• Barcelona's UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE came out of nowhere a few months ago. Within a few weeks of their existence they had recorded a promising demo of experimental noisy hardcore, played a few shows in UK and Spain and started working on their debut album. Barely 6 months later they give birth to "Observant Com el Món es destrueix". A 9 track LP integrally sang in Catalan and with a psychedelic approach to their previous bands sound (GLAM/ ATENTADO/ DESTINO FINAL / INVASION/ CROSTA amongst others). Their primative anthems of nature seeking dreams are distorted, repetitive and heavy at times. With their boots firmly stuck in hardcore based while keeping the overall sound free of any boundaries and styles. The artwork by guitarrist Guillem el Muro reflects the spirit of the album perfectly. An explosion of hardcore between day dreaming of peace and nightmares of reality. Label: La Vida Es Un Mus Records
  • Brand new single from this justly-lauded Spanish band and their debut for Iron Lung Records, which lately has become something of a spiritual home for forward-thinking, slightly cerebral hardcore of this ilk. While their earlier 12" on La Vida Es Un Mus had a few moments of pure wildness, these two mid-paced tracks keep things fairly contained. However, getting the rhythm section really locked in like this just seems to free up space for the guitarists to go even wilder, and the layered, almost psychedelic guitar work is the real star of this single. If you're the type of chap who digs the stylings of Iron Lung and La Vida Es Un Mus, this is probably going to be right up your alley. Label: Iron Lung
  • CONTEMPT | same title | LP

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    After the demo-single tape we released in march 2020 it was finally time for a vinyl output of this great band from Murcia and here you have it. Despite all the problems and setbacks generated by covid-related restrictions plus other complications, which fully hit the band’s recording schedule, the vinyl debut of CONTEMPT is finally out! Here we have here 8 tracks of some of the heaviest, meanest and musically richest OI! played nowadays: guitar driven, epic, melodic yet hard-hitting, with even a metal-ish edge and some Rock influences. This feels like an iron fist in a velvet glove: Heavy as fuck yet gentle in the delivery. Very powerful tunes with hand-crafted guitar arrangements which help creating an overall momumental feel, a demolishing rythm section with perfect sounding drums and bass distortion and an amazing vocal delivery perfectly pitched, rough and yet clear with lyrics full of pride without stupid prejudices,about personal issues, historical references, love for their land without being a stupid knucklehead, socio-economic troubles. Inspirational, menacing, prideful down-to-earth lyrics. The first time i listened to these songs my jaw just dropped, i could feel the attention to detail, the level of effort and commitment in the creative process and, in each consecutive listen, discovering little details that just made my love for this band grow and grow. I just feel very lucky to be able to release such powerful and significant (at least for me) music. (Mendeku Diskak)
  • Oi! band from Dundee, Scotland (UK). Label: Step-1 Music Barcode: 5025703217116
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers are the most legendary figures to emerge from Jamaican popular music, a trio of icons that brough reggae to the broader public consciousness and helped the Rastafari faith to spread outside of their native island. Robert Nesta Marley, Peter McIntosh, and Neville O'Riley Livingston, AKA Bunny Wailer, are responsible for the understanding of reggae music itself, as well as the now-global movement of Rastafari consciousness and the general popular culture of Jamaica in a way unlike that of any of their peers. This retrospective on their '70s production, packed in a collectable double-vinyl set, provide a tantalizing glimpse of the international stardom that would soon be achieved by the group, charting some particularly fertile and evolutionary phases of their formative years. Comes with extensive liner notes by David Katz. Licensed by San Juan Music. Tracklist: A1 Mellow Mood A2 There She Goes A3 Hammer A4 Touch Me A5 Treat You Right A6 How Many Times B1 Soul Shakedown Party B2 Caution B3 Soul Captives B4 Soon Come B5 Stop The Train B6 Do It Twice C1 My Cup C2 Soul Rebel C3 400 Years C4 Corner Stone C5 Brain Washing C6 Rebel's Hop D1 Mr Brown D2 Sun Is Shining D3 Kaya D4 African Herbsman D5 Put It On D6 Trench Town Rock Label: Radiation Roots Barcode 8055515231755
  • Classic Wailers recordings done with Lee Perry early '70s. Tuff roots rhythms with early stripped-down versions to later well-known tracks such as "Sun Is Shining," "African Herbsman," "Keep On Moving" and many more. Label: Radiation Roots Barcode 8055515234787
  • New edition including an unreleased version of “Grim reaper” (2022) featuring Ben/Dropdead on guitar! Not many words needed to introduce SIEGE: they’re the undisputed generators of all hyper-speed Hardcore, Grindcore and blasting fast Thrash and have massively influenced a world of maniacs bringing musical extremities to the most outraegous boundaries, the first most obvious example being Napalm Death that mentioned them as an inspiration since the “Scum” era and covered “Walls” on their legendary Mick-Shane-Bill-Lee times Peel Sessions, or Heresy that covered “Conform” and the list goes on forever! In the early ’80s SIEGE paved their way into the violent Boston Hardcore scene delivering the fastest and most furious Hardcore ever heard. This double LP collection is thedefinitive, most complete discography to date, consisting of: – “Drop dead” studio session 1984 – “Cleanse the bacteria” tracks 1984 – Out takes from the original 1984 studio session – Lost session 1991 with Seth Putnam on vocals – UNRELEASED version of “Grim reaper” (2022) different from the one included in the previous F.O.A.D. version (2019) All remastered for vinyl from the best audio sources in existence. Housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with red hot foil stamp logo on the front and 3D UV spot lac print + expanded booklet with rare and never seen before photos, lyrics, original artworks. Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies. Label: F.O.A.D.
  • F.O.A.D. Records keeps up the unbreakable legacy with Italy’s absolute Hardcore heroes Raw Power giving to their most classic album “Screams from the gutter” a proper deluxe edition, a total quality-care version that makes justice to this timeless Hardcore milestone! Many of you will agree that this is the finest Italian HC offering ever made and easily one of the 10 world’s best Hardcore records of the 80’s.. over 40.000 copies sold and still sounding fresh and up-to-date even when compared to modern HC standards. FOAD’s treatment for this all time colossus consists of a thick glossy gatefold sleeve featuring lyrics and rare/unreleased photos and flyers, a square A2 replica of their cult gig-poster with Cro-Mags and Motörhead + a scrupolous mastering that respects in detail the original reel’s sound leaving full breathe and dynamics to its original impact and (raw) power! 17 gems of intense, no-frills HC with a bombastic drummer, fantastic guitar riffs and angry vocals. It’s a difficult comparison with their other early output – “You Are The Victim” and the excellent material released by BCT – but after all “Screams From The Gutter” marks Raw Power’s peak due to its superior production. The band’s simple yet instantly memorable riffs bring to mind Black Flag, Circle Jerks, but also earlier groups like the Who, AC/DC, and of course, the Stooges. Throw in some cool harmonics, rockin’ solos, a cowbell, and a guitar player with hell-shriek vocals and you have this flawless Hardcore classic!! Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies. Label: F.O.A.D. Records
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    The F.U.'s were an early-mid 80's Boston Hardcore punk band consisting of John Sox, Steve Grimes, Bob Furapples (Robert Hatfield), and Wayne Maestri. They took their name from a comment Wendy O. Williams made in an interview in which she said something to the effect that "Punk rock is a way of saying 'F you' to society." A reissue of the amazing 1982 „Kill For Christ“ album and 1983 „My America: by one of the finest hardcore bands to ever come out of Boston. Includes all the tracks from the original releases. Unofficial re-release of these two F.U.'s albums. Side A recorded at Active Sound, August '82. Mixed and remixed at Radiobeat Studios. Side B recorded at Newbury Sound, May '85. Mastered at K-Disc, California.
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    35 year anniversary deluxe edition, complete collection of the band’s early recordings (1989) most of which appear for the first time on vinyl: – “The day man lost…” Demotape – “The day man lost…” rough mixes / out takes – “Infestation of evil” Demotape – Live in Stockholm 4.11.1989 (two different takes, including the entire Distorted Harmony EP + bonus tracks) The gore-soaked roots of these Swedish Death Metal pioneers, seeing them shift from grinding, early Carcass-inspired extremity to the crushing Svensk Dödsmetall approach that led to the iconic full length “Dark recollections”, an absolute milestone in the genre. Mastered from the best existing sound sources under constant supervision of Michael Amott. Cover artwork by Jeff Walker (CARCASS). Includes a A2 poster and 20-page booklet with extensive liner notes by Michael Amott, rare (or never before seen) photos and flyers provided by the band and by the Swedish Death Metal specialist Nicola Costantini! Solid black vinyl limited to 300 copies Label: F.O.A.D. Records
  • Sophomore release by Lublin’s OHYDA. Picking up where their Self Titled LP left in 2016 their new 12” ups the feedback, aggression and psychedelic infused hardcore of their previous release to new levels. Sonically OHYDA are dark and anthemic, with a ferocious guitar tone and delay vocals backed up by a extremely solid rhythm section. Not afraid of riffs or creating atmospheric passages leading to explosions of noise full of nightmarish visions of the current world. Imagine ABADDON meeting HAWKWIND at Jarocin festival then using CRESS’s gear to write an album of distorted quasi industrial hardcore. I want to think that if the class of 1984 Polish hardcore had dreamed of what the future would sound it will be close to Koszmar. Recorded by Pawel Chyla at Backyard Studio and Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. Koszmar comes in a heavy reverse board and insert designed by guitarist Mike. Label: N.I.C., Under The Demos Records
  • Rixe are back are with a fresh three song attack. “La Clé” is two minutes and twenty seconds of lean, mean and meaty Oi! that only Rixe over the last few years have perfected. It’s driving sound is built on razor sharp tight drums, a slightly phased guitar and vocals that bite and bark. “Nuit Rasoir” is another straight down the line pounder that could easily have been one of the first ten releases on No Future Records. “Les Cent Pas” is the final track and rounds off things with another stomper. The sound is bigger, punchier but still very much Rixe that you know and love. Limited 3 track promo cassette pro copied. Label: La Vida Es Un MUs
  • Punk from Athens. Label: Self Released
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    Among the kings of the late '80s UK hardcore scene, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, indisputably deserve their name to be written in big black capitol letters. After speeding up, together with Napalm Death, Doom, Hellbastard and the likes, what Discharge created back in the early Eighties and inspiring a whole generation of crust bands, EXTREME NOISE TERROR are back in 2015 with a new full length recorded last year. It's hard to believe this new masterpiece doesn't come from the same 1991 sessions as this is totally Phonophobia-core. This new self titled record sounds exactly as the old E.N.T. tunes we all fell in love with, so what you have to expect is the usual overdose of throat-cutting double vocals, thrashy heavy rotten sounding guitar riffs, helicopter-ish bass and turbo aggressive fast beats. For those who still don't believe it, I'm reporting what Dean Jones wrote us introducing the record: "The new album is back to total old school ENT (Earslaughter, Holocaust, Phonophobia) No Metal, No Blasts. Total pure ripping, ultra fast H/C Punk the way it originally was". And this is what their new singer Ben wants to state about his feelings towards the record: "I was a big fan of ENT as a teen, long before I joined, specifically of A Holocaust In Your Head and Phonophobia. If I was going to compare this new album to anything the band’s done before I’d say it sits nicely with those two. Catchy as fuck aggressive ultra hardcore punk riffs, fast frantic drumming and mental vocals; I don’t think Dean’s ever sounded as insane as he does on this one! It’s raw as fuck too, no click tracks or fixing-in-the-mix type shit, instead the drums, bass and guitars were done live with the leads added after and me and Dean sharing a mic going through a 76 year old analogue valve amp. We’re all hugely proud of this album, its a proper call to arms and a brutal statement that the band’s music and message is every bit as relevant today as when it was formed 30 years ago”. This record is totally in memory of their beloved singer Phil Vane who sadly passed away in 2011. Rest In Peace Phil and long live EXTREME NOISE TERROR! Housed in a digipak. Carries an 8-page booklet. Label: Criminal Attack Records
  • Jubilee is a Sex Pistols singles compilation issued in 2002 to celebrate the Sex Pistols' 25th anniversary Jubilee (as well as the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II). The album also included promo videos for God Save the Queen, Anarchy in the U.K. and Pretty Vacant. The track "Pretty Vacant (Live)" is from the 1996 reunion tour. "Silly Thing" is not the version of the song that appears on The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle album, but the single version of the track which has vocals by Steve Jones instead of Paul Cook. Tracklist: "God Save the Queen" "Anarchy in the UK" "Pretty Vacant" "Holidays in the Sun" "No One Is Innocent" "My Way" "Something Else" "Friggin' in the Riggin''" "Silly Thing" "C'mon Everybody" "The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle" "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" "Pretty Vacant (Live)" "EMI (Unlimited Edition)" Label: Virgin Barcode: 724381256602
  • Never Mind the Bollocks perfectly articulated the frustration, rage, and dissatisfaction of the British working class with the establishment, a spirit quick to translate itself to strictly rock & roll terms. The Pistols paved the way for countless other bands to make similarly rebellious statements, but arguably none were as daring or effective. It's easy to see how the band's roaring energy, overwhelmingly snotty attitude, and Rotten's furious ranting sparked a musical revolution, and those qualities haven't diminished one bit over time. Never Mind the Bollocks is simply one of the greatest, most inspiring rock records of all time. Part of the 'Back To Black' series of releases of classic albums. Label: Universal UMC Barcode: 602527965031
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    Never was a band and its first album both so suitably named as EXTREME NOISE TERROR and their seminal debut full-length, 1989's A Holocaust in Your Head. Simply put, this is one of the key releases of both the crust-punk and grindcore genres, redefining British music's known limits of sonic extremity with its remorseless aggression, blinding speed, and none-more-raw recording. Along with their fellow Britons in Napalm Death, this rag-tag group of hardcore misfits turned metallic innovators are largely seen as being at the forefront of the development Crust. EXCLUSIVE PHOTO BY ANDREW TESTA IN A HUGE 6Ox6O CM FOLDED POSTER INCLUDED! Label: Radiation Records
  • Never was a band and its first album both so suitably named as EXTREME NOISE TERROR and their seminal debut full-length, 1989's A Holocaust in Your Head. Simply put, this is one of the key releases of both the crust-punk and grindcore genres, redefining British music's known limits of sonic extremity with its remorseless aggression, blinding speed, and none-more-raw recording. Along with their fellow Britons in Napalm Death, this rag-tag group of hardcore misfits turned metallic innovators are largely seen as being at the forefront of the development Crust. EXCLUSIVE PHOTO BY ANDREW TESTA IN A HUGE 6Ox6O CM FOLDED POSTER INCLUDED! Label: Radiation Records
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    If phonophobia can be defined as an overall fear of sound - what better band can you think of than crustcore titans Extreme Noise Terror to deliver such a fear as though kicking us down a shoot that leads to a lifetime sentence in Room 101. The album contains the band at their best, which sounds and feels like the worst thing you’ve ever encountered on earth: bolt-sputtering vocals on Pray To Be Saved and Self-Decay. Grim guitars groan as they gut the intestines from one’s malnourished belly for a final meal on Knee Deep in Shit and Moral Bondage. Rhythms that emerge from nowhere like fleets of demonic hailstone with drywall nails in place of the hail on Third World Genocide. Only a classic band like Extreme Noise Terror can have so much influence, yet by comparison of that influence, such little musical output can sound like being cracked apart and smashed together in equally, exhilaratingly evil measures. EXCLUSIVE PHOTO BY ANDREW TESTA IN A HUGE 6Ox6O CM FOLDED POSTER INCLUDED! Label: Radiation Records
  • To celebrate 40 years of Mucchio Selvaggio, the split-tape of two of the most seminal bands of European hardcore punk returns for the first time on Italian vinyl, LP. DECLINE/NEGAZIONE, a musical combo that has become legend and has defined the aesthetics and sound of a genre. Graphics of the new edition by DeeMo. Remastered audio. Inner slave with reproduction of the original tape materials and 1985 European tour flyer. 27 minutes of hardcore punk that made history. Tracklist: A1 Negazione - Irrazionalità Sconnessa A2 Negazione - Maggioranza / Minoranza A3 Negazione - Tutti Pazzi A4 Negazione - Non Mi Dire A5 Negazione - Omicida 357 Magnum A6 Negazione - Plastica Umanità A7 Negazione - Alibi A8 Negazione - Chiuso In Te Stesso B1 Declino - Intro / Vittime B2 Declino - Inutile Trionfo (Un Passo Verso La Solitudine) B3 Declino – Frontiere B4 Declino - .......... B5 Declino - Terra Bruciata / Giustizia Parte II B6 Declino - Mortale Tristezza B7 Declino – Vita B8 Declino - Diritto-Dovere B9 Declino - Eresia Label: Rocka Tapes Barcode: 8053632270039
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    A quartet of milanese kids destined to write the history of hardcore punk: ladies and gentlemen, here are Crash Box! At their debut and grappling with some of the most iconic hits such as Nato per essere veloce and Veleno per voi. Demo 1983, where Marco Maniglia Medici's lyrics are already at the peak of creativity and at the service of one of the most virtuous formations in the history of the band. 22 minutes of true Italian hardcore. Anastatic reissue of the original 1983 cassette and remastered audio. Graphix by DeeMo on original materials. Tracklist: A1 Nato Per Essere Veloce A2 Io Sono La Vittima A3 Il Mio Inferno A4 Accuso A5 Non So Tacere A6 Nessuna Colpa A7 Noi B1 Veleno Per Voi B2 (Strumentale) B3 Sotto La Mia Pelle B4 Ascolta B5 Senza Uscita B6 NA-Y Label: Rocka Tapes Barcode: 8053632270015
  • ‘Running at the edge of their world : The Suspect Device fanzine story’ by Tony and Gaz Suspect is the behind-the-scenes story of one of the U.K.'s longest running, and best loved punk fanzines. From the typewriter set, cut and paste layouts, to the illicit night-time, photocopying, up to today’s comparatively slick output. The book is filled with stories right from the very beginning of the community they helped build and support, and still do. It’s about the changes and challenges Tony and Gaz had to overcome, and the lifelong friendships created in the process. This book is about the Suspect Device fanzine, but it's also about the punks who came together to create the scene based on the principles of DIY, friendship and co-operation. You’ll love it, and it may even inspire you. As the foreword from Pete Zonked says, “Get off your ass and do something.” About the authors: Gaz and Tony Suspect met on their first day of school and have been friends for over 50 years now. This friendship was solidified in their teenage years by a mutual love of going to football and punk rock. Going to football meant facing the weekly dangers of opposition supporters, violent police and Tony's grandads driving. But they came through it all relatively unscathed. Cycle rides between their respective houses meant running the gauntlet of unlit country roads, scary woods and the threat of seeing Tony's grandads car coming towards them. Gaz’s dad could never understand why they both bought the same records, while Tony's dad introduced Gaz to darts and home brewed beer. Tony doesn't play darts or drink beer. They have been through most of the ups and downs life throws at you and survived due in part to their friendship and punk rock. Gaz now lives in Norfolk and Tony lives in the New Forest. Tony has been in several bands - Obvious Action, Fusion, Thirst!, Portiswood, Chokeword, Pilger, Screwed up flyer, The shorts, and is currently in Abrazos. Gaz hasn't been in any bands because he has no rhythm, no sense of timing, and generally can't remember what day of the week it is, let alone lyrics or chords. Review: When Benjamin Franklin said that there are only two certainties in life, he couldn’t have foreseen the advent of punk rock, or possibly have imagined that Suspect Device would survive more than four decades of publishing ups, downs and run-arounds. If he had, history might have been a lot different. While we’re on the subject of history, this book, Running At the Edge of Their World, isn’t just the story of one of the world’s longest running, and most beloved, punk zines Suspect Device… Well, it is, and that alone makes it worth the cover price, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s the tale of two lifelong friends and their enduring passion for the subject matter at the core of their publication, it’s about the contributors and the names and faces behind the interviews and reviews, forging a legacy that it’s architects don’t know they’re creating, the power of music and culture, facing the trials and tribulations that life throws at all of us and rising above them and refusing to give in, and standing firm against the encroaching tide of progress and time and doing what you love to do and creating something from nothing, simply because you love doing it. History isn’t just written by the victors, it’s authored by those who stood behind the curtain and made it happen, and Gaz and Tony, whether they realise it or not, are two of the enduring bastions of punk rock, and their memoir Running At the Edge of the World , is a compulsive, engaging page turning account of how they helped to shape and define a scene with their little zine that could, Suspect Device. Tim Cundle, Mass Movement ISBN paperback 9781916864221 288 pages UK Royal size, 234 x 156mm Duplex cover, colour Black and white inside Cover art by Dan Roberson
  • The complete Lion's Law French-language collection, with two excellent new tracks and a previously unreleased version of their classic "Lafayette", recorded for the occasion. A truly coherent album that traces all the band's eras and influences, and it works! Label: UVPR Vinyles
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    MESS | under attack | LP

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    Punk / Oi from the streets of Guadalajara / Mexico city! They play early 80's influenced oi music very much in the vein of Blitz. Mess have been putting out music since 2020. They’ve released a couple of EPs, and last year, they joined forces with the Chisel, standard-bearers of UK street-punk, on a split 7″. New album containing 14 tracks of the finest Punk/OI! Label: Mendeku Diskak
  • Second installment of this Mexican powerhouse heavily influenced by the second wave of British punk. 6 new tracks that sound if they were featured in timeless compilations such as "Punk And Disorderly", "A Country Fit For Heroes" or "Riotous Assembly". A contemporary punk tribute to a great musical era that makes you think of the Riot City Records and No Future Records respective catalogues. Label: Mendeku Diskak
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