• Available July 2022. The third album of Hamburg's steamroller noise punk merchants A.F.K. (Aargh Fuck Kill) - Nine new songs that, compare to their last album, see a u-turn back to their roots of full throttle hardcore punk with a aggressive sonic intensity! Lyrics shouted in German and English show and tell a description of the insanity, frustration and anger that lies in the void of the current state of society. Especially in the past two years. One can say that A.F.K. along with their mates from INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL are the pinnacle of the current Hamburg crust punk exports! Recorded by Ryan Leverenz-Mompellio at OFF YA TREE Studios. Mastered by Will Killingsworth at DEAD AIR. Vinyl album comes with a lyric sheet and free digital download! (Ruin Nation Records)
  • After reissuing Colombian underground milestones such as Blasfemia, Restos De Tragedia and the iconic “Estamos en la sima” compilation, F.O.A.D. is back to digging into the obscure roots of the legendary Ultra Metal scene born in Medellín in the mid ’80s. This time it’s the turn of AGRESSOR, a pioneering, extremely raw unit delivering the ugly, barbaric sounds that were peculiar to that area and were portraying a nightmarish reality of crimes, drugs and misery. As some say “It’s not Metal, it’s not Hardcore… it’s ULTRA METAL“. Double LP anthology collecting all their 80’s recordings, consisting of: “Ensayo 1986” (early demo), recordings for “Rodrigo D. No Futuro” (1987), complete session at “Estudio Tiempos Modernos” (1987), live at Aeropuerto “Olaya Herrera“, 1987. Gatefold sleeve with rare photos, flyers and a detailed history (in Spanish and English) written in collaboration with the band’s guitarist Antonio Guerrero, explaining how – with the shittiest equipment and instruments – he managed to achieve that crude primitive sound that characterized not only Agressor but also other bands he was in (Sacrilegio and Masacre) and inspired hordes of death thrashin’ maniacs all over the world. Sheer caveman brutality channelled through the rawest Metal ever created! (F.O.A.D. Records)
  • TOTAL CULT 80’s JAPANESE HEAVY METAL! Founded in the mid 80’s by members of Tokyo’s X-RAY, ALKALOID is a highly revered name in the pioneering scene that helped defining the sound and visual style of Japanese Metal. Some additional links: vocalist Angel later joined Sapporo’s SABER TIGER, the later drummer Hachi also played in GENOCIDE NIPPON. This LP is the official reissue of their classic debut demotape “Invisible world” (1986) enriched by the lost and found “Trajectory” studio session 1986. Sourced from the band’s masters and from the only existing copy of “Trajectory“, mastered with painstaking dedication at Toxic Basement Studio. Hunting vocals, scorching solos and pure energy are the ingredients of this super-catchy record… If you enjoyed other F.O.A.D. reissues of this kind (Q.O.P., PLAZMA X) look no further, this will definitely make your day! Includes full colored 12 page booklet loaded with rare photos, memorabilia and scans of the original cassette. (F.O.A.D. Records)
  • Among Legends from Ontario, Canada is releasing their debut LP “Take Good Care” through Rad Girlfriend Records and Little Rocket Records. Among Legends bring a fresh positivity to the punk scene. The songs highlight the bands knack for catchy, powerful songwriting. The production is also top notch. The band possesses heaps of DIY work ethic and that, combined with their passion for music, leads Among Legends to create upbeat, happy music with a goal to change the way people think about the pop-punk genre. (Little Rocket Records)
  • New collection from PNV Records of classic material from UK Punks Blitzkrieg. Our new album compiles their debut 1982 “Lest We Forget. E.P” on legendary UK label No Future along with their self-released 2nd EP ‘Animals In Lipstick’ from 1983 along with rare live tracks. Blitzkrieg were an 80s UK Punk band from Southport who lasted from 1981 to 1984 and are remembered for the ferocious and crushing sound. (Puke N Vomit Records)
  • Formed in south London in 1979, punk band The Business became associated with the Oi! movement in the early 1980s, making clear that they were against the extremism sometimes associated with it by staging Oi Against Racism events. Keep The Faith was the comeback album from 1994 that followed a long hiatus, songs like the censorious ‘Maradona’ and the title track showing they’d lost none of their propulsive hardcore power, while the controversial ‘Holiday In Seattle’ referenced the demise of Kurt Cobain. Another great Business disc for the hardcore and Oi! fanatics. (Radiation Records)
  • CANDY make their Relapse Records debut with their highly anticipated new album, Heaven is Here. The critically acclaimed band is poised to break past the conventions of metal, hardcore, and punk with one of 2022's most extreme and unique records. Heaven Is Here puts together so many disparate elements with the confidence and care to graft their relativities together under what sounds like extreme duress. CANDY specifically strives to replicate moments of impact and anxiety, obsessive compulsive thinking, and extreme cynicism - aiming to provide the listener with an aural journey that allows for an outlet for these overwhelming feelings. Blazing opener "Human Condition Above Human Opinion" and the aptly titled "World of Shit" sound outright violent. Elsewhere, tracks such as "Transcend to Wet" transport the record into new spaces - displaying the band in a completely different light. Ebbs and flows of harsh noise collide with elements of electronic music making it clear that CANDY is a beast of its own. Speaking directly to their incorporation of electronic elements in Heaven is Here, it’s not so much that CANDY insists on progression, but that they will not accept regression. Heaven is Here proves to be a record where the songs feel like a merciful reprieve from the screeching interludes; a masterful almanac of noise welded together by the unpredictable ways that we hear and reproduce the music we love in the era of unending dopamine hits and virulent technological doom. (Relapse Records)
  • The Catatonics were Syracuse and Central New York’s first harcore punk band. Besides pioneering the original 1981/1982 Syracuse Hardcore scene, their classic Hunted Down ep is considered one of the first hardcore thrash/metal crossover releases, right up there with COC or DRI and remains a sought after (and pricey) collectors item 30+ years after it's release. Often compared to Jerry's Kids, SSD, Negative Approach and even Slayer, The Catatonics weren't followers or imitators, more like period contemporaries. A crucial collection of all known recordings from Syracuse's legendary punk/hardcore pioneers: The Catatonics! Blistering, intense, raging 80's American Hardcore Power! Includes: the holy grail “Hunted Down” 7-inch, compilation tracks, early demos and live recordings remastered from original tapes. Comprehensive 12-page booklet with liner notes, photos, and more! (Southern Lord Records)
  • Philly’s own Chained Bliss set tongues a-waggin’ back in 2019 with their Stained Red cassette EP, gathering more than a few comparisons to the Wipers’ early racket in the process. Well, now they’re back with a debut album that seems to have skipped right ahead from Is This Real? to Over The Edge: this self-titled LP has all the gut-punching ramalama, knockabout guts’n’glory of that first tape, with added layers. Melodic guitar lines come perilously close to jangling over crunching power chords, while furiously yelped choruses give way to sumptuously put-together breakdown sections that catch you off guard and kick you in the shins before legging it down the street. Chained Bliss clearly love scrappy, skatey garage rock (echoes of Agent Orange’s Living In Darkness abound) as much as they love pushing that raucous clatter into something spacious - the meditative sections that flow effortlessly into absolute ripper Pillars Of Abuse are as unexpected as the thoughtful but head-spinningly energetic sections that bring Creative Seizure so thrillingly to life. Other times they’re just as happy to keep you careening towards the pit with two-minute bangers, but that’s the beauty of this record: it’s never smarter than when it’s playing dumb, and the rest of the time it’s just pretty damn smart. Here’s a challenge: can you listen to Ominous Life’s gnarly pop without raising those fists of yours skywards and landing a firm thump on the air? Or Drifter’s swaggering stomp? Or, or, or… ahhh hell, you get what I’m saying here. Every single cut slays, every single hook snags itself on your brain. You’ll come back for more, and more, and more. Are Chained Bliss your new favourite band? Well, gee, we’ve never met and I don’t know what you like and it’s not for me to say… but on the other hand, yes. Yes, they are. They’re heading straight for your heart and they ain’t budging. Will Fitzpatrick (Drunken Sailor Records)
  • CRAZY | same title | LP

    21.00 incl. tax
    The first ever reissue of this amazing Swiss Punk artifact. Originally released in very limited quantities in Switzerland and Germany only in 1980. Crazy were an early Swiss Punk band hailing from Luzern - active from 1979 until the end of 1982 or early 1983.They managed to release this one influential and highly collectable album along with a much sought after 7” EP in 1981. Crazy released the first independent Swiss Punk LP which was recorded in a mere three days at the Sunrise Studios. Crazy were the considered by many as the flagship of the second Swiss Punk generation. This album is one of the top ‘Must Have’ Swiss punk albums. Loaded with hard and uncompromising social-critical lyrics, fantastic driving catchy Punk, sung mainly in Swiss-German, the great straight-forward sound and the subtle political undertones, inspired many others to also form a Punk band in the early 80s. Now thanks to PNV Records you can hear for yourselves what maybe one of Switzerland’s most convincing Punk acts ever! Killer!!! (Puke N Vomit Records)
  • FINALLY REISSUED!!! The long gone 8th album by the all time greatest DIY rock n roll band DEAD MOON is back in print after more than 20 years. Carefully remastered and featuring new artwork!!! (Mississippi Records)
  • Yes, this is the legendary "green tape" of one of the first Austrian punk bands DEAD NITTELS. Triggered by their gig with the UK SUBS on September 26, 1982 in Ampermoching / Dachau / Germany at the "Gasthaus zur Post", the DEAD NITTELS booked some studio time to lay down no less than 16 tracks in only three days, on a four track recorder - but the only used two of them - one track for the instruments and one for the vocals, they bought the cheapest tapes available -which happened to be ungly green, and dubbed 300 copies with the studio tracks plus seven live tracks from their UK SUBS show. Good luck if you want to track down one of the tapes... For all others, here's the remastered greatness of this early Austrian punk album! (Bachelor Records)
  • Raw speed thrashin' assault from Canada's metal inferno of 1985!! Their rare "Onslaught of death" debut demo circulated in a handful of copies now for the first time on vinyl enriched by two complete live sets recorded in Toronto, 1985... 28 tracks including a Discharge cover showing their radical hardcore influences! "What I remember about seeing Death Militia was a lot of broken glass and a lot of blood. And I'll never forget the cow skull they had on stage with them". Chris Bailey (Infernal Majesty) Sourced from the band's tapes and specially mastered for vinyl for the most destructive sonic impact Intense, corrosive thrash from one of the earliest bands from the insane mid 80's Toronto scene that also gave birth to legends such as Razor, Sacrifice, Slaughter, Infernal Majesty and many more! LP including bonus live CD and 16 page booklet full of photos, flyers, excerpts from old fanzines and more.. (F.O.A.D. Records)
  • A re-issue of the skull-splitting debut full length from Britain's hardcore legends. Originally released in 1982, . Originally released on the CLAY record label in 1982, this masterpiece gave inspiration to literally hundreds in the extreme metal and hardcore punk areas for the subsequent four decades and its legacy remains invaluable to this day. This album is a hurricane of wall-of-sound brutality, delivered with D.I.Y. ethics and an apocalyptic and anti-establishment bravado All time hc/punk classic. (Radiation Records)
  • The one and only LP from Southern California Hardcore band Don’t know. The LP was released in 1986 on National Trust Records and has never been reissued until now. These days it’s a sought-after collectible So Cal Hardcore artifact. We here at PNV are reissuing the LP and making it available once again. Fast, furious, blazing intense Hardcore Punk from Playa Del Rey near Los Angeles. Their debut 7” (1985) was released on Mystic Records and they were included/featured on some of the most iconic Punk/Hardcore comps of the 80s such as “We Got Power (Party or Go Home)” (1983), “Party Animal “(1984) and others. (Puke N Vomit Records)
  • Εarly Swedish Death Metal malignity at its finest! Complete collection of their early works including: "Cerebral cessation" demo (1989) "Veiled in the mists of mystery" demo (1989) Unreleased Sunlight Studio 7"EP (1990) Song from "Hymns of the dead 2" compilation ...all this for the first time on vinyl! Gatefold jacket with photos, scans of the original tapes and an exclusive interview + large poster! A must have for the diehard maniacs of pioneering Swedish Death Metal (F.O.A.D. Records)
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    AVAILABLE FROM SEPTEMBER 1ST. A new Athenian sensation! Originally released on cassette but because it's so good Punk 'N Loud decided to release it on vinyl w/one extra track! High energy punk/rock & roll in the vein Electric Frankenstein/Supersuckers/early Hellacopters. Amazing artwork design and layout by Aldo Shabani. Limited to 200 copies in Black & 300 in Yellow Vinyl! (Punk N Loud Records/Emergency Records)
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    AVAILABLE FROM SEPTEMBER 1ST. A new Athenian sensation! Originally released on cassette but because it's so good Punk 'N Loud decided to release it on vinyl w/one extra track! High energy punk/rock & roll in the vein Electric Frankenstein/Supersuckers/early Hellacopters. Amazing artwork design and layout by Aldo Shabani. Limited to 200 copies in Black & 300 in Yellow Vinyl! (Punk N Loud Records/Emergency Records)
  • AVAILABLE JULY 30TH. First ever vinyl reissue for North Carolina horror themed cult punkers Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13’s debut album, originally released On Uncle God Damn Records in 1996. Limited color vinyl and double sided lyrics insert included. (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • Black vinyl, insert. Green Lung are “Britain’s finest folk horror -indebted heavy metalers” (The Guardian), and this is where it all started for the band in 2018. The five track demo recording Free The Witch, including the bonus track When The Axe Comes Down, now reissued on standalone vinyl. Remastered for vinyl by the spectacular John Davis (Lana Del Rey, Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood…) at Metropolis Studios in the UK and adorned by striking covert art by the band’s perennial collaborator Richard Wells. (Svart Records)
  • Led by ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Grip Inc. released this debut in 1995 during the infertile years of Thrash Metal. Joining Lombardo on this progressive Thrash opus are Gus Chambers (vocals), Waldemar Sorychta (guitars, keyboards), and Jason Viebrooks (bass). The music is both technically demanding and extremely heavy. From the first moment to the last Power Of Inner Strength do only one thing and that is to Thrash with razor-sharp riffs, paranoid solos, aggressive and strong singing by Gus Chambers and the familiar killing drum smashing of Lombardo. Vinyl first Official Reissue since it’s initial release in 1995. Limited to 400 black copies. BLACK EDITION (Black vinyl) limited to 400 copies. (7inch distro)
  • HATRED SURGE had been around for a while but only released an LP when it is truly ready. Now after nearly 10 years of being out of print, "Human Overdose" is back and with retouched artwork (still featuring all the things you liked from before but now way sicker looking). During the session, Alex described this recording to us as "a rhino on PCP" and we cannot disagree. This back to basics 3 piece phase (which ended up being the final and best lineup of the band) of HS saw a more apparent death metal influence but still retained the "grinding violence" stylings they were known (and loved) for. Make no mistake, this LP still smashes you. 500 copies on hi-liter neon yellow vinyl housed in a retouched 24pt reverse board jacket with lyric insert and download code included. Recorded by Travis Bonner. Art by Daniel Shaw and Jack Barfield. Originally released in 2013, this is the 2022 version. Hell yeah. (Iron Lung Records)
  • HAUSTOR | treti svet | LP

    30.00 incl. tax
    Essential album of the legendary Croatian band, originally released in 1984, finally available on vinyl again. "Commonly considered the best Haustor album, researches inside pop and rock structures, strange, exotic atmospheres of distant countries; with reggae, Latin-American sounds, and African rhythms. Lyrics inspired from Hugo Pratt stories, biblical symbols, and movies." Gatefold, 180 gr vinyl. (Croatia Records/Jugoton)
  • ..another journey through the vaults of the most incredible underground rarities! A mysterious and totally undiscovered jewel of 80’s Japanese Metal from the Hokuriku area only known in the most diehard circles of tape-trading maniacs. This “Demo 1986” collection is all focused on their early recordings, blending a NWOBHM influenced approach with some serious Sortilège worship and a speed metal touch. It includes the following works: debut demotape 1986 and 2 unreleased studio tracks 1987. Links: their drummer Yano Angel later joined the rocking hardcore punk unit called BLANQUISME known for a demo and a 7″ (1989). LP with OBI strip, bonus CD with extended contents and a stunning 16 page booklet full of photos and scans of the rare original demotape. Disclaimer: just as for many other Japanese Metal bands of that era (Rommel, Mein Kampf, Rosenfeld etc…) you will notice a recurring use of controversial symbols in the band’s photos and artworks. Quoting HELL BOUND themselves: “In the 80’s Japanese scene it was mostly used to enhance the shocking factor without any political references. Some of you may also find some connection to this imagery in our lyrics: actually, we were trying to express our contempt towards the mistakes made by the Nazis, but our English was poor and easily misunderstood. Later on we stopped using those symbols in our artworks because we thought it was wrong, despite the shocking value. We are firmly opposed Nazism and any form of discrimination.” (F.O.A.D. Records)
  • In conjunction with the reissue of their “Demo 1986” on LP, it was mandatory to also provide the deserved F.O.A.D. treatment to “Norwegian forest“, the band’s final opus from 1989, considered as their full length album but only released on a very limited cassette version up to now… If their previous recordings were leaning towards a NWOBHM influenced sound often pushing the boundaries to speed metal gallops, “Norwegian forest” shows their style progressing to more gloomy and occult territories, sounding like the perfect hell-match between Mercyful Fate inspired atmospheres and the intensity of traditional Japanese heavy metal! Powered by a solid production and the outstanding vocals of Junichi Mori, “Norwegian forest” is a flawless hidden gem of 80’s Rising Sun heavy metal all to be discovered. This special F.O.A.D. version includes the complete “Norwegian forest” studio session for the first time on vinyl and a bonus CD with extended contents (7x additional live tracks). LP with OBI strip, 12 page booklet full of photos and scans of the rare original demotape. (F.O.A.D. Records)


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