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    There's no need to waste too many words for this release. Included in the Boxset: - Anarkist Attack 7” (1982) - Raped Ass 7” (1983) - Victims of The Bomb Raid 7” (1984) - Fucked In Finland live ’92 7” (1993) 24-page booklet with photos, interviews, stories and more! (Agipunk Records)
  • It's with great pleasure that we announce the Swedish raw punk legends ANTI CIMEX have finally reached the joyful lands of Agipunk. On this record we're collecting in chronological order all the demos and the studio recording sessions that haven't been released on any official release so far. A total of 29 tracks that originally appeared on "K.A.A.S January 1982", "K.A.A.S April 1982", "En Produkt Av Dagens Skitsamhälle" tapes plus the studio session right before the "Raped Ass" 7" EP and the discarded recordings for the full length that never saw the light and eventually became the "Victims Of A Bomb Raid" 7" EP. All you Cimex maniacs out there probably already know most of the songs, but you'll definitely find a bunch of extremely obscure tracks which I bet you've never heard before. All the tracks come from the original tapes and the sound has been restored and remastered by Lasse at Ballade Studio in Copenhagen. 1000 copies pressed (500 on Agippunk and 500 on Sonarize Rec.), super detailed insert full of informations and anedoctes. (Agipunk Records)
  • It's always a big pleasure for us to announce the release of an Italian new band. ASTIO come from Trento (veeeeryyyy Northern Italy) and have members who already destroyed our eardrums with bands like Left In Ruins, Impulso, Tuono and so on. This brand new combo delivers something really far from the fast/crusty/old schoolish noise we were used to, indeed this is totally catchy Peace/Post-Punk sung in Italian with hints of saxophone here and there. Imagine Wipers playing Gang Of Four (or vice versa) after having listened all day to Chain Cult. The record will be a one sided 12" on White vinyl with one screen-printed side, limited to 300 copies. Also the cover will be screen printed by the band itself. Label: Agipunk
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    Hailing from Seattle, this amazing d-beat combo featuring ex memebers of Disrupt, Consume and State Of Fear, strikes for the second time back on Agipunk. 9 new bullets of absolutely relentless d-beat crust punk. Fans of Totalitar, early Disfear and of the aforementioned bands will have an orgasmic blast. (Agipunk Records)
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    The 1988 crustcore classic debut from Deviated Instinct. Norwich?s primo kings of stench-headed mayhem, 36 years after its original release, DEVIATED INSTINCT “Terminal Filth Stench-Core” Demo Tape, Agipunk in partnership with Terminal Filth Records (run by Deviated Instinct bass player Snapa), are finally making this classic available on vinyl in its entirety for the first time. 10 tracks heavily influenced by an Antisect and Amebix obsession, plus the fledgling thrash and death metal scenes filtering into their anarcho punk background were recorded in one frantic day. A darker, more metallic sound was developing, yet undeniably still staying true to their punk roots. The birth of what we started calling STENCH CORE at the beginning of the new millennium. With new artwork from Mid and remastered by Bri Doom. (Peaceville Records)
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    OUT IN MID SEPTEMBER. We're extremely excited to announce the release of this new masterpiece co-released together with Sonarize Records from Portland. The box will contain:
    • Demo 1987 Flexi (never released before)
    • Police Bastard 7" (including all the different covers)
    • The Greatest Invention Demo 7" (different recordings of their controversial third record, never released before)
    • Split with Hiatus and Extinction Of Mankind 7" (both the Doom's sides collected on a single EP)
    • Hail To Sweden 7"
    • Monarchy Zoo 7"
    All the tracks have been remastered for a more powerful sound. The box set will include an embroidered patch, a birthday card, a poster and a 16 pages booklet with tons of unheard stories, funny anecdotes, pictures, flyers and brand new drawings made by Sir Stick itself. It'll be released in 500 copies, 400 on regular black vinyls, 100 in colored vinyls. (Agipunk Records/Sonarize Records)
  • THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! YOUR ORDER WILL SHIP ON OR AROUND NOVEMBER, THANKS! After the successful debut on tape, promptly reissued on vinyl in 2021, EGO from Berlin go back on the attack with their first real full length. 10 tracks of pure uk 82 punk. Nesa's powerful voice is accompanied by a stainless rhythm section and a wall of guitar that harks back to bands that were screaming from behind the Iron Curtain. What else to say? It's impossible to sit still while listening to this album. Graphics in pure black and white by Nesa/Doomsday Graphics, as usual minimal, disturbing and simply brilliant. Label: Agipunk
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    E.O.M. have been around since 1992, so they are veterans of the UK punk. They started when others finished and when time passed (20 something years) and I get the chance to hear their fourth upcoming full length album, I realise they are one of the very few who are true to what UK punk has always been about. They are the natural continuator of the UK anarcho crust punk movement started in the late 80s by the likes of ANTI SECT, AMEBIX or AXEGRINDER.
    “Storm of Resentment” is the concentrate of the UK anarcho punk. Take what is best from it (the lyrics, the statements, the sound, the tempo, the anger and dedication) and add thrashy guitars to top it all. EOM prove you don’t need to play very fast to be brutal. “Cash Cow” intro leads you slowly into the record with its instrumental 2-minute piece. And then it all starts. Lengthy punk songs with metal influence and apocaliptic atmosphere. “Turn a Blind Eye” has very good female vocals and “Believers of Their Lies”, the 6-minute suite, contains a tirade of spoken words and sampes to complete this anarcho punk feel of this masterpiece. I remember very well the first time I heard the great “Baptised In Shit”. This one is equally good, if not better! 1000 copies pressed, 100 of them will come in a crazy circular saw-shaped 2 colors (purple black haze) vinyl all packed up in a typical Crass style poster/sleeve to keep the 80'es feeling stronger than ever.
    (Agipunk Records)

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    Ladies and gentlemen, here we go again! Agipunk is stunningly happy to announce the repress of one of the masterpieces of the early era UK crustcore. Phonophobia is a record that inspired thousands of dirty punks all over the world, and having the chance to re-release it is such a honour for us. I don't think we need to introduce this record and this band to any of the people who are reading these lines, but a few words are necessary to explain the value of this product. Phonophobia has originally been recorded and mixed at Southern Studios in London in August 1991. This version has been remixed and remastered by Dean Jones and Phil Vane with additional production at Springvale Studios in Ipswich in October 2009. The sonic assault is now more than ever ear damaging, so prepare your turntable and your eardrums for this final violent assault! 1000 copies will be pressed. (Agipunk Records)
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    Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the official re-release of the record that gave birth to the term "crust"! Originally released in 1986 as a demo-tape, all the songs are here digitally remastered to sound more powerful than ever and to blow away all the poor-quality bootlegs around. This is true metal/punk crossover, totally influential! Second press, Lp comes with gold screened cover, "remastered" original artworks, 4 pages inner sheet. Again limited to 500 copies This version comes in gold screened cover. Label: Agipunk
  • Official re-repress of their first Lp! Heading from Portland, this is a classic of modern stenchcore! 500 new copies available for all the crust maniacs out there! "Speaking of my three-week Bolt Thrower binge, this Hellshock LP came at the perfect time. They have twin-guitar harmonies that are brutal and foreboding, just like Bolt Thrower. They have march-into-battle riffs and guttural vocals, just like Bolt Thrower. They have lots of songs about war, just like Bolt Thrower. They have probably been spotted wearing CRASS and Discharge shirts, just like Bolt Thrower. Bolt Thrower emerged from the mid-1980s peace-punk scene in Great Britain; Hellshock only sounds like they did. You don’t even have to guess what bands Hellshock loves, but they still have a sound of their own that tells you they’re from Portland, Ore. The album art is also excellent, featuring a detailed drawing of a dead soldier, a gas mask and a vulture. Still, Only the Dead Know the End of War sounds very metal for a punk record, but if you walk with the goat lord, you will understand." This review originally appeared in Wasted Life, August 2004, Issue 188 Label: Agipunk  
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    10 years after their last release on Agipunk, we're happy to welcome the kings of stench-core back under our flag. HELLSHOCK are still standing relevant and still playing some of the heaviest riffs in the world wide punk scene. Where most bands of the crust genre seem to lose the fire and filth or simply break up before their prime, this band seems to get more powerful with each release and this long awaited LP is no exception! This recording features the addition of Robbie Chronic from RIPPER on guitar who adds some real sick fucking solos on top of the established rolling crust riffage that the original core group had perfected years ago. Neck aching tempos, sheer brutality, growled anguished vocals, and epic song writing without straying from pure unadulterated crust. For the seasoned HELLSHOCK fan, you know you will already love this album and it will only exceed expectations. For the newcomer, if they were to ask “what is this crust/stenchcore thing about?”, I would point them to AMEBIX, DEVIATED INSTINCT, AXEGRINDER, and HELLSHOCK. The name deserves to be right beside the creators and masters. In another 20+ years this record will be regarded as one of the best crust records of the 2020’s, just as we look back at “Only the Dead Know the End Of War” as a defining record of the early 2000’s. Label: Agipunk
  • Reissue of the third full lenght for the kings of PDX stenchcore! All copies come with a slightly different front designe compared to the first press (also released by Agipunk). Portland Oregon’s Hellshock is the leader of underground crust punk scene. They Wait For You Still is the bands 3rd release, recorded at the legendary Our House studios in Tokyo, Japan. Label: Agipunk
  • For those who are not familiar with Misery, they are a band from Minneapolis that started playing at the end of the Eighties and released many records during all these years without changing their style for the trendier shit or losing their incredible dose of rotting and angry power. This record compiles their very first releases (except for the "Your Leaders Were Lying!" 7"EP because the band doesn't like the sound of it), so you'll find: "Born Fed Slaughtered" 7", "Blindead" 7"EP, "Children Of War" 7"EP and the two "Split" 7"EP's with Assrash and Hellspawn. A total amount of 13 tracks for nearly 40 minutes of dirty, pissed and stinky crust punk! It comes with a 4 page booklet with all the images taken from their original records, lyrics and info. LIMITED TO 500 COPIES ON DUE OUT SEPTEMBER 20TH! Label: Agipunk
  • Straight forward in your face HARDCORE PUNK from this fresh band from Bern, Switzerland. PIG SWEAT will bring you back to 1981 Washington DC or Boston with their direct blend of HC. They sharpened their knives after their amazing debut self titled LP released in 2020 and are gonna rip you with these ten tracks of absolute relentless aggressiveness. LIMITED TO 300 COPIES. FFO: JERRY'S KIDS, SSD, POISON IDEA AND THE LIKES! (Agipunk Records)
  • TERMINAL FILTH is a brand new hardcore crust act hailing from Berlin. The reference to the Norwich quartet is more than evident, but these four crusties are not simply copying what DEVIATED INSTINCT created back in the day: hints of AMEBIX and ANTISECT but also early HELLSHOCK are loud and clear here. They go through slow, gloomy and heavy stench core to a very aggressive and fast crust core not forgetting some melody here and there specially in the intro of a couple of tracks. It all made us shiver when we listened to it for the first time. They didn't add much to the classic formula and this is a good thing. Crust is alive and well and if you're fond of the classic Agipunk crust releases you cannot help but love this record. LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ON BLOOD RED VINYL. (Agipunk Records)
  • Returning with their 5th full length album, "About To Crack", Dutch Hardcore Punk veterans VITAMIN X (for the second time under the Agipunk flag) release a brutal onslaught of ferocity they are well known for. 14 tracks, 19 minutes, and a whole heck of a lot of fun hardcore punk. Right from the start this album jumps out and punches you in the face with an incredibly riveting punk/thrash crossover shredding that is, and forever will be, VITAMIN X; this is the hardcore stuff that creates a pit right here! Marc, Marko, Alex and Danny prove once again that they are never slowing down. What an awesome collective, right? And I'm not kidding, this thing is a stomping blitzkrieg of punk-metal madness from start to finish. Produced by Steve Albini and recorded at his studio in Chicago. The artwork was masterfully done by John Baizley. U.S. print out on Tankcrimes Records. (Agipunk Records)
  • Warcry is a Portland Oregon based D-beat band featuring Todd of Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone fame on vocals and Keith from Hellshock, The Estranged, Lebenden Toten and Black Water Records on drums. Savage Machinery is the band's fourth full-length LP, which was just released on the band's own imprint Warcry Records for the U.S. market. For the first time on Agipunk, Warcry's Savage Machinery features ten tracks of vicious and brutal sounding D-BEAT. Those who think of this band as Tragedy's faster, louder, and angrier little brothers (mostly since because they have the same vocalist), are completely wrong, as even with the similar vocal style Warcry sound pretty much nothing like Tragedy. As with all of their other records, the inspiration here is classic d-beat of the type that we generally associate with mid-to-late-80s Scandinavia... if you dig records like Anti-Cimex's "Criminal Trap" 12", Totalitär's "Sin Egan Motstandare", or Nuclear Death Terror's "S/T" LP you'll definitely be able to rage out to this one. Great riffs, totally bruising recording, and all of the top-notch quality you would expect from this camp. These ten songs are flawlessly executed and will definitely appeal to fans of this style of music. Highly recommended! Enjoy! (Agipunk Records)
  • Canadian powerhouse WARKRUSHER are back after their insanely great self titled Demo Tape, Pils Sessions #11 Tape and the Epitaph 7". Agipunk will release their debut LP in Europe (American press by Desolate Records) right on time for their European tour. Now, a few words about the music: I honestly think this is the perfect combination between old school stench core a la Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, early Hellshock and early nineties Bolt Thrower. I've been shocked by the thick granitic power of this new recordings and felt my eardrums under a relentless siege that I had to listen to this damn good record over and over again for the next days. Not to talk about the artwork: simply insane with all those little details and stuff. Label: Agipunk
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    Wolfbrigade are back on Agipunk with this brand new 7" EP co-released with Armageddon Label from USA. The 7" consists of three brand new songs recorded at Wolfden Studio in March 2021 by Jocke Rydbjer. We can hear the band in an amazing powerful shape as the 3 tracks are ripping and punching in the face even stronger than usual. The unique blend of Scandi Crustcore and Swedish Death Metal with a touch of melody is once again confirmed by the five Lycanthropunks. A limited edition of 200 copies on Yellow vinyl will be available for the first buyers. It's with extreme joy and happiness that we welcome the Swedish Wolves back home Due to the pressing plant delays we can't provide a release date at the moment, but we'll announce it at least 2 months prior to the actual release. (Agipunk Records)
  • The Wolves are back!!! After the success of their latest "Anti-Tank Dogs" 7" the 5 Swedish maniacs decided it's time to repress their debut full length. We are honored once again to be involved in this collaboration that will also have Havoc Records releasing this masterpiece in U.S.A. The release will come with a great new layout and a restored sound that will be fatter and more powerful compared to the original one on a picture disc. What else should we say about this one? We all know Wolfbrigade and how good this record is, so we can't do nothing but wait for it to be released around November 2023. Label: Agipunk
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    20 Years after its original release, Agipunk and Sonarize Records team up together once again to deliver a restored version of this masterpiece of early new millennium hardcore crust punk. Remastered at Enormous Door Studios by Jack Control himself and with a new layout, this record is going to enter the gates of punk history as a true milestone on the path to destruction. Blue vinyl, gatefold cover and poster. (Agipunk Records/Sonarize Records)
  • To celebrate our release number 100, Agipunk is proud to announce the world that we'll be officially putting out the first and only Wretched singles collection approved by the ex members of the band. Forget all the bad sounding bootlegs and all the cheap quality products that have been released so far, this one's gonna be a real blast! The collection will include the split 7" with Indigesti, the "In Nome Del Loro Potere" 7" EP, the "Finirà Mai" 7" EP and the "In Controluce" single 7". The songs will sound better than ever as the original records and tapes have been remastered for delivering a new vibe of destructive CHAOS NON MUSICA!!! The record will be pressed in 1000 copies and will come in a nice gatefold cover with tons of never seen pictures of the band playing, travelling, demonstrating and having fun. (Agipunk Records)


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