Channelling goth, ‘positive punk’ and industrial, Alien Sex Fiend are experimental pioneers whose output defies easy categorisation. Formed at London’s goth epicentre, the Batcave, in 1982, the Fiends’ early use of loops, synth sheens and a dub sensibility yielded a deal with Anagram and rapid chart success; this dynamite vinyl compilation, exclusive to Radiation Records, draws from six early singles, including the electrode mix of popular debut ‘Ignore the Machine,’ freaky dirge ‘Lips Can’t Go,’ minimalist stomper ‘Dead And Buried,’ the rocking excess of ‘R.I.P.,’ intergalactic ‘E.S.T.’ and the mutant disco of ‘I’m Doing Time.’ A killer set tracking their early evolution, this is absolutely essential listening for all ASF fans.

Lips Can’t Go
Drive my Rocket – Up Uranus
Ignore the Machine (Electrode Mix)
Girl at the End of my Gun
Dead and Buried

R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)
E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)
Boneshaker Baby
I’m Doing Time in a Maximum Security Home
In and Out of my Mind
(Radiation Records)