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    1919 ‎| machine | LP

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    1919 are a post-punk band formed in Bradford, England in early 1980. Reissued on vinyl for the very first time since its initial release , the classic 1983 album gets a re-master from the band themself's. The Machine LP was heavily inspired by Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and the theme of alienation is prominent in the band’s oeuvre. If you are a huge fan of deathrock or dark punk--you have to own this--you won't be disappointed! (Restless Empire Records)
  • ACCIDENT | crazy | LP

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    A classic mid-'80s album by the notorious English Clockwork Oi! punks is now back on vinyl! Officially credited to Accident (munus the Major), 'Crazy!' was released shortly before the band split up. (Mad Butcher Records)
  • THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! YOUR ORDER WILL SHIP ON OR AROUND DECEMBER, THANKS! Previously unreleased two John Peel sessions and a David Jensen session – 16 tracks. Action Pact were a punk rock band from Stanwell, an isolated village right under the flight-path of London Heathrow Airport, inspiring this album title-song. Formed in 1981 by guitarist Wild Planet, bassist & lyricist Dr. Phibes, and the then 15-year-olds drummer Joe Fungus and singer George Cheex, still school-kids when their Heathrow Touchdown EP was released in October 1981. BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel played the single many times and booked them for their first session, recorded February 1982. Signed to Jungle’s Fall Out Records imprint, Action Pact's label debut Suicide BagEP went to the top of the British punk chart in July 1982. Five more singles entered the indie charts including Yet Another Dole Queue Song, and a reworked London Bouncers, along with two albums, ‘Mercury Theatre – On The Air’ and ‘Survival of the Fattest’. A second John Peel session in ‘82 and a David Jensen BBC session in ’83 were also recorded and broadcast – all collected together here for the first time. Inner bag with notes, interviews & photos by Mick Mercer who attended a session. Limited red vinyl. Includes an unheard song. ‘Mostly better than released versions’. Label: Fall Out Barcode: 5013145306215
  • Originally released in 1983 on Fallout Records. Their debut album gets its first ever worldwide reissue thanks to Puke n Vomit Records. Amazing catchy blistering Punk with great Post-Punk elements makes this one of the coolest 80s UK Punk albums ever. Originating from Essex, the band formed in 1980 and quickly grew in popularity in part from their energetic performances and catchy songs and the presence of exuberant vocalist Alison ‘George Cheex’ Roberts, Their debut single a split with Dead Mans Shadow was released in 1981, that lead to them getting some seriously heavy BBC airplay courtesy of DJ John Peel. This was followed by their 'Suicide Bag' 7' on Fallout in 1982 and that single quickly climbed the UK Indie charts. When the LP 'Mercury Theatre - On The Air!' was released in 1983 it climbed all the way to #5 on the indie charts. (Puke n Vomit Records)
  • This LP compiles the only two singles from Scottish punk legends Actives, recorded in 1983 and 1984. Their brand of fast, noisy punk rock found them sharing stages with the biggest bands of the era like The Exploited, The Adicts, and Abrasive Wheels. (Puke n Vomit Records)
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    UK82 hardcore punk band formed 1982 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK, from the remains of two earlier Portsmouth bands (Birth Trauma and The Anihilates). Originally released in 1987. Comes with insert, 140gr vinyl. Label: Noise Not Music
  • First ever reissue of Alternative TV’s "Action Time Vision", compiled in 1980 and featuring the group’s 7“es from 1977 to 1979. Including bonus track "You Bastard" and new liner notes by ATV singer Mark Perry, the founding editor of punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue. What Mark Perry says: "It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Punk turned my world upside down! In July 1976, after hearing and seeing the Ramones, I went from just another music fan, avid reader of the NME and Melody Maker, to become editor of punk’s premier fanzine, Sniffin’ Glue. It was almost an instant success and by December 1976, through our no nonsense approach, our position as the ‘punk Bible’ was assured. But it was never enough for me. As I saw the initial punk explosion subside into a succession of third-rate copycats, I wanted to have a go myself. My first attempt at forming a band was in late ’76. We called ourselves the ‘New Beatles’ and it ended after a couple of rehearsals. It wasn’t until I met guitarist Alex Fergusson, a mate of Sounds writer Sandy Robertson, in early 1977, that I started putting together some more interesting ideas for a band. I worked on a bunch of lyrics and, pretty quickly, Alex had put tunes to them. Eventually calling ourselves Alternative TV, we had our first rehearsals at Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial Studios in March ’77. That initial line-up was just me singing and Alex on guitar, with Genesis P-Orridge helping out on some bass and drums. We did ask Gen to join fulltime, but he decided against it and stuck with Throbbing Gristle. After more rehearsals, we played our first gig at the Nottingham Punk Festival in May 1977, joined by Mick Smith on bass and John Towe (ex-Generation X) on drums. I started thinking about doing a record almost from the start because, by this time, I was running the Step Forward record label with Miles Copeland, who was also to become the band’s manager. It seemed like a natural move to put out my own record, but it instead ended up on Deptford Fun City, another of Miles’ labels. Before that actually happened, we made a slight detour by recording a demo for EMI. They didn’t want to sign us, but we did end up with the tapes…" (Staubgold Records)
  • Sealed Records re-issue the 1985 Alternative’s album If They Treat You Like Shit - Act Like Manure originally released on Corpus Christi Records. Recorded at Southern Studios and Co-produced by Pete Wright from Crass and featuring Annie Anxiety and Pete Wright on backing vocals. The album is full of provocative protest songs with intelligent lyrics, effective use of samples, melodic tunes and dual female / male vocals. It’s urgent, passionate and memorable. A must own release from that classic mid 80’s UK anarcho punk era. Remastered from the original tapes. Label: Sealed Records
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    THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! YOUR RECORD WILL SHIP ON/OR AROUND LATE JULY, THANKS! What Revolution? was originally recorded at Southern Studios for the album If They Treat You Like Shit - Act Like Manure on Corpus Christi but for some unknown reason it was dropped at the last minute for a live track. We asked the band about this and not one member could remember why but all admitted it was a massive mistake as What Revolution? Is classic Alternative. Impassioned and raging anarcho punk with duel female and male vocals. On the flip is two radically different mixes from the album of Another Subversive Peace Song and Love and life which have the guitar tones clean and give both tracks a fresher sound. The 7” comes housed in a Crass style Sleeve. Label: Sealed Records
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    AMEBIX | arise | 2xCD

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    The iconic and seminal Amebix album remastered with sensational brand new design and the CD features a bonus unreleased live set (from London's Ambulance Station, 2nd February 1985). The album has been out of print for some time and has been a constant seller even 30 years after its recording. Amebix reformed briefly in 2009 and recorded the highly acclaimed comeback album Sonic Mass to global praise. New liner notes by The Baron and unseen photos. (Amebix Records – AMBEA001CD)
  • Lovingly made collection of AMEBIX rarities, starting with the extremely rare demo 1979 ripped from an OG cassette, showing the band in a very embryonic stage when they still had a raw minimal sound, partly experimental and partly reminding of early Crass. Side B includes their "Right to rise" Demo 1987 and extra tracks recorded live at the Mermaid in Birmingham, 1987, with the band at the top of their game, with their iconic and highly influential wall of sound. Comes with insert including lyrics, photos and scans of the tapes. TRACKLIST Demo 1979 A1 Amebix A2 '77 Faded Heaven A3 Rabies A4 University Challenged A5 Disco Slags "Right To Rise" Demo 1987 B1 Right To Ride B2 Beyond The Sun Extra Live Tracks B3 ICBM B4 Arise Label: Fan club/Unofficial Release
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    Monolith" is the second studio album by the British crust punk band Amebix, originally released in 1987 and now finally made available again on cd by Dissonance Productions. (Dissonance Productions)
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    Monolith was the second full-length album by West County punk-metal ’80s anti-heroes, Amebix. One of the best crossover records the UK ever produced. Originally released in 1987, with second rate Giger-style sleeve-art, on a dodgy heavy metal label (called Dodgy Heavy Metal Records). The Power Remains was a posthumous collection of live and demo recordings, that was originally released in 1993 (and done in a much more appropriate and enthusiastic fashion) by MCR and Skuld Records. This band-released reissue combines both LPs, with lavish new gatefold sleeve artwork (competently created by Andy Lefton of War//Plague and Tau Cross). And these copies are “special record store day 2016 limited editions. Limited to 1000 copies. Housed in a gatefold jacket with a round silver sticker stating "Special Limited Edition- Record Store Day 2016". Tracks A1 to B4 were originally released as the Monolith LP. Tracks C1 to D2 and D4 were originally released on The Power Remains LP. Track D3 is previously unreleased. Tracks A1 to B4 were recorded and mixed at Sam Studios Bristol in May / June 1987. Tracks C1 C2, and C3 are demo recordings. Recorded at Cabs Studios late 1987 in 10 hours. Track C1 is a demo recording. Recorded at O.O.C. Studios, Holland 1985. Tracks D1 to D4 recorded live in the Longrace Hall Bath September 1987. (Amebix Records/2016)
  • Compilation of previously released early recordings. The LP contains the No Sanctuary 12" (1984) and the Who's The Enemy 7" (1982) plus tracks from a previous bonus single is the Winter 7" (tracks B6-B7). Tracks A1 to B1: No Sanctuary 12" (1984) Tracks B1 to B5: Who's The Enemy 7" (1982) Tracks B6-B7: Winter 7" (1983) Tracklist A1 Battery Humans A2 Control A3 Progress? A4 Sanctuary A5 The Church Is For Sinners A6 Sunshine Ward (Glad To Be Bad) B1 Moscow Madness (No Gods Part II) B2 Carnage B3 Curfew B4 Belief B5 No Gods No Masters B6 Winter B7 Beginning Of The End (Corteza Discos/Unofficial Release)
  • Silent since the late 80s, Amebix, a duo of the reclusive swordsmith Rob Miller and his brother Stig have had their lineup augmented with the addition of drummer Roy Mayorga (Soulfly, Stone Sour). Sonic Mass is their first album in over 20 years and their third in total. Deluxe gatefold sleeve with spot varnish front & back : stunning artwork by Andy Lefton : full colour printed inner sheet. (Amebix Records) https://amebix1.bandcamp.com/album/sonic-mass
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    A reissue of the third single on All the Madmen Records from 1980. The single was recorded at Spaceward Studios in Cambridge where The Mob, Swell Maps and Stiff little Fingers all recorded. Andy Stratton was a sixteen year old punk from Somerset who hung out with The Mob and the Yeovil punks. The drummer on this single was Graham Fallows who was still a member of The Mob at the time these two songs were recorded. Andy had never played a gig under his name but decided to go into a studio and record these two gems. I Don’t Know is a glorious punk pop nugget that has style and sass. Think a mix of the Buzzcocks’ Pete Shelley vocally Pete Fender’s only 7” Four Formulas (For The Eradication Of Microbes) and the early Good Vibrations records releases. The flip Evil Minds is a more laidback and bleak track that leans heavily on the influence of the Mob. After this 7” Andy went on to form the greatly under appreciated Null and Void. Comes with insert featuring an interview and a few pictures. Label: Sealed Records
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    At last, this classic Link Collectors series release from 1990 gets the Step-1 vinyl treatment. Includes the original artwork and extra track "Brighton Bomb" that wasn`t on the original Gas Records release in 1986. Label: Step-1 Music Barcode: 0637913840807
  • Limited edition reissue of this classic Angelic Upstarts album, originally released in 1983 by Anagram Records. A UK independent chart nº12, it includes two of their best loved songs in Woman In Disguise and Solidarity. This pressing comes with a full colour insert with lyrics, press clippings and memorabilia from the era. TRACKLIST A1 Woman In Disguise A2 Never Give Up A3 Waiting, Hating A4 Reason Why A5 Nobody Was Saved A6 Geordies Wife A7 Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner B1 42nd Street B2 The Burglar B3 Solidarity B4 As The Passion B5 A Young Punk B6 Where We Started Label: Daily Records Barcode: 8435008876241
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    A 44-track 2CD set covering every A and B-side issued by Punk legends Angelic Upstarts between 1978-85. Running in chronological order, it starts with the self released ‘The Murder Of Liddle Towers’ and is followed by the major label debut of ‘I’m An Upstart’ which hit No.31 in the UK charts. ‘Teenage Warning’ then hit No.29 and saw the band in the nation’s living rooms via their appearance on Top Of The Pops. A hat-trick of hits was completed when ‘Never ‘Ad Nothin’ hit No.52 in late 1979. The band moved into the 1980s with hits like ‘Out Of Control’ (No.58), ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ (No.58 and incredibly appearing here on CD for the first time in its original 7” version), ‘Last Night Another Soldier’ (No.65) and ‘Kids On The Street’ (No.57) before they switched to (then) newly established Independent label Anagram Records. The hits kept coming though: ‘Woman In Disguise’ reached No.18 in the Independent Chart, swiftly followed by a No.24 for ‘Solidarity’. Despite numerous disruptive line-up changes vocalist Mensi remained a constant throughout and achieved further notoriety with the No.14 ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ and the No.4 ‘Brighton Bomb’. Each of the 17 singles featured has a detailed history included in the booklet which is illustrated by the original sleeves. Track Listing: DISC ONE 1 The Murder Of Liddle Towers 2 Police Oppression 3 I’m An Upstart 4 Leave Me Alone 5 Teenage Warning 6 The Young Ones 7 Never `Ad Nothin’ 8 Nowhere Left To Hide 9 Out Of Control 10 Shotgun Solution 11 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 12 Unsung Heroes Part II 13 Last Night Another Soldier 14 The Man Who Came In From The Beano 15 England 16 Sticks’ Diary 17 Kids On The Street 18 The Sun Never Shines 19 I Understand 20 Never Come Back 21 Heath’s Lament 22 Different Strokes 23 Different Dub DISC TWO 1 Never Say Die 2 We Defy You 3 Victory For Poland 4 Woman In Disguise 5 Lust For Glory 6 42nd St. 7 Solidarity 8 Five Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest 9 Dollars And Pounds 10 Don’t Stop 11 Not Just A Name 12 The Leech 13 Leave Me Alone (Live) 14 Liddle Towers (Live) 15 White Riot (Live) 16 Machine Gun Kelly 17 Paint It In Red 18 There’s A Drink In It 19 Brighton Bomb 20 Thin Red Line 21 Soldier Label: Captain Oi! Barcode: 5013929608801
  • Rumoured to be a spoof band created by Helen Love as a side project, close to nothing is known about this cult late-90's electro/pop/punk band from the Isle of Wight. With a legacy consisting of just two 45 singles, both originally released by the legendary Damaged Goods label, Anorak Girl's complete output gets reissued for the first time in 25 years on one-sided coloured vinyl. Limited to 300 copies only! Label: Hey Suburbia - SUB034 Barcode: 8055515233735
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    What started as a one off project for a bit of fun on the Fuzzbrain Records Compilation LP in 2019, quickly mutated into a fully fledged band made up of four UK heads with plenty under their collective belts: Ben Woolf (Blind Authority, Lawful Killing, Frame Of Mind, Stages in Faith, Layback), Bobby Cole (The Annihilated, Churchgoers), Jon Osbourne (Mastermind), and Ollie Hudd (Fortbragg Zine). When QC heard this ‘demo’ it was so in your face we just knew we had to put it on wax, because this blend of Krackdown and Outburst era NYHC with a still distinct London hardcore sound will blow your fuckin’ face off! Live expect some crazy energy and antics that’s hard as nails. Who else is gonna do a hardcore version of the James Bond theme? Stay warned, friends. Label: Quality Control Records
  • PNV Records reissue of the debut album by the Anti-Nowhere League, originally issued on WXYZ Records in 1982! Despite the obnoxious band’s reputation and the legal persecution that the group faced due to its obscene lyrics, the album remained No1 for many weeks in the independent charts and it became from its release day an instant UK Punk Rock Classic! Loaded with more piss and vinegar than one can almost handle in a single album, this is what most people think of when they think of classic Punk, the kind of Punk that frightened the squares, and parents and annoyed the authorities. The kind of album that throw on at a party and the house is sure to be destroyed by nights end. Label: Puke n Vomit
  • What we have here is a must have for all obsessive ANTISECT completist like myself. This record consists of two early demos, and two live sets from ’82, before they recorded the ‘In Darkness’ LP. And although the recording quality on this may leave something to be desired it is still very much worth having, in order to appreciate the evolution of the band. The songs themselves are much more raw and primal, short and to the point, and very DISCHARGE influenced (a comparison the band themselves hated, but is undeniable). The live sets featured on the B side are really the best to listen to, as they not only have a better sound and recording quality, but also feel much more representative of the band’s sound. However, the real star of this release is the packaging itself. It has two inserts, filled with tons of live photos, artwork, reviews, interviews, gig flyers, and writings from the band itself, all from the early ‘80’s. It also has an awesome fold out poster. For people like me, who are huge fans of ANTISECT, but aren’t old enough to have been around to see their early days this is an excellent look at the bands history. Tracklist: - Demo 1 -1982 1 Ulster 2 Do You Really Care? 3 Philosophy Of Anarchy 4 World War Three 5 War´s A Crime - Demo 2 -1982 6 Do You Really Care? 7 Ulster 8 World War Three - Live In Coventry 1982 9 Fear Of God 10 No Release 11 Prisoner Of Society 12 Anarchy Rules 13 Suicide Victim 14 Existance Of Restriction 15 Spoils Of War 16 Aftermath 17 Soldier - Live In Nottingham 1982 18 Death In Your Eyes 19 Hallo There How´s Life? 20 Consequence Of Hunger Label: Helvetet Records
  • True legends never die! One of the most influential of all the bands to emerge from the febrile anarcho-punk scene of the early '80s return in 2017 with 'The Rising Of The Light' (first record since 1984!). The album could hardly be a more righteous soundtrack for humanity's spiralling demise. The spirit of '83 is very much alive and its most potent protagonists are once again kicking doggedly against the pricks. The LP is presented in a gatefold sleeve and includes a 20-page booklet. (Rise Above Records)
  • Compilation LP of this British Punk-Rock band, active between 1982 and 1983. On side A we have their first demo from 1983 and on side B songs recorded in rehearsals. (Vomitopunkrock Records)


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