• Transparent Blue vinyl limited to 250. Punk band KAOS from Rijeka was founded in 1979 and active until 1984. With the already famous bands Paraf and Termiti they were the main name of the city punk scene. In the beginning they played simple but powerful songs that quickly became a local hits. Time changed their musical style and the songs became more complex. But they were always energetic and with their defiant lyrics and interesting vocal performance which created the chaotic and very lively artistic expression.The band's sound was dynamic and deliberately unpolished and they had not the slightest desire to "compromise" in terms of their sound, something that could have made them more successful. In my mind, this makes the band even greater. When V/A "Rijecki Novi Val" would be released, everything was delayed due to KAOS refusal to sign any contract; they were the only band that would not be bound by a contract. Eventually the record was released anyway, even though KAOS had not signed the contract. Something that one can only admire. The material on this LP was recorded between 1980-1983 and represents the band's entire work. This LP would not be possible without the great cooperation with the singer Tea and the rest of the band. Thanks a lot! 400 black, LTD 250 transparent blue and 150 clear vinyls in great gate-fold sleeve and printed inner inclusive cro/eng. lyrics. 500 LP with CD. (NE! Records)  
  • A collection of demo recordings from the beginning of the career of Kbo!, one of the best known punk/HC bands from Yugoslavia that belongs to the second, or rather third wave of Yugo punk. Starting back in 1982, in the following 7 years Kbo! became one of the leading Punk/HC bands in Yugoslavia alongside KUD Idijoti. They released a handful of demo tapes and only at the very end of the 80s had a chance to release their first full length on Greek label Wipe Out Records (Panx Romana, Sress, Anti, Chaos Generation,...). These recordings collected throughout the 80s show the band in their best moments. To top it all, the album comes with an 8 page fanzine that tells the band's history until 1989 together with lyrics and a huge amount of pictures and flyers. If you are interested what the punk/HC scene was like in the 80s in Yugoslavia, this album is for you. The band has been playing for 35 years now and this is a great chance to learn how it all started back in 1982.
    The record comes with an 8-page fanzine full of original photos from the 80s, biography, lyrics, gig flyers, cassette covers and more. All the versions of these songs have never been on vinyl before. 50 copies on red vinyl.
    (No Plan Records)

  • Cassette Happy youth was released on September, 1984, for Ljubljana’s alternative publisher ŠKUC in number of 200 copies. Even for small Slovenia this was extremely modest number, but those were different times. It was possible to feel strong thaw in last decade of communism in Yugoslavia, but the leading state publishing houses still looked upon non-conformist, especially socially critical music, with big distrust. If I look back, they made us big favour with that. This scanty cassette, consisting all, by then recorded songs and some, directly from radio dubbed concert recordings, became most dubbed cassette in history of Slovenia. With it (by adding new recordings) cult status of Niet, which flared up in 90’s and is still going strong, was spreading… Igor Dernovšek (2015) Gatefold sleeve, printed inner and 24-page booklet "Izobčeni" (Outcasted) with interview, review, lyrics in Slovenian/English, lot of rare photos… All songs are remastered! (NE! Records)
  • Clear vinyl, limited to 100 copies + big 24-page booklet Padot na Vizantija (Macedonian: Падот на Византија, English: The Fall of the Byzantine Empire) was an influential 1980s post-punk, darkwave and gothic rock band with occasional Byzantine music elements and Christian beliefs from Skopje, North Macedonia. The group is notable for its guitar player Klime Kovačeski and vocalist Goran Trajkoski who rose to international prominence as a frontman of the group Anastasia which was featured on the soundtrack album for the Academy Award nominated movie Before the Rain directed by Milčo Mančevski. The most prominent tracks by Padot na Vizantija are Night Over Yugoslavia, Beginning and End, The Same Situation After All and Horse Riders. This release contains all studio and live material as well as the band's rehearsal demo (on CD). All songs are remastered. (NE! Records)  
  • Legendary Pankrti (Bastards) was formed in Lublana, Slovenija (ex-Yu) in 1977 and was one of the strongest punk rock bands from Yugoslavia. After some initial but very shocking concerts, it was right time to release the first vinyl single, so they recorded 4 songs in studio Audiomark in Gorica, Italy. Shortly after that, two of songs became the single (Lepi into prazni / Lublana je bulana SKUC, december 1978) and the other tow were used on the ''Novi punk val" compilation in 1981.But many did not know that Pankrti already had a demo before Gorica recording, made by two songs ("Metka'' and ''Sam si kriv") that were recorded during the summer 1978 in a studio in Lublana. This demo recording was until today almost forgotten, and now, after thirtysix years they final see the face of light again! Pankrti was best known (in addition to their energetic gigs) for their strong inspirational and highly engaged political poetry and their success paved the way for many new punk bands. Their influence on the Yugoslavian and especially, Slovenian punk scene was enormous. The artwork replicates the original but with bonus insert and it features the two songs of the original version plus the two that appeared on the forgotten demo, all of them especially remastered for this release! (NE! Records)
  • Green vinyl, gatefold, limited to 250 copies. Wooow! It's true!! Punk legends PARAF has finally decided to open his musical treasure chest. And many were really happy. All unreleased songs are here, even from their first demo recorded in the Radio Rijeka 1978 . Really good, straight punk that can only PARAF deliver!! Yes, this band is raw, fun and barked to the innermost core of punk!! Nice gatefold sleeve, printed innsleve with interview, text about band, photos, etc... All song are remastered!! (NE! Records)  
  • Classic Yugoslavian punk rock from late 70's. Problemi along with Paraf, Pankrti etc.. were one of the first ex yu punk bands. Biography + rare photos + lyrics sheet + more. Tracks 1 and 2 recorded at Trooly Sound Service Studio Zagreb, January 1980  Tracks 2 to 8 recorded at Trooly Sound Service Studio Zagreb, autumn 1980 Tracks 9 to 14 recorded at home studio Pula, June 1979 (Rest In Punk Records)
  • This album included 20 songs (+ 4 bonus songs) from bands early phase. Many of these songs were unknown until now. Angry, sympathetic and totaly energetic. This is Quod Massacre like you've never heard before! I heard Quod Massacre first time on the V/A "Breaking the silence" 7'' EP compilation.  And right  from the start, I was trapped in the exciting world the band created in their song "Quod Massacre" with their strong  and nervous melody - and of course, it was a bit scary talking about band from the other side of the Iron Curtain. The EP was released in 1987 and I was a punk rocker from a small town in Sweden who preferred European punk, like Wretched, Disper -Azione, Terveet Kädet, Slam, Kafka Process and HHH. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I fell for the edgy sound built on strong melodies and chaotic guitars, and I fell for Quod Massacre’s amazing vocals. You couldn’t  label them; in my opinion in 1987 they were very distinctive, something that the guitarist Rile was very happy about when I interviewed them in the same year for my fanzine ‘’ Profit Blaskan’’.  "We simply can't label  our music. We play whatever we feel like playing, " he said in the article. (NE! Records)
  • RED UNION | black box recorder | LP

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    Melodic punk rock from Serbia in the vein The Clash/Angelic Upstarts. (Bandworm Records)
  • ''S.O.R. do not pay regard to social norms. They reject all forms of state control and are against exploitation, profiteering and racism. They reject violence.  S.O.R.  approve real life and that is why they reject drugs. Becuse they mean escape from reality. They believe in good party, which means only party and no escape from reality. Their music is full of energy, with frequent rhytm changes, chaos and melodic changes. Do what you want, but not harm others. Punk is a vision of your protest'' BIGor, jan 2014 S.O.R. was formed 1984 and was the first HC band in Idrija, small town in Slovenia. Before they started playing Idrija had two strong punk bands: Kuzle and Sund, who has made some great tracks on the ex-Yu punk scene. S.O.R did something similar in the HC scene. Between 1984-88, they visited the studio three times where they recorded several demos and managed to play on some of the biggest youth festivals in Ex-Yu. On this LP you can find S.O.R. complete works with all studio and some live tracks. In addition, there’s also a lot of photos and other memorabilia. Gatefold cover with inner sleeve and 2 inserts. 300 copies included CD version too. All songs are remastered! (NE! Records)
  • The LP includings songs from "mali svet 7'' (No Time to be Wasted, recorded 1984/released 1996) + bonus songs that didn't appear on this release. Songs from compilations IZGUBLJENA ALTERNATIVA tape (No Profit Tapes, 1984), DOSAO JE KRAJ... tape (No Profit Tapes, 1985), VENTILATOR 202 vol. 3 LP (PGP, 1985) and soundboard live songs from gigs in Ljubljana 1984 and Belgrade 1985. 300 copies pressed. (Rest In Punk Records)
  • After some unexpected arguments and discrepancies between some ex members of III.Kategorija , the rest of the members and Rest In Punk label have decided to remove all the material that the band recorded after the original line up was changed in 1986. This new release contains only material when III.Kategorija played fast speedy metallic HC in its best quality and when many people rightly called them one of the best European HC bands. Instead of long and metal songs the band members decided to add two bands that was created before III.Kategorija . In this way we show how the history of III.Kategorija was created. The sound went from total speed HC (Stres D.A.) from 1983 through a bit slower HC (Depresija) in 1984 to fast metallic HC (III.Kategorija) in 1985. The whole story is explained by KURI, the original and founding member of Stres D.A , Depresija and III.Kategorija. And so this release presents music from Stres D.A , through Depresija to III.Kategorija. This record includes recordings by Stres D.A from 1983, recordings from Depresija from 1984 (never before released) and the first demo recorded by III.Kategorija from 1985, from which some songs were used for the compilation HC LJubljana record in 1986. This is the music evolution that started in 1983 with Stres D.A and ended in 1985 with III.Kategorija. Limited to 300 copies! (Rest In Punk Records)
  • TOZIBABE | dezuje | 7”

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    Black vinyl limited to 150 copies + big 24-page booklet with interviews, reviews, photos, etc. TOŽIBABE was one of  the best thing that could happen to the HC/punk scene in the eighties. They were not only the first HC girl band in ex-Yu and one on the few in the world, but they were also a really good gang with something to say and had fun doing it. This can be seen in their low-budget music videos which in some of the freshest and best played in ex-Yu during that period. They were probably seen as pretty weird by a lot of folks when they started out but grew to be both loved and appreciated. Their only EP is called "Dežuje" and was released in 1986. With it's somewhat simply musical style, dark tones and introverted lyrics it stands strong even today. After nearly 30 years NE! Records in collaboration with FV Records, who released the original EP, are releasing a this pearl once again. This time a little bit more exclusive and with a 24-page booklet. Limited ptessing of 600 copies on black vinyl. This release is very deluxe and took a real labour of love!!! (NE! Records)
  • Originally released on tape in 1983 in quantity of 200 copies.All songs remastered from original master tapes.All bands biography written by original band members (Gigi for U.B.R),Kuri for Stres D.A. and Samo for Odpadki Civilizacije. The LP including lyric sheets + many photos of all the bands. Bonus songs: U.B.R: one song that was missed from 'kaj je alternativa' recordings, previously unreleased. Stres D.A.: 2 live songs recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983, previously unreleased. Odpadki Civilizacije: one live song recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983, previously unreleased. (Rest in Punk Records)
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    Outstanding discography Lp from this Cult Yugoslav hardcore band. Most people know their track on Welcome to to 1984 and some have picked up the Corpus Delecti 7" re issue, this Lp contains those, plus more comp tracks, demos and out takes. Unlike a lot of barrel scraping discographies, all the material on here is top notch, even the demo and out take stuff. Really raw and aggro hardcore, sounds like a perfect mix of Discharge and Wretched. Totally excellent. (Rest In Punk Records)
  • HARD-CORE LJUBLJANA presents some of the finest hardcore bands from the mid-80's in the biggest city in what is now Slovenia, and is a quintessential compilation of Ex-Yugo hc/punk. The comp was originally released in 1986 and features racket from: UBR - probably the best known on here, and maybe even the best known Yugo hc band throughout the international hc scene // ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE - blazing, raw, straightforward hc with memorable songs // TOZIBABE - Three-piece, all women, very dark punk band. Their once elusive Dezuje EP has been reissued and is now relatively easy to find, and is one of the most unique and brilliant punk records worldwide! Their tracks on this comp are more on the rudimentary side, but are still invigorating in that "inept + genuine expression" kind of way // EPIDEMIJA - More raging fast and raw hardcore - like a rawer and harsher version of early DC stuff, such as SOA // III. KATEGORIJA - Last but definitely not least, perhaps the strongest material on the comp! Similarly to the previous bands - raw, fast, pounding hardcore with convincing gruff vocals, and moments of attempted melody that never fail to explode into a full-blown hc assault! (FV Zalozba/Unofficial Release)
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    Cult Slovenian punk rock compilation recorded from 13 July till 22 September 1981 at studio Radio Student. 40 unreleased photos of the bands, big poster 70x50 cm both side printed, lyrics and info by Igor Vidmar. This is, along with "Buka i urlik" and "Novi punk val", one of the most important documents of ex-Yugo punk. A real must have! Features : Kuzle, Sund, Buldogi, Indust Bag and Lublanski Psi. - 40 unreleased photos of the bands - big poster 70x50 cm both side printed - lyrics and info by igor vidmar - limited to 200 only. (Rest In Punk Records)
  • NE! Records in cooperation with ŠKUC Ropot has finally made it possible. After many months of delays, you can get the two best compilation album with ex-Yu punk from the period of 1978-82. On "Novi punk val" you will find the bands that created punk in ex-Yu, and on the LP "Lepo je .." punk band from Slovenia who came after the first punk wave. These two compilations are made as a double album with an original design adapted to gate-fold sleeve. In addition to the audio content as usual there is much else to see and read included in the release: this release is enriched by 68 pages, divided into 3 very exclusive and extensive booklets. In the largest 48-page booklet "Tovar'ši jest vam ne verjamem '78 -'82" (''Comrades, I do not believe you '78 -'82''), you can find interviews, lyrics, lots of pictures, and much much more …. Two smaller booklet that complements the rest of the material and together they form the complete picture of those years. Along with this release you also get a copy of the LTD 4-songs EP ''Novo vrijeme'' ("New time") by the band Buldožer made in 300 copies. The EP is included to give some musical and cultural backround to the ex-Yu punk scene, as Buldožer where not a ''traditional'' punk band but served as an important source of inspirations to punk bands of the time. You can find everything here: the beginning and the end of a short and wonderful musical period! 380 copies made (270 black and 110 red ) but only 250 available, so hurry up to get a copy! All tracks are remastered. (NE! Records)
  • Yes it's true, We have done work on official re-issue of Novi punk val comp LP. It's one of the most important punk rock record from the 80's. There is many rare and never published photos of the bands and few words of Igor Vidmar who was the one who made it all to the original Novi punk val comp in 1981. Don't buy original for xxxx $ or Euros , here is better sounding record with all bands rare photos + all other things appearing in big both side printed poster 50x70 cm!!! Limited to 300 only. (Rest In Punk Records)