lived a street life, or come from a fractured, chaotic home in order to produce world-class hardcore. If Agnostic Front are the godfathers of New York hardcore, then vocalist Lou and guitarist Pete are its grand masters. The Blood and the Sweat is the no-holds-barred autobiography of two brothers who have never wavered, as well as an unrelenting depiction of the American dream, and the drive and determination required to live it-regardless of whatever obstacles appear before you. Featuring commentary from family, friends, bandmates past and present, and their peers, including Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer), Kurt Brecht (D.R.I.), Barney Greenway (Napalm Death), and more...
    • Paperback | 336 pages
    • 152 x 229 x 23mm | 458g
    • 03 Sep 2020
    • Permuted Press
    • Post Hill Press
    • AR, United States
    • English
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    This is a remastered, vinyl re-issue of The Bouncing Souls' iconic second LP originally released in 1995. Considered by many fans to be their best record, all of the songs are still played live (some more than others) and are fan favorites. The album was their first produced by Thom Wilson and was originally manufactured and distributed by BYO Records, bringing the band a more national and international presence than they had previously. A Bouncing Souls classic that stands the test of time. (Chunkshaah Records)
  • 40th Anniversary reissue of the first album featuring Nick Cave, before the band’s name morphed into The Birthday Party and prior to the formation of his next band, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Includes the classic “Shivers,” which has recently been covered by the likes of Cat Power and Courtney Barnett, to name a few. Door, Door' basically is the debut album by The Birthday Party, though it was originally released under the name The Boys Next Door in 1979. The album was recorded before the band left Australia for London in 1980, at which point they changed their name to The Birthday Party and created the body of work for which they are most recognized. The album is different stylistically from their later work, being less dark and slightly more poppy. This will be the first time the album will be issued on vinyl in many territories including the U.S. (Warner Music Australia)
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    Chisel this, Chisel that" -- it's on my phone, it's on my hard drives, it's on my turntable, it's on my t-shirt, it's on my Instagram, it's on my blogspot, it's tattooed on my forehead, my own parents renewed their wedding vows to "Rat Running Scared." I pressed stop. I unplugged my headphones, turned down the volume, and snapped that god forsaken single in HALF. Enough was enough! But see me, yeah. Once the music stopped only one thought rang through my head: What Have I Done? Where once there was explosive energy there was now a void. Lucky for me, the 5 loveable lads from Blackpool, Croydon, Acton, Chingford, and Guildford KEPT IT MOVIN, and just when I thought all was lost they brought me back in. Three more blasts of full fat extra saturated deep fried limb swinging confrontational uplifting chisel chiselling punk for that special space in your life. Enough said? No. Cos they've done it again. (Jonah Falco) (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
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    "English Civil War" is a song by English punk rock band The Clash, featured on their second album "Give 'Em Enough Rope", and released as a single on 23 February 1979. It reached number 25 in the UK Singles Chart and number 29 in the Irish Singles Chart. The song is derived from an American Civil War song, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home", written by Irish-born Massachusetts Unionist Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore. It was popular among both sides of the conflict. Having learnt the song at school, Joe Strummer suggested that the band should update it. The cover of the single is a still from John Halas and Joy Batchelor's 1954 animated adaptation of George Orwell's dystopian novella Animal Farm and is now available as a 500 piece jigsaw from Rock Saws. SPECIFICATIONS 500 pieces Weight: 490g Jigsaw size: 41cm x 41cm Box size: 30.9cm x 30.9cm x 2.8cm Colour : None Product type : Puzzle Label : ZEE COMPANY
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    THE COMES | no side | LP

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    Official reissue of seminal Japanese Hardcore band THE COMES debut. Originally released in 1983 on Dogma Records, a newly created City Rocker’s side label to release Hardcore/ Hard punk) No Side remains a milestone of first wave Japanese Hardcore. A vital document to understand the days when the Tokyo Hardcore scene was small and unknown with G.I.S.M., EXECUTE, GAUZE and THE COMES as main runners. Bands who shared stages, record labels and who grew to be one of the most varied, influential and enigmatic punk scenes of the planet. THE COMES music is frantic and sharp punk, bass driven and manic sounding with vocalist Chitose aggressive vocals punctuating every syllable and dominating the tunes. Like most first wave Hardcore acts they own their own sound and albeit many times imitated it has never been matched. No Side reissue comes in a heavy paste on board textured sleeve and includes a replica lyric insert. Includes digital pre-order of No Side. You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released. https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/no-side
  • Demon Records is delighted to present the reissue programme of the albums by THE COMSAT ANGELS originally recorded between 1980-'90 on vinyl. These albums prove beyond all reasonable doubt that while commercial recognition may have eluded the Sheffield-based quartet, they still accumulated one of the most enviable, enduring and unsung catalogues known to rock. This series begins with the trio of iconic, post-punk era LPs the Comsats recorded for Polydor - WAITING FOR A MIRACLE; SLEEP NO MORE and FICTION); and also CHASING SHADOWS coupled with FIRE ON THE MOON (the latter recorded while the Comsat Angels were known as Dream Command), which were both originally released by Island Records. All these expanded editions come with bonus second discs, plus booklets with, lyrics, rare photos and detailed liner notes by Tim Peacock (Record Collector) with participation from Steve Fellows. The third and final album for the Polydor label was the understated FICTION (1982). Perhaps the most under-rated of the three albums for the label, it has stood the test of time and remains a fan-favourite. (Demon Records)
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    Founded in 1982, The Crack didn't release their debut album until 1989. These British punkers were often tied into the Oi! scene of the mid-'80s along with Cockney Rejects and The Business, but they had more in common with the melodic punk stylings of 999 and mod groups like The Jam or Secret Affair. Featuring a blistering wall of guitars and biting melodies, from the classic album opener 'My World' to the raw closer 'The Giddy House' The Crack deliver ten fantastic original tunes that, while firmly rooted in 1980s UK anthemic punk, also features a pop sensibility that presages the oncoming Brit-pop scene that would absolutely dominate the '90s. Seriously, we'd bet the farm that the young Gallagher brothers were blasting this back in 1989. Absolutely essential 1980s UK punk that bridges the gap between '80s Oi! and the Brit-pop/power-pop revival. Killer. (Radiation Records)
  • Recorded live for Halloween 1996, at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. (Cthulhu Fhtagn Records/Unofficial Release)
  • Limited to 500 only. The Cramps captured in an incendiary live performance at the Keystone Club in Palo Alto, California, in 1979. Broadcast by KFAT radio in super quality, includes an interview with the greatly missed rock and roll icon Lux Interior. Tracklist 1 The Way I walk 2 Everybody's Moving 3 Domino 4 Rocket In My Pocket 5 Human Fly 6 Rockin' Bones 7 Teenage Werewolf 8 Sunglasses After Dark 9 Lux Interior Interview (Egg Raid Records/Unofficial Release)
  • THE CRAMPS | Slipmat

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    Αντιστατική τσόχα για το πλατό του πικάπ διαμέτρου 30 εκ. Υψηλή ποιότητα, βάρος 45 γρ., πάχος περίπου 2,5 χιλ. Ιδανικό δώρο για ντιτζέι και λάτρεις του βινυλίου. Περιορίζει βλάβες-γρατζουνιές και προστατεύει το βινύλιο. 12´´ slipmat, diameter 30 cm High quality 16 ounce felt approx. 2,5mm thick Gift idea for DJs and vinyl lovers Reduces damages/ scratches and protects the vinyl
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    Lux Interior, Poison Ivy, and company captured live in their adopted hometown of New York City, shortly before the release of their debut album, Songs The Lord Taught Us, and at the height of their rockabilly-punk powers. Ripping thought 13 cuts including some choice covers, this is the best example available of one of the best live bands in punk history. Tracklist 1 Ufo 2 Domino 3 Twist And Shout 4 Weekend On Mars 5 Voodoo Idol 6 Zombie Dance 7 Rockin' Bones 8 Human Fly 9 Garbageman 10 Teenage Werewolf 11 Sunglasses After Dark 12 T.V. Set 13 The Way I Walk (Encore) (Radio Silence Records/Unofficial Release)
  • What happened in February 1983 then? Serial killer Dennis Nilsen was arrested, unemployment hit an all-time high, the Mini Metro was Britain’s best selling car and The Cravats released a flipping stonking LP on Corpus Christi Records. Played to pieces by Peel and hugging the indie chart’s midriff for a good few weeks, every track on ‘Colossal’ is indeed ruddy enormous. Like everything by these dada-dealing daddios the music is a highly calculated cacophony of pounding drums, behemoth bass and fraught guitars all drenched in sonically deranged saxophone while the songs are surreal stories sheathed in the scenery of their small town English home. The whole beast is a kind of all you can eat aural entertainment buffet featuring 13 of the band’s best bites of the bizarre. From the frantic psycho surfabilly opener, Off The Beach to the ferocious hornets-in-a-holdall drone of I Am The Dreg, The Cravats employed their entire toolbox of toys when putting this doozy together. Apart from newly recorded tracks, There Is No International Rescue, Fireman, Terminus, The Station, Icecubists, Daddy’s Shoes and Working Down Underground you got the Small Wonder Records single releases, And The Sun Shone, You’re Driving Me and I Am The Dreg (the version of Off The Beach on here was recorded on a mobile studio positioned in a pig pen next to their practice room down on the farm in Worcestershire. It’s noisier and more unkempt than the Small Wonder single release). Plus there’s the ‘hit’ single (well, It sold more than anything else they ever did!) Rub Me Out and When Will We Fall, forged by High Priest of Punk, Penny Rimbaud with the aid of Southern Studios sound guru, John Loder which was fired out of the Crass Records canon in 1982. No track sounds like any of its companions but every track sounds like The Cravats. The original Colossal Tunes Out LP certainly deserves its legendary status and hefty price tag on the rare record resell circuit. It’s good news that Overground Records are putting these tunes out again and it’s great news that they still sound colossal! One-time vinyl pressing of 500 copies that closely reproduces the original but with the bonus of a poster. (Overground Records)
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    Radiation Deluxe Series present a reissue of The Crowd's A World Apart, originally released in 1981. "It is impossible to overstate the significance of The Crowd to the nascent L.A. hardcore scene. Whilst bands like early Agent Orange and Social Distortion were playing to handfuls of fans in northern Orange County, in 1979 The Crowd were already filling backyards on their home turf in Huntington Beach, California. Ironically, it was further afield in the San Gabriel Valley that I first saw them perform, opening for the still punk Go-Go's in a small club. Without the continuing success of The Crowd in 1979 and throughout the summer of 1980, I would have packed my bags for London. Instead, the L.A. hardcore scene lifted off!" --Robbie Fields, Poshboy Records. 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500. (Radiation Records)
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    2020 repress. 140 gram LP on grey vinyl. Recorded in 1981, this classic album took the band further down the road of despair, initiated with Seventeen Seconds, with an album full of mournful atmospheric tracks, including their hit single, "Primary". "Robert Smith has expressed his appreciation for the music of Joy Division and I would say that this album, Faith, is The Cure's Closer -- dark, monotone, toy drumming with layers of anguish and compelling lyrics. 'The Funeral Party' is like Joy Division's 'Eternal' -- dealing with loss in an effective, but original way. I compare The Cure's Faith album to Joy Division's Closer only to express how well I feel Robert Smith managed to make an effective album -- this is original, unique and beautiful music." (Vinyl Lovers Records)
  • THE CURE | Slipmat

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    Αντιστατική τσόχα για το πλατό του πικάπ διαμέτρου 30 εκ. Υψηλή ποιότητα, βάρος 45 γρ., πάχος περίπου 2,5 χιλ. Ιδανικό δώρο για ντιτζέι και λάτρεις του βινυλίου. Περιορίζει βλάβες-γρατζουνιές και προστατεύει το βινύλιο. 12´´ slipmat, diameter 30 cm High quality 16 ounce felt approx. 2,5mm thick Gift idea for DJs and vinyl lovers Reduces damages/ scratches and protects the vinyl