• SCUMRAID | control | Tape

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    Hardcore/noise punk from Seoul, South Korea. A wall of noise attack, 17 tracks of pure crasher-crust insanity from South Korea. Harsh hardcore fueled by fuzzy noise that is strangely pleasing and addictive, with lots of cool groovy riffs and tempo changes. 10 brand new songs and a few remixed favorites taken from the ‘Out of Order’ and ‘Rip Up’ sessions collected on to one platter, resequenced, remixed and remastered with new artwork. Professionally manufactured cassette with pro-printed 4 panel J-card printed on 230 gsm Ivory card.Come with silver embossed Outerslip/box. Label: Pissed Off Records ‎
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    Physique is back with a quick followup to their debut album, “Again” (out earlier this year on Iron Lung Records) with six pounding D-Beat fueled crusty maelstroms that shout protests of a hellish reality, mental fatigue, greed, desperation, the illusion of choice and modern fascism. The steamroller continues… Label: Iron Lung Records
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    PHYSIQUE | again | LP

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    The long awaited return of contemporary D-Beat champions, PHYSIQUE with “Again” - their first release since 2019. PHYSIQUE offers 15 tracks of steamrolling, discharge-fueled, crasher crust, seamlessly overlapping the time honored and ever-present D-Beat themes of war and government oppression with their own take on the brutalizing and soul-crushing realities of everyday modern life. With lyrics like: “Free yourself / Hope is the enemy, the enemy of change / Take your hope, smash it to pieces”, the overwhelming sense of life’s inevitable collapse and the dissolution of all the things we hold dear hits at the very core of modern existence. As you slog through the rut, a little more hope is lost each day. Life is empty and without purpose. One can't help but ask - “Again?” But D-Beat is protest music at heart, and “Again”s desperation is complimented by a surging pulse of relentless energy that reminds us that as brutal as life may be, we can't resist the fury of noisy protest that brings us back - again - to scream and shout the "never agains" of our predecessors and ourselves alike. Label: Iron Lung Records
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    The perfect meld of Japanese noise, British chaos and American muscle. And punk as shit. Most of it clocks in at illegal decibel levels with frenzies to match but the real gem of the EP is the hypnotic mid-tempo stomper that is “Zero Sum Game”. Four glorious minutes of cascading feedback trickles over pounding riffs and acidic vocals creating a delirium wormhole some won’t ever return from. Winter is coming and it’s a fucking nasty one if this be the soundtrack. 500 copies on black 70gr vinyl housed in a “Discharge” style 12pt glue pocket sleeve with lyric sheet included. Recorded by Detto. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Nodogsbody. Label: Iron Lung Records
  • GAI | damnation | LP

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    Japanese hardcore/noisecore/crust/anarcho-punk band from Fukuoka in Japan active from 1981 until 1985. Most of the members went on to form the iconic noise-punk band The Swankys. Reissue on vinyl of their cassette released in 1984 on Violent Party Records. (Harto De Todo - HHDT1995)
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    Formed in 1981 by a crew of hardcore punx and skins from Stoke-on-Trent in the industrial Midlands of England, Asylum fully embraced the ‘Noise Not Music’ rallying call. The missing link between Discharge and Japanese Noisecore, their sound is characterised by detuned ear-piercing distortion: buzzsaw guitars, fuzzed bass, charging drums and gargled vocals battle each other in a maelstrom of lo-fi production murk that reflects the bleak outlook of their lyrics. Only existing for a brief moment in time (playing a handful of mainly local gigs and releasing one demo tape and the occasional track on compilation tapes) and obscure even during their existence, Asylum were nonetheless influential, their ‘1,000 M.P.H. Hardcore Punk’ inspiring other U.K. groups such as Skum Dribblurzzzz and Napalm Death. (Nic Bullen) This release contains the 6 Track demo Is This The Price? Which was originally released as a tape only EP on Retaliation Records. The tracks have been remastered and mark the first time Asylum have released anything on vinyl. (Sealed Records)
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