• Available again for the first time in 20 years! - "Quarantine" was a short-lived band from Glasgow, Scotland and featured Brian Curran from Disaffect, Jamie Usher from Sedition and Tracey Fallon debut on Bass & Vocals. - Despite their previous more fast and hardcore inspired bands, QUARANTINE went on playing more passionated and emotional, melancholy fueled punkrock that became semi-legendary among the nineties DIY underground punkrock scene... This double LP includes their only LP "Automatic Negative Thoughts", released originally 1996 on Nabate Records (Belgium), the "Junction 10" EP and compilation tracks as well as their early demos. Also included is a zine - format interview about the band’s related stories and their present activities, as well as the lyricsheet. Music and artwork rebuilt with passion. Remastered by Marcin Dymiter and Bri Doom , artwork rebuilt by Mike Champagne (Knife In The Leg, Alert! Alert!, Ohyda and many more) (Nikt Nic Nie Wie Records) https://nnnw.bandcamp.com/album/regressive-thoughts
  • Raw Noise is side project band by Dean of Extreme Noise Terror of raging Discharge inspired punk attack. This is a reissue of the debut album from 2000 with fourbonus songs from their first 7'' (1990) (Back On Black)
  • A well known 1982 UK Oi!/punk EP, reissued on 7-inch! This run is limited to 500 copies. (Mad Butcher Records)
  • Reissue of the debut album by Red Alert, a true UK streetpunk classic originally released by No Future Records in 1983. Comes with lyric inner sleeve. Re-release of the 1983 original on No Future Records. (Radiation Records)
  • Characterised by heavy drum machine patterns and cut-throat, droning guitars, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (The Lorries to their friends) arrived on the newly developing Goth rock scene in 1981 and immediately became indie chart regulars and fan favourites. Between 1982 and 1987 the band cut two albums and a dozen singles for Red Rhino Records, all of which breached the Independent Chart’s Top Twenty. Three BBC sessions (two for the legendary John Peel) were also squeezed into this period, and all of that material, including b- sides, a 7” given away with one of those albums and a song only ever recorded for the BBC, is included here. Packed with indie chart hits – two top five albums and countless top twenty singles 53 tracks across 3CD Includes eleven previously unheard BBC recordings and one song unavailable elsewhere Booklet includes sleeve shots, track source information, and sleeve-notes by the excellent Mick Mercer A must have for any fan of the Goth movement, or its accompanying dark and heavy sub- genres. The Lorries remain active today, and their legacy and reputation continues to grow. (Cherry Records)
  • Debut release of this new project born between both shores of the English Channel. Glammy hooks and swaggering bravado on a dark wavelength. This release goes from strength to strength like melancholic overture with venomous guitars. Really catchy and tuneful stuff perfectly balanced with raspy vocals and sharp and direct aesthetics. A true beast of no nation. (Mendeku Diskak)
  • The words legendary, seminal, and classic get thrown around at will these days, but Rudimentary Peni’s debut album is all of them. Recorded over two days at Southern Studios by John Loder and originally released in 1983 by Crass off-shoot label Corpus Christi, Death Church showed a band moving away from the urgency of their two early 7”s and into their own realm. Creating a template that bands have been trying to replicate ever since, while ticking all the boxes to become a genre-defining album. Iconic artwork, a unique sound and their own lyrical universe. All merging seamlessly. Sonically the album is full of Nick Blinko’s extraordinary vocals and equally remarkable guitar, Grant Matthews’ big meandering driving basslines and Jon Greville's tight and relentless drum work which together made something intricate and hard hitting, with a sequence that makes the 21 songs on the album flow perfectly. Visually, the album is every outsider art lover’s wet dream. A six-panel poster sleeve with every inch covered in Nick Blinko’s claustrophobic black and white line drawings, while lyrically the songs deal with madness, religion, death, and questioning humankind from a dark poetic place rarely found in any art form. Remastered from the original master tapes by Arthur Rizk and housed in a replica poster sleeve. Death Church is back in print in LP, CD and cassette after nearly a decade of no official reissues (Sealed Records)
  • Recorded several years ago before Rudimentary Peni engaged in another mysterious hiatus, Great War has finally emerged to kiss the gas-tinged light of a mustered morn. Expanding on the skeletal sounds and subject of 2009's “Wilfred Owen” single the band has seen fit to concentrate on a more mechanized approach doing away with even more of the humanizing aspects in their music this time delivering ten painful familiar shards fraught with brittle anxiety and anguished simplicity. Great War cements new phase in the ever-crawling metamorphic madness that is Rudimentary Peni. The record comes with brand new Nick Blinko Artwork on the sleeve and Inner Sleeve. (Sealed Records)
  • Recorded several years ago before Rudimentary Peni engaged in another mysterious hiatus, Great War has finally emerged to kiss the gas-tinged light of a mustered morn. Expanding on the skeletal sounds and subject of 2009's “Wilfred Owen” single the band has seen fit to concentrate on a more mechanized approach doing away with even more of the humanizing aspects in their music this time delivering ten painful familiar shards fraught with brittle anxiety and anguished simplicity. Great War cements new phase in the ever-crawling metamorphic madness that is Rudimentary Peni. The record comes with brand new Nick Blinko Artwork on the sleeve and Inner Sleeve. (Sealed Records)
  • Reissue of Rudimentary Peni’s stunning debut 12-song 7”. Recorded in 1981 at Street Level Studios and originally released on their own Outer Himalayan label. From the first track Rudimentary Peni pull you in and aurally assault your ears. It’s abrasive, sharp with supreme musicianship. They created a perfect, demented universe of twisted, poetic and needle in the red punk that has never been bettered. This reissue comes with a fold out replica sleeve with the iconic Blinko foetus artwork and booklet. Remastered from original tapes by Arthur Rizk. (Sealed Records)
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    RUIN / T.R.I.B.E. | split | LP

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    A whole brigade of veterans for this new release. Ruin feature people from Doom, Disaffect, Debris, Scatha... and play totally 90's crust packed with nowadays powerful sound and anger. Tribe are ex-Scatha and are really close to them, lots of metal breaks that you'll dig even if you don't have long hair. Crust as fuck as always. Gatefold cover. (Agipunk Records)
  • • Sad Lovers and Giants originally formed in 1981 and produced ‘classy alternative pop music’, a psychedelic post punk sound. The guitars chimed above atmospheric keyboards held together by a rock solid rhythm section underpinning very accessible song writing and the strong haunting voice of singer Garce. • Think Chameleons, early Cure and latterly bands like Interpol. After their initial split in 1984 interest in the band grew at home and abroad prompting them into reforming in the late 80’s and producing several more great albums but ‘Epic Garden Music’ is the starting point. • This CD includes the early singles as well as the ‘Indie chart hit mini’ album itself. The album itself was recorded live with very few overdubs and has been described as having a ‘pastoral Pink Floyd’ sound. The addition of the early singles makes it a perfect document of the band at this time as well as acting as a stunning introduction. • Full colour booklet featuring notes from Garce and pictures from his archive and includes seven songs not on the original vinyl. (Cherry Red Records)
  • Formed in the anonymous town of Watford, northwest of London, in 1980, atmospheric quintet Sad Lovers and Giants was part of the bourgeoning post-punk scene. With a barely perceptible undercurrent of paisley psychedelia, the group’s jangling guitars, eerie keyboards, subdued beats, and brooding vocals put them somewhere between the Chameleons, Echo and the Bunnymen and early Cure. Epic Garden Music was the debut release on Nick Ralph’s Midnight Music label and this expanded edition comes with five bonus tracks taken from their first three singles – a must for all SLG fans and post-punk devotees. TRACKLIST A1 Echoplay A2 Clocktower Lodge A3 Clint A4 Lope A5 Cloud 9 A6 ART (By Me) A7 Alice (Isn't Playing) A8 Landslide B1 Far From The Sea B2 Lost In A Moment B3 When I See You B4 Colourless Dreams B5 Things We Never Did B6 Imagination (Radiation Records)
  • The scum of toytown is back! 20 years after their fantastic debut album "Strike", the band from Stevenage (UK) is back together and recorded a brand new full lenght LP in 2014. On here they feature a set of previously unrecorded older material alongside with new songs that sound just as they picked it up again where they left off in 1995. A festival of tuneful but subversive punk-MUSIC (yes, in capitals) merging the drive and rage of anarcho punk with reggae parts and hints of pop and dub groves. Transporting a personal yet punk political message across the listener. Sometimes full on powerful riffage, sometimes furious, sometimes melancolic and melodic, all at the same time, wrapped up in a top notch DIY production. SCUM OF TOYTOWN were a obscure phenomena of the 1990ies, rootet in the North London punk scene of the late 1970ies and 1980ies. They crawled out of the void and managed in their short existence to make a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to catch them either live or on record before they sunk into oblivion for unknown reason. They appeared on festivals and squats in central Europe and making everyone (seriously) move and dance along to their unique style of innovative sounding punkrock. Music that makes you toss a brick with a smile on your face. They left us with their only legacy a 7“ and a genius LP.... ... we're more than happy to have them back with their new album. They haven't lost it, not a single bit! • Includes DOWNLOAD Codes. • Available 1st edition on black vinyl (Ruin Nation Records) https://ruinnationrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cells
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    At long last finally available on vinyl. The full discography of this classic furious, raging and angry hardcore punk act from Scotland, UK - Included are the First Demo as "Chaotic Subversion" (1989), "Dealing with clichés" EP (1989), Split EP w/ DISAFFECT (1992), Split LP w/ PINK TURDS IN SPACE (1990) and the "Earth Beat" LP 1992. Remastered by Daniel Husayn. Released by the Bands own @screaming_babies_records . This Discography double LP comes in a 12" kraft card pocket containing a 7" booklet of lyrics and artwork. Unfortunately, thanks to brex(sh)it, import charges and being a total DIY release... This package came out not as cheap as I wished but it's worth every cent... (Screaming Babies Records)
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    Serious Drinking were an English humorous punk rock band from Norwich, England, whose lyrical themes often covered football and drinking. Their debut album “The Revolution Starts at Closing Time” from 1983 reached number 4 of the UK Indie Charts. The band were firm favourites of John Peel and recorded four sessions for his BBC Radio One show. “Love On The Terraces” also reached number 38 in the 1982 Festive Fifty. 13 songs. (Mad Butcher Records)
  • In the history of punk, the Sex Pistols reign supreme; the anarchic quartet changed the history of popular culture forever with their caustic rupture of rock, a mixture of shock and awe that gave two fingers to the establishment, kick-starting a musical revolution. Released a few months before their Never Mind The Bollocks debut, Spunk is a revelation, raw demos cut in late 76 and early 77 by producer Dave Goodman, with Glen Matlock’s bass far more melodic than what Sid Vicious cut on Bollocks; this edition has bonus demos of ‘Anarchy’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’ cut at Denmark Street, as well as an unedited ‘No Fun.’ Absolutely crucial! Tracklist SIDE A 1 Seventeen 2 Satellite 3 Feelings (No Feelings) 4 Just Me (I Wanna Be Me) 5 Submission 6 Nookie (Anarchy In The U.K.) 7 No Future (God Save The Queen) 8 Liar SIDE B 9 Problems 10 Lots Of Fun (Pretty Vacant) 11 Who Was It (EMI) 12 New York (Looking For A Kiss) 13 Anarchy In The UK (Denmark Street Demo July 76) 14 Pretty Vacant (Denmark Street Demo July 76) 15 No Fun (Unedited Version. Oct 76) (Radiation Records)
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    While the goth scene in England was picking up commercial steam in the mid-'80s, the Sisters of Mercy may have seemed quiet, but they roared back with 1987's Floodland. Opening with the driving two-part hymn Dominion / Mother Russia, Sisters leader Andrew Eldritch (along with bassist Patricia Morrison) creates a black soundscape that is majestic and vast. While the earlier Sisters releases were noisy, sometimes harsh affairs, Floodland is filled with lush production (thanks to Meat Loaf writer / producer Jim Steinman and the New York Choral Society) and lyric imagery that is both scary and glorious. The slower tracks, like Flood and 1959, are some of the best ethereal sounds goth has to offer, and the downright regal This Corrosion is one of the best songs of the genre. A definite milestone. Includes fold out 12x24" poster/lyric sheet. Comes with glossy black innersleeve with white artist name & head and star logo. (Warner-Music-UK-Ltd/2015)
  • This album brings together all the a-sides of the band’s UK singles issued on Warners between 1984 and 1993 and throws in a couple of US promo singles (Vision Thing and Detonation Boulevard) at the same time. A bit like the David Bowie Nothing Has Changed three-CD set from 2014, the songs are sequenced in reverse chronological order of release. Tracklist A1 Under The Gun A2 Temple Of Love (1992) A3 Vision Thing B1 Detonation Boulevard B2 Doctor Jeep B3 More C1 Lucretia My Reflection C2 Dominion / Mother Russia D1 This Corrosion D2 No Time To Cry D3 Walk Away D4 Body And Soul (Merciful Release – 0190295695071, Warner Music Group – 0190295695071)
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    Excellent collection . Includes most relevant albums by the band and two greatest hits collections which contain some b-sides and non albums songs . Gives the average fan the ultimate option listening like a streaming via net or choose one at a time . This set contains the band's three studio albums 'First, Last and Always', 'Floodland' and 'Vision Thing' plus their compilation albums 'Some Girls Wander By Mistake' and 'A Slight Case of Overbombing'. (Parlophone/2014)
  • This record is a pure death-rock gem ! It was originally released in 1984 on Red Rhino Records, and is now available again on vinyl, with the original demo song « Lies » as bonus track ! SKELETAL FAMILY formed in 1982 in keighley, UK. After a debut 7’’, the band signed a record deal and entered studio to record 10 tracks for a debut album called «Burning Oil» which remained in the top 10 of the UK charts for several months. Stan Greenwood superb melancholic guitar leads and Anne-Marie Hurst haunted voice made the band become a major Death-Rock / Gothic Rock act. They are very often listed as a big infuence by the new generation of post punk bands. High quality vinyl repress housed in black inner sleeve, thick outer sleeve and including insert sheet with band pictures. (Restless Empire Records)  
  • First-ever vinyl issue of this killer comp from 94 (Cherry Red) Side A/B oxblood, Side C/D milky clear. Comes with 18x24 folded poster. Spanning 4 sides of vinyl you'll hear one of the finest deathrock/goth/new wave bands of all time with songs from EPs/12"s/demos from 1983-1985. It's a release not to miss. Formed in Keighley, West Yorkshire, during the Post Punk of early 1980’s out of the band ‘The Elements”, took their name from the title of the song “Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family” from the 1974 David Bowie album, Diamond Dogs. Something unique was brewing up a dark and broody storm in West Yorkshire at the time with bands like The Sisters Of Mercy, The March Violets, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Southern Death Cult (later became The Cult) forming the basis of what became the soundtracks to the Goth Subculture. Skeletal Family soon gained popularity in the UK Independent Charts and furiously gigged the length and breadth of the UK and Europe, recorded tracks for the John Peels Sessions, supported The Sisters of Mercy during their 1984 Black October tour, released 2 studio albums ‘Burning Oil’ (1984) and ‘Futile Combat’ (1985) of which saw the release of Skeletal Family’s most successful single ‘Promised Land’ on Red Rhino record label. Anne-Marie left Skeletal Family in 1985 to form Ghost Dance with Gary Marx, former guitarist of The Sisters Of Mercy. (Graveface Records ‎– GRAVE158, NeverNotGoth ‎– GOTH006)
  • The brand new record from UK punk legends Snuff! Originally lined-up to be released on their May 2020 UK Tour, this EP brings us SIX unreleased tracks of absolute punk perfection from Duncan & the boys...seven tracks if you include the hidden one :) Honestly, this release is just what we all needed right now, with the band running the gamut of punk styles, sliding from melodic hardcore riffage to bounce-along choruses, via a British airmen's song from World War I...Obviously!! **THIS VINYL VERSION IS EXCLUSIVE TO SELECT RECORD STORES** - Limited pressing of just 300 copies on translucent red/translucent blue (A-side/B-side) with white splatter - The only pressing to come with free digital download code (inserts) with embedded lyrics. A1 - Drink Freely From The Chalice Of Lunacy A2 - Nothing To See Here A3 - Conductor 71 (Vada Version) A4 - FUWOAGORR! B1 - Poetic Nonsense B2 - The Bells Of Hell Go Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling B3 - King Of The Wild Frontier North-West London 1986, Mario’s Cafe. A waitress called Silvia with sultry Mediterranean looks, a mug of tea and a fried egg sandwich spots three lads at the table next to her, talking about their new band. She only catches the occasional word as she reads her stars and dreams of Sicily. “PunkRock…. Motown… MinorThreat… Miners’ Strikes… Motorhead… DC… early Who… TwoTone… SX200… Hey ho, let’s go…” Snuff are born and release ‘Snuff Said’, ‘Flibbidydibbidydob” and ‘Reach’ before splitting up following a final show at the Kilburn National. Three years later they came back with keys and trombone as regulars and a new deal with Fat Wreck Chords for the States and Steve Lamacq’s Deceptive in the UK. An album, ‘Demmamussabebonk’ and an EP, ‘Long Ball to No-One’ quickly followed along with a  blistering appearance at the Reading Festival in ’99. It took 13 years but eventually the NME (R.I.P.) declared them “the best band in the world”. 'Tweet Tweet My Lovely' and 'Numbnuts' followed, before the dissolution of Deceptive saw the band return to their own 10past12 Records. The 'Blue Gravy EP', 'Snuff vs Urban Dub dub' album, 'Disposable Income', 'Greasy Hair Makes Money' and '5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps?' were since released, culminating in their latest LP 'There's A Lot Of It About' (released  October 2019). In the meantime Duncan released a variety of solo projects, ranging from using backing-bands of Japanese female beat groups, the soon-to-be-released electro-hardcore of Bonzer, and the classic Guns N Wankers along with the folk of Five Shitty Fingers. Busy! And here they are today. It’s tough to define their sound because the band dabble in various musical styles, whilst maintaining an overall racket that is instantly recognisable and totally rooted in melodic punk. Guitar-riffs, organs, horns and harmonies, all underpinned by the songwriting talent of Duncan Redmonds and long-time right-hand man Loz Wong. Together with Dan on bass, Oli on trombone and Lee on the Hammond Organ, Snuff bring you the 2020 installment of their genre-spanning catalogue: 'The Wrath Of Thoth' (Unless You Try Records / 10Past12 Records)
  • Official live bootleg of these legendary Belfast Punk Rocker originally released in 1988 by Link Records. It was sold out for ages, now available again as a limited edition of 500 copies. The double album finds Stiff Little Fingers in blistering form, recorded live at National Ballroom, Kilburn, December 17, 1987. 17 of their biggest hits in very good quality. Tracklist A1 Alternative Ulster A2 Roots Radicals Rockers And Reggae A3 Silver Lining A4 Wait And See B1 Gotta Gettaway B2 Just Fade Away B3 Wasted Life B4 The Only One B5 Nobody's Heroes C1 At The Edge C2 Listen C3 Barbed Wire Love C4 Fly The Flag C5 Tin Soldiers D1 No Sleep Til Belfast D2 Suspect Device D3 Johnny Was (Mad Butcher Records)
  • The longest-tenured Irish punk band is undoubtedly Stiff Little Fingers – who have been bashing and thrashing since 1977. And the triple-disc set, “Live at Rockpalast 1980 & 1989”, shows that the band remained a vital live band (and also, stayed true to their roots) throughout the ‘80s, despite a five-year hiatus smack dab in the middle of the decade. Singer/guitarist Jake Burns has been the band’s leader since their inception – with bassist Ali McMordie standing right alongside Jake most of the time – which saw Stiff Little Fingers being a part of the first-wave of Euro punk bands, which included the lofty likes of the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Damned, the Buzzcocks, the Jam, etc. And in the process, Stiff Little Fingers issued such classic punk LP’s as “Inflammable Material”, “Nobody’s Heroes” and “Go for It” plus the punk anthems “Alternative Ulster", “Suspect Device” and “At the Edge”. Comprised of a total of three discs, “Live at Rockpalast 1980 & 1989” will certainly satisfy both your audio and visual needs – the first two discs are audio-only, featuring the 1980 and 1989 performances, while the third disc is a DVD of the group’s classic 1980 appearance on Germany’s long-running music show. Jake Burns still remembers: "The place was packed and the audience were with us from the first note. They were wonderful, singing and bouncing along. It really felt like a "home game" to use a football analogy. I thought we played really well too, apart from a slight timing mistake during "Back to Front", a new song we were still learning. (See if you can spot my giving Jim the "look of death" at that point! LOL!)." Track list 1. CD Nobody's Hero Barbed Wire Love Wait and See Gotta Gettaway Johnny Was Back to Front Fly the Flag Alternative Ulster No Change Mr. Fire Coal-man At the Edge Wasted Life Tin Soldiers Suspect Device 2. CD Alternative Ulster Gotta Get Away Silver Lining Wasted Life Listen Wild Rover Barbed Wire Love Fly the Flag Tin Soldiers 3. DVD Nobody's Hero Barbed Wire Love Wait and See Gotta Gettaway Johnny Was Back to Front Fly the Flag Alternative Ulster No Change Mr. Fire Coal-man At the Edge Wasted Life Tin Soldiers Suspect Device Alternative Ulster Gotta Get Away Silver Lining Wasted Life Listen Wild Rover Barbed Wire Love Fly the Flag Tin Soldiers (MIG)


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