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    THE SONICS | boom | LP

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    We follow or recent reissue of “Here Are The Sonics!” with a 180g black vinyl replica of “Boom”, the band’s second album. Originally released in 1966 on Etiquette Records in wonderful mono, “Boom” still does much more than merely deliver on the promise of their debut. Few records have ever packed as much of a musical punch from start to finish, offering a representation of what the Sonics must have sounded like at the peak of their powers. Recorded in the most glorious no-fi you could ever wish for, and with anthemic originals such as ‘Cinderella’ and ‘He’s Waitin’’ vying for attention with what is possibly the most violent version of ‘Louie Louie’ there will ever be, “Boom” is an album that has always justified the esteem in which it is held by collectors around the globe. All the modern bumph like barcodes and whatnot is on a disposable sticker, leaving your copy of “Boom” as original as possible. (Big Beat Records)
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    First ever fully authorized reissue of GISM's landmark debut 'Detestation' prepared in direct cooperation with the group's mastermind Sakevi. Includes an A3 sized poster and Japanese style OBI strip. Relapse Records is proud to announce the first ever fully-authorized reissue of GISM's landmark debut LP, Detestation. Originally released in 1983, Detestation has since remained one of the most innovative, bewildering, extreme, and wildly influential albums in the punk and metal canon. To say Destestation was ahead of its time would be a huge understatement--it incorporated elements from so many genres: hardcore, punk, heavy metal, glam, thrash, industrial, and experimental. It was almost as if listeners didn’t know what to do with the record’s music but gravitated to it nonetheless as they recognized it was something unique and special. Maximum Rocknroll’s Jay Bentley’s 1984 review of Detestation made that sentiment clear, describing the record as "Churning Metal- punk, or perhaps even speed-metal, depending on where you draw the distinction. GISM are undoubtebly a heavy metal band who've been heavily influenced by hardcore, but the music is so intense and the vocals so ominous that even Im in a state of shock. These guys make VENOM sound like the KNACK, especially on side 1." *This product is designed to be a replica of the original LP released in 1983. Any spelling or design errors are consistent with how the record was originally presented* (Relapse Records)
  • Now available on vinyl !!! ON'T BBC 80-82 is a collection of BBC recordings that was released earlier this year on a very limited CD issued by the band's Society Records. THE DANSE SOCIETY was born in Barnsley, UK in 1980 and is celebrating its 40 th birthday this year with a new album and this compilation of early days recordings which show the great potential of a band which will become an essential act of the Gothic Rock movement. This compilation features twelve songs taken from two BBC PEEL sessions, the frst was recorded in 1981 and the second one in 1982. Two other songs are from an appearance on BBC2 programme 'Riverside'. And last but not least, it features the earliest recording of the band, then called 'Danse Crazy' on the Futurama 2 festival High quality vinyl repress housed in black inner sleeve, thick outer sleeve and including insert sheet with band pictures. (Restless Empire Records)  
  • 40th Anniversary/ Heavyweight 180 Gram Vinyl. 'The Number of The Beast' is the first of Iron Maiden's 4 consecutive classic releases, and an absolutely essential piece in any metal fan's collection. For those not familiar with the metal genre, this is an excellent place to start, especially if they are familiar with the heavier bands of 70s rock, such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, and the Who. This album marks long-time singer Bruce Dickinson's debut with the band, and he makes his mark quickly as Maiden pulls away from the punk influence of former vocalist Paul Di'Anno (who was kicked out of the band for his descent into alcoholism), and adopts the style that will make them pioneers in the genre. Steve Harris really steps into his own as a songwriter on this album, as both the lyrics and music become increasingly complex and showcase the instrumental talent of the band on a level that Maiden's two previous albums, while strong in their own right, just never reached.
    ( Parlophone – 2564625240)
  • The debut album from 1969 was immense, but nothing could quite prepare you for the brutal masterpiece that is Funhouse. It is something that is neither pretty nor wholesome, and it succeeds almost entirely on the powerful chemistry at work. Iggy screams, shouts, yelps, and grunts over a barrage of simplistic music with simplistic lyrics and, at times, no music at all (La Blues). Other great tunes present here are Down on the Street, the excellent opener, 1970, a perfect proto-punk anthem, and the title track, simply one of the finest, rawest, most visceral songs ever recorded. This is one of the best albums of all time. if you have any blood in your veins, buy a copy and you won't be disappointed.


    A1 Down On The Street 3:42
    A2 Loose 3:33
    A3 T.V. Eye 4:17
    A4 Dirt 7:00
    B1 1970 5:15
    B2 Fun House 7:46
    B3 L.A. Blues 4:55
    C1 T.V. Eye (Takes 7 & 8) 6:01
    C2 Loose (Take 2) 3:42
    C3 Down On The Street (Take 8) 4:08
    C4 Dirt (Take 4) 7:08
    D1 Lost In The Future (Take 1) 5:49
    D2 1970 (Take 3) 7:27
    D3 Fun House (Take 2) 9:14
  • Solid black vinyl ltd to 500 copies. Double LP + CD + DVD + book + extra casewrapped box. A work of love and dedication, the result of an incredible journey from the F.O.A.D. headquarters to a remote country-town in the middle of the Hokkaidō island, northern Japan, to meet the band members and put together the most exhaustive collection of all their available recordings, spanning from 1985 to 1987. Here you get the ultra-complete discography of HUMAN GAS, including a lot of unreleased material… Musically, this is some of the rawest and most violent Hardcore ever spawned from the darkest lairs of the ’80s Japanese underground. Tracks from the split 7″ with Stali Nism (1985), “Noice and Hardcore” 1st Demo (1986), “Explosives” 2nd Demo (1986), tracks from “Street Punk in Obihiro” Omnibus tape (1986), “Lack luster” 3rd Demo + extra studio songs (1987), unreleased studio jam session with members of Human Gas + Stali Nism + Middle Class (1987). Plus there’s an extra CD with a soundboard live take from 1986 that sounds killer, assorted live recordings 1986-1987 and an instrumental version of their cult Demo “Explosives“. And to complete the massacre, you’ll also find a DVD with two complete live sets (their only gig in Sapporo, “Bessie Hall“, 1987 and one in Obihiro’s “Rocking Hall“, 1987) showing these raging maniacs in action. 79 TRACKS!! All this mastered from 1st generation sources provided by the band, transferred and restored with total care and attention to detail at Toxic Basement Studio. Trifold jacket housed in a casewrapped outer boxset, 24 page full colored booklet with loads of rare photos, flyers, memorabilia and some brief liner notes put together talking with the band members. Named after a Kuro song, Human Gas were the most destructive and iconic Northern Japan’s answer to the noisy and violent Noise/Punk scene that was growing in the opposite side of the country with bands like Gai, Confuse and Kuro themselves! Add the fact that their songs were more structured, solid and as the title of this anthology suggests: violent. The Hokkaidō area is definitely one of the most fascinating and mysterious when it comes to early pioneers of the Japanese Hardcore panorama… L.S.D., 畜生, Slang, Tranquillizer, Deef, , F.U.P., Gaizin, Napalm, Noise-Decay and many more were all based there. Human Gas still stands as one of the most respected names for their genuine anger and the highly original and influential musical approach. (F.O.A.D. Records)
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    "Περνάγανε αμάξια απ' την πλατεία στα Εξάρχεια και χωνόμασταν μέσα στ' αυτοκίνητο με το κεφάλι και τους τρομάζαμε! Μας βλέπαν έτσι, με τις μοϊκάνες, σου λένε "Παναγία μου, τι 'ναι τούτοι!""... Το πανκ είναι μια νεανική μουσική υποκουλτούρα που εμφανίστηκε στη Νέα Υόρκη το 1975, κατέστη κοινωνικά ορατή με σκανδαλώδη τρόπο στο Λονδίνο το 1976 και μεταφέρθηκε στην Αθήνα το 1979. Οι πρώτοι Αθηναίοι πανκς, με την ακραία εμφάνιση και την επιθετική συμπεριφορά τους προσπάθησαν να διακωμωδήσουν τα μικροαστικά ήθη, να αμφισβητήσουν τη μεταπολιτευτική πολιτική συναίνεση, να διαταράξουν τη δημόσια ευταξία, να μολύνουν τα πατροπαράδοτα χαρακτηριστικά της ελληνικότητας, να ανατρέψουν τις αισθητικές αξίες και να ανασκευάσουν τη διάχυτη πίστη στην ανάπτυξη και τη συνεχή βελτίωση της ζωής. Κατόπιν, οι νεαροί αυτοί δημιούργησαν συγκροτήματα, ομάδες συναυλιών, δίκτυα διανομής φανζίν, δίσκων και κασετών, καταλήψεις και αναδείχθηκαν σε ενεργά μέλη της εγχώριας αντικουλτούρας και βασικός πυλώνας του ανταγωνιστικού κινήματος. Η παρούσα μελέτη, η οποία κινείται στο πλαίσιο της προφορικής ιστορίας και της κοινωνικής ανθρωπολογίας, προχωρά πέρα από τον "σημειολογικό ανταρτοπόλεμο" του πανκ και τη μικροϊστορία των μητροπολιτικών φυλών και ερευνά την ένταξη στη σκηνή πανκ της Αθήνας ως πολιτισμική δήλωση, πολιτική υπαγωγή και κοινωνική εμπειρία. Μέσα, λοιπόν, από τις αφηγήσεις ζωής πρώην και εν ενεργεία μελών της σκηνής, παρουσιάζεται ο ρόλος που παίζουν στο σύγχρονο περιβάλλον αυτές οι συλλογικότητες και τα δίκτυα κατοχύρωσης της ετερότητας, τα οποία διεκδικούν τη χειραφέτησή τους από την επίσημη κοινωνική αφήγηση. Και, φυσικά, ο δυναμικός τρόπος που το πετυχαίνουν αυτό. (Από την παρουσίαση στο οπισθόφυλλο του βιβλίου) Συγγραφέας: Γιάννης Κολοβός Έτος Έκδοσης: 2015 Σελίδες: 664 (ΑΠΡΟΒΛΕΠΤΕΣ ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ)
  • SARABANTE | remnants | CD

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    Sarabante is a hardcore/crust band from Athens, Greece. “Remnants” is the bands debut release. The band was brought to the attention of Southern Lord by Brad Boatright of From Ashes Rise. This makes perfect sense as Sarabante has a similar burning intensity that can be heard from those legends. One of the primary focal points of the group is their consistent execution of infectious melodies. This cd is limited to 1,000 machine numbered copies. For fiends of: Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Neurosis. (Southern Lord Recordings)
  • Bad Religion has become synonymous with intelligent and provocative West Coast punk rock and are considered one of the most influential and important bands in the genre. Over the past three decades the band has continually pushed social boundaries and questioned authority and beliefs armed only with propulsive guitars, charging drumbeats, thoughtful lyrics and an undying will to inspire and provoke anyone who will listen. No Substance is the tenth album from Bad Religion, and a return to form for the band. First released in 1998, the album features popular singles “Raise Your Voice ”, “Shades of Truth “ and “The Biggest Killer In American History.” (Epitaph Records/2013)
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    Edition on 180-gram vinyl. Nailbomb was a mid-'90s side project of Sepultura's Max Cavalera and producer/engineer Alex Newport. Originally issued in 1994 by Roadrunner, 'Point Blank' is their only studio album. It combines the thrash-metal fury of Sepultura with the robotic industrial clangor of Fudge Tunnel, an act that was a big hit on the festival scene of the era. Among the contributing guests are other Sepultura musicians (Andreas Kisser and Igor Cavalera), Dino Cazares of Fear Factory and Ritchie Bujnowski from Wicked Death. The track 'Wasting Away' appears in the 1995 film 'To Die For' while 'Exploitation' is a cover of the English crust punk band Doom (Music On Vinyl Records)
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    Porterhouse Records is excited to announce the Worldwide debut of M.I.A. (The Complete Anthology) from punk icons The Germs. First released on Compact Disc in 1993 this release has never been pressed on vinyl in the past. Completely re-mastered and re-sequenced for vinyl. The album GI appears as one 12" LP and the other LP sees the complete original sequence of the What We Do Is Secret EP, including the Live version of The Other Newest One and previously deleted live dialogue from lead singer Darby Crash. You'll now be able to experience the EP as it was actually intended to be heard. This collection represents the band’s entire recorded studio works including songs from the “Cruising” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Porterhouse’s attention to detail ensures world class mastering, plating and pressing as well as dead-on artwork and a full reproduction of the original liner notes. Additionally, songs recovered from the Cruising Motion Picture Soundtrack and the band's early 7"s will complete the flip-side of the second LP in the anthology. The initial pressing of The Complete Anthology consists of a two LP set featuring black and blue vinyl with reverse labels. 1 - 16 taken from the Slash Records album "GI" # SR-103. 10/79. ℗ 1979 Slash Records. Published by Crash Course Music, BMI. Adm. by Bug Music. 17 - 22 taken from the Slash Records EP "What We Do Is Secret" SREP-108. 8/81. ℗ 1977 Iloki Records. Licensed from Iloki Records. Published by ARC Music, BMI. Adm. by Bug Music. 23 & 24 taken from What? Records single #WHAT 01. 7/77. ℗ 1977 Iloki Records. Licensed from Iloki Records. Published by APRS, BMI. 25 - 28 taken from the Lorimar Pictures Soundtrack recording sessions for "Cruising". ℗ 1979 Warner Bros. Licensed from Warner Bros. Published by Crash Course Music, BMI. Adm. by Bug Music. 29 taken from the Lorimar Pictures Soundtrack "Cruising". 1980. #JC 36410. ℗ 1979 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc. Licensed from Sony Music Special Products, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, Inc. Published by Management 3 Music, BMI. Adm. by Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co. 30 taken from What? Records compilation "What Is It?" #W12 2403. 9/82. ℗ 1977 Iloki Records. Licensed from Iloki Records. Published by APRS, BMI. Side A 1. What We Do Is Secret 2. Communist Eyes 3. Land of Treason 4. Richie Dagger’s Crime 5. Strange Notes 6. American Leather 7. Lexicon Devil 8. Manimal 9. Our Way 10. We Must Bleed Side B 1. Media Blitz 2. The Other Newest One 3. Let’s Pretend 4. Dragon Lady 5. The Slave 6. Shut Down Side C 1. Round and Round 2. Lexicon Devil 3. Circle One 4. Caught In My Eye 5. No God 6. The Other Newest One 7. My Tunnel Side D 1. Forming 2. Sex Boy 3. Throw It Away 4. Not All Right 5. Now I Hear The Laughter 6. Going Down 7. Lion’s Share 8. Forming 2 (Porterhouse Records)
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    MORNE | rust | LP

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    This record contains their older material previously released as a split LP with Warprayer (Songs on A-Side) and the s/t EP (Songs on B-Side), both out of press. Now both releases are available on one full length LP, color and black. Remastered and redesigned. (Alerta Antifascista Records) https://alertaantifascistarecords.bandcamp.com/album/aa146-morne-rust-lp
  • Finally a vinyl release of their 1990 CD-only album with previously unreleased tracks on vinyl! Final Descent is an album by Samhain, first released in 1990, more than three years after lead singer Glenn Danzig and bassist Eerie Von had recruited guitarist John Christ and drummer Chuck Biscuits to form Danzig. Tracks 1-5 are previously unreleased songs, at least some of which had been intended for the Samhain Grim album before it was aborted when the band changed its personnel, and finally its name, to Danzig. Tracks 6-11 had been released in 1987 on the first pressing of the Initium CD. These songs were in fact overdubbed (partially re-recorded) and remixed versions of those on the 1985 Unholy Passion E.P. Eerie Von has confirmed that "Death...In Its Arms" was recorded during the sessions for Danzig's second album, Danzig II: Lucifuge, and features the full original Danzig lineup: singer Glenn Danzig, guitarist John Christ, bassist Eerie Von, and drummer Chuck Biscuits. Like all of Samhain's discography, and most of Danzig's prior work with the Misfits, Final Descent was originally released on Danzig's independent record label Plan 9, distributed by Caroline Records. Apart from the band's reissues in 2000-01, this is the only Samhain release that does not have a 12" vinyl counterpart. Glenn Danzig said that some vinyl sleeves were made, but further plans to release the album on vinyl in 1990 were scrapped because he was not pleased with them. (Fan Club Release)
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    A reissue of G.I.S.M.'s Detestation, the absolute masterpiece of Japanese hardcore punk, originally released on the Dogma label in 1983. Considered a seminal album for the whole death metal genre, this is must for all fans of hardcore punk, Japanoise, grindcore, anarchy, violence, and all things extreme. Includes are five bonus tracks from the Great Punk Hits (1983), Hardcore Unlawful Assembly (1984), and Outsider (1982) compilations. Limited gatefold edition including a "Punks Is Hippies" poster. A1. Endless Blockads For The Pussyfooter A2. Death Agonies And Screams A3. A,B,C, Weapons A4. Nih Night Mare A5. Documment One A6. (Tere Their) Syphilitic Vaginas To Pieces B1. Nucler Armed Hogs B2. Anthem B5. Death Exclamations* B6. Fire* B7. Incest-Gash-Bite Snatch - AAhb* B8. Still Alive* B9. Nervous Corpse* (Dogma Records/Fan Club)  
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    When С крыш наших домов, the debut album by Molchat Doma, was released in 2017, it announced a bold new voice in underground music. The album found a passionate audience on Bandcamp and other streaming services and was released on CD and cassette. Sacred Bones Records is proud to present the album on vinyl for the first time. Molchat Doma (translated as "Houses Are Silent"), founded in 2017 in Minsk, Belarus, stands at the intersection of post-punk, new-wave and synth-pop. Dark yet danceable, and with a heavy dose of goth ethos, their music is reminiscent of the masters that predate them, but make no mistake: Molchat Doma creates a sound and meaning that is immediately recognizable as all their own. The band is comprised of Egor Shkutko, who sings the Russian lyrics in his deep monotone, Roman Komogortsev on guitar, synths, and drum machine, and Pavel Kozlov on bass and synths. (Sacred Bones Records)
  • MURO | pacificar | LP

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    The 2nd 12″ by Bogotá raw punkers MURO. Taking their primitive yet complex hardcore punk in new yet familiar directions. Inspired by international hardcore and punk from all ages – for ALL AGES! Comes with a poster and an insert. In the US – please get your copy from the always amazing BEACH IMPEDIMENT Recs. – as Mark is handling the North American edition. Here’s what Mike Thorn had to say about Muro: Muro is a special band. Sure, I was missing Texas hardcore masters the Impalers but I had to process everything I had just taken in—how was it real? Walking calmly onto the stage there was no indication as to the level of ferocity and unbridled passion Colombia’s Muro would unleash and the more they would give the more the swirling mass gathered before them would give back. So here I am—stone cold sober wandering Kensington just absolutely bewildered as to what I just witnessed. One of the things I’ve always appreciated and loved about hardcore punk is its international nature. When I was younger I would send envelopes filled with hidden cash away to the far corners of the world in hopes of obtaining a seven inch piece of plastic that would sometimes show up, that would sometimes blossom into a pen pal that I’d consider a friend though I’d never dream of actually meeting them let alone having the sounds blasting out of my stereo speakers translate to a live experience. I know things have changed a bit but it still thrills me to have the manifestation of names to actual faces—of recordings turned to bodies piling on each other in a fit of sweat and spit. Colombia has a long tradition of ripping hardcore. From bands such as IRA, Imagen, Herpes, Ataque de Sonida, Anti-Todo, Polikarpa Y Sus Viciocas, and Eskoria to more current bands like Lupus, Final, Secta Suicida, and Primer Regimen the nation has a long tradition of producing rampaging blasts of punk fury which serves as a counterweight to the reality of unemployment and violence which has plagued the nation for so long. Hailing from Bogotá, Muro come out of the gates just blasting. Primitive, primal, raw hardcore comes pouring out of the speakers but this isn’t just all go, no slow. There is a certain consciousness to the need for hooks and melody and at times a certain angular nature to their song structures that really just sets them apart. At times, there is a certain vibe to their music that hints of the herky-jerky tension present in the finest Gauze or Wretched tracks—you think you know the journey riffs are taking you on but suddenly you are just shoved off a cliff of discomfort. It is this sense of unease present in the music when paired with vocalist’s snarling, rabid street dog attack against the world, which really pushes this over the top. Live, Muro is unstoppable—just totally relentless to the point of almost being surreal, hence me wandering aimlessly around Toronto trying to process having just seen the best live band of my life. They just wrapped up a tour of Canada and before that, Europe so here’s hoping that the USA is next—finger’s crossed. As a side note, while you are checking out Muro, be sure to look into Bogotá’s Rat Trap collective, a sort of artist group that does amazing design work and silk-screening and which also released 2017’s Fuerza Ingobernable compilation featuring some incredible hardcore bands from Colombia. All super worthwhile. https://www.noecho.net/features/muro-colombian-hardcore – but don’t just take our word for it – google the fuck out them and watch the many youtube clips and then come back for the vinyl, eh? (Adult Crush Records, 2020)
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    Τα τελευταία δέκα χρόνια, εποχή που χαρακτηρίστηκε από την "κρίση", παρατηρείται μια αλλαγή στις παρεμβάσεις στους τοίχους και τις άλλες δημόσιες επιφάνειες της Αθήνας. Η τάση πολιτικοποίησης του γκράφιτι και της τέχνης του δρόμου συνδυάζεται με την τάση χρήσης αισθητικών μέσων στις, κατά τα άλλα, τυπικά πολιτικές παρεμβάσεις. Η δυναμική που εκφράζεται στους τοίχους αντανακλά, όμως, τη δυναμική μιας πολύπλευρης πολιτικής διεκδίκησης που αναπτύχθηκε στους δρόμους και στις γειτονιές. Η "κρίση", η ενίσχυση της ακροδεξιάς, ο φεμινισμός, η υποστήριξη των ΛΟΑΤΚΙ, τα εργασιακά δικαιώματα και η εμπορευματοποίηση της πόλης είναι θέματα που αφορούν τους/τις δημιουργούς, πολιτικούς ακτιβιστές/τριες και καλλιτέχνες/ιδες. Ωστόσο, το ενδιαφέρον τοπικών και διεθνών μέσων ενημέρωσης προωθεί, παράλληλα, μια εικόνα της Αθήνας ως "Μέκκα της τέχνης του δρόμου στην Ευρώπη" και συμβάλλει στην κοινωνική κατασκευή της ως ένα "τρέντι" και "εναλλακτικό" τουριστικό προορισμό. Τι ρόλο παίζει η πολιτική παρέμβαση στο πλαίσιο τέτοιων αλλαγών; Πώς μπορεί να αντισταθεί στις δυνάμεις που επιχειρούν να αφομοιώσουν τις παρεμβάσεις, καθιστώντας τες μέρος ενός αισθητικοποιημένου και εμπορευματοποιημένου τοπίου; Η "βρομιά" και οι "μουτζούρες" στους τοίχους δεν μπορούν παρά να αποτελούν μικρές αντιστάσεις στην αισθητικοποίηση της πόλης, που θέλει την Αθήνα μια τουριστικοποιημένη και "καθαρή" "πρωτεύουσα της τέχνης του δρόμου". Οι πολιτικές παρεμβάσεις, όμως, όπως τα κομμάτια που σχολιάζονται στο βιβλίο, εκφράζουν αντιστάσεις γιατί, πέρα από το "λέρωμα" των τοίχων, αποτελούν μέρος ευρύτερων κινημάτων και διεκδικήσεων. Έτσι, καταφέρνουν να δημιουργήσουν τις συνθήκες ανάπτυξης κριτικής, λόγων και συζητήσεων, που υποσκάπτουν τους κυρίαρχους λόγους στη δημόσια σφαίρα, τροφοδοτώντας με εικόνες και νοήματα το φαντασιακό της πολιτικής διεκδίκησης. (Από την παρουσίαση στο οπισθόφυλλο του βιβλίου) Εκδότης: ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ ΣΤΟ ΠΕΡΙΘΩΡΙΟ Χρονολογία Έκδοσης: Μάιος 2019 Αριθμός σελίδων: 84 Διαστάσεις: 21x24
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    A re-release of the band's two sole LP albums plus bonus tracks and new artwork. Tracks 1 to 6 and 8 to 12 are the 1st album "Γενιά Του Χάους" (1986). Tracks 13 to 18 and 21 to 25 are the 2nd album "Ρέκβιεμ" (1989). Track 7: is a previously unreleased recording from 1983. Track 19: is a previously unreleased version of 25. Track 20: is previously unreleased. Οι Γενιά του Χάους, γνωστοί και ως ΓΤΧ, ήταν ελληνική πανκ μπάντα που δημιουργήθηκε το 1982 από τους Νίκο Βοσδογάννη (κιθάρα, φωνή και στίχους), τον ξάδερφο του Νίκο Βοσδογάννη (μπάσσο) και τον Θοδωρή Ηλιακόπουλο (ντραμς). Το πρώτο όνομα της μπάντας ήταν "Αντικουλτούρα". Το 1983, ο κιθαρίστας Βοσδογιάννης αποχώρησε και αντικαταστάθηκε από τον Κώστα Χατζόπουλο. Έπειτα, μέλος της μπάντας έγινε ο Άρης Λαμπρίδης (φωνή). Η μπάντα μετονομάστηκε σε "Chaos Generation" και το '84 σε "Γενιά Του Χάους". Αν και κάποιοι θέλουν τους Γενιά Του Χάους με τους Αδιέξοδο να έχουν αντιπαλότητα, στην πραγματικότητα τα δυο συγκροτήματα είχαν πολύ στενές σχέσεις, καθώς παίζανε σε κοινά στέκια και συναυλίες στην Αθήνα και την επαρχία. Το γκρουπ διαλύθηκε το 1989. Μέχρι τότε, είχαν κάνει αρκετές αλλαγές και είχαν περάσει αρκετά άτομα από το συγκρότημα (οι Δημήτρης Παππάς κιθάρα και φωνητικά, Άκης Αμπραζής μπάσο και φωνή, Γιώργος Δρακόπουλος πλήκτρα, Αλέξης Αλιφέρης μπάσο και πλήκτρα). (Wipe Out Records)
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    The Art of Rebellion is the sixth studio album by American crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies, originally released in 1992. The album maintains its position as the band's most commercially successful studio album to date, and the songs "Nobody Hears" and "I'll Hate You Better" have the distinction of being the only top 40 hits in Suicidal Tendencies' career. The songs on The Art of Rebellion show the band's continuing experimentation with funk that had begun on this album's predecessor, Lights...Camera...Revolution! [MOVLP749], as well as more progressive song structures, a somewhat more alternative atmosphere, and even pop-oriented sounds. This helped the band not only outride the explosion of alternative in the early 90s, it also helped them gain a fan base within that community. Nonetheless, the album still stays true to the band's thrash and punk roots on many of the songs. The Art of Rebellion has achieved gold status and peaked at number 52 on the Billboard 200. (Music on Vinyl)
  • RAMONES | same title | LP

    21.00 incl. tax
    The Ramones released its second album of the calendar year (and third overall) on November 4, 1977, capping off one of the biggest years in the history of punk with Rocket To Russia. Among the band’s best-loved albums, it features classics like Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and Rockaway Beach along with their signature covers of Do You Wanna Dance? and Surfin’ Bird. It’s also the last album ever recorded by all four founding members, as drummer Tommy Ramone left soon after to focus on writing and producing. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl with all original replica packaging, including printed inner sleeves. Lacquers cut from the original analog masters by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. (Sire Records/Rhino 2018)
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    A final repress of the mid ninties classic Skuld release of Portland's DETESTATION. An absolutel classic of nineties anarcho-hardcore punk that sounds like a mix between Nausea & Sacrilege with some influences from old Swedish bands and highly angry socio-political lyrics. Existing between roughly 1995—1998 or so, Detestation was a rather surprisingly prolific group during that time. This repress of the band's 1998 self-titled LP collects some of their finest material. Though the mandatorily interconnected Portland lineup contains pre-/post- ties to Defiance, Masskontroll, Resist, Hellshock, and Severed Head of State, among others, Detestation's rather commonplace brand of 90's crust punk remains a well rooted benchmark for the scene, and with good reason. Thanks in no small part to some scorching female vocals with great vocal arrangements, the band's lightly metallic power chords tended to be a little tighter and more memorable than most, thus Detestation is rightfully remembered as one of the finest of the genre. (Original txt Aversion Online) Includes Lyric Sheet and large Poster. (Skuld Records / Profane Existence /Consensus Reality‎)
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    X | los angeles | LP

    28.00 incl. tax
    Edition on 180-gram audiophile vinyl, coming with an insert. 'Los Angeles' is the debut album of the American punk rock band X, originally released in 1980. Most punk bands used their musical inability to create their own style, but X actually consisted of some truly gifted musicians, including rockabilly guitarist Billy Zoom, bassist John Doe, and front woman Exene Cervenka. Although they are tagged as a punk rock act, X are not easily categorized. Besides punk and loads of electricity, they also added country and folk flavours. (Music On Vinyl)
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    FAITH / VOID | split | LP

    22.00 incl. tax
    This record is nothing short of amazing, teaming 2 of the best hardcore bands from the early Washington DC scene. VOID is unlike anything else before or after - totally spastic and disjointed hardcore-punk that often seems like it's about to fall apart into noisy chaos only to go blasting back into anthemnic hardcore. On the FAITH side you get a similarly diverse, if more standard set of DC hardcore. These guys are so underappreciated it's sad. MINOR THREA's influence is still obvious but FAITH definately had their own thing going on. Vinyl was re-mastered and re-cut and includes a digital download card. (Dischord Records)  
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    “Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to reissue the classic, phenomenal first 7” of the early 80’s hardcore band : DIE KREUZEN — Cows and Beer ! After having been out of print for nearly 30 years the original master tapes from this ground breaking release had finally been restored, remastered and given a proper reissue! “We are doing this because we want to squash the bootleggers,” DIE KREUZEN singer Dan Kubinski explains. “For years they have been putting out inferior-quality bullshit and ripping off our fans. We want to give our fans a very clean, crisp, loud-and-heavy version of Cows and Beer. Billy Cicerelli from WMSE did the initial remastering and then Dave Eik of Lucky Lacquers did further remastering and cut the lacquers -and man, did they do an awesome job! This new version blows the doors and windows off of any other, including the original Version Sound release” Recorded in a few hours on Sept 11 1982 at a recording studio deep in Milwaukee’s south side. The result would be 6 songs that would help redefine the intensity and standard of this newly forming off shot of punk known as hardcore. Some even say this record is the paving way for another offshoot of punk that would rear its head some years latter and become known as thrash! When this record originally came out it was limited to a few short-run pressings. This time it will be released as a special RSD release for 2014 and will come on five different colors of vinyl for a grand total of 5000! (1000 each of red, gold, blue, green & clear vinyl). To make things even more spectacular, this record will feature brand new liner notes by the band as well as the original lyric sheet and then the one from the second pressing!” (Beer City Records)  
  • A facsimile of the original album release. 180g vinyl with a fancy inner sleeve. Originally released in 1979 this legendary album was the first from the revised line-up of Capt, Rat, Dave and Algy. Features the classic singles Love Song, Smash It Up and I Just Can't Be Happy Today. What more do you need to know! Essential! (Ace – WIKD 333, Chiswick Records – WIKD 333)


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