• Clive Culbertson was bassist in Irish band Sweat/ No Sweat who put out a couple of Thin Lizzy inspired power pop singles, on the excellent Rip Off Records, in the late 70's. In the early 80's Clive went solo and released this infectious power pop two sider on Rip Off Records. Two absolute killer tracks on this reissue, with "Time To Kill" and "Busy Signal". Harsh and speedy Powerpop! Very rare powerpop & punk gem! (Mad Butcher Records)
  • After four years of silence, instrumental metal standard bearers Pelican have come thundering back, with Forever Becoming, an eight-song album destined to be considered one of the most punishingly rewarding albums of the year. Before their hiatus, the group had laid a sizable chunk of the groundwork for the instrumental metal scene that’s come into its own in the 13 years since they started playing together. After 2009 the band found itself slightly adrift, and found the day to day struggle of being full-time underground musicians colliding with new families and non-musical careers. Wisely, they didn’t make any rash decisions, and as suits a band known for making dense, meditative sounds they simply patiently figured out how to move past their obstacles. This reborn Pelican is purer, more focused, and far more assured. Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago with engineer Chris Common, and featuring The Swan King guitarist Dallas Thomas (replacing the amicably departed Laurent Schroeder-Lebec) Forever Becoming is an immense, speaker-rattling meditation on the infinite cycle of death and life. It takes a lot of experience and a lot of confidence to attempt a head-on ascent of the biggest, most monolithic theme in art, but Forever Becoming is proof that Pelican has plenty of both, and knows how to wield them. Design by Stephen O’ Malley. (Southern Lord Records)
  • Originally appearing on the "Public Service" comp from 1981, these three songs were a lot of punks' introduction to Bad Religion. Track Listing: 1. Bad Religion 2. Slaves 3. Drastic Actions (Puke N Vomit)
  • The next installment of the Smoke 7 series, this split features classic Arizona skate punk outfit JFA and Los Angeles punk legends Sin 34, each with three songs from the "Sudden Death" compilation that was originally released in 1982. Tracklist A1 JFA*– Low Rider A2 JFA*– Guess What A3 JFA*– American Buttfucker B1 Sin 34– Only Love B2 Sin 34– Nuclear War B3 Sin 34– Who Needs Them (Puke N Vomit)
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    The debut and best album from Killing Joke from 1980. It is a dark, obsessive and dangerous album. The band backed its occult-inspired, apocalyptic message with tribal drums, rubber funk bass...and droning guitars. Years later it still sounds inspirational and deranged. ‘Killing Joke’ – the classic debut album featuring such key tracks as ‘Requiem’, ‘Wardance’ & ‘The Wait’ (covered by Metallica in 1987). Tracklist 1 Requiem 2 Wardance 3 Tomorrow's World 4 Bloodsport 5 The Wait 6 Complications 7 S.O.36 8 Primitive Bonus Tracks: 9 Change 10 Requiem (Single Version) 11 Change (Dub) 12 Primitive (Rough Mix) 13 Bloodsport (Rough Mix) (Virgin)    
  • After a well received demo, ZIG ZAG has been making waves at shows around America as well as their home ground of South Florida. Playing punk hardcore that is as akin to Germs and Blatz on "Gets Worse", Zig Zag showcases their sassy, sardonic take on the genre. Ranging from short and speedy hardcore bursts to mid tempo punk masterpieces, their newest release has all in store. All songs are dedicated to the loving memory of their deceased guitarist, Austin, whose final recordings are on this release. 500 seven inches pressed with 100 limited on black and white mix. (11PM Records)
  • O Mike περιπλανιέται σε έναν κόσμο που βρίσκεται μέσα στο μυαλό του. Σε αυτόν τον νέο κόσμο, οι απαντήσεις στα ερωτήματά του καθώς και οι εκπλήξεις που τον περιμένουν σε κάθε του βήμα, παίρνουν μορφή από τις εμπειρίες της ζωής του, τους φόβους και τα τραγούδια του. Σε αυτό το ψυχεδελικό ταξίδι συναντά τους προσωπικούς του ήρωες, και κάποιες ξεπερασμένες αντιλήψεις του μαζί με έναν νέο φίλο, τον Κώστα, που κινδυνεύει να μείνει για πάντα σε αυτό τον φανταστικό κόσμο αν δεν βρουν τον σωστό τρόπο να επιστρέψουν στην πραγματικότητα. Κι ο Κώστας, του αποκαλύπτει ένα μεγάλο μυστικό. Με την άκρη του ματιού μου έπιασα μια κίνηση, σαν κάτι να έτρεξε δεξιά μου πίσω από τον καναπέ. Κοίταξα τον Βασίλη που ήταν προσηλωμένος στην συζήτηση για την Αλίκη στη Χώρα των Θαυμάτων. Ήπια και το υπόλοιπο τσάι. Πράγματι, ήταν πολύ εύγευστο. Συγγραφέας: Mike Pougouna 21.0 x 14.0 cm, 160 σελ. https://merlins.gr/blog/1666-2020-05-22-16-01-58
  • "No Control" is one of the albums that helped bridge Bad Religion's more reckless, earlier direction with their more focused (but just as pissed-off) '90s-era with the strength of such cuts as "Big Bang," "Automatic Man," the title track and "I Want To Conquer The World." "No Control" is one of the band's best all-time albums and an archetypal blueprint for the genre. Bad Religion has been setting the standard for years; this album is yet another stone in the band's long road to identity and style. (Epitaph Records/2004)
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    Released in 1985, the band’s second album had an ominous pall of doom and gloom, enmeshed in a sound both primitive yet also Wagnerian in its vast scope. Many claim this was a massive inspiration for black metal bands later in the decade. In truth, though, none matched what was here. This release includes the Emperor’s Return EP as well as a remix of Visual Aggression, and the concept and art direction of the release was done by the man behind Celtic Frost, Tom G. Warrior. CD - The CD is packaged in a casebound book. Hype sticker over shrink wrap: "The original classic album remastered Includes bonus material & extensive sleeve notes Concept & art direction by Tom Gabriel Warrior". (Noise/BMG/2019)
  • The debut album from the band was released in 1984, and was quickly recognised as the work of agitated and agitating talents. This album was a huge influence on the burgeoning death and thrash scenes at the time. A masterclass of riff tirades and unholy sentiments. This reissue includes rehearsals from 1984 and the concept and art direction of the release was done by the man behind Celtic Frost, Tom G. Warrior. Both the LP and CD versions include new sleeve notes and extensive booklets. Hype sticker over shrink wrap: "The original classic album remastered Includes bonus material & extensive sleeve notes Concept & art direction by Tom Gabriel Warrior". Original album recorded & mixed at Caet studio, Berlin, October 8 - 15, 1984 Bonus tracks recorded live on cassette during Morbid Tales album rehearsals at the Grave Hill Bunker, Birchwil, Switzerland, in summer and autumn of 1984 All tracks remastered at Woodshed Studio, Landshut, Germany, March 2016 (Noise/BMG/2019)
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    D.O.A. | T-shirt

    10.00 incl. tax
    Hand made high quality silk screen print. Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt. Ενδέχεται να υπάρχουν ελλείψεις σε κάποια από τα μεγέθη. Σε αυτή την περίπτωση θα σας ενημερώσουμε τηλεφωνικά ή με e-mail για τον χρόνο παράδοσής τους σε εμάς από τον προμηθευτή (συνήθως 3-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες).
  • ALVILDA | négatif | 7”

    10.00 incl. tax
    ALVILDA are Nina, Eva, Sandra and Melanie and is the best power pop inconnue! Four ALIEN SNATCH! pandemic pop pearls parisiennes! Seems the four gals starring the SHANGRI LAS on "Leader of the Pack", but are the ones riding Lambretta motor scooters picking up the DOGS. The are the french version of Belfasts' PROTEX, their four-song debut 45rpm has the trademark lofi-mod to power pop drive and add some yé-yés of their idols, LES CALAMITÉS and some ice-melting RONETTES surf harmonies and back ups. Fans of NUMBER ONES, WHIFFS, BARRACUDAS, TV CRIME and PROTOKIDS put a heart-shaped cardboard file next to your A´s- After Last Night 45 until release date. Record comes in two double sided printed cover cards in super clear sleeves.This is ALVILDAS first recordings from December 2020 at Château Vergogne Studio. We´re in love toutes le nuits already. (Alien Snatch Records)
  • “Once the sadness of their 2020 canceled American tour was gone, Chain Cult went back to the practice space to write new songs, it was a perfect way to keep finding meaning in a world at a standstill. They are back stronger than ever with two new raging post-punk anthems, they’re bringing exactly what we need in these troubled times. These two songs give us elements for reflection on our lives, a good occasion to think about what we miss and what we want for the future. « We’re not Alone » and « Always a mess » show the band at its best. The very powerful rhythm section allows the guitarist to play the most beautiful and dark melodies and the singer to chant the catchy choruses that Chain Cult is known for. During uncertain times, it is good to be surrounded by people you trust to continue moving forward ; in this spirit Chain Cult has kept the same recipe as for their previous records. No one can say what the future holds and we can’t act like this is normal but always shall we remember that we’re not alone in this world” (Nico Destructure) (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
  • Limited to 200 numbered copies, housed in a recycled cardboard digipak sleeve, kept in a generic resealable plastic bag with a sticker on it. Includes fold-out insert with lyrics. All songs written, produced & recorded on 4-track cassette (!) in 1987. Tracklist 1-1 Hold It Tight 3:07 1-2 The Sound Of Weakness 2:30 1-3 Go Away 4:19 1-4 Dreams Of A Celebration 3:36 1-5 Circle Game 3:15 1-6 Run And Hide 4:00 1-7 Endless Hours 4:10 1-8 Looking For A Break 4:23 1-9 Follow Yourself 5:59 1-10 Minimum 2:19 1-11 Change Of Time 2:24 1-12 Lost 4:13 1-13 Return Of The Rat 2:22 1-14 Forgotten Forces 4:05 1-15 Burning Bodies 5:17 1-16 Reasons To Be Alone 4:25 1-17 Livin On Leavin 8:28 Live In Thessaloniki 20.6.86 2-1 Untitled 3:03 2-2 Untitled 2:17 2-3 Untitled 3:58 2-4 Untitled 3:43 2-5 Untitled 4:23 2-6 Untitled 3:10 2-7 Window Shop For Love 4:11 2-8 Untitled 3:48 2-9 Untitled 7:18 2-10 Untitled 8:31 2-11 Untitled 6:58 2-12 Untitled 4:08 (Smash Records)
  • SIAL | zaman edan | 7”

    10.00 incl. tax
    Singapore SIAL return with two songs of bleak mechanised feedback laden punk. This time around their sound is moving from their usual abrasive hardcore to a more HAWKWIND-CRESS influenced setting the tone for a more psychedelic conceptual piece. “Zaman Edan was written during a period when the world was under severe anxiety and uncertainty. The 2 songs tells stories about the real meaning of life. A life running low of dopamine, setting the tone for a bleak and experimental approach whilst writing this record, built up from a very percussive foundation. The dark synth laden ambience sucking in the empty space that surrounds the blistering guitar and bass, like a vacuum, voiding existence. Siti’s screeching vocals approaches death, not as a cry for help but as a fatalistic prose to justify means of sacrifice in the struggle against segregation and bondage. Side A and B features one song each, which translates to “You are born to fight” and “You are born to die”. “Zaman Edan” itself means Age of Craziness or Mad Times in English. To put it simply, this record is about all the broken promises that the state made towards minority voices, and continues to make in this perpetual Zaman Edan” (Hafiz) The artwork of the single was once again done by drummer Izzad Radzali Shah perfectly matching image and sound. One time pressing. 500 black / 300 white (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
  • State Line Records is proud to release Oxymoron's final album of their career. This is the first time that Feed the Breed has been available on vinyl in the United States and the first pressing since Knock-Out Records original German press in 2001. Oxymoron started off with a band on F**k the 90's. They followed that up with The Pack Is Back which is arguably better than their debut. Is their third and final full length, Feed the Breed, their best? You decide. (GMM Records)
  • Not so known but also great and mega-rare Finnish HC-compilation from 1984! Contains 8 songs, never reissued before, including the fantastic PURKAUS + 3 other bands! They all came from a little town called Hyvinkää 50 kilometers north of Helsinki! Over 15 minutes, 8 songs / four bands.The original EP was sold on discogs for 320€ already six years ago! Tracklist A1 –Purkaus Maailma Tänään A2 –Purkaus Suomi A3 –Sotakulttuuri Balladi Maailmalle A4 –Sotakulttuuri Pääta Huimaa B1 –Terrori Väkivaltaa B2 –Terrori Jeesukset B3 –Painajainen Se On Sun Valintasi B4 –Painajainen Unohtunut Elämä (Hohnie Records)
  • Legendary 80s compilation with 12 frosted HC songs. Best and most iconic Finnish HC-EP-compilation from 80ies! For the first time ever reissued! 12 songs/10 bands. Total smasher! 15 minutes pure Finnish hc/punk. Tracklist: A1 –Terveet Kädet Pissaa & Paskaa 0:35 A2 –H.I.C. Systeemi Sinivalkoinen Lama 2:35 A3 –Riistetyt Totaalinen Tuho 1:36 A4 –Kansan Uutiset Koira On Parempi Poliisi 0:52 A5 –Sekunda Sotasankari 0:29 A6 –Kauneus & Terveys Mäntti 0:50 B1 –Poikkeustila Poliisivaltio 1:13 B2 –Bastards Arvoisa Yleisö 3:06 B3 –Sekunda Rautaa Rajalle 0:40 B4 –Sekunda Kotiinpaluu 0:38 B5 –Markkinointioperaatio Ville Ja Mopo 0:45 B6 –Purkaus Hyvinkää 1:22 (Hohnie Records)
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    Frontier’s first RSD exclusive! Legendary photographer Edward Colver’s photographs of the original Christian Death line-up are so integral to the band’s œuvre that we decided to create a special 7” package to showcase them. These have not appeared in print until now. A must-have item in any serious Christian Death fan's collection! The 7" comes on white vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with an 18" X 24" poster. Limited to 2500 copies on White Vinyl with 18" X 24" poster! Gatefold 7” with never-before-seen pictures of vintage CHRISTIAN DEATH. Side A: Cavity - First Communion (Alternative Version) Side B: The Lord's Prayer
  • BAD TRIP | same title | LP

    10.00 incl. tax
    Οι Bad Trip είναι μια instrumental μπάντα από τη Θεσσαλονίκη και αυτό είναι το πρώτο full length album τους. Παίζουν experimental post hardcore. Μεγάλες σε διάρκεια συνθέσεις που όμως δε σε αφήνουν λεπτό να ησυχάσεις ή να στρέψεις την προσοχή σου αλλού. Με ενέργεια, φαντασία, το τέλειο soundtrack για μια βραδυνή βόλτα στην πόλη. Κυκλοφορία που η ίδια η μπάντα έχει επιμεληθεί. (Self Released)
  • Santa Cruz, CA hardcore legend: Bl’ast! recorded their debut several times before finally emerging from the studio with their cult classic masterpiece: “ The Power of Expression”. For the first time ever an alternate version (the Track sessions) of this album is officially available. Also included is a 28 page booklet with amazing Bl’ast! photos from the mid-80s. All tracks (re)mastered by Brad Boatright. Tracks 1-13 are a remastered version of Bl'ast's debut LP, "The Power of Expression", recorded at Fane Productions Studio, Santa Cruz, California Sept./Oct. 1985. Tracks 14-25 are from an earlier session (Track Session), recorded circa 1984/85 at Track Records, Hollywood.
    (Southern Lord Recordings)
  • Formed in 1980, POISON IDEA became a household name in the hardcore/punk scenes early in their career, and are known as one of the most notoriously in-your-face acts in the American musical underworld, with an enraged, high-energy live set even more rambunctious than the massive roster of singles, EPs, full-length studio and live releases and more, across a realm of labels including Pusmort, Tim/Kerr, Epitaph, Farewell, TKO, Southern Lord, and their own Fatal Erection. They’ve been an incredibly influential act to major performers including Nirvana, Pantera, Napalm Death, Machine Head, Eyehategod, Emperor, Turbonegro and an endless list of others. It is with massive enthusiasm that Southern Lord Recordings announces the brand NEW Poison Idea studio LP: Confuse & Conquer featuring eleven raging new anthems. Recorded by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise), the record booms with thirty-five minutes of fully ignited hardcore punk in the monolithic style the band has provided for three-and-a-half decades now.
    (Southern Lord Recordings)  
  • Explosive new music from The Chisel bringing the edifying and restorative powers of the great British folk tradition back to the table for a staggering next pint. Just when you thought you were fucking full, your mouths been winched open and gallons of shards of broken glass guitar, thick bass, and burning howling bilious guts gets poured down your maw. The speed of UK82, the terror of punk, the solid mass of Oi!. Like a bar stool breaking through a bus stop, there'll always be THE CHISEL. (Jonah Falco) (La Vida Es Un Mus Records) https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/deconstructive-surgery-ep
  • STRESSI | tatsia | CD

    10.00 incl. tax
    Stressi Svart Records re-releases Tatsia - Complete Recordings 1980-1982+2018 as 2LP/CD (October 2018). A "stylish" futu (as New Romantic/Futurist Pop was called in Finland) band Stressi, hailing from the town of Imatra in Eastern Finland, were successful at the Finnish Rock Championships, subsequently releasing a couple of singles and one LP on Finnlevy's sublabel Kräk. Stressi's Kari "Gabi" Hakanen and Martti "Mara" Salminen started in 1978 as members of The Creepers Band, a group trying to play progressive rock. The Creepers Band split in early 1979, and the duo decided to start a new band which they christened Stressi. They early Stressi also played prog, but gradually, inspired by Kraftwerk, Devo, Human League, Gary Numan and David Bowie, by the early 80s their style had changed considerably. On their stage shows Stressi wore black overalls (Devo's had been yellow) and their faces had heavy make-up. They even had their own light show and regular stage crew. The biggest record label in Finland those days was Fazer. Fazer's A&R, Pekka "Takku" Kotilainen approached the band and allowed Stressi to release in 1980 their debut 7" single 'Tatsia' b/w 'Rajattu vapaus' ("Limited freedom"), produced by Jimi Sumén. Also a new member, Mauri "Ming" Sumén was heard on the single, which wasn't any commercial success. Unhindered, Stressi decided to move on. Their only album was recorded in winter 1980-81 in an 8-track studio in Imatra. Initially, the band's friend Seppo Rintamäki had taken a bank loan to cover the expenses. After Fazer's Kotilainen had heard the material, the record label decided to take care of the loan and also for the studio time. The Stressi line-up consisted of Mara Salminen (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, trombone, percussion), Gabi Hakanen (vocals, drums, percussion, rhythm machine) and Ming Sumén (Jimi Sumén's brother), who played keyboards. The founding member Harri Rasimus, who had been playing on Stressi's 'Tatsia' single, had by this time left the act. Another early member, Jukka Pulliainen, didn't play on any of Stressi's releases. The album was produced by Illi Broman, who also played on it guitar, bass guitar and percussion, alongside totally re-arranging some songs. Alan Parsons Project and Talking Heads are mentioned as some of the influences for this era's Stressi. The engineer on the album was Make Törrönen. The LP was released in 1981 on Finnlevy's sublabel Kräk!. The 2LP/CD re-release came out in October 2018, 37 years after the original vinyl. The album was well received by the music critics but like the debut single, it wasn't any commercial success, either. There was one more Stressi release, a 7" called 'Ma Joeur' (1981), on which was heard the vocals of Riitta Havukainen, later better known as a popular comedy actress. Alongside Salminen and Hakanen this line-up featured the bass player Jesu Hämäläinen, Sumén having already left. After a promising start Stressi's activities started to fade soon, since Fazer didn't want to back up the second album and it was also hard to get gigs and operate the band activities from the small town of Imatra. By 1983 Stressi had reached its end. Stressi members Gabi Hakanen and Mara Salminen have continued their musical careers, among all, as producers. Mauri Sumén is nowadays known for his musical scores for many Finnish films. The charmingly corny lyrics for the band were provided by one Jaana Rinne, who later became known for her collaboration with the retro-pop act Clifters and as a journalist for the tabloid City. The cover image for their only album was provided by Markus Heikkerö, also known for his notorious late-1960s underground paintings and the early incarnation of Sleepy Sleepers. Over 30 years after their initial split, Stressi decided to return once more, for Gabi Hakanen's 50th birthday in 2012. Svart Records re-released Stressi's album, singles and three new songs (made in occasion of Hakanen's 50th anniversary) on the 26th of October, 2018, as Tatsia - Complete Recordings 1980-1982+2013 (2LP/CD). (Svart Records)
  • NYC hardcore punks WARTHOG return with what could possibly be their best recorded output yet. It’s been a couple years since their EP’s on Katorga Works and Iron Lung Records were unleashed upon us all and in that time the members of the Hog have perfected their particular formula and have finally delivered four more tracks of pounding hardcore savagery that stands out ten fold from most of the bullshit that fans of the genre are bombarded with on a regular basis. Are you a functioning human in a functioning world? Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve along with a two colour risograph printed insert. (Static Shock Records) https://staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warthog


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