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    Split EP of legendary Texas political Hardcore Punk legends MDC and Swedish antifascist sXe HC maniacs Iron. 2 songs each band including an updated version of an old MDC classic, now as “No Trump, No KKK, no fascist USA”, which is known worldwide as a famous slogan on the US-american anti-Trump protests meanwhile. Comes with info booklet and download code. Great piece. (Twisted Chords Records) https://twistedchords.bandcamp.com/album/tc143-mdc-iron-split
  • ‘Millions of Dead Cops’ is the first iconic , full length; classic must have record by M.D.C. This was first released in 1981 and quickly became an overnight sensation. Not only did M.D.C. deliver a record full of fast intense music , but this record would influence 1000’s of hardcore/punk and bands of political nature to this day. The corruption of cops! Greed of corporations! Racism! The fact that not all people were the same , but so what that’s OK! Are all addressed in this groundbreaking LP. Many of these issues were quit taboo at the time and had not been addressed to this degree in punk before. Round it all off with this being fully restored and re mastered with the original mix. You have a definite must have album! (Beer City Records)  
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    Left in the can for more than 30 years, this punk-rock time capsule has been exhumed by the punk-eologists at Hostage Records. This is not some cheap ass 12th generation copy of a boombox recording from a garage, Hoping for a possible Posh Boy Records release in 1982, MAD PARADE recorded a cache of anthems in the summers of 82-83 only to see them go unreleased as the punk scene turned metal. This amazing collection was remastered and features pre-debut versions of some tracks - 12 songs of period-correct 1982 punk, limited to 550 copies. (Hostage Records)
  • MADBALL | empire | CD

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    Madball are icons in the underground and that underground now spills forth into the streets. Since forming in 1988, Madball have been responsible for some of the most important releases in metal & hardcore: From the seminal Ball of Destruction EP (1989) to the landmark albums Set It Off (1994), through their career defining resurgence at Ferret Music. The former partners at Ferret have now reconnected with Madball to be the cornerstone of the Good Fight Music roster. Vocalist Freddy Cricien states. 'MADBALL has come a long way from being street kids to becoming very established in our genre, and even beyond the music. We have the feeling that we've built a little empire for ourselves with our band, brand, and different endeavors.' (Nuclear Blast Records) https://madball.bandcamp.com/album/empire
  • Excellent powerviolence/Grindcore band from Washington, D.C. Reissue their first LP from 2009. (Six Weeks Records) https://willowtip.bandcamp.com/album/magrudergrind
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    Author: Bri Hurley , with Chris Daily. Originally released in 1989 with a scant 79 photos and under 100 pages; this expanded edition brings over 200 photographs as well as reflections from key characters documenting a special time period in one of the most notorious hardcore music scene in the country. Making a Scene - New York Hardcore in Photos, Lyrics and Commentary Revisited 1985-1988 captures the energy of the New York hardcore music scene in photographs, lyrics, and comments from those involved in their music, their attitudes, and their lifestyle. Hardcore is a way of life for thousands of band members and fans all over the world. Here, New York City's hardcore movement is represented in all of its outspoken, opinionated, and often contradictory variety.
  • A new addition to the infamous hardcore punk roster of Malmö, Sweden, Refuse Records presents the debut EP by MANIC RIDE. Recorded at Studio Blakklodge with Jonas Sjölin (Skitkids, Infernöh), these five songs plunge deep into the sewers of 80s US hardcore, resurfacing the stink of classics like Poison Idea and Crucifix. Featuring members of Anchor, Damage Control, Stay Hungry, Sectarian Violence, Balance, The Cutting Edge and Last Hope. (Refuse Records) https://refuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-ep
  • The back story on this one is way too long to get into, so let's just cut to the chase. This is an 2005 re-recording of the 1992 original recording that was lost by the studio. Drumming by RD Davies and guitars/vocals by Matt Domino (both of INFEST fame). There are 17 tracks on this release. Similar bands or musical genres: INFEST, LOW THREAT PROFILE, and WEEKEND NACHOS. Cover art by Extortion vocalist Rohan. (Deep Six Records / Draw Blank Records)
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    Marginal Man was formed in 1983 after the break-up of Artificial Peace, a seminal DC hardcore punk band. Featuring former AP members Steve Polcari, Pete Murray and Mike Manos, and joined with Kenny Inouye and Andre Lee, Marginal Man released one EP ("Identity"), and two LPs ("Double Image" and "Marginal Man"), along with a couple of appearances on compilations ("Alive And Kicking," and "State Of The Union"). "Identity" was recorded in 1983 by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios and was originally released as a 12" EP in 1984. The 12" EP was re-cut in April 2009 at Chicago Mastering Service and is being re-issued on vinyl for the first time since the mid-'80s. The vinyl also comes with a free MP3 download. (Dischord Records) https://marginalman.bandcamp.com/album/identity
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    London has been fanning the flames of hardcore punk relentlessly, producing some of the best music of the genre for a while now. Enter Mastermind, four young guns kicking it up a notch or five. Starting in 2018, and after a well received demo on Cold Comfort, here comes their scorching new release, ‘Bad Reaction’ EP, on Quality Control HQ Records. Prepare to have your mind mastered in the art of the wildest hardcore songwriting, where a 3 minute song can keep you engaged throughout and doesn’t seem out of the norm. Karim Newble, also the resident artist of the band, takes you through the waviest of riffs that remind you of the crazy end of late 80s NYHC, from such legends as Rest in Pieces and Killing Time. Meanwhile vocalist Jon Osborne might be the long lost son of Jeff Perlin growling along to the rhythm section, seemingly out of control with one beat hook after another, pulling everything together. credits Check out the EP on bandcamp Mastermind 'Bad Reaction' 7" (Quality Control Records)
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    The Middle Class are credited with releasing what is considered the first "hardcore " or "proto-hardcore" punk record, 1978's faster than fast "Out Of Vogue." With the 30th anniversary of that ground-breaking and influential EP upon us, Frontier Records is overjoyed to announce the release of The Middle Class "Out of Vogue - The Early Material." The collection includes all of The Middle Class's early studio recordings along with a never before released, four-song, 1977 studio demo. (Frontier Records)  
  • Hardcore - more than a style of music, it's a way of life. Few current bands represent that more than MINDSET, and even fewer current records more than their debut full-length, "leave no doubt". This LP is 10 vital tracks of heart, wisdom and passion. No frills, just true straight-edge hardcore. Musically, the LP captures MINDSET at their most powerful, with one foot planted in the classics like YOUTH OF TODAY, ALONE IN A CROWD, FIRST STEP, with the other rooted in creating something truly unique. Lyrically, "leave no doubt" takes an unflinching look at the world and demands that we thrive rather than simply survive. Vinyl includes a digital download card. (React Records) https://reactrecords.bandcamp.com/album/leave-no-doubt
  • MINIMA | same title | LP

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    The first album by Minima, a new band comprising of members of No, Una Bestia Incontrolable, Snor and Barcelona is full of the kind of choice punk you'd expect of such a pedigree: jabbing riffs thrumming out, buzzed up with an insistent pull, clipped clattering beats pinning it down, vocals delivered with a potent snarl, accusatory and savage. From fizzing pogo of 'Adolescente', to 'Cicatriz's threatening hum, the whole album strikes a sharp balance between the big-riffing hardcore of someone like Glue or Nekra, and the Catalan / Spanish primitive-punk lineage that runs from Qloaqa Letal to dirt-raw rippers Pinen. (Joe Briggs) (Static Shock Records)
  • Out of Step is the sole studio album by American hardcore punk band Minor Threat. It was released on 45 RPM vinyl in April 1983 through Dischord Records. Along with the fellow Washington D.C. hardcore band BAD BRAINS, MINOR THREAT set the standard for many hardcore-punk bands in the '80s. Where the lyrics on their early 7"s were an outlet for Ian's message, the lyrics on "out of step" deal mainly with friendships. MINOR THREAT is without a doubt one of the most influential hardcore bands ever. Every song is inventive, original, and can stand on its own as a punk classic. This vinyl (on 45rpm) was remastered and re-cut, features an album sleeve re-design from the original artwork and comes with a digital download card. (Dischord Records)  
  • Salad Days is the final EP by the American hardcore punk band Minor Threat. It was released in July 1985, two years after the band's breakup, through Dischord Records with the catalog number DIS 015. The EP differs somewhat from the band's previous material. All songs are slower, making a slight departure from the group's hardcore punk style. Tracks "Good Guys" (a remake of The Standells' song "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White") and "Salad Days" both feature an acoustic guitar, and "Salad Days" also has chimes. (Dischord Records)    
  • Official t-shirt. Gildan Heavy Cotton.
  • MISFITS | T-shirt

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    Official t-shirt. Gildan Heavy Cotton.
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    Glenn and the gang at the On Broadway in San Francisco in 1981 on the A side, plus the full 'Why Be Something You're Not' TV show, recorded live in Detroit, 1983. Classic Misfits, a must for the fans! (Mind Control Records)
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    And here we have another reissue of Sweden's MOB 47 debut 7". Previously reissued via Havoc Records (USA) now as European reissue via Insane Society. Classic Swedish hardcore punk from 1984. Nine fast and angry songs! Hand screened cover + insert. This time w/Uproar cover artwork. (Insane Society Records)
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    Ltd 100 copies on green slyme vinyl!! One of the first austrian punk bands ever. a rocknroll band with a perfect dose of punk – attitude. Formed in 1978 they were, along with Chuzpe, the most essential band of the viennese punk scene.
    They appeared of famous compilation ‘Wiener Blutrausch’ compilation wth three tracks. Ths antholgy contains their first single from 1979, the tracks from Blutrausch compilation, two unreleased tracks, and 2nd and 3rd singles and two tracks got from their album “Angst vorm Rock´n Roll?” LP Essential euro punk lp! LISTEN AND SEE!!!! A1 to A3: first releases of the band from "Wiener Blutrausch" compilation, 1979. A4 & A5: from their first single "Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand / Bleib Blöd", 1979. A6 & A7: from their first LP "Angst Vorm Rock'n Roll?", 1980. B1 & B2: from single "Auf & Davon", 1983. B3 & B4: from single "Verbotene Früchte", 1984. B5 & B6: previously unreleased, 1979/81. (Rave Up Records)
  • Volume one of the Morning Again LP reissues that include everything Morning Again ever recorded except the "As Tradition Dies Slowly" LP. LP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies. Volume one contains: -The Cleanest War EP -S/T EP -Split with Shoulder EP Artwork done by Dave Quiggle! (Demons Run Amok Records) https://demonsrunamok.bandcamp.com/album/i-lp
  • Volume two of the Morning Again LP reissues that include everything Morning Again ever recorded except the "As Tradition Dies Slowly" LP. LP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies. Volume two contains: -Martyr EP -Uncivil Hands EP -Split with 25 Ta Life EP -To Die A Bitter Death EP
    Artwork done by Dave Quiggle! (Demons Run Amok Records) https://demonsrunamok.bandcamp.com/album/ii
  • Tragedy like hardcore crust punk from Nagoya, Japan. Originally released only on cd in 2008. (7 Inch Distro)
  • 'Harder, Faster, Louder' is the perfect description of Municipal Waste's new album, entitled "Massive Aggressive"! Building on the now classic "Hazardous Mutation" and "The Art Of Partying", Municipal Waste have crafted the bottom line in Crossover Thrash and Speed metal, banishing comparisons of old by becoming the pinnacle of their genre and releasing the essential all round metal release of 2009! With "Massive Aggressive" Municipal Waste have upped the ante and pushed crossover thrash to it's ultimate limit! Aggressive, diverse and damn catchy, this album is unlikely to leave your CD or record player until Municipal Waste can produce something to top it!
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    MUNICIPAL WASTE have taken hardcore and thrash-metal from the dour, rule-setting fools and have given it back to the partying thrashers! After their much acclaimed 7" was followed up by their split with CRUCIAL UNIT, they re-entered the studio for more mayhem. These 15 new blazing tracks have the hallmark crossover fury of old bands like D.R.I, HIRAX, and NUCLEAR ASSAULT with machine gun vocals and ripping speed metal riffs. Mix it up with totally hilarious lyrics and parodies on their influences and the scene in general and these guys are the definition of fun. (Six Weeks Records)