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    One of the most important records ever released, not just in punk rock terms either. this was the clash at their most potent punk rock best, before they went too reggae, r'n'b, rock 'n' roll and even bloated by the end. check out 'janie jones', 'white riot' etc. absolutely essential. Included printed inner sleeve with lyrics. 180g black vinyl. (Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music/2016)
  • This LP includes five The Damned's 7's on one LP! Includes double-sided insert. A1 - A3 "I Just Can't Be Happy Today" 7'' (1980) A4 - A6 "The History Of The World - Part I" (1980) A6 - B1 "Wait For The Blackout" (1980) B2 - B4 "White Rabbit" (1980) B5 - B7 "There Ain't No Sanity Clause" (1980) (Zero Thoughts Records/Unofficial Release)
  • Buzzcocks’ seminal first album, lovingly restored and re-mastered from its original ¼ tapes for the first time since its March 1978 release. Comes with newly curated 36 page booklet featuring an essay from cultural commentator Jon Savage & previously unseen images (Domino Records/2019)
  • Buzzcocks’ seminal second album, lovingly restored and re-mastered from its original ¼ tapes for the first time since its September 1978 release. Comes with newly curated 36 page booklet featuring an essay from cultural commentator Jon Savage & previously unseen images (Domino Records)
  • RAMONES | anthology | 2xCD

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    Sex Pistols the first punk rockas? Feggedaboudit! Punk is as American as the Ramones, formed in Forest Hills, New York, in 1974. They were on their third LP when the Pistols debuted. Keying off their '60s U.S. pop and garage-band influences while sneering at the bloated state of '70s rock, Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy virtually invented the loud 'n' snotty punk style and 'tude, playing in Bowery dives like CBGB. The band scored a deal with Sire Records and soon conquered the world, but on their own terms. By their 2,263rd, and final, concert in August 1996, the Ramones had outsmarted and outlasted most of their critics-and inspired countless followers. Now the godfathers of punk take a rocket to Rhino on this two-CD career-spanning collection. Produced with the band's cooperation, Hey! Ho! Let's Go! contains nearly 60 hard 'n' fast tracks from 14 albums, from 1976's Ramones to 1995's Adios Amigos-that's more than two-and-a-half hours of peak-volume punk. Also includes a hardback book gathering rare photos and memorabilia, along with extensive liner notes. Tracklist 1-1 Blitzkrieg Bop 2:14 1-2 Beat On The Brat 2:32 1-3 Judy Is A Punk 1:32 1-4 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 2:27 1-5 53rd & 3rd 2:20 1-6 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue 1:37 1-7 Glad To See You Go 2:13 1-8 Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment 1:44 1-9 I Remember You 2:20 1-10 California Sun 2:03 1-11 Commando 1:54 1-12 Swallow My Pride 2:07 1-13 Carbona Not Glue 1:53 1-14 Pinhead 2:44 1-15 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker 2:49 1-16 Cretin Hop 1:58 1-17 Rockaway Beach 2:08 1-18 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 2:50 1-19 Teenage Lobotomy 2:03 1-20 Surfin' Bird 2:37 1-21 I Don't Care 1:40 1-22 I Just Want To Have Something To Do 2:43 1-23 I Wanna Be Sedated 2:31 1-24 Don't Come Close 2:46 1-25 She's The One 2:15 1-26 Needles & Pins 2:23 1-27 Rock 'n' Roll High School 2:21 1-28 I Want You Around 3:02 1-29 Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? 3:52 1-30 I Can't Make It On Time 2:33 1-31 Chinese Rock 2:30 1-32 I'm Affected 2:54 1-33 Danny Says 3:06 2-1 The KKK Took My Baby Away 2:31 2-2 She's A Sensation 3:26 2-3 It's Not My Place (In The 9 To 5 World) 3:23 2-4 We Want The Airwaves 3:22 2-5 Psycho Therapy 2:39 2-6 Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La) 4:06 2-7 Mama's Boy 2:12 2-8 Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love) 4:33 2-9 I'm Not Afraid Of Life 3:13 2-10 Too Tough To Die 2:38 2-11 Endless Vacation 1:50 2-12 My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) 3:57 2-13 Somebody Put Something In My Drink 3:23 2-14 Something To Believe In 4:09 2-15 I Don't Want To Live This Life (Anymore) 3:29 2-16 I Wanna Live 2:39 2-17 Garden Of Serenity 2:28 2-18 Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) 2:05 2-19 Pet Sematary 3:34 2-20 I Believe In Miracles 3:21 2-21 Tomorrow She Goes Away 2:41 2-22 Poison Heart 4:04 2-23 I Don't Wanna Grow Up 2:46 2-24 She Talks To Rainbows 3:14 2-25 R.A.M.O.N.E.S. 1:24 (Rhino Records)
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    Throughout the 80s and into the 90s, Milwaukee’s Die Kreuzen challenged audiences by pushing the boundaries of what a hardcore band could do, experimenting with sounds far removed from the constraints of the genre. The band broke up in 1992, leaving behind four full lengths, a slew of singles and compilation appearances and an incredible amount of influence. For the remainder of the decade, its members went on to pursue other projects, both musical and otherwise. Meanwhile, the band’s legendary status began to quietly grow amongst musicians and music fans alike. Two classic LP on one CD. 1 - 14 October File, LP (1986) recorded at Multi-Track Studios, Detroit, October, '85. 15 - 34 Die Kreuzen, LP (1984) (Touch And Go Records)
  • 2CD edition in hard-back 32p book with bonus disc of four demo sessions and more. The faulty 1977 LP was known as 'muddy' – the master was lost when Track went bust. Previous issues were out-takes, remixes or ‘mud’ – but it’s now heard clearly at last! First issued as a much sought-after vinyl LP for RSD in July 2021, now this CD version comes together with a bonus CD - 'the L.A.M.F. demos, plus'; a 19-track collection of four demo sessions from 1976-77 and three tracks from singles. It’s packaged in a hard-cover 32-page book, with notes by Simon Wright and a 2012 interview with Walter Lure (the last of the LAMF Heartbreakers who sadly passed away in 2020), together with rarely-seen photos. Upon release in 1977, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers’ L.A.M.F. had a mastering fault, widely condemned as a ‘muddy mix’. Track Records went bust and the master was lost – so subsequent releases were compiled from out-takes or re-mixes. Forty-four years later, the master has been found in the attic of producer Daniel Secunda, a crystal-clear 1977 ‘Copy Master'. Now L.A.M.F. can at last be heard as the band and producers intended! Tracklist The Found '77 Masters 1-1 Born To Lose 1-2 Baby Talk 1-3 All By Myself 1-4 I Wanna Be Loved 1-5 It's Not Enough 1-6 Chinese Rocks 1-7 Get Off The Phone 1-8 Pirate Love 1-9 One Track Mind 1-10 I Love You 1-11 Goin' Steady 1-12 Let Go 1-13 Can't Keep My Eyes On You 1-14 Do You Love Me The Demo Sessions, Plus 2-1 Born To Lose (Chris Stamp Single Mix) 2-2 Chinese Rocks (Chris Stamp Single Mix) 2-3 Born Too Loose (Essex Studio Demo Feb '77) 2-4 Chinese Rocks (Essex Studio Demo Feb '77) 2-5 Let Go (Essex Studio Demo Feb '77) 2-6 Can't Keep My Eyes On You (Jay Nap Studio Demo '76) 2-7 I Love You (Jay Nap Studio Demo '76) 2-8 It's Not Enough (Jay Nap Studio Demo '76) 2-9 Do You Love Me (Jay Nap Studio Demo '76) 2-10 Take A Chance (Jay Nap Studio Demo '76) 2-11 Born To Lose (Jay Nap Studio Demo '76) 2-12 I Wanna Be Loved (SBS Studio Demo Jan '76) 2-13 Going Steady (SBS Studio Demo Jan '76) 2-14 Flight (SBS Studio Demo Jan '76) 2-15 Pirate Love (SBS Studio Demo Jan '76) 2-16 Give Her A Great Big Kiss (Riverside Studio Demo Dec '77) 2-17 Too Much Junkie Business (Riverside Studio Demo Dec '77) 2-18 London Boys (Riverside Studio Demo Dec '77) 2-19 Can't Keep My Eyes On You (Live) (Single B-side 1977) (Jungle Records)
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    The Ramones ignited the punk-rock movement with their eponymous 1976 debut album, revitalizing rock and roll at one of its lowest ebbs with attitude, energy and a loud, fast new sound. By cutting music down to its bare essentials – four chords; a simple, catchy melody; a sped up tempo and irresistibly inane lyrics, the Ramones blazed the trail for thousands of bands that followed, influencing everyone from The Clash and The Sex Pistols to Green Day and The Offspring. Although The Ramones never achieved mainstream financial success, they released 21 live and studio albums, had a devoted fan base and were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. The Sire Years 1976-1981 collects the band’s first six albums: - Ramones (1976) - Leave Home (1977) - Rocket To Russia (1977) - Road To Ruin (1978) - End Of The Century (1980) - Pleasant Dreams (1981) (Rhino Records)
  • Two classics records on one LP. Tracks on A side are from "T. S. O. L." 12" originally released by Posh Boy in 1981, four tracks on B side are from "Weathered Statues" EP released by Alternative Tentacles in 1982. (Fan Club/Unofficial)
  • Adventurous southern California punk trio Agent Orange was the first band to mix surf rock with punk. The group was formed in1l979 in Placentia, a small town close to Fullerton and Anaheim, by frontman Mike Palm on guitar and lead vocals, Steve Soto on bass and Scott Miller on drums. That early line up recorded the classic version of "Bloodstains" in 1979 as a demo produced by Daniel R. van Patten (of the group Berlin). A year later it was included on the seminal Rodney On The Roq compilation album released by Posh Boy Records. Meanwhile James Levesque had replaced Steve Soto (Adolescents) and the new line up released their own self produced and self released 7" ep in 1980. A year later, the group signed with Robbie Fields' Posh Boy Records for their debut LP Living In Darkness, co-produced by Fields and former Simpletones guitarist Jay Lansford. The album was recorded at Brian Elliott’s store front studio in North Hollywood (a few years before Elliott struck gold writing Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach”). A milestone in California Punk Rock history. Black vinyl reissue, with double sided insert, includes 5 bonus tracks. Tracklist A1 Too Young To Die A2 Everything Turns Grey A3 Miserlou A4 The Last Goodbye A5 America* A6 Bored Of You* B1 No Such Thing B2 A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad B3 Bloodstains B4 Living In Darkness B5 Pipeline* B6 Mr Moto* B7 Breakdown* Bonus Tracks: *A5/A6: from 'Agent Orange' 7", 1980 *B5: b side from 'Everything Turns Gray' 7", 1981 *B6/B7: from 'Bitchin' Summer' 12", 1982 (Radiation Records)
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    In late January and early February of 1982 the Clash played eight shows in Japan. The band was embarking on a month-long tour of the Far East that, as fate would have it, would be the last tour with their classic lineup. When it was over, drummer Topper Headon was kicked out , and the band would never be the same. In this LP we roll back the clock to hear the Clash in the twilight of their heyday. The Clash had refused to play in Japan prior to this tour because of the Japanese custom forbidding audience members to stand up. They agreed to play after a compromise was struck: The fans could stand, but only at their seats. Tracklist A1 London Calling A2 Safe European Home A3 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais A4 Brand New Cadillac A5 Charlie Don't Surf B1 This Is Radio Clash B2 Armageddon Time B3 Tommy Gun B4 Police On My Back B5 White Riot (Radiation Records)
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    FINALLY!!! Re-released on vinyl after 40 years! "Disturbing Domestic Peace, The Ex's debut album, appeared mere months after their first single, 1980's All Corspes Smell The Same. Originally released on the band's own Verrecords (they made up different label names with each record), the LP falls squarely within a punk idiom and, at the same time, shows this influential Dutch group's restless energy. Terrie Ex's guitar serves up vectors of percussive pulse, fraying the edges of the music's squared-off rhythms. Vocalist G.W. Sok – an anarchist Dziga Vertov with a mic – observes, declaims and condemns across a set of interrelated political concerns that would return in Ex-music for years to come. While The Ex channel the poise and principled attack of Crass or Flux Of Pink Indians, they create a unique declamatory sound all their own – trailing brilliant flashes of color in the wake of punk's monochrome palette. Offering ten songs in only twenty-two minutes, Disturbing Domestic Peace lays bare a vivid snapshot of a truly singular band who (at the time) were just finding their feet." This first-time vinyl reissue comes with bonus 7-inch, inserts and 20-page booklet. LP Track Listing: The Sky Is Blue Again Map Outlook-Army Sucking Pig A Sense Of Tumour Meanwhile Rules Squatsong Warning-Shot New Wars Bonus 7-inch Track Listing: Introduction Human Car Punk Horse Terrie (guitar), G.W. Sok (vocals), Bas (bass), Ome Geurt (drums). Recorded at Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Schellingwoude, Netherlands. Produced by Dolf Planteijdt. (The Ex Records/Superior Viaduct Records)
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    FINALLY!!! Re-released on vinyl after almost 40 years! "Originally released in 1982, History Is What's Happening features one of the most harrowing title/cover art combinations in recent memory. What at first glance looks like a firing squad is, upon closer inspection, a concentration camp orchestra. On their second album, The Ex advance into a distinctly more post-punk style: textural guitar shards and tumbling motorik drumming with Bas Masbeck's thunderous bass shouldering much of the melodic load. Railing against political duplicity and the illusory nature of "freedom" in an age of manufactured consent, G.W. Sok offers some of punk's most bracing and memorable agitprop lyrics. These twenty songs are a quick-moving and caustic trip, a DIY studio rendition of the band's explosive live set from this era. History Is What's Happening remains an important signpost in the history of both Ex-evolution and the cataclysmic '80s. With their sophomore LP, the group would put Holland on the underground music map. Indeed, many now-lifelong fans around the world were just beginning to take notice and get down with the mighty Ex." This first-time vinyl reissue comes with 23" x 16" poster and 24-page booklet. Terrie (guitar), G.W. Sok (vocals), Bas (bass), Wim (drums). Recorded at Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Schellingwoude, Netherlands. Produced by Dolf Planteijdt. (The Ex Records/Superior Viaduct Records)
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    So if you want to explain to somebody the meaning of Oi, just play this record to him or her. Repress of the first album originally released in 1984 by these pioneers of strictly antifascist skinhead-music from Cardiff. 15 songs, each a killer. Absolutely classic! If you don’t already have it, go get your copy and educate yourself. (Mad Butcher Records)
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    Another repress of a legendary must have by Mad Butcher Classics. Second single of The Oppressed from 1983. Including “Work Together”, THE all time manifesto of anti-racist Oi. Get it now! (Mad Butcher Records)
  • It was the summer of 1976 when Dave Vanian, Rat Scabies and Captain Sensible recruited guitarist and songwriter Brian James, they played their first gig supporting the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club and quickly signed to Stiff Records and began writing the very first chapter of the punk rock history books. Their debut 7” - New Rose – was written by Brian James and backed by a proto-thrash version of The Beatles’ Help. It was recorded by Stiff’s in-house producer, Nick Lowe and set the punk dream alight at exactly 9.00am when record shops opened for business on 22 October 1976, stealing a march on the Pistols by becoming what is widely acknowledged as the very first punk record ever released.The band really came into their own with their second single - Neat Neat Neat - which had two cuts on the B-side, Stab Yor Back and Singalongascabies. Produced, like New Rose, by Nick Lowe, the vinyl had a message from one band member scratched in the run-out groove: “this is your captain speaking...” So what were Captain Sensible’s favourite acts on Stiff, one journalist asked him in 2007? “I wasn't interested!” he insists. “It was mainly pub rock in the early days, which we despised and sneered at in our young and snotty way…” After a special 7” - Stretcher Case Baby - cut to give away at gigs celebrating the band’s first anniversary, they went back into the studio, this time with Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason at the controls. Third single Problem Child was written by Brian James with Rat Scabies and featured new recruit Lu Edmonds on guitar. An incendiary two minutes of the band in their prime, it failed to crack the UK top 40 but did make number 27 in NME’s alternative singles chart. By the end of 1977, the Damned were ready to part with Stiff, just as Brian James and Lu Edmonds were ready to part with The Damned. Their last single was Don’t Cry Wolf, backed with another Nick Mason-produced track, One Way Love. This LP includes first seven The Damned's 7's on one LP! Includes double-sided insert. A1 - A2 "New Rose" 7'' (1976) A3 - A5 "Neat Neat Neat" (1977) A6 - A7 "Problem Child" (1977) A8 - A9 "Stretcher Case Baby" (1977) A10 "Don't Cry Wolf / One Way Love" (1977) B1 "Don't Cry Wolf / One Way Love" (1977) B2 - B3 "Smash It Up" (1979) B4 - B6 "Love Song" (1979) (Zero Thoughts Records/Unofficial Release)
  • This LP went in and out of print quickly in 1985 shortly before the Varukers' first breakup. Unlike the band's earlier UK82 style, this record captures Varukers taking on some of the metal influence that was sweeping UK hardcore at the time. Powerful and energetic hardcore with metallic undertones, this record is more in line with Antisystem, Antisect, or Sacrilege than say Partisans or Abrasive Wheels. Now available again on vinyl. (Radiation Records)
  • The second release on Sealed Records is a 14 Track round up of the five singles by Zounds. The debut single from 1980 Can't Cheat Karma was released on Crass Records and 39 Years later still stands as one of the finest singles both politically and musically. For the next three singles Zounds released them on Rough Trade Records, along with their debut album The Curse of Zounds. 1981's Demystification was a tense and stark masterpiece. It was followed by the haunting Mikey Dread-produced Dancing and then the more straight up pop of More Trouble Coming Everyday. The final single of Zounds Mark 1 was La Vacht Qui Rit released on Belgium label Not So Brave in 1983 and was originally supposed to be a split single with The Mob but ended up with two scratchy studio tracks and two rough and raw live tracks recorded in Holland in 1982. Every home should have these essential Zounds recordings. (Sealed Records) https://sealedrecords2.bandcamp.com/album/cant-cheat-karma
  • Buzzcocks’ seminal first album, lovingly restored and re-mastered from its original ¼ tapes for the first time since its March 1978 release.
    • Newly curated booklet featuring an essay from cultural commentator Jon Savage & previously unseen images
    • Packaged in its original Malcolm Garrett designed sleeve
    Comes with an MP3 and WAV download card. (Domino Records/2019)
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    Pleasant Dreams is the sixth studio album by American punk rock band the Ramones, released on July 20, 1981, through Sire Records. (Sire Records/Unofficial Release)
  • The second studio album, released on the band’s own label SOS Records in 1987 following a reunion of the band after a five-year breakup (whilst members persued other projects such as D.I. Chritian Death etc.) . Thirteen tracks, including new recordings of all three songs from 1981’s Welcome to Reality EP, as well as covers of “The House of the Rising Sun” and the Stooges’ “I Got a Right”. (Nickel And Dime Records / Triple X Records)
  • Deluxe and limited reissue of this 1982 punk classic will be pressed on 140g clear and white mixed vinyl and comes with a bonus 7” Christmas 45rpm single pressed on transparent red vinyl that comes in a repro of the original picture sleeve. The Christmas single has been out of print since original release in 1982. Package will also include a cardboard art-stencil of the band logo from the cover art. All tracks previously released. LP: 1.Let'’s Have A War 2. Beef Boloney 3. Camarillo 4. I Don’t Care About You 5. New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones 6. Gimmie Some Action 7. Foreign Policy 8. We Destroy The Family 9. I Love Livin’ In The City 10. Disconnected 11. We Got To Get Out Of This Place 12. Fresh Flesh 13. Getting The Brush 14. No More Nothing 7” single Side A: Fuck Christmas / 7” single Side B:(Beep) Christmas "When John Belushi tried to book Black Flag on Saturday Night Live the powers that be shook with fear and vetoed the idea on the spot. They did, however, suggest the band Fear as a replacement. somewhat paradoxically, Fear, with all its sound, fury, and decidedly politically incorrect ideas, was somehow acceptable. make no mistake, The Record is aggressive, offensive, and loud - it is the sound of a kid flipping the bird. and there is a barreling, garage-like catchiness to anthems such as 'I Love Living in the City.' the difference between Fear and bands like Black Flag is a subtle but crucial one: Fear does not cross the line into aural violence. perhaps it is the tongue-in-cheek quality to Lee Ving's rants about minority groups in 'Let's Have a War.' ving may be giving everyone within earshot the finger but he's doing it from a moving car." (Rhino/Warner/2021)
  • "Poly Styrene smashed barriers. Sure one unusual young woman screaming, "Some people think that little girls should be seen and not heard but I think - OH BONDAGE UP YOURS! 1-2-3-4!" didn't end ageism, racism, sexism or blind consumerism but her defiance inspired millions to fight those same things. What follows is Obsessed With You, a long out-of-print Receiver Records collection of Poly and the X-Ray Spex's 1977 demos. It's a must for fans but anyone else needs to consult Germ-Free Adolescence to to be hit full-force by Poly Styrene' s musical and lyrical vision." Music Ruined My Life Blogspot Tracklist: A1 Obsessed With You (Early Demo) 1:53 A2 Let's Submerge (Early Demo) 2:58 A3 Plastic Bag (Early Demo) A4 I Live Off You (Early Demo) 2:14 A5 I Am A Cliché (Early Demo) 1:48 A6 I Can't Do Anything (Early Demo) 2:41 A7 The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (Early Demo) 2:46 A8 Oh! Bondage, Up Yours! (Early Demo) 2:41 A9 Genetic Engineering (Studio Demo) 2:58 A10 Age (Studio Demo) 2:45 B1 Art-I-Ficial (Studio Demo) 3:47 B2 Germ Free Adolescents (Studio Demo) 3:24 B3 Warrior In Woolworths (Studio Demo) 3:03 B4 Obsessed With You (Alt Mix) 2:35 B5 The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (Alt Mix) 2:48 B6 Prefabricated Icon (Backing Track) 3:33 B7 I Can't Do Anything (Backing Track) 3:03 B8 Warrior In Woolworths (Backing Track) 3:09 (Waste Management/Fan Club)
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    Fan club repress of the 1986 album release of the sessions The Ruts recorded for Radio 1's John Peel Show. A must have record for every 1977 UK punk fan! Tracks 1 to 5: 23/01/1979 Tracks 6 to 10: 14/05/1979 Tracks 11 to 14: 11/02/1980. (Fan Club/Unofficial)
  • Originally released back in 1987 on Roddy Moreno's Oi! records, this album contains some of their best material ever: 12 aggressive Killer-Anthems, hard and tight played: "Punx'n'Skins", "Scum","Commies and nazis". Like a smack in the face! Rabid, violent, kickin'! Reissue with original artwork. Green Vinyl. (Mad Butcher Records)


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