‘High voltage’ was the first chance america had to glimpse the raw power of Australia’s best hard rock outfit. From their earliest days, lead guitarist angus young, a spastic dwarf-like riff-monger who wore nothing but traditional schoolboy attire, led this band of hooligans with gleeful perversity and balls-out ambition. The group’s intent is perfectly clear from the disc’s opening power chords: to distill rock and mutate the blues down to its barest essentials in a pulverizing whomp. Riding over the top of the battering rhythm section is the all-too-true sneer of vocalist bon scott, who brings sexist anthems to a previously unachieved high (or low, depending on your reference point).
Issued in a single sleeve with colour printed inner sleeve with liner notes, images and credits.

Label: Columbia, Albert Productions, Sony Music
Barcode: 5099751075912