• DECRY | same title | 7”

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    Recorded in November 1983, this 5 song EP was the debut release for Decry who back in the day were relentlessly gigging and touring, playing with the likes of Discharge, Black Flag, UK Subs, Circle Jerks, Detonators, MIA, Necros, Crucifix, GBH, Agression,... Released in early 1984, this 7" sees the departure of their original drummer and anticipates by only a few months their debut LP on Toxic Shock. Tuneful and aggressive California HC/Punk. A true HC milestone! The record comes with a full on 12 page booklet with lyrics, photos, band´s history and flyers for likely every show they played prior to the release of their debut LP later the same year. Regular edition of 300 on black vinyl (and black/white cover). (No Plan Records)
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    Punk rock band from California, active between 1985 and 1989. Completely undiscovered, the band existed for almost 4 years recording tons of songs of which No Plan Records unearthed 17. They played with a lot of Bay Area contemporaries like Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, Isocracy, Mr. Bungle, Blatz, Brent's TV, Nuisance, while their sound on the other hand reminisces early Californian bands like Avengers or X. Fantastic female fronted melodic punk rock. Label: No Plane Records
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    This is some exciting news here. Back in 1986 Barbie Army was making its first steps on Chicago underground scene. At all times an all-girl band, Barbie Army was a wild, loud and defiant bunch of damsels that honed their skills playing both DIY punk venues as well as the Chicago Blues circuit. Featured in Maximumrocknroll in 1987, Barbie Army was able to merge influences ranging from female doo wop bands to punk΄n΄roll bands like X to punk bands of pop sensibilities like the Fastbacks, and they made that style their own. 19 songs, on a C-60 tape, is their whole discography. (No Plane Records)
  • Seminal hardcore punk from Seattle, Washington, active approx. 1981-1986. The Rejectors released a 9 song 7" called "Thoughts Of War" on Fartz records in '82, then the 5-song "Struggle" tape in '83, and then a split with The Accused on Fatal Erection records, also in '83, to which they contributed 13 songs. With The Accused they shared the stage on numerous occasions and in the early stages of both bands they were almost inseparable. Less sludgy than some of their Seattle punk peers, instead providing quick-paced west coast style thrashers with snotty teenage vocals and earnest, often politically-minded lyrics. This is the reissue of their first work, the 9 song 7" called Thoughts Of War from 1982. Remastered for the occasion, the 7" comes with the original 7" artwork and insert. Label: No Plane Records
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    BREEDERS | zen punk | 7″

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    This is the original Breeders, formed in Champaign, IL, in the early-eighties by Ted Purves on bass and vocals, Andrew Van Dusen on guitar and Jonno Peltz on drums. They released a 7" EP titled "Zen Punk" and an eight song cassette titled "Things Happen". In 1984 they added a second guitarist Glenn Graham to the line-up, the group disbanded in the following year when Andrew moved to NYC and Ted left for grad school in Ohio. This is a little hidden gem of Midwestern punk. Three songs, remastered for the occasion. A side is an elaborate song between Punk Rock and No Wave, that brings in mind bands like Gang of Four, Contortions, Wire,... On the flip side, two miniatures on the verge of hardcore. Think early Husker Du, Minor Threat and White Cross. Comes with the original artwork! Label: No Plane Records
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    Mid 80s was a very exciting time for the US hardcore. Following in the footsteps of Minor Threat, Necros, 7 Seconds, MDC, Zero Boys,… hundreds of Hardcore Punk bands sprawled all over the US. Every city had their own scene or at least a band that people in the scene would associate that place with. For Milwaukee it was Die Kreuzen, for Minneapolis it was Husker Du, for Tulsa it was NOTA, for Raleigh Corrosion Of Conformity, for Phoenix JFA,… and for Albuquerque, New Mexico it was Jerry´s Kidz. This skate punk band that played so fast, as if their lives depended on it, ended up being the only mid 80s HC band from Albuquerque that managed to release a record. And what a record! Well Fed Society is a 5 song banger that packs a punch and travels at 100 mph, slowing down just enough to be able to attack you again with a new barrage. When the record clocks at under 7.30 minutes, you can hear on the recording one of the members exclaim “Is that it?!”, summarizing the essence of this record. It´s loud, fast and short, and everything they wanted to say takes no longer than to drink a cup of coffee. Musically, this would be down the alley for fans of Minor Threat, Stalag 13, Zero Boys, Circle Jerks,… It´s fast but melodic, well written and even better played. This truly is a mid 80s US hardcore classic! Released in 1984 and reissued on No Plan records. (No Plane Records)
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    POLITICAL ASYLUM | fresh hate | LP

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    Political Asylum were one of the most melodic Anarcho Punk bands, alongside with Zounds and Toxic Ephex. Formed in 1982 in Stirling, Scotland, they released a series of tapes, before having their first 7" released on C.O.R. records in 1985. This is their very first demo tape, remastered and released for the first time on vinyl. 14 songs of their finest; tuneful punk rock with idealist lyrics, fantastic guitarwork and very melodic vocals. Comes with a full size 4 page insert and a postcard in a deluxe double-sided printed cover! (No Plane Records)
  • UPSIDE | same title | LP

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    Upside is a legendary hardcore/punk band from Sassuolo near Modena (Italy) that started in early 80s and is still performing to this day. They were part of the scene that gave us bands like Stigmathe, Raw Power, Nabat, Dioxina, Cani, No Jap, Hydra, Stalag 17, RAF Punk,... In 1983 they debuted on vinyl with Nati Per Soffrire 7" but even before that they recorded the first demo tape with great songs that never came out elsewhere. Political punk verging on hardcore tinged with dark overtones, both musically and lyrically. Very critical, almost apocalyptic lyrics about the society. Their music influences seem to merge early UK 82 stuff with Italian HC/Punk of the time as well as 80s Finnish HC, although not as fast as most of their Scandinavian counterparts. If you liked the recent Link Lδrm LP on No Plan records, this could be something for you as well. This LP gathers 10 songs (plus a hidden track) from the 1981 demo, remastered, for the first time on vinyl. Comes with a foldout 12" insert with band photos, lyrics, flyers and band΄s history in a deluxe 350 gr laminated cover printed on both sides. (No Plane Records)
  • That΄s right, the sought after Ready To Rot EP is finally seeing the light of the day with the original artwork and additional foldout insert with band΄s history, photos, lyrics and flyers. Excellent mid 80s punk from the UK. The band played with Subhumans, Flux Of Pink Indians, Cult Maniax,... This is their only record, originally released in 1982 on Illuminated records and now reissued on No Plan. (No Plane Records)
  • Finally available again - Their first 7" from 1984. 5 great tracks... Foldout poster sleeve with lyrics printed inside. Coming from the Netherlands, Indirekt was part of that amazing Dutch Punk/HC scene that included Funeral Oration, Vernon Walters, Gepopel, Frites Modern and other great bands that carried out bulk of their work in mid 80s. This was band´s first vinyl output, released in 1984 and features the original singer Marjolein who was replaced by Anneke on subsequent releases. Brilliant melodic Punk Rock with a dash of Hardcore. "...Their thrashers are distinguished by strong instrumentals, hook-filled choruses with alternating female/male vocals, gutsy female lead singing (like Julie from SIN 34), and progressive political themes; they also do slower punkers (“Hart…” and “Candlelight”) of which only the former has teeth. Though not as frenetic as I expected after Tim’s remarks about the INDIREKT material on the Bijna 2000 Jaar Geleden compilation (in MRR #12), this EP has a couple of mini-classics (like “Shell Helpt”). - JEFF BALE /MRR #14 • JUNE 1984" (No Plane Records)
  • After Artistic Decline, another band from Los Angeles, active between 1981 and 1982. The band released the original New Lottery 7" on Bemisbrain records famous for releasing Modern Warfare releases as well as Hell Comes To Your House compilation albums. The band recorded another song intended for another release, but it never came out, so we included it on this 7". You can also find an essay on the band and the LA punk scene of the day, band photos, flyers and lyrics, all that as part of a 12 page booklet! Great tuneful punk rock classic. This is the black vinyl limited to 300. (No Plan Records)
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