The hard rock world got a close-up view of the power of ac/dc with the band’s first live offering, if you want blood, you’ve got it. Although the Australian rockers had three prior studio releases of undeniable crunch under their belt, it was this live document that captured the band in all its’ chomping power chord glory. distilling the blues and rock ‘n’ roll down to its barest structures of guitar/bass/drums leaves little room for error. Without heavy production techniques, keyboards, tape loops (or even an effect pedal, for that matter), the band takes to the stage with only bare-knuckle riffs and a floor shaking 4/4 beat. and shake the floor they did.

Printed laminated inner sleeve with images and liner notes.
All tracks recorded live during 1978 world tour. Mixed at Albert Studios Sydney Australia. An Albert production for Albert International Music.
(Columbia/Albert Productions/Sony Music/2009)