• Watch out, here are KRAV BOCA, an angry punk rap tsunami from Toulouse! On their new album "Barricade" the crew with roots in Morocco and Greece sweeps through topics like gentrification, repression and police violence & depression. The classic lineup of drums, guitar, bass meets a mandolin and electronic parts. 13 songs all of them very professionally arranged, released on white vinyl from around 20 DIY labels from all over Europe. "When some people risk to be put in jail for having participated to a party, and where some cultural actors are judged “useless” by the government, we reassert our right to exist: Passionate of music, alternative places, keen free party, squats, small local associations, thirsty for liberty, nomads, DIYers, improvised cooks, simple curious persons, unattached pirates, one night partygivers, art professionals and technicians more or less trained… All those persons who anchor within their personal balance the visceral need to create, exchange, share and appreciate those sensations collectively. Since five years of touring now we meet exceptional people who welcome us beyond borders. They aren’t motivated by greed but the urge to live. To be free. Without them we would be nothing. To pay tribute to all those persons behind the scenes, we decided to give our new album “Barrikade” for free. An album of protest that heralds our new state of mind for years to come… We love you! Good listening to all!!" Released by a veritable cornucopia of like-minded labels from Canada, Mexico, Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany and the UK: Boca Records, Guerilla Asso, Maloka, Fire and Flames, AIM, Dure Réalité, Guerilla Vinyl, Keponteam, Santa Diabla, DIY Kolo Records, Urgence Disk, Rumagna Sgroza, Rebel Times Records, Kale Borroka Records, Machete Records, Deviance, Up the Punx, Punk’n’Loud, Anfibio Records, Missing the Point, Subversive Ways
  • British rockabilly combo The Krewmen had several distinct phases during the 1980s; beginning in 1982 as a rockabilly trio, they moved in a blues direction for their first 45s and after temporarily disbanding, reformed as a psychobilly quartet for this sought-after debut LP. Songs like “Night Of The Living Dead,” “Wild Dogs Of Zorberon” and “Hell Train” have a delicious B-movie aesthetic and “Don’t Give A Toss” and “Guy Fawkes” are keen Brit takes on the form. A must-have for Cramps and Meteors fans, and all psychobilly devotees. (Radiation Records)
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    A collection of rare recordings from the ’80s punk band from Glasgow. Also included are covers of songs known from a.o. The Exploited, UK Subs, Sex Pistols and Flux Of Pink Indians. Limited edition of 250 copies. Side 1 taken from Fascism means war EP 01.No Right To Take 02.Convicted Without Trial 03.Protest And Survive 04.The Dreams Of Many taken from A Kick Up The Arse - Volume One compilation 05.OI! OI! OI! 06.Addict taken from No Visible Scars E.P. compilation 07. Scarred for life unreleased recorded 1984 08.All walls have ears 09.Conforming 10.Face in the crowd 11.I wanne be an anarchist Side 2 12.No rights to take 13.Propaganda lies 14.Prophets of doom 15.Suicide stolen anthems recorded 1984 16.Fuck a mod (Exploited) 17.Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys) 18.London's burning (Clash) 19.Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols) 20.Tube Disasters (Flux of Pink Indians) 21.Warhead (U.K.Subs) (Mad Butcher Records)
  • Reissue of the first album of the Last Rites, originally released in 1984 and now sells for £100+. Classic second wave punk - political, angry and hitting hard. This is a must have for fans of UK82, Riot City Records, Beat The System records etc. (Mad Butcher Records)
  • 1969 proved a crucial year in the development of Jamaican music. Reggae had just superseded Rock Steady in becoming the island s national sound, with the new exciting style swiftly embraced by a fast developing British working class youth movement noted for their smart, functional clothing and cropped hair Skinheads. So it was in such an environment that leading independent Doctor Bird Records released Laurel Aitkens long awaited second album in 1967, Laurel Aitken Says Fire, a collection comprised of his most popular singles from the preceding months along with previously unreleased material. Unsurprisingly, the LP became an immediate best-seller, its success only hindered by the record company’s sudden and unexpected demise soon after. LIMITED EDITION OF 500 COPIES (Black Butcher Classics)
  • Ska with Laurel tells the story of Ska legend, Laurel Aitken. A major force within Ska music, Laurel was a hugely influential figure in the development of new Jamaican musical styles in the 1950s and 60s. He played a key role in bringing these genres to popularity in England. Laurel Aitken lived in the heart of Leicester for 35 years and made a huge contribution to the cultural life of the city, inspiring and helping hundreds of young musicians. Dubbed by Gaz Mayall as ‘The Godfather of Ska’, Laurel moved to England from Jamaica in the early 1960s, releasing records on the ‘Blue Beat’ label. Proving popular with the Mods and Skinheads in the 1960s and 70s, Laurel’s music also influenced the Two Tone sound of the early 1980s, in particular with bands such as The Specials and Bad Manners. The exhibition, which will include audiovisual material, stage clothes, photographs, posters and press cuttings, celebrates the life and work of Laurel Aitken, a pioneer of Ska music and one of the first musicians to popularise Jamaican music in the UK. (Black Butcher Classics)
  • Lewd Acts' brand of raw noise reeks of soul and stunning originality. Opting to embrace their pre-1988 punk and hardcore influences, they shun metal tendencies of today's hardcore scene. Vocally crooning and winding their way through each song in ways that are continuously exciting. "Black Eye Blues" was engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studios. The album shows Lewd Acts growing right before our eyes, splitting shoes as they evolve at a monstrous rate. Their razor sharp precision and dynamic instrumentation reaches passed the limitations of punk, while embracing its spirit. All of this a vivid backdrop for vocalist Tyler Densley's poetically bruising storytelling. His gruff candor is unforgettable; sad, tragic, and true to life. Songs like the thematic pairing "You Don't Need Me" and "I Don't Need You" are a true example of this. While the closer "Nowhere To Go" proves that Lewd Acts are comfortable coloring outside the lines. Habitually defying the rules as they artistically redefine what is real rebellion in song. (Deathwish Records)
  • Having formed only about 2 years ago, LION'S LAW have quickly established themselves as one of the elite modern skinhead streetpunk bands alongside BOOZE & GLORY, EVIL CONDUCT, BISHOPS GREEN and THE TEMPLARS. From their debut show in a squat in Paris in the summer of 2012, LION’S LAW are now consistently playing to (and even headlining) full rooms all over Europe! Formed by members of the popular French band MARABOOTS, LION’S LAW took a direction equally as influenced by classic UK Oi! bands like LAST RESORT as much as classic French bands like WARRIOR KIDS and CAMERA SILENS. This fusion creates a unique sound that has met with success not only across Europe, but also here in the US and elsewhere.
  • If there is any album for any band that should be released on as many labels as possible, it’s this one. And this band. Lion's Law have for years made themselves part of the scene, in scenes across the globe. To say they are part of the fabric of punk rock would be putting truth to fact. This new album perfectly illustrates the powerhouse that they have become, and the way that they are reaching out beyond their traditional skinhead/Oi! comfort zone to include a much wider and diverse audience. What they’ve managed to do is opening eyes and ears across the world, and doing so without isolating the swarms of fans, labels and supporters who have elevated them to where they are now. The songs are nothing short of brilliant, and fitting for the momentum and pent up energy percolating in this camp! On the back of this record, these fearless Frenchmen will see the world in a new light, playing to bigger crowds and making new fans wherever they go! These guys are the life of the party, and on stage, truly a force to be reckoned with. Pick up “The Pain, The Blood, and The Sword” now and hear it for yourself - this is the real deal! (Pirate Press Records)
  • Great compilation featuring classic recordings by Japanese hardcore pioneers Lip Cream! These guys were pillars of the Japanese punk scene, delivering some of the most classic, brutal and influential records ever! This amazing compilation features their iconic "Kill ugly pop" (1986) and "Kill the IBM" (1985) albums, the "Lonely rock" (1984) and "Night rider" (1984) EPs plus compilation tracks. A real must for fans of early Japanese hardcore like Outo and Systematic Death! LP 1 Tracks 1-14 : Kill Ugly Pop LP LP 2 Tracks 1-4 : Lonely Rock Tracks 5-9 : Nightrider Tracks 10-11 : Hardcore Lawful Assembly Tracks 12-18 : Kill The IBM Tracks 19-20 : The Punx Tape Tracks 21-23 : Farewell To Arms Tracks 24-28 : Thrash Till Death (Back In Anger Records/Unofficial Release)
  • Hardcore/Punk απο Σέρρες. Gatefold/envelope sleeve. Includes insert with lyrics & poem. Red vinyl limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. (We Don't Fight It Distro)
  • M.D.C. finally goes acoustic: the hardcore punk legend around DAVE DICTOR records their classics as "Millions Of Dead Cowboys" in a completely new guise. LP in a 350 gram cardboard cover with printed inlay and download code on Twisted Chords. While every second US punk rock singer feels like he has armed himself with a check shirt and acoustic guitar in the past 15 years and tries to shine ambitiously in the fields of country, folk and Americana, things are a little different with MIKE SMITH and DAVID DICTOR. Although the twelve selected songs were recorded almost continuously acoustically or at least with an undistorted guitar, iconic classics such as "John Wayne Was A Nazi", "Corporate Deathburger" and "Nazis Shouldn't Drive" not only retain their entirety due to the unmistakable singer own flair. So M.D.C. unplugged a kind of acoustic "radical rock" rather than arriving in the Nashville canon, steel guitar, violin or banjo was deliberately avoided. The songs are calm, catchy and profound - not a genre homage, but a completely unique version of themselves. From personal stories from a turbulent life to the biting self-defense against American realities, the band's smashers work perfectly even in the reduced setup. (Twisted Chords Records) https://twistedchords.bandcamp.com/album/tc187-mdc-millions-of-dead-cowboys
  • 2018 repress. Originally released in 1998. Gatefold double LP with a CD copy of the album. "The first solo album released by the former frontman of Mano Negra, Clandestino is an enchanting trip through Latin-flavored worldbeat rock, reliant on a potpourri of musical styles from traditional Latin and salsa to dub to rock 'n' roll to French pop to experimental rock to techno... Just about every track has odd sampled bits from what sound like pirate radio-station broadcasts (a possible link to the title). There are so many great ideas on this record that it's difficult to digest in one listen, but multiple plays reveal the great depth of Manu Chao's artistry." (Because Music/Radio Bemba)
  • Marky Ramone and the Intruders was an American punk rock band formed by drummer Marky Ramone after the retirement of the Ramones. The band is similar in sound to the Ramones but with a more powerful bass.The band released only two albums in its short existence. Todd Youth of Murphy's Law was the front man for a short time. (Pinhead Records)
  • MARTHE is the solo project of Marzia, worldwide known for being Horror Vacui's guitar player and for drumming in Kontatto, Tuono, Campus Sterminii, Death From Above, Doxie and countless other bands. Between one practice and another with the aforementioned bands, she found the time to sit down by herself and record the tunes that became the "Sisters Of Darkness" demo tape, self-released a year ago and then repressed on tape by Caligari Records (USA). I'm personally not too much into metal, but the four songs on this demo blew my minds and I think they deserve to be released on vinyl too. Fans of Bathory's second wave will love this one so much that Marzia will be crowned as the Queen of Valkyrian Metal. Everything on this record has been written, performed and mixed by Marzia. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door . Limited to 300 hand numbered copies on Ivory White Colored Vinyl, the first 100 will come with a nice embroidered patch. (Agipunk Records)
  • "The Enemy Within" signals the welcome return of MAU MAUS with their first new recordings since 1985!! Hailing from Sheffield, Mau Maus were one of the pioneering hardcore punk bands of the early to mid 80s, releasing a string of classic singles and an album for Pax/Rebellion at the time Now, they are back, with new singer Danny, and with 10 songs recorded through lockdown - the 5 songs on side A are totally brand new 21st century Mau Maus showing that the band have lost none of their energy , bite and anger over the years, whilst on the flipside you are then treated to 5 re-recordings of old Mau Maus classics by the current kick-arse line up! There is a limited edition coloured vinyl option available only by mailorder, limited to the first 200 copies on a first come first served basis, as well as good old fashioned black vinyl. A must for any fans of UK hardcore punk! This vinyl LP also includes a CD in plastic wallet of all 10 tracks. (Boss Tuneage)
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    These tracks were outtakes from the Six Songs EP session recorded in 1986. Track listing "Set Me Straight" – 3:09 "Show Off Your Red Hands" – 2:57 "No.2 Pencil" - 3:18 (Do The Right Thing Records/Unofficial Release)
  • MINI SKIRT | casino | LP

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    Killer debut LP from this Byron Bay punk rock & roll band whose sound is somewhat in the same vicinity as The Chats, Stiff Richards, etc., and also have an interesting socio-political edge with their lyrics, so their songs are NOT all about thongs and meat pies. The delivery is urgent, the tunes are hot - this is great! (Erste Theke Records)
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    Out of Step is the sole studio album by American hardcore punk band Minor Threat. It was released on 45 RPM vinyl in April 1983 through Dischord Records. Along with the fellow Washington D.C. hardcore band BAD BRAINS, MINOR THREAT set the standard for many hardcore-punk bands in the '80s. Where the lyrics on their early 7"s were an outlet for Ian's message, the lyrics on "out of step" deal mainly with friendships. MINOR THREAT is without a doubt one of the most influential hardcore bands ever. Every song is inventive, original, and can stand on its own as a punk classic. This vinyl (on 45rpm) was remastered and re-cut, features an album sleeve re-design from the original artwork and comes with a digital download card. (Dischord Records)  
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    Tracks 1-8 are from the 1st MINOR THREAT 7" (1981) . Tracks 9-12 are from the "in my eyes" 7" (1981) plus one track from "flex your head" compilation. This is one of the best LP's you can get. Hardcore at it's finest. If you are into any kind of hardcore you should definetly look into MINOR THREAT. MINOR THREAT was one of the most influential bands from the 80's D.C. hardcore scene and this album proves it. Every song is inventive, original, and can stand on its own as a punk classic. This vinyl (on 45rpm) was remastered and re-cut, features an album sleeve re-design from the original artwork and comes with a digital download card. (Dischord Records)    
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    Recorded live at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco October 26th, 1981 and broadcast on KUSF-FM Radio Limited to 500 copies. (Suicidal Records)
  • Reissue of this crucial crust-punk semi classic from 2012. Originally released by Inimicial Records in just a very limited first press, this masterpiece finally gets a re-release thanks to Flox and FFYM Records. MISERY don't really need an introduction do they? Along with NAUSEA and APOCALYPSE they spearheaded the American crust-punk scene since the late eighties and here they are to unleash 14 tracks of frantic bulldozer crust punk including two covers from the AMEBIX and NEW MODEL ARMY. MISERY having been prophesizing the end times while blasting our ears for the last 25 years now. 25 years and only three full-lengths. For many bands, after such a huge gap between releases (it’s been 9 years since their somewhat lacklustre splits with TOXIC NARCOTIC and PATH OF DESTRUCTION; 16 years since the now-legendary “Who’s the Fool… The Fool is Silence” LP), the original spark isn’t there anymore, or the band merely splits up. Thankfully, neither of these are the case with MISERY. In fact, it is safe to say that this is the best thing the band has recorded in their entire history, and this seems to be the start of a whole new exciting chapter for the band. Mastered and Re-mastered by Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering. Gatefold-Artwork by Andy Lefton and the repress includes a DIN A1 Poster with additional artwork by Brian D'Agosta aka. GOST ART. Also included is a reworked lyric sheet with photos by Christine Boards Larson (Slug & Lettuce) and Alicia Morgan. TRACK LISTING: A1 . Mother Nature A2 . Oil Age A3 . Autonomy A4 . The Hunt (Orig. by New Model Army) B1 . We Are Man B2 . Today B3 . Just Never Ends C1 . God Squad C2 . We Want You Down C3 . Murder Ride C4 . How Long D1 . Ready Aim Fire D2 . ICBM (Orig. by Amebix) D3 . All Of Us (Fight For Your Mind Records)
  • If the Misfits were one of the greatest punk bands then Walk Among Us released in 1982 is perhaps one of the greatest records in punk history. While Static Age and Earth AD showcased a band searching for an identity like a vampire for its next victim, Walk Among Us is almost sheer perfection. With a solidified lineup, fully grown-out devillocks (the Misfits trademark long spike of hair in the front) and the stabilizing presence of the somewhat pedestrian but agile arthur googy on drums, uber-misfit Glenn Danzig was finally able to match his zombie-elvis to a worthy musical foil. From the manic opening of 20 Eyes to the monster football chorus of Braineaters, there is nothing less than a sublime moment on this album from start to finish. Astro Zombies or I Turned into a Martian sound like songs to raise the dead by. a special bonus is perhaps the tenderest love song to decapitation (Skulls) in recent memory. Green vinyl. (Ruby Records/Unofficial)
  • For the first time in over 20 years, Morning Again returns with their "Survival Instinct" 7" EP, offering up four brand-new, powerful, riff-heavy tracks. The lineup still consists of vocalist Kevin Byers, guitarists John Wylie and Stephen Looker, and bassist Gerardo Villarroel. Now, they are also joined by Joshua Williams (formerly of Culture) on drums. (Revelation Records)
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    Newly remastered from the original analogue tapes, Motörhead’s ‘On Parole’ is to be re-released on 9 October as part of National Album Day. Available as a single CD and double-LP, it features six bonus tracks that include a previously unreleased original version of ‘Iron Horse / Born to Lose” and a previously unreleased demo version of ‘Fools’. Other bonus tracks include ‘On Parole’, ‘City Kids’, ‘Motörhead’ and ‘Leaving Here’. There are new liner notes written by founder member Lucas Fox, the band’s original drummer, and features rarely seen photographs and archive content. It will be released with a rare Canadian version of the cover artwork and is the only Motörhead album that features the original line-up of the band (Lemmy on vocals and bass, Larry Wallis on guitar and vocals, and Lucas Fox on drums). Lucas Fox features on all the tracks, including those that Phil Taylor added his drums to. Originally completed in 1976, ‘On Parole’ was the first-ever recorded material by Motörhead, but was released in 1979 after it was originally held-back by then record label United Artists. The album proved to be the starting point of one of the most important bands in rock history, these early recording sessions set Motörhead’s uncompromising sound and became a turning point for Lemmy who would now become front and centre of his own band and, unintentionally, one of the most iconic, influential and celebrated figures in rock music. ‘On Parole’ was eventually released in 1979 becoming the band’s fourth ‘released’ album. The album proved to have a massive impact on British musical culture like very few albums have ever had and became the bridging point from rock to heavy metal and then to punk. With Lemmy having been sacked from space/progressive rock legends Hawkwind, he once again started to hang out with old friend Lucas Fox who shared a multitude of passions and beliefs, and from this Motörhead was born. Purposefully loud, aggressive and provocative, their songs were short, sharp, shocks instead of songs with 20-minute guitar solos. They were unrelenting to their audience... and they loved it. (Parlophone/2020)