AGNOSTIC FRONT “first warning – the “united blood” era recordings, new york city, 1983″ (Radiation)
THE ‘UNITED BLOOD’ ERA RECORDINGS, NEW YORK CITY, 1983′ – Controversial east coast punk band Agnostic Front were lynchpins of the New York hardcore scene. Formed in 1982 by former Eliminators guitarist Vinnie Stigma along with vocalist John Watson, drummer Rob Crib Crash and bassist Diego, the band went through several other early members to settle on Vinnie Stigma, bassist Adam Mucci, drummer Raybeez and Cuban-born singer Roger Miret for these recordings. Often misunderstood in their early days due largely to their majority skinhead following and the shock imagery of their record covers, the group carved out its reputation in the dilapidated Lower East Side of Manhattan, then blighty by poverty, drugs, violence and high levels of urban decay. The recordings featured on this incendiary compilation date from the very start of their recording career, beginning with the demos that led to their debut seven-inch release, the self-issued ‘United Blood’ EP, bolstered by other recordings from the period that were left unissued at the time; some of the material included here later appeared on the ‘Raw And Unleased’ CD, but several songs are appearing on vinyl here for the very first time. Agnostic Front went on to reign supreme on the New York hardcore scene throughout the 1980s and although later recordings once again saw membership changes that brought a shift in style to include thrash-metal crossover elements, their longevity and high standing is such that they were featured on Showtime’s ‘The Godfathers Of Hardcore’ documentary, ultimately leading to Roger Miret’s recently released autobiography ‘My Riot’.
‘United Blood’ 7″ (Two-Track Mixdown)
01. No One Rules
02. Final War
03. Last Warning
04. Traitor
05. Friend Or Foe
06. United Blood
07. Fight
08. Discriminate Me
09. In Control
10.Crucial Changes
‘Extended United Blood Recording’
11. Smell The Bacon/What’s With You
12. In Control
13. Last Warning
14. Fuck All Authority
15. Fight
16. Final War
17. Discriminate Me
18. United Blood
19. No Rights (No One Rules)
20. Friend Or Foe
21. We Shoud Care
22. Crucial Changes
23. Traitor
24. United Blood
25. Discriminate Me
26. We Should Care
‘Pre-United Blood Recording’
01. Smell The Bacon/What’s With You
02. In Control
03. Last Warning
04. Fuck All Authority
05. Fight
06. Get Out/Final War
07. Discriminate Me
08. United Blood
09. Society Suckers
10. No Rights (No One Rules)
11. Friend Or Foe
12. We Should Care
13. Blind Justice
14. Crucial Changes
15. Traitor
16. Skins Go Marching In/We Can Do Anything
17. It’s My Life
‘Message From The Underground Comp.’ (Urinal Records)
18. United Blood
19. Time Will Come
(Radiation Records)