• AGRIMONIA | agrimonia | LP

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    REPRESSED! Their "demo" cd hit me by surprise and I really couldn't refuse to put this out! These folks come from Gothenburg in lovely Sweden and deliver the goods! The demo (minus 1 song though) that you'll find on this black piece of vinyl hold 4 times thundering death and black metal soaked doom, with hints of crust, as well as atmospheric and epic darkness. The guitars range from devastating heaviness to gloomy acoustic sections, with piercing leads that flash through the darkness every now and then. If you've ever wanted to know exactly how your favourite metal, crust, and doom bands would have sounded like if they were one band this is where you should turn. I won't namedrop anything, just ask you to take me on my word that you really need to check this out if you've been even the slightest intrigued with what's written above. Even though I could drop many influential names, as well as list several of your favourite Swedish crustcore bands in the "members of" department. (Kleister) (Skuld Records)
  • The wait was long, but now it's ready! A dignified follow-up of their first album! An intense Dolp from this dark crust band from Gothenburg. I haven't really enough words to describe this brutal yet twisted attack on my eardrums. Eight songs in just over 72 minutes(!) of death and blackmetal gloom with a healthy dose of crust punk influences leaving me speechless. The Double Lp comes in a beautiful gatefold with a foldout insert. CD version is being released in the US by Profane Existence. (Skuld Records)
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    4th album and second full length album from this Basque Black Metal influenced Crust band. Seven new tracks wrapped in a heavy and thick production. Recorded at Marekords Studio by Marek, mixed at Corsarios Estudios by Lolo and Mastered at Enormous Door Mastering by Jack Control. (Alerta Antifascista Records)
  • Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies. Hailing from Rieti, central Italy, ANGEL DEATH is one of the most feared and ancient names in the Italian Death Metal scene, formed in 1984 and active until 1995. This total discography collection on F.O.A.D. Records is a dream-come-true for a lot of infernal maniacs that for years have hoped to see all the ominous recordings of this band collected on one release. Malicious, satanic Death/Black assault of the most aggressive form! Double LP compiling their entire discography 1985-1996 including their “Death to Christianity” Demo 1986, s/t Demo 1991, “Gore (Blood of war)” EP (1992), “Exorcisin’ the pain / Desire for immortality” EP (1992) and bonus tracks… A total overview on their bloody history starting with their raw and primitive first Demo and developing into a grinding assault of merciless brutality topped by those seriously disturbing vocals oozing a feeling of ruthlessness and pure evil. Originally signed by Deathlike Silence Productions as part of a string of ten releases that never saw the light (also including Abruptum, Sigh, Monumentum etc.) Sourced from the band’s studio masters, housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl! (F.O.A.D. Records)
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    Color Vinyl
    Rare tracks from 1983-1987. Unreleased songs, compilation tracks, cover versions. (Fan Club/Unofficial Release)
  • BATHORY | T-shirt

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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print. Ενδέχεται να υπάρχουν ελλείψεις σε κάποια από τα μεγέθη. Σε αυτή την περίπτωση θα σας ενημερώσουμε τηλεφωνικά ή με e-mail για τον χρόνο παράδοσής τους σε εμάς από τον προμηθευτή (συνήθως 3-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες). Κατόπιν παραγγελίας το σχέδιο είναι διαθέσιμο και σε μέγεθος XX-Large.
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  • BLIGHT | temple of wounds | 2xLP

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    The debut album from Canada's Blight, a 52-minute exercise in galvanizing, and relentless Black Metal. Enter the Temple of Wounds, unleashed from the clandestine Canadians Blight. Rising out of obscurity to share their violent, radical, and illuminating vision, Blight’s nine song new album is a 52-minute exercise in galvanizing, and relentless Black Metal. Temple of Wounds will find a home within the ashen hearts of listeners of luminaries such as Behemoth, Marduk, and Rotting Christ, while also embracing the contemporary, underground zeal of bands such as Bölzer, Cobalt, Light of the Morning Star, and Kriegsmachine. Yet the sound that Blight shapes out of chaos and calamity is uniquely their own: grand choirs and fiery chants pepper the band’s powerful and dynamic approach to Black Metal, where claustrophobic, menacing riffs threaten to suffocate, percussive elements merge violence with technological prowess, and vocals are delivered with a cathartic intensity. Formed in 2008 in Montreal, Blight released several highly sought-after tapes into the underground during their early years. It was only after a brief hiatus, from 2010 to 2011, that frontman Gabriel McCaughry (ex- Unquintessence, Ion Dissonance, Vatican, Anathema Publishing Ltd.) made a pact with current-members Pascal Pelletier, Cedric Deschamps, and Rob Lapalme (ex- Insect & Ontôs On) to solidify what stands as today’s manifestation of Blight. The band were discovered by the sub-arctic worshippers of blackest vinyl at Svart Records and after a short and fruitful period of communication, the parchments were inked and a covenant was made to release Blight’s new album Temple of Wounds on the 5th of June, 2020. Blight’s lyrical themes explore deep facets of inner alchemical transmutation, which lends their music substantial literary weight. Temple of Wounds is allied with a higher intelligence, creating a state-of-the-art sound-war of Black Metal that is at once fresh and familiar, primitive, and epic in scope. Gatefold 2LP vinyl version, on black vinyl limited to 300 copies. The vinyl edition features a 16 minute bonus track on side D. (Svart Records)
  • Special CD re-issue housed in an ultra deluxe hard cover digibook including 20 page booklet with lyrics and photos! The packaging of this edition is totally stunning and makes justice to such a classic album. The 2nd full length by Italy's Metal masters BULLDOZER! Originally released in 1986, here it finally comes in a new edition remastered directly from the studio reels provided by the band and re-packaged with unreleased photos and lyrics (scans of the original typed drafts). "Final separation" is a devastating follow-up to their cult debut "The day of wrath" and adds a strong Speed/Thrash Metal vibe to their well-tested Black Metal meets dirty R'n'R tinged aggrression! All in all, this is another good confirm of the goodness of the Bulldozer?s sound back in the 80s and it?s good to recommend it to the old school fans of this lethal black/speed combination. For all its length, the nastiness of the speed metal and the brutal influences of bands like Venom and Mot?rhead collide to create another high impact effort, in pure 80s style!! RIDE HARD... DIE FAST!! (F.O.A.D. Records)
  • BUTTFUCK! The iconic Greek fanzine restored! Fryktos found the original master copies direct from the editor and here we present this printed documentary! For those who not heard BUTTFUCK before: The fanzine was born in late 80’s was active till early of 90’s and lived during the evolution of hardcore, punk, noise scene to crossover, thrash and later the explosion to death and 2nd wave of black metal. BUTTFUCK published 5 issues (3 in Greek and 2 in English) between 1988 and 1993. It was run by the members of Flegethon (later Ereshkigal) with contribution from Flesh (Sadistic Noise)Jim (Rotting Christ) among a few. Gained the respect and a cult status for the unique writing style of editors, the huge issues they created, the music range they covered and all those true underground bands they featured from their very early steps. – ENGLISH VERSION: The English issues (#4, #5) in a softcover version 200 pages, 75 interviews

    Comes of course with numerous bands presentations, biographies, demo and album reviews from whole underground extreme scene.


    #4, #5 Issues (English language) :  


    Articles, biographies, presentations:


  • Fryktos Burnings proudly presents the 5th burn! The ultimate old school kult Canadian fanzine with all their 9 issues in another huge tome. The fanzine that was active during 1998 – 2005 and published 9 issues in total. A unique publication with wider content, filled among the interviews with tons demo/album/fanzine reviews, horror movies presentations, killer quotes from whole metal scene and even porn actress interviews! A couple issues was out as split zines with another legend activities like Eternal Darkness and Leather ‘n Spikes! A fanzine with a strong character that had to be reprinted! “….CA had the slogan “Turning Closemindedness Into An Artform!”. That should give you insight into the intensity I operated with and the lens I viewed the scene through….” Dale (C.A. editor) Interviews: Tenebrae, Stratovarius, Scepter, Eternal Darkness, Possession, Infernal Majesty, Arch Enemy, Rotting, Fleshgrind, Sacramentary Abolishment, Gorguts, Intestine / Sick Music, Quo Vadis, Horna, Pentacle, Twisted Tower Dire, Headache Described, Possessed, Lust, Ouroboros, Incantation, Absu, Primal Fear, Drogheda, Metal Mafia fanzine, Unholy Cadaver, Disciples Of Power, Ossuary, Pegazus, October 31, Christy Canyon, Darkthrone, Athotorgh, United Guttural / Fleshgrind, Skinless, Shane’s World, Kaamos, Pagan Records, Immolation, Rites Of Thy Degringolade, Damantion Records, Denial of God, Kim Chambers, Rabaelliun, Dekapitator, Tales of the Macabre, Necrodeath, Chloe & Ruby, Disgorge, Destruktor, Desecration, Nick Scratch, Svartsyn, Hellwitch, Urgrund, Anata, Slaughter, Ancient Rites, Invasion, Blood Storm, Thornspawn, Darkness Eternal, Gospel of the Horns, Bestial Mockery, Leather N’ Spikes, Deeds of Flesh, Grand Belials’s Key / Crucifier, Witchburner / Iron Bonehead rec., Painiak records, Nunslaughter, Blasphemy, Drakkar Productions, Cobalt, Pentagram, Abigail / Barbatos / Cutthroat, Hellfire Prod / Goatfire / Morbid Upheaval, Toxic Holocaust, Funeral Mist, Octagon, Terrorama / I Hate records, Horna, Nocturnal, Mortuary Drape Book details: – all 9 C.A. issues – 474 pages – 90+ interviews – cover by Desmond Sia (Acheron, Impiety, Abazagorath) – gloss laminate cover finish – special heavy colored paper on each issue cover – restored from original copies – redone from scratch unreadable pages – limited print run
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    Gildan heavy cotton t-shirt 100% cotton. All the water-based inks for screenprints have an eco-passport verification. Every stamp and logo is hand pulled silk screen print. Ενδέχεται να υπάρχουν ελλείψεις σε κάποια από τα μεγέθη. Σε αυτή την περίπτωση θα σας ενημερώσουμε τηλεφωνικά ή με e-mail για τον χρόνο παράδοσής τους σε εμάς από τον προμηθευτή (συνήθως 3-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες). Κατόπιν παραγγελίας το σχέδιο είναι διαθέσιμο και σε μέγεθος XX-Large.
  • With the highly revered Norwegians remaining ever-dedicated to the art of the riff after 35 years of existence, Darkthrone return for album number nineteen and a new dose of metallic godliness. On the back of 2019’s triumphant 'Old Star' opus, the duo of Nocturno Culto and Fenriz present a 41 minute maelstrom of Epic Black Heavy Metal across five sprawling compositions. Organic and dynamic, the album is an exploration of the very finest vintage metal and the best of doom, all delivered in the unmistakable Darkthrone style, whilst also incorporating instruments such as the Moog to further expand upon these soundscapes. Eschewing the process of using their own Necrohell II studios – which has served the band so well over the last 15 years – and welcoming a change of environment and the opportunity to experiment with new ideas, 'Eternal Hails' was recorded at Chaka Khan Studio in Oslo, and engineered by Ole Ovstedal & Silje Høgevold, breathing new life into the sound while retaining the essence of Darkthrone’s natural, raw feeling. The cover artwork features the piece “Pluto and Charon” (1972), from renowned science fiction artist David A. Hardy; a hugely inspirational image for both Fenriz & Nocturno Culto spanning several decades, and this also stands as a symbolic link between the genre-bending styles apparent on Darkthrone’s earliest works, to those same traits evident on 'Eternal Hails'. SIDE A 1. His Master`s Voice [07:17] 2. Hate Cloak [09:16] 3. Wake of the Awakened [08:24] SIDE B 1. Voyage to a North Pole Adrift [09:24] 2. Lost Arcane City of Uppakra [07:02] (Peaceville Records)
  • ‘Total Death’ was the sixth album from Norwegian black metal legends Darkthrone, and was originally released in 1996. After recording the previous 2 albums at Fenriz’s Necrohell portable home studio, the band reverted back to a traditional studio set-up for recording; this time it was Ancient Spectre Ruins, with the songs recorded in 2 sessions there in August and October 1995. The song-writing on ‘Total Death’ was split equally between the 2 members, Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, with Nocturno supplying lyrics to his own songs, whilst Fenriz gave the honour to notable members of the Norwegian metal scene: Garm from Ulver, Ihsahn from Emperor, Carl-Michael Eide from Aura Noir/Ved Buens Ende and Satyr from Satyricon. The album delivers a classic dose of mid and up-tempo black metal, along with thrash, such as on the track ‘Blasphemer’. (Peaceville Records)
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    Darkthrone began life in the late 80’s as a thrash/death metal act & progressed through technical death/doom metal experimentation to become legends of the black metal world & one of the original leading bands of the Norwegian scene, as well as inspiring a whole generation of metal bands. Famously written and recorded over a period of just 2 weeks and featuring the iconic photocopied front cover, ’Transilvanian Hunger’ features primitive guitar riffs over a monotonous drum beat creating a feel of hypnotic starkness with its blend of Von, Burzum and Bathory. Over the years the album has become representative of the definitive 90’s Norwegian black metal sound and style, often copied but never bettered over the past 2 decades. The album was recorded with Fenriz’ ’Necrohell’ studio, and was the first release where the band became a duo, following the departure of guitarist Zephyrous. This edition of ’Transilvanian Hunger’ marks 20 years since the release of this landmark album and has been newly mastered, & contains a bonus commentary audio disc featuring Fenriz discussing his recollections, inspirations & thoughts on the album whilst the music plays in the background. (Peaceville Records)
  • Philadelphia's DEVIL MASTER stake their claim as one of the most venomous, twisted entities in the underground with their hellish debut, Satan Spits on Children of Light. The album, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (POWER TRIP, MAMMOTH GRINDER, OUTER HEAVEN, and more,) rattles the very gates of hell with a vile dose of black metal-infused punk mayhem. Commanding the steel of VENOM, the fury of BATHORY's earliest years, and the raw, uncompromising nature of the notorious GISM, Satan Spits on Children of Light sees DEVIL MASTER emerge from the grave and reach new blasphemous heights. Give in to the Satanic panic and obey your DEVIL MASTER! (Relapse Records)
  • Philadelphia's DEVIL MASTER stake their claim as one of the most venomous, twisted entities in the underground with their hellish debut, Satan Spits on Children of Light. The album, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (POWER TRIP, MAMMOTH GRINDER, OUTER HEAVEN, and more,) rattles the very gates of hell with a vile dose of black metal-infused punk mayhem. Commanding the steel of VENOM, the fury of BATHORY's earliest years, and the raw, uncompromising nature of the notorious GISM, Satan Spits on Children of Light sees DEVIL MASTER emerge from the grave and reach new blasphemous heights. Give in to the Satanic panic and obey your DEVIL MASTER! (Relapse Records)
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    DÖDSRIT | dödsrit | LP

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    EX. TOTEM SKIN!!! Dödsrit is a project created by Christoffer Öster from TOTEM SKIN. Dödsrit tries to blend atmospheric black metal with the rawness from crust. The writing for Dödsrit started right after Totem Skin had recorded their last album "Weltschmerz" . And was conducted for almost two years before it saw the light of the day. Dödsritt shivering melodies were created in the deep forests in the outskirts of Borlänge, Sweden. Conducted by Christoffer Öster from Totem Skin who poured every drop of passion he could harvest from the bottom of his heart. "this same titeled LP is the band’s 1st full-length. The soundscape of the album ranges from raw aggression to doomy heaviness and unsettling guitar melodies. The vocals create an honest and desperate atmosphere, the vocalists screaming themes of nature and problems in life. Intense grinding shares space with quiet and reverent moments, but the sonic landscape is always filled with emotion. (Alerta Antifascista Records) https://alertaantifascistarecords.bandcamp.com/album/aa130-d-dsrit-d-dsrit-lp-cd
  • One of the cultest and very first Hellenic underground extreme publication restored! The full collection of the two Dyable Autopsy issues published back to 1992 and 1993 including the Melancholy newsletter published in 1995. Dyable Aytopsy started by Vorphalack’s mastermind filled with heavy contribution of the Melancholy Promotion owner. Covered the Death metal underground and the beginning of the 2nd wave of Black metal in its purest form. Melancholy Newsletter was mostly spread for free and was one issue print. INTERVIEWS: ABIGAIL, ADIPOCERE Rec., AGATHOCLES, ALLEGIANCE, ANARCHUS, ANCIENT RITES, ARMOURED ANGEL, BANISHED, BEHERIT, BLACK CRUCIFIXION, BLOOD, BRAIN DAMAGE, BURIAL, CARCASS, CENOTAPH Rec., DARK TRANQUILITY, DEAD INFECTION, DEADLY DISLOCATED, DECAPITATED Rec., DECAY, DEICIDE, DEMONCY, DISAFFECTED, DISTORTED HARMONY Rec., DOLORES Rec., FAUN, FUNERAL NATION, FUNERAL WINDS, GOREFEST, HAEMORRHAGE, HARD BLAST Rec., HEALER, HOLY Rec., ILLDISPOSED, IMPALED NAZARENE, INCANTATION, LEGION OF DOOM, LUBRICANT, M.B.R. Rec., MALEDICTION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MASTOMAH, MONSTROSITY, MONUMENTUM, MYSTIC CHARM, MYTHIC, NAPALM DEATH, NECRONOMICON, NIGHTFALL, NO FASHION Rec., NOCTURNAL DEATH, NOCTURNAL RITES, OSMOSE Prod., PREMONITION, RAGE Rec., ROT, ROTTHENNESS Rec., ROTTING CHRIST, SACRAMENTAL SACHEM, SAMAEL, SATHANAS, SCHIZO, SINISTER, SOLEMN, STIGMA, SUPURATION, TEMPERANCE, THANATOS, THE HORDE OF TORMENT, THY SERPENT, ZEPHYROUS Book details: – Hardcover version – Colored cover – Limited edition to 110 copies – Hand Numbered – 3 restored issues – 112 thickened written pages – 75 Interviews – Tons of reviews
  • Hierophant's sophomore full-length, 'Great Mother : Holy Monster' is an eight-song beast of blackened metallic hardcore fraught with D-beat and crust punk influence, with unexpected moments of speedy intensity and sludgy aggression lurking around every corner. (Bridge 9 Records)
  • KVELERTAK | meir | 2xLP

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    From the explosive first single "Bruane Brenn" to the slowed down guitar crunching of "Evig Vandrar" to the brutally chaotic "Nekrokosmos," "Meir" is an album that certainly lives up to the hype of giving the listener "more." Tight rhythms, inventive guitar hooks and melodies that seep into your consciousness, this is an album that constantly surprises. Produced by Converge's Kurt Ballou. (Roadrunner Records / Cargo Records) ‎
  • Kvelertak shamelessly draw inspiration from every corner of something that could fit into their idea of good hard-hitting and catchy rock'n'roll. Regardless of genre, but always truthful to the basic idea of the band; good songs performed with the tounge-in-cheek attitude of their punk-rock pioneers. (Indie Recordings)
  • Lucifer's Child originates from Athens, Greece. Its music is a bridge to the world of atmospheric black metal, and a vessel for spiritual self-expression through lyrics. The goal of unifying these two elements gleamed clearly in the eyes of George Emmanuel, a prolific guitarist primarily known for his work as part of Rotting Christ (and a former guitarist of Chaostar), when he formed the band together with bassist Stathis Ridis (a member of another long-running Hellenic metal unit, Nightfall) in 2013. Born from a partnership between two talented musicians, the duo quickly expanded to take in vocalist Marios Dupont (Karma Violens) and drummer Nick Vell (Chaostar), and delivered their debut album, "The Wiccan", in 2015. Encouraged by the album's keen reception, followed by several festival appearences (incl. Inferno Festival, Blastfest and Incineration Festival), LUCIFER'S CHILD returns in a darker, more extreme shade, passionate in outperforming its bold debut. "The Order" was recorded, mixed and mastered in Emmanuel's own recording studio, Pentagram, and features cover artwork by Daniele Valeriani (Dark Funeral, Dissection, Mayhem). (Agonia Records)
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    Vinyl edition of the 1991 debut from influential Greek Black Metal masters Rotting Christ. Passage Of Arcturo features a raw lo-fi take on Black Metal. Rotting Christ masterfully weave atmosphere and sombre melody with occult themes to create something unique for the time that has had a profound influence on the Metal scene ever since. Includes a 4 page 12" booklet featuring recollections of the time taken from interviews conducted with the Cult Never Dies author Dayal Patterson. (Peaceville Records)
  • The record most responsible for putting Greece on the black metal map is, perhaps paradoxically, both an intriguing slice of history and a timeless piece of music. Thy Mighty Contract remains a hugely significant opus that was influential to a still-forming extreme metal scene and whose sound is tied intrinsically to the era in which it was manifested. Yet equally, this is a work that has aged superbly and still sounds as essential and unique as ever today. Both musically and lyrically, Thy Mighty Contract is rarely straightforward – and is arguably all the better for it, offering layers of meaning and demanding repeated playing. It is a dripping with a myriad of influences, with touches of first wave black metal, doom, death, thrash and heavy metal evident at various points during the album, combining these to create a sound that has never quite been repeated. This heavyweight vinyl version includes an 8 page booklet with liner notes written by Sakis Tolis and Dayal Patterson of Cult Never Dies, which details the events surrounding the release. The booklet also includes rare photographs, plus thoughts from other long-standing musicians in the scene from bands such as Behemoth, Blasphemy and Aura Noir. (Peaceville Records)