• Cleveland power-pop punk trio Beatnik Termites was another group of Ramones fanatics that merged a heavy Ramones influence with a love of surf rock; their caustic pop melodies and ironic, stinging lyrics turning the soft underbelly of pop music on its head, yielding a sound that had tinges of innocence, beneath a knowing, thrash-rock wink. Front man Pat Kim (AKA Pat Termite) started the band back in 1987 with drummer Reggie Silvestri and bassist Brian McCafferty, the group was reputedly a favourite of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain according to his diaries. This is a limited reissue of their hyper rare debut 6 tracks 12", whose original copies are impossibile to find for decent prices online. All Ramones maniacs now can fill that hole in their collection thanks to the Hey Suburbia label. LIMITED EDITION OF 300 COPIES, FULLY REMASTERED SOUND, COLOR VINYL. (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • Cleveland power-pop punk trio Beatnik Termites was another group of Ramones fanatics that merged a heavy Ramones influence with a love of surf rock; their caustic pop melodies and ironic, stinging lyrics turning the soft underbelly of pop music on its head, yielding a sound that had tinges of innocence, beneath a knowing, thrash-rock wink. Front man Pat Kim (AKA Pat Termite) started the band back in 1987 with drummer Reggie Silvestri and bassist Brian McCafferty, the group was reputedly a favourite of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain according to his diaries. First-ever vinyl reissue for the ‘oldies-core’ torchbearers Beatnik Termites’ debut album, originally out in Spain in 1995, on the Rock and Roll Inc. label. Sugary, doo wop-influenced harmonies coupled with aggressive Ramones-styled buzzsaw guitars and surf punk drumbeats. LIMITED YELLOW/BLUE VINYL. (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • “Imagine that in the late 70s, Bob Marley crossed paths with the Ramones at the CBGB counter and they decided to make a record together. Here is the result: 10 rasta classics with punk rock sauce 1-2-3-4!” When I read this introduction to Bobby Ramone’s Rocket To Kingston and saw the album cover, I hoped it would be fun yet feared it would sound terrible. Two songs in, I just had to share this with you, because THIS IS FREAKIN’ FUN and well executed. I’d never expect that I could enjoy songs like Get Up Stand Up, Stir it Up, and One Love this much. Even the song titles get the Ramones treatment, as they are now called I Don’t Wanna Stand Up, Stirring In My Room, and Today One Love, Tomorrow The World. What’s not to like?". ORIGINALLY RELEASED IN 2020 AND WIDELY ACCLAIMED AS ‘THE RECORD OF THE YEAR’ IN THE PUNK ROCK COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE, BOBBY RAMONE’S LEGENDARY SELF TITLED DEBUT GETS THE HEY SUBURBIA REISSUE TREATMENT COLOR VINYL, PRINTED INNER SLEEVE, 500 ONLY. Includes 2 bonus tracks. (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • 30 years anniversary reissue for the Canadian power pop legends, bum’s debut album. Originally released in 1993 on Popllama products from Seattle, produced by Kurt Bloch of the fastbacks, one of the greatest records not enough people heard. Featuring two bonus tracks and double sided insert with liner notes by grant Lawrence of the Smugglers. (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • Originally issued on Thirteen Records from Sao Paulo in 1997, ‘Back To Basics’ is the second album by Rio De Janeiro punk legends Carbona. Widely considered the peak of the whole Ramones-core made in Brasil movement, this groundbreaking album is released on vinyl for the first time ever. Featuring one bonus track and double sided lyrics insert included. (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • Long before any Ramones’ style resurgence, the torch of pop punk worldwide was held by three bands on the SST sublabel Cruz records: All, Big Drill Car, and Chemical People. This compilation collects Chemical People’s early singles, issued between 1988 and 1989 on their own 2” Pecker Records, along with some bonus cuts recorded live at CBGB’s in 1989. Featuring double sided insert and a 60x40 cm folded poster with an exclusive band photo by Robert John. (Hey Suburbia Records)  
  • Limited and hand-numbered to 1000 copies. Includes lyric sheet. Track B7 is a bonus track. Without a label deal, CJ wrote and recorded his debut solo album, Reconquista, the old school, DIY way, with assistance from Steve Soto of the Adolescents and a number of other punk rock luminaries lending their musical chops. With an album that had the honesty and sound that so many Ramones copycats just never got right, along with instant classics like “What We Gonna Do Now” and his heartwarming tribute to Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee, “Three Angels,” CJ Ramone cemented his place in Ramones history. And it was only the beginning. Back in 2012, CJ Ramone and long time Ramones crew member Gene Frawley asked us to help get his debut solo album out there, making sure CJ had records to sell when he hit the road. This wasn’t a Ramones nostalgia trip—though of course CJ and his band obliged the fans with the requisite classics—this was a mission to write and record albums in his own right, that could sit proudly in a Ramones fan’s collection; carrying on the legacy left by his fallen brothers. (Pinhead Records)
  • Dee Dee Ramone's second solo full-length, the beautifully titled, 'I Hate Freaks Like You', sprung up in 1994 after a half decade wait since 'Standing In The Spotlight.' Featuring German vocalist Nina Hagen on 'Lass Mich in Ruhe' as well as an alternative version of 'I'm Making Monsters For My Friends' (a track that would end up appearing on the Ramones' 'iAdios Amigos!' the following year, along with 'It's Not For Me To Know), the album doubled down on Dee Dee's capabilities while strengthening the creative resolve between him and collaborator Daniel Rey. In exchange for giving up his solo material to the band the following year, Dee Dee managed to slip in his own charging rendition of 'All's Quiet On The Eastern Front' from 1981's 'Pleasant Dreams', giving the record its own integral balance within the leather jacket maelstrom legacy of The Ramones. (Maniacs Records)
  • Cult Japanese power-pop/punk band Fifi and the Mach III was initiated in the early 1980s in the southern port town of Kitakyushu by childhood sweethearts Fifi and Nolly, Ramones fans that loved The Stooges and The Pistols. When guitarist Tsukasa joined, Fifi dropped out to raise a baby, but re-joined in 1989, leading to their signing to garage rock label 1+2 Records. The acclaimed debut CD, Attack The Zombies—here issued on vinyl for the first time—had a couple of Pistols covers and a cut of The Kinks’ “I Need You,” as well as unique originals like “Dog Of The Trend” and “Raw Power Queen,” which hinted at their influences, yet yielded a distinctive sound. LIMITED GREEN VINYL EDITION OF 500 COPIES WITH FOLD OUT POSTER CONTAINING 4 BONUS TRACKS! (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • First ever vinyl reissue for 1998 album for North Carolina's Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, the very first band to start off the career of horror punk pioneer Wednesday 13 of Murderdolls’, Bourbon Crow’s and Gunfire 76's fame. Scary & catchy tunes that will stay in your head for days! This will be love at first fright!!! LIMITED GREEN VINYL. (Hey Suburbia Records)
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    AVAILABLE JULY 30TH. First ever vinyl reissue for North Carolina horror themed cult punkers Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13’s debut album, originally released On Uncle God Damn Records in 1996. Limited color vinyl and double sided lyrics insert included. (Hey Suburbia Records)
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    Originally out on the glorious Mutant Pop Records in the year 2000, New York’s cult pop punkers Kung Fu Monkeys’ debut album makes it on vinyl for the very first time. The Kung Fu Monkeys are a dream inside a reverie inside a biscuit inside the mind of a fly, playing lo-fi kiddie pop and bug beat music and travelling the globe by hot air balloon. RIYL: BEACH BOYS, RAMONES, GREEN DAY, QUEERS, SCREECHING WEASEL, BYRDS, HERMAN'S HERMITS AND THE BEATLES. DOUBLE SIDED LYRICS INSERT INCLUDED. (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • Originally out on CD only on the legendary 1+2 label from Tokyo, this is the first ever vinyl issue for the Australian-adopted Japanese punk band Mach Pelican. Ripped jeans, leather jackets, 14 short and sharp 3 chords tunes. PunkRock to the bone! Featuring the single "Dance in Chicago" and a cover of The Queers’. Cover art by Ray Ahn from the Hard Ons. Double-sided lyrics insert included. Limited to 300 only, on yellow vinyl! (Hey Suburbia Records)
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    Marky Ramone and the Intruders was an American punk rock band formed by drummer Marky Ramone after the retirement of the Ramones. The band is similar in sound to the Ramones but with a more powerful bass.The band released only two albums in its short existence. Todd Youth of Murphy's Law was the front man for a short time. (Pinhead Records)
  • With over 70 different releases spread over a thirty year career and literally hundreds of songs in their repertoire, Canadian pop-punk institution the McRackins hardly need an introduction. Originally released on compact disc only in 2006 and widely considered McRackins’ own ‘Pet Sounds’, ‘Bat Out Of Shell’ makes it on vinyl for the first time, with new revised artwork and complete with double-sided lyric insert. (Hey Suburbia Records)
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    RAMONES | brain drain | LP

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    Brain Drain is the eleventh studio album by the American punk rock band the Ramones, released on May 23, 1989. It is the last Ramones release to feature bassist/songwriter/vocalist Dee Dee Ramone, the first to feature Marky Ramone since his initial firing from the band after 1983's Subterranean Jungle and the band's last studio album on Sire Records. (Chrysalis/Fan Club)
  • Pleasant Dreams Demo Sessions. 1. Sitting in my room 0:00 2. Sleeping troubles 2:18 3. She´s a sensation 4:21 4. Yea yea 7:39 5. I´am not an answer 9:46 6. 7-11 12:40 7. Don´t go 15:42 8. This business is killing me 18:57 9. Touring 21:39 10. I wasn´t looking for love 24:20 11. You sound like your sick 26:54 12. The KKK took my baby away 29:25 13. All´s quiet on the eastern front 31:53 14. Come on now 34:04 (Sedated Records/Fan Club)
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    Screeching Weasel arrives with their 14th studio album, written and recorded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This time, the kings of pop-punk pick up where they left off on their 2020 LP Some Freaks Of Atavism, leaning into themes of death, insanity and the apocalypse. Whether pulling the rug out from under a relationship (Any Minute Now), skittering on the edge of madness (In La Quinta del Sordo) or struggling with a guilty conscience (Pandora's Eyes), singer/songwriter Ben Weasel spits out trenchant lyrics over sugar-coated hooks that lacerate even as they delight. The Awful Disclosures of Screeching Weasel serves up an unblinking analysis of life in lockdown. (Striped Records)
  • The sensational Italian pop-punk quartet Senzabenza will forever be associated with The Ramones, having opened for them on every Italian tour undertaken by the legendary New York group during the 1990s, the Italians eventually placing Joey Ramone in their producer’s chair. Formed in 1989 in Latina, a small town that lies a short distance southeast of Rome, the group termed their music “Flower Punk,” indicating a sound somewhere between their Ramones obsession and the non-thrash tempos of surf rock, along with peripheral links to the Italian variant of the ‘beat’ music of the mid-60s, as well as hints of ska and the excesses of acid rock. As with many underground acts of the era, a demo sparked the initial interest that brought them onto the newly formed McGuffin label for debut set Peryzoma, with front man Nando Ferdinandi joined by guitarist Sebi Filigi, bassist Fabio Furlan, and drummer Max Bergo. One of the lost treasures of Euro Pop Punk, it was about time that their groundbreaking debut LP 'Peryzoma' would get the deluxe-reissue treatment. LIMITED PINK VINYL EDITION WITH FULLY REMASTERED SOUND, COMES WITH 2 BONUS TRACKS, DOUBLE-SIDED INSERT AND POSTER! (Hey Suburbia Records)
  • Exclusive color variant limited one-time press on hey suburbia for the 6th studio album by the italian punk rock veterans par excellence. Produced by Andrea Caredda and mixed at the blasting rooms in Fort Collins, co., year 2022.Comes complete with exclusive poster and double sided lyrics insert featuring art by renowned artist Manuel Cossu. (Hey Suburbia Records)
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    Finally, the seminal album from these New York pop-punk heroes gets its first-ever vinyl pressing. Originally released by Whoa Oh Records in 2005, The Unlovables' super-peppy melodies, sugary backup vocals, and heartfelt lyrics make these songs timeless gems. Feat. Mikey Erg on drums. Mixed By Luke McNeill from The Copyrights at Sonic Iguana Studios. Double sided lyrics insert included. *** FIRST-EVER VINYL PRESSING FOR NEW YORK POP PUNK HEROES, THE UNLOVABLES *** FEAT MIKEY ERG ON DRUMS *** PINK VINYL LIMITED TO 500 COPIES! (Hey Suburbia Records)


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