• When the punks go marching in" is the 1982 debut album by punk legends Abrasive Wheels. Hailing from Leeds, the band were seldom out of the Independent charts between 1980 and 1984 when the band split. It's a very youthful-sounding album, littered with barely concealed influences (the "Holidays in the Sun" guitar on "First Rule [No Rule]" is a dead giveaway), but there's no denying either the quality or the fervency of the music and, by the time you hit the title track, a partial take on the old "When the Saints Go Marching In," exhaustion is the least of your emotions. For fans of CHRON GEN, THE PARTISANS and CHAOS UK. (Puke n Vomit Records)
  • Originally released in 1983 on Fallout Records. Their debut album gets its first ever worldwide reissue thanks to Puke n Vomit Records. Amazing catchy blistering Punk with great Post-Punk elements makes this one of the coolest 80s UK Punk albums ever. Originating from Essex, the band formed in 1980 and quickly grew in popularity in part from their energetic performances and catchy songs and the presence of exuberant vocalist Alison ‘George Cheex’ Roberts, Their debut single a split with Dead Mans Shadow was released in 1981, that lead to them getting some seriously heavy BBC airplay courtesy of DJ John Peel. This was followed by their 'Suicide Bag' 7' on Fallout in 1982 and that single quickly climbed the UK Indie charts. When the LP 'Mercury Theatre - On The Air!' was released in 1983 it climbed all the way to #5 on the indie charts. (Puke n Vomit Records)
  • BANNLYST | diskografi | LP

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    After various horrible bootlegs, here is the official version: The “Diskografi” LP has their songs from the split tape with ANGOR WAT (Knall Tapes, 1984), their 7″ songs (1985), “Terrorstyre” (from the “Nå Eller Aldri” 7″ compilation) and “Louie Louie” from an early demo tape recording. A total of 24 songs in 44 minutes with some of the best 1980s hardcore punk that ever came out of Europe. Some folks say that their EP from the heyday of the mighty X-PORT PLATER label is the best Norwegian punk record ever. Everything on this LP has been carefully remastered from the original cassette tapes and vinyl as all master tapes were lost back in the 80s. (Norwegian Leather Records)
  • Reissue for John Joseph’s own all-star group 2017 debut album FEATURING: John Joseph (Cro-Mags) Todd Youth (ex Danzig/Murphy’s Law) Nick Oliveri (ex-Queens Of The Stone Age/The Dwarves) Joey Castillo (ex-Queens Of The Stone Age/Danzig) WHITE VINYL EDITION - LIMITED TO 500 COPIES ONLY WITH DOUBLE SIDED INSERT At it's purest, there is little that can match the visceral thrill and empowering spirit of hardcore. As frontman of New York City hardcore kings Cro-Mags, this is something John Joseph knows very well, and with Up In Arms, he and his Bloodclot compatriots deliver a furious collection that hits hard on every level. "In this band we're doing what each of us have always done: give it our all," he states plainly. The results reflect the roots and passions of the individual members. Danzig/Murphy's Law guitarist Todd Youth was the first piece of the puzzle. Having been friends with Queens Of The Stone Age and Danzig powerhouse drummer Joey Castillo for three decades, he and Joseph had long admired each other's work, and their collaboration has been a long time coming. Following Castillo's suggestion of bringing in Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age, The Dwarves) to handle bass duties, the lineup was complete. Every track on Up In Arms lives up to the rallying cry of the album's title - the bursts of high energy hardcore act as the perfect accompaniment to Joseph setting his sights on injustice and the seemingly endless flaws of the contemporary world. The breakneck thrashing of "Slow Kill Genocide" is an anthem for everyone sickened by those responsible for "killing the planet and all it's inhabitants through industry and war. They're f***ing maniacs and must be stopped." The suitably titled "Manic" attacks with bared fangs, Joseph making it clear that you can only push someone so far before they will react with violence - a call to arms for the disenfranchised who want tomorrow's world to be better than today's. Tracked at NRG in Los Angeles, the raw, old-school production that leaps out from the speaker comes courtesy of producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Revocation), and the record was mixed by Kyle McAulay at NRG. From the moment the opening title track explodes to life, it's clear that everyone involved is having a blast and playing from the heart, and that this is no frills / no bullshit music at it's most passionate - every song evoking mental images of utter chaos in a heaving mosh pit. For anyone approaching the album for the first time, Joseph has only this to say: "Turn the volume way the fuck up!" And with plans to tour everywhere, Bloodclot will be getting in a lot of faces in 2017 and beyond. "We are already writing material and the next album is in the works. But, for now, all we want is to hit the stage to support 'Up in Arms', and every single night leave every ounce of ourselves up there." (Radiation Records)
  • The wolves are back in town -- yeah! This is their best release to date. Better vocals, better songs, better sound than before. This record is a step up from their already amazing LP of last year. This ep brings four new songs that are somewhat influenced by japanese hardcore but BURIAL have found a style of their own that is just totally driving, extremely powerful hardcore punk. Simple as that. It would be great if japan these days had more bands as good as BURIAL. To top it off, japanese punk artist sugi did the front cover artwork. (says Flo / Heartfirst) (HeartFirst Records)
  • CHAIN WHIP from Vancouver, Canada released this demo recordings in July 2020 via Bandcamp as well as on a limited tape run. These recordings weren´t originally intended to be released on vinyl as some of the songs have been re-recorded to be released on CHAIN WHIP's upcoming LP "Two Step To Hell". Now, No Spirit is doing a one-time pressing of the "Demo 2020" on 180g vinyl with a limited run of 500 pieces. (No Spirit Records)
  • Five years since their s/t 7” on Aborted Society, COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON return with their first full-length release, Eater of Worlds. Based in Seattle, WA, CTA took a long hiatus following West Coast and US tours, and returned in 2008 to write new material. Dark, atmospheric crust with heavy post-punk/darkwave undertones, this is an 8-song 45RPM 12” vinyl release with a free download card for MP3 versions. Influences on Eater of Worlds range from TOTALITÄR to KILLING JOKE, while remaining unique and cohesive. Members of current and former projects such as: MEISCE, BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, CITY OF DUST, PHALANX, CLUSTERFUX, THE FACET. Recorded by Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl Studios in Portland, OR. 500 copies on red vinyl. (Aborted Society Records)
  • “9th & Walnut is where our first practice room was, in Frank’s sister’s garage,” Stevenson recalls. “His brother and sister lived there, and “The Pagan Babies”, Frank’s band with his brothers, played there too. Some of these songs were written when Frank was only 14 years old.” When the band reconvened to record them, it was just like the earliest days: “We just fell right into our old mode. It was so natural.” Also included are freshly recorded versions of the MGTC outtake “Like the Way I Know,” Descendents’ debut tracks “Ride the Wild” and ”It’s a Hectic World” (heard here for the first time with vocals by Milo), and the Dave Clark Five’s “Glad All Over”—given the full Descendents treatment. (Epitaph Record)
  • Featuring the earliest and most raw recordings of the UK crust pioneers. Blending countless influences to create a furious new sound, these are the recordings started it all. Remastered for this release by the band, hear these songs as they were meant to be heard. Housed in a deluxe Tip-On style jacket with a double sided 12" x 24" poster insert. (Sonarize Records)
  • DOOM | peel sessions | LP

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    Back in print for the first time since 1997 and fully remastered by Bri “Turbo” Talbot, these two Maida Vale sessions showcase the band at the peak of their early prowess. Tip-on sleeve plus A1 size poster. Side A: Recorded: 19 June 1988 Side B: Recorded: 7th March 1989 Tracklist A1 Symptom Of The Universe/Multinationals A2 Exploitation A3 Circles A4 No Religion A5 Relief A6 Sold Out 'Scene'/War Crimes B1 Means To An End/A Dream Come True B2 Natural Abuse/Days Go By B3 Life Lock/Bury The Debt (Not The Dead) B4 Life In Freedom, Governed By Equality/Money Drug/Fear Of The Future (Sonarize Records)
  • Back in print for the first time in over 10 years, the twin guitar masterpiece Rush Hour Of The Gods showcases some of the bands best material. Housed in a deluxe Tip-On sleeve and including a 24" x 36" poster featuring art by Denis and a 12" x 24" double sided insert. Originally released in 1996 on Flat Earth Records. (Sonarize Records)
  • Guardian Singles hail from Auckland, New Zealand, home to (among many things) storied label Flying Nun & just about every great indie band of the last century. After seeing the band’s livestream from Auckland for Gonerfest 17 in fall of 2020, Trouble In Mind is honored to welcome the band to the roster & reissue their excellent 2020 self-titled album outside of New Zealand for the first time. Formed in 2015, by Thom Burton on guitar (SoccerPractise, Moppy) and Fiona Campbell on drums (Vivian Girls, Coolies), the band hit the ground running, supporting touring bands in New Zealand like METZ, slots on the Chronophonium festival & tours in Australia. The band had recorded what would become their debut album in early 2018, simply as Campbell puts it “We just wanted good versions of the songs in our live set we were playing at the time.” The addition of Yolanda Fagan on bass (Na Noise, Echo Ohs) and Durham Fenwick on lead guitar (Green Grove) solidified the current lineup in late-2018, and Auckland label Moral Support released it in a micro-edition of 150 copies in the spring of 2020. The debut album packs a wallop; driving guitar lines dance across the rhythm sections propulsive throb hearkening back to greats like Mission of Burma, The Wipers & The Sound. Opener “Tea Lights Exploding” does just that, with an instantly memorable hook & sticky guitar line written as Burton explains as “a sort of "Fuck you" to a certain kind of pervasive rape culture and culturally lobotomized idea of masculinity that I was seeing too much of”, followed by the moody “Being Alone”. “Roll Undead” is next, with its persistent shuffle springing forth over a synth-siren before breaking open into an anthemic howl of a chorus. Side one closes with the crunchy stutter-step of “Never Gonna See The Rain Again”. Side two doesn’t let up, with aptly-titled opener “Can’t Stop Moving”s ragged guitar sting hanging in the air before the band launches in with Campbell’s drums skipping underneath like an arrhythmic heartbeat. Their vital cover of The Sound’s “Heartbeat” (from 1980’s “Jeopardy”) is next, injecting a nouveau sense of modern urgency into Adrian Borland’s post-punk rager. “Gold Plated Cars”s razor-wire sway comes next, with Burton & Fenwick’s guitar squall waltzing over a robust bassline. Album closer “Midnight Swim” is the album’s moody anthem, ratcheting up tension the old-fashioned way balancing jangle and drone with one guitar’s persistent strum and the other’s strategic punches, all while the rhythm section holds down a steady forward motion. “Guardian Singles” is a vital document of a band breaking out of the chrysalis near-fully formed; melodic, urgent and on the verge of greatness. Look for more from the band soon as they head into he studio in 2021 to record the follow-up. (Trouble In Mind)
  • Hunter were formed during the summer of ‘79 in the Isle Of Wight. The original line up consisted of Jon Amor on vocals, Ian Hargreaves on bass/backing vocals and brothers Clive and Hugh Kim Lewis on guitar and drums, respectively. They had a different sound to the new wave music of the era, centering mainly around driving bass riffs and choppy guitar. Most of the material they played were their own songs. They rehearsed extensively and made their live debut on 22nd December 1979 supporting the Pumphouse Gang at Lakeside Inn. Not long after Hugh departed the band to join Flirt (later Cassie) and Chris Lines took his place on the drums. The new line up did some more live gigs and went into Tim Muncasters 4 track studio in East Cowes to record some songs. A short while after the band split up. (Rave Up records)
  • Limited vinyl reissue for Baltimore’s pop punk legends’ masterpiece, originally from 1998. Fully remastered vinyl version including one bonus track, and double-sided poster insert. 300 copies only, on yellow vinyl. Tracklist High School Rock-N-Roll We Don't Care FFT Aloha, It's You I Don't Wanna Sit Around With You When I Think About Her Jeannie Hates The Ramones I'm No Good Pencil Neck Stinky's All Grown Up 1985 How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away Dies Saugt No Luck Again Jackie Is An Atheist Avi Is A Vampire I Just Wanna Have Something To Do (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • Three years have passed since the last Hysterese record, and these last years brought change to the band. All grew older, some got babies and some went their different paths. So 2021 is a bit of a new era for Hysterese, personally and music-wise – with a new bass player, a new method of songwriting and more diverse influences which are reflected in slightly new song vibes. The last self-titled album already showed a glimpse of what might possibly happen while composing new material. Moritz and Helen split the composing and added a more morbid style – it got darker, and shows a bit more of a mature or adult approach to write intelligent, powerful songs. Hysterese’s trademark, the twin lead vocals of Helen and Moritz loses its weight as Helen takes more and more the role of the lead singer. They have less stakkato riffing and more open, atmospheric guitar work filled with superb guitar-melodies. Kai’s precise, machine-like drumming, and Jana’s flawless basswork do the final tricks – one can explore more than a „one, two, three, four” – punk rock album. Overall the seed they planted on their third record became a strong unique plant with ripe fruits which taste like darkness, melancholy, strength, anger, rage and fury. They created some sparkling düster-müster-popunk-diamonds, which are not afraid to take some detours through genres like alternative-rock or post punk. If you dig the darkness of The Wipers, the explosiveness of old Descendents records and the hits and melodies of your fav Blondie or Billy Idol songs, I’m sure you will dig this piece of rock music. (This Charming Man Records)
  • ICEBURN | asclepius | LP

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    Asclepius is the new album from the ever-evolving and adventurous collective Iceburn, who return with their first new material in twenty years. Much like the mythical ouroboros that appear in their music, Iceburn have come full circle, as guitarist/vocalist Gentry Densley (also of Eagle Twin & Ascend) comments, “Iceburn had always been about progressing and pushing the boundaries, pushing the music ahead of ourselves so we had to work to catch up. This new record comes from a place of rediscovery of who we are deep down, a place that with all it’s challenges and comforts, ultimately feels like home.” The rawness of Asclepius harks back to the days of their early records (such as Hephaestus), and fuses elements of metal, jazz, psychedelia, and rock with a seamless flow, monolithic riffs, swirling harmonies, and a groove that are the cornerstones of their sound. Asclepius comprises two long-form tracks, “Healing The Ouroboros” and ‘Dahlia Rides the Firebird’, the latter is based on an old traditional Greek tune. With some members majoring in classics/philosophy, music/composition and studying ethnomusicology – classic mythology has always been a key reference point for the themes of their music. That the new record is named after the god of healing and medicine and arriving at this moment in time is coincidence, as the band comments, “It felt like we needed healing even before this pandemic hit.” (Southern Lord Records)
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    Kriegshög is a raw hardcore/d-beat punk band from Tokyo, Japan. This 7" EP was released in 2008 by Hardcore Survives. "Re-release of their debut EP with new artwork and one extra song. One of the most amazing bands in recent times and one of the hottest new bands from Japan at the moment. The original sold out instantly in February 2008. Here is what MRR hat to say about the original version: I am almost left speechless on how fucking good this record is. the ultra-hardcore brutal legion needs to maim and murder to get this record ‘cuz it fucking kills an I heard it is already long gone. ok, what does it sound like, you may ask? driving, fist-pumping hardcore with loads of distortion, ferocious drumming, and vocals that drive right through my skull. side one paints a picture for you by having some war-time sample – ya know, gunfire and commotion followed by a sic-year-old girl’s blood-curdling scream – then in comes the audio assault. killer!” – (Martin Sorrondeguy, Maximum Rocknroll No. 300). (HeartFirst Records)
  • Lille punks are back with another dose of catchiness. 12 new songs of this singular brew who makes you sing along from the first listening. (Destructure Records)
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    After their successful European tour in November 2014 HeartFirst Records is proud to release the new 7 EP by LIFE from Japan entitled “Proof of Survival”. LIFE hail from Tokyo and their name stands for “Liberty Independence Freedom Equality”. The band has been around since the early 90s and released their first demo in 1993. Their releases have been hard to find in Europe, but this changes now since at the same time as the new EP on HeartFirst, LA VIDA ES UN MUS from England is rereleasing their debut LP entitled “The World Lies Across Them“. LIFE’s “Proof of Survival” EP offers four songs of blown out yet rocking hardcore punk — three fast smashers on one side and and a long track on the flipside. After KRIEGSHÖG in 2008 this is finally a new release by a Japanese band on HeartFirst. Also Nori, who currently plays bass in LIFE, has been playing on the first release ever on HeartFirst, the debut EP by NUKEY PIKES. So he is one of the oldest members of the HeartFirst family. (HeartFirst Records)
  • Originally out on CD only on the legendary 1+2 label from Tokyo, this is the first ever vinyl issue for the Australian-adopted Japanese punk band Mach Pelican. Ripped jeans, leather jackets, 14 short and sharp 3 chords tunes. PunkRock to the bone! Featuring the single "Dance in Chicago" and a cover of The Queers’. Cover art by Ray Ahn from the Hard Ons. Double-sided lyrics insert included. Limited to 300 only, on yellow vinyl! (Hey Suburbia Records)
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    Limited to 800, this is the official vinyl release licensed from Relapse Records. Containing 152 songs of grindcore from Sweden, GRIND FINALE includes all of Nasum's Split EPs, Rare CDs, Compilation Tracks, Demos, Tribute Album Tracks, Japan Only Bonus Tracks, Unreleased Tracks and much, much more. This is a monster 4xLP set with a double gatefold jacket. Packaging includes a 24" x 24" poster and a 24 page booklet with extensive liner notes on all the tracks, interviews with the band, lyrics and rare pictures. This is absolutely essential for all grindcore freaks and sick fiends alike!!! - COLOURED VINYL!!! On Transparent Red (Side A/B), Bronze (Side C/D), Silver (Side E/F), and Gold (Side G/H). (Unrest Records) http://www.nasum.com/discography_info.php?id=36
  • Hailing from Maumee, Ohio, the Necros were one of the first hardcore bands in the U.S.! Consisting of highschoolers Barry Henssler, Andy Wendler, and Todd Swalla, the Necros formed way back in 1979. Meatmen vocalist and scenester Tesco Vee soon took the band under his wing, and within a year they were at the forefront of a scene cantered around Detroit, Michigan. "Conquest for death" is their first LP and was originally released in 1983 by legendary Touch and Go Records. Absolutely essential reissue here. (Fan Club/Unofficial Release)
  • NYC’s PORVENIR OSCURO are back with their first full length after a very distant demo and 7”. Made up of 13 tracks “Asquerosa Humanidad” doesn't let the foot off the gas for a second. It is relentless pogo inducing attack that falls somewhere between FERTIL MISERIA, RIP and early CHAOS UK. With tunes full of aggression, melody and fuzz in equal measure, laying the foundation for vocalist Sara to spit her vile. Lyrically the album deals with modern day frustration, showing little faith in humankind and a massive dis-respect towards authority like any self respecting person should. While stand firmly in the punk terrain PORVENIR OSCURO borrows from the rich worldwide sounds of the underground delivering a fully formed sound and aesthetic which is their own. “Asquerosa Humanidad” sleeve, labels and double sided A2 poster were designed by Guitarrist Gage Allison and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sasha Stroud at Artifact Audio. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
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    RAMONES | demos 1975 | LP

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    Ramones US fan club release featuring their full demos. The Ramones, hoping to aid the securing of a record deal, made many demo recordings of their early material. Mostly recorded in the first part of 1975 with a second, shorter attempt in September, these offer the best glimpses of the band in its formative stages. (Two notable films also exist from this period- a three-song shambles of a 9/15/1974 performance featuring an eerily childlike Ramones at an astonishingly early CBGB show, and a powerfully raw, but still not quite fully developed set long video shot at Arturo Vega's loft in March of 1975, basically halfway between the demo sessions.) Utilizing the 914 recording studios, Tommy Ramone's previous engineering experience, and the peripheral input of first manager Marty Thau, they offer a fascinating alternative insight into how the eventual debut album might have otherwise sounded. Their dense, primal sound reveals the surprising amount of dilution that the first record's somewhat conceptual mix wrought upon the quartet's fundamental power. (Fan Club/Unofficial Release)