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    SAMHAIN | live 85-86 | LP

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    High quality bootleg with Plan 9 logos. Not authorized. White poly-lined inner sleeve. Tracks 1 to 10 are recorded live at Danceteria, NYC, 1985. Tracks 11 to 18 recorded live at Metro, Chicago, 1986. Tracklist: A1 All Hell A2 Samhain A3 The Shift A4 The Howl A5 Unholy Passion A6 All Murder, All Guts, All Fun A7 I Am Misery A8 The Hungry End A9 Horror Biz B1 He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named B2 Black Dream B3 Death Comes Ripping B4 Mother Of Mercy B5 To Walk The Night B6 Halloween II B7 In My Grip B8 London Dungeon B9 Archangel (Plan 9/E13869/Unofficial Release)
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    ZBOMBARDOWA LALECZKA, a band from Poznań,active in the years 1983-1986 and emerged from the earlier formations of MAŁY BRZYDAL and KBW. It was one of the few groups operating in Poland whose character clearly indicated inspiration from British peace-punk. Echoes of Poison Girls, Crass or Flux Of Pink Indians penetrated their own view of music and message. Another characteristic element that distinguished the band was its composition, which differed from the standard of the time. In the first half of the 1980s, there were only a few punk or post-punk bands with women in the line-up (including FORNIT, ATAK, TILT, BIALE WULKANY, BIKINI, KONTROLA W., DZIECI KAPITAN KLOSS and the aforementioned KBW). For many people, the performances of ZOMBARDOWANA LALECZKA with the vocalist Gertruda were the first contact with strong female vocals in a native punk band The group's message was no less important than the music. It was a direct protest against war, militarism and violence. As reality shows, today, unfortunately, it will again sound exceptionally up-to-date and shocking. The band's poignant lyrics and music were complemented by graphic accents created by them - collages, posters or the band's fanzine distributed at concerts. Unfortunately, despite the huge potential, the band never managed to enter the studio. They did not live to see any record or cassette release, and the only trace they left behind was the cassette compilation "Róbrege '85", which included the song "Children die first". The same number, registered during the performance in Jarocin '85, was used in Piotr Łazarkiewicz's film "Wave". Both festivals were certainly the most important events in the history of the band, and thanks to them, the memory of the group had the opportunity to survive despite the lack of releases. A photo session for one of the first issues of the "Wprost" magazine from 1983 is also worth noting. In addition to the aforementioned cassette compilation and recording in the legendary film "Wave", poor quality concert recordings were also circulating among the fans. This release double fills an important gap in the history of punk in the 80s. The band Zbombardowana Laleczka not only debuts on the album, but also after 37 years, their full material will sound in good quality, previously unavailable, for the first time. Recordings recorded during a performance on the big stage (for which the band qualified without sending an application cassette!) are 95% recordings from the console, and with the transfer from the original reel-to-reel tape and mastering in the invaluable Studio As One, the whole thing sounds great and we are sure,that this disc will give the band, their rightful place in the history of the Eastern Bloc punk movement. Due to the historical value, we decided to include the band's full performance on the album, also with the song interrupted by the organizers due to fights in front of the stage. After about an hour's break, the band managed to present the entire programme. Traditionally, like the rest of the series of punk recordings from the festival in Jarocin presented by Warsaw Pact Records/Archiwum Trasa W-Z, the album is released with a gatefold cover and this time with two additional booklets: one with the history of the band, photos, collages and graphics and the other with a faithful reproduction of a zine released by the band in the 1980s. Comes with a 24-page booklet with information about the band and a reproduction of a zine released by Zbombardowana Laleczka in 1985. (Warsaw Pact Records)
  • The most exhaustive collection of early grinding works from this Austrian extreme metal legend! The roots of DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, everything they recorded before their classic debut album “Expositionsprophylaxe”. 43 songs – over 100 minutes of music compiling the following works: – Split LP with Pungent Stench (1989) – “Successive substitution” 7″ (1989) – “Requiem for the forest” Demo (1988) – “The unequalled visual response mechanism” Demo (1988) – Rehearsal/Demo 1988 – bonus private rehearsal 1988 (totally unreleased!) Grindcore inspired death metal in their own highly original style, blending angular, dissonant riffs with a unique rhythmic approach. From the very early demos and rehearsalsshowing the early steps in their inclination to channel heavy, lilting sounds in a deadly blender of hardcore edginessto the bone-crushing split LP and 1st EP recordings perfectly fitting the late ’80s Nuclear Blast death/grind panorama with cult bands such as Righteous Pigs, Defecation, Atrocity, Disastrous Murmur and Pungent Stench… Ripped from the band’s archival sources and lovingly remastered for the most deafening sonic impact. 2xCD version in a 6 panel digipack with booklet. (F.O.A.D. Records)
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    The decline of industrial society set to music, for a new life in harmony with nature. Mixing the rough sound of crust punk with the dense atmosphere of black metal makes WIND IN HIS HAIR a unique representative of this relatively new niche in the music landscape. The band carries out an important message about nature, indigenous cultures and respect for Mother Earth. For fans of Wolves In The Throne Room, Alda, Fall of Efrafa. Vinyl details: · 180g heavy vinyl for maximum quality and durability · heavy 350gsm cover · high quality lyrics insert · download code · "I Love Vinyl" sticker · antistatic polylined black inner sleeve (Alerta Antifascista Records)
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    Malatesta are a German crust band that began in 2009 and changed vocalist in 2018. D-beat punx honouring your early 2000 backpatches and heavily inspired by the Swedish and Portland dark crust scenes of the earlier part of this century. Their upcoming record „Unter Tage“ is a blistering echo from those days.  Recorded back in 2020 by Falk and than mixed and mastered by Role at the Tonmeisterei. Finally out and released by a network of DIY labels. This is an amazing record that makes you wanna be in front of a stage, fist in the air longing for a better future while living in a dystopian reality. (Alerta Antifascista Records)
  • ARDE | acestral cult | LP

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    “Ancestral Cult” is the amazing second full-length studio album by the brand new atmospheric black metal phenomenon, the Berlin-based band Arde, but with important roots in the Spanish metal scene, featuring members from bands like the mighty Ancient Emblem or Death Above... To find some references in this genre is so easy, you only have to name bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, Fen or Wodensthrone... but there is something distinctive in the music Arde plays which makes it absolutely different and exceptional, call it anger, call it wrath, maybe call it frustration or just simply disappointment... the truth is that you will not find easy or hopeful tunes here, but the fury and passion of a band that, literally, is exploding from the inside out like a newborn star... (Alerta Antifascista Records)
  • Philadelphia blackened metal legion WITCHING will be releasing HATE5SIX x STUDIO 1935 LIVE SESSION through Alerta Antifascista Records on 12” vinyl as a live audio recording! The band released a live stream performance for Mutants of the Monster Fest, filmed by legendary HATE5SIX at Studio 1935 with engineer Pete Rydberg. WITCHING’s friend Judith Schaechter donated original stained glass artwork for this release, "Demonology 2018". (Alerta Antifascista Records)
  • III:The Betrayal is one of two full length albums being released by Adrestia 2022. The album was recorded by Martin Shukevich and Ulf Blomberg, while mixing and mastering was done by Henrik Udd. https://www.rocking.gr/reviews/album/Adrestia-III-The-Betrayal/11050 (Alerta Antifacsista Records)
  • MYTERI | illusion | LP

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    Myteri 2022. What is there to say? Are there anything needed to be said? Doesn’t everybody know this act by now? This is their third release of dark crustpunk, yet melodic, just as it was meant to be. Deriving from Gothenburg. Recently played with Totalt jävla mörker and then Link from Belgium. Both to fit great onto the sound of Myteri. Ten songs of misery and despair! (Alerta Antifascista Records)
  • Formed in the wealthy coastal town of Darien, Connecticut in the early 1980, hardcore punk band Vatican Commandos released their debut EP, Hit Squad For God, in 1983, followed swiftly by the "Just A Frisbee" EP. Recorded in the summer of 1984, shortly before their ultimate demise, the blistering 12'EP "Point Me To The End" captures the band at their most competent, bolstered by high production values, with a one-off poem by beat-punk poet Earl broadening the boundaries; this edition is made complete by the inclusion of crucial bonus tracks ‘Your World Is Flat’ and ‘Morality,’ from the ultra-rare compilation "Make It Work". Tracklist 1. 2000 Years (Of Superstition And Terror) 2. DWI (502) 3. What Can You Do 4. Same Old Day 5. What A Day (A Poem By Earl) 6. Point Me To The End Pt. 1 & 2 7. Your World Is Flat’ (Bonus track) 8. Morality (Bonus Track) (Radiation Records #181)
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    The third studio album from the easily loveable Boston based Celtic punk-rock band. "blends the sounds of 'Do or Die' and 'The Gang's All Here,'" and that "the Murphy’s skill is in blending their folk influences into their street punk sound, without losing the attitude and energy of the latter. This separates the band from acts with similar setups like Flogging Molly." - Punknews.org (Hellcat Records)
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    H B-otherSide records με χαρά ανακοινώνει την κυκλοφορία του άλμπουμ " Let There Be Chaos! 1995​-​2003" των Middle Fingers με ακυκλοφόρητο υλικό από το 1995-2003, σε συμπαραγωγή με την Wipe Out Records. Οι Middle Fingers ξεκίνησαν την πορεία τους το 1990 και έμειναν ενεργοί έως και το 1996 ενώ επανήλθαν το 2003 μέχρι και τις 16/07/2011 που έδωσαν το τελευταίο τους live. Ο ήχος του γκρουπ συνδύαζε με επιτυχία την αγάπη τους για το punk, με garage και indie rock πινελιές και αποτυπώθηκε σε ένα single E.P. το 1994 από την Lazy Dog αλλά και με την συμμετοχή τους σε συλλογές της εποχής (The Thing, Greek Punks Not Dead). Μετά από την εύρεση του master από το demo "Life is a shit" του 1996 με 9 tracks, αποφασίστηκε να κυκλοφορήσει σε βινύλιο το σύνολο του ακυκλοφόρητου υλικού των Middle Fingers, το οποίο περιλαμβάνει 5 tracks από το ακυκλοφόρητο "God is a man" E.P. του 2003 και 3 tracks από τις πρόβες για την ηχογράφηση του E.P. Ως bonus στον δίσκο περιλαμβάνεται cd με 22 ζωντανά ακυκλοφόρητα tracks της μπάντας από το live του 1995 στην Ιταλία, δηλαδή μια ολοκληρωμένη παρουσίαση του συνόλου του ηχογραφημένου έργου των Middle Fingers. Η έκδοση έχει γίνει σε 200 αριθμημένα αντίτυπα και περιλαμβάνει το cd με τα 22 ακυκλοφόρητα tracks καθώς και 4σελιδο έγχρωμο ένθετο με την βιογραφία του γκρουπ στα ελληνικά και αγγλικά και φωτογραφίες από το αρχείο τους. (B-Otherside ‎– BSR 150, Wipe Out! Records ‎– WOR 528)
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    Easy Weapons was the debut from North Carolina’s Public Acid. Originally self-released by the band in 2018 in a criminally small press of 300, LVEUM is proud to finally get it back in print. PUBLIC ACID’s debut is an extremely ugly, powerfully distorted record. Taking cues from the outer fringes of both Japanese and Italian hardcore punk and combining it with the weirdness of early primitive black metal, pushing the feedback, noise and performing intensity in to the red from the first note. PUBLIC ACID execute very idiosyncratic song writing. Full of memorable riffs that twist and turn on a constantly out of control ride, which gives it a very urgent feeling of confusion and chaos. The ferocity and out-there-ness of luminaries ala G.I.S.M. or PARABELLUM, and the immediacy of WRETCHED, NERORGASMO or SHOTGUN SOLUTION in the hell of a modern sui-generis punk album. (Tesco Holocaust) (La Vida Es Un Mus)
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    VIOLIN | same title | LP

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    A deranged cacophony straight out of London, England. On their debut, self-titled release, VIOLIN blend elements of Swedish masters TOTALITÄR and HEADCLEANERS with the muscle and swagger of Boston 82 and the panicked power of NYHC in the mid 80s. The end result is a Mind numbingly fast and concise pure hardcore punk that is all together contemporary, edging in at times on the learned idiocy of Toronto’s S.H.I.T. VIOLIN is the brainchild of Lindsay Corstorphine (SAUNA YOUTH, MONOTONY, PRIMITIVE PARTS etc) who has written, mixed and recorded everything on this stellar release, with the exception of the drums, here carried out by the inimitable Jonah Falco of FUCKED UP fame. Pinning Falco’s drumming to Corstorphine's vision has nailed a sound which is at once huge and perfectly audible, whilst remaining brutal and ugly in tone. There are moments of genuine innovation on display as is evident on the track ‘Empty Mind’ which begins with discordant noise, before building from a mid-paced swing into frantic lunacy, and then introducing a harrowing and unexpected synthesiser. The stark black and white artwork, carried out by Daniel David Freeman, provides a perfectly abstract and menacing back drop to this slab of primitive hardcore. ($arny) (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  • AMOK RECORDS is proud to release the first volume of a new compilation series. If you enjoyed former series like Killed by Death, Bloodstains or similar, this is a new one to discover rare, obscure but either great bands or songs of the 1990s. And if you enjoyed the 90s Punk and Hardcore szene anyway here you find some more gems which might have passed your attention in that century. This compilation needed around 4 years to get finished and a lot of effort was put into it. It is a labour of love. The tracks, with very few exceptions, won’t be available digitally from AMOK RECORDS. Volume 2 is already in the pipes and will get released in spring 2022. 100 copies in blue vinyl, limited edition. "Here we go…the collector scum are starting to figure out that the ’90s weren’t the lost decade after all. In the spirit of the KBD and Bloodstains comps, Amok delivers a collection of unheralded ’90s DIY punk and hardcore gems. OFFICIAL HOOLIGANS, MENSTRUAL TRAMPS, BLOODY MUTANTS, STALINS ORGAN, Japan’s the HECK, France’s BETTY BONDAGE, and ten more. Grab this shit, do your homework, and start scouring the bargain bins, because these are the bonzers of the next decade!" Reviewer Robert Collins, Issue MRR #462 • November 2021 A1 Ashley Von Hurter And The Haters– F.B.I. A2 Official Hooligans– Darby Crash A3 Shutdown – The Mechanic A4 Bloody Mutants– Beans and Chips A5 Vendabait– Crushing my World A6 The Wussies– Promised Land A7 Stalins Organ– Sex Girls A8 Kerbholz – Müller B1 Menstrual Tramps– Be a Man B2 Betty Bondage– Lolita B3 Fuck The Bureaucracy– Rise of the Counter Culture B4 Fathom Theory– You'll Never Know B5 Legend Killers – Questions B6 The Perturbed– For the People B7 X-O Toxins– Exxon B8 The Heck– I Need It Label: Amok Records
  • maximumrocknroll.com Aug 2019 "Man, these guys come out of the gates swinging, with a faster-paced, almost frenetic number. This is punk rock. Sure, it’s catchy, but it’s got this nervous energy that keeps the listener on edge. They keep up the pace for the entire record. This thing just shreds. At times I’m reminded of the DEAD BOYS, only amped up a tad. And just for the hell of it, they throw in a PAGANS cover. Excellent record." (KENNY KAOS) bigtakeover.com #85 "Where has all the punk rock gone? Well, if you’re seeking more than the typical mutual admiration society jerk-off that has become punk these days, look no further. Brooklyn’s MP don’t adhere to stylistic cues, don’t pander to their audience, and they don’t care what you think of them. What they do is play 10 songs in under 20 minutes with lightning speed, balance “tight” and “loose” like the best of any Killed by Death band, and do it better than your friend’s boring hardcore outfit that played five times in the past month. What do they sound like? Cleveland’s Pagans at 45. There’s no posturing, no begging you to thing they’re cool, no BS. You get these songs and you like ’em or you don’t. Now f off." (Alien Snatch! Records)
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    Iron Maiden’s 11th studio album, originally released in 1998. Includes “The Angel and the Gambler”. Remastered from the original analogue source to deliver the music to listeners exactly the way the Artist and recording engineer intended. Gatefold. Records come in printed inner sleeves. The remasters are the 2015 digital remasters (Parlophone ‎– 0190295851996)
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    The MC5 were one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands to emerge in the 1960s, and the number of individuals who respect and revere the music they recorded and released in their heyday has multiplied over the years. If you aren’t already worshipping at the altar of the band’s first three albums, well, now’s the perfect time to change that, because Rhino has just reissued them in a 3-LP boxset. TOTAL ASSAULT: 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is a limited-edition boxed set that features all three of the band’s albums pressed on colored vinyl: KICK OUT THE JAMS (red vinyl) BACK IN THE USA (white vinyl) HIGH TIME (blue vinyl The albums come in sleeves that faithfully re-create the original releases, including gatefolds for Kick Out The Jams and High Times. All three are housed in a hard slipcase with new art and previously unseen photographs by world renowned photographer Raeanne Rubenstein. The set also includes a new essay by Creem magazine founding editor/writer Jaan Uhelszki. TOTAL ASSAULT rocks hard. Go get a copy right now, so you can kick out the jams yourself. (Rhino Records – R1 572454 , Elektra – R1 572454 , Atlantic – R1 572454)
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    DAF | 1st step to heaven | LP/Gold Vinyl

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    DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) is an influential German electropunk band from Düsseldorf (Germany). The band claimed not to target anything while writing lyrics, but to surround around Delgado-López's fascination with the sound of particular words. While recording their album Für Immer, the band split up. After four years the band got back together and released 1st Step To Heaven , which was (and still is) their only album in English. DAF received a lot of acclaim after this release. John Peel called them “the Grandfathers of Techno” and House music pioneer Adonis stated that the album was “House before there was House”. 1st Step To Heaven is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on translucent gold coloured vinyl and includes an insert. 180 gram audiophile vinyl Heavyweight sleeve with leather laminate finish Includes insert 1986 album incl. the singles “Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi” and “Brothers” a.o. House music pioneer Adonis quotes “1st Step To Heaven was House before there was House“ (Music On Vinyl)
  • GAGULTA | gagulta | LP

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    Sound Effect Records presents the debut album of Greek doom/sludge/noise ensemble Gagulta! Gagulta in Aramaic ܓܓܘܠܬܐ‎‎ means "the place of a skull" (or kraniou topos/κρανίου τόπος in Greek) and it came from the Hebrew word gulgōleṯ which means "skull". The band was born and established in Athens around 2017. Gagulta started as a side project band between friends and members of CORPSES (punk-hardcore/death n roll) and HOUSE ANXIETY(sludgecore). Just a month before the recordings of their self titled album around late 2017 the band began organizing their first diy show in the basement of a well known pizza place right in the heart of downtown Athens center. The place was packed and chaotic followed by two more local gigs where they played along with the German sludgers WEEEDWOLF and some months later at the Temple club in Athens they opened for the legendary sludge pioneers EYEHATEGOD from New Orleans of the US gaining astonishing live reviews from every Webzine that published the live report of this show! The recordings of their self titled full length debut album took place on the first days of 2018 at Illusions Recording Studio followed by the release of a limited hand pulled screenprinted cassette tape via Fuzz Ink Records and a local full house live release show! The album review section of the Greek Metal Hammer magazine rated the bands self titled debut with 8/10 mentioning GAGULTA's music as "heavyweight sludge doom with a punk infusion" and the review headline was "Longdive into the mud" which is as close as it gets to what the band is all about: heavy and sludgie riffs with a doom aesthetic, crusty breaks and blackened vocals! Sound Effect Records will release and distribute their self titled debut album this time on 12" vinyl. A local club vinyl release show will follow around fall/winter of 2022 and of course their next step will be the release of their newest 2 track Ep which is ready to be mixed and mastered at Ignite Studios. Label: Sound Effect Records
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    The Outsiders were formed in Wimbledon, UK in 1976. Their 'Calling You' album was the first DIY LP released world-wide after the explosion of Buzzcocks first 7" but Outsiders's LP is the first DIY punk full length. Adrian Borland together with Bob Lawrence and Adrian James formed the band and recorded and released this first LP on the Raw Edge Label on May 1977. A brilliant combination of the first punk's steps mixed with some rock and also some hard-rock moments in the vein of The Stooges, Modern Lovers and Peter Perrett's Only Ones. (Mad Butcher Records)
  • Our attempt to achieve the sound of the Sonics first album with extra raw drums recorded live In Long Beach Ca. Shawn Medina (bass player) did all the guitar playing aside from Wic Coleman (close friend and honorary member) the solo for “Velvet” on a big box 100watt JMP Marshall and 1968 Burns Bison. Johnny had left the band after co-writing and performing most of the songs on this album.***Action was written with the plans to have Poison Ivy play the lead. It was discussed, but never became a reality.Todd Youth (formerly of Agnostic Front/Warzone/Murphys Law/Danzig) joined the band shortly after. (Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
  • No Love Lost is our favorite track…originally by Joy Division but with a “Angels Hard as they come” approach. This album was as close as we were ever going to get as an “original Lineup”. Johnny DeVilla came back after a hiatus, and Micheal Davis (MC5) joined the band. Recorded at Woody Jackon’s world famous studio located in Nichols canyon Hollywood California. Laurent Bagnard graced us with bad ass photos of the band. Johnny DeVilla’s wife Jamie posed for the album cover on Eric Or’s of the Cretins Motorcycle Club Norton Commando. Artwork by Sergio Palami. (Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
  • Blessed By Perversion was created in mid 2010 inspired by death metal and extreme music. The band released their first EP called Destroy the Image of God in 2012. After many gigs and the addition of a new member Blessed By Perversion was ready to record their first full length album Between Roots And Darkness which is an old school feeling death metal album with a lot of melodic parts. The album was released in 2016 via Razed Soul Productions and received great reviews from metal sites and magazines from around the world. Now with a new drummer and with more consistency than ever, Blessed By Perversion is releasing anew masterpiece of pure death metal with old influences of American (Deicide, Morbid Angel, Monstrosity) and European (Sinister, Obsecration or Soulskinner) death metal creates “Remnant Of Existence” 6 songs of pure metal of death (Iron, Blood & Death Corp. ‎– IBDC666117}
  • VERY LIMITED VINYL PRESSING. The artwork for A Mind Is A Terrible Thing has been updated by Ross Sewage (Impale, Exhume) and remastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering. CHRIST ON PARADE started in 1985, rising from the ashes of local bands Treason and Teenage Warning. Like much of the punk music at the time, they had an intensely political edge and very serious lyrical approach. The "Peace Punk" scene of the early ‘80s Bay Area -- typified by local bands like PLH, Treason, Trial, Crucifix, and Atrocity, and heavily influenced by British anarcho-punk -- had a formative influence on many bands in the scene including CHRIST ON PARADE. CHRIST ON PARADE coalesced into a unique hybrid of influences that could have only happened in the venue / living space that most of the members dwelled in, Emeryville's New Method warehouse. At that time, a lot of the Oakland punks were into the almost "prog-punk" stylings of bands like the Subhumans, Santa Rosa's Victim's Family, and the darkly paranoid spasms of England's Rudimentary Peni. Musicianship had become a virtue rather than a non-issue. Punk musicians around the Bay were beginning to put in the hours of practice. This confluence of sounds and ideas, and the fact that the East Bay was awash with LSD in those days, led to CHRIST ON PARADE's classic LP, A Mind Is A Terrible Thing. The emotional expression found in A Mind Is A Terrible Thing is not so much angry as agonized. The album is a demonology of the dark undercurrent beneath the relentlessly inane and superficial ‘80s. Noah Landis's feral vocals and grindstone guitar spearhead the LP with second guitarist Doug Kearney, bass player Malcolm Sherwood,and drummer Todd Kramer turning in an equal number of distinctive songs and performances . The result is brooding and angular, often catchy but never poppy. The production is raw, but this unvarnished quality serves the music rather than detracts from it. The songs feature more or less straight-ahead thrashers like "Kill Your Landlord," apocalyptic post-punk like "Riding The Flatland," and many examples of CHRIST ON PARADE's trademark, genre-defying hellscapes like "Power" and "Teach Your Children Well." CHRIST ON PARADE's headlined the first show at Berkeley’s 924 Gilman Street, the venue that would usher in a new era of poppier punk and safer spaces. The band continued for a couple years, going through member changes and releasing more great material before finally breaking up in 1989. As America's current political and cultural climate goes from bad to worse, A Mind Is A Terrible Thingsounds better, deeper and more relevant with each passing day. -- Jesse Michaels (Neuroot Records)
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    Two of the most exciting current Punk/Oi! bands sharing a piece of wax? Fuck yeah! Here you have 2 new tracks of Mexico’s MESS and England’s THE CHISEL delivering more of their finesse, anthemic tunes and raw aggression in a perfect balance, 4 memorable tracks masterly executed with an eye on the British sounds of the early 80’s. Jacket and insert artwork by Nicky Rat Inner bag, labels and sticker artwork by Pablo Fernández MESS side recorded, mixed and mastered at Casa Gorrión by Abraham. Drums at Estudio Barba Negra. THE CHISEL side recorded at TRC Dalston by Jonah Falco, mixed by Atko at The Stationhouse, mastered by Arthur Rizk. Jackets made on a 320gr recycled cardstock Inner bags made on a 240gr recycled cardstock Includes insert and sticker. (Mendeku Diskak)
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    An amazing showcase of disco, electro, funk, and more from the USSR 1979-1990. A mind-blowing introduction to the obscure world of soviet dance music. 12 tracks of pure soviet disco fever. Alright, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a weird trip to the dancefloor, to a time when the Soviet Union -- still alive and under the flag of the hammer and sickle -- managed to produce some wonderfully odd and hypnotic disco hits, mutant funk smashers and electro hip breakers. Coming from all over the huge landscape that the USSR was, the artists on this killer compilation showcase a variety of visions on the subject of shaking the ass that will surprise even the most cynical connoisseur of the genre. Features Mirdza Zivere, Оригинал, Anzhelina Petrosova / Анжелина Петросова, Pervouralsk / Первоуральск, Güljan Hümmedowa / Гүльджан Хүммедова, Roza Rymbaeva / Роза Рымбаева, Махфират Ҳамрақулова & Гульшан, Janina Misčiukaitė, Verasy, Formula Dreyka / Формула Дрейка, Eolika, and Raduga / Радуга (Aberrant Records – ABERR07)
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    The brand new studio album from the UK punk rock icons who inspired everyone from Metallica to Rancid, the ever-defiant Anti-Nowhere League! Indomitable frontman and founder Animal leads the band through 13 superb new tracks including a heartfelt ode to UK Subs singer Charlie Harper (“Uncle Charlie”) and the soon-to-be barroom classic “God Bless Alcohol!” The band will be hitting the road as a part of the hugely popular Punk Rock Bowling Festival along with Buzzcocks, Millencolin, Descendents, and more! (Papagájův Hlasatel Records – PH 257)
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    Vinyl version of the 2016 studio from the true legends of Manchester UK punk rock, Slaughter & The Dogs! Featuring founding members, guitarist Mick Rossi and vocalist Wayne Barrett, Vicious includes 11 blistering new songs plus a killer version of T-Rex’s “Bang A Gong (Get It On)!” Known as the band who headlined the historic 1976 Lesser Free Trade Hall show featuring The Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks, SATD went on to release the now classic Do It Dog Style album in 1978 which contained the all-time favorites “Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?” and “Dame To Blame!” (Papagájův Hlasatel Records – PH 257)
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    Limited edition issued on 180 gram oxblood vinyl, housed in single glossy jacket with transparent plastic inner sleeve. Tracklist A Fistful Of Dollars A1 Overture for a Fistful of Dollars 2:58 A2 Almost Dead 1:42 A3 Square Dance 1:35 A4 The Chase 2:25 A5 The Result 2:37 A6 Without Pity 2:08 A7 For a Fistful of Dollars 1:49 For A Few Dollars More B1 Sixty Seconds to What? 3:06 B2 Ace High 1:20 B3 The Watchers are Being Watched 2:03 B4 The Vice of Killing 2:26 B5 The Musical Pocket Watch 1:12 B6 The Showdown 2:22 B7 Goodbye Colonel 1:46 B8 For a Few Dollars More 2:50 (Klimt Records – MJJ413CR)
  • Long Before Day is the new full length LP on Wild Honey Records from Deniz Tek, co-founder and chief songwriter of the Australian iconic band Radio Birdman and prolific solo artist. The new album features Deniz’s vocals and signature guitar playing, complemented and interlaced with the guitar work of Anne Tek. The hard driving rhythm engine of veteran Bob Brown on bass and Keith Streng (from The Fleshtones) on drums provide a rock steady foundation, with “roll” included. The twelve all new and original songs cover a wide spectrum of tempo and emotion. Taking One For The Team evokes Exile period Stones. Truck and Roll channels Chuck Berry. Speak of Ice is an introspective dreamscape inspired by fourteenth century Persian poetry and Howlin’ Wolf. Ain’t Gonna (Stand for That) is a revolutionary anthem. Where is a soulful reckoning that the hour is late. Recorded on tape, Long Before Day evokes vintage sonic values. Old-school recording techniques bring spontaneity and a genuine live feel to the sessions. Long Before Day will certainly satisfy diehard fans of Deniz’s guitar work, but also extends the art form in new and unexpected directions. It will find many new listeners among those who care for uncompromising authenticity. Produced and Engineered by Bob Brown Mixed by Andy Bradley. ((Wild Honey Record)
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    Live At Convention Center Texas June 8 1983. Tracklist Side 1 1. "Heading Out To The Highway" (4:15) 2. "Desert Plains" (4:26) 3. "Devil's Child" (5:57) 4. "The Hellion - Electric Eye" (4:40) 5. "Screaming For Vengeance" (4:04) Side 2 1. "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" (4:37) 2. "Breaking The Law" (6:48) 3. "Sinner" (6:00) 4. "Living After Midnight" (4:27) 5. "Hell Bent For Leather" (5:05) (Mind Control/Unofficial Release)
  • Long before any Ramones’ style resurgence, the torch of pop punk worldwide was held by three bands on the SST sublabel Cruz records: All, Big Drill Car, and Chemical People. This compilation collects Chemical People’s early singles, issued between 1988 and 1989 on their own 2” Pecker Records, along with some bonus cuts recorded live at CBGB’s in 1989. Featuring double sided insert and a 60x40 cm folded poster with an exclusive band photo by Robert John. (Hey Suburbia Records)  
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    Originally issued on Thirteen Records from Sao Paulo in 1997, ‘Back To Basics’ is the second album by Rio De Janeiro punk legends Carbona. Widely considered the peak of the whole Ramones-core made in Brasil movement, this groundbreaking album is released on vinyl for the first time ever. Featuring one bonus track and double sided lyrics insert included. (Hey Suburbia Records)
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    ‘Pandemonium’ – originally released in 1984 and partially recorded inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, this is KJ’s biggest-selling album to date. The Re-issued double LP version – featuring new cover artwork from designer Mike Coles – stays true to the original track-listing, with both of the celebrated Cybersank Re-mixes for ‘Pandemonium’ & ‘Millennium’ included. (Spinefarm Records)  
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    YLEISET SYYT | toisten todellisuus | LP

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    “Toisten Todellisuus” compiles two 7”s by Helsinki, Finland’s YLEISET SYYT: their self-titled EP, originally released in 2019, and 2021’s “Umpikujamekanismi”. Despite members playing in well-known underground Finnish bands like KOHTI TUHOA and FORESEEN, YLEISET SYYT has flown under the radar in the Anglophone world, with only a small fraction of their records’ tiny pressings making it outside Finland. Fortunately for you, the hardcore fanatics at Sorry State and La Vida Es Un Mus have our ears to the ground, and we agreed that a band this killer deserves a much wider audience. YLEISET SYYT’s sound is both blistering and anthemic, moving nimbly from full-throttle rippers like “Hygieeninen Ruumis” to tracks like “Hyväntekijä” and “Luovan Keskiluokan Takapihalla,” whose big chorus hooks could have anchored a Riot City or No Future A-side. The combination of ferocious performances and songwriting chops might remind you of older Finnish bands like LAMA, MELLAKKA, and APPENDIX, but MINOR THREAT, THE FIX, and NECROS are equally apt comparisons. If you like your early 80s-style hardcore tightly-wound, razor-sharp, and bristling with hooks, you’re gonna love “Toisten Todellisuus” as much as we do (Daniel Lupton) (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  • It takes BALTA seven minutes to annihilate Rendszerszint? Agybasz?ás (Systematic Brainfucking), the debut EP by these feral Hungarians. Their approach to music is beyond urgent and their delivery equally drastic. BALTA’s sound is vicious, pounding and hectic. With one of the nastiest guitar tones to grace these ears in recent memory, and a drumming style that may collapse at any giving moment. Drawing parallels with PIÑEN, ULSTER, the first TRANQUILIZER Flexi, PLASMID or IMAGEN is fair, giving the total disregard for melody or time the band displays. But it is their anti-authoritarian lyrics and uber punk attitude that sets them on their own path; Searching for a primitive future amongst the concrete ruins. Label: La Vida Es Un Mus
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    At last, ‘In the Shadow of the Bomb’, the pummelling new single from Rat Cage is back in print after a limited lathe run on Lughole Records last year. The A side is a Burning Spirits style ripper, inspired by a trip Hiroshima and witnessing the devastating long lasting effects that nuclear war has on a city and country. ‘In the Shadow’ sonically nods to classic Japanese hardcore, but still maintains the typical Rat Cage blend of Scandi/UK punk. On the flip side, ‘Scared Of The Truth’, is a political mid pace stomper that rumbles with power in a State Violence, State Control fashion, while somehow also sounding like Out Cold at their most rocking. A glimpse through the cracks as to what’s coming next from Rat Cage in 2023. (La Vida Es Un Mus)
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    In the summer of 1982, an already burgeoning scene in Richmond, VA saw the arrival of some new blood in the form of GRAVEN IMAGE. Taking both inspiration and influence from the hardcore punk explosion that was well underway all over the world, these youngsters who met at a local skate ramp channeled their aggression through the no bullshit hardcore punk that they churned out in their few years of existence. Having shared the stage with a veritable who's who of punk at the time (BAD BRAINS, MINOR THREAT, NECROS, C.O.C., VOID, THE FU's, etc) throughout the Mid-Atlantic, the band's explosive live performance fronted by the powerful and charismatic Dwayne Curd was evidence that they could hold their own when billed with the aforementioned titans of the genre. "THE STUDIO SESSIONS: '82-'83" features the entirety of GI's recorded studio output - first from the "YOUR SKULL IS MY BOWL" session circa fall of 1982 that became the extremely rare and sought after split tape with fellow local juvenile upstarts HONOR ROLE, and lastly from the "KICKED OUT OF THE SCENE" EP session that was recorded in 1983 and released the following year, plus some previously unreleased tracks from each of the studio outings that yielded these 22 tracks of USHC fury! Carefully transferred and restored from the original reels, each record comes with a 12 page booklet chock full of photos, flyers and even some liner notes from guitarist Nick Smilek and drummer Joey Boisineau. For admirers of early American Hardcore and not much else. (Beach Impediment Records)
  • ROKKER | same title | LP

    22.00 incl. tax
    Welcome to one of Punk Rocks most peculiar and best hidden secrets: ROKKER! Their oddball 1980 Album on Owl Records with 10 enthusiastic raunchy lo-fi cuts is one of the definitive Punk Rock mystery albums out there sold for absurd prices. The songs of the album have been traded on DIY cassette compilations for ages but very rarely you met someone who had the actual record. The relentless teenage symphonies on the platter deal about being a ROKKER having to put up with all the wankers out there, tall sugar girls and Punk Rock themes like anger in classroom, being disconnected or having the Rock fever. The records alltime outright Überhit – Who's a Punk? Your Mother! is the bizzare portrayal of the American middle class “happy family” in the 70's. Listening to these hymns no one would ever think that ROKKER actually had two “careers” up their sleeves in parallel: A Country'n'Blues band in the bright light of day and a fierce Punk Rock band by night. This double burden took its toll somewhen in the early 80's and ROKKER passed over into the happy hunting grounds. A fate shared with so many great bands of the 70's and 80's. (Bachelor REcords)
  • HALSHUG | sort sin | CD

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    2nd album from raw d-beat punk destroyers. “Sort Sind” (Black Mind) is for fiends of: Discharge, Skitsystem. Pure Mayhem! “Sort Sind” and the songs are reflections on fragments of the human experience expressed in the form of hardcore punk. The music is pure hardcore punk, no intended cross-overs or fusions. In the style of the bands EP and first LP, the style is scandinavian d-beat punk with many mid-tempo breakdowns and a few stomp-punk passages along the way. Differently from the last two releases (the LP Blodets Bånd on Southern Lord recs. and Dödkontrol on D-beat & Raw Punk recs.) the fast parts on this album aren’t as fast or as blasting, but turned slightly down to a more groovy d-beat. Some crusty references still occur, but riffs and leads on this album aren’t as orthodox to the scandinavian style as an the former releases. Label: Southern Lord Records
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    Drawing from the bands 21 years’ experience, this album is set to solidify Darkest Hour’s legacy as a metal power house. Raw as all hell, musically complex, melodic, yet cutting with razor blade precision, Darkest Hour’s 9th full length record, Godless Prophets and the Migrant Flora is fierce and hungry for blood. Label: Southern Lord Recordings Barcode: 808720023923
  • Caspar Brötzmann Massaker’s masterful debut album from 1988 – remastered. The power trio’s blunt force execution is directed by Brötzmann’s explosive and exquisite six string conjuration. Channeling Hendrixian vibrations mixed with hard German industrial atmosphere Label: Southern Lord Records Barcode: 808720025910
  • Caspar Brötzmann Massaker’s masterful second album from 1989 – remastered. The power trio’s blunt force execution is directed by Brötzmann’s explosive and exquisite six string conjuration. Channeling Hendrixian vibrations mixed with hard German industrial atmosphere. (Southern Lord Records)
  • PYRE | human hecatomb | LP

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    Russian death metallers PYRE release a new vinyl edition of their acclaimed debut album “Human Hecatomb” via Dawnbreed records and Nuclear Winter Records. Originally released in 2014 by Chaos Records, the album will at last see a new vinyl rerelease on October 14th, 2022. This new vinyl pressing will be limited to 500 copies (200 silver / 300 black). Once the trademark Swedish sound was established in the world of death metal, there truly was no turning back. In the decades since its first offensive, it has spread to virtually every corner of the world with bands all over bringing glory to the sound with ripping solos and chugging riffs that make for ultimate evisceration, but few in the underground can compare to the unparalleled mastery of PYRE! These absolute titans have all but perfected the concept to their own ends with every effort an occasion of the cataclysm that is not to be missed with “Human Hecatomb” but one chapter out of a greater prophecy of skies raining blood and bone piercing the earth. Nobody is safe from this unyielding, uncaring onslaught of supreme riffage that is paired devilishly with a manic energy that not only takes the Swedish sound beyond its homeland but to a great new horizon where there is naught but corpses to find in its wake as the cult of PYRE follows closely behind. Right from the beginning, it’s made clear that PYRE is not interested in leaving survivors or even a shred of light in the universe once one comes to the end of “Human Hecatomb” with even its final fading notes an omen of future massacres to come, for even then… it’s only a matter of time before the beast returns to conquer the realm. A Death Metal classic that is on par with the legendary early works of Dismember, Entombed, Edge Of Sanity! (Nuclear Winter Records)
  • Οι My Turn είναι από τα συγκροτήματα της Ελληνικής DIY σκηνής που δουλεύουν πολύ σκληρά τα τελευταία χρόνια, με αμέτρητες συναυλίες στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό. Το "Modern Life's Massacre" είναι ο νέος τους δίσκος.
  • Rough, ultra-crude Mexican fuzzcore punks! Formed in the late ’80s in Mexico State, AUTARKIA were mostly active from 1990 to 1994 releasing 3 tapes, one of which would become their cult full length “Punk’s al slam”, later published on CD and LP. Here’s the official reissue of their debut demo 1993 originally entitled “Sociedad autosuficiente”, recorded prior to “Punk’s al slam”. For the first time on vinyl, mastered from the band’s tapes. Absurdly raw 2-chords tupa tupa hardcore in pure latino-american tradition, recommended if you also like M.E.L.I., MASACRE 68, KAGADA DE PERRO and similar. 16 TRACKS! Includes full colored booklet with lyrics, rare photos and flyers. Made in collaboration with Mierdas Production from Mexico. Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies. (F.O.A.D. Records)
  • The return of this veteran metallic hardcore unit, detonatic ears with their thrash-fueled aggression since 1988! 10 songs, brand new studio recordings from 2022. One of the earliest Japanese HC bands to introduce crust elements in their sound combining them with a solid metal/punk edge… this new album, following their classic debut “The final solution…” (1989) recently reissued by FOAD Records and mid 90’s opus “Agonized cry” (more leaning towards Amebix/Antisect influences), keeps their banner high with viciously addictive riffs and vitriolic vocals that bring memories back to their early days. The band features Noboru “Jero” Sakuma of Abigail/Gorgon on 4-string artillery. LP with OBI strip and insert. Black vinyl limited to 250 copies. (F.O.A.D. Records)
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    180 Gram Black Vinyl 2-LP reissue of Iron Maiden's 14th studio album, has been out of print on LP in the US for over 8 years * Originally released in 2006, this was Iron Maiden's 1st album to reach the Top 10 on the US Billboard Top 200, peaking at #9 * Features the singles "The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg" and "Different World". (Parlophone ‎– 0190295851958 )
  • “Reminder leaps into now-time with the debut EP from TUXEDO CATS, a crisp NYC unit possessing an almost cartoonish punky pedigree. This brand-new clowder, comprised of heroes from APACHE, TOUGH SHITS, DANCER and Human Being Lawnmower artiste Avi Spivak, takes absolutely no shit, wastes zero time and flat-out rules from the jump. Recalling their dandiest Dancer moments, tuff-guy gurus Dee Dee and Omar trade vocals across four dripping tongue-in-cheek odes to fast living, each delivered with an authentic dual-guitar pump that’s expertly welded with hooks. It’s a charged-up re-channeling of so many classic greats: HEARTBREAKERS, RUBBER CITY REBELS, ZEROS, the elite league. Out The Bag has that certified scuzz, strategically sweetened for your pleasure. Get ready to punk out with the passion, in the highest fashion!” - Mitch Cardwell (Reminder Records)


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