• The group features Ian MacKaye, his Fugazi bandmate Joe Lally, and his Evens bandmate Amy Farina. On this self-titled debut each of the musicians share singing responsibilities. The lead track, Clean Kill, is a deceptively warm-sounding song about political corruption. It’s a clean kill, but it’s not clean, the band members sing in unison on the chorus. It’s unmistakably the work of Ian MacKaye, probably closer to The Evens than to any of his other projects, but with a bit more of that Fugazi-esque grit in the mix. It’s a very cool first track. (Dischord Records) https://coriky.bandcamp.com/album/coriky
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    DAG NASTY | can i say | LP

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    Classic record available once again on vinyl. Originally released in 1986, Brian Baker (Minor Threat) and Dave Smalley (DYS, ALL, DOWN BY LAW) pretty much laid the blueprint for all "melodic hardcore" for decades to come with this LP. Arguably the best DAG NASTY record, a must have in anyones collection. (Dischord Records)
  • Originally released in 1987, this classic album was remastered and recut and features updated graphics. Certain songs on here actually sound like they could have belonged on "can i say" but other songs show an obvious progression with Baker using Doug's different vocal style to try something different. Vinyl includes a digital download card. (Dischord Records)
  • EMBRACE | self titled | LP

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    Formed in May of 1985 with 3 of the members from FAITH, as well as Ian MacKaye (of TEEN IDLES, MINOR THREAT, FUGAZI etc.). In their 10 month existence they only played in Washington D.C. and Baltimore and ended their existence in March of 1986. This full-length contains material from 2 different recording sessions. For fans of FUGAZI, RITES OF SPRING and even MINOR THREAT. This is something for the early DC punk scene fans. This vinyl was re-mastered in 2009 and includes a digital download card. (Dischord Records)
  • "The fall of 1981 found the Washington, DC punk scene in one of the first of many fallow periods when a number of active bands broke up at the same time. SOA, Minor Threat, Red C and The Untouchables had all split up, and this resulted in a number of the musicians reorganizing. Mike and Ivor from SOA formed a new band with Alec of The Untouchables singing and another Wilson High School kid, Chris Bald, on bass. They called themselves 'The Faith' and played their first show at H.B. Woodlawn High School in November '81. At the end of 1982, Eddie (also a former member of The Untouchables) joined Faith as a second guitarist and six months later they recorded the Subject to Change 12" EP. Though clocking in at less than 14 minutes, this record was hugely important to the people here in D.C. and to others around the country and the world that were interested in the music here. On Subject to Change Faith introduced a layered melodic approach that would blossom fully in later Faith-related bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. Unfortunately, by the time anybody heard Subject to Change, the band was no more. The interpersonal strife proved too much and Faith played their last show in August 1983. The record was released posthumously four months later. While Minor Threat is often held up as the preeminent DC band of the early years, for many of the people living here it was with the Faith that they felt the strongest connection to, and it was a sad day when they played their last show. For this reissued edition of Subject to Change we have expanded the release from its original EP format into a full-length with the addition of 11 tracks from the band's first demo recorded in 1981 at Inner Ear Studios. Most of these songs were later re-recorded and included on the band's 1982 split LP with Void (DIS 008LP)." (Dischord Records) https://faith.bandcamp.com/album/subject-to-change-plus-first-demo
  • The 6 track release marks the 1st appearance of Guy Picciotto’s guitar-work in addition to his regular vocal duties. Recorded at Inner Ear Studios in 1988! The vinyl was re-cut and re-mastered in 2009 and includes a digital download card. (Dischord Records)  
  • Steady Diet of Nothing is the second full-length studio album by American post-hardcore band Fugazi, released in July, 1991 The style of this is different from "13 songs" and "repeater" but it still has the FUGAZI sound. Here they got more abstract and artsy - but it really works. So if you like any of their other stuff go and buy this. The vinyl was re-cut and re-mastered in 2009 and comes with a digital download card. (Dischord Records) https://fugazi.bandcamp.com/album/steady-diet-of-nothing
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    FUGAZI | the argument | LP

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    2001’s The Argument was the final Fugazi album before the band took an extended and possibly permanent hiatus. It’s easy to see why the venerated D.C. group would be comfortable closing its career here; The Argument brings its four players full circle. Guy Picciotto’s “Full Disclosure” and Ian MacKaye’s “Epic Problem” give the album two songs—one from each frontman—that reconnect to the bracing physicality that defined Fugazi in its earliest years. At the same time, the album marks the final step of the group’s long trek to extricate itself from its early punk roots. With deep dub inflections and whispering piano, “The Kill” and “Strangelight” might make listeners think that film composing should be the band’s next chapter. As has always been the case with Fugazi, the songs that blend extremes stand out from the pack. “Cashout,” “Life and Limb,” and “The Argument” join the ranks of the group’s classic songs. (Dischord Records)
  • At the end of 1982, Ian MacKaye entered the studio to record "government issue" and, in just one day, they came up with 20 tracks, most of them issued as the "boycott stabb" album. It has since been reissued on a number of different labels and formats, but after coming across the master tapes and hearing the songs that had been left off, Dischord thought it would be cool to release the complete session on a proper full-length. The vinyl was re-cut and re-mastered in 2010 and comes with a digital download card. (Dischord Records) https://governmentissue.bandcamp.com/album/boycott-stabb-complete-session
  • Recorded at inner ear studios, arlington, virginia between april 1981 and december 1983. the washington, d.c. straightedge hardcore punk scene began with minor threat. the band recorded two lps on its own dischord label, plus an ep and the miscellaneous singles that are collected on this cd. many of the early recordings on this collection seethe with teen-age angst and indignation. the songs rage against bullies, religious hypocrisy, and the herd mentality. other songs, taken from later in minor threat's career, feature tighter and more sophisticated playing. metallic flourishes tinge the guitar work, vocal harmonies abound, and song dynamics vary more than on the earlier record. on certain songs, ian mackaye's lyrics address the complexities of friendship, loyalty, and self-expression. 'look back and laugh,' 'little friend,' and 'it follows' all incline more toward introspection and ambiguity; conveying loss and sadness in addition to outrage. this second set of songs seems to especially anticipate mackaye's later work with fugazi. the album also contains a few playful numbers like the sing-along cover of 'stepping stone,' and 'cashing in,' a mocking dig at greedy musicians. minor threat believed completely in the power of its music, helping earn a loyal fan following and the respect of numerous other bands who emulated its style and credo. (Dischord Records)
  • Salad Days is the final EP by the American hardcore punk band Minor Threat. It was released in July 1985, two years after the band's breakup, through Dischord Records with the catalog number DIS 015. The EP differs somewhat from the band's previous material. All songs are slower, making a slight departure from the group's hardcore punk style. Tracks "Good Guys" (a remake of The Standells' song "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White") and "Salad Days" both feature an acoustic guitar, and "Salad Days" also has chimes. (Dischord Records)    
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    Tracks 1-8 are from the 1st MINOR THREAT 7" (1981) . Tracks 9-12 are from the "in my eyes" 7" (1981) plus one track from "flex your head" compilation. This is one of the best LP's you can get. Hardcore at it's finest. If you are into any kind of hardcore you should definetly look into MINOR THREAT. MINOR THREAT was one of the most influential bands from the 80's D.C. hardcore scene and this album proves it. Every song is inventive, original, and can stand on its own as a punk classic. This vinyl (on 45rpm) was remastered and re-cut, features an album sleeve re-design from the original artwork and comes with a digital download card. (Dischord Records)    
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    The brilliant pre-FUGAZI band from Brendan Canty and Guy Picciotto! Think of ONE LAST WISH as the bridge between Rites Of Spring, Embrace and Fugazi. After their previous band Rites Of Spring broke up, Edward Janney, Brendan Canty and Guy Picciotto joined up with ex-Embrace, ex-Faith guitarist Michael Hampton to form One Last Wish in the spring of 1986. In November of 1986, the band recorded 12 songs at Inner Ear Studios with Ian Mackaye producing. With the release of '1986' on CD in 1999 the full results of those sessions were finally made available to the public. Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes free MP3 download of the entire album. (Dischord Records)
  • Previously unreleased 1984 recordings from this influential early emo band. Featuring Guy Picciotto who went on to play in Fugazi and released on the ever-brilliant Dischord label. Tracklisting 1. End on End 2. Remainder 3. Persistent Vision 4. Hain's Point 5. All There Is 6. By Design (Dischord Records)
  • SCREAM | this side up | LP

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    Re-pressed for the first time in over a decade, the debut full-length from DC's Scream is finally seeing the light again on vinyl. This LP, produced by Ian MacKaye and Eddie Janney of Faith shows the band's advanced musicianship and rock and roll sensibility while still maintaining the speed and punk fury that characterized the early '80s DC bands. (Dischord Records) https://scream.bandcamp.com/album/this-side-up
  • This is the band's first new music since 1989 and was recorded during a brief run of European shows in autumn of 2019 at Jamor Studio in Prague with ONDREJ JEZEK. Formed in 1986, SOULSIDE was one of the strongest voices in the DC punk's third generation, alongside groups like Swiz and Shudder to Think. The band released a self-titled full-length on Sammich Records as well as a number of records on Dischord—the Trigger EP, the Bass/103 7", and the Hot Bodi-Gram LP—before parting ways. All of the Dischord records were rereleased as the Soon Come Happy CD in 1990. In 2015, the group—singer BOBBY SULLIVAN, guitarist SCOTT MCCLOUD, drummer ALEXIS FLEISIG, and bassist JOHNNY TEMPLE—reunited for the first time in 25 years and have continued to perform together as time and opportunity allow. (Dischord Records)
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    The Teen Idles founded Dischord Records in 1980 with the release of the Minor Disturbance 8-song 7"(Dischord #1), so it seemed appropriate that Dischord celebrated its 100th release in 1996 with a second single from the band 16 years later. This record consists of songs taken from practice tapes and early demos recorded in late 1979 to mid-1980. The music on this record was released not because we feel the songs are particularly amazing or necessary, rather it's because we think they are funny and cool, and because they represent us as we were: a bunch of high school punk rockers. The Teen Idles certainly didn't intend to start a label, only to put out a record, but it was a decision that led to at least 30 years of new bands and releases and the documentation of a community here in Washington DC. (Dischord Records) https://teenidles.bandcamp.com/album/anniversary
  • Back in print after its initial release in 2002, this extensive compilation spanning the first 20 years of one of the most influential and important punk labels, Washington DC's Dischord Records, offers excellent overview of a label from it's 80s teenage hardcore beginnings to the foundational label it became in the 90s. A great starting point for anyone new to the label, but also a must-have for long-time fans, this three CD boxset includes two discs of previously released material by Minor Threat, Scream, Fugazi, Nation Of Ulysses, Slant 6, Rites Of Spring, Fireparty, Lungfish, Q And Not U, The Make Up, Bluetip, Autoclave, and a third enhanced CD with unreleased and rare recordings, plus six live videos of early hardcore shows by Teen Idles, Void, S.O.A, Faith, Untouchables, and Deadline, and an interview with label-founder Ian McKaye. The set also contains a 134-page book with info about all the bands on this release, a brief history of the label, liner notes by Henry Rollins and loads of photos including contributions by Cynthia Connolly, Amy Pickering, Pat Graham, Glen E. Friedman, Jason Farrell, Jeff Nelson, and many more. Content: - 2 CD's with previously released Dischord material. - 1 CD with unreleased tracks and 6 live video clips (by: The Teen Idles, Untouchables, S.O.A., Faith, Void, and Deadline). - a 134-page booklet with info about all the bands featured on this release, a brief historic review of Dischord and loads of photos. (Dischord Records)
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    The new vinyl pressing of the 1982 DC punk sampler "Flex Your Head" is now available. This is one of the must own compilations out there if your into the '80s D.C. hardcore. You'll find most of the important D.C. bands of that time on this compilation. Most play fast thrashy hardcore, sometimes too simple, but always honest & angry. Tracks from TEEN IDLES, STATE OF ALERT, GOVERNMENT ISSUE, MINOR THREAT, UNTOUCHABLES, IRON CROSS, YOUTH BRIGADE, DEADLINE, RED C, ARTIFICIAL PEACE and VOID. We're not responsible for damage incurred while slam dancing in your bedroom when listening to this. (Dischord Records)
  • The FOUR OLD SEVEN INCHES album, 1st released back in the days in 1984, compiled 4 early Dischord 7"s (by then already out of print since ages) from TEEN IDLES, SOA, GOVERNMMENT ISSUE and YOUTH BRIGADE (DC). By the early 1990s the vinyl edition of this compilation (36 tracks at all) had fallen out-of-print but it has been re-pressed, re-issued and updated artwork. Essential - buy this and leave the unnecessary bullshit at home. Possible EP by Youth Brigade Minor Disturbance by Teen Idles Legless Bull by Government Issue No Policy by State Of Alert (Dischord Records)  
  • When THE TEEN ILES and THE UNTOUCHABLES split up in 1980, singer Nathan Strejcek and drummer Danny Ingram - two of the 1st punk kids at Wilson High - formed a new band, YOUTH BRIGADE. "complete first demo" collects 8 songs that YOUTH BRIGADE recorded in the summer of 1981 during its 1st recording session. "i object" appeared on the "20 years of dischord" box set and "last word" was included on the "flex your head" complitation. All other material is previously unreleased. Vinyl includes a digital download card. (Dischord Records) https://youthbrigade.bandcamp.com/album/complete-first-demo