• Abhinanda from Umea in Sweden were together with Refused and Doughnuts at the forefront of the Swedish Hardcore scene. They were a band with a Straight-Edge and Vegetarian philosophy and life style. Members also were skateboarders. Label: Shing records
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    "All Ages: Reflections on Straight Edge" takes an in-depth look at the second wave of American Hardcore -- the music that borrowed from the likes of Minor Threat, Black Flag and SSD -- bands like Youth of Today, Slapshot, Bold, Underdog, Side by Side, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Inside Out, Chain of Strength, No for an Answer and Supertouch. Most of these bands were awesome and unique and have yet to be documented accurately outside of their own recordings until now. The personalities and opinions expressed in this book are as varied as the music these people have since created. So many of the people who at one time held similar beliefs have since then explored virtually every direction in life imaginable and they candidly discuss their experiences in "All Ages." If you care one iota about not just straight edge, but American Hardcore in general, "All Ages" is a must. And if you can deal with some honesty and some fallen angels and even some humor, then buy it. And don't just look at it, read it. And then put it in that spot you have reserved for things that become part of your permanent collection. Publisher: ‎ Revelation Books; First Edition Language: ‎ English Paperback: ‎ 223 pages ISBN-10: ‎ 1889703001 ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1889703008 Item Weight: ‎500 grams Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 14.00 x 2.00 x 23.00 cm
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    From the ashes of Damage Control (Livewire Rec) and Set My Path comes ANCHOR! Hailing from Sweden, ANCHOR plays a heavy and aggressive blend of 90’s style metal / hardcore that brings to mind bands like TRIAL and REFUSED. ANCHOR can be seen on tour almost anywhere in the world, one of the hardest working bands in hardcore today. This record compiles 11 songs of passionate, straight edge, heart filled hardcore. For Fans Of: Refused / Judge / Trial / Snapcase Label: State of Mind Records
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    1997 was the year in which hardcore rediscovered itself. When the US-American legends Better Than A Thousand released their milestone "Just One" back then, it was the sole starting point for the resurgence of the Youth Crew and the Straight Edge movement. Acts like Kid Dynamite, Ten Yard Fight or Bane followed this path, but Better Than A Thousand remain unforgotten as pioneers. More than 20 years later, the band members release reissues of both "Just One" and its successor "Value Driven“ together with End Hits Records, giving fans the chance to experience these immortal records in a completely new splendour. If you want to understand the creative power behind Better Than A Thousand, you only have to look at the biographies of the individual members. Frontman Ray Cappo, as the singer of Youth Of Today, is a veteran of New York hardcore and invented Krishna Core with his band Shelter. He is also (co-)founder of the still influential hardcore labels Revelation Records and Equal Vision Records. Drummer Ken Olden and guitarist Graham Land are known as the masterminds behind hardcore punk heroes Battery. Furthermore, in the early 90s, Olden did pioneer work with Damnation A.D. for the metalcore genre, which is still flourishing today. Better Than A Thousand were born in 1997 out of the love for hardcore. After the dissolution of Battery, Olden and Land want to continue to work together on their music. Cappo, who is at the peak of his career with Shelter, is looking for musical fulfilment away from the major label circus. The result is the eerie, intense hardcore explosion "Just One", which Better Than A Thousand recorded in just five days during a one-week tour break from Shelter. You can clearly hear the efforts of his touring life in Ray’s voice. Again and again his massive vocals collapse under the strain - a circumstance that makes the record's rawness and intensity all the more apparent. The spontaneous side project quickly turns into more and Better Than A Thousand play three world tours and gigs at huge festivals within only two years. They never lose their inimitable DIY spirit during this time: Ray is not actually allowed to produce the second album "Value Driven" because of his contract with Roadrunner, but the band still secretly records the record in Ken's bed and bathroom and then self-releases it as a bootleg. Guitarist and drummer Ken Olden remastered both albums for the Reissues and even recorded additional guitar tracks. Besides the regular album tracks five rare bonus songs were added. The albums are released in different versions both digitally and on vinyl (with poster and download code) and CD (limited to 500 copies). (End Hits Records/2020)
  • The definitive album of pissed, cathartic, raging HARDCORE from Seattles’ own: Brotherhood. The members of Brotherhood have gone onto to be involved in some of the most important bands of the last 20 years (Sunn 0))) & Foo Fighters to name just a few). These raw recordings from 1988 are the catalyst and undeniable roots that started it all! Includes a 32 page 7”x7” booklet with liner notes & tons of photos from the era. Packaged in a thick Stoughton tip-on single pocket jacket. Faithfully remastered by Brad Boatright Label: Southern Lord Recordings
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    Although some define hardcore as a specific sound, most believe it's more than that; a set of varying ideas, ethics, principles, attitudes and, yes, music, that converge to form a community. "Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution In Ethics, Politics, Spirit, And Sound" by Brian Peterson provides some answers, but also brings up a whole new set of questions for those who've been drawn to the scene's political, social, ethical and spiritual ideas amidst the screamed vocals and abrasive chords. "Burning Fight" features commentary from approximately 150 people involved in the nineties hardcore scene as well as oral history articles about straight edge, politics, vegetarianism and interviews with a variety of influential bands such as Avail, Burn, Earth Crisis, Inside Out, Integrity, Los Crudos, Spitboy, Strife, Texas Is The Reason, Unbroken and more. 503 pages. Interviews With: 108 Avail Burn Cave In Coalesce Damnation A.D. Deadguy Disembodied Downcast Earth Crisis Endpoint Groundwork Guilt Inside Out Integrity Los Crudos Mouthpiece Racetraitor Ressurection Rorshcach Shelter Spitboy Split Lip/Chamberlain Strife Swing Kids Texas Is The Reason Threadbare Trial Unbroken Undertow Vegan Reich Interview with Brian Peterson: Author of Burning Fight By M.Avrg Publisher: ‎ Revelation Records Publishing Language: ‎ English Paperback: ‎ 503 pages ISBN-10: ‎ 1889703028 ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1889703022 Item Weight: ‎800 grams Dimensions: ‎ 14.00 x 3,00 x 21.00 cm
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    BYSTANDER | bystander | Tape

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    What do members of Trial, Test of Time, Expired Youth and Decline have in common? A love for classic hardcore and a band called Bystander. Their path was paved by Youth Of Today, Chain of Strength, Judge and others, yet Bystander breathes new life into the genre´s boundaries both musically and lyrically. What you hear on this five song EP is powerful oldschool hardcore coupled with heartfelt lyrics which take a look both inward and outward at the same time. This is a band calling for internal reflection while engaging the scene to be more than just passive bystanders themselves. Label: WAK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87O5y_95vnQ
  • It’s time to grow towards the sun again. It’s time for Change. Closer Still is the debut LP from Change, the Pacific Northwest Straight Edge band made up of Aram Arslanian, Chris Williams, Jeff Caffey, Mike Jurek and Matt Bertell. The record is 13 songs of urgent hardcore influenced by Youth of Today, Uniform Choice, INSTED, Sportswear, Turning Point and Embrace. However, the song writing pulls inspiration from across genres keeping the record from painting itself in a corner musically. Lyrically, Closer Still was written over a year and at its core is about coping with loss, anxiety and depression and trying to make the changes needed to find a better path. The songs focus on growth, both personal and social, and encourage embracing who we are while also working on becoming the best version of ourselves. Written and recorded by Aram Arslanian, Dave Mitchell, Carl McBeath and Alex Schollen, the LP was tracked and mixed by Jesse Gander at Rain City Records, with lead vocals recorded Avrinder Dhillon at Ziyen Studios and mastering by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. The record features art by Eric Himle and the packaging was designed by Evan Wivell with help from Jon A Gaasland. Closer Still will be released on LP through REACT! Records in North America and by Refuse Records in Europe, and on cassette by Life.Liar.Regret Records in Australia. (Refuse Records/2020)
  • CHOKEHOLD initially formed in 1991 as a straight-edge hardcore band. Over their brief yet prolific existence, the band evolved into one of most outspoken political bands of the 90’s underground scene: tackling topics as veganism, gay rights, sexism, institutionalized racism and police violence years before it became commonplace in the modern hardcore scene. This is the definitive edition of CHOKEHOLD’s legendary 1993 debut LP ‘Prison Of Hope’ which also includes the ‘Instilled’ EP from 1994 as bonus tracks. All audio has been completely restored (IE: the missing bass intro on ‘Turn The Page’) and re-mastered. RECOMMENDED FOR FANS OF: Culture / Earth Crisis / Raid (A389 Records)
  • Manchester's straight edge troupee xCurraheex has been going through hectic times in the last two years, with a lot of membership changes, causing delays with recordings and cancelled shows. But these times belong to the past – vocalist Smit and drummer Mike are now joined by Mike Wright and Adam on guitar and bass respectively and are back on track! Hence, the title of the record! This 7” contains five songs, partly recorded more than over a year ago, that were only recently finished by the new line-up. Compared to their previous release, the 'Why We Fight' 7”, the guitar work is a bit more experimental, with quite some tempo changes and breaks, but despite that, it's still 100% energetic and fast straight edge hardcore. Artwork is again done by Javi and the record comes on green vinyl! (Commitment Records)
  • With a reputation established by such seminal bands as Adolescents and Uniform Choice decades ago, Orange County, CA, is known as a breeding ground for superb hardcore punk. Proving their appeal crosses over to several styles of heavy music, Dare has done treks with the likes of Terror and Creeping Death. With "Against All Odds" finally hitting stores, there's no question Dare are comfortable in their skin. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. (Revelation Records)
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    DISAVOW | self titled | LP

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    Since the start DISAVOW has been about pure and simple expression through hardcore. The band's debut “Half Empty” 7” came out on Epidemic Records in 2017 and was followed by extensive touring. This winter their self-titled debut album was recorded and is set to be released in July. What can you expect? Tight, fast, heavy and dark straight edge hardcore with powerful sound and clear vision. Disavow features current and former members of Anchor, Gust and Painted Wolves. Guest vocals by Chris Colohan (Sect, Cursed, Ruination, Left For Dead) and Andrea Cengic (Waste). Recorded and mixed by Ulf Blomberg at Hobo Rec/The End Studios. Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.Artwork by Isabell Kirstinä. Label: Epidemic Records / Refuse Records / Useless Pride Records
  • The one and only LP from Southern California Hardcore band Don’t know. The LP was released in 1986 on National Trust Records and has never been reissued until now. These days it’s a sought-after collectible So Cal Hardcore artifact. We here at PNV are reissuing the LP and making it available once again. Fast, furious, blazing intense Hardcore Punk from Playa Del Rey near Los Angeles. Their debut 7” (1985) was released on Mystic Records and they were included/featured on some of the most iconic Punk/Hardcore comps of the 80s such as “We Got Power (Party or Go Home)” (1983), “Party Animal “(1984) and others. (Puke N Vomit Records)
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    Yeah....Fucking cool old school SExHC mixed with a slight Modern Hardcore sound touch!.A well-sustained and hard-hitting rhythm with cool tempo changes , driving breakdowns and Youth Crew backing vocals here and there.Urgent and punchy sung vocals and really cool guitar riffs!. Quite good stuff! Label: Refuse Records, Elephant Skin Records
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    In 1997 the hardcore scene was in dire need of a sense of humor. Four Vegan Straightedge dudes from Washington, D.C. (where it all began) stepped up to the challenge. Good Clean Fun was formed. They set out on a three-year non-stop tour to spread positivism to the whole planet as only hardcore band can do. Two 7”s and two full-lengths later and shows in 35 countries, from Austria to Australia, from New England to England, from the beaches of Hawaii to the fjords of Norway (and so on) the message was delivered. In 2002, the band returned home and released a Discography CD on Equal Vision Records. In 2004 the band stayed true to its word and did a reunion […] Last Exit Music proudly presents: The GCF compilation "Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda" for the first time on vinyl! Track 1 - 10 taken from different 7"s, unreleased or whatever. Track 11 - 17 taken from "Shawn King Can Suck It" (2001) (Last Exit Records)

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    Hand made high quality silk screen print. Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt. Ενδέχεται να υπάρχουν ελλείψεις σε κάποια από τα μεγέθη. Σε αυτή την περίπτωση θα σας ενημερώσουμε τηλεφωνικά ή με e-mail για τον χρόνο παράδοσής τους σε εμάς από τον προμηθευτή (συνήθως 3-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες).
  • Collection of rare tracks and demos by NYHC heroes Gorilla Biscuits. Includes 'Start Today' version sang by Walter. SIDE 1: Demo '86/Demo '87 7": 01. No Reason Why 02. Big Mouth 03. Better Than You 04. In Your Head / Gorilla Biscuits 05. Control Yourself / Do It Yourself 06. Finish What You Started Live At The Safari Club 7": 07. Start Today 08. High Hopes 09. Biscuit Power 10. Fed Up 11. Should I Stay Or Should I Go 12. Hold Your Ground SIDE 2: Start Today 12" with Walter Schreifels on vocals: 01. New Direction 02. Stand Still 03. Degradation 04. Good Intentions 05. Forgotten 06. Things We Say 07. Start Today 08. Two Sides 09. Competition 10. Time Flies 11. Cats And Dogs 12. Biscuit Power Live In Germany 7": 13. New Direction 14. Big Mouth 15. Slut Label: Die Hard/Fan Club
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    The complete recorded works from one of the 80's premiere straight edge bands. Both of their full lengths, their EP, demo, and 5 previously unreleased songs. Vinyl version also includes a bonus track with a cover of Dag Nasty. In their five-year existence, INSTED toured the States several times and developed a huge local following at home in Orange County, CA. They were one of the most prominent straight-edge bands of the late ?80s scene, playing old school hardcore with an ultrapositive message. This 2xLP retrospective is packed to capacity with every song the band ever recorded, 45 tracks in all. This includes both of their full-lengths, their EP, and their original demo. In addition, there are five tracks that only appear in this collection. This record comes with a free digital download and, in addition to all 45 tracks, includes a 30-minute video documentary about the band as well as a 30-minute video of their entire set filmed at the Showcase Theater from one of their reunion shows in 2004. (Indecision Records)
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