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    The Steven Spielberg Presentation Back to the Future tells the story of a young man, played by Michael J. Fox, who travels back in time and meets his parents as teenagers. This humorous fantasy/adventure offers a stunning soundtrack collection whose music leaps from the cutting edge of the present back to the richest classics of rock's earliest era. Two brand new songs from Huey Lewis and the News are the LP's immediate standouts. The band's Sports album was a sleeper multi-platinum hit that became one of the biggest chart records of last year, and no one will be disappointed with these two new offerings from the Bay Area champs. "The Power of Love," the album's first single, is a muscular, irresistible rave-up, while "Back in Time," is rambunctious strut, guitar-fueled, and laced with sassy horns. Eric Clapton, the now laid-back grandmaster of the fretboard, bows with "Heaven is One Step Away". Produced by Phil Collins, the track offers Clapton's brand of fluid, seemingly effortless reggae and a warm, winning vocal. "Time Bomb Town" is the latest from Fleetwood Mac's Lindsay Buckingham, and its quirky charm proves addictive in no time at all. BUY ON AMAZON When the film's hero visits the past he stumbles into the transition era leading to rock 'n' roll. The soundtrack offers the great Etta James' very first hit, "The Wallflower (Dance with Me Henry );" recorded when she was the 16-year-old vocalist with Johnny Otis's band. Music supervisor Bones Howe has recreated three other vintage chestnuts: the instrumental "Night Train," the ultimate grind-at-the-prom ballad, "Earth Angel," and the song our hero uses to show 'em what rock will be like, Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode," performed by the film's star, Fox, as Marty McFly with the Starlighters. Back to the Future was directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Bob Gale and Neil Canton from a screenplay by Zemeckis & Gale. It stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson. The Executive Producers are Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Kathleen Kennedy. Tracklist A1 Huey Lewis & The News– The Power Of Love 3:43 A2 Lindsey Buckingham– Time Bomb Town 2:45 A3 The Outatime Orchestra– Back To The Future 3:17 A4 Eric Clapton– Heaven Is One Step Away 4:08 A5 Huey Lewis & The News– Back In Time 4:17 B1 The Outatime Orchestra– Back To The Future Overture 8:16 B2 Etta James– The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) 2:41 B3 Marvin Berry And The Starlighters– Night Train 2:15 B4 Marvin Berry And The Starlighters– Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) 2:59 B5 Marty McFly With The Starlighters– Johnny B. Goode 3:05 (Geffen Records/2021)
  • Punk is a loose term for what we have here. While Not Good For Your Health: Punk Nuggets 1972-1984 contains several of the scene’s defining anthems - ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’, ‘Blank Generation’ and suchlike - there is as much ‘post-’ and ‘proto-’ as there is ‘punk’ on display. Entries from The Gun Club, Joy Division, Patti Smith, Television and more give Rhino’s twenty-three-track compilation a pleasing sense of variety. The quality of the content is, of course, beyond dispute. Tracklist A1 Ramones– Blitzkrieg Bop A2 Television– See No Evil A3 Richard Hell & The Voidoids– Blank Generation A4 The Dead Boys– Sonic Reducer A5 Tuff Darts– (Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste A6 Patti Smith– Hey Joe B1 The Stranglers– (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) B2 The Rezillos– (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures B3 Stiff Little Fingers– Suspect Device B4 Joy Division– Warsaw B5 Tom Robinson Band– 2-4-6-8 Motorway B6 The Flamin' Groovies– Shake Some Action C1 The Pretenders– The Wait C2 Johnny Thunders– You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory C3 999– Homicide C4 Gang Of Four– Love Like Anthrax C5 Germs– Lexicon Devil D1 The Flesh Eaters– Digging My Grave D2 The Gun Club– Sex Beat D3 Fear– I Love Livin' In The City D4 Misfits– Skulls D5 The Replacements– Takin' A Ride D6 Rank & File– Amanda Ruth (Rhino Records)
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    Yes it's true, We have done work on official re-issue of Novi punk val comp LP. It's one of the most important punk rock record from the 80's. There is many rare and never published photos of the bands and few words of Igor Vidmar who was the one who made it all to the original Novi punk val comp in 1981. Don't buy original for xxxx $ or Euros , here is better sounding record with all bands rare photos + all other things appearing in big both side printed poster 50x70 cm!!! Limited to 300 only. (Rest In Punk Records)
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    Raw Records was one of the UK's first ever independent labels, having been formed in 1977 by Lee Wood. This was the second compilation they issued in early 1978 following up the ‘Raw Deal!’ album (Damgood 209). This reissue includes 4 bonus tracks including the ultra rare ‘Into the 80’s’ by The Now. 16 of the label's best tracks feature here alongside a comprehensive discography of one of the most important but vastly underrated indie labels of our time. Bands such as The Users, Killjoys, Lockjaw and The Unwanted later provided members for the likes of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, UK Subs and Dexy's Midnight Runners whilst the scarcity of Raw's releases made them highly prized collectors' items. Two Soft Boys tracks from one of the rarest Raw singles fetaure here, unavailable elsewhere. Essential listening for any an Killeded by Death/Bloodstains Across.


    A1 The Unwanted Withdrawal / 1984
    A2 The Users Sick Of You
    A3 The Killjoys Johnny Wont Get To Heaven
    A4 Some Chicken New Religion
    A5 The Gorillas It's My Life
    A6 The Soft Boys Wading Through A Ventilator
    A7 Lockjaw Journalist Jive
    A8 Acme Sewage Co. I Wish You Dead
    B1 The Killjoys Naive
    B2 The Hammersmith Gorillas* You Really Got Me
    B3 Downliners Sect Showbiz
    B4 Some Chicken Arabian Daze
    B5 Lockjaw The Young Ones
    B6 The Soft Boys Hear My Brane
    B7 The Unwanted I'm Not Me
    B8 The Now (4) Into The 80's
    (Damaged Goods Records)
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    Have you been through some extreme research lately ? Any fans of Japanese hardcore out there ? We’ve got something for ya. These two double lp compilation are a who’s who of the underground scene, covering any key market from Tokyo to Sendai. Mostly released in the second half of the eighties – with just a bunch of 1984 seven inches – these tracks are a pretty rare example of suburban violence. Often influenced by English d-beat and Italy early fast and furious hardcore agenda, those bands were more than a menace to the system. Here, for the first time on vinyl, two mandatory compilation depicting the decline of the Eastern civilization. Tracklist Side A ANTI-SEPTIC ‘FIRST-LAST’ 7” 1986 HOLD UP RECORDS 1 Visions of Power 2 War Game 3 Dice with Death 4 Death or Glory Side B CRIME ‘NUCLER BLOOD’ 7” FLEXI 1985 UMA-OI RECORDS 1 Suicide 2 Best to Death 3 Nuclear Blood 4 Inside Out (‘I’ll Gather Up’ 8” compilation 1989 Musical Friends) Z ‘VIOLENCE ACTION’ 7” FLEXI 1988 Z RECORDS 5 Violence Action 6 Go to Kill 7 Go Ahead 8 Peace of Hiroshima Side C DISARRAY 7” FLEXI 1984 ADK 1 Social Victim 2 Sadist 3 Slay 4 Balder Dash 5 Bad Blood 6 Cry Murder 7 The Place of Horror THE SEXUAL ’THE LAST DAYS’ 7” FLEXI 1985 KOCHI RECORDS 8 Anarchy & Destruction 9 Crime of Sexual Side D 1 War Cry 2 The Last Days 3 Scatter the Hatred 4 Devil Reversion (‘自殺オムニバス’ 8” compilation 1985 自殺レーベル) 5 The End Approaches (‘自殺オムニバス’ 8” compilation 1985 自殺レーベル) M78 (SIDE PROJECT OF GHOUL, GAS, SYSTEMATIC DEATH & GASTUNK) 6. M78 (‘自殺オムニバス’ 8” compilation 1985 自殺レーベル) (Order of the Kite/Unofficial Release)
  • Originally released in 1981 and never officially reissued on vinyl since then. Yugoslavian post punk/new wave classic. Paket aranžman (Package Tour) is a new wave music compilation album released in 1981 by Jugoton. Featuring eminent Belgrade acts Šarlo Akrobata, Električni Orgazam and Idoli, it is considered to be one of the most important and influential records ever made in SFR Yugoslavia. In addition to critical praise, it reached a cult status among the audiences and continues to be popular across the countries that emerged after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The album was voted the second best Yugoslav rock album of all time by the music critics in the book YU 100: najbolji albumi jugoslovenske rok i pop muzike. It is second only to Odbrana i poslednji dani by Idoli. The record was produced by Enco Lesić who initiated the entire project. During autumn 1980, Belgrade record producer Enco Lesić decided to assemble several young acts from the city's emerging new wave scene in order to come up with a split album that would present and promote the work of these young bands. He brought in three bands consisting of young musicians in their early 20s - Šarlo Akrobata, Električni Orgazam, and Idoli - all three of which barely existed for several months in their current format at this point and virtually had no prior recording experience. Lesić gave them free recording time in his Druga Maca studio as well as complete artistic freedom. The sleeve was designed by Branko Gavrić while the photographs used on it were shot by Milinko Stefanović (the wide shot of Belgrade streets on the cover) and Goran Vejvoda (photos within the sleeve). Official reissue, gatefold, 180-gram, on red vinyl. (Croatia Records)
  • A collection of primitive rock'n'roll that inspired The Mummies! SIDE 1: 1. Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps - Jezebel 2. Bill Haley & His Comets - Skinny Minnie 3. The Crossfires - Justine 4. The Wailers - Nashi 5. Tom King & The Starfires - Stronger Than Dirt (Instro) 6. The Heart Attacks - Babba Diddy Baby 7. Larry & The Bluenotes - In & Out (Alternative Version) SIDE 2: 1. The Last Word - Sleepy Hollow 2. The Astronauts - Down Home Girl 3. The Marks - High Heel Sneakers 4. The Roulettes - Shake 5. Cannibal & The Headhunters - Land Of A 1000 Dances 6. Soul Inc - Stranger Than Dirt 7. Night Birds - Nightbirds (Plundered Records)
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    From the vaults of pioneering and seminal Finnish Punk Hardcore Label Propaganda Records. PNV reissues domestically for the first time this amazing compilation from 1983. Features tracks from some of the best Finnish Punk Hardcore bands ever, featuring Kansan Uutiset, Riistetyt, Aparat, Rattus, TampereSS, Protesti, Bastards and many others. Comes with booklet and poster. Tracklist: A1 Kansan Uutiset– Kauniita Unia 1:09 A2 Kansan Uutiset– Etusivun Juttu 1:01 A3 Kansan Uutiset– Koti, Uskonto, Isänmaa 0:52 A4 Riistetyt– Totuus Esiin 0:50 A5 Riistetyt– Ei Henkiinjääneitä 1:20 A6 Riistetyt– Systeemi Tappaa 1:25 A7 Riistetyt– Suuret Haluu Pelottaa 1:15 A8 Jakke & Lateri– Kytät On Natsisikoja 0:47 A9-A10 Äpärät– Vittu, Vanhemmat - Viina 2:45 A11 Äpärät– Muttu On Aukialla 0:15 A12 Rattus– Paskantakaa Housuihinne 1:59 A13 Rattus– Laiskuutta 2:05 A14 Rattus– Täältä Tullaan Kuolema 2:09 A15 Tampere SS– Kuollut Ja Kuopattu 0:58 A16 Tampere SS– Painajainen Olohuoneessa 1:47 A17 Protesti– Rocktähdet 1:25 A18 Protesti– Väkivaltaa 0:36 A19 Alamaailma– Näytä Mulle Taivas 0:53 A20 Kuolema– Äpärä 0:29 B1 Bastards– No Scapegoat 0:58 B2 Bastards– Syytön 1:17 B3 Bastards– Sokea Viha 1:15 B4 Bastards– Lopun Alku 2:23 B5 H.I.C. Systeemi– Mainoslehtinen 1:48 B6 H.I.C. Systeemi– Itsetuho 2:22 B7 Fucking Finland– Loputon Sota 1:33 B8 Destrucktions– Hinta 1:42 B9 Marionetti– Turha Armeija 1:26 B10 Marionetti– Palvele Valtioo 1:31 B11 Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija– Oma Perse Palaa 1:42 B12 Sekunda– Propaganda 0:46 B13 Takuu– Olosuhteiden Uhrit 0:40 B14 Varaus– Tuomittu Elämään 2:28 B15 Varaus– Sota! 2:06 (Puke n Vomit Records)
  • The classic sought after 1981 American punk compilation originally released on pioneering Southern California label Smoke 7 Records is being reissued on vinyl for the first time. The compilation features some of the earliest recordings from Bad Religion and Red Cross. The comp also contains rare tracks from popular 80s punk bands RF7, Circle One and Disability. Tracklist A1 Red Cross– Cease To Exist A2 Red Cross– Everyday There's Someone New A3 Red Cross– Kill Someone You Hate A4 RF7– World Of Hate A5 RF7– Scientific Race A6 RF7– Long Live Their Queen A7 RF7– Perfect World A8 Circle One– G.I. Combat A9 Circle One– High School Society B1 Bad Religion– Bad Religion B2 Bad Religion– Slaves B3 Bad Religion– Drastic Actions B4 Disability– Battling Against The Police B5 Disability– White As A Ghost B6 Disability– Rejection B7 Circle One– F. O. B8 Circle One– Destroy Exxon (Puke N Vomit Records)
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    Soul Jazz Records are releasing PUNK 45: I’m A Mess, a new collection of punk and D-I-Y rare 45s from the UK, as a one-off pressing limited-edition double album with a bonus 45 exclusive for Record Store Day 2022. Soul Jazz Records’ long-lasting Punk 45 series are high-quality editions of early punk 45s. While previous editions have focussed on the early days of punk in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Akron, France, and proto-punk, this new edition focusses on mainly do-it-yourself, or self-released 45s, all made in the UK in the early days of punk. While only a handful of Punk 45s were released in 1976, the following two years produced an avalanche of them. Aside from the few punk bands who signed to major labels, many of these singles were self-released private press 45s or independent label 45s. With limited distribution and access to the media, many of these sunk without trace and were lost in history. This album features many of these independent punk 45 gems, lost nuggets of gold from the sea of time! The bands featured here come from all across the United Kingdom. Here you will find The Drive, Scotlands’ answer to the New York Dolls, Dansette Damage from Newcastle, Stormtrooper, from the Isle of Wight and many more - a snapshot of some of the finest private-press 45s ever made. Other bands include Cybermen, The Exile, Neon as well as the early punk incarnations Johnny and The Self-Abusers (who later became Simple Minds) and The Killjoys (with vocals by Kevin Rowland who later formed Dexy’s Midnight Runners). These are all one-off and super rare releases from bands that you have probably never heard of! – totally hidden gems from the wastelands of the early days of punk. Totally in keeping with the spirit of the time, this is high-octane, righteously-independent - DIY or die! The RSD special edition comes with an exclusive 45 of Stormtrooper ‘I’m A Mess’/’It’s Not Me’ Tracklist A1 The Art Attacks– I Am A Dalek 2:50 A2 The Drive – Jerkin 3:42 A3 Johnny And The Self Abusers– Saints And Sinners 1:52 A4 Trash (13)– Priorities 2:33 A5 The Carpettes– Help I'm Trapped 1:05 B1 Stormtrooper – I'm A Mess 2:43 B2 The Electric Chairs– So Many Ways 3:57 B3 Social Security – I Don't Want My Heart To Rule My Head 3:03 B4 Neon Hearts– Venus Eccentric 2:42 C1 The Cybermen – Cybernetic Surgery 1:57 C2 The Killjoys– Naive 2:47 C3 The Reducers– Things Go Wrong 2:56 C4 Johnny Moped– No One 2:48 C5 Neon – Bottles 2:22 D1 V2 (5)– Speed Freak 2:03 D2 The Exile – Fascist DJ 2:08 D3 Lucy – Feel So Good 3:27 D4 Machines (3)– True Life 2:06 D5 Dansette Damage– N.M.E. 2:39 E Stormtrooper – I'm A Mess 2:33 F Stormtrooper – It's Not Me 3:30 (Soul Jazz Records)
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    Soul Jazz Records' new 'Punk 45' album Burn, Rubber City Burn charts the rise of the music scene in the mid-west city of Akron, Ohio at a time when the city and the rubber industry it was associated with was in deep decline. Featuring a fantastic collection of Akron groups including Devo, The Bizarros, Rubber City Rebels, Jane Aire, Chi-Pig, The Waitresses and more. The album comes complete with extensive text as well as exclusive photos and original record artwork. CD comes with large booklet and thick slipcase. Vinyl edition is on deluxe gatefold double-vinyl with free download code. The album follows on from Soul Jazz Records' earlier Punk 45 albums about USA and British punk (Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! and There Is No Such Thing As Society) as well as the cover art book Punk 45. Burn, Rubber City Burn, coincides with the release of as a second album about Ohio’s early punk scene, Extermination Nights in the Sixth City – featuring the music scene of nearby Cleveland. Tracklist A1 –The Bizarros* I Bizarro 1:51 A2 –The Waitresses The Comb 3:03 A3 –Hammer Damage Laugh 3:12 A4 –Devo Mechanical Man 4:20 A5 –Tin Huey Squirm You Worm 2:43 B1 –The Bizarros* Lady Doubonette 3:49 B2 –Chi-Pig Ring Around The Collar 3:50 B3 –Devo Auto Modown 2:01 B4 –Rubber City Rebels Kidnapped 3:39 C1 –Denis DeFrange And Mark Frazier The Manikin Shuffle 2:41 C2 –Jane Aire and The Belvederes When I Was Young 2:46 C3 –Tin Huey Puppet Wipes 2:44 C4 –Chi-Pig Apu Api 2:41 C5 –The Bizarros* Nova 3:17 D1 –Rubber City Rebels Such A Fool 2:50 D2 –Denis DeFrange Sector Wars 2:31 D3 –Ralph Carney Closet Bears 2:44 D4 –15 60 75 Numbers Band* Narrow Road 6:00 (Soul Jazz Records)
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    Soul Jazz Records' new 'Punk 45' album charts the rise of underground punk in the mid-west city of Cleveland, Ohio, which for many people is the true birthplace of punk music in the mid-1970s. Featuring a fantastic collection of punk 45 singles from Cleveland groups including Pere Ubu, electric eels, The Pagans, Rockets From The Tomb, Mirrors, X–X and more. The album comes complete with extensive text written by Jon Savage as well as exclusive photos and original record artwork. Vinyl edition is on deluxe gatefold double-vinyl complete with with free download code. The album follows on from Soul Jazz Records' earlier Punk 45 albums about USA and British punk (Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! and There Is No Such Thing As Society), pre-punk (Sick On You! One Way Spit!) as well as the deluxe cover art book Punk 45. Extermination Nights in the Sixth City coincides with the release of as a second album about Ohio’s early punk scene, Burn, Rubber City, Burn – featuring the music scene of nearby Akron. Tracklist A1 –Pagans Street Where Nobody Lives 1:36 A2 –Jazz Destroyers Love Meant To Die 1:35 A3 –Pere Ubu Final Solution 4:57 A4 –The Broncs* Tele-K-Killing 1:06 A5 –Electric Eels Splittery Splat 2:15 B1 –Pagans Dead End America 1:40 B2 –x_x Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns 1:35 B3 –The Defnics* 51% 2:23 B4 –Pere Ubu Heart Of Darkness 4:43 C1 –The Human Switchboard No ! 1:40 C2 –x_x A 2:49 C3 –Pressler*, Morgan* You're Gonna Watch Me 1:39 C4 –Pagans I Juvenile 1:53 C5 –Poli Styrene Jazz Band* Drano In Your Veins 1:46 D1 –The Mirrors* Hands In My Pockets 2:14 D2 –Electric Eels Bunnies 4:52 D3 –Styrene Money* Everything Near Me 1:22 D4 –Rocket From The Tombs Life Stinks 3:26 (Soul Jazz Records)
  • PNV brings you two new exclusive volumes inspired by the legendary 80s Punk and Disorderly UK Punk series of compilations. Each volume features bands from the three original volumes in the series. The tracks/bands are now on separate collections divided by label. We’ve licensed photos from UK photographer Virginia Turbett, who supplied all the original photos used for the cover art for the original albums. Each LP looks amazing and fits esthetically in with the original series albums, making them instantly recognizable. All the No Future bands are on the No Future comp, not only do you get the original comp tracks, but we’ve added more tracks from those bands from the No Future vaults. 16 blazing tracks of essential 82 UK punk from the likes of Violators, Blitz, The Samples, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Red Alert, The Partisans and The Insane. Tracklist –Violators Gangland 5:48 –Violators ( Summer of 81 3:24 –Blitz Someone's Gonna Die 2:30 –The Samples Dead Hero 2:56 –Peter And The Test Tube Babies Banned From The Pubs 2:10 –Red Alert In Britain 2:10 –The Partisans Police Story 2:10 –The Insane El Salvador 3:29 –The Partisans Power And Greed 2:44 –The Insane Nuclear War 2:09 –Peter And The Test Tube Babies Up Yer Bum 1:52 –Red Alert Sell Out 1:23 –Red Alert City Invasion 2:14 –Red Alert Cast Irons Crusade 2:49 –Blitz Warriors 2:57 –Blitz Razors In The Night 1:53 (Puke N Vomit Records)
  • PNV brings you two new exclusive volumes inspired by the legendary 80s Punk and Disorderly UK Punk series of compilations. Each volume features bands from the three original volumes in the series. The tracks/bands are now on separate collections divided by label. We’ve licensed photos from UK photographer Virginia Turbett, who supplied all the original photos used for the cover art for the original albums. Each LP looks amazing and fits esthetically in with the original series albums, making them instantly recognizable. All the Riot City bands are on the Riot City comp, not only do you get the original comp tracks, but we’ve added more tracks from those bands from the Riot City vaults. 16 blazing tracks of essential 82 UK punk from the likes of Vice Squad, The Ejected, Abrasive Wheels, The Expelled, The Insane, Court Martial, and Chaos UK. Tracklist –Vice Squad Last Rockers 4:37 –The Ejected Have You Got 10p 1:29 –Abrasive Wheels Vicious Circle 2:41 –Abrasive Wheels Burn Em Down 2:41 –Abrasive Wheels Army Song 1:55 –The Expelled Dreaming 2:29 –The Expelled Government Policy 2:56 –Vice Squad Resurrection 4:04 –The Insane Last Day 1:18 –Court Martial Gotta Get Out 2:53 –Chaos UK 4 Minute Warning 2:21 –The Ejected I Don't Care 2:15 –The Ejected Russians 2:27 –Vice Squad Latex Love 1:33 –Court Martial No Solution 2:18 –Chaos UK No Security 2:24 (Puke N Vomit Records)
  • The aim of the Punk elää 7″ box series is to offer people the chance to digest these often impossibly rare and expensive records in their original 7 inch format. Each box comes with an insert with text from Fenno-punk historian Juho Hänninen. The second box set, Systeemissäkö vika?!? (Something Wrong With The System?!?) offers three replicas of privately pressed Finnish punk seven inches from 1980. The most famous title here is the debut seven inch by RATTUS, Khomeini-Rock. Known for their classic hardcore records such as WC räjähtää (1982), the band’s first single was a self-financed affair of 200 copies only. This new facsimile edition presents a rare chance to hear how the band’s early steps in search of their style sounded like. Lapsuuden Loppu (Childhood’s End) existed for a brief period first in 1979 and then with another lineup in 1980. This latter version of the band, who hailed from northern Finland, close to the Swedish border, wanted to steer clear of new wave which was rearing its head and becoming fashionable, and stuck to hard-hitting old school punk. They managed to self-release a self-titled seven inch before splitting up, original copies now almost impossibly rare to find. Systeemi, whose debut single also gave this set its title, differs from many of their contemporary diy punk rock groups in that they made a second 7 inch too, although not until 1983. This 1980 debut, Systeemissäkö vika?!? was the fruit of youngsters that met each other at a vocational school in Jyväskylä, central Finland, in the late seventies. They named the band Systeemi in 1979 and entered the studio on the spring of 1980. The self-released record, as with all titles in this set, has become a holy Grail for punk rock collectors due to its obscurity and extremely low pressing run. (Svart Records)
  • Part 3 of our Finnish punk 7" reissue series. The aim of the Punk elää 7″ box series is to offer people the chance to digest these often impossibly rare and expensive records in their original 7 inch format. Each box comes with an insert with text from Fenno-punk historian Juho Hänninen. The third box set Ne tekee meistä tähtiä offers three replicas of privately pressed Finnish punk seven inches from 1980. BRUPS started in Vaasa in the late 1970’s. The band occasionally played shows around Vaasa area, and even performed their song ‘Rampton’ on national television. The lead singer moved to Sweden in 1982, and eventually the band split up. BRUPS returned in 2000 with a new lineup, but this highly sought after single is the only thing they originally released in 1980. NIRVANA started in Ruovesi in 1976. In their early days the band mostly played cover songs, and performed live in Ruovesi and surrounding cities. In 1980 the self-released singles from Finnish punk & new wave bands inspired Nirvana to make their own record, which is included in this box set. The B-side of the original single is very distorted, which was caused either by a damaged master tape or a mistake at the pressing plant. This reissue has been carefully restored and remastered to make the B-side sound as good as possible. OUTO ELÄMÄ was formed in Joensuu in 1979. The band was very active in the local scene and played dozens of shows in their first six months. Eventually they recorded a demo at their friends’ rehearsal place with the intention of getting a proper record deal. Unfortunately the band were left unsigned, and the complete demo wasn’t released until 1998, but the band self-released two of the tracks as a 7″ single, which has become a highly sought after collectors item and now sells for ridiculous prices. (Svart Records)  
  • This compilation is an attempt to describe the atmosphere of the early days of punk in New York, with a track-listing that mixes rare & alternate recordings from both New York City bands and other major acts who played N.Y.C. at that time. Of course this list could not be exhaustive, but each track selected is essential for any music lover. 14 real Proto-punk, Garage-punk, Power-punk gems ! (Tiger Archives Records)
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    Original soundtrack reissue of the 1979 musical comedy film on color vinyl featuring Ramones and containing the original remixes of “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” & “I Want You Around” done by Phil Spector. Tracklist –Ramones Rock 'N' Roll High School 2:13 –Ramones I Want You Around 3:06 –Paley Brothers / Ramones Come On Let's Go 2:11 –Ramones Ramones Medley (11:00) – Blitzkrieg Bop – Teenage Lobotomy – California Sun – Pinhead – She's The One –Nick Lowe So It Goes 2:28 –Brian Eno Energy Fools The Magician 2:03 –P.J. Soles Rock 'N' Roll High School 2:11 –Devo Come Back Jonee 3:44 –Eddie And The Hot Rods Teenage Depression 2:54 –Brownsville Station Smoking In The Boys' Room 2:55 –Chuck Berry School Days 2:40 –Todd Rundgren A Dream Goes On Forever 2:22 –Alice Cooper School's Out 3:24 (Sire Records/Rhino 2018)
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    For many folks around the world this compilation was what introduced them to Finnish Punk/Hardcore.In 1982 legendary Finnish fanzine Propaganda released one of the best hardcore compilations that still makes jaws drop. The comp contains 35 tracks total by the likes of Bastards, Kaaos, NATO, Terveet Kädet, Riistetyt, 013, Maho Neityht, Appendix, Sekunda, Antikeho und Dachau! more propaganda coming Our reissues includes a reproduction of the original fanzine insert. (Puke n Vomit Records)
  • S.P. Metal part two contains four bands, the cream of the crop of the true metal underground in Sao Paulo in 1985. Korzus, Santuario, Abutre and Performances all contribute two tracks. Performances and Santuario are more in the NWOBHM & Manilla Road -type early power metal vein, while Abutre and Korzus are great, rough speed-thrash-headbanging as only young Brazilians fed on a diet of hardcore and NWOBHM can churn out. Cult! Comes with a 12"x12" 4-page insert. A1 Santuario: Espartaco, Gladiator Rei A2 Korzus: Principe Da Escuridao A3 Abutre: Rock, Rock, Rock A4 Performances: Viajante Perdido B1 Abutre: Quando O Fogo Comeca Arder B2 Performances: Guerreiro Da Paz B3 Santuario: Santuario B4 Korzus: Guerreiros Do Metal (Svart Records)
  • Featuring music from the critically-acclaimed documentary, Salad Days, as well as several out of print favorites from: Marginal Man, Government Issue, Black Market Baby, Jawbox, United Mutation, Holy Rollers, Swiz, Fire Party, Kingface, Mission Impossible, Double-O, Shudder to Think, Youth Brigade, Gray Matter, Iron Cross, and Void. Tracklist A1 Jawbox– Motorist A2 Shudder To Think– Chocolate A3 Double-O (2)– Death Of A Friend A4 Holy Rollers– What You Said A5 Mission Impossible (3)– Now I'm Alone A6 Youth Brigade (2)– It's About Time That We Had A Change A7 Kingface*– Tired A8 Gray Matter (2)– Swann Street A9 Swiz– Godspeed B1 Government Issue– Where You Live B2 Marginal Man– Under A Shadow B3 United Mutation– Sensations Fix B4 Black Market Baby– Downward Christian Soldiers B5 Fire Party– Drowning Intentions B6 Soul Side*– Name In Mind B7 Iron Cross– You're A Rebel B8 Void (12)– Who Are You B9 HR (Bad Brains)*– Epilogue (New Rose Films, LLC)
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    Sharpies were the terror teen cast of a Richard Allen novel that never was. Although largely synonymous with the early-to-mid 1970s, reports of their violent clashes with rival gangs of Mods are documented as early as 1966. Bored, working-class, suburban kids, their teenage rampage began in Melbourne, Australia, but soon there were Sharpie gangs forming in Sydney, Perth and beyond. For a while they were the untouchables, ruling dances, discos and public transport with their fists. Sharpies were fiercely territorial and divided into different chapters according to location. They would often wage aggressive wars within their tightly delineated sub-gangs, although Mods always remained their arch-enemy. Sharpies were the scourge of the railways. Although they would seldom attack members of the general public, if you gave them a second look you’d be lucky to escape with your wallet intact. Violence was their world, but always with a strict moral code. Sharpie boys and girls wore similar uniforms: a slim-fitting, ribbed and collared cardigan called a Conny, T-shirts, tight jeans (Lee or Levis) and big platform shoes. Girls’ shoes had 100% cork heels. Boys’ shoes were often two-coloured. Hair was worn short or shaved with long wisps at the back, influenced by the British ska, mod and skinhead subcultures. Sharpie girls had their hair slightly longer and often with coloured streaks - Bowie-red was their colour of choice. Boys often bleached their hair. Tattoos were popular, although many were homemade and poorly executed. Their diet was anthemic glam-rock (Slade, Sweet, T.Rex, Bowie, Gary Glitter) kung-fu movies and A Clockwork Orange. The music of local heroes like Lobby Loyde and The Coloured Balls, AC/DC, Skyhooks and Hush provided their daily soundtrack. They even had their own tribal dance, a rhythmic sway with knees bent and fists clenched and pumping upwards across their chests. As the 1970s drew to a close, and new styles like punk and disco began to emerge, Sharpies started to fade. By 1979 they were all-but gone. Today they are recognised as an important part of Australian youth culture and social history. Enjoy their music... MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND - Natural Man (1972) COLOURED BALLS - Heavy Metal Kid (1974) STEVIE WRIGHT - Hard Road (1974) FAT DADDY - Roll Daddy Roll (1976) RABBIT - I Like To Hear My Music (1976) JACKIE CHRISTIAN & TARGET - The Last Time I Go To Baltimore (1974) SKYHOOKS - Living In The 70s (1974) JOHNNY DICK - The Warrior (1975) TED MULRY - You've Got It (1977) JOHN PAUL YOUNG - Yesterday's Hero (1975) HUSH - Mindrocker (1974) LA FEMME - Chelsea Kids (1979) SUPERNAUT - The Kids Are Out Tonight (1977) TASTE - Boys Will Be Boys (1976) (Sharps Rock Records)
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    Here available on DOUBLE-LP is a mind blowing collection featuring some of Germany's sonic futurists of the '70s and '80s. Embracing the early electronics and tape experiments of the '60s avant-garde, these artists aimed to boldly go, eschewing small steps for giant leaps, into a nebulous and novel sound. (Bureau B)
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    Soul Jazz Records’ new Studio One DJ Party is the latest instalment from the mighty Studio One Records catalogue, a wicked new collection of the finest DJs and toasters ever to inhabit the world of reggae – seminal Jamaican artists including Prince Jazzbo, Dillinger, Dennis Alcapone, Michigan & Smiley, Lone Ranger as well as a host of lesser known artists and rare cuts from Studio One. From the earliest days when Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd ran his Downbeat soundsystem up and down the length of Jamaica, DJs and toasters such as King Stitt and Count Machukie were always a part of the sound of Studio One, introducing new records and exciting audiences with catchphrase lines such as: “No matter what the people say these sounds lead the way It's the order of the day from your boss deejay” King Stitt So when DJ emerged as a distinct reggae style at the start of the 1970s, Studio One was, as always, way ahead of their competitors. Legendary artists of the calibre of Dillinger, Dennis Alcapone and Prince Jazzbo all queued up to record for the equally legendary label. At the end of the 1970s, as dancehall exploded onto the island, Clement Dodd was once again able to maintain Studio One’s position on the throne as the number one sound in the Jamaica, fighting off upstart competitors such as Channel One and Joe Gibbs who tried to replicate Studio One’s unique sound. During this period Clement Dodd released a series of stunning dancehall releases from young DJ/dancehall artists at the label including Lone Ranger and Michigan & Smiley. This selection spans the early 70s up until the mid-1980s, from the earliest days of deejay toasting right up until digital dancehall, ground-breaking tracks over the finest selection of the ultimate Studio One rhythms and tracks. Who could ask for more? Studio One DJ Party includes specially commissioned sleevenotes by Chris Lane, founder of the legendary British reggae label Fashion Records, as well as fantastic original artwork commissioned by the illustrator Ski Williams. The album is released as double heavyweight vinyl (+download code). (Soul Jazz Records)
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    Soul Jazz Records new Studio One album is a fantastic selection featuring all-star legendary Studio One vocalists – Alton Ellis, Marcia Griffiths, The Heptones, Horace Andy, Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott – alongside a host of classic and super-rare Lovers Rock cuts all of which Clement Dodd recorded at the Brentford Road studio. Lovers rock brought together many elements and here you will find sweet harmonies, late 1960s rocksteady, 1970s soul covers, discomixes, recuts and new rhythms – which all fit together in a timeless twilight of love & harmony – as if lovers silhouetted by a Kingston sunset. Here you will find stone-cold classic Studio One tunes – Marcia Griffiths ‘Truly’, Horace Andy’s I’ll Be Gone super-rare cuts like Carlton and The Shoes killer 70s versions of Never Give Your Heart Away and Let Me Love You (vocal cut to Jackie Mittoo’s mighty Wall Street), The Invaders sweet lovers rocksteady bomb ‘Sweet Soul Rocking’ (currently for sale at £2,500 on discogs!) and many more! This new album comes with sleevenotes by Lloyd Bradley, the acclaimed author of Bass Culture, Sounds Like London and Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music. The album is pressed on heavyweight double gatefold vinyl (+ free download). (Soul Jazz Records)


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