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    Breaking onto the hardcore scene in 2013, New York’s Regulate have shown a resillent and earnest approach in everything they do. This rings true on the band’s upcoming self-titled LP that will drop September 30th on their new label home, Flatspot Records. The ten tracks on the album developed organically throughout the brunt of the pandemic, inspiring vocalist Sebastian Paba’s most personal lyrics to the date. Regulate has always been an outlet for vulnerability - the band’s latest album In the Promise of Another Tomorrow (2018) shined with commentary on identity and power structure complimented by explosive musicianship. Regulate takes the band to another level, teetering between a traditional hardcore sound and something more striking, pulling additional inspiration from Latin music and R&B. Paba effortlessly handles both screams and what might be the catchiest clean vocal delivery in the entire genre while pushing forth thoughts on serious topics like genocide against indigenous peoples and more light-hearted notes of just loving making music. Having already shared the stage with a heavy list of bands like Terror, Backtrack, Glassjaw, Madball, and Burn, the band is prepped to get back to touring steadily in 2022. They’ll hit the road with Vein.fm and Candy this summer and are also slated for numerous festival appearances. Heading into a new album cycle, ambitions are high for Regulate, but they don’t mind leaving a few things up to interpretation. Label: Regulate
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    Agnostic Front's debut LP, Victim In Pain, back again for the first time in many, many years on vinyl. With that in mind, we decided that we wanted to do something special for our 5th pressing of this NYHC classic. This edition features a new take on the original jacket design with the addition of an embossed logo and title. The dust sleeve is printed with a live picture of the band, as well as lyrics on the opposite side. 5th pressing 1000 yellow vinyl, exclusive revelation records, embossed logo and printed dust sleeve. Recorded at Demo, Demo Studios, 1984. Originally mastered at Franford / Wayne Mastering Labs. Originally released by Rat Cage Records, 1984. Label: Bridge Nine Barcode: 811772022912
  • Hardcore punk band formed in Victoria, B.C./ Canada in 1980. Dayglo's "Feed Us A Fetus" is their second full-length album, originally released in 1986. This is hands-down, the best Canadian punk record to emerge from the 80's!! Aside from collecting most of the songs from their first 12? record entitled "Out Of The Womb" (1981), it also contains many brand new songs (at the time) that were even better than those on the first album. Many of their classic punk anthems are captured on this vinyl and Unrest Records is the sixth label to release the album over the years, which is a testament to what a classic it really is. There should be one of these in every punk rocker's record collection. Don't miss out!! Splatter Vinyl ltd to 200. Label: Unrest Records  
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    Classic Rhode Island hardcore band Verbal Assault's 1987 masterpiece finally re-issued and remastered by Nick Townsend from Townsend Mastering (drummer for Fireburn/ Deadbeat). Originally released in 1987 Verbal Assault bridged the gap between "heavy" hardcore and "smart" hardcore playing extensively with everyone from Agnostic Front to Fugazi. Lyrically "Trial" hit on personal but also socio/political themes while never letting up musically. This is the first time since it's original release 31 years ago its been re-issued. Label: Mankind Records)
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    English Dogs formed in October 1981 in Grantham and produced an explosive 7 track demo during 1982. The band toured as support to fellow punk band Charged GBH in Germany during early 1983 and followed this with a British tour supporting Discharge. In 1983 they signed to Clay Records also home of Discharge and GBH. The band released this awesome 6 track EP titled 'Mad Punx and English Dogs' in July 1983. With a fine production by Clay records supremo, Mike Stone. This EP/Mini LP 12" from this band’s early punk period, is being reissued by PNV, this is the first domestic pressing of this album, the PNV reissue will also include the 7 track 1982 demo. includes, poster and booklet with unpublished photos 12" Max (The Millionaire) Psycho Killer Free To Kill Driven To Death Left Me For Dead R.I.P. 1982 Demo Max The Millionaire Spoils Of War Join The Army Street Fighting Free To Kill World War 2 Mark Of The Beast Label: Puke N Vomit
  • WUDS | arms talk | LP

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    This PNV archival release is a real treat for Pinoy Punk fans. Why do you ask? Because the Wuds are one of the earliest Filipino punk bands and their rare as all hell debut demo tape has been unavailable in any format since its initial 1985 cassette only release. Making it one of the rarest Pinoy Punk releases. The Wuds were among the earliest – and most influential – punk rock bands in the Philippines. In the early '80s, punk bands began to form in the Philippines as economic woes and political unrest started to fuel a burgeoning underground scene. The Wuds roared their amps in a country once dominated by easy listening artists. Not surprisingly, there was little mainstream acceptance. Given that rock audiences in the Philippines were divided between hippies and punks, violence was not uncommon; nevertheless, the Wuds were devout Krishna's, quite different from the public stereotyping of punk rockers as immoral troublemakers. Throughout the '80s, the Wuds remained outside of mass acceptance. In the early '90s, though, Manila underwent an alternative rock revolution and the Wuds were lauded as pioneers, especially by the popular punk group the Youth. Fast forward …after 38 years from its release ArmsTalk is now finally available on vinyl! For such a legendary band that still commands high respect in the Philippine and worldwide underground music scenes, having this music on 12” vinyl is a must for any serious collector or fan Label: Puke N Vomit
  • SCREAM | dc special | LP

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    "Scream formed in 1979. Drummer Kent Stacks, bassist Skeeter Enoch Thompson, and the brothers Pete and Franz Stahl attended school together in Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia, when they began to discover the punk and new wave scene in DC and the provocative power of making music. Like most of the punk bands in DC, they were influenced by the Bad Brains, but their rock and roll sensibilities set them apart. In 1982, they went into Inner Ear Studio with Ian MacKaye and Eddie Janney to record Dischord's first full-length album, Still Screaming. For their newest album, DC Special, Scream invited their extensive music community to help create a unique project that weaves the history of music in Washington DC into the story of the band. Recorded by Don Zientara just weeks before his studio was evicted from its longtime location, the record is rich with both the sounds of Inner Ear and those of friends and musicians who influenced Scream and who shaped DC music over the past six decades. DC Special embodies the same sense of community and politics that inspired Scream from the start and is a truly special collection of new music that speaks to the present and also tells the story of DC music, Scream, and the influences that shaped them. Special guests on the record include: Mark Cisneros, Joe Lally, Derrick Decker, Bob Berberich, Clint Walsh, Dave Grohl, Onam Emmett, John Goetchius, Jerry Busher, Amy Pickering, Ian MacKaye, Amanda MacKaye, Brian Baker, Randy Austin, Martha Hull, Michael Reidy, Nate Bergman, and Bobby Madden." Label: Dischord Records
  • Available on vinyl for the first time in the world, the 2022 4 track EP from early legendary pioneering Finnish Hardcore Punk band Destrucktions. The band formed in 1981 in Ulvila, Finland, the band broke up before their album could be released. Their one posthumous LP was finally released in 1983. This is their first release in over 40 years. 4 Tracks of fast ferocious youthful Hardcore Punk. For Fans Of: Kaaos, Bastards, Kiima, Rattus Label: Puke N Vomit
  • First ever vinyl reissue of this classic Finnish Hardcore album. Destrucktions were a short-lived Hardcore Punk band from Ulvila, Finland. The band was formed in 1981 and their first album came out in 1983 after the band had already split up. Over the years the LP has come to be a sought after defining classic of 80s Finnish Hardcore. From start to finish the album is loaded with ferocious fast Finnish style hardcore, there is a reason the status and popularity of this band has remained so high over the decades, the album is just absolutely killer from start to finish. For Fans Of: Kaaos, Bastards, Kiima, Rattus Label: Puke N Vomit
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    Demo Recordings, 12 March, 1977 A1 Captain Scarlet A2 Scrapheap A3 Psychic A4 20th Century Boy A5 Love in A Void EMI Demos, 12 June, 1977 A6 Make Up To Break Up B1 Carcass B2 Love in A Void Pathway Demos, June 1978 B3 Metal Postcard B4 Suburban Relapse B5 The Staircase B6 Mirage B7 Nicotine Stain Label: Estudio Extrano/Fanclub
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    Side A Warner Chappell Demos. February1980 A1 Christine A2 Eve White/Eve Black A4 Arabia A4 Sitting Room A5 Paradise Place Side B Polydor Demos, March 1980 B1 Desert Kisses B2 Hybrid B3 Happy House Label: Estudio Extrano/Fanclub
  • Formed in Barcelona in the summer of 2017, Fatamorgana sprang to life from the hearts and minds of Patrycja Anna Proniewska and Louis Harding. What began as a bedroom project of sorts (monophonic synthesisers, 4-track cassette recordings) the project soon blossomed into a functional live unit. Following a self-released cassette single at the start of the year, the pair spent the latter part of 2018 touring continental Europe and the west coast of North America. Recorded at Holyrook Estudio in Barcelona, Terra Alta is the group's first full-length effort. The verse-chorus songwriting, the raw set-up of 2-synths-and-a-beat, and the primal rhythms nod to the duo's background in punk. But Terra Alta has a pensive and mesmeric quality, provided in part by an outstanding production job (Studio AS One, Warsaw), but also by lyrics concerning themselves with themes of love, time travel, reflections on the future, the power of imagination and the mysteries of the natural world. If pressed for musical references the band could be pin-pointed somewhere between early DEPECHE MODE, YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, THE HUMAN LEAGUE and a rounder around the edges BORGHESIA. Dreamlike synthesisers and echoed voices circle around danceable rhythms, inviting you to simultaneously contemplate and move your body. Allow yourself to be teleported from the majesty of Nature, to the glow of the discotheque. Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 4 panel J-card. Label: Tandang
  • Started during lockdown by three friends from Leeds, UK who wanted to make some crossover thrash, having been fans of the music for years, Pest Control is the classic story of DIY music straight from a time of crisis. Jack (from Death Metal bruisers Mortuary Spawn) joined soon after the release of the Demo in 2020 and the line up was complete with Pest Control’s first show commencing in their home town the week lockdown ended. Influenced by classic thrash giants such as Metallica, Testament etc. but with a healthy spoonful of crossover like Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist and Municipal Waste, the members grew up with one foot in the Leeds metal and hardcore scenes, taking the best from both worlds. Topping it all off, Leah’s powerful vocal reminds one of the great Dawn Crosby from Detente. For the recording of the LP they were joined by Luke on second guitar and now have a permanent second guitarist in the shape of Joe Williams (Big Cheese, Fate) and will be seen touring Europe with the almighty Foreseen, having already played across the UK with Municipal Waste, Eternal Champion and as well as appearances at Outbreak and Wrongside Fests. With this LP the band have truly shown their technical chops from the fast and furious title track to the almost operatic thrash style of The Great Deceiver. There is a fresh range of ideas and most importantly catchy songs for the Crossover Thrash fan to sink their teeth into. Mastered by Arthur Rizk, who knows a thing or two about thrash metal excellence having worked with Power Trip and Fugitive, expect to have your brain well and truly FUMIGATED. Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 8 panel J-card. Label: Heat Reaction
  • Dead Hero are from Bogota, Colombia and are influenced largely by the 80's UK and French oi scenes. Complete discography of Colombia's DEAD HERO. Catchy and anthemic Spanish Oi/Punk band that heavily influenced by 80s UK Oi especially early Blitz.This Pro tape is full collection of what they have released before including one full LP, split 7" with SECTA and Demo CS and include one unreleased song Label: Pissed Off Records
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    2022 was certainly a memorable year for punk albums, with a number of releases I would consider to be new instant classics. Coming in at the final hour, the ANNIHILATED unleashed Submission to Annihilation, one of the year’s latest and greatest. Full-throated and raw, the ANNIHILATED play a similar strain of D-beat hardcore to BOOTLICKER, with a vocal delivery that has been correctly compared to Damaged-era Rollins. Lyrically, topics cover class warfare (“Divide and Conquer,” “Bootstraps”), widespread apathy (“Normality”), and the hell of substance abuse (“Vice Grip”), themes that are all uniquely modern and unfortunately timeless. Add to that the artwork from drummer Nicky Rat and mixing by Jonah Falco (whose seal of approval is always a sign of quality) and that it’s self-released(!), and it simply cannot be understated: the ANNIHILATED have ticked every box and delivered their own instant classic. Reviewer Eric Anderson Label Annihilate Music Issue MRR #476 • January 2023 Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 8 panel J-card. Label: Heat Reaction
  • “Lion City Hardcore. "This Segregation will end" a 9-song 12" EP created by FUSE from Singapore is 100% hardcore concentrate. I don't need to mention similar sounding bands, influences or FFO type shit. FUSE bring a contemporary stab at a classic style while injecting their own unique worldview. You've heard hardcore like this before, you like hardcore like this, self described as "punked up hardcore, hard but not like those tough guy hardcore bands", they produce 8 songs and an intro that are worth your time (personal favorite is "Poison"). Music aside, because hardcore is so much more than what you play, it's how you play, and more importantly it's the reasons why you play. The Extracurriculars - FUSE never miss an opportunity to shout out their local scene, they put energy into building up their hometown, and they support their peers. Bottom line, they fucking care about creating their own space for themselves and their friends and that's all I want in a hardcore band.”- John Scharbach, Give & Shining Life Press FUSE formed as a 5 piece in 2017 and released a 2 song promo tape the same year. It's 2020 and they return with a new drummer to deliver 7 new songs in addition to "Poison" and "Deceit" from their 2017 promo. This masterpiece was recorded at 416 studios, mixed to perfection by Tom Howard and mastered by Will Killingsworth. The record is rounded out with art and layout by the infamous Nicky Rat. FFO: Warzone, Floorpunch, The Rival Mob, Restraining Order Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 4 panel J-card. Label: Hardcore Detonation
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    "Relentless" is the long awaited YOUTH AVOIDERS second album. The five years between this new full lenght and their debut have been really intense for the band, made of constant live appearances everywhere around the globe. Intensity is the trademark of YOUTH AVOIDERS, "Relentless" is the fruit of a five days session in the Normandy countryside studio Swan Sound. To keep it simple, "Relentless" is YOUTH AVOIDERS making what they have done so good so far but even better : catchy riffing, rich melodies, inexhaustible drumming, sharp vocals... The band has also raised the tempo, these 11 songs go at an unrestrained pace. "Relentless" well bears its name ! Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 4 panel J-card printed on 230 gsm Ivory card. Cassette come with thick 360 gsm Arigato Outerbox. Label: Pissed Off Records ‎
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    "On their fourth bombastic E.P., British Columbia's finest remains steadfast in churning out some of the highest quality UK82-meets-DISCHARGE-meets-1980s-Midwest-US stomping hardcore in the world today. Similar to the advancement of weaponry in war, BOOTLICKER continues to evolve their way from a primitive, scattershot, chaotic pummeling towards a honed, laser guided salvo, and the tunes here're packed full of direct, catchy riffs that stick to your ribs like napalm while remaining a pushed-to-the-red, blown out frenzy. With every showing the BOOTLICKER mark is becoming a trench." Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 2 panel J-card. Label: Fourbars
  • SCUMRAID | control | Tape

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    Hardcore/noise punk from Seoul, South Korea. A wall of noise attack, 17 tracks of pure crasher-crust insanity from South Korea. Harsh hardcore fueled by fuzzy noise that is strangely pleasing and addictive, with lots of cool groovy riffs and tempo changes. 10 brand new songs and a few remixed favorites taken from the ‘Out of Order’ and ‘Rip Up’ sessions collected on to one platter, resequenced, remixed and remastered with new artwork. Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 4 panel J-card printed on 230 gsm Ivory card.Come with silver embossed Outerslip/box. Label: Pissed Off Records ‎
  • Paranoid delivers noise-drenched tunes that are primitive and ferocious with buzzsaw riffs, blown-out bass, pummeling drums and vicious vocal howls.This Swedish d-beat punks embarked upon a 12-month project, with one new cover track appearing on the band’s Youtube channel each month. This is official reissue in pro-cassette format.Originally released by PND (PND04) on Cassette, 2015. Vinyl version available from Svart Records (SRE120), 2017. Pro manufactured cassette that come with 4 panel pro-printed j-card on 230 ivory card Housed with nice thick Outerslip. Cover of the month” Jan. [1] – Into the crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost) Feb. [2] – Punk is love (Pisschrist) March [3] – Don’t really care (The Exploited) April [4] – 2 Skott (Strebers) May [5] – Bloodthirsty system (State Of Fear) June [6] – Krossad dröm (Acursed) July [7] – Day of reckoning ((Pentagram) Aug. [8] – Skallra för döden (Totalitär) Sep. [9] – Natsit ja kommunisti (Kaaos) Oct. [10] – Arise (Sepultura) Nov. [11] – Too old too cold (Darkthrone) Dec. [12] – Criminal trap (Anti-Cimex) Label: Pissed Off
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    Born from the ashes of Australia's Pisschrist, the dirty crust roots of this longstanding outfit paved the way for a more stripped-down, raw noise approach. Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 4 panel J-card. Tracks 1-3 taken from Krömosom / Nomad split on Lengua Armada Tracks 4-11 taken from Nuclear Reich 12" on Distort Reality Tracks 12-15 taken from Paranoid! EP on Holy Terror Tracks 16-18 taken from Hardcore Pollution split with Isterismo on Hardcore Survives Tracks 19-26 taken from 8 Tracks 12" on Havoc / D-Takt & Råpunk / Hardcore Victim / Freedom Fighter Label: Crysis Records ‎
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    Rock for Light is the second full-length album by Bad Brains, released in 1983. It was produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars. We’re proud to present the original mix of the album, for the first time in decades, as the band originally intended. Most fans will be more familiar with the 1991 reissue, which was remixed by Ocasek and bass player Darryl Jenifer. In addition to new mixes, that version used an altered track order. This reissue marks the fourth release in the remaster campaign, re-launching the Bad Brains Records label imprint. In coordination with the band, Org Music has overseen the restoration and remastering of the iconic Bad Brains’ recordings. The audio was mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed at Furnace Record Pressing. This is the classic album from 1982. Virtually everyone agrees that this group made up of 4 DC African American. They radically quickened punk's tempos, added virtuoso instrumentation, and topped it all off with the mystic squeals of frontman Paul "H.R." Hudson. This release gives voice to the band's scathing sociopolitical judgment as well as its ability to simply put the hammer down and rock. It also allows the rhythm section of Darryl Jenifer and Earl Hudson to flex their muscle on a smattering of dub-reggae interludes that help lull the unsuspecting into the right frame of mind for the next hardcore punch. TRACK LISTING A1 Coptic Times A2 Attitude A3 We Will Not A4 Sailin' On A5 Rally Round Jah Throne A6 Right Brigade A7 F.V.K. (Fearless Vampire Killers) A8 Riot Squad A9 The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth B1 Joshua's Song B2 Banned In D.C. B3 How Low Can A Punk Get B4 Big Takeover B5 I And I Survive B6 Destroy Babylon B7 Rock For Light B8 At The Movies (Bad Brains Records / ORG Music)
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    The glorious Fuck Ups from San Francisco. MRR's most hated band! The first song is White Boy which Bob Noxious sings about walking around San Francisco's Mission Dist. For those that don't know, The Mission District, or The Mission as we say, is a latino enclave that borders the SOMA Dist. and Noe Valley. Loads of gang problems and crime, but with some of the best Mexican food around! MRR black balled The Fuck Ups for this song, stating that they were racist. Noooo they're not! MRR was a bible to alot of us during the 80's, but as I have gotten older have realized that they were dictating their own agenda in the punk scene here. With no voice to air their own views, The Fuck Ups had to play incognito and such. Now I am not saying that Bob Noxious was a saint. Far from that. He was notorious for attacking other lead singers of bands he did not like and he managed to do so to Ian McKaye of Minor Threat at either The Tool and Die or the Mab I cannot remember which. Also I think guitarist Joe Dirt was in Society Dog too. They released their one legendary ep in 1982 called “FU-82”. Angry, pissed-off and obnoxious, they really came across with the full scale of punk-emotions. Its a fuken classic!! with hate filled songs like “I think your shit”,”I hate You”,”Negative Reaction” Etc…They were also on a few comps like “We Got Power” in 1983 and they were on a comp. with GG. They were one of the meanest bands in there time,real fucken jerks along with Urban Assault, Sick Pleasure and the Lewd. For fans of Society Dog and the early 80's San Francisco sound, as well as any obnoxious sod. This one's for you. (Puke N Vomit)
  • Steady Diet of Nothing is the second full-length studio album by American post-hardcore band Fugazi, released in July, 1991 The style of this is different from "13 songs" and "repeater" but it still has the FUGAZI sound. Here they got more abstract and artsy - but it really works. So if you like any of their other stuff go and buy this. The vinyl was re-cut and re-mastered in 2009 and comes with a digital download card. Silver vinyl. Label: Dischord Records
  • Original music from the film,"Instrument", culled from demos and various sources, by Fugazi from 1988-1998. It is a mainly instrumental soundtrack for the documentary (Instrument) about the band produced by the band and filmmaker Jem Cohen. The soundtrack mostly consists of previously unreleased songs and studio outtakes culled from Fugazi's history to that point, as well as seven demo versions of songs from their proper albums (six from 1998's End Hits and one from 1993's In on the Kill Taker). Of particular note is the song "I'm So Tired", a piano ballad played and sung by Ian MacKaye, which is a significant departure from Fugazi's usual post-hardcore sound. "Shaken All Over" features the bassline of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates' "Shakin' All Over", as well as MacKaye briefly singing the chorus line with heavy dub echo. The riff from "Lusty Scripps" was played in Fugazi's final live show, in the break between the main set and the encore. Label: Dischord Records Barcode: 718751962019


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