• Formed by members from classic Swedish acts 'The Black' and 'Vinterland', Tyrant is a band that has been created for one purpose and one purpose only: reminding us how it was meant to be, creating a dark musical outfit that for once relates to their history unlike many young pretenders nowadays. Influenced by simplicity and ugliness, Tyrant go back to their roots with a great dose of groove and rock n roll, injecting their raw and hate filled rockin' Black death Metal bearing influences from early classics like Venom, Bathory, and Discharge. The songs are undoubtedly cut for live action. This is not about overproducing, being modern, revolutionary. This is about the roots, the darkness, and the very raw beginnings that made the scene what it is today. Pure power, anger, hate and catchy song-writing backed up with an unequalled attitude make up the strength of the titan Tyrant is bound to become. Raw & ugly E-tuna madness! Tyrant “Reclaim the flame” 15-year anniversary edition on black as well as limited bloodred marble LP. (Tvåtakt Records / De:Nihil Records)
  • The mighty U Roy is the originator, the man who put the DJ phenomenon on the map and made it an artform, from Kingston Jamaica to the corners of all the Dancefloors, Clubs and Sound Systems across the world. U Roy began his musical career spinning records for Doctor Dickies Sound System way back in 1961 and since worked with just about every legendary jamacian dub artists since; Lee Perry, Sir George The Atomic, Keith Hudson, Duke Reid and most famously King Tubby! 'I am The Originator' is a collection of some of his best loved mid 70's cuts where he provides the DJ cut for tracks by Johnny Clarke, Delroy Wilson, Cornell Campbell, Linval Thompson and many more! A fine collection by the daddy of all DJ's!!! (Kingston Sounds Records)
  • Outstanding discography Lp from this Cult Yugoslav hardcore band. Most people know their track on Welcome to to 1984 and some have picked up the Corpus Delecti 7" re issue, this Lp contains those, plus more comp tracks, demos and out takes. Unlike a lot of barrel scraping discographies, all the material on here is top notch, even the demo and out take stuff. Really raw and aggro hardcore, sounds like a perfect mix of Discharge and Wretched. Totally excellent. (Rest In Punk Records)
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    Exclusive RSD release. Deluxe 140gm red vinyl LP pressing of this classic 1987 album by the British punk legends led by Charlie Harper. Record store day 2015. Limited edition red vinyl 500 copies Gatefold cover. (Let Them Eat Vinyl Records)
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    Female fronted punk band from Istanbul formed in 2014 featuring members of Era of Fear (GR) and Poster-iti (TR). Influenced by 80's post-punk and UK anarcho-punk (Dark Liquid Records)
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    Color Vinyl
    By 1986, the original lineup of the U.K. Subs had dissipated, leaving frontman Charlie Harper to create a now classic album with an assemblage of sidemen. The result was Huntington Beach. This deluxe reissue includes 5 bonus songs. Released for Record Store Day 2015 and is limited to 500 copies. Gatefold cover. (Let Them Eat Vinyl Records)
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    Originally released on Riot City Records in 1983 and quickly becoming one of the label's most highly sought after releases, Ultra-Violent recorded just one single before breaking up when vocalist Adie went on to front the Metal incarnation of the English Dogs. Three songs of blistering UK82, and quite possibly the best record in the genre. Finally reissued in it's original format, with original copies regularly selling for £70+ online. An excruciating amount of thought and love has been poured into this release to make it the best reissue it could be. The accompanying insert also features reprints of original fanzine coverage, several previously unpublished photographs and also for the first time, a lyric sheet. Remastered at North London Bomb Factory by Daniel Husayn. (Mad Butcher Records)
  • UNDER 45 | cancelled | LP

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    There are new bands which catch your attention like a gripping face coming out of nowhere. The kind of unexpected phenomenon which might even make you like surprises. UNDER 45 probably says nothing to you but it’s only a matter of time before you get charmed by this very unique form of musical expression. Some might describe it as post-punk or try to assign to it a wide range of influences from different time periods, styles or scenes but it’s not the point. We just want to invite you to let yourself be seduced like we’ve been seduced ourselves from the very first seconds. Seduced by the sarcastic but clever poetry, by the bright guitars and by the persuasive bass lines. Anyway, we can give you some names to set up the scenery if you need : THE FALL, PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED, UK DECAY… UNDER 45 is leaded by Jake, refugee from Brexit and also drummer in BLEAKNESS who teamed up with his BLEAKNESS compagnion Phab and Pascal who you may already know as guitarist in FAUX DEPART. (Destructure Records)
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    Official reissue of THE UNDERDOGS' only 7" EP "East Of Dachau". This 7" was originally released in 1983 on legendary RIOT CITY RECORDS. Leeds-based punks THE UNDERDOGS released this one single filled with dark and edgy UK punk. Cult! (Mad Butcher Records)  
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    This is a preorder. Shipment on 10 of March Official reprint by Fryktos Burnings! “Underground Never Dies!” chronicles the underground metal explosion of the mid-1980s through early 1990s when a decentralized volunteer force created a parallel music industry for music that had no commercial appeal, but a fervent sense of truth and opposition to some aspects of post-modern civilization. With over 500 pages of interviews, photos, excerpts from period fanzines and artwork, “Underground Never Dies!” addresses the complex interweaving of bands, fans, zines, promoters, artists and labels that fostered the underground metal movement and allowed it to expand with maximum flexibility. Written by Grinder Magazine Editor Andrés Padilla, the book includes fanzines from around the world as well as an extensive selection of underground flyers, so it will be not only a narrative of the history of underground metal, but also a massive and interesting menu of diverse viewpoints for devotees of underground metal genres such as death metal, black metal, grindcore and doom metal. Cover art by Mark Riddick accompanies introductions by Ian Christe (Bazillion Points), Chris Reifert (Autopsy), Erik Danielsson (Watain) and Alan Moses (Glorious Times). This celebration of the underground will attempt to make sense of the fertile but chaotic years of its origins. Book Details: – 500+ pages – Spot UV print on cover details – Extra material not featured on the 1st print – Shrink wrapped – Artwork by Mark Riddick
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    The Undertones is the 1979 debut album by The Undertones. The album was recorded at Eden Studios in Acton, West London in January 1979 and was released on 13 May that year. The original release included just one single release: "Jimmy Jimmy" and an album version of "Here Comes The Summer", which was never released as a single. A1 Teenage Kicks A2 Smarter Than You A3 Emergency Cases A4 Family Entertainment A5 Girls Don't Like It A6 Male Model A7 I Gotta Getta A8 Wrong Way A9 Jump Boys A10 Here Comes The Summer B1 Get Over You B2 Really Really B3 She Can Only Say No B4 Billy's Third B5 Jimmy Jimmy B6 True Confessions B7 (She's A) Runaround B8 I Know A Girl B9 Listening In B10 Casbah Rock B11 Mars Bars Tracks A1-A3, B1-B3 and B11 are bonus tracks. (Fan Club)
  • Bogotá’s UNIDAD IDEOLÓGICA sound is pure high intensity hardcore. The eight songs on their debut 12” clock in below 15 minutes and not a single second is wasted. Their sound is very bass and drum driven, full of breakneck, pummelling relentless beats which do not rest for a second, setting a claustrophobic atmosphere for the noise to grow. Feedback ladden guitars at times verge on BM, which brings RAW POWER, EXECUTE, GISM and DISARM to mind, creating the perfect background for a raging vocalist full of venom to sing about fear, control, technology, and the rampant neoliberalism destroying their land and literally killing as we speak. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
  • Uniform Choice originally formed in 1982 in Newport Beach, CA and in September 1982, recorded these four tracks known as the "Orange Peel Sessions". This era of the band did not feature the members that played on the "Screaming For Change" record and is indeed a very different sounding band with a style much more akin to the Orange County beach punk at the time or late-'70s UK bands. This 7" still serves as an important documentation of one of OC's best bands at their infancy as well as a snapshot of that time and scene in general. (Dr. Strange Records)
  • For the first time ever on the 12? vinyl format is the 1984 demo by Orange County, California straight-edge hardcore stalwarts Uniform Choice. It features Patrick Dubar on vocals, Victor Maynez on guitar, David Mellow on bass, and Patrick Dyson on drums, the same line-up that would later go on to record the lauded Screaming For Change LP. Originally released in very limited quantities on cassette and later reissued as a double-7?/CD on Nemesis Records in the early-?90s, this is the first official re-pressing of this release in decades. This deluxe reissue includes a gatefold jacket featuring restored cover artwork, never-before-scene photos, a reproduction of the original demo lyric sheet, and a two-sided, 12? x 18? poster with a photo by famed SoCal punk photographer KRK on one side and rare artwork by Shawn Kerri (Circle Jerks, D.O.A., Germs) on the other. 2ND PRESSING: 560 CLEAR VINYL (Mankind Records/Nemesis Records/2018)
  • UNIT PRIDE was a band from California's Bay Area that was a part of the late-'80s "youth crew" hardcore scene. The singer, Eric Ozenne, went on to front THE NERVE AGENTS (Hellcat/Revelation), REDEMPTION 87 (Blackout/New Age), and SAID RADIO (Mankind). This collection includes the long-out-of-print UNIT PRIDE Then And Now 7", originally released in 1988 on Step Forward Records, as well as their even rarer, self-released Holding On Strong demo from 1987. Originally reissued by Mankind Records in 2002, this is the first new vinyl re-pressing of this release in over 10 years. FOR FANS OF: GORILLA BISCUITS, SIDE BY SIDE, YOUTH OF TODAY. Tracks A1 to A6 recorded in July 1988 @ Razor's Edge Studio, San Francisco. Previously released as the "Then And Now" 7" EP in 1988 on Step Forward Records. Tracks B1 to B8 recorded in January 1988 @ Maximum Rocknroll. Previously released as the "Holding On Strong" demo tape in 1988. Printed lyric insert included. Blue vinyl + CD. (Mankind Records)
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    Originally founded in 1980 under the name Dark Self Image by brothers Jay and John Fox, United Mutation sprang from musical influences most hardcore punks either ignored, or denied knowing existed. The dementedly tranquil sounds of The Grateful Dead, the lysergic space rock of Hawkwind, and the complex arrangements of the ultimate anti-hippie Frank Zappa were some of their favorites, but when local punk bands started to pop out their own self-financed vinyl, it inspired them just as much — if not more — as those rare bits of strangeness major labels would release from time to time. Informed in equal parts by self-released singles from their local favorites the Teen Idles and ½ Japanese, the band came upon their own unique sound which combined the breakneck pace of hardcore with a frantic and cathartic take on psychedelia. In 1982 United Mutation entered celebrated D.C. punk recording studio Inner Ear to lay down two sessions, the first with their original lineup of the Fox brothers, vocalist John “Monk” Harding and drummer Sean Sumner, followed by a second session for the Outside Records compilation "Mixed Nuts Don’t Crack", featuring new vocalist and former Dark Self Image drummer, Mike Brown. 1983 saw the band return to Inner Ear to record their debut 7” E.P. "Fugitive Family", a split release between Dischord Records and the band’s newly minted D.S.I. label. "Fugitive Family" is the most well-known of any of the band’s output, due to perhaps the inclusion of the Dischord logo on the back cover, or the sheer mind-blistering assault of the six tracks contained on the original record. This LP compiles all of the aforementioned recordings — 26 tracks total, 6 of which are previously unreleased — all faithfully restored from the original master tapes at Inner Ear for maximum aural freak out. Also included is a 24-page full-color booklet chock full of the band’s politically-tinged xerox collage artwork, housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring more of the same. We’re proud to call this the definitive collection of early United Mutation material!


    Monk Session
    A1 You Send Me
    A2 Wake Up
    A3 Tear Down The Party
    A4 Happy Daze
    A5 So Morose
    A6 D.C. Screws
    Dischord Session
    A7 Fugitive Family/Plain Truth
    A8 Final Solution
    A9 Passout
    A10 It’s Over
    A11 White Amerika
    A12 I Know A Place
    A13 Own Way
    A14 Lice And Flies...
    Mixed Nuts Don't Crack Session
    B1 White Boy
    B2 Combat Boots
    B3 D.C. Screws The World
    B4 Oh-No
    B5 United Mutation
    B6 Out Of Hand
    B7 Lice & Fleas & Vermin
    B8 Your Own Way
    B9 Rock ‘N’ Roll Party
    B10 TV Preachers & Demons
    B11 Final Solution
    Monk Session Outtake
    B12 Sons Of Sunoco
    (Radio Raheem Records)
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    Unavailable for over thirteen years, this Orange County hardcore classic - originally released in 1985 - is finally back in press. Guitarist, Joe D. Foster, went on to play in No For An Answer and later form the band Ignite. Pat Longrie and Pat Dubar, drummer and singer respectively, went on to form the influential Uniform Choice. Truly a piece of history. (Indecision Records)
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    UNSANE | sterilize | CD

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    Since 1988, UNSANE has pounded the planet with their caustic grooves and foundation-crumbling riffs, having released LPs through a wide range of labels including Matador/Atlantic, Amphetamine Reptile, Relapse, Ipecac, Alternative Tentacles, and others, not to mention a wide range of singles, splits, and live albums. The band’s gnarled blend of punk, metal, noise, and hardcore helping to define the “AmRep sound” alongside other forerunners of the style, Today Is The Day, The Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Tad, Cows, Halo Of Flies, Melvins, and others. Closing a five-year gap since the 2012 release of their Wreck LP through Alternative Tentacles, UNSANE makes a vicious return with the pummeling Sterilize, a record that recalls the most defining elements of the band’s seminal Scattered, Smothered, And Covered and Occupational Hazard albums, surging with the band’s unrelenting singular sound created by guitarist/vocalist Chris Spencer, bassist/vocalist Dave Curran, and drummer Vinnie Signorelli. Sterilize was produced by UNSANE, recorded by Dave Curran at Gatos Trail Studios in Yucca Valley, California, mixed by Andrew Schneider at Acre in New York City, and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago. Sterilize showcases UNSANE sounding as dense and damaging as ever, and sees them remaining as necessary as ever, nearly three decades since they began. (Southern Lord Records)
  • Unwound’s paranoid and pulsating sixth album, Challenge For a Civilized Society explores the pre-Y2K technological dread of modern punk living. Producer Steve Fisk threads Justin Trosper’s stabbing, discordant guitar in and around Sara Lund’s consolidated drum attack and Vern Rumsey’s relentless, throbbing bass. A vicious and sinister penultimate LP from the ’90s most misunderstood band. (Numero Group Records)
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    UNWOUND | fake train | LP

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    After the Pacific Northwest grunge raids of the early ’90s that saw Nirvana, Mudhoney, and even the Melvins hoisted up the major label flagpole, Unwound’s 1993 debut came as a welcomed reprieve for underground noise-niks everywhere. A pulsing cluster of wiry feedback, lurching bass, and single stroke rolls, Fake Train entangles the energies of frustrated backpack emo, faded Riot Grrrl back issues, and their own dash of teen spirit and unleashes it all in an earsplitting 10-song assault. (Numero Group Records)
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    An album Maximum Rock 'N' Roll deemed not punk enough to review, Unwound's 1994 sophomore effort was a lethal depth charge aimed at major label grunge and independent hardcore alike. From the off-kilter, vertiginous rhythm of "Entirely Different Matters" to the neck-snapping velocity of "What Was Wound" to the relentless pounding at the end of "All Souls Day," New Plastic Ideas is the Sonic Youth-loving older sister to Fake Train's post-punk-obsessed little brother. (Numero Group Records)
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    UNWOUND | repetition | LP

    23.00 incl. tax
    Dead-eyed post-punk from Olympia’s reigning noise-niks. Repetition rejects the major label signing spree of the mid-’90s entirely, training its hulking focus on haircut hardcore, white belt Jiujitsu, and frenzied feedback. The soundtrack to a fantasy Halloween candy heist, now on vinyl for the first time since 1996. (Numero Group Records)
  • UPRIGHT CITIZENS from the Ruhr area are one of the most important, most independent and probably most international 80s hardcore punk bands in Germany! In 1982 their debut “Bombs Of Peace” was released as a mini-LP. An absolute classic consisting of 9 tracks that already swept everything away back then, here hit after hit. Popular hits like “Fuck The Army”, “Neo-Nazis in the BRG”, the title song “Bombs Of Peace” or the unbelievably good cover version of the CRISIS classic: “Holocaust” are songs that burn in after hearing them once and you never do forgets again. Together with the second LP "Make The Future Mine & Yours", the repress of the debut album by H'Art was re-released as a double LP in the 80s and by Rude Records in the early 90s. Due to its rarity, the original is nowadays traded at horrific prices. Not enough that these great songs are available again on vinyl, this re-release appears in the original format as a mini-LP on a 140g vinyl + special A1 poster and all of this is hand-numbered. (Colturschock Records)  
  • In the 80s UPRIGHT CITIZENS were above all the international hardcore punk band from the West Germany. The first line-up consisted of Anton (vocals, guitar), Uli (guitar), Crocker (bass) and Mario (drums). The mainly English lyrics and their American sound were very distinctive, which made the band internationally known. In 1985 they were the first German punk band to tour across the United States for six weeks. In addition to various publications, they earned the reputation of a terrific live act, which they also proved as the opening act for punk greats such as DEAD KENNEDYS, UK SUBS, DOA, BAD RELIGION and many others. CD Digipak with a 20-page booklet containing all texts, lots of unpublished photos and liner notes. The second album "Make The Future Mine & Yours" from 1983 is a classic. The 9 tracks of the "Bombs Of Peace" album are included as a CD bonus! (Colturschock Records)  
  • The second album "Make The Future Mine & Yours" from 1983 is a classic and is in no way inferior to the debut work "Bombs Of Peace". The original LP is priceless and even the 2001 OX version is hard to find. This is official re-release, hand-numbered and on 140g vinyl! The 2-sided original insert has been expanded to include liner notes and unpublished photos for the fold-out 6-sided insert. In the 80s UPRIGHT CITIZENS were above all the international hardcore punk band from the West Germany. The first line-up consisted of Anton (vocals, guitar), Uli (guitar), Crocker (bass) and Mario (drums). The mainly English lyrics and their American sound were very distinctive, which made the band internationally known. In 1985 they were the first German punk band to tour across the United States for six weeks. In addition to various publications, they earned the reputation of a terrific live act, which they also proved as the opening act for punk greats such as DEAD KENNEDYS, UK SUBS, DOA, BAD RELIGION and many others. Tracks: 1. Attack 2. Feel My Fate 3. Government Wins 4. Ground Zero 5. Hated 6. Long Songs 7. Never Say Goodbye 8. Now Or Never 9. Pseudo Punk 10. Swastika Ratss 11. The End 12. What Are We Gonna Do Now? 13. Yellow Press 14. You Make Me Sick 15. No Tears For Yesterday (Colturschock Records)  


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