Monolith was the second full-length album by West County punk-metal ’80s anti-heroes, Amebix. One of the best crossover records the UK ever produced. Originally released in 1987, with second rate Giger-style sleeve-art, on a dodgy heavy metal label (called Dodgy Heavy Metal Records). The Power Remains was a posthumous collection of live and demo recordings, that was originally released in 1993 (and done in a much more appropriate and enthusiastic fashion) by MCR and Skuld Records. This band-released reissue combines both LPs, with lavish new gatefold sleeve artwork (competently created by Andy Lefton of War//Plague and Tau Cross). And these copies are “special record store day 2016 limited editions.

Tracks A1 to B4 were originally released as the Monolith LP.
Tracks C1 to D2 and D4 were originally released on The Power Remains LP.
Track D3 is previously unreleased.

Tracks A1 to B4 were recorded and mixed at Sam Studios Bristol in May / June 1987.
Tracks C1 C2, and C3 are demo recordings. Recorded at Cabs Studios late 1987 in 10 hours.
Track C1 is a demo recording. Recorded at O.O.C. Studios, Holland 1985.
Tracks D1 to D4 recorded live in the Longrace Hall Bath September 1987.

Label: Amebix Records
Barcode: 5060174952470